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UPDATED: Fuji announces a new interchangeable mirrorless system for spring 2012. No word if it will be m43 or not.


It is official! Fuji just announced that they will launch a new interchangeable mirrorless system in Spring 2012. There are no info yet about specs and price. So we still don’t know if they will join the Micro Four Thirds system or not! Fuji said they will reveal the specs before the launch only and that the clear goal is “to archieve the highest image quality possible“!

Damn, I really hope they join m43! We would archieve three important goals with Fuji, new different styled cameras (high quality a là Fuji X100), new lenses and a new sensor partner for Olympus!

P.S.: There is still no official press release on Fuji’s website but it should come any time soon. The image I posted on top is from the current fxied lens Fuji X100.

UPDATE: I found two german press releases at SystemKameraForum and Photoscala.

  • Wishmaster

    I would rather see them join E-mount system :-D

  • Kaspar

    Oooo…exciting news!

  • Meh

    More interested in the GFX and pancake 40mm lens rumour.

    Hope to have more info by first week of November…PLEASE!!!

  • gusda

    I hope they do come up with something like that x10 with a 24-100mm 1.8-2.5 pancake zoom lens it would be the best available today hands down….. just think about it a micro 4 thirds sensor with that type of lens permanently attached I can’t see anybody wanting something more than that come on fuji make the magic happen. and now let us pray shall we. lol

    • soldar

      that’s just not realistic, see the size and range of olympus 4/3 highend F2.0 zoom lenses.
      a lens like that is not likely physically possible without being huge and heavy on a 4/3 sensor.

  • lorenzino

    The message per se does not really encourage the idea that Fuji will join m43…

    • digifan

      Correct, there will be a new mount I gather from the post. An all new system means NO E, m43, NX, X or 1 mount. And highest possible quality might mean APS-C all over again.
      It’s a pitty, they don’t join m43.

      • lorenzino

        my thought exactly. In this historical moment marketing promotes aps as “highest quality” possible (as if there were not full frame around, or lover sized sensors were completely unable to deliver quality).
        Besides, I start to be tired of all these new mounts coming out from nowhere like mushrooms, which then require years before being equipped with a remotely decent lens system.
        Only thing I hope is that they manage to create the magical combo of a compact body, good small lenses and high quality sensor. So far not so many did…

  • KB

    “clear goal is to archieve the highest image quality possible!”
    Doesn´t sound like they want to join mFT. APS-C sensor is more likely, unfortunately :(
    If they said that compact size and high quality are the goals, they would join mFT. But the focus is mainly on image quality…

    • M.

      +1. Sadly.

      • +2, very sadly

    • Michael Devitt

      When I read “highest image quality” I was thinking Fujifilm to announce ILC system with 135 format sensor. But it is more likely to be an APS-C sized (Sony) one. Anyway Fujinon MFT lenses could be interesting ;).

    • MikeS


      Given the pricing/design of the X100 and X10, it seems that they’re shooting to become a niche brand with Leica-like aesthetics, but positioned on the lower end of the huge price gap between Leica products and mainstream brands.

      I expect the body to have at least an APS-C sensor and cost +$1500. I expect lenses to cost a minimum of $500, and have prices generally that will make m4/3 lenses look like a bargain. They will of course be made from shiny metal and have an aperture ring on the barrel.

  • soldar

    honestly I think i’d prefer them to not join m43, so we’d get to keep their nice sensor. if anything, i’d prefer them to adapt the samsung mount to get their pancakes (not that it’ll ever happen), and maybe add IBIS.
    all we need is for them to make high quality small lenses like the one that’s on the x100, we know it’s possible from samsung and pentax, leica, nikon(film age pancakes) etc.. it’s just sony that annoys the hell out of everyone :P

  • Bob B.

    This sounds interesting. :-)

  • Fuji hasn’t made a large sensor since the S5 and they couldn’t fab one even if they wanted to without the camera being $2000, since they don’t have economy of scale.

    Their larger sensors bring nothing to the table, and would not allow them to make this move. The S5 sensor was also CCD, which means no video. So you can forget that.

    They have yet to make a EXR CMOS bigger than a pinhead, so good luck with that too.

    We all know the X100 sensor was the same part manufactured for D90, Leica X1, and RICOH GXR module(s), etc etc, hence the “low price”.

    One can only assume that they have partnered with someone with the sensor, meaning they know the next gen panny/oly will be with us in spring, or, they have sourced a part from Nikon/Sony that will allow them to compete with APS-C or FX. I’m guessing it will be an DX format, and likely the 5 year old sensor from the D90, with a few tweaks.

    Best case scenario, they get a 16MP part from sony, in other words, not m43.


