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(FT5) Specs: E-P5 is an “improved” E-M5.


A trusted source told me that the E-P5 image I posted yesterday is definitely real. He confirmed that the E-P5 has the same image quality of the E-M5 because it uses the same sensor and same True Pic engine. But he also told me the E-P5 has a faster AF and better 5 axis stabilization system than the current Olympus E-M5. The new VF-4 external viewfinder will be announced the same day of the E-P5 and has 2,36 Million dot (it’s from Epson). The E-P5 also has built-in WiFi, something the E-M5 has not.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • New poster

    Excellent. Faster af and 5 axis ibis plus great external viewfinder. Image quality already excellent so this should e amazing.

    When can I get one!!!

    • jbl

      how are you read that,
      it s mean better than 5 axis stabilizer that may it’s be 3 gyro axis advance,
      please read again.

      • OMega

        “and better 5 axis stabilization system”, it does not say better than, it clearly states ‘better 5 axis’, I read that as it is a 5 axis system.

    • Bob B.

      A slightly more portable EM5 for $1300 with VF….eh…I’ll be enjoying my EM5 and my money in the bank! :-)
      Looks like a very cool camera though.

      • Johan

        How do you enjoy money in the bank?

        • Bob B.

          I have the comfort and security of having a financial cushion in case something unexpected comes up….Like the EM6 in September!!! :-)

      • RetiredDP

        Not to mention that you LOSE THE WEATHERPROOFING! I put Delkin LCD flip-upshades on my EM-5’s, and almost never use the onboard viewfinder. The 2.36 megapixels is nice, but the loss of weatherproofing makes the E-P5 a poor choice fora Pro.

    • It’s a gorgeous looking camera, rivals a Leica in style. But, still no built in EVF like the Fuji XE-1. I love my OM-D and 14-150 lens, can go most anywhere with that. I’m frankly more interested in the new Lumix LF-1 as my second camera.

  • Observer

    Any articulating screen?

    • veteran on light

      or weather sealing? or 2 control wheels?

      no reason to upgrade from my E-M5 otherwise…but I do agree than viewfinder on E-M5 is weak so would prefer better one (despite many ppl liking it, for me it is a mushy viewfinder, coming from optical ones I can’t really see details there)

      disadvantage would be leaving many good things about E-M5 behind with bigger footprint (with viewfinder)

      • Spitzy

        OMG your OMD is fine! Some people are still managing to take photos with EP1s or EP2s somehow, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

      • MJr


      • viewfinder memories

        I have optical VFs but I find the EM5 fine to use. Also shows changes in settings. great.

  • Hmm…I have a GH3 and was considering buying an OM-D next week because of all of the love it’s received, but I may reconsider. This camera may be something great. Sucks it doesn’t have a built-in EVF.

    • bousozoku

      What’s wrong with your GH3 already?

  • yo

    “.. faster AF and better 5 axis stabilization..”

    That’s all I need! Now I can sell my OMD.

    • true homer

      Yeah im swaping the built in vf, weather sealing, external grip and dual dials of the omd for this. Its so obviously logical!

      • yo

        Seems that you like to carry bags, but I don’t.

        Due OMD VF it’s hard to place it in any pocket, if you finally manage it then you can accidentally loose VF rubber which costs a lot.

        Dual dial? I see two dials on E-P5;

        Whether sealing? Due that it’s heavy and totally uncomfortable to keep in one hand;

        External Grip? Then it’s becoming dlsr size. Not interested at all;

        • viewfinder memories

          The new VF4 will cost a mint.
          The wheels may adjust things but you wont know what as you will not be able to see the LCD in sunlight.

        • in combination with a pancake, its easy to put both PEN or OMD in the pocket of your atumn or winterjacket. even possible with the complete grip in some cases.

        • true homer

          What are you talking about? The omd is exactly as big as the pen. The hump is not even an inch high.

    • JF

      Who needs faster AF ?? better continous AF, I can understand, but faster AF ? I never experienced a situation where I felt E-M5 had a too slow AF…

      • yo

        Stop dreaming. Those cameras which can handle continues AF costs much more and they aren’t compact at all.

  • olyknipser

    True Pic…not Venus Engine ;-)

    • JBL

      55555 ^_^

      • bousozoku

        That looks like a Thai response.

    • JBL

      if oly use venus engine may E-P5 had focus peaking !!!!
      but i think no.

      • Taran

        Meh, still no focus peaking.

      • ange7

        em5 lets you activate the ibis on the half shutter press… then manual focus is loads easier…. but yeah.. focus peaking is still missing oly.

  • Father Jack

    Not much of a improvement over OMD. From my point of view(finder) it’s even a step down. Wifi not worth the price tag.

    • MJr

      Not a successor…

  • Johan

    Yummie! A slim and more handsome OMD without evf, that´s a keeper, I´m buyin…

  • Anonymous

    All sounding good, but there is so much more we could get from the PEN range (beyond the normal wish list header, in built EVF)

    Weather Sealing
    Silent Shutter
    Better Video
    Built in ND filter (XZ-1 had it…)
    Mic input
    Headphone out
    Better grip – battery grip

    • trev


      Your list lacks detail:

      Silent Shutter – why bother?

      Better Video – Sure it would be nice but this is a “nice to have” on a stills camera and should not distract from its core function, taking photographs.

      Built in ND filter (XZ-1 had it…) – XZ1 is a p&s, where do you propose the inbuilt ND would go?

      Mic input – use the SEMA accessory

      Headphone out – why?

      Better grip – battery grip – HLD6 is great, what’s your specific problem with it?

