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Christmas sales winner at Amazon: DSLR still beats Mirrorless.


Christmas time is also the “business time” for all camera manufacturers. There are plenty of deals, rebates, bundles on offer in worldwide stores. There is no exact way to see yet which camera and lens is selling better than others. We can only get a vague idea by looking at the worldwide Amazon rankings. So let’s check how Panasonic and Olympus are doing:

The United States are probably the most conservative market on the world. Mirrorless had not the same success as in Asia or Europe. When you loo at the full DSLR+Mirrorless+compact camera ranking (Click here) you will see only Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras on top. You have to switch over at the Mirrorless camera/lens ranking (Click here) to see what is popular. The most sold lens is the Panasonic 20mm pancake (no surprise). But when it comes to the cameras Sony and Nikon are outselling the m43 alternatives. No good news here for Panasonic and Olympus. But I guess the reason for that is the poor marketing. An example? The GX1 will be in Stock only AFTER the Christmas sales time. Not really a smart move from Pana.

Same story as in the US. People buys DSLR cameras or compact cameras and not very often Mirrorless Click here to see the rankings. When watching the pure mirrorless rankings (Click here) you see that Panasonic is the real king of that market. Close behind you find Sony and then Nikon.

What’s going on in Germany? No surprise, DSLR and compact cameras are ruling the world (Click here). Nikon, Canon, Nikon , Canon all the way! But again Panasonic is the king of the mirrorless rankings (Click here).

You would expect France to be different than Germany or UK buyers or not? No way. Nikon-Canon dominates the french market too (Click here to see the ranking). And when it comes to mirrorles (Click here) than Sony is playing the major role in France.

The only real market that has fully accepted the Mirrorless philosophy is Japan. Watch the full Mirrorless+DSLR ranking (Click here) and you will notice a strong fight between all manufacturers with Olympus and Panasonic cameras challenging the big two (Canon and Nikon).

I absolutely think that Mirrorless is the future but what this sales do show is that Olympus and Panasonic have a lot of homework to do in order to challenge the Canon-Nikon DSLR market. And I guess the real weak point for both is the marketing strategy. A wonder how these rankings will look in one year when we will have Canon and Fuji pushing their Mirrorless systems.

  • vitph

    I find quite interesting that sony nex is not in the top 20th in the japan market. wonder why

  • These are apparently consumer sales, but I think the pro sales are similar. For a while there was an interest in pro filmmaking with the M43 system, but now it’s back to the 5D & 7D monopoly. Can’t make $£€ off M43.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Better controls and ergonomy go long way for those not coming from P&S and there even GH2 is only at level of some 600D.

      • Voldenuit

        I think you’re mistaken if you think the 600D is in any way comparable to a GH2 for video. Even the 5DMkII line skips, and resolves less detail than the GH2.

        It’s not until the 1D X that Canon has a sensor/processor combo that doesn’t line-skip with video.

  • @ADMIN

    Only in the USA do Amazon have a significant online camera sales market share, they do not have much in United Kingdom, France, Germany or Japan

    • Mr. Reeee

      Are you going to keep beating the same dead horse about Amazon? Give it a rest.

      • @Mr Reeee/Jeffrey
        wasn’t going to mention again after today anyway, my point has been made.

        • tmrgrs

          Your point is wrong. Amazon is easily the largest online retailer in the world, not just in the USA.

          • @tmrgrs
            my point is that they are NOT the dominant online camera retailers anywhere outside of North America.
            Obviously they are the largest online general retailer in the world but do they sell the most jimmy choo shoes, ugly sweaters,pandora charms, micro four thirds cameras etc etc!!!

    • George

      look retard stop writing stop right now

      It is not about buying off from a rank page you moron
      It shows actually sale number. At least 20 people trying to tell you for the past 3 days you keep writing same bullshit.

      And calling amazon “nobody buy their cams from them” is a great statement. and it actually fits to moron like you very well.

      I know in person tens of people buying from amazon.



      • RW

        Hey George. Chill.

        Doesn’t matter whether you agree with him or not (I don’t) – but that sort of abusive flaming makes the whole website look bad.

        Slam-fests where people say things online that they would never say in person are the worst thing about the internet, in my opinion.

