A close look to the revolutionary Olympus Micro Four Thrids camera that is coming soon!


That news surprised me on Saturday. I worked the full weekend and I had no time to analyze interview until now. Thanks to our readers we can now get a bit into the detail of the japanese interview with Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa made by Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine).

First important news: Olympus is working on a mirrorless camera with emphasis on the viewfinder.
Ogama also said the new mirrorless will have an “epoch-making” viewfinder and that they will announce it soon!!! So this sounds definitely more advanced than any current solution from Sony (OLED viewfinder) or Fuji (hybrid viewfinder). Ogawa recognizes that electronic viewfinder have a huge advantages (framing, easier to magnify, easier to focus) but he also recognizes that people misses the “feeling” of optical viewfinders. He doesn’t unveil the “big secret” but he says: “All I can say is, when you look through the viewfinder, you’ll understand….”.

Second important news: It’s different than current NEX’s and it will be announced soon.
The first news is that it will have a viewfinder but…this can either mean that they will do a DSLR alike camera or a rangefinder alike camera. MR. Ogawa said it’s different than current NEX cameras. That includes the NEX-7. So does it have a classic “DSLR” design? The next series will represent a new stage in the mirrorless camera, but it will be fully compatible with the PEN series. It will be a camera that you want to hold in your hands all the time. The interviewer asked him if it is different not just from current Olympus mirrorless cameras, but from mirrorless cameras in general and Mr. Ogawa’s answer was…YES :)

Pretty exciting or not? I confess, now some of the rumors I got in these months do make sense. It will be a busy time now for me and I am happy that I can report rumor related Olympus posts instead of all that pretty bad Olympus financial mess news. Stay tuned! I will do my best to give you some more “insider” news soon!


  • Oliver

    Sounds interesting – if translation is correct! ;-)

    But I think the success of the next-generation-Oly will also depend on the sensor. I don´t think they could dare to re-re-re-relaunch the old sensor.

    • ha

      So it might make sense to release EP3/EPL3/EPM1 with the old sensor.
      Don’t eat your future early…

  • Gianluca

    Glasses with integrated viewfinder connectect via wifi to the camera….;)))

    • MJr

      Hahah, nice !

  • Looks like 2012 will be an even bigger year for micro four thirds in all directions:D good times ahead

    • from an American busy retail camera store owner
      “Nikon 1 grows the market over-all for all mirrorless systems. It helps Micro Four Thirds in numerous ways:
      • creates lots buzz around mirrorless
      • makes Micro Four Thirds’ sensor look big
      • makes Micro Four Thirds’ megapixels look high
      • makes Micro Four Thirds price look low
      • highlights the advantage of lens selection for Micro Four Thirds
      • gives consumers the feeling of choice”

      over at dpreview http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=40107686

  • JF

    I can’t wait to see !

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    2012 could be a pivotal year for mirrorless cameras…

    If new models are in fact announced by Olympus, Fuji, Leica, Canon and most of these including Sony NEX-7 and Panasonic GX1 are readily available.

    It could be the year that photographers chose their mirrorless system affecting sales and design preferences for years to come.

    2012… The year I’m pulling the trigger!

    • @HipInsdrftr
      Canon is only doing a fixed lens mirrorless in 2012

      • Hiplnsdrftr

        That’s why it says “if”…

        • TomR

          Agree about 2012. The year for pulling the trigger.

      • Yes indeed it might. do Not forget Ricoh and Pentax which are both coming with something new

    • gl

      ” … before turning the gun on himself. In other news …”

  • Maybe this camera could be the one we expect from panasonic, if it’s true i’ll probably move from pana to oly !
    hoping a better sensor too !

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the usual marketing bla bla, Olympus did in the past.

    • 434343423

      yep.. the usual PR blahblah.

      only blogger who need to write about something are exited about such hot air.

  • Robbie

    I always appreciate admin’s efforts but this entry is something like a non-entry, restating the things we already know from the pdf(translations). I thought it has some rumors in it.

    Anyways, I am just ranting, wanting to know more.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Tobias

    Could be two viewfinders (stereo) for both eyes.

