200 Euro price drop on the Nokton 17.5mm lens in Europe. New review by Lepidi.


I always said that the Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 is a superb lens and would probably be in my hands if it wouldn’t be that expensive. So I have good news to report today. At least in Europe the lens suddenly got around 200 Euro cheaper! Instead of the usual 1299 Euro you now pay 1049 at Photo-Video eBay (Click here) and many lenses are avaialble for 1079 at Foto Mundus eBay (Click here).

I am still trying to resist even if I just read that super nice review of the Nokton lens at Lepidi :)

P.S: In US the lens is in Stock for $1299 at Amazon (Click here).

  • sqweezy

    Can we expect a similar price drop for the U.S. soon?

  • LTH

    still overpriced without AF

    • AF is technicly impossible in combination with f/0.95…

      • > “AF is technicly impossible in combination with f/0.95…”
        Tell it to Canon:
        Canon EF 50mm f/1.0 L USM is a professional L series autofocus lens.
        The lens is discontinued, as it was not a particularly sharp at any aperture, combined with the high production cost and low sales volume.
        Sure considering the large heavy glass to move and shallow depth of field, I don’t expect a fast lens to have record speed to auto-focus, however it is sad, that there are no f/1.2 (or less) lens with AF for micro four thirds.
        Here is a nice list of all known fast lenses: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_speed

        • MJr

          It is slightly bigger isn’t it.

          • Sure, Canon 50mm f/1.0 lens, which were designed for full frame cameras, is big (91.5 x 81.5mm with 72mm filter), heavy (almost 1kg) and expensive (original price is about 3700 €). My point is that there are no technical problems to design fast lens with AF.

      • Not true.

      • Miroslav

        I think it’s possible, but the lens would have to be larger to accommodate the AF motor, electric contacts and moving element. Very possibly the optical formula would have to be changed as well.

        • Marcus Wolschon

          I think for that price it should at least tell it’S focal length to the camera so the camera can give the current focal length to a TTL flash and have proper metadata (think lens-profiles and camera+lens specific import settings in Ligthroom).

  • GH3

    What are the pros on this site thinking about this lens?

  • Gekopaca

    Still overpriced with a M43 camera

  • S

    Pointless to buy a M43 lens. Buy a full frame lens and use an adapter for m43 so the lens won’t get obsolete when you decide to switch camera systems.

    • Bronica

      No. FF lenses are simply not good enough, they have already problems with FF-cameras (wide aperture, corner).

      Only the new Leica-M-Lenses (aspheriacal) are really comparable with the Nokton. But they cost 5 times as much…

    • Vlad

      What if I don’t decide to switch systems, lol?

    • bananacam

      Hear here! and you don’t have to switch either.
      You can use the same M-mount lenses on a GXR, NEX, Leica, m43 with fantastic results.
      This 17.5 doesnt make sense. It’s way too large and expensive for a m43 camera.

    • I buy 135 format lenses, not to switch systems, but because I can get excellent lenses that may NEVER be released a native M4/3 lenses and get them for considerably less and get them NOW.

      As a bonus, if I choose I can use them with multiple camera systems, NEX for instance, for the cost of a few lens adaptors.

  • Dannecus

    For me, very simple, no AF, no purchase.

    I’m longing for a decent 17mm to fill the gap in my prime collection, but this isn’t it. Something around F1.4/F1.7 would be plenty for me if it had AF and a realistic price tag.

    • Miroslav

      IMO the problem lies with Panasonic and Olympus who refuse to incorporate any kind of better MF aid, similar to “focus peaking”. Probably to protect their AF lens sales. I hope there’ll be Magic Lantern for m4/3 one day…

    • scooby70

      “For me, very simple, no AF, no purchase.”

      Some of us feel the same about AF FBW lenses. Spawn of the Devil IMVHO and I doin’t know how people use them :o)

      I don’t have this lens but I do have the 25mm and it’s a dream and stopped me from drop kicking MFT and its FBW lenses over a hedge.

      • Lookee here, I can make asinine statements, too!:
        I don’t need to know about composition, I can use the Crop tool.

        The Nokton 25mm is simply a fantastic lens. I couldn’t really afford a 17.5mm when it was first released, but it’s next on my lens list!

  • tipota

    Sorry – the Voigtlaender 17.5 may be “over-priced” but so is a – say – vintage style sports car.

    The lens is excellent. Mechanical and optical qualities are superb. It’s so rugged and sturdy you may want to throw it at a tank and believe, you can still use it afterwards. For video-use it can be easily “de-clicked”. Nearest focal distance is 0.17 centimetres!

    And AF with a 17.5 mm lens is for pussies anyhow …. ;-)

    And, yes, it’s Micro 4/3. There are enough people around – like moi – who believe this system is here to stay and currently, with the new Olympus, I see a lot of people starting really to think about jumping ship – towards micro 4/3.

    • pdc

      Right on @tipota – love your comments – especially the pussies bit!

      I had absolutely no hesitation in laying down US$1250 for the Nokton 17.5 (nor US$900 for the 25 when it appeared). These Cosina built, Ringfoto-Voigtlander designed lenses are worth every penny of the MSRP. My 25mm is my day to day workhorse, except for indoors video work when the 17.5mm is my first choice. AF, most of the time, is a pain in the posterior. Much better to take advantage of the greater depth of field offered by the smaller sensor, and have your subjects move around within it.

      Micro 43 is “the sweet spot” for enthusiast stills photography and for professional “indie” videography, and it’s future is more secure than APS-C because of greater compactness. At the bottom end it will be challenged by 1″ sensor based MILCs (which I think is a good thing), and at the top end it will gradually displace the semi-pro and pro gear. Investing in the Noktons now is smart, as the results will only get better with successive generations of m43 sensors.

      • tipota

        I too have an ongoing love-affair with the 25er as my all purpose lens. Coming from classical film I also do not really care that much for the full 35mm gate used in still photography. All though it does have some aesthetic advantages at times the advantage of a smaller system is for me more important.

        Interesting to wait for the next Voigtlaender – if it will come. I pray for a 10er or 12er and may also consider a smaller built 35er.

        BTW: The 75er Voigtlaender is highly underrated, I think. It’s build for full 35mm photo size gate (Leica mount), but really is not much bigger than the 25er. Nice lens for “street work”, f 1.8, which is quite good.

        AF – helpful at times – is more often a nuisance to me. But, okay, I am old school.

  • Anonymous

    Still over priced for a manual lens.

    • such silly comment reminds me of my brother who refuses to watch movies in B&W

  • Mymaco

    I own this lens and it’s amazing. At f5.6 it’s really sharp, but the “miracle” happens when lights fall down. As with SLR Noktor 50mm, it gives great results on OMD. I use Noktor 50mm for “midnight portraits”, and the Voigtländer for landscape night shots. The lack of AF can be a “problem” if you shot open wide during the day, being the DOF so thin, but stopped down at f5.6 and the distance set almost to infinity, you can shot without looking inside the EVF or the screen. I find this 17,5mm a real jewel.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I got one too and it gives amazing. Someone will doubt it’s soft or CA wide open. For me it’s quite sharp at f0.95. At least much better than other equivalent lenses. Especially at night this lens really really shines. Coupled with amazing IS of EM-5, i can always get ISO 200~400 handheld. Very cinematic. Dare I say very Lecia-y. Even it was really expensive and I thought I was insane when I bought it, I have no regret at all.

      • Mymaco

        Exactly: I received it a week before the OMD, and on it it really shines. About CA: even Leca Noctilux 50mm has CA wide opened, against light. I’m just saying that for that price ( 1/10th of noctilux) the quality is amazing, and people should try its performance too. By the way, I really enjoy manual focusing, it makes me feel more into the photo I’m taking. If I feel lazy I use the Pana-Leica 25mm. By the way, I’m not rich at all, I had to save money to buy that combo for a long time, because I wanted a really high quality camera and lens.

  • adriaantie

    Lol 1000 euro lens on iPhone quality camera…….

    • Bronica

      IQ of the OMD-EM5 is better than the IQ of the Sony Alpha 77, EOS 1 D Mark IV, Nikon D700, EOS 7D…


      iPhone- qualitiy? Very heavy iPhones :-)

      • MJr

        Known troll. And you fell for it ;)

        • Miroslav

          Yeah, troll with a waist of money :D .

          • Michael Devitt

            LOL, that one never gets old :D

    • ArKersaint

      As mentioned above, it’s Apsc which should feel threatened by mft…
      – lack of wide angles
      – poor choice of std lenses
      – lack of innovation
      They just panick under their FF posture !

    • flash

      Obviously, he mean i-phone quality in that they are well put together and everyone wants one. Of course, optically they are much better then an i-phone, but they cant text message or make phone calls like an i-phone.

      The lens is a good lens and well worth the money if you are into high quality manual lens. Not, everyone is but I likes shooting with one and wish I owned one. I feel manual focus single focal length lens and mFT are meant for each other, like a nice cool drink of water with a squeeze of good lemon on a hot day.

  • Anonymous

    It never fails to puzzle me how so many complain about MF, I have an E-P2 with VF2 and regularly use Zuiko 50 f1.8/1.4, 135 f2.8 and a 200 f4.0 and rarely if ever have any serious problems with focusing. The other thing that I find strange is how these MF lenses are more expensive that the AF lenses, other than for the smaller market for them.

    • tipota

      Those lenses are – from the start – produced for a small market. Because no company like Cosina would dare to believe, that a lens made from top industry material with such excellent and smooth mechanics which is assembled by hand ever can be made for the price of a – comparably – more “mass-market” product. Voigtlaenders will all the time be special lenses.

      My take on the matter is: These lenses will stay while the camera itself becomes a throw-away sensor more and more. So I think investing in glass is never a bad idea, given you have the budget and/or an unexpected tax-return. The only other question is – do you believe the MFT systems stays? I happen to believe this is so.

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