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(UPDATE_2) Hot: GH2 with lens for $699 at Adorama!! And cashback in Germany (reminder: firmware coming soon!)


UPDATE_2: Hold on guys! Adorama is offering an even more crazy deal on the GH2 with a coupon code. The offer starts in a couple of hours so please hold on! And the codes were “reversed”. Now it should be fine. Here are the deals:
GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $699.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S1442144”.
GH2 with 14-140mm lens for $999.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S2141401”.
Limited Quantity at this price.

And here are the Amazon GH2 deals:
GH2 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon (Click here) for $795 only! No joke, That’s $105 less than the GH2 body only sold by third party resellers at Amazon (Click here)…LOL! And at the moment of writing you can find eighteen GH2+14-140mm kits for $1199 at Amazon US (Click here). For Europeans: There is a cashback action on the GH2 and G3 in Germany (Click here). The only other Cyber deal that is still ongoing on m43 cameras is the GF3 + free accessory action at Amazon (Click here). Full deals homepage at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Cameta (Click here) and J&R (Click here).

Reminder: Within the next two weeks Panasonic will announce the new GH2 firmware with “Progressive Segments Frame” recording -> 1080/25p signal recorded as 1080/50i with 24Mbit/s. And that is the official features/improvement list from Panasonic:

  • – New video mode which is suitable for editing video recorded at high bit rate (24Mbps)
  • – New functional option with Power Zoom Lens ([DISP FOCAL LENGTH (Display of Focal Length)], [STEP ZOOM], [ZOOM RESUME], [ZOOM SPEED] and [ZOOM RING*])
  • – Full area enlargement of AF area setting
  • – Improvement in the speed of consecutive shooting when shot with auto bracket
  • – Increased number of recordable images in consecutive shooting
  • – [EX.TELE CONV. (Extra Tele Conversion)] can be set ON/OFF separately in photo or video recording
  • – More accurate light adjustment of built-in flash
  • – Improvement in the AF performance in video recording
  • – Synchronization of alarm volume for low battery with [BEEP VOLUME]
  • – New [HALF-PRESS RELEASE] function
  • – Improved NR (Noise Reduction) in high sensitivity shooting
  • – ON/OFF control of the touch-screen
  • DonTom

    Wow, what a price!
    I wonder if the very large firmware upgrade means there isn’t a GH3 coming for some time. Maybe this is also the firmware for the Pro/ RF style or whatever is coming, and they put this out as a panacea to those waiting for a new GH?

    • admin

      What I know for sure is that there will be a GH2 with X lens kit. Maybe that’s why the price of the current kits is falling.

      • Joel

        Well just bought a GH2 (now have ep3 and gh2, though got the ep-3 for AUD$500)..

        FYI: Your discount codes are the wrong way around…

        In Australia the body only is like US$1,200 so even with US$60 shipping this is a real bargain… LOL…

  • Berneck

    I feel like this means a GH3 is close…

    • Renato S.

      If the Oly PRO is also true, m4/3 may enter the higher end ground with the X100 and NEX-7 – and the the LX series. I was hoping for something from Samsung as well – I got interested in Samsung since they have such an interesting lenses line up/roadmap. Actually Sony’s FF have been receiving some interesting rumors too.

      I wished Oly had Panny’s video and Panasonic had Olympus’ image colors. Nikon1 showed what even a small sensor can do for dynamic range and others bits, so I hope m4/3 can come up with a better sensor too if not they should go after someone that can make it.

    • Steve

      I think this has more to do about getting rid of existing bodies with the old firmware and replacing the 14-140mm kit lens with the new fast 12-35mm zoom that is coming. Between the firmware and new kit lens this will give the GH2 new life until the GH3 is released next fall.

      • Joel

        I agree it has more to do with the kit lenses than the body, as it seems the kits are droppig more than the body alone.. I guess to get rid of the kits to mae room for new kits with the newer lenses..

  • A weather sealed m4/3 would be a dream come true. But, until then, I will be very very happy that Panasonic strongly supports their products with new firmware love.

