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Good news folks! Leica 25mm lens will cost around 73.500 YEN (around 650 Euro)!


Image courtesy: Quesabesde.

There have been a lot of confusing info about the price of the lens. Some European websites initially did unveil a price tag of 899 Euro while some other websites (Dpreview, Focus Numerique) said that the final price will be announced before the market release. Things are much clearer in Japan where said the price will be 73.500 YEN which is 675 Euro or 950 Dollars (but you know that the price in dollars will be much cheaper). The japanese store Yodobashi sells the lens for a street price of 58.800 YEN which is 610 Euro!!! That has been confirmed by the swedish magazine Fotosidan (650 Euro). The older Four Thirds lens did cost 1099 Euro/Dollars ([shoplink 16340 ebay]it costs less now on eBay[/shoplink]).

That’s good news!

P.S.: Leica 25mm still not available for preorder on Amazon (Click here to see the search results).

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