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(FT5) First image of the new Olympus E-P5!


Yesterday we had the Panasonic announcement day. But there is no time for rest now. The next announcement is coming around May 9th by Olympus. And there will be certainly the new E-P5, almost certainly a new E-Pl6 and certainly no new MFT lens. As I told you before, expect no built-in EVF, and uses the same E-M5 16 megapixel sensor. On top you can see the first image of the new E-P5 which takes some inspiration from the traditional PEN-F style (here on eBay). It has a more “classic” look compared to previous PEN models. As you see the standard kit lens will be the new 17mm f/1.8 lens (and there is a 14-42mm kit option too). AF speed has been improved even over the best in it’s class, the Olympus E-M5. There is a new external EVF too.

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  • Pierre

    Hopefully will the EP5 have a tiltable screen!!!!!

    • jpig

      Looks nice. So far so good. Now let’s see the back for the control layout and LCD. I would rather it did not have a tiltable LCD. I hope it’s backward compatible with the VF-2.

      • MJr

        Let’s hope for a new VF-4 with 3 mil. dot display instead. ;)

        • Michael Rose

          Anonymous *could* solve his lug problem with some nice smooth heat-shrink tubing…

          Why not a new, hopfully, hi-res, full-tilt, (sic) view-finder, and compatibility with the VF-2?

          They are functionally used seperately, so surely they don’t need to be incompatible!

    • O


  • no fake image anymore. it’s enough.
    it’s not necessary for this post.

  • Michael Devitt

    Have someone noticed the black 17mm f1.8 on the camera body? Because it is :D.

    • Bob

      NICE CALL Mr. Devitt….you are first I thought you had it wrong…as all of the area around the lens is black on the silver lenses…but I just went and got mine and we would see a silver ring (barrel of lens) where the hood attaches all around the lens if it was a silver lens..and this one is clearly black…so yes..that is a black lens!!!! GOOD EYE!!!!!!

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Michael, the front of 17mm f1.8 and also 12mm f2.0 are black.. This is silver,period.

      • Bob

        I looked at my lens again, more carefully..I thought at first that the lens in the photo above had a shade on it…but the photo is misleading and something is not quite right with the image, i.e. it has been retouched and does not look exactly like an actual Olympus on the outer edge before the silver ring is seen. That area has definitely been messed with in post production. now upon close scrutiny I do believe that this is a silver lens that has been retouched.

      • O

        There will be a black version.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          @O : Michael wrote that the 17mm f1.8 on the pic is black. It isn’t. The front of the lens is black, but you can see the silver edge on top part of it. As far as it concerns a black edition, me too I think there will be one for those who feel the need to have it in black. Again, the front of lens is already black.

          • Michael Devitt

            Don’t crash my dreams Marco :D, Bob is right, looks like retouched photo.

  • andre

    fake, no doubt

    • MJr

      Nope. Way to many large and subtle aesthetically correct design elements to be fake. Whether you like it or not, it was done by a professional.

  • andre

    fake, no doubt

  • Mumbly

    Could the camera manufacturers please stop feeding that retrolook-hype once and for all!?! It’s getting pretty boring!

    For those who haven’t realized it yet, we live in the *** 21st Century *** and more precisely in 2013!!! I can’t believe we are still stuck in the 1950-60’s in terms of camera design… Is it that difficult to develop/imagine more contemporary and still appealing designs!?! Every other piece of consumer goods (cars, computers, household appliances, telephones etc.) has got more contemporary or even more futuristic/avant-gardestic designs than all those rangerfinder-camera-like DSCs. So where are the Jonathan Ives and Philippe Starcks (just to name the most popular contemporary designers) of the camera industry!?! Or are photographers such a bunch of ultra-conservative blokes that they are themselves stuck in the past?!?

    • Tim

      Clearly you know nothing about the history of design. If you love contemporary design then head to the Sony camp. They always embrace the utilitarian modern design. Go there and stop complaining.

      • Mumbly

        @Tim: Actually, I know more about the history of design than most other people here! I’m the son of an architect (and architects know indeed a lot about design) and the sense of aesthetics is virtually in my blood. Also, I’ve seen a great part of the camera evolution (I got my first camera in 1978 and haven’t stopped photographing resp. using different sorts of cameras since); so leave me alone with your dull allusions…!

