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Full Panasonic G5 review by Photographyblog (and GX1 with lens for $499)


You didn’t forget that we just ahd a new Panasonic announcement…you didn’t? In case you want to read more about the new G5 check out the latest review at Photographyblog (Click here) posted the full Panasonic G5 review: “One of our favourite compact system cameras from 2011 may have become more expensive, but it’s also more accomplished than its predecessor, making the new Panasonic Lumix G5 one of the best DSLR pretenders and one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market.” Preorder the Black G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) and the Silver G5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)

And while the Canon EOS-M is ruling the Amazon (pre-)order rankings (Click here to see) you may watch out for the much cheaper and interesting deals ongoing in US. Particularly Panasonic has ben very active in offering deals this month. We now have a Panasonic GX1 with 14-42mm lens for $499 at Adorama (Click here)! Even cheaper is the Panasonic GF3 with 14mm pancake for $379 at Amazon (Click here). On the lens front we have aPanasonic 20mm pancake for $359 at Amazon (Click here) and aPanasonic 14-42mm X pancake for $279 at Amazon (Click here).


  • Got a e-mail, my 75mm f1.8 is coming this week ;-)

    • Michael

      And jealous: between 75mm and 12-35mm I can only affort one new lens:(.
      Will continue relying on 45mm for portraits…

    • MikeH

      Amanda wins the remarkably off topic award of the day.

    • Bob b.

      Glad you are off topic Amanda …did you order from the Olympus store? I understand they are the only ones shipping right now…I have a pre-order with another retailer (WHAH!)….hopefully mine will ship soon!

  • really

    How much is the Nikon 3200 with kit lens? How big is it? OK I’ll keep my cash.

  • Considering the decent imaging and video qualities and one the best user interfaces, G5 appears to me as a winner, the first camera I want to buy in the last two years.

    • Bob b.

      If You are basing that comment on the PhotogrphyBlogs review….(I could have this wrong and if I do can someone please correct me), in Mark Goldstein’s opening paragraph in the “Image “Quality section he states: “All of the sample images in this Review were taken using the 16 megapixel Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 6Mb.”

      Nowhere do I see any RAW Image data. So this review is if no use at all to this photographer as I have no information of the tru image quality that camera is capable of. A jpeg is not sometime I would ever use to assess any camer’s image quality that has RAW capability…as in this case.

      • Of course, I am not based my statement on the basis of this review only.
        As for the image full-resolution samples, including the RAW(?) check for example the list of links at Vitaliy Kiselev’s blog:

        • Bob b.

          Igor…lots of info at personal view link, Thanks.
          With some good lenses this camera will shine quite nicely…also, within 6 months or less we will see some nice pricey drops, no doubt.

  • hhhshhshs

    win a tamron lens here;:

  • kesztio

    Dear @admin,

    Supposing you are in a closer relationship with some Panasonic decision
    persons please forward them the following message:

    “The G5 is a really appealing camera, but I hope Panasonic is at least as big fan of environmental friendly, sustainable development as I am –– hence your company shouldn’t expect from me to drop the old camera every year and buy a new one, every time a new or updated model is announced.

    Taking in account the above please consider developing a firmware upgrade which does make accessible some new features of G5 for G3 users too – I speak about the features which can be easily implemented on the G3’s “old” hardware as well, like touchpad AF and so on.

    Thanks a lot in advance!”

    • Will you pay for a firmware update with new features?

      Otherwise, they are not interested.

      Environment and all – they do not interest business in general (modulo bad PR). As waste goes, they are all for it: they *want* you to waste money and waste money preferably only on them and not their competition.

      N.B. I understand and share your sentiment 100%

      IIRC EU looks into the waste, but cameras/etc I think pretty low on their list.

    • Matt

      I don’t believe anybody expects you to buy this simply because it supersedes your existing camera. Yes it has more ‘stuff’ in it, but that doesn’t make your camera any less capable than the day you bought it!

      What you are saying is that if Panasonic don’t think about the environment and don’t release a firmware update to your (now) older camera you will in some way be ‘forced’ to buy this update and therefore be environmentally non-friendly? So you as a consumer are not the one who is responsible for this act but in fact the corporation releasing these products? Am I getting this right? If so, take some damn accountability for yourself and stop trying to blame the manufacturers for your wonton wastefulness! Companies don’t release products with new features so you will throw your (older) camera away, they release new products to remain competitive on shelves.

      IF you discard your existing camera over a few frivolous updates that have been made available in a newer model, which you knew to be inevitable at the point of buying it, you and only you are responsible for the environmental impact of doing so.

      Your example is like buying a car, then blaming the manufacturer for the environmental impact of you wanting a newer faster car because a newer faster one came out.

      • You are not right as the G3 would be perfect capable to offer the new features, just a little firmware update is needed I’d be even glad to pay for, BTW. So the comparison to the new, faster car doesn’t make sense.

        And of course, if G5-featured G3 had been available 1 years ago I obviously would have bought it even if it had been more pricey than an “ordinary” G3.