    • MikeS

      tl; dr

  • AndersN

    It’d be stupid of them not to join any of the existing systems. Fuji is too small a player to sustain an entire camera system on their own. (And I’m probably not the only one who is suspecting that the market is saturated by now with, umm, five mirrorless systems competing.)

    • Nick

      Definitely not the only one thinking that… Especially when you consider that Pentax, Canon and Leica and either rumored (canon and pentax) or confirmed (Leica) to release mirrorless systems (2nd system for Pentax) soon.

      I doubt all these systems will survive and Fuji is awfully late to the party.

  • Fuji would avoid Sony’s mistakes. It will be either a new proprietary APS-C mount similar to the NX (about 25mm flange distance) or m4/3 with a Fuji sensor. Probabilities of both scenarios seem quite equal to me.

  • Jeff

    To quote from Systemkamera:

    “Fujifilm has realized that it is quite a big interest in the market is to use compact camera with a LARGE SENSOR.” – Upper case added. This seems to eliminate 4/3.

    Fuji “has the clear objective in developing the sensor, the lens and the processor to achieve the highest possible image quality.” – perhaps they will carry on with their EXR tech.

    • Pixnat

      FYI, 4/3 is actually in the large sensor category :-)

      • lorenzino

        yes, as “compact camera” is often associated with those minuscule sensors of fixed lens compacts. 43 sensor, like the aps-c, is in the “large” category

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    Praying that it’s all black…

    And actually available.

  • Pixnat

    Great news! It would be nice if they’ll join m4/3 with a new Fuji sensor.
    But I doubt it…
    Anyway, now Canon is the last major company to resist the mirrorless wave :-)

  • I think it will definitely use APS-C sensor. After reading it interchangeable mirrorless? seems like m4/3 systems to me? Because it’s just too much if they develop new aps-c lenses?

    Damn, I plan to buy e-p3 this november..ha5!

  • WT21

    Four Thoughts:

    1) This is really cool!
    2) Oly and Panny will have to do a Pro body. NEX 7 and now Fuji? They have to respond.
    3) The Fuji system could be great, and now I don’t have to choose between m43 (love the lenses, but missing some sensor mojo) and NEX (I don’t like the look/fell, the lenses, and not even really their sensor. I find it overcooks colors).
    4) More impetus for Canon to do SOMETHING

    (oh, and 5) Nikon’s move looks worse and worse every passing day)

  • caspa0202

    That are really great news!

    “the goal is to achieve the highest quality possible”

    Sounds like a competitor for the upcoming Leica mirrorless system :-)

    I think they wont´t join any excisting system. Why should they?

  • Frederic Hew

    I’d hope it’s a full frame camera!

    The X100 is a frontal assault on the Leica X1, the X10 on the larger format compacts such as the Leica D-Lux 5 (LX-5, XZ-1, S95 etc)… both bring something new to the table (X100 has a hybrid EVF, X10 a larger sensor).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if their new system camera will be targeted at potential Leica M (or rumored Leica mirrorless) users that are looking for the best IQ in a compact package.

    Anything else, IMO, doesn’t make too much sense for a company such as Fuji as the market is becoming extremely saturated but there are still no FF alternatives available (other than the M9).

    Expect a Sony sensor (possibly tweaked microlens arrangement), an EVF or hybrid OVF/ EVF, bucket-loads of retro appeal and nice optics to boot. An M-mount adapter will also make a lot of sense for this camera.

    I think it would be easier, commercially speaking, for Fuji to compete with Leica than to compete with Sony, Panasonic and Samsung.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    – Fujifilm first created the X100, in order to learn a fixed lens APS-C system. They got an overwhelmingly good response there.

    – Fujifilm then created the X10 camera, which is using a rather big 2/3″ inch P&S sensor. Here zoom lenses and OIS image stabilization were introduced.

    – Fuji in this three-step process will be ready for settling in between these previous two experiments, or pick something even with a bigger bigger? Remember they do build the digital Hasselblad lenses!

  • Thomas

    lets mix BOTH statements of FUJI. They once said their EVIL will have a sensor smaller then APS-C. Now add: maximum IQ to that and you get:


    Nikon is out of question, and that is the point! They cant offer high IQ with this sensor. And:

    43 size IS a large sensor!

    The other possibility is:
    Samsung. They offer a nice package, much nicer then Sony. Joining E-Mount? Are you crazy? Sony is a freaky mighty supplier, Fuji would be dead joining this power. Samsung, in contrast, looks for new customers for their sensors. There was the rumor Olympus could join make their future sensors by Samsung.

    My guess is:
    Fuji will join Samsung. Not only because of the APS-C sensor, but as well because aof simple the best package Samsung can offer. With better Sensors, Samsung would be choice No1.

    We will see.

    • WT21

      Samsung lenses are nice, but the IQ samples I’ve seen look terrible. I hope Fuji doesn’t source Samsung tech. Ick.

  • WT21

    I can’t imagine at all they’ll use FF, but if they did, how about:

    Physical M mount, so you can use MF lenses, but with new contacts that allows Fuji to create a new set of AF lenses. That way, Fuji gets to sell new bodies AND new lenses (the latter being the profitable part of camera systems).

    It’s all just a dream, I know, but a pleasant one, so don’t wake me.

  • Miroslav

    I’d very much like them to join, but somehow “the highest image quality possible” does not belong in the same sentence as m4/3.

    Whatever happens, I hope they’ll join existing system and make body with stabilized sensor.

    “Highest image quality” excludes Nikon 1 and Pentax (Ricoh ?) Q as well. Cooperation with Samsung is unlikely, so that leaves them with Sony E or their own mount. Or…

    If we connect Thom Hogan’s words “Phase detect sensor. … Think Nikon getting rid of the mirror in future DSLRs.”, the fact that the only other company making sensors with PDAF is Fuji and their past cooperation, it seems to me that Nikon and Fuji could share mirrorless mount with APS-C sensor. Interesting times for photography.

  • Lock

    they will go aps-c.

    bet on it!!

  • WT21


    I ran one of the German postings through Google translate, and this note is at the bottom:

    “Like, based in Kleve Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH announced on demand is also on the above, nothing is known or it is still not communicating. Shigetaka Komori has made a remark at a press conference, but neither said anything about the specifications, shown still pictures or graphics to look and technology.”

    Sounds like someone made a statement at a press conference. We’ll have to see if that gets retracted or denied, or “explained” as a mis-statement. I still don’t see any other kind of release anywhere else, and these two German sites could just be picking up from each other or another, single source that could be in error.

    • WT21

      (but at least you will get your 300+ hits here on 43rumors :)

    • Miroslav

      Sounds official enough to me:

      FUJIFILM Announces a mirror-less Camera System Launch of a camera system with interchangeable lenses in the spring of 2012.

      Cleves, 05 October 2011 – Fujifilm today announced the launch of a mirror-less system camera announced. Shigetaka Komori, President and Chief Executive Officer, FUJIFILM Corporation, announced at a press conference in Tokyo: “Fujifilm will launch in spring 2012, a mirror-less system camera with interchangeable lenses. The clear objective in the development of lenses, sensor and processor technology to achieve the highest image quality.”

      (Google translation of

  • Chris

    I think you can read too much into this ‘best possible image quality’ quote. It’s just marketing speak. As shown by the X100, Fuji want to project a ‘premium’ brand image. If they said ‘it will have the best possible image quality whilst attaining a compact size’ everyone would have just said ‘eh… compromise. Will it be a better or worse trade-off than the other options?’ And where’s the buzz in that?

    I think m43 is the most likely option for them, as they’re probably too small to sustain their own lens mount, they’re likely to be wary of chaining themselves to an 800-pound gorilla with a history of odd turns, Samsung isn’t a good fit with the brand image they want to project, and Nikon 1 and Pentax Q are aimed at entirely different demographics from that of the X100.

    Of course, the real ‘cat in the pigeons’ scenario would be if they introduced a new, shared format with the rumoured larger-sensor mirrorless Pentax…

    • lorenzino

      I don’t believe a Pentax + Fuji scenario. But boy it would be great!

  • JRS11

    It would be strange not to maximize it with an APS-C sensor, Fuji already has one.

  • Jón

    They will use the sensor size from Leica S2…. /just sayin… :)

  • wishfulzi

    why should fuji be interested in supporting ‘olympus’ as a company with their sensor? they are competitors after all, and they would be competing with already pretty good and almost complete lens lineup with very good zuiko and lumix lenses?

    wishful thinking imo,,

    i can’t see fuji being interested in the small and limited 4/3 sensor format, olympus lost completely track and time with the bad panny sensor..

  • This is great news,
    I’m pretty sure it’s APS-c at least.
    Now did they put this announcement out to put the breaks on Sony NEX-7 Sales????

  • OlyFan

    There is no doubt that they will use APSC atleast. They have been convinced that using APSC sensor on their X100 was the right thing to do considering so many positive reviews. If they do join m43, it will be a step-down in sensor size which may affect their image (no pun).
    I’m sorry but Oly will unfortunately have to be satisfied with Panasonic sensor leftovers which is really a shame.

  • dj



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