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Great GH3 hands-on by TheCameraStoreTV


You really have to watch the video on top. It’s the best GH3 review I have seen til now! Really a great work from these guys! And here is a well deserved big link to their GH3 preorder store:

GH3 preorders at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here)Panasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt. Shipments starts in mid December!

  • gggg


  • Max Palmer

    Would just like to know when I might be able to order one in the UK and what the real price is… not some speculative price. Any news?

    • Heat Legend

      Why not just order from the US? I am in Australia, prices here are absolutely terrible.. I wouldn’t hesitate to guess that the GH3 here will be around $2000. I have had mine on pre-order at B&H since the day they started taking them. Postage will cost me $50 however due to currency conversion I’m actually getting about $50 off the price so basically free postage. I order all my stuff from there, never had anything take longer than 3 days to get here. Including my tripod. Buying from the US has literally saved me thousands of dollars, and their customer service is exceptional with a fantastic return policy.

      • Henrik

        That’s interesting, and you don’t have to pay customs tax or something? In Germany i can order from anywhere, but there is always import tax collected and not just a few cents.

        • Heat Legend

          Yes, we have import taxes here too on purchases over $1000.. HOWEVER, I expect to pay around $100 IF they bother taxing me on it. I have bought several products over the past few years over the $1000 and never been taxed. Plus even if I do, it’s still substantially cheaper than buying the item here.

          • Maybe you should open a shop:-)

          • QBNY

            I can vouch for B&H, I purchase most of my MFT gear there. People on the floor there are VERY knowledgable. It makes it so easy to go back, not to mention, not being shy to ask a bunch of questions.

      • corkcampbell

        Yeah, B&H is great. Whenever I am in NYC, I go there; even if I don’t need anything, the free classes and candy are nice. There are always busloads of EU tourists there…I assume to save money. They spend time in the customer lounge checking out their purchases and throwing away the boxes. I assume that’s to avoid the taxes.

      • Anonymous

        If you want to import something into the EU you have to import tax and VAT. For example, if I order a lens from the USA, I will pay 6.7% import tax and VAT 20%.

        If I order a lens for $400 with shipping costing $30, then the end cost will be ($400 + $30) x 1.067 x 1.20 = $550,57.

        So the $400 lens ends up costing $550. I have gone through this twice now.

        This is the import duty for lenses:

        There is no way around it, other than flying to the USA and bringing it back through the “Nothing to declare” line (in which case you’re breaking the law, but who’s gonna know, right). If you declare the item as a gift, you will not be able to get it through customs at all, you will have to produce a valid bank/paypal statement in order to get it through customs. If you declare a value that is lower than actual value, remember that customs compares item values against a gigantic catalog of items they have, and if your price seems very low, they will take their own price from which to calculate VAT.

        I don’t know what the import duty is for cameras, but I guess its similar.

        • Bobafett

          It really depends what you’re ordering. If the price difference is significant then it’s worth ordering from the states, otherwise you just end up paying taxes and shipping costs.
          I for myself am considering to order an oly 60/2.8 and a bcl 15/8.0. In Switzerland they cost CHF 799.- & 99.- !!! OTOH the zuiko 45/1.8 costs CHF 299.- brand new!!!

          • Anonymous

            Some items are indeed worth it, but its not just a matter of look at the low price in USA vs high price in Europe. You add higher shipping costs, 6.7% and then VAT (~20% depending on country) and that difference shrinks verrry quick.

            I don’t know how it is in Switzerland, because its not in the EU.

  • Anonymous

    This was posted on DPreview earlier. One remark by the reviewer that worries me is something about the stills IQ being the least improved, meaning the video aspects are what was focused on. That’s okay with me, as I will use the camera for video…but I have never been happy with the GH2’s stills IQ and was hoping for more. Let’s hope he was wrong or I misunderstood.

    • corkcampbell

      Not anonymous; I’m “corkcampbell” – can’t seem to log in for some reason.

      Update: Nevermind; apparently I managed to log in.