      • ffg

        trev, just because you don’t see the need for things like improved video or a built in mic or headphone jack doesn’t mean others don’t have the need. Here’s the thing, the Olympus 5 axis IBIS is remarkable and very useful for video. Minor improvements like built in inputs make a huge difference. 24p and a swivel screen would also be very useful. Anyway, the rumor I heard is that the video will be greatly improved with this camera- which sounds awesome to me. It wouldn’t take much for Olympus to compete with the GH3 when it comes to video. Again, the benefits of the 5 axis to videographers cannot be overstated. Olympus could become THE camera for low budget run and gun filmmakers. I hope they realize this.

        • Luda

          The info you got about video improvements should be correct if Olympus has’t changed their initial plan….

        • NO THEY CAN’T

          -Panasonic has that Covered.

          The best they can do is focus on Stills. If they try to lean more on video, it would only be a waste of money.

          • hen

            Panasonic does not have 5 axis IBIS- which makes any lens you use stabilized. Do you have any idea how huge that is for videographers?

            • Uberzone

              Every real videographer I know uses a tripod, shoulder rig, or stedicam with all lens and camera stabilizations turned off.i

              • hen

                Uberzone, none of the videographers you know shoot handheld? Really? Come on. Handheld shots are the norm, and most are not done with a steadicam. It is ridiculous to suggest stabilization, whether it be IBIS or optical, is not widely used.

              • I don’t know what you mean by “every “””real””” videographer”….

                I’m an event and music videographer shooting with a GH2 & GH3 and often I find that there isn’t enough flexibility in a shoulder rig to get the interesting, low-angle shots that I’m looking for. I shoot handheld or with an Edelkrone pocket rig which allows me more flexibility and compactness that is useful for squeezing between tight spaces and the often tipsy crowd at a local live-music bar or the like.
                5-axis image stabilization would mean the world to me because I could then use the Voigtlanders and my Canon FD lens, not to mention Oly’s beautiful primes.

                • true homer

                  Choose any random movie in the past 10 years, its full of handheld shaky shots

                • JBL

                  video performance is not include IBIS only that is stupid idea,
                  can oly upgrade coded,sensor,processor? why less framerate ,why low bitrate ,why rolling shutter ,artifact is appear on
                  oly cam so much how they will reproduce or order sensor for video professional .

                  but fanboy only talk to IBIS IBIS IBIS and don’t look at weakness of olympus cam in video mode.

      • Salty

        X100 has a built in ND filter over a APS-C sensor. Very handy feature.

        I don’t know how much harder this would be to implement with an interchangeable lens though. The front element on the X100 lens is tiny.

        • I’m not sure about the x100, but I do know that with ultra wide angle lenses with in built filters, such as the OM 18mm f/3.5, the filters sit near the aperture diaphragm so that they only cover the narrows path of light. They can then be as small as possible and can be moved out of the way.

        • MJr

          With the x100 it’s a tiny thing inside the lens along with the leaf shutter, nothing like covering a big sensor.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I assumed background knowledge of someone who has been involved with PEN rumours for a few years. To wit,

        Silent shutter because the PENs sound like a shunting train – unobtrusive, intimate photography can be spoilt by such things. And some say the mechanics of the PEN shutter affects IBIS at some shutter speeds. Everyone remarked on the quiet shutter on the E-M5 so I hope the E-P5 moves in the same direction.

        Video. Yikes, how quaint of you, thinking there’s such a thing as a “stills” camera…. so 1970s of you. Sorry but that ship has sailed. The future is cameras that can take as good a video as a a still. Eventually we’ll sneak stills from the vid. Everyone raves about the E-M5 video, so I hope the E-P5 moves in the same direction.

        Don’t know about the technicalities of an inbuilt ND filter, but I assumed it is all software – I didn’t think the XZ-1 has a mechanical filter that slides in an out of position…. is that what you are getting at? Maybe I’m wrong, so be it.

        Does the HLD-6 work on the PENS? Honestly didn’t know.

        • Anonymous

          The XZ series cameras (and several other enthusiast compacts) indeed have physical ND filters. A digital filter applied post-capture wouldn’t allow longer exposures or wider apertures in bright sunlight without blowing the highlights, since the highlights would already be blown when the filter is applied.

          Actually, even many simple P&S cameras have an ND filter built in. They use it to change “aperture” instead of changing the size of the iris. If a camera only has a couple of aperture settings at a given focal length, that’s a giveaway that an ND filter is used.

        • Pixel-peeping killed me

          The XZ series cameras (and several other enthusiast compacts) indeed have physical ND filters. A digital filter applied post-capture wouldn’t allow longer exposures or wider apertures in bright sunlight without blowing the highlights, since the highlights would already be blown when the filter is applied.

          Actually, even many simple P&S cameras have an ND filter built in. They use it to change “aperture” instead of changing the size of the iris. If a camera only has a couple of aperture settings at a given focal length, that’s a giveaway that an ND filter is used.

    • ObviousTroll

      You probably also want 1/4000s flash sync and built-in focal reducer for Hasselblad lenses?

      • OMega

        Don’t be so silly, I want an adaptor with electrical connectivity for my Bronica lenses, then I will have 1/4000 flash sync.

        • JimD

          GS lenses of course?

      • Anonymous

        which part of that makes someone a troll?

        this forum is full of wish lists.

        “better video” makes someone a troll?

        thin skinned, no?

    • More wishes:
      focus peaking
      flip (E-PL5 style) screen
      bounce (E-PL1 style) flash
      higher flash sync speed
      removable grip
      low light stitching mode
      time lapse video

      • Anonymous


  • so it will have mechanical ibis , thats great news.