        • caver3d

          Then as the son of an architect you haven’t learned anything.

          • MSP

            +1and LOL (by the way, if your father studied, that doesn’t mean you’re intelligent. Or an architect. Try to have your blood examined, and see if there are traces of some architectural globule)

        • AC2

          @Mumbly Architecture does not equal product design and vice versa. All too often architects think that being part of the profession (or simply being the child of one) makes them arbiters of taste in all other design disciplines. Being an architect does not automatically lend authority to your personal opinions about design. Architects are still susceptible to the whims of fashion, trends, and the marketplace.

          As an architect I hate it when laymen, spouses, children, friends of friends, etc use the profession to lend validity to their own personal opinions about design when they really have no claim to it; especially when its done to invalidate someone else’s opinion.

          And really? you’re going to call out Ive, in the same paragraph where you lament camera design being stuck in the 60s? I’ll give you Starck as being somewhat futurist but all Ive’s done is draw from the well of Dieter Rams (splashed liberally with 80s era Sony) time and time again. Having said that, I do like Apple design but its ridiculous not to admit just how large of an influence 60s design has had on the Apple aesthetic as a whole from the original iMac through today.

          • Zinjanthropus

            Now now… taste is subjective and everyone’s entitled to state what they like. Just because a design is based on a classic notion of beauty doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement.

          • Mumbly


            Please don’t get me wrong! I didn’t want to say that good taste resp. sense of aesthetics is hereditary and/or that architects are THE authority when it comes to design, but they (or at least many of them) have indeed a very pronounced sense of aesthetics. And my brothers and I have been raised in a way to recognize good and bad taste when being exposed to it.

            Some may say that taste is subjective and that there’s no universal conception of good and bad taste. But that’s a common misconception! Actually there IS indeed good and bad taste; there are shapes and/or colours which harmonically match together and some which definitely don’t! There may be variations based on individual taste (e.g. some men like blonde women and other prefer dark haired women), but these are just nuances. Don’t get me wrong here too: I don’t wanna say that the E-P5 is ugly, nor that any other retro styled camera is really ugly, but I was rather critizing the camera manufacturers lack of imagination/creativity. This 1950/60’s style was fine at that respective point of time, but we live in the year 2013 now and things should have evolued in the meantime… Like you say, modern design takes influence in the past and that’s perfectly okay, but copying design from the past is NOT the same as taking influence from the past. Contemporary design has always to remain individual and this particular individuality is exactly what I miss in the design of those retro-styled cameras!

            One last point: I didn’t want to invalidate anyone else’s opinion. Or at least, I didn’t start with it. I just wanted to backlash on Tims’ comment where he wrote that I know nothing about the history of design. I do definitely have a good sense of aesthetics and even if that may sound arrogant, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be proud of this part of my education…!

        • viewfinder memories

          Mumbly. you will know the importance of a viewfinder then. Not just a bolt on $$$extra. but a hole in the back.

    • tom

      Pen-F was a dslr, not a rangefinder.

    • stephen

      i don’t think you can equate this with cars and such.. Photography is an art.. and many enthusiasts want to grow up to emulate the past greats of photography.. all those masters of old carrying around those old little rangefinders … leicas.. etc.. etc…
      In the days of yore, holding a camera in your hand was a big thing. there were no decent point and shoots (i received 11 brownie instamatic cameras for my Bar Mitzvah back in ’65) and no cell phones..
      i think holding a retro camera gives a feeling of ‘purist’..
      and may i also add that i love kitchen appliances… and there are SO MANY RETRO toasters and blenders and food processors its not funny. People like retro stuff.. and of course, when it comes to cameras, the retro styling sets them apart from the hundreds of point and shoots, which all look like little bricks.. They are so boring, that the manufacturers have to produce them in every color of the rainbow to get the buyer’s attention..
      there’s nothing wrong with retro..

      • Mumbly

        > i don’t think you can equate this with cars and such..

        For sure, one can. Of course! Car design has evoluted over the years; sure there are some nostalgics in the car market too who fantasm about hot-rods and vintage cars, but these people are stuck in the past too!