      • Henrik

        The pleasures of web 2.0 :)

    • Jørgen

      It is OMD performance. He says something about the noise I think in the end. If you look at the noise graphs (DxO) you’ll notice that OMD does not do significantly better than GH2. Dynamic Range (and the guy on this video notes it in the begin) is improved clearly though. Exactly like the OMD does.What is probably less detectable in such a test is thetonality and colour depth, which are also improved. But basically, expect OMD performance and that means it is realy good. In the price range, you’ll find Pentax K5 and other sensors that will do a bit better of course. But they won’t do much better in video. And with some lenses, the GH3 system is a lot smaller and lighter than any DSLR.

      • Pavlo

        Yes, about size: I thought GH3 is too big for µ43, but this review proved that it is really, really small in hands.

    • Renato S.

      I think that he’s saying that compared to other cameras in the same price range, the IQ is not the thing that pops out like the video does.

  • Kuba

    GH3 = BEAST ;)

  • Great review, thank you. Peaking could be an update? possibly

  • Is not he, camera dude one of Fuji guys.?

  • Andrew

    I think the focus peaking is one of the things we have to raise hell about. If enough people say they could greatly benefit from it, Panasonic will hopefully listen.

  • Is Focus Peaking not something Sony came up with? I guess no one wants to pay Sony for their great achievement.

    • homer

      Dude no, focus peaking is not sonys “great achievement”, peaking has been in video cameras around way before Sony put it in cameras.

  • Anonymous

    I kept watching the fine lines on his white shirt. It seemed a huge difference between the camera shooting the review (fs700) and the GH3 shots. The lines were clear and sharp on the fs700, but almost undetectable with the GH3. I know – we’re talking 6-7X price difference, but if I recall correctly the GH2 kept up with these cameras in this aspect.

    • Anonymous

      03:54 versus 07:20

  • Focus peaking and retina LCD! Probably won’t get retina, but peaking would be OK. I have a Zacuto Z-Finder. If the LCD is less coarse than the GH2, I’m a happy camper.

    • Sören

      It is hilarious how quick people adapt pure marketing names like “Retina-Display”. Good Job Apple :D

      • Anonymous

        Retina Display isn’t marketing hype, it’s the real deal.
        My iPad 3, iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro (16GB RAM!) all have Retina displays. In a word: fantastic.

        • Carl

          Are you the guy from this video??? With the Apple life?

        • Sören

          Sure, these Displays are great. But they just have a high pixel-count. Other manufacturers have these or even more meanwhile. That’s why the name “retina-display” is just a marketing name, which kind of works for apple-junkies. How will they call it with the next increase of pixels? Eagleeye-Display?…

        • Anonymous

          wow, this big collection must compensate for something small ;)

          • Anonymous

            Yep, my apartment is really small. It’s hard fitting everything in! ;-)

            • hungtr

              I recently received an ipad 3 as a gift from my wife and the screen is indeed great, on the other hand every other thing sucks about it the apple interface is the most annoying software I have ever used.Were it not a gift it would have been returned in the first week , I had the Samsung tab 10.1 and honestly other than the screen I preferred it in every way .

              I suppose I will get used to it , folk get used to having one leg so how hard can it be lol

  • Maciej

    XLR inputs on the battery grip – that would be cool!

  • Milan

    It seems that the EVF is a bit strange. Good in resolution, contrast and refresh rate, but with strange distortion that makes the borders look bad unless you move your eye to look at them. Luminous-landscape (at the end of the X-E1 review) also noted this, as did The Phoblographer. It seems to be a great panel with mediocre optics in front of it.

    For the rest, amazing camera. I expect video to be worse than in the GH2 (but still pretty good), but stills to be better. The colors will still be ugly, it seems Panasonic likes them that way.

    I’d only ask for IBIS once again as an improvement in the next update.

    • Jørgen

      How would Gh2 in any way be better in video than GH3?? I have a Gh2 but I have little doubt GH3 is much better here.

      • EOSHD wrote an article after testing the GH3. I think he’s trying to be nice with the GH3 since it’s only pre-production and he was invited by Panasonic to test it, but I also think his real feeling is more like “one step forward, two steps back”. We will see when more tests come out.

    • Anonymous

      Panasonic colors are accurate, not over-saturated and cartoonish. If I want that look, Lightroom can do it.

      • It is not about saturation. And I’m not sure the Panasonic colors are accurate, but I am sure that they look very ugly to me (and I’m not alone).

