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Fuji will NOT join m43! They will make a large sensor mirrorless system (larger than fullframe!?!?!)


Now guys, abandon your hopes. Fuji really shaked (or shocked!) the world now and will do their own mirrorless system. They will not join m43 for now! And what’s so special with Fuji’s system? They will make a mirrorless system with ueber-large sensor that will deliver an image quality higher of that delivered by any full frame(!!!) system!!! You can see the official presentation at if you don’t believe it! The resolution and Signal-to-Noise ratio will top all current full frame sensors. There are no detailed info about the sensor size and specs but they promised that they will show a mockup at the CES event in January. Now let me say chapeau to Fuji! They really now how to shake the digital camera world. First with the [shoplink 19929]Fuji X100[/shoplink] and now with a complete high-end mirrorless system. I wish Olympus and Panasonic would have such a courage!

P.S.: This could be a real challenge for Leica!

One more deal news: The Fuji X100 is in Stock at Amazon for the normal price (Click here)!

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