  • Richard

    Just bought one with 14-42. Gonna be sad if the body only option drops to 700 soon. I really did not want this 14-42.

  • Joey

    Bh prices for gh2 is currently 1199. I got them to price adjust since I bought mine from them last week

    • Joe

      Just got my GH2 yesterday at my local camera store for $699 including tax =D

      • Ras

        Was that body-only? Or with the 14-42mm?

  • steve

    I kind of wish that I had money and swipe this deal I have been wanting to get in 4/3s group for a while. this and the GF2 look like good deals

  • Joe

    My local camera store, Bel Air Camera, said there’s a $300 instant rebate on the GH2, which includes paying for taxes. Since I already have my Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 mkII lens as my zoom lens, I was able to get a body-only GH2 for $699 including tax!

    Best part, I was able to sell my Olympus E-PL2, kit lens, the EVF2, and a Konica 57mm f1.4 legacy lens for $560, so I only paid $139 for the GH2 =D

    I love this camera!!

  • Kam

    I had to jump on this. Will make a nice upgrade from my G1, which my wife has taken over anyway.

  • mclarenf3

    I’ve been very happy with my G2, but at these prices, it’s getting very tempting to move up to the GH2.

    Anyone gone from a G2 to the GH2 and have some experiences they wish to share? I use my camera strictly for photos, so I really don’t care about anything video related.

    One thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is that I’m sure in a few months we’re going to see the GH3 released, and that’s why we’re seeing the price drop. I’d like to see what the GH3 has to offer if/when it is released first.

    • Mr. Reeee

      As with computers, If you want/need one, buy one. Waiting for the next and greatest means waiting… and waiting.

      Waiting for the GH3 which still hasn’t even been annouced officially, only hinted at, could be a very long wait. And then factor in shipping delays
      Just think about the photos you could take now.

      • mclarenf3

        >> Just think about the photos you could take now.

        Yes, even though my G2 is a generation old, it still takes photos. I think your reasoning might be valid for someone without a camera, but that’s not the case here.

        Also, I don’t mind waiting, because again, I have a camera that is working perfectly fine for me. While I wait, I will continue to take photos with my G2 and be very happy with the results.

        I know that the GH2 has a better EVF and higher MP sensor. What I’m wondering is, now that the price of the GH2 is considerably lower than it’s ever been is it worth the upgrade from the G2 to the GH2? Specifically, I’m looking for people who actually did it, I am familiar with the technical differences.

        • david

          I went from a G1 to a GH2 (near the time of its release) and found it a big step up even for stills. I placed a premium on the faster AF and better sensor performance. I also wanted video though, which you have in some form on the G2.

          But in the end, if you’re happy with the G2, I’d say hold on to your money. Like any digital doodad, the GH2 will only get cheaper, and you may find something else that you’d rather splurge on.

          • mclarenf3

            Thanks david, I think I will end up doing that.

            • Brod1er

              +1 I am definitely sticking with my GH1 until the GH3 lands. Buying every generation of camera will not improve your photography but will hurt your wallet. Just buy a nice new lens instead!

  • Joey

    Damn, if adorama is having a super sale tomorrow, thats awesome. Im still within my return period and can save 200$

    • Ras

      Do you think they’d adjust the price (or give a discount if you bought another one) without going through the hassle of a return?

  • phoned adorama they can’t do the $699 price for the gh2 and 14-42mm. What’s the Deal 43 Rumors???

    • Joel

      I followed the instructions here (swapped codes around though) and it worked fine and it is showing as shipped for $699 (plus shipping)

  • Nelson

    Well one advantage is GH2 allows you to shoot different aspect in same POV

  • Nelson

    I tried the coupon but doesn’t work? It said “Sorry, we can’t apply this coupon. Please re-enter code:”

    • “Prices valid from 12/1-12/17 or until we sell out.”
      It is still 11/30 in US.

      • Nelson

        doh lol, forgot the time zone difference

  • Yun

    This even convince GH3 is around the corner .
    If I have to buy a GH camera , I prefer to wait for GH3 . Important shooting ? Just rent a camera & settle first .

  • Tiago

    Avoid Adorama. They will advertise like hell and after you order they’ll say the item is backordered, and later cancel the order altogether. Just like they did on the Black Friday sales. Just a marketing gimmick.

    • yatta

      Didn’t have a problem getting this deal from Adorama. Ordered it last night, picked it up this morning.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Listen closely. That is the resale value of the 14-140mm plummeting. With the 12-35mm and 35-100 coming next year the 14-140mm won’t look so attractive.

    • Steve

      I agree. Imagine all of the 14-140mm kit lenses that will be put up for auction after the new fast zooms are released.

      • Brod1er

        The are very different lenses. The 14-140 is all about general purpose and covers a greater range than the 12-35 and 35-100. The latter will be more expensive and will target serious amateurs/pros. Having said that, I guess there are a lot of people with the 14-140 who wished they had a 12-35, 35-100 (guilty)!

  • G13RS

    Guys, if you can jump to the GH2 go for it, it’s well worth that kind of money!

  • bastafidli

    The deal is live, the codes are reversed, it is

    GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $699.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S1442144″
    GH2 with 14-140mm lens for $999.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S2141401″

    Just got one 14-140.

    • admin

      I posted what I got from Adoama. Suprised to hear they reversed the coupon code :(

      • bastafidli

        I just assumed they reversed it since the first code worked on the second item. Maybe there is only one code?

        • admin

          I sent an email to Adorama. But it’s late in USA so I will get the answer in 7-8 hours only.

        • Joel

          same for me!

  • Nelson

    the deal is live!

  • joey

    second coupon doesn’t work, but you can use first coupon for either order

  • Ryan

    Thanks! Just got a GH2 with 14-140mm Kit!

    Don’t forget to use cashback sites.. FW works with Adorama.

  • Wow! $795.00!!? Are you kidding me? What a price! I bought this GH2 couple month ago from Amazon for around $900. I should’ve waited a little bit longer.

    Anyway, it is a real great camera. I took some pictures and videos with my H2 and display them in my wide-screen Sony KDL46NX810 HD TV. They look so great.

    Well, maybe I should wait for the H3.

  • Wow, what a bummer…I got my GH2 with 14-42 (which i didn’t really need) for around $1100 a couple of months ago…

    I wonder why this happens with m43 products…I don’t think any other product line (think Canon or Nikon or Sony cameras) drops by as much as 50% (or more) a bit more than a year after being available. Now, we know m43 products are generally regarded as being a bit on the expensive side…Are they charging premium prices artificially? I mean, $700 for a GH2 with kit lens sounds like a much more reasonable price than $1200+ for what the camera is and the market segment it is aimed at. Dunno…All i know is that in the m43 camp it really pays not being an early adopter…much more than in any other system camera.

    • elflord

      It’s because the system itself is quite new. Up to about a year ago, you paid an early adopter penalty from buying into the system.

      Now that m43 products are in their third generation, the earlier generation products are very cheap.

      • Joel

        Could also be R&D costs, once covered they drop the price??

        As you said u4/3 is pretty new and the technology is evolving more than most DSLRs which seem to just release the same thing over and over with at most a new sensor (half the tim barely that).. Panasonic have been having big changes in EVF, AF speed, sensor, video performance etc

  • gl

    @Admin, where has Panny ever said that the new video mode is 25p PsF? AFAIK that was pure speculation from one website. Unless you know for sure, please don’t keep broadcasting this as a fact as there could be a lot of disappointment if it’s only (say) an MP4 container option for the existing modes.

  • Russ Johnson

    I have tried a 6 times to get the deal on the GH2 w/14-42mm lens yesterday and again today. Every time it says they can’t apply the coupon. What’s up with this? Tried with both codes. Currently using S1442144.


    • Mike

      Must be dead

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