  • Sqweezy

    So I guess the hump on the OM-D was either (a) never required for the 5-axis and, thus, purely aesthetic; or (b) necessary at the time but has since been possible to shrink in size. If the former is true, expect a hump in the E-M6. If the latter is true, then I hope Olympus will get rid of that useless and hideous hump once and for all.

    • As you should know,the prism section has multiple reasons both from design point and space. You easily ignore the absence of a built in evf in the EP5, plus the possibilty that the new version IBIS needs less space.

      • Sqweezy

        Look closer. There is more than enough hump that exceeds the top end of the EVF. If this space wasn’t needed for the 5-axis, as is often claimed, then it was clearly put there for aesthetical purposes. If that is the case, it amounts to a great deal of wasted utility. Please, Olympus, I surmise you would easily increase sales for the E-M6 if the useless hump was eliminated!

        • a flat top plate design woukld have nothing to do with the OM heritage…it would be something different in looks and use.

        • Anonymous

          What on earth are you talking about. Pictures show that the hump is for the EVF. IBIS is located behind the lens mount.

          • Sqweezy

            The hump on the E-M5 is much taller than needed to house the EVF. Some claimed at the time of its release that the extra space was needed to serve the 5-axis is some capacity. But with the revelation that the E-P5 will have a “better 5 axis”, it becomes clear that such a large space is unnecessary and may never had been in the past either. Look, we all know that the hump is required to some degree for the EVF, but it is simply too large on the OM-D in its current state to serve a reasonable purpose. It’s elimination, along with a more prominent standard grip, are some of the few remaining issues preventing many people from purchasing it.

            • Ross

              This silly argument happened when it was first leaked & is absolute nonsense. The so called ‘hump’ is necessary for the EVF, the accessory port & the hotshoe which is fitted directly above the display & it couldn’t be any smaller without making the display smaller. Try taking a closer at the design before making pointless arguments. The advantage of having the ‘hump’ is to mount the external flash further off axis (of the lens) than it would be for the PEN models, but it also follows the design of the OM film cameras for the sake of style too (which I happen to like).

            • Ross

              (With typo’s fixed)
              This silly argument happened when it was first leaked & is absolute nonsense. The so called ‘hump’ is necessary for the EVF, the accessory port & the hotshoe which is fitted directly above the display & it couldn’t be any smaller without making the display smaller. Try taking a closer look at the design before making pointless arguments. The advantage of having the ‘hump’ is to mount the external flash further off axis (of the lens) than it would be for the PEN models, but it also follows the design of the OM film cameras for the sake of style too (which I happen to like).

              • AMVR


                The image I’ve linked shows the inside of an actual E-M5, no renders or drawings, so this should clear things up. As you can see, most of the space is actually taken by the glass used by the EVF rather than the EVF itself (which is quite flat), the IBIS sensors takes almost no space at all as does the hotshoe connections, from this we can argue that the 5 axis system can easily be placed elsewhere (as proven by its inclusion inside the E-P5).

                Now, regarding the EVF, the space it DOES occupy is still manageable so it shouldn’t be to hard too to fit a little to the left and a bit down too. Of course this would mean that Oly would either have to reduce the screen size (fine by me, specially if its a 4:3 screen instead of 16:9) or make the camera taller (also fine with me since it’s mostly the width and depth that affects handling not so much the height). The other feasible option is to somehow reduce the amount and the size of the glass needed for the magnification. Fitting an EVF into a pen is feasible to say the least, I mean, if sony could do it in a body as slim as the Nex 6 & 7 AND fit a flash, then Oly surely could do so as well. I think the lack of an EVF is a strong mix of marketing department decisions and probably a stock dependance of 16:9 screens. We know oly is dependent to what the market offers in terms of components, and 4:3 screen are probably low on demand from other manufacturers, this tells me that they’re stuck with wide screen and this leaves no space for an EVF, that and their awful management.

                • Ross

                  Thanks for the photo. I have seen one half on 4/3’s User forum.

                  BTW, the screen on the E-M5 is 2:3 ratio which gives the best compromise between 4:3 photos & 16:9 video.

            • mahler

              Certainly the space in the hump is not empty, so the hump is not useless. Where a too small view finder housing leads to can be seen at the GH3.

              To me the hump is a non-issue. It leads to shallower shoulders, and thus to a more compact design. For example, I think that the E-M5 body is more compact than a Fuji X-E1 body. See here:


              The E-M5 is taller, but over all the body is smaller. I prefer the E-M5 design.

        • pizza4D

          It seems that the accessory port is often forgotten or overlooked because the connector is covered up by a piece of plastic, and perhaps also because people might not think of it due to the E-M5 already having a viewfinder. You can use a viewfinder and a GPS or Bluetooth accessory at the same time with the E-M5 unlike the PENs.

    • Of course it was never required for the 5-axis IBIS. They just needed something to fill up the unnecessary hump.

      5-axis IBIS in E-M5 is great news. Let’s hope they’ve kept the flash and have gone back to the one that can tilt up.

      • Sqweezy

        My feelings exactly. Olympus would do well to streamline its flagship model by offering a cleaner, more compact, and more utilitarian successor. I accept the existence of a hump, but it should be smaller!

        • rpm40

          There’s also the hotshoe/accessory port there taking up a fair portion of the space above the evf. It might be able to be a little smaller, but probably not much.