        Discussing about colors without an example is difficult, so I grabbed two sample images from the GH2 from two different sites. Image on the left is from and image on the right is from The images on the top row are the original ones (OOC JPEG) and the ones in the row below are after a quick correction to remove the ugly yellow cast. I didn’t change saturation, contrast, exposure, white balance, etc… Just did some hue fix in the colors.

        This was the GH2, but for the samples I’ve seen so far from the GH3 it seems that the colors are the same.

        Of course, it’s all a matter of taste. I’m sure that Panasonic could fix them if they wanted (of course, I fixed them -partly- in 2 minutes and using the JPEGs!). So it’s obvious that they have these colors because someone there likes them.

        • In case someone says that the colors of those pictures are because of the “golden hour” (though with that cast it looks more like “golden shower” to me), here’s another one from the GH3 itself taken indoors. Picture taken as example from

  • Tron

    The rumors of the GH3’s death have been GREATLY exaggerated. The resolution is comparable to the GH2 with probably a slight edge on it. Let’s face it, the image doesn’t have to get much better, as the GH2 is already excellent. However, the dynamic range is noticeably better on the GH3 (depending on the picture profile used) and also the color depth – especially up into higher ISOs where the GH2 would start to get muddy with weird greenish-yellow tints in both stills and videos. I am glad to hear that the audio is excellent as well, probably the same as the new AF100A’s LPCM circuits. Now I can put my money into Sennheiser lavs rather than Juiceboxes and have a very nimble shooting rig at the same time… very exciting times indeed.

  • That was one of the best camera reviews I’ve seen. The clarity and directness were very good. I hate it when they just read out the spec sheet and take it out of the box. Well done.

  • Paul Alexander

    Great Review! I sure wish I cold memorize my scrips that perfectly!!
    Two issues.
    1) at 6:13 he starts talking about how timecode makes multi-cam shots easy. Not so. You need Genlock for pro multicam sync. Without blackburst across the line how will you have sync at all ?
    2) I like to see subtitles to cue me to what camera is shooting what in a demo. Ok so they showed some footage but what camera was shooting him holding he GH3 ?

  • Newbie Here

    My opinion regarding the GH3.

    First point: I never owned a GH2. My country is Canonland, so I shoot Canon exclusively. I’m considering the GH3 over the GH2 because it is basically a “cleaner” camera right out of the box. Having a GH3, with all of its added perks (headphone jack, high bitrate, weathersealing, beefier build, timecode, heat sink, no time limit) is, to me, every Canon fanboy’s dream at this price range (since Canon 5D Mark III would be the GH3’s Canon counterpart in video, at 3x the price). Hence, it would be more efficient to pick a GH3 over any other Canon DSLR (unless it’s a 5D Mark III or better).

    Second point: “APS-C sensor wins over m4/3 in noise management and DoF”. I really don’t care. The micro4/3 system delivers the output as long as the man behind the camera knows how to manage it. Besides, the GH3 seems to be doing well in noise management. I wouldn’t even start with the “DoF is needed/overrated” debate. I’m tired of reading those.

    Third point: As a legacy lens user, IBIS would be great. But I’m sure it is not a requirement for my projects, so it’s fine without it. Again, it is the man behind the camera, not the camera, who does the magic.

    Final point: In the next few years, I’m sure they MIGHT consider adding IBIS if the IBIS “trend” will pick-up for mirrorless cameras. Global shutter? Why not. GHx? Why not.

    To those who think GH2 is still a better camera, get over it. You’re not helping Panasonic. IMHO, GH2 users should actually inspire new buyers to get the GH3, since by supporting Panasonic’s newer products, Panasonic would and could continue improving their technology thanks to the flow of resources. By giving Panny enough resources, we might even get IBIS, focus peaking, XLR accessories, and even a global shutter in the GHx.

    • MDavid

      Bravo– well said.

      Don’t forget the hacktastic improvements the industrious programmers will grant in the future as well– the GH3 might well shine even more brightly as it matures, as did the GH2.

      My reservations have relaxed, and I look forward to owning this camera:)

      • Newbie Here

        D’oh! I forgot to add that. I always post a “WAIT FOR THE GH3 HACK” related comment in almost every good GH3 post here in 43rumors.