      • @ George @Tofino
        European 10 most popular Mirrorless from pixmania



        United Kingdom



        etc out of the 27 European counties top 10 mirrorless out of a possible 270 placements Nikon only appears 5 times, with Sony appearing 30 times the rest of the 235 placements is largely dominated by Olympus and Panasonic Mirrorless, with Samsung not appearing anywhere. Population about 600 million.

        There are your facts.

        • Not exactly facts. They represent one seller. They actually don’t define “popularity.” It’s possible that popularity may be influenced by selling tactics (spiffs, cooperative marketing, etc.). Popularity isn’t defined by a date range.

          Unfortunately, I don’t have access to full retail numbers for Europe. Only US and Japan. It’s one reason why I’ve been careful to qualify my remarks on sales. Moreover, we need aggregated numbers over time coupled with actual sales price to fully understand the market. For example, here in the US, Olympus has had some recent success in unit volume, but mostly with US$399 deals on the E-PL1. It’s a bit of an issue when your best selling camera is actually two generations old.

      • offtheback

        Get your issues taken care of.No one wants to read your BS.

    • tofino

      Do you have any data to back up your claim?

    • calxn

      “Amazon Sites appeared as a top retailer in all of the top five markets and grew by 10 percent in France.”

      Europe might have been a little slow on the uptake of online shopping, but it’s clearly catching up. I visit physical non-grocery stores maybe once every 2 months and Amazon basically takes all my spending money.

      • @calxn
        online camera retail in Europe is far more developed in Western Europe and Far East Asia than in the North America.You link only quotes general online retail and in most European and Far Eastern countries Amazon doesn’t a look in for online camera sales.

        Go to , or and type in “buy Panasonic GH2” for example and see the long list of other online established camera retailers that come up….

        • calxn

          Not from what I’ve witness in my travels. In the US, brick and mortar are going bankrupt left and right because of online shopping. From what I’ve seen, Europe and Asia still relies more on storefronts than people in the US. Obviously, if you search for a camera on google, it will list all the established camera online stores. It’s been like that in the US for over a decade, but over time, most people have gravitated to Amazon because of their excellent execution, return policy, and *cough* tax policy *cough*. They’re not shipping as much photographic equipment as established players as BH, but the general population is more comfortable with Amazon and their prices than players like BH, BuyDig, etc. Whether the UK likes it or not, Amazon isn’t taking prisoners. They will eventually be the top camera reseller all over the world. Not even the likes of Walmart can compete with them over the long run. Looking at Amazon’s top 100 list is a good indicator of trending sale for the future because they are increasingly capturing marketshare.

          I used to use more “established” online camera stores, but now, I go straight to Amazon first, then BH second.

          • @calxn
            you are so wrong and uneducated about Europe, maybe @ admin might put you right.
            Amazon is a master of none, full of adverts, butt ugly, is more interested in pushing kindles etc and is generally used to purchase long tail items amongst the European population, even though Amazon has been established in Europe for quite a while now.

            You have so much to learn…

  • Luciano

    Which are the “japanese countries” besides Japan? :))

  • Vivek

    “I absolutely think that Mirrorless is the future..”

    Fully endorse that view. It is only a matter of time before things get streamlined and all the clunky mirrors bite the dust. :)

  • Joel

    No Amazon here (Australia) but on our sales (I work for a large retail chain in IT) I would say Canon and Nikon stomp it in here too.. Olympus sell a little and have decent presence, Nikon 1 is pushing HARD here, lots of retail presence, advertising etc… Panasonic is a joke, I see little to no advertising and their prices are not competitive like Nikon and Olympus are, in fact the GH2 is around double the price we could import it individually for (even if we got stuck paying customs duty and GST on the import), forget about lenses, it is like Panasonic Australia wants the camera division to fail…

    • admin

      Nikon is making so much advertising that at the end I think they will sell many of their Nikon 1 cameras. The mass is easy to manipulate :(

      • Joel

        But at least they are letting people know about their products and their pricing here is reasonable..

      • Steinbockhase

        I agree totally; advertisement creates sales!
        The only cameras I see advertised in German TV are Nikons, Canons and Sonys.
        Pros and enthusiasts will study magazines and websites … the majority of potential customers don’t. On the other hand; massive advertisement only makes sense if you can supply enough merchandise to the retailers. Maybe that’s the reason Panasonic hardly advertises their cameras; they have difficulties delivering the goods to the market (think about the GH2 in the USA).