  • Duarte Bruno

    I’m not that excited about this.
    I live EVFs, or should I put it another way? I hate OVFs because they lie to you. They lie about colors, they lie about final exposure and worst of all they lie about DOF… :(
    And with such focus on the viewfinder I guess Olympus is still stuck with old sensor technology… :(

    • Stu

      EVF’s are not calibrated so are no better than optical viewfinders regarding colours. Olympus one is poor and so are the Sony ones in this regard. In fact they are worse than a decent quality viewfinder for colours. As for DOF there are plenty of optical viewfinders which allow DOF preview. Also you can’t rely on a EVF for showing you correct exposure unless you are using the highlights and black level warnings. If you rely on a EVF for showing you correct exposure and colour at present you are going to make mistakes. In the future it will get better and that is why Olympus need to develop the technology until it gets to an acceptable standard.

      • Duarte Bruno

        OVF will always lie about DOF (provided you use fast lenses) and unfortunately there is just no way around that. EVFs can provide near faithful output when calibrated. The exposure problems are solved the same way.

        I guess I have a radical opinion about EVFs because of 3+ years of frustration with OOF pictures on my E-510. I tried everything, chipping the adapters on my legacy lenses for Focus Confirmation, adding a eyecup magnifier, installing a focus screen. It mitigated my problems but none of those really worked or came even close to the GH2 EVF.

        • Stu5

          You can’t hardware calibrate an E.VF at present. Nobody manufactures a calibration system for them yet What your talking about is the adjustments that the cameras have built in and that is nowhere near good enough to calibrate with. Sorry I have used a GH-2 and the EVF is a heap of junk compared to a decent optical viewfinder. Use it in lowlight and it is just laughable to use. OIympus and Sony both make better EVFs but they are still poor compared to OVFs. If your experience is of OVF is with a E-510 then that does explain a lot. It’s not a great viewfinder. Try a D3, D700 or E5 for example and they are all better.

  • I wonder if the new camera has a brand new sensor. It would really be pointless to have a great system and good quality lens without a sensor to optimize the capabilities of zuiko lenses. Hope the new camera has a new and better sensor than the old cameras.

    • @James
      Yep new sensors coming for Oly and Panny in 2012 :D

  • Will

    Maybe a viewfinder you clip to your eyeglasses, so you don’t need to put your head near the camera?

    • Will

      Whoops, beaten to it by an hour.

  • BCK

    All signs point to a M4/3 E5 replacement.

    Dslr body (think gh2), with weather sealing.

    • Disraeli

      I do not think so. They say a replacement E5 is being developed, they also say this new camera, a part of a new series, is fully compatible with the PEN series. They make it sound like it is a third type. Whatever it is, it is not an E5+

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > fully compatible with the PEN series.
        That means m4/3 mount, not automatic square brick design.

      • Ross

        It sounds more like an E620 (& maybe E30) replacement but with the newer technologies & it’s compatabilty with m4/3’s & weather sealed.

    • Zune

      A 43-system lens, need mirror for fockus, but a new E-X can have EVF like Sony new Alpa camera.

  • so exciting! Come on! I can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  • Firstly, I buy Panasonic because they make “proper” camera bodies that satisfy users who need more manual controls. I think a traditional DSLR body is what Olympus really lacks in its m43 line-up.

    Secondly, I feel that discussions on EVF vs. OVF always miss some important points. The EVF gives many advantages apart from the compact camera body – it can also give you a better idea of exposure and shutter blur than a OVF can.

    Apart from all the histograms and EV meters offered in OVF, you can also physically see the results of your camera settings applied to your picture before you take it. Though somewhat inaccurate, it’s more than an OVF can do.

    The OVF argument also fails when you take into account that an OVF gives no indication – whatsoever – of what image the sensor is actually seeing. You’re just seeing what your eye sees, and this is true with analogue film cameras. You’re guessing what will happen based on numbers and graphs instead of really seeing it. I’ll take an EVF over an OVF any day, but I’d certainly welcome improvements as much as the next guy.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Same side of the fence here, although my main gripe has always been DOF control.