  • JBL

    no it not Venus engine ,please @admin repair now

  • pez

    Price tag is probably in bundle with the latest 17mm f1.8

    • tomas

      that would be great as only with 17 1.8 it would justify the 1000e price …

      otherwise there again be only firesale in +6months from market launch

  • Without a built in EVF your composition is screwed 90% of the time. Trust me I have an E-P2 wt. VF-2, which I usually forget at home, so that I must trust my luck.

    A more handsome OM-D? You must be pulling my leg, starry eyes…

    Some people here will drink Marketing’s small beer, as if it were Champagne :)

    • Bro Amalric, please take of the sunshades…life with m43 is not that bad.

      • Depends where you live. North of the Polar Circle, during the eternal night LCD might be OK. Not so if you live close to the tropics…

        • if live i neither of them, more inbetween, the wet circumstances of the netherlands. I think the problem for you is that you tend to forget bringing the external evf with you.

          • Anon

            I just shot a whole week in the Caymans with my little Sony RX100, and had zero issues. How much more tropical can you get? Try removing your sunglasses, and I bet you can frame with the LCD better.

            • It nice to ascertain that the masses here don’t even know the meaning of composition. What is the use of a grid if you cannot see the objects that are behind, but vague shapes. And what about contrast and WB? Or COLOUR?

              Then of course one must be aware that a whole generation of UNWASHED has completely fogotten PERSPECTIVE to concentrate on the isolation of a NOSE HAIR.

              What communication can there be? Surely the Devils of Tasmania were more amenable to reason…

              Mind you I have an E-P2 and an OM-D so I can compare. I suspect the Unwashed have only their iPads… :)

              • OMega

                Hi Amalric, same bodies as myself, what selection of lens do you use?

                • Not mentioning legacy lenses, I have the 40-150 and the 9-18 at the extreme of the range, I used v. much the 17mm pancake, but now I tend to use the 14 pancake and the 30mm Sigma.

                  No great expense, but those suit me v. well in terms of resolution. Bokeh I couldn’t care less.

                  • JimD

                    I have seen some nice shots you have done with the 30mm and 14mm

              • George T

                You are indeed a master at composition. Some of these compositions on your flickr are breathtaking.


                • Ouch!!!

                  Not the best examples, I must say!..

                  • true homer

                    And besides, you look soooo much cooler with your arms stretched in front of you, head tilted slightly to avoid flare, holding the camera with 4 fingers. The tourist shot is in!

                    • I’m not amalric!

                      True homer! I’m not amalric, I was simply commenting that his photos are not the best examples of good composition (trying not to be rude!) They seem random shots. Taken at foreign unknown people (usually women) while they’re looking at their cell phones. Voyeur anyone? Not to mention the f&@ked privacy of these subjects.. People should invest some money in photography books.

                    • viewfinder memories

                      Will you stop pinching my lines they are copyrite and they also do not apply to amalric. Or anyone who merely forgets the viewfinder rather than refuses one.

            • Anonytrackball

              Bet you could not see anything on the lcd on Sydney harbour.

    • ewewewe


    • Eosphoros

      Bah, play with a TLR for some time and come and tell me how superior composition is with a SLR style viewfinder…

      • BM


      • true homer

        Could you post links to that new tlr camera

      • viewfinder memories

        What about hassy and Bronica etc. SLR, yes, far superior. They still go. Can’t find much of the TLR type, but some were nice to use, if you could not afford a big SLR. Want to borrow my Bronica GS?

    • tomas

      small beer(2dcl) is brand of Cologne(GE) pubs & restaurants …

    • Photowang

      If you’re usually forgetting your VF-2 at home, then that must mean it’s not on the camera 80-90% of the time. So that must mean you are composing with the back LCD 80-90% of the time, which according to you, results in poor composition. The math shows that you prefer poor composition.

      • ;-) HEHE very good point.

      • viewfinder memories

        I keep my VF 2 off my ep2 unless I am using it. Any one who leave it on all the time is stupid. Does that sound like you.

  • aqasem

    any specs for the video quality,control?

  • Anonymous

    how good does that sigma zoom sound, for Sony A mount: 18-35mm f/1.8 ….. 1.8!

  • Samuel Cabral

    High bitrate, focus peaking and 24 fps??

  • Samuel Cabral

    High bitrate, focus peaking and 24 fps??

  • I really hope it can do 24p, even 60p!!!

    • ffg

      24p, 60p and standard mic and headphone inputs would be a huge step up. That combined with a swivel screen and an improved 5 axis IBIS- welcome to my new camera! I really hope Olympus has finally started to get serious about video. If it’s the same old crap I won’t be getting it.

      • Wt21

        I dont understand the video folks. Well, I understand shooting video. Its a lot of fun. But every new camera HAS to have a mic jack, a headphone jack, etc. etc. what’s the point of buying a small, light camera like a Pen, if you’re going to put it into a rig? Dont forget the shoulder rest, the LCD hood, etc. etc. just get a GH2 or GH3 that is built for video.

        • OMega


        • hen

          Mic and headphone jacks add nothing to the size of the camera. You’re not forced to use them if you don’t see the need. Kind of like the external evf which adds to the size of the camera- most people probably won’t use it but it’s a good thing that it’s available, for those who have a need for it. The cost of adding a headphone/mic jacks is peanuts. And the cost of adding 24p is less than peanuts. But doing these small things opens up the camera to an entirely new audience.

  • true homer

    So 5 axis ibis and wifi now justifies the 1000$ price tag? Gimme a break…

    • stickytape

      But it’s the same excellent sensor in a smaller package!