  • QBNY

    One of the best video reviews I’ve ever seen. I’ve always like the Camera Stores vids.

    Little bird flying on my finger? I want to move to Calgary.

    Shows that the GF3 is that camera that bridges everything. A one stop shop. Tempted. Jack of all trades, master of none, ‘Cept video.

  • Heat Legend

    I like how people only compare the GH3 to the HACKED GH2.. The GH3 (like the GH2) will be pushed only to what Panasonic deems reasonable in terms of performance. Just like the GH2 the GH3 will be capable of a lot more once it is also hacked, but Panasonic aren’t going to release a camera that’s being pushed to its absolute limits when they also have concerns with the cameras lifespan and warranty claims. I can’t remember who made the comparison but it was posted here on 43rumors that it’s like a car, you can hot them up (or w/e it is people do with cars) to push performance to it’s absolute limit of the hardware (in terms of cameras) but the manufacturer certainly isn’t going to do that when they are also taking reliability into account.

    The if the GH3 is capable of doing what the GH2 can only do hacked imagine what the GH3 will be capable of once it has also been hacked.

  • rogue

    I LOVE the camera store! Their videos are awesome. The only reason I don’t shop there is because they don’t carry olympus.

    I know… like WHAT???? Wanted to buy an OMD there… nope. no cameras no glass. true, and there is a story about why, but it’s too gossipy for the internet.

    I hope they do something to fix that because it’s pretty embarrassing for a camera store, or “THE camera store”

  • georgec

    Best video review I have seen on GH3, The guy knows his stuff. The most thing I wanted to hear from his is the things that he does not like (I noticed)
    1) That dial wheel at the end
    2) peaking (maybe added on later)
    3) For video, white balance you set is different from the one when you start shooting the video. That’s what I experienced with GH2. I adjust to a WB, it looks right. But when I click the button, the WB changed! frustrating.

    He did not mention if the EXT Tele feature that also exists in GH2. I am wondering if I can switch between normal and ext mode without stop shooting with GH3

  • JLW518

    I thought this was an extremely helpful review.

    My interests are solely in stills quality. I have a GH2 and have been very happy with it, but would upgrade if I could get the same camera with slightly better native color balance, and better higher ISO performance without losing the fine tonal gradation and high level of detail that the GH2 give me.

    This review confirmed to me that the GH3 is not the right choice for me right now. Since I am doing only stills, my interest, of course, is in how the stills output compares to that of the GH2, and the things that caught my attention were: It is not a giant difference in IQ from the GH2; OOC images are a bit unsharp (can be tweaked, but the GH2 is quite good OOC in that respect); it’s the size of a small DSLR; the EVF has corner blurriness.

    If I was using this as a true hybrid camera and doing a lot of video work, it would be great step up, even in spite of those concerns. However, since I am not, those concerns are enough to counter the one area that it is better in (improved DR and high ISO performance) for me.

    I am not “down” on this camera. I think Panasonic looked at the target market for its hybrid flagship and tailored the camera for those buyers. It’s just not the right product for me personally. I do hope they come out with another model with some of the professional advantages of the GH3 (solid construction, better DR and high ISO performance)but in a model that is more geared to the stills enthusiast who values high quality in the lovely smaller M43 bodies that are possible.

    So, Panasonic, give me that nice little rangefinder version of this camera, without the bulk and heavy video capabilities, and you will have a sale PRONTO!

    • Mr. Reeee

      I tend to agree. I shoot stills primarily and love my GH2, especially the size, handling and multi-aspect ratio sensor.

      Weather sealing, the better LCD and EVF and wider dynamic range are pretty compelling, but mostly the larger size penalty makes me hesitate. None of my lenses, mostly adapted manual primes, aren’t weather sealed, so that’s a toss-up.

      I guess I’ll need to see final production model tests and samples before making a decision.

  • Stavros

    I am so torn between the GH3 and the Nikon D600. Does anybody know if the dynamic range in video is better in any of the two? I have so many Nikon lenses it is a pity to not use them for video.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    How can that microphone draw phantom power from the 3.5mm jack?
    That jack is unbalanced. There’s no way for it to have 48V phantom power.
    7V plugin power (usually used for lavaliers or computer/headset-microphones) is the only thing I can imagine.

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