    • Stu5

      The Panasonic EVFs like other EVFs are still very poor. Inaccurate colour and brightness which are of little help and cannot be hardware calibrated. It’s the histograms that are important and also seeing what hightlights have burnt out and what shadow detail has been loss by turning on the warnings. Use a EVF in low light and it is useless because the gain gets increased making manual focusing slower to set than on a decent optical viewfinder. The view in low light is so poor. EVFs will get better in the future but at the moment they are still little more than a toy that bring a whole host of problems with them.

  • R

    Maybe every time you take a photo the clock gets reset.

    • fred schumacher

      On the old OM film cameras DOF preview was simple: you just pushed a tab on the lens which stopped down the aperture. I used that function on a regular basis.

      • Stu5

        Yes really easy to use, just like the E1,E3,E5 have as well.

  • Nick

    Size is the ONLY thing thing thats unique with M43. If Olympus will do a E7 or such bigger camera, the advantage is gone.

    Who will buy Olympus if Nikon/Canon have same size/weight and as always – due to sensor size – better images?

    Oly should do a REALLY good rangefinder camera – with 13-14 mpixels (which by then is larger pixels than Sonys 24 mpixels) and therefore the most needed improvements:

    1. Better iso-quality
    2. Better DR

    • Mar

      Better sensors? Perhaps, but only in marginal conditions.
      On the other hand, Oly got better lenses 100% of the time ;)

      • Frederic Hew

        I’d think better dynamic range is nice, even when conditions are not marginal.

    • fred schumacher

      It’s the size of the lenses, not the camera, that is the primary variable for bulkiness for the working photographer. M43 has a distinct advantage for lens mass and volume reduction versus larger sensor systems.

    • rrr_hhh

      I’m with you what is needed is a range finder style body : more or less the E-P3, but with an integrated VF and an updated sensor. Alas I doubt we will get it : what is announced sounds more like a small 4/3 Dslr replacement. If the E-5 is the only 4/3 Dslr that will survive, they need to come out with a replacement for the E-xx/x. So I don’t hold my breath for a direct competitor to the Nex-7. This is probably not the next coming body.

  • Solar

    It would be nice to see some solid evidence of this rather than just speculation from a translation. At the risk of stealing candy from a baby, this could easily been seen as rhetoric from a company that is struggling to stay alive. This same sales pitch could be used to customers, a board or a prospective buyer.

    I hope all of this, or part of it is true, but one should always read these types of comments with a grain of salt. Not a word of positive spin on the DSLR front for over 12 months or more, and now rumours of an upgraded model? Could this not been seen as a sales pitch to all the 4/3 owners who have expressed their anger and disappointment over the past year or so, about being abandoned.

    Now a new line of manly cameras to replace the girly Pens? What does that say to the current Pen owners? Interesting times ahead. I own Oly products and want them to succeed, but bullshit smells regardless of what perfume one applies.

    • “Now a new line of manly cameras to replace the girly Pens? What does that say to the current Pen owners?”

      That’s a bit pessimistic :) – I think Pen owners are aware that their cameras are really great entry-level cameras, with price-tags to match. If they wanted more manual controls and M43 format, they were forced to choose Panasonic, but if Oly choose to make a more professional camera body, they at least won’t lose those consumers to Panansonic. Look a t Panasonic’s product line, they have Pen competitors as well as the big G/GH models.

      • Robbie

        If you live in Asia, you will see many girls using m43 cameras.

      • digifan

        That says you don’t speak Japanese ;-)

      • Solar

        I am just quoting what the Oly man had to say about the current range of Pens. I truly hope that Oly succeeds; I own 2 Pens and am happy with the quality that both generate. I also like the smaller form as it suits my needs.

        I hope that a Pro body is in the making, and I hope they have a new sensor on the way, but it has taken this turmoil to hear the future plan from Oly. It therefore smells of desperation to get the word out there for all to hear that they have the ability to produce a new innovative product or category within M43’s.

        On the 43 front, this is the first positive comment I have heard or read about 43 (update) for at least 12 months; all other comments from Oly have been towards total focus on M43.