      • MJr

        So is the E-PL5…

        • Le frog

          And what does the EPL-5 offer, over and above the EPM-2, apart from a PASM dial (and a tilting screen)? On the other hand, a 5-axis IBIS and dedicated speed and aperture dials, which I hope the EP-5 does have, are true improvements – or at least a step in the right direction (where are the dedicated ISO and focus dials?)

    • Anonymous

      You’re just a pana fanboys homer…

      • true homer

        So im wrong?
        You cant get the EXACTLY AS SMALL higher spec omd for less money?
        Typical hurt fanboy response

        • What are the respective dimensions of each camera?

          PS: They are both really too small. :-P

          • true homer

            Heres the omd compared to the ep3, the hump adds a measly 20mm of heigh. Like ive said, not even and inch. Its 1 mm wider and 7mm thicker (because of the flip lcd). In practice my ancient ep1 feels just as big, the difference is that the omd feels much heavier


            • You said, “EXACTLY AS SMALL.” Thank you for conforming that one camera is 20 mm higher than the other one. If you check the other dimensions, are they really exactly the same? ;-)

              • “confirming”

              • true homer

                Well wouldnt you call that exactly as big? 20mm is nothing! Im even willing to bet the add on vf is bigger. Otherwise theyre just as wide and thick. I just find it insane somebody out there is selling their omd becsuse of 20mm

                • I’m not going to argue wether or not the size difference is relevant. I am arguing that your claim is 100% wrong. Those two cameras do not have the same size. That’s all.

                  “20 mm is nothing.” That’s probably what she said! :-P

                  • true homer

                    well not the same to the mm but whos gonna notice the 1 mm wider or 6 mm thicker? it certainly doesnt warrant selling the OMD or overloking it because of it

                    • stickytape

                      In my experience, people pay more attention to DSLRs than P&S cameras. The OM-D, however small it is, still looks like a DSLR (the mark of a Pro photographer, and hence highly suspicious!), whereas the E-P3 is more likely to be passed off as a more advanced P&S (the mark of an amateur/tourist/n00b)

  • So when paired with the external EVF and compared to the E-M5, it has:

    – Faster AF (not too relevant since E-M5 is almost instant. Another thing would be better AF-C, but that’s not stated and unlikely to happen)
    – Better EVF (at least higher resolution. I hope the refresh rate and optics are as good, if not better. Otherwise it would be a step forward and a step back)
    – Better 5-axis IBIS (Good! The one on the E-M5 is great, but any improvement is welcome)
    – Better video? (maybe)
    – WI-FI (nice addition)

    – Probably higher price (again, with external EVF included)
    – The EVF is not built in (but sometimes this can be a pro, and you can tilt it)
    – No tilting screen
    – Less solid build, no weather sealing
    – No accessory grip + vertical grip with extra battery (I guess)

    So all in all, I’d say: get the E-M5 if you need the built in EVF, or the weather sealing, or the extra grip and battery. Or the tilting screen. And get the E-P5 if you prefer the external EVF (or don’t need EVF) or if you need Wi-Fi.

    • How do you know E-P5 won’t have a tilt screen?

    • OMega

      #Milan, I think a lot depends on the price with this Pen, if it is right it will make a fabulous back up to the E-M5, what would be good is if it has a base plate identical to that of the E-M5, which would allow the HLD-6 to be paired with it.
      I like many reader/users am not concerned about better video capabilities, regards the Wi-Fi that would greatly depend on its function, ie, would provide full tethered capabilities, that would be worth while. The additional EVF, I would be happy enough it it were backwards compatible with VF-2, a tilting screen would be far more appealing.

    • @milan
      it DOES have tilt LCD at least

    • true homer

      You forgot to mention you can get a brand new em5 for 750$, and have 550$ left over. Im sure ill be called a trollfor saying that too

      • x


  • stickytape

    What on earth are you talking about. The hump was for the EVF. IBIS is located behind the lens mount.

  • Dont fool yourselfs, it will be more expensive then the OM-D. I cant for my life see how it will sell with that price when you get the same image-quality with the E-pm2.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    What surprise me is the AF improvement: that ofOMD-Em5 is already amazing. I won’t buy it though, because it lacks of an INTEGRATED EVF. (Waiting for next OMD then)

  • Sqweezy

    I wonder if weather sealing will come with this too. Shame an EVF was not integrated in the body.

  • Anonymous

    would be very tempted by Fuji if I hadn’t already spent 4 grand on m43

  • peevee

    “He confirmed that the E-P5 has the same image quality of the E-M5 because it uses the same sensor and same Venus engine.”

    Come on! Venus is a name of Panasonic processors, Olys use TruePic name.

  • Sunny

    Sounds interesting:
    > IBIS much better than in E-PL-range where IBIS were an image quality killer
    > WIFI (with tethered shooting I hope) – I like that

    I also hope for:
    > tilt screen
    > much faster and slightly softer shutter as in E-M5
    > second dial next to shutter button

  • Wt21

    Why so much pining for pro video features? The Pens (nor Oly in general) have shown much interest in getting serious about video. Panny (and Canon) have covered those angles (and Sony to a lesser extent) and they all make excellent video cameras. Get the right tool for the job, and there are already plenty available. And don’t tell me about IBIS. If you don’t know how to stabilize your video shooting with either lens IS or a decent rig, is that really Oly’s issue?

    • WT21

      A better way to put my above comment — what is lacking in the GH series (or Canon or Sony) video cameras that you think Oly can make up for?

      • peevee

        Video cameras in this price range have sensors, like 1/3″, and have fixed zoom lenses. And nobody want to bring 2 things when one is enough.