        > Photography is an art.. and many enthusiasts want to grow up to emulate the past greats of
        > photography.. all those masters of old carrying around those old little rangefinders … leicas..
        > etc.. etc…

        That’s just dull sentimentalism resp. dumb nostalgia!

        > In the days of yore, holding a camera in your hand was a big thing.

        It’s still a big thing. I get a excited today when buying a new camera as when I got my first camera in 1978. I’ve had many different kinds of cameras in my hand since then (from Leica-M to large format bellows cameras, medium format cameras, 35mm-SLRs etc.), but holding all the time the same type (design-wise) of cameras in my hands is getting really boring!

        > i think holding a retro camera gives a feeling of ‘purist’..

        I loathe purists! These are people have an elitarian view on photography and who don’t want to open their minds on new developments and trends.

        > People like retro stuff…

        Narrow-minded people like retro stuff. It just like those blokes who get practically in a state of ecstasy when they ride a Harley Davidson. Backward technology for backward people! 

        > and of course, when it comes to cameras, the retro styling sets them apart from the hundreds of point and
        > shoots, which all look like little bricks.. They are so boring, that the manufacturers have to produce them in
        > every color of the rainbow to get the buyer’s attention..

        There, I have to agree with you! Most camera makers don’t seen to care a lot about good design. The last time they did, it was in the 80s when Canon hired Luigi Colani to design their T90 and EOS-cameras and when Nikon hired Giorgio Giugiaro to design their F-series cameras. Since then, no significant progress has been made in terms of camera design. It’s even getting worser. Compare e.g. those digital point-and-shoots from today with those of the early days of DSCs. An Olympus mju 410 digital looks A LOT sexier than actual Olympus point-and-shoots. Even an Olympus C-1400L or Nikon Coolpix 950 looks better than many other actual DSCs…

        • Rinaldo

          Hey Mumbly… the brand new Kodak S-1 is your camera!! It’s soooo modern.. ;)

        • bart

          “These are people have an elitarian view on photography and who don’t want to open their minds on new developments and trends.”


          I think your view on photography is rather ‘elitarian’ actually, and also you seem to not have opened your mind to this trend of retro-styling.

          I’m not at all saying you HAVE to like it, as taste is totally personal, but your rant about design is just totally ridiculous in the light of the standards you are claiming yourself.

        • Anonymous

          Hah! He wrote ‘evoluted’

      • ISO 1638400

        +1. To some, retro equates to shallow. For me, it’s as much about function as it is about form. I too prefer buying retro styled home appliances over the usual utilitarian gloss white/black or chromed plastic fare. I have retro styled kettles and toasters: they not only have that old time character, but are built more strongly than the standard fare. They just feel better made to me (the ones I bought anyway). I also bought a retro styled digital radio with large tactile dials and buttons, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. I appreciate modern designs too, as long as its functionality is retained. Some modern designs go too much on the minimalist theme for me.

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        I think it’s not just the retronomy that people like, but there may be designs that just work, that are somewhat timeless (not really, but have long-lasting appeal maybe?).

        • true homer

          Basically all this means is it doesnt matter if it worls well or if its overpriced or all of those “small” things, what really matter is how pretty YOU look when you use them. Go ahead, call me a troll for saying that (wait, did I say it?)

    • OM-4

      Hipster designers designing cameras? Remember the Pentax K-01? Marc Newson is a fine designer but the K-01 was of the Marc (pun intended).

      However calling in designers from outside the house can be good. Canon T-90 by Colani or the Contax SLRs by Porsche.

      With that said Olympus has a lot of heritage for inspiration. An integrated EVF is due to do the Pen series justice. How many iterations onward with this new chassis?

      BTW, the font is too small. Should be bigger and justified to the right.

      • 2wheel_ted

        Don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to the font. It looks spot-on to me:

        All this whining about a “missing” EVF; why is it so hard to understand that if Oly were to include an integrated EVF, that the line between PEN and OM-D would be blurred from a consumer POV? The more complaining I hear about what this new PEN doesn’t have makes me think people are just closet OM-D fans who have a rectangle fetish.

        From a model range standpoint, I completely understand why Oly did what they did (assuming this rumnor/image is real).