      • calxn

        Do you guys hear your bias clouding your vision? Look, I’m not a fan of any camera with a sensor smaller than the APS-C minimum so I throw the Nikon 1 in with m43. The way you make the Nikon 1 out as a dupe where as many other people view m43 as a dupe is very ironic. The way I see it, the most frustrating thing about m43 is NOT the sensor size. It’s the way they ignore the customers. How long have you guys cried in anger about the overlapping and consumer focused lenses until this year? How long have you guys cried in anger with the consumerization of the GF line? How long have you demanded Olympus to add a built-in VF? Obviously, Oly couldn’t because they had to pay the Yakuza so they couldn’t afford to do the VF.

        Go to a store and pick up a Nikon 1. Even though, I don’t think I will buy one (unless they improve the sensor), I went to Best Buy and checked it out. There is one word to describe it. Refined! It feels good in the hands. It feels very well built. It’s VERY fast focusing. It feels surprisingly very thought out. It has a built-in viewfinder. Basically, Nikon nailed it on their first try. I’ll speak as an ordinary consumer here and say, “it feels and operates like a Nikon.” This type of refinement is not what I think of when I pick up a m43 camera. When m43 camera makers decide to become real photographic companies who understands consumers expect certain things, maybe their chances will improve. However, after 3 years of trying, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Leica are coming to the market, and trust me, they DO know what consumers want. It’s not always about hi-ISO or small size. You guys have a fetish about the small size of m43 cameras.

        • Will

          Oh please. Every reviews says the Nikon is trash. But Nikon can easily insert it into any store that carries Nikon products, so sure it will sell just by virtue of the Nikon name. And then when the buyers bring the camera home… they won’t be buying Nikon again!

          • calxn

            I think you’re wrong. Most reviewers have said the camera is surprisingly good. I’m not sure which reviews you read but certainly not the ones I read. Nikon isn’t targeting people like us, who are more discriminating. They’re targeting people who just want a good camera and want to feel “safe” with their choice. The fact that it operates exceedingly well for soccer moms and dads will serve it well. The enthusiasts will go for NEX. The even more advanced consumers will probably shoot for NEX-7 or the new Fuji. I’m starting to think that Canon will be smart and go for the same market that Nikon is shooting for. That’s the mass market. Like it or not, Nikon really did their market homework. They made a camera that, while I don’t care for, really hits a mass market sweet spot. Some of the features they built into the camera really is targeted at parents. I think Nikon really has a hit on their hands. They really did make something more targeted than any of the NEX or m43 offerings so far. As for me, I have the NEX-7 on preorder but hoping to get a peek at the Fuji LX before my preorder ships.

            • Joel

              You are right about the target market, I think the Nikon is aimed at people either suplimenting a DSLR or more likely who don’t want a DSLR at all…

              Panasonic are more offering a DSLR alternative (at least that’s how I use it) they have a VERY high quality compact range of lenses (7-14mm, 14/2.5, 20/1.7, 25/1.4, 45/2.8 macro, fisheye and the new fast zooms)

              I hope you get what you want with NEX-7, I had one on order and cancelled it (they are actually available here in Australia) as I still await decent priced good quality lenses and more range.. I.e. the lack of UWA bothers me and the lower quality and higher price of like items (such as the zeiss 24/1.8 vs the pan/leica 25/1.4, the 25/1.4 being half the price and better IQ)..

              I really do believe the problem Panasonic has is not the brand name and is certainly not lower quality photographic products (especially if you appreciate excellent lenses) it is the lack of advertising, market presence and inability to get stock in stores.. The ep-3 is also a fantastic photographic tool, a real joy to use, just let down a little by the old sensor..

              • calxn

                Joel, I can’t help but think that if Nikon, Canon, or Sony had come up with the m43 standard, any one of them would have been a much better steward of the format. We would have seen much more improvements in the sensors, lots of quality lenses, lots of marketing, and of course, a built-in view finder. Unfortunately, it was Olympus and Panasonic who are the m43 duo.

            • @calxn
              reports are surfacing on the internet already that the Nikon mirrorless are dead ducks ie not selling, it may sell a reasonable umber in North America but will fail everywhere else, sorry but it’s an over priced fail.

              • calxn

                You’re a nut so I will stop replying to you. The level of your delusion and clouded thinking is beyond even the most fanatical fanboy. Enjoy your m43 “precious”. Yes, it is the greatest camera ever made and m43 will take over the world. It puts my X100, Nikon D7000, and Hasselblad H4D to shame. All hail to our future m43 overlords. Leica, Nikon, Hasselblad, Canon are all quivering in their boots, cowering in the corner. Only Olympus and Panasonic could be so wise and enlightened to create such a work of art.