        As for me, OM-D works for video just fine. Why ask for 24fps when 30 fps is 25% smoother? And 60fps is just a waste of bandwidth and disk space at this point.

        • wt21

          GH2, GH3, Canon DSLRs. They don’t have tiny sensors.

  • ange7

    When ppl say “wifi” does that include the ability to tether or remotely operate a camera remotely or is it that gimmicky “upload your pics to facebook” bs?
    I’d love a wifi connected cam and the option to operate it via my phone…which is what I think panny, sony and sammy(?) ppl have on their cams.

    • JimD

      probably make a nearby microphone squeal and nothing else.

    • true homer

      Probably to upload to the not gimmicky flikr

  • still waiting for high quality zooms from Olympus… ;-)

    • Ross

      I am too, but I probably won’t be able afford them when they come. ;)

  • Naming oddities…. jumping to the E-P5 and skipping over the apparently superstitiously unlucky “4” numeric designation for the camera. But the viewfinder is the VF-4 :-) And the culmination of the OM series was the still classic OM-4T/Ti. Product naming is an odd art.

  • OMuser

    Now, there is necessary:
    – to lower current OMD prices
    – to show soon new version of OMD – better in all aspects then new PEN (better IQ will be nice), with in-build flash and much better movies

    And where new fast zooom?

    • jørgen

      This seems ot be a showcase of how important competition is. OMD did nothave to lower their price all too much because there is not strong competitor. And I am inclined to believe EP5 will have little influence on this, because it lacks an EVF. Of course there is an overlap, but to me it seems to be directed to another group of users.

  • mahler

    How can such an E-P5 (I generally like the design) be an improved E-M5, if it does not have a view finder.

    • admin

      From a features and autofocus point of view!

      • Brubru

        Sounds like em5 could use a firmware update.

    • Tobias Giesen

      Viewfinders are entirely useless. Just look at the LCD screen. It is bright enough.

      • Sunny

        Sorry. But that´s totally wrong! I bought the M5 just because of the vf. Otherwise I´d loved to have an E-PL5. But: no fv – no deal!

      • Frye

        Okay, cool, thanks for the info.

      • viewfinder memories

        T, You must be some kind of weirdo. Suppose you have hundreds of shots with people having half their heads missing, no feet and under exposed because you have no evf to see the settings.

  • jørgen

    Looks very good, sounds really good. One thing: I am a bit tired of “faster AF”. The CDAF of my G1 was fast enough already (mostly). I want “better AF” in the sense that we can now enjoy shooting sport etc with some decent focustracking.

    But again Oly has completely turned the tables on Panny. G6 is good but nothing special. EP5 looks to be something very along the lines of Fuji XE-1 etc. A true classic and simply beautiful to watch.

    Weathersealing would be nice and 5 axis without the hump…if this is all true…great!

    • bonzoo

      “I want “better AF” in the sense that we can now enjoy shooting sport etc with some decent focustracking.”


    • true homer

      Sorry jorgen, I dont mean to insult, but saying “olympus has turned the tables on panasonic” and that this pen is serious competition to the fuji xe 1 is completely delirious. The fuji xe kicks this thing all the way to next monday, its compact enough and has already an integrated 2.36 million dot finder for 200-300$ less. With dials and buttons to match. And for the money asked for the ep5 and the add on vf you can get a gh3.

      • kl

        I really like the form factor of E-P series and IMO they have better button and dial placement compare to OM-D

        I hope from the photos, they’ve move the dial over the direction button to the front and maintain the thumb wheel. That would be the perfect location for twin dials as the dial over the direction button can be moved too easily on the move and i won;t have to contort my thumb to reach for it.

        A recessed mode dial will be welcome like the one in E-P2 as I find that I keep knocking the mode dial while changing lens on my OM-D.

        As for features, please bring back AEL memo on/off function which i sorely miss on the OM-D. It’ll be fantastic if they can incorporate a flip and twist screen if EVF is not integrated.

  • st3v4nt

    Venus engine? So Olympus use the same engine as panasonic does?

  • J Shin

    > faster AF and better 5 axis stabilization system


    Feeling… very… week…

    So… pretty…



    Be faithful…

  • Frye

    Cameras don’t need viewfinders. They don’t even need LCDs. You just point at your subject and take your picture. Works fine.

    • Pedro del Río

      Yeah, super compositions.

    • viewfinder memories

      Ha. Wall full of pictures of the family with half their heads missing and no feet. Out of focus and over exposed. Ha, stay with your box brownie boyo

      • stickytape

        Laugh away. But in the end, you have to admit that it takes true skill and dedication to your craft to achieve a good result with no display or EVF.

      • Frye

        Nothing says “retro” quite like a brownie. :)

  • Ghost

    I hope we, OM-D users, will get firmware update to match E-P5 improvements.

    • Brubru


  • jyg

    They put an E-M5 in a more rangefinder-y body. Give it WiFi and the other slowly progressing, minor improvements one would expect as technologies progress within 2 months’ time. Get rid of the EVF and voila! An overpriced E-P5.

    I’d swear that the different models of Olympus are really no different from one another from a consumer standpoint. These model updates are just ways for Olympus to roll out the most minor improvements and get foolish people to buy a whole new camera.

    Yet another round of anticipation foiled by the same ol’ same ol’.

    • Frye

      Obviously new EM-6 or whatever would have all same features as EP5 and at same price. No getting around the fact that EP5 is overpriced when compared to other cameras. But, hey, it’s stylish!!

  • jlw518

    Admin, do you know if it has a built-in flash, like the E-P3? That would be a nice touch….

    • admin

      yes it has!