  • frank

    I like the functions of the G5, but not so much the more “small DSLR” styling. As anyone that has used the G3 knows, the G3 grip is sufficient and makes the camera much friendlier to look at. I’ll stick with the G3 for now.

    • G3 + touchpad AF + some artistic filters like high dinamic B&W would be a really nice camera.

    • Honestly, the lack of a decent grip, coupled with the slippery body was a big set of negatives with the G3 (and GF3). The G5 looks much better and seems to have quite a few good feature bumps over the G3. Yes, they are incremental, but taken as a whole, not too bad.

      I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the GH3!

      • frank

        But I really like the G3 grip!

        • Cedric Leveille

          You must have some weird hands…

    • Bob b.


  • I think two step better dynamic range than G3 is amazing. If the GH3 turns out to expensive I might upgrade my G3. I have noticed the iDynamic that kicks in on my G3 in iA+ mode. Often I can’t hold back the highlights in A mode, dialing in the same settings in iA+ and everything is fine. But what is the downside to this?

    • Cedric Leveille

      Some noise in the shadows.

  • Doug

    That link for the Panasonic GX1 with 14-42mm lens for $499 is actually $569…

  • safaridon

    One can expect the new EOS M to be at the top of the seller list for awhile but I wonder how long it will last at a price more than two times the GF3 price while the latter is more than 3-5 times faster AF and includes a flash. The GF3 at #2,5, 56 is holding its own as does the GX1 at #5,15,16,42,44. I am glad to see the FZ200 doing well for a superzoom now at #13 presales.

    This is an excellent review for the G5 and one really has to wonder why so apparent little interest shown on 43rumors or DPR as most seem to believe wrongly that it was using the same sensor as G3 and little change overall which is far from the case. Its DR at low ISO improved 2 stops to equal NEX5N and better HD video than EM-5, more accurate AF, and better tracking.

    • Considering how short the product lifecycle has become, I am not really willing to spend over $1,000 for a camera body any longer. While the E-M5 looks pretty nice, it’s also too small (for my hands). The G5 looks ergomically better to me than the E-M5, with an attractive price to boot. I don’t give a flip about IBIS and weatherseling. Supposedly the finder image in the G5 is also larger than that in the E-M5, and finder size is important to me.

      Of course, at this point I don’t have any m4/3 lenses, and I doubt the G5 will AF any faster with my 12-60 than other m4/3 bodies.

      Since I shoot RAW, I’m not worried about losing out on very good OOC JPGs. I expect RAW output of the G5 to be similar to the E-M5’s output, but will have to wait and see.

      Considering the G5’s features and price, I am interested in it.

      • Bob b.

        Why did mr Goldstein include the EP3 in the Main Rivals section? I has a dated 12MP sensor. How could he possibly have omitted the OM-D????
        the header at the top of the page should read:
        One-Half Panasonic G-5 Review.

        • Maybe he thought that E-P3 users may be interested in a comparison? Who knows? My E-620 has the same 12 MP sensor that the E-P3 has, and I am interested in the performance difference between the two.

        • Matt

          While I am sure many would like to see a direct comparison for interest sake, they are not direct rivals. Comparing to an E-P3 is much more relevant in terms of price point than to the E-M5. Olympus don’t have a direct rival in terms of product type, so a product price point comparison is probably more relavent.

        • Bob b.

          The G5’s feaature set and sensor allow it to compete directly with the OM-D. No doubt. DPReview compares its size profile directly to the OM-D in their G5 Preview…I am sure they will do a more extensive comparison betweenn the two cameras in their full review.

        • Cedric Leveille

          They must consider the price to be fair enough, you can’t compare a 60k$ car with a 100k$ car… or maybe I’M wrong.

  • Chris K.

    PhoBlog didn’t even compare the G5 to the flagship Oly/m43 camera? WTF. As someone who owns a G3 and sees the G5 as an unworthy successor, I’ll pass.

    Panasonic, to me, is significantly falling behind the market. :(

    • dau

      Hold your horses! Lets see how it compares with the omd. Im a g3 user whos also looking to upgrade. Ill wait until the gh3 is reviewed before i make the call. If it measures up ill stick with panny, otherwise ill go for the omd. My main issue with the switch would be also having to change over my zoom lenses. I know the panny ones will work on the omd, but id prob want the non stabilised lighter oly lenses in this case…

    • The G5 is not exactly in the same category as the E-M5, at least not if you go by price.

      • dau

        Yes but if you go by specs theyre not far apart, so it will be interesting how they compre. Also the g5 has a few advantages: built in flash, fully articulated lcd and better ergonomics. For a lesser price and improved image processing over the g3, this could be a good buy…

        • I guess what I posted wasn’t clear. Sure, you may compare cameras based on whatever set of parameters you choose. Apparently PhoBlog consider the price range a factor for what they consider a valid comparison. That’s all I was trying to point out.

          • dau

            Yeah i get what youre saying now. And i agree, it wouldve been mre helpful to comparetthese two

    • admin

      ALready posted this last week…

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