        • calxn

          I’ll also add one more thing to my visit to Best Buy (aka Amazon’s showroom). I perused all the cameras, I didn’t see a single m43 camera. Maybe they were in the bargain bin. I don’t know.

    • Joel

      I have to add I hope the Olympus camera division doesn’t get bought out by Panasonic or go under as they are the only chance for u4/3 in Australia, they try hard, Panasonic just don’t try, very strange division, not like their TVs which are also top quality but are advertised and fairly priced compared to the competition…

      The GH2 should NOT still cost more than the NEX-7 here….

      • All I see in Sydney is NEX and Nikon ads! Although… Panasonic are sponsors of the London Olympics so maybe they’ll come out with the GH-3, GF-4 and advertise like crazy then?

    • stickytape

      I may be looking in the wrong places, but I haven’t seen Olympus and Panasonic mirrorless cameras at the last Dick Smith and JB I visited. Aside from specialist camera stores, like Ted’s, I don’t know where I can compare them side by side.

      Although now that I think about it, my friend did buy an E-PL1 two years ago from Myer, so maybe I really am looking in the wrong places haha

      • michael

        “Aside from specialist camera stores, like Ted’s, I don’t know where I can compare them side by side.”

        This is really the root of the problem. There is nowhere in my city (Las Vegas) where you can buy a m4/3 camera. Even Best Buy — who sold the EPL-2 — doesn’t have them anymore.

        The specialty shops don’t even bother (but they all have the new Nikons).

      • Joel

        JB now have the g3 in stock and some Olympus models at least in the stores around me in Melbourne… No GH2 though as it is too expensive in Australia…

        They have had Olympus in stock (though not many models and no extra lenses) for a while but no Panasonic at all that I have seen until very recently and only the g3..

  • german guy

    I don’t think marketing is the big key to success. I’d love to change to smaller camera (I use Canon) but I’d like to have some options when it comes to lenses. I’m not talking about pro-lenses but some fast travel zoom like the Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.0 or even something like the Tamron 17-50 2.8! It should start below 24mm FF-equivalent, have at least 3x zoom, use a image stabilizing system and should not be slower than f4.
    So if there should be a 12-35 f4 with IS in m43, I change camera system. But I’m not willing to pay more than for a equivalent Canon lens because it should be cheaper to build a lens with smaller optics and no need for microadjustment in focus (I think front focus and back focus are no issue when focussing based on contrast).

    So again: Marketing I don’t care, about lens choice I do!

    • Joel

      well there are rumours of an Olympus 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 or alike… I will be buying one if it becomes available though as it is Olympus you will only have IS with an Olympus body (in body IS where it should be)..

      I prefer primes in general (and UWA) where we have plenty of choice and you are right no micro adjust needed as opposed to every DSLR I had owned (Nikon, Canon and Pentax)..

    • Martin

      > So if there should be a 12-35 f4 with IS in m43,

      There will be a 12-35 f/2.8 or even a bit brighter.

      > But I’m not willing to pay more than for a equivalent Canon lens because it should be cheaper to build a lens with smaller optics

      False. Optics for the smaller system must be made to much tighter tolerances, which costs significantly more money. Further, you also pay for R&D, which is very likely more expensive in case of mirrorless cameras than DSLRs: new technlogies, new designs,… This will probably change in the future, but as for now, mirrorless is still a novelty, and novelties are usually pricier than traditional products.

    • Voldenuit

      Sounds like you want a Fuji X10. 3x zoom, fast lens(F2-2.8) and in EXR mode, it’s as good or better than m43 in low light. AND you don’t have to sell your old gear or invest in a completely new format. It’s not without its quirks though.

      I moved from Canon (40D and L lenses) to m43, and I haven’t looked back. I don’t try to replicate my EF/EF-S lens lineup in m43, but instead play to the strengths of m43, with a couple of compact primes (20/1.7, 45/2.8), old adapted lens (SMC-Tak 50/1.4) and an ultra-wide zoom (7-14). m43 works well with small lenses in my experience, which is a different shooting experience than walking around with a fast travel zoom (17-50/2.8), so depending on your needs and expectations, moving from a DSLR can be a bad or good idea. Once you stick the rumored 12-35 zoom on a m43 camera, it’s not going to be very compact (or unobtrusive) any more. I consider it to be more suitable for GH2 users who want more DOF control with video.