    • Agent00soul

      There have been rumours of cameras that integrate 4/3 and m4/3 before. Among other things the rumour about the modular camera. They could have been working on this for a year or more. My guess ist that they have been waiting for a new sensor before releasing this new higher end camera series.

    • Ross

      They have just announced a weather sealed lens. Why would they weather seal that lens if a suitable body wasn’t on the way too? I’m hoping it is more than “rhetoric from a company that is struggling to stay alive.”

  • I find it interesting, even the older PENs ep1 and ep2 are still in my book as great tools, and i do regret selling them when switching to the Ricoh GXR which is in some ways a better camera but lacks some things found on the Olympus.I cannot imagine the new camera will be GH type of design, it would be terrible in terms of good looks.

    • Jim

      Intresting, what did you miss on the pens?

  • moomin

    so will it be like a super 8 cam with pistolgrip?
    Still waiting for a m4/3 cam thats just uses a evf in the form of a sony xacti hd2000 without a lcd screen.
    Id love that for video;-)

  • 434343423



    • hlbt

      The editor explicitly mentions in the PDF that the the interviews deal with the year 2012, and dedicates a good number of paragraphs explaining why the magazine chose to approach the interviews that way.

    • Disraeli

      It sounds as though it is early next year. I would think E5 replacement is more than likely late next year. (I just read that at dpr, but it does sound quite reasonable)

  • Sören

    The problem is that the Olympus mFT price level is already very high.
    An E-P3 is a nice camera, but it is already as expensive a some serious advanced cameras of the competition.
    A real Olympus mFT flagship camera with build in great EVF can be expected to be out of the price range for most of us.

    I guess the complaining about the high price of the Nex7 will stop immediatly after Olys announcement ;)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > A real Olympus mFT flagship camera with build in great EVF can be expected to be out of the price range for most of us.

      If you haven’t noticed serious DSLRs like Canon 7D cost more than pocket Point&Shoots.

  • nobody

    As much as I wish Oly all the best, this is less than a rumour. This is just vaporware.

    • bilgy_no1

      We did already have the announcement of the new kit lens for this new camera. Definitely more than vaporware!

  • another shot for the porroprism? ;)

  • > Pretty exciting or not?

    Oly’s empty promises stopped being exciting some loong time ago.

  • CRB

    Nothing about the most important part of the camera: the sensor….panasonics? no thanks…

    • Ross

      What are you saying no thanks to? It isn’t out yet, nor any specs known yet.

      • Look Ross, if I know that (brand-X) has the best sensor, I just cannot take good picture anymore until I have it.

        • CRB

          wrong, i shoot an old sensor tech….D300…still much better than the pen series…

      • CRB

        Of course not, but history so far has no record for me to believe something will change…they talk a lot about new stuff..features…EVF…i would really like to know about the sensor. Oly has everything right already…AF. lenses, body and etc…sensor? same old tech….i would LOVE any pen or oly camera with any sensor other than panasonic (had a g series from pan…)

      • CRB

        Of course not, but history so far has no record for me to believe something will change…they talk a lot about new stuff..features…EVF…i would really like to know about the sensor. Oly has everything right already…AF. lenses, body and etc…sensor? same old tech….i would LOVE any pen or oly camera with any sensor other than panasonic (had a g series from pan…)

  • WT21

    Bring it!

  • IwantToBeSteve

    C´on, can´t you see that Samsung is pushing retina displays everywhere they can since Steve came up with the idea?
    Well, I think it will be retina display EVF for sure :D

  • maxter

    This is in fact not that much of an surprise… What is a new weather sealed lens good for if there are no weather sealed bodies? And who would buy such a lens if the body wasn’t announced to be coming soon enough? So after last weeks announcement, there had to be some new camera concept by olympus or otherwise their management department has been sleeping for the last 2 years. I’m curious about the EVF, although I won’t use it anyway as I prefer tiltable (OLED) Displays

  • Marcel

    If this has a proper 2012 sensor, and looks like a EP3 I will buy this. I need something that will match up with the NEX IQ but isn’t a miniature camera + massive lens.