      • Jack Le Boul

        Does it bounce?

        • Anonytrackball

          Only off walls in front of it.

          • yeh


  • Jack

    With the styling and 17/1.8 as a kit lens, this is obviously designed to compete against the Fuji X100S. You get the trade-off of interchangeable lens + IBIS of the E-P5 or the bigger, better sensor + OVF/EVF of the X100S. However, if the E-P5 is $1000 for body only as reported here, that would put it in the same price range as the X100S (probably $1300 as well with the 17/1.8). The X100S would be a no-brainer head-to-head.

    Is Olympus going to be delusional and price it at $1000 body? Or are they going to be realistic and price around $1000 with the 17/1.8? Keep in mind the yen has dropped ~25% since the OM-D was released and it is still selling at $1000 body, but has an EVF. An EVF-less E-P5 for $1000 body would truly be a sucker’s buy.

    • true homer

      Goodness gracious I might faint…somebody with common sense!
      If its bundled with the 17 1.8 at the 1000 $ price then they can pull it off. But on its own…

  • Vin

    Will the VF-2 work on the E-P5?

    • Oly wants your money, so I’m guessing “no.”

  • Rudy

    Admin, any info if the E-P5 will be using the BLN-1 battery or the BLS-5?

  • Anonymous

    EP-5 its an Improved E-M5,.

    I dont understand how to justify this term,if

    No built in view finder has Bult in view finder

    has the same sensor and True pic engine,.

    i really welcome ,.this:

    faster AF- but do we need it ?,.honestly The AF on the MFT camera is already very fast enough,.of course OM-D too but anyway i welcome this,..

    Better 5-Axis IBIS,.honestly i dont know ,.how they measure this and claim its better than OM-D,.really need to be review and proof it,.,..

    My biggest but simple question is,..- HOW THE BATTERY LIFE,.,.OM-D is a POOR battery life,.,.i hope Olympus ,.not to forget to fix this small issue

  • Lucasz

    If it’s real, it’s beautiful. Kinda reminds me of something. Something beginning with F!

    No two ways about it for me, the Olympus 5way Axis is the business. Just my two cents but I think Olympus is in the wrong sensor. Should have been APS-C like Fuji.

    • “Olympus is in the wrong sensor” and you’re in the wrong forum, go to fuji or sony rumours then :-)

    • Jack Le Boul

      While the cameras are getting better, the strength of the m4/3 is the lenses available.
      It is much better that the Fuji and NEX for that matter.

      Shooting with my NEX-6 and 24/f1.8 Zeiss, very few m4/3 can match it, but thats it. (yes it is that good)

      As soon as I use any other lens, including my 35/f1.8 or 50/f1.8, I see no difference between my shoots and the neighbors OM-D. He can use the excellent 12mm/f2 or 25mm/f1.4 or 45mm/f1.8 or 75mm/f1.8.

      Bodies/sensors come and go but great lenses stay.
      This is why people like the m4/3 and we NEX users are jealous about.

    • Tim F

      I wonder how often this will come up…
      I joint mFT because of:
      a) the 4:3 ratio – which i just prefer over the 3:2 ratio
      b) the good compromise of smaller sensor with smaller lenses, and the perfect compromise of large depth of field, but still the option to blur background on portrait shots

      so the two main reasons why i love mFt are due to the “wrong” sensor…
      And, yes, probably with a bigger sensor the Image qualitiy could be better-but the Image quality is more than good enough since the O-MD. So im quite happy with the sensor, and the lenses so far. now i only wait for a small 25/1.8f after that i have all the lenses i want :-D

  • Anonymous

    Better 5 axis IBIS ?
    Wow now you can take 30 second long exposure handled!!!!!!

  • Fraz

    How can it be an improved OM-D when it doesn´t have a built-in viewfinder? A cam without viewfinder is a cripple.

  • Including VF-4 the price will be prohibitive! Even without the evf, close to E-M5…
    Who will buy? And for what use?

  • Anonymous

    No weather sealing, no evf, no battery grip

    No improvement

    • bousozoku

      The E-P* bodies are not likely ever going to have those, and there are plenty of improvements, if what’s being said is correct.

      • viewfinder memories

        They are supposed to be based on the old pen The old pen had a viewfinder. All of them.

      • true homer

        Wheres thd list of improvements? I missed it

  • Sqweezy

    If paired with the 17mm f/1.8 as its “kit” lens, then any hopes of the E-P5 being weather sealed are gone. That, and the lack of a corner EVF is holding this back from being the ultimate PEN.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. It’s not a whinging thing. It’s just a genuine desire for something more akin to a PEN Pro.

    • true homer

      Now THAT would be worth 1000 $

  • Narretz

    Sounds like a nice improvement (over the EP-3). Faster focussing is only good if it is for moving objects.

  • EPL5

    So… when I’ll be able to buy a EPL5 body for $400?

    • Give it a few more months.

  • James

    PLEASE be less than 1000 dollars for the body!

  • James

    PLEASE be less than 1000 dollars for the body!

    • true homer

      Good news! 999$

  • dau

    is there a built in flash?

    • There must be a pop-up flash, because the top-of-the-line (while visually impaired) Pen surely must allow simulataneous use of the external VF plus strobe (and remote use of strobe).

  • O

    Focus peak is one of the new feature.

    • I’d rather have the “eye peak” feature. ;-)

    • true homer

      No its not

  • If only the E-P5 had an integrated VF, I would not be able to resist it. If it can take the VF-2, then I may get it in a while when prices come down. If the VF-4 is irresistable, with a bigger finder image and better eye relief, and with a LOCKING PIN, well, I need to see that first.

