More GH2 rumors…


One of our sources tested the High-ISO image quality of the GH2. It was a short test with a pre-production camera and the GH2 firmware he used is version 0.3 only. Like me he was worried about the results because of the higher-resolution sensor. But we have good news folks! Images at 3.200 ISO are full of detail (so no heavy noise reduction). He has taken some pictures indoor and he couldn’t see any artifacts (bandings or other noise issues). Even in dark parts the image loooks good. Yes there is a slightly improvement compared to the Panasonic GH1. Maybe a 1/2 to 1 stop improvement. Anyway, in a few hours we will know more but the “feeling” is that the new Panasonic sensor+image processor does a better job than on the GH1.

One more thing:
Pictures do have 16 Megapixels in 4/3 mode, 15 Megapixels in 3/2 mode and 14 Megapixels. in 16/9 mode.

Few hours left guys and we will se the new GH2, 14mm f/2.5, 100-300mm f/3.5-5.6 and the 3D lens. The GF2 and prime lenses will be announced in 3-4 months. What else can we expect from Panasonic? According to one of our sources there could be a “surprise”. We re not talking about a real product but about a technology. The source can’t tell me anything about that, but he said it “could” be announced today.
Let’s see…

  • yosemite

    Sounds delicious.. Here’s hoping that the “surprise” is the 12-75 mm lens….

  • yosemite

    PS: Admin, am I undeestanding correctly that the GH2 will not be the shutterless camera that’s been rumored for a while?

    • admin

      It’s not shutterless. P.S: I told you Panaosnic is working on that technology but I don’t know when we will see it in use inside a real camera. I heard that there are some patent issues with Kodak.

  • If my 12-60 & 50-200 SWDs will AF decently on this thing I think I’m sold! Add a G12 for times when I don’t want to carry an ILC and I’ll have the perfect system:

    Stylus 1030 for water shots
    G12 for compact quality
    GH2 for video
    E-3+E-620 for paying gigs & serious photography

    And I’ll only need 5 different types of batteries and chargers!!


    • yosemite

      What is the 12-60 SWD you’re referring to? SWD? Thanks…

  • RichT

    Auto HDR? RAW video out? Video crop mode? A preinstalled hack by Vitaliy? I give up.

  • iMikl

    Well, well, well… Panasonic really seems to deliver! :-)

  • furb

    1. I wonder what the price will be

    2. How will the GH2 at 16mp ISO 3200 compare to the E-5’s 12 mp ISO 3200?

  • John

    Olympus SWD technology the faster & quiter type motors used on a couple lenses in the Olympus 4/3 lenses. The motors ocilate instead of screw or rotary type, almost every major lens company has a version of it. In most situations/body lens combos it works faster (from my exp always quieter) but though speed can be a issue (again my opinion but ESP the 50-200mm tries to jump allot, very dispointing that the tech won’t make it into the SHG lenses).

  • four thirds photo

    GH2 looks like a fantastic cam. Would like to see some production sample pictures. I think in daily usage the difference between 12 and 16 mp will be extremely small, if any. More mportant is the handling of the files by image engines etc.
    When it focuses with the zuiko SHG glass it would make for a nice cam to shoot landscapes with.

  • kesztió

    It’s my camera…

  • sahara_knight

    RAW video output or at least recording while hdmi is plugged, any news so far ???

    • john

      Well, the hands-on review from says that you can use HDMI output while shooting both pictures or videos.

  • spanky

    We haven’t heard anything different from the past few weeks of rumors, so it’s odd to see the same people who were concerned before suddenly want this new camera. The jury is still out IMO. 1/2 to 1-stop improvement? That’s nothing exciting, although the lack of banding could be at least a hopeful sign. The ‘feeling’ is that the GH2 will do a better job than the GH1? If it doesn’t it dies a quick death. That should be the least of our expectations I would hope. The excitement isn’t warranted just yet folks, but that’s my humble opinion.

  • Gabi

    Well, time to upgrade from my G1… :D

  • 14/2.8? Not 14/2.5?

    • admin

      My fault. It’s 2.5. Sorry

  • hooray … a prime :)

    go: Panasonic!

    Dear Olympus

  • Rok

    Hi, Admin!
    I just read a news from
    Sigma announced their new body, named SD1.
    However, its AF module looks like exactly same with E-3(30)’s.
    Have you heard any rumor or info about this?
    (Always thanks for you and this site.)

    • admin

      Hi! We don’t talk about non Panasonic and Olympus cameras. But the Sigma looks like a very nice camera!

  • Way to shut Rok down Admin! (Snaps fingers, shakes head, with an “oh no you didn’t”)

    We were all lusting over the X100 yesterday and it uses *gasp* the devil’s own APS-C sensor!

    You should of thrown in a smiley to let him know you were kidding!

  • @ Yosemite

    John explained it well, SWD is Oly’s branding of a faster, quieter focusing motor tech. Sigma calls it HSM, Canon USM, and I don’t follow Nikon so I don’t have a clue, though I’m sure it’s expensive.

    @ John

    Yeah, my 50-200 SWD is a bit jumpy on my E-3 also, but when it snaps into focus it is quick. I’d take that over a micro motor anyday.

    @ Furb

    Those combined are the $1700 questions eh?

    @ Spanky

    I can’t speak for the rest of the folks here, but for me one the biggest selling points of the GH2 might be the apparent flop from the Oly booth. I want high quality video, and have been waiting patiently for years. I’d prefer to capture it using an Oly pro 4/3 body, but that ain’t looking too promising right now. IF Pany delivers with the GH2 I canl get over the loss of IBIS and RC flash and shoot Pany…

    @ Rok

    I’ll check out the SD1, but given the AWFUL customer service I’ve received from Sigma in the past it’s unlikely I’d ever purchase another one of their products (save a used Bigma if I could find one for a reasonable price).

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