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(FT5) The Panasonic GH2 has a 1.56 Milion dots EVF! GH2+14-42mm kit!


According to one of our sources and the moderator from the french Chassimages forum the upcoming Panasonic GH2 will feature a high-resolution 1.56 milion dots EVF (electronic viewfinder). Very likely it will use the Epson Ultimicron (Click here to read the specs).

Source: Chassimages / Google english translation

The GH2 will be sold with the 14-140mm lens or if you preferr you can buy it with the much cheaper 14-42mm kit lens! I don’t know yet if you can have it body only.

Reminder: The GH2 should be announced in few hours (tomorrow morning between 7-9am London time)

  • Gabi

    “The GH2 will *also* be sold with the much cheaper 14-42mm kit lens!”
    What does “also” mean? Will it also be sold with the 14-140? I own the old kit lens 14-45 and would prefer the longer zoom in the kit.

    • Mike

      I own both, the older/better 14-45 and the 4-140. I want a GH2 body only

    • Gabi

      PS: The higher resolution of the EVF sound good, however, it is definitely not a quantum leap from 1.44 Million dots of the GH1… Is the resolution of the LCD already known?

      Thanks for all the good work, admin! ;)

    • yea I really dont want the 14-42, I’d rather pay for a 14-140 kit

      The 14-45 is much better then the new 14-42

    • Th

      +1, what does “also” mean?

      Somewhere it said the old EVF was 480,000 (1,44 million equivalent). Which number should we compare the 1,56 million to ??

      • pdc

        Pany needed a cheap kit lens for the G10 so hence the 14-42. The great 14-45 now only available used, but perhaps the rumored 12-75HD will be the future target kit lens – hope so! The changes in product ‘roadmaps’ seemed to coincide in some senior management changes – the G10 was one outcome, and delays in delivery of certain lenses was another – I’ve been waiting a very long time for the 100-300! These Pany zooms are generally good (the 7-14 and 14-45 especially so) and are great for everyday shooting, but you cannot beat good primes for best possible images. Looking forward to the official announcements tomorrow, and there will be more as the year proceeds and competing manufacturers spin their webs.

    • Th

      +1, what does “also” mean?

      Somewhere it said the old EVF was 480,000 (1,44 million equivalent). Which number should we compare the 1,56 million to ??

      • kesztió

        Obviously 1.56 versus 1.44

  • @Admin

    Any talk about a vertical grip for the GH2???

  • david

    It would be nice to not have any sort of tearing, but it seems like a slight downgrade in resolution (at least in 4:3 mode).

  • iMikl

    Improved EVF… nice!!!

  • steve

    The new EVF has the same specs as the Olympus VF-2 except it is slightly larger so that they can go to 1.56MP. 1.56mp is exactly 1/4 full HD which should simplify conversions.

  • Thomas

    the epson EVF produces images without ‘rgb-shutter’ !!


    • admin


  • George

    i own a g1 then i bought g2 and returned it in few days just because that disaster 14-42 lens. It is very good that panasonic is not forcing us to buy 14-140 but gh2 with that cheap and bad lens
    come on panasonic

  • Jules

    A real cool option would be to customize your bundle the way you like.

    Why not with the new 100-300 or since I don’t have it, the 7-14? Of course, on its own for those that just want the body.

    It ain’t just Dell or Apple that can put up a proper web site, no?

    Personally, I can wait a few weeks to have the bundle that I want. I’ll need to spare the money anyways…

  • steve

    Epson’s 1.56 EVF is 16:9 format. If true we will end up with less effective resolution for 3:2 or 4:3 still shots. This would be the same issue the Sony Axx series has.

    • The new EVF is physically bigger then GH1’s EVF, so perhaps we wont loose in sheer size, also i wouldn’t really like to see bigger VF then gh1’s, being big enough but not to big so i eyes wont start to running thru the frame

      • WOW
        bigger then the GH1, so the GH2 may be bigger then the 1d’s viewfinder?!

  • kesztió

    I suspect the refresh rate will be the real surpise here. Any rumors, Admin?

  • Gabi

    From the specs, the vertical resolution is lower than that of the “old” EVF: (960 x 540) versus (800 x 600) (0.52″ vs. 0.47″).

  • Scarka

    EVF like as sensor – multiformat)))

  • Rocky

    14-42 @ 25mm is f4.5, while 14-45 @ 25mm is f5

    Where is the equivalent in M43 to the Pana/Leica 14-50mm f2/8-3/6?

  • BornBad

    “customize your bundle the way you like” that makes no sense. you want to choose which lens they should give you for small money? you will get the 14-42 nearly for free. thats ok, even i don’t think plastic mount and lack of ois-switch is good advertisment for a pro model

    • Rocky

      This is not a pro camera. Sorry!

      • Scarka

        And not PRo price ;)

        • BornBad

          your’re right, but at least its panasonics high end model.

  • I am happy to see this on my 6.22 million dots Full HD display.
    But my screen is actually only 2 million pixels :))

    A bit confusing… Why don’t they say 0,5 Mpx? That makes sense to me.

  • I hope the banding and video noise is reduced on the new EVF. This (more than resolution) makes the viewfinder hard to use for manual focus when light is not optimal.

    14-42 is a disappointment for many like me who already own the 14-45 and have a GH1. I would have no use for the cheaper lens and it would have little resale value. I fear the cheap lens option means no body only GH2 option. Without a GH2 body only option, I may just wait and continue to use my GH1 until such an option or a new zoom becomes available.

    • addieleman

      A G2 with 14-42mm is € 60 more expensive than the G2 body only. Personally I wouldn’t care a lot if a GH2 is only available with this lens, I don’t think the price difference will be more than those € 60 compared to a body-only option. Reselling the lens will be difficult, I think I’d keep it just to be able to resell the whole kit for a decent price when Olympus comes with the µ4/3 Pro body in 2011.

      • ANGRY Olympus Owner


  • yosemite

    Tthe lack of the 12-75 lens is a real bummer. Why can’t they truly cater to what people want, a lens like that of the LX-5 for example which corresponds to 12-45 mm and starts at f2 and has macro down to 1 cm? why put the great lens in the $500 camera and the crappy one on the $1000 one? Can anybody explain this to me?

  • mpgxsvcd

    It is 12:00 AM EST. I am surprised there isn’t an announcement yet.

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