    • What bad word did I use? “irresistable?” ;-)

  • true homer

    1300 $ gh3=overpirced
    1300 $ ep5+viewfinder= good deal!

    • Is that the perceived consensus, or are you just cherry-picking?

      • true homer

        perceived consensus from the reaction of the people here

      • stickytape

        What’s the difference? lolol

        • Dod you have to ruin it? :-P

          • Will we ever get the EDIT feature back?

  • This will be a long comment, sorry.
    Please read until the end before commenting it.
    This is _my_ opinion, I’m no fan boy nor work for Olympys.

    Olympus needs desperately cash.

    This camera is target to people that will fell in love with the camera and buy it (including former Analog PEN users) and a ccamera that will be hard to find so price is not discounted soon (same as EM-5)

    We all agree that an integrated EVF would make it a (lot) better camera. True, but with lower margins that what Olympus can not afford.

    They will have EM-6 with viewfinder at a higher price tag (good margins) for people that professionally/enthusiastically takes pictures and not for Fashionistas or fel-in-love-owners of E-P5.
    After increasing the price of EM-x cameras they can offer a E-Px camera with viewfinder at higher price than E-P5 (needed margin). Either this or viewfinders price decreased by that time and they can keep margins without raising price of E-P6 (compared to E-P5).

    I’m no fan boy, but we buyers allways want a right price (compared to alternatives) but vendors want better margins, particularly Olympus Camera Division with its finantial situation. They need to show good margin cameras selling well for long time. This Olympus E-P5 is targeted at that IMO.

    What surprised Olympus with E-M5 is how well high price was kept for monthes with no discounts. This was really good news: they could make a camera with higher margin at a higher price and sell well. We have to congratulate Olympus for achieving that (finantial goal) and keep company afloat.
    E-P5 has the same goal IMO: cause lots of people (not necessarly this forum readers) to want to buy it in spite of a high price and beacause it becames scarce (like not producing as many as E-PL6 for e.g.) prices don’t get discounted so soon and helps Olympus finantially.

    Please remember that is very hard to a company to recover margins on a very discounted market like enthusiastic cameras markwt today. Olympus is trying to do that with E-P5/E-M5.

    Having said that and before all readers try to kill me, I would prefer an integrated viewfinfer and slightly cheaper price (like any potential buyer).

    I wish Olympus luck on the higher margin segment of the market because I want to have Olympus cameras around ob the next yars to come.
    Unfortunately that finantial reason will prevent _me_ to buy that nice looking E-P5. I hope that camer sell well on the targeted market (not me and I assume not the majority of this forum readers).

    • JimD

      I was a grey hat but it all fell off. Still I save on haircuts.
      Some parts ofv the comment very correct. Other parts not so.
      I think the first. That if the pens had a viewfinder they would outsell anything on the market. Then be like the em5 and have a price that holds up without big discounts. Any product in todays market that holds its selling price round the world has to be a cash cow. A pen with EVF would be that cash cow following the em5. But they AGAIN missed it and force a new product very soon without capitalising on the ongoing sales an integrated EVF would have given them alongside the EM5. That would have made Oly forget most of their financial problems. But they keep condemning themselves to repeating the same mistakes when their users are telling them what to do and the opposition (all of them) are doing it.

      • V. much so. I like the Pen FF, but after having waited for so long for a built in EVF, I chose an E-M5 instead – almost went Fuji instead.

        Let me add about composition: I can shoot blind with some prime wides. Therefore I IMAGINE the composition.

        It’s all v. well with the random nature of Street shooting. But it’s rather different when you do a Landscape or a posed portrait. There you need an EVF, to check if the various elements are OK, Yes you have the add on EVF, but it is a PITA. It is unstable, it can be forgotten or lost, it is an addtional expense, it prevents the use of other devices.

        Thus the Pen, because of this is an inferior device for ergonomics. No question that Sony and Fuji didn’t make the same mistake. So what use is it to Oly? Perseverare est diabolicum.

        OTH EM-5 is stellar, but did it really need a hump? No it didn’t. So for good ergos I had to pay good money for a shape I didn’t care for. Tsk, tsk.

  • Roger

    No…..Just buy EM-5 in Feb.
    The only good thing is EM-5 with weather- sealed?

  • Seba73

    Dear admin,
    any idea if the new Vf 4 will be compatible with older PEN models?

    • I think there is a zero chance of the older cams accepting the new VF (for technical reasons). I also doubt the older finder will fit the E-P5 and E-PL5 (for financial reasons). I hope I’m wrong.

      • Anonymous

        ” technical reasons ” translation we would very much like you to pay through the nose for the new EVF ,ah the joys of capitalism lol

  • Milt

    Nice Camera, good sensor. Am waiting for the Panasonic EM5 killer.

  • I’m curious about how the new EVF will look. The current ones are pretty ugly and don’t fit with the quite nicely designed PEN cameras. I hope the new EVF will look as nice as this camera, then I might consider it.

    • xyz

      There is only one way it SHOULD look. Like a hole in the back surrounded by an eyepiece.

  • Whilst I don’t need this due to lack of EVF, the inclusion of the 17/1.8 lens offers an interesting perspective of this lens getting to ebay at discounted prices once they start ripping them from kits. If they manage to shave of a considerable chunk off its regular price, it could perhaps eventually come close to being a reasonable choice against the 20/1.7…

  • Hm

    What Olympus takes so long to do, one integrated EVF, Sony and Fuji made ​​him in a blow.

  • 7777

    I’d buy it straight away if it got 24p n 25p.

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