        • ColinH

          People are complaining about it not having an EVF because there’s a lot of people who want a rangefinder styled m43 camera. You may not, and that’s fine, you’re catered for. Great. But I do and by the sounds of it, lots of others too.

          But having an EVF in a camera makes a lot of sense. It may take a few sales away from the OM-D, but how many OM-D sales would they lose compared to how many E-P5’s they’d sell because of it. Not everyone can afford an OM-D.

          Just my thoughts,


          • jackknill


          • 2wheel_ted

            Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I do understand better the “want” you mention for a rangefinder-style body, but if all we’re talking about is a difference in form and packaging (OM slr-style vs. rangefinder style) but with the same sensor and perhaps 5-axis IBIS (not confirmed), than the risk is real for one Oly model to cannibalize sales from another. I’d bet that Oly takes that risk seriously, and perhaps they felt the risk of going non-EVF and having greater distinction between OM-D models and PEN models was more tolerable than the risk of sales competition within their own products.

            Personally, I also think it would be “nice” to have a rangefinder option from Oly, but pragmatically, especially with the success of the OM-D, I can clearly understand why they chose to direction they did with this new PEN.

            Lastly, from what I’ve read (true or not) around the web, plus also looking at historical pricing for the digital PEN line, I bet the 14-42 lens kit model of this new PEN will be $300+/- USD at the very MOST. To include a built-in EVF would put it at, or very close to, parity with the OM-D in pricing (original MSRP, not discounted).

            Or course, final pricing hasn’t been announced, so this is all just supposition.

            • Yes they do take that risk very seriously, so much so that (very unusual for Olympus) they discussed this potential issue with various external consultants.

              I think they are wrong on this. It is possible to create clear differentiation between a PEN with EVF and a in basic features identical OM-D, in shape/looks but much more so in handling and by extension, the photographic techniques and styles both cater to.

              From the looks of the E-P5 picture, they went the other way, and reduced differences in handling, while differentiating more based on features.

              There are 2 things they should be looking at:
              – does a PEN with EVF cannibalize part of the E-M5 market? (it will, but to what extent?)
              – will the combined market share of such a PEN + E-M5 be significantly better then of the E-M5 + viewfinder-less PEN?

              Both the sales of both models and the strategic consideration of total market penetration of the system should be high on their list, I’m convinced they do look at the first but are neglecting the second.

            • AMVR

              As I’ve said before, trying to make an argument about cannibalization within Oly cameras is just nonsense.

              Firstly and most importantly building an EVF into the P-5 would not mean a decrease in OMD sales, there are enough features to differentiate them apart (WS, IBIS, ergonomics,modularization,styling,etc) and enough people that prefer that aesthetic as well. And even if the E-P5 were to steal sales from the OMD you have to consider some issues:

              1.- Whichever OMD sale is lost to the E-P5, that money still goes to Olympus, so there is no loss.

              2.- At the rumored price Oly would actually make a profit by losing OMD sales to the E-P5 since it will be priced more expensively ($1000 with no evf vs 890-990 for the OMD, which HAS evf), so according to the current arrangements Oly will actually loose profits since most sane people are probably going to prefer the OMD over the PEN because of the features vs price difference.

              3.- As I said, prioritizing sales of an already old model over a more expensive newer one is just dumb, even in the worst scenario Oly could (and most likely will) release a Pro OMD to further differentiate both lines if necessary.

              4.- A built-in EVF would only mean trouble for Sony and Fuji, the E-P5 would be more likely to steal sales from the NEX 6/7 and the XE-1 and Pro-1 than the ones from the OMD, in fact it would more likely complement the OMD in this segment.

              So yeah, that argument is just BS spewed by OMD elitists with no logic behind it. What i don’t get is their reason for doing so, it’s not like an EVF in the E-P5 would make their OMD cease to work…It’s all just different ergonomics in the end, why should there be just one type of body for those who need an EVF ? There’s still people who remember that mirrorless was an attempt to get away from the bulk and bumpiness of (d)slrs, why try to go back (GH3 anyone?)?

        • OM-4

          I think you just proved my point about the font but misread what I wrote.

          Oly usually does very balanced design. The fontsