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UPDATED: Fuji announces a new interchangeable mirrorless system for spring 2012. No word if it will be m43 or not.


It is official! Fuji just announced that they will launch a new interchangeable mirrorless system in Spring 2012. There are no info yet about specs and price. So we still don’t know if they will join the Micro Four Thirds system or not! Fuji said they will reveal the specs before the launch only and that the clear goal is “to archieve the highest image quality possible“!

Damn, I really hope they join m43! We would archieve three important goals with Fuji, new different styled cameras (high quality a là [shoplink 19929 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink]), new lenses and a new sensor partner for Olympus!

P.S.: There is still no official press release on Fuji’s website but it should come any time soon. The image I posted on top is from the current fxied lens [shoplink 19929 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink].

UPDATE: I found two german press releases at SystemKameraForum and Photoscala.

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