  • blackghost


    Could you tell us what rumors you’ve heard “make sense” now?

    • admin

      A new kind of semi transparent viewfinder.

      • Ross

        That would be ideal & since Sony & Fuji have done it in one way or another, then I’m sure Olympus can find another way to implement it to their advantage.

  • I want to hold this new camera in my hands before I go to holidays in June ;-)But for travelling a few weeks I love my E-PL2, it’s compact, leightweight and has a good image quality, don’t know if I really need a new camera next year. Perhaps it’s better to buy a mFT 9-18 instead, and maybe a 14-150.

  • bilgy_no1

    “Second important news: It’s different than current NEX’s and it will be announced soon.”

    I think that should read ‘It’s different than current PENs’. It will be compatible with m4/3, so there will be a new range of m4/3 cameras from Olympus next to the PEN range.

  • Bob

    Given how totally WRONG you were about the latest zoom lens from Oly, why should we put any faith into your interpretation of this article. I see a lot of very generally marketing speak, which you’re making uneducated guesses about, and then claiming to be a rumor. It’s not a rumor, it’s just your guess, based on even less “inside” information than you had about the lens.

  • JF

    Second infrared sensor for PDAF ?? (there was a patent from olympus no ??) That would be great !

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Fuji already put PDAF into some compact sensors couple years ago and Nikon 1 uses Aptina sensor with PDAF.
      Heck, I could see even Sony developing focal plane PDAF for getting rid of light loss of semitransparent mirror.

  • Not much sympathy for Oly from the Panny followers?
    I think the truth might be in between. A head up display, or hybrid optical/digital display might effectively be related to additional PDAF technology – we say it in recent patents. That in turn might focus 4/3 lenses which are excellent. But to hold the combo the camera should be bigger, probably a Leica size.
    Of course these are hopes. The body might still be bigger, and weather sealed but not PDAF compatible.
    At any rate it is useless to associate the new models with Oly’s financial situation. They would have been on the designer’s table two years ago.
    Other possibility is that the Fuji-Oly meetings which took place resulted in a 4/3 PDAF on sensor, and exchange of technolgy. Differently from Panny oly has produced much less m4/3 lenses so it might have considered to increment the use of 4/3 lenses.
    if people were not so short sighted they’d see that it would be in their interest too.
    Finally a bigger camera by next Spring or Summer might point to the new sensor problem having being solved months ago, which again would be good news.

    Finally I would enquire in what Mr. Ogawa meant by being ‘m4/3 compatible’ or Pen compatible. Does the mount or sensor have additional features? That would be rather explosive.

  • Mike

    Since I looked through the GH1 Viewfinder I see no need for improvement. No tearing, good resolution. But a DSLR like Body would be great! Make a mFT E-620 Oly!!!

  • st3v4nt

    Well whatever this rumor will be true or not (at least until I let my wife who can read and speak Japanese translate the article for me) once again we will wait for new Olympus camera and we will see either :
    a. This will be new m4/3 camera with new viewfinder system,
    b. Another new system maybe m4/3+ which let the existing m4/3 lens can be used but will have entirely new lens system due to the new sensor size
    c. There will be new PEN+ with weather sealed body but still using tweaked 12MP
    d. There will be new 4/3 body with new VF

  • Anonymous

    is it really that difficult to make an nex 7 killer? it’s basically just a mirrorless camera with ultra high-resolution viewfinder and a true current generation sensor.

  • Tomato

    Hi Admin,

    Ur u kidding me. The information from a rumor website is far far behind the official press info. Give me ft1~ft4 more than just give the last minutes ft5 info. It is boring to know something is happening just few days later, and everything else is to be confirm with your trusted source. Is it a web site for rumors, or a web site for facts?

  • taran

    No new sensor=no real innovation. I wish Olympus would understand this.

  • Too bad the pdf download of the Japanese magazine isn’t in English. The version I keep downloading is always in Japanese?

