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Glimpse into the future: Olympus Glass patent.


What matters for the younger generation of photographers is to be constantly connected in your virtual social world. They care less about sensor size, High ISO and Megapixels than we “older” people do. Portable devices like [shoplink 46152 ebay]Google Glass (they are to buy here on eBay)[/shoplink] could completely change the photographic industry. And it looks like not only Google but also Olympus is aware of that. The image on top comes from the newly published Olympus patent (JP2013/075623) describing a Google Glass alike device having actually two transparent screens on each eye.

Why should we “old generation” photographers using MFT camera care about it? Well according to previous Olympus patents you will be able to display live view images from your MFT camera directly on the head mount display on the Glass. You will no longer have to use the EVF or LCD screen to take pictures and review them. This is how you could take your pictures in a couple of years from now!

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