New lupe alike Kenko filter & E-M5 grip/stay (+ GH3 & E-PL5 tests)


Don’t kow you guys, but I never saw a filter like this! It has been announced by Kenko-Tokina and you may check out their website to learn more about it. Looks  abit tricky, don’t knwo if I would carry one of these along my camera…

More news bits:
The US company J.B. Camera Designs made a new E-M5 grip&stay you can already buy on Amazon (Click here).
Frugalfilmmakers posted a short GH3 hands-on report. Full size GH3 image samples by Optyczne.
Mobile01 (translation here) posted the full Olympus E-PL5 review.
Sgoldswoblog posted a short body cap lens test. Bye the way, you can win that lens by participating the latest contest.

  • mr.smth

    Kenko filter holder was exactly what I wanted. I almost built one myself! :)

    As for J.B.’s OM-D grip, a major thumbs-up! They were collecting users’ opinion on what product to develop, and I’m glad to see that my voice has been heard. That’s two days in a row. ;)

    • Anonymous

      The J.B.’s OM-D grip is made out of poured material that is apparantly similar to styrene. While the design shape looks good, I don’t think I would want to trust the strength of the grip at the base when using heavier lenses though. I originally made my own out of aluminium with a leather covered, cork padded grip in the style of the Panasonic grips with a curved edge near the top. It also includes a separate sling strap connection point (while keeping the tripod screw point free for use) as well as being able to use a grip strap. I’m glad I went to the effort to make it. You can see it here

      • Ross

        I forgot to add my name to the above.

      • Ryan

        “Poured material” makes me think of one thing, urethane resin. I work with it for a living, there are many different grades of product that are super strong while having some give so it doesnt crack or break. What type they used i have no idea, but when i order one i’ll give it a better inspection. only time i can say id worry about it is in the cold.

  • Mister_Roboto

    I’m not sure if I did the currency conversion right… but that isn’t over $300 USD is it?

    • Mister_Roboto

      AH I did do it wrong, Yen, not Yaun ;) $28 USD

      • Ulli

        finally we have a not overpriced aftermarket grip …bravo!

        • Ulli

          OM-D E-M5 GRIP-BASE: BLACK

          still a good price

  • The loupe type filter holder thingy looks like a handy tool, but my ultimate idea for a filter holder (not for photographic use) are wearable thread mount frames. Imagine *proper* polariser glasses, or even vari-ND glasses for the wealthier ones ;)

    • adaptor-or-die

      In the ancient days of B&W film both, still and motion, you could carry a loupe filter to view the scene, for example with a ‘Red filter’ or similar effect, I can see this being useful for the photographer’s eye as well as the lens .. 58mm is a very sensible size choice as well.

      to follow your other idea, just get some step rings and get them welded to wireframes, make your own, B+W, Heliopan, Hoyo, Kenko glasses =)

  • aXelpiX

    It’s a filter handle, not a filter. And yes, it can be very handy to have something like this. Ever did IR with a DSLR with constantly threwing in and out the filter?

  • rrr_hhh

    Why 58mm ? Why so large ?

    Most lenses not taking filters will have a much smaller diameter ! This thing could be useful, but is overkill with such a large diameter; something between 46 and 52mm would be way enough.

    • Ross

      Since when is 58mm large?
      Just because you only use the smaller lenses, how about someone using the Oly 14-150 or the 40-150? They use 58mm filters!

    • Also the new Lumix 12-35 and 35-100 are both 58mm.

    • P4INKiller

      The filter holder is made specifically for small lenses that otherwise couldn’t hold filters of their own.
      It’s preferred that the holder makes use of a larger diameter to make sure it covers the entire view of the lens.

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