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43rumors is back and on the new server (+ explanation of the malware warning)


We are BACK!!!!!

As you know yesterday a malware attacked a couple of servers in Northern Europe. Many websites were affected (not only 43rumors). When the malware attacked us it changed a small script which made you crash the browser. We located the attack location, blocked it and removed the dirty code. The problem was that google banned all the affected websites. We quickly asked for  re-approval from google but it took 10 hours to be back online without that WARNING message. And because we are smart (LOL!) we used that time to transfer the whole website on a new server! So now ladies and gentlemen you are visiting the 43rumors website on a 3 to 4 times faster server. It will finally allow me to upgrade the 43rumors theme with new option and at the same time we can fix some of the issues.

Please be kind and remind your friends and forum colleagues that we are back online. Also explain them that it was not a 43rumors problem only. We reacted very fast but google kept the warning for hours even if we were a safe website :(

Now I have to catch up with news and rumors. See you soon!


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