  • calxn

    Sounds good for m43 owners. Question is whether the viewfinder will be built-in or sold separately. Also, I hope they don’t interpret DSLR body type is revolutionary. I think the market has spoken loud and clear. They want non-DSLR bodies with left placement viewfinder. The only player to have not gotten the memo is Panasonic. Hopefully, Olympus can finally compete in 2012, but it’s hard to not let their past history color my opinion of what they will do in the future.

  • nicholas

    2011. the year for gx1.

    2012. the year to get a credit card a await something really really awesome.

  • It will be interesting to see what materialises from Olympus. Earlier things that appeared tro be revolutionary turned out to be just an increment forward. Do you remember the air-castles built up before the release of EP-3?
    Optimistic I hope that the talk about usability is fulfilled. I would have liked to hear about the sensor: resolution, performance and dynamic range. The later the thing that really need better in the image quality department. (With the new prime lenses you get really good quality from at least the Panasonic 16 mpix sensors.)

  • Georg

    I don’t care about the viewfinder.
    I only want one thing: sensor with better DR and better high ISO!

  • TJ

    Would be interesting what “soon” really means, 2 weeks, 2 month…?
    These announcements are really odd when you just decided to get one of the recent models. What now? Is it worth waiting for?

  • Swejk

    The new Olys get a ultra-high resolution display with LED backlight
    and it approaches the eye, the image is reduced to upper left
    and becomes the viewfinder, which is also the top right.
    The sensor is optimized revolutionary …

  • Olympus must be talking about that new Fuji that is going to be out next year. I mean that new Fujiympus.

  • Frederic Hew

    Yes, but the article speaks also of an E-5 successor… my guess is the revolutionary VF will be hybrid optical reflex and electronic.

  • What does “coming soon” mean? Fall 2012? No? Okay, more likely in 2013.

  • Admin, again I insist on checking what the interviewee means about the new camera being m4/3 compatible. Is it a new format? Is it a bigger sensor?

    Oly and Fuji have approached each other months ago. Fuji will soon issue a camera which is mirrorless and *not* m4/3. Have they made an alliance on the basis of bigger sensors? Or is the new camera based on a new Panny sensor?

    Even the best hybrid viewfinder is not going to hide that the strategic question is the sensor and the format. Oly and Fuji might have realised that a 4/3 sensor will cut no ice once mfr start using advanced APS sensors in mirrorless.

    They might have taken a strategic decision for a new line of cameras with a bigger sensor that *is still compatible with m4/3*.

    This is the lead worth investigating even to draw a negative.

    The second question is if the new (built in?) EVF allows the use of 4/3 lenses transparently thanks to a PDAF sensor. No more no less.

    If one or both conditions are met, then we have a new paradigm, new line of mirrorless cameras.

    With better IQ *and* better ergonomics, *from the start*.

    • agent00soul

      The new fuji apsc sensor is supposed to be better than today’s full frame sensors. So an m4/3 sensor with the same technology should be better than today’s apsc sensors.

  • greyhat

    Since everyone is guessing I can add my five cents (ordered by my priority and take as _my_ priority list):

    1. Viewfinder – some or all of below (yes I’m dreaming):
    could be high resolution (same as Sony) BUT…
    wide GAMUT (10 bit),
    factory calibrated
    no visible lag (120-400Hz like modern LED TVs)
    you can control camera without removing eye from EVF (dials are easy to operate with instant visual feedback)

    this will be a really game changer and everyone will notice when look at it; focus peaking

    and not so important to me:

    2. better IS

    3. Weather sealed

    4. bigger sensor – is an idea with same mount but since NEX have a shorter distance (that makes it harder to make proper lenses) they might have a bigger mount and an fully electrical adapter to m43; but changing mount it may require to partner with someone else to have more lenses (Fuji?) Full frame is what every one desires, but such short distance to sensor it will make lenses rather expensive to make

    5. better sensor – is a must to gather attention and press and “experts” and bloggers. is kind of detail. Good 1600 (of stop more than today’s PEN good IQ) is more than enough and more than film days.

  • Scott

    Who cares about the sensor? You first need a camera that is a joy to use. I am tired of all the toys. Make a camera that will focus in the dark and I will buy it.

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