      • Martin

        > Once you stick the rumored 12-35 zoom on a m43 camera, it’s not going to be very compact (or unobtrusive) any more. I consider it to be more suitable for GH2 users who want more DOF control with video.

        And I consider it the best lens that could happen to m4/3. If it’s really good, IMO it will be THE lens making many people switch from their DSLRs to mirrorless. Of course it won’t be pocket-sized, but it will probably be quite a bit smaller than bright zooms for APS-C (or for 4/3 for that matter). And that matters (to me anyway ;-))

  • As far as the UK sales what you are saying is just plain wrong. The link puts you on to the sales for SLR cameras this does not include most mirrorless cameras, though due to the fact that Amazon are a warehouse operation who know nothing about the products they sell it does include the GF1. If you look at the rankings for sales in electronics you will find that the EOS600D is at 220th, the D5100 at 906 and the G3 at 794. So that makes the G3 the 4th most popular in sales of SLR and mirrorless cameras for Amazon in the UK. Hardly the disaster for Micro 4/3 sales you imply.

    • admin

      I corrected the UK ranking links. It looks like they are having a different category than in USA.

  • m4/3 cameras have not developed quick/much enough. Sony have three attractive cameras to select from.
    The Nikon 1 seems to be a very good compromize, the main downside being prize.
    Then we have Samsung; compare the NX200 with EP3. You get a lot more with the Samsung at a much lower price. The only Oly strong side is accessory EVF (expensive though).
    m4/3 have GH2, G3 and PM1 to challenge the Sony line-up. For me, my G3 is good and the small primes are even better.
    PanOly have not been able to build on the fact they were the first in this new segment. = They will be a marginal player also in this segment. -Especially if Canon throws something in here.

    • Vivek

      “PanOly have not been able to build on the fact they were the first in this new segment. = They will be a marginal player also in this segment.”

      Well said!

      I think Pana should make and sell a true monochrome cam (for example) instead of churning out these model a month of more of the same, in addition to paying attention to accessories and fair pricing (across the globe that is).

      • Martin

        Hmm, so you think that ‘a true monochrome cam’ would make the major player from Panasonic. That’s an original opinion, no doubt. :D

        • Vivek

          What I said is that they should think out of the box. I also never said that they will become the major player (not with a 4/3 sensor size. There is no chance of that ever happening).

      • Esa Tuunanen

        B&W camera without bayer CFA would have lot improved sensitivity with same sensor size but lack of colours would make it very small niche camera and I don’t think Panasonic could ask Leica prices…

        So again, think system, not small niche.
        M4/3 was hyped as successor for 4/3 but instead of wide system from compact low end to high end with full controls&ergonomy it has been shrinked into niche of only smallness which isn’t any less competed because of camera phones being more conveniently carried always along and small sensor compacts giving usefull zoom optics in pocket size. (+ competition of others)

        • Vivek

          Niche or not, if they do not ADD the CFA to the sensor and do not ADD an AA filter and such it should cost less and not more. This isn’t unlike the lack of a mirror box costing LESS for making a mirrorless camera than a DSLR or an RF cam.

          Pana could ask Leica prices and end up like Leica. ;)

          BTW, if one looks at the trend since the debut, the average price of a Pana m4/3rd cam crashes down rapidly in months. So, why not make a portion of these non-sellable cams, cheaply and sell it as niche cams. It is win win situation.

        • Martin

          @Esa The GH2 that you like to compare to 600D is actually MUCH better as for the ergonomy, especially taking the controls and the VF in account. I even consider it a better camera than my former E-30. The only thing that really degrades it (aside from the JPEG engine :)) is its uncomfortable grip. But to put equality between ergonomy and grip is quite a bit simplifying

  • Miroslav

    “DSLR still beats Mirrorless”

    Panasonic is the only company that is 100% committed to mirrorless, but they are trying to cover the low end of the market first. All others have DSLR lineup to protect ( Sony, Nikon ), treat mirrorless as off projects ( Samsung ) or have no strategy at all ( Olympus ). The technology to rival DSLRs exists, but no one is putting all of it in one camera system. Pana/Samsung have the lenses, Sony the sensor, Nikon the speed, Olympus the concept/ideas. Put all of that in one system and mirrorless will beat DSLRs.

    • Mr. Reeee

      It will take more than that, PLUS a MASSIVE marketing effort to sway people from buying DSLRs. Even if they have no idea WHY they’re buying one, other than the fact that they’ve been told that a REAL camera is an SLR/DSLR and is made by Nikon or Canon. It’s a bit like the SUV phenomenon. People buy them because they might need 4-wheel drive sometime. Just don’t mention the minor detail about the thing using twice the fuel a car uses.

      I was in B&H a few weeks ago trying the “new” EPxs and a woman stopped and said she wanted a DSLR. The sales dude asked for specifics, she kind of stared at him because she had NO idea what he meant. We tried showing her M4/3 cameras, but she was clueless. None had Nikon or Canon written on them. She was buying what you’re “supposed to buy” if you’re buying a “serious camera”. …. Kit zooms and pop-up flash at the ready. ;-)

      • Esa Tuunanen

        That consumer probably doesn’t even know design of DSLR but what matters is that name Canon or Nikon and camera like that being used by others.
        That’s because beside advertising their relatives/neighbours more seriously into hobby very probably have Canikon higher end products giving big boost to brand name in the eyes of those looking into getting camera.

        So if mirrorless system wants to be taken as serious system it needs wide system with serious bodies to create that brand name and like Miroslav said currently mirrorless seems to be for makers some “Unable to figure how to fight DSLRs” (Oly/Pana/Samsung) or just “Distracting those who try to do so” thing. (Canikon/Sony)

        So unless mirrorless camp starts to think it looks like DSLR will be replaced as that serious camera either by Sony SLT-like design or then in sensor PDAF design both built into old DSLR mount body.

      • Beomagi

        LOL! DUDE! I had the SAME conversation with a coworker yesterday.

        What do you want to shoot – everything!
        Tele or wide – Both! (and given his example, he wants 600mm+…)

        Wants to shoot in low light..
        Wants cheap and small…
        Wants insane zoom…
        Wants impeccable sharpness….

        Of course he’s looking at just canikon – branding is so powerful…

        Quality is associated with DSLRs, and DSLRs with CaNikon. I don’t know how that’s going to change easily. Maybe we need apple to come out with a mirrorless for marketing purposes? ^_^

        • Miroslav

          Same here. A friend asked which lens he should buy for his Nikon DSLR. I asked him whether he wants a bigger zoom range than his kit lens or a lens for low light shooting. He said both :).

  • joe

    i know there were some pretty sweet sales on the canon t3i. i was tempted myself.

  • MP Burke

    Amateur Photographer recently published figures for sales in the UK. They said CSCs were 19% of the interchangable lens camera market, with Panasonic having 44% of the CSC sales, with the G3 their best seller. Thus while mirrorless is still in the minority, from Panasonic’s point of view, their market share is a lot bigger than it would have been if they had continued with just the 4/3 slrs.
    Perhaps with the current problems at Olympus, they should take the hint and also give up on 4/3 slrs. Then they can focus their energies on developing lenses and cameras for m43 customers.

    • Martin

      > Perhaps with the current problems at Olympus, they should take the hint and also give up on 4/3 slrs. Then they can focus their energies on developing lenses and cameras for m43 customers.

      Hello! That’s already happened ;-) E-5 is just a smokescreen and a lure for the customers willing to buy the dinosaur SHG lenses.

    • RW

      MP Burke says “Perhaps with the current problems at Olympus, they should take the hint and also give up on 4/3 slrs. Then they can focus their energies on developing lenses and cameras for m43 customers.”

      I’m not convinced that demonstrating the willingness to abandon the customer base that bought your previous camera “system” is a great selling point for customers interested in your new camera “system”.

  • Even with a perfect marketing campaign, it would still take years for any brand other than Canon or Nikon to penetrate the consciousness of the American camera-buying public.

    In the USA, people have been hearing about how great Nikon is since December 10, 1950, when influential photo writer Jacob Deschin published a story in his New York Times photography column about how Korean War photographers were getting great results with Nikon lenses on their Leica cameras. It took a bit longer for word to get out about Canon, but basically people have been hearing about these two brands for 60 years. Also, both brands spent very heavily on advertising during the “SLR boom” of the 1960s and 1970s, and many of their most-recognizable competitors (e.g. Minolta) have disappeared.

    The result is that Canon and Nikon are probably the ONLY camera brands that ordinary people (i.e., those who don’t avidly read photo forums or magazines) would recognize! Try it for yourself; make a list of assorted brands and names of things, like this:




    …and show it to non-photography people you know. I’ll bet that everyone identifies “aetna” as either a mountain or an insurance company, “bacon” as a food product, “detroit” as a city, “lipitor” as a medicine, etc., and “canon” and “nikon” as cameras — but they’ll identify “olympus” as a mountain, “panasonic” as a TV maker, and not have a clue of what “ricoh” is.

    • Vivek


      Good example but I think the problem goes deeper!

      Actually, even Panasonic will not associate Panasonic with cameras!

      Nikon = Nikon

      Canon = Canon

      Sony = Sony

      Pentax = Pentax

      Leica = Leica

      Lumix = ?

      Olympus = Olympus


      • You’re right! I didn’t even think about that (which, considering that I own three Lumix cameras, shows how little impact the brand name has.)

        “Lumix? Wasn’t he the werewolf in the Harry Potter book?”

        “Lumix… uh, I think they were the warmup band for Blondie on some tour.”

        “Oh, yeah, Lumix… my uncle takes that for his prostate.”

        “It goes great with edamame.”

        Then again, maybe that’s still better than:

        “Olympus! Ewww, they made that thing the doctor stuck up my…”

  • brian

    Nikon has great succeed in selling their v1,j1 (or whatever it is called) due to their
    quick response and marketing
    However, In my perspective, panasonic gx1 is far greater than any of those camera
    Well but pana already screwed up when they claim that it is AFTER CHRISTMAS when consumer will have a chance to get their hands on gx1 if they are luck
    I still do not get why pana can not be little more aggressive.
    they are missing out the great~sales opportunities considering there are million people eagerly waiting to buy the gx1

  • shep

    Mirrorless are the future, for sure. m4/3 is a superb format. But past history shows that the best format doesn’t always win (Beta vs. VHS). It’s not out of the question that a silly format like Nikon’s small sensor could become the biggest, even though technically it’s a bad idea.
    Olympus and Panasonic need to market a lot harder. Woodford, we need you!

    • RW

      Have to agree. Not one consumer in 100 even knows what a sensor is much less why size is important. Enthusiasts can debate the relative merits of various cameras all day, but without marketing, its going to be a hard slide making your sales numbers at the end of the day. Can’t count on the enthusiast market only, because they disagree about pretty much everything and certainly don’t speak with a common voice or buy the same cameras.

    • safaridon

      So far Nikon with the I-J/V cameras has proven the majority of experts on this forum wrong who believed this smaller sensor camera would be a failure from the start. However if you look at the test results you see a 10mp camera with reasonably good IQ up to ISO 1600 close to m4/3 with even smaller lenses if one considers the kit 10-30mm (except for Xlens) and 30-100mm tele lenses. This is all the average photographer needs effective 28-300mm range and printing to only 8×10 photos and you have choice of a very small model the I-J or with inbody EVF the larger I-V. If you need higher ISO, shallow DOF, more DR, longer or wider reach, or faster and greater lens choices you need to go elsewhere but still these new models are very attractive to the masses.

      Obviously Nikon’s marketing and name recognition is working very well so far given the very high prices being obtained and number of sales equal to or even exceeding those of NEX5N or models from Pany at less cost, inspite of those high prices without apparently hurting their DSLR sales so far.

      I believe the good 1″ sensor being used on the I series will soon find wide applications in the non-interchangeable lens quality compacts as well with their faster and wider fixed lenses.

  • Anonymous
  • safaridon

    How is the GX1 doing? Apparently very well in Japan. With only 3 days of sales out of latest weekly ranking by BCN the GX1 is is 50th place and adjusting for number of days that ranking would be about 30th among even DSLRs. If you are looking only at ILS then the NEX5N is first followed by GF2, GF3, Nilon J1, and NEX3C. and GX1.

    If you look at the Amazon most recent hourly rankings for US which include only ILS and lenses then the NEX5N (#3) is first followed by Nikon J1 (#6), GH2 (#9), G3 (#11) GF2 (#13)and three models of the GX1(#19,20,& 30). On this basis the GX1 on presales alone is about the third best selling ILS in US even if volume or market share is low compared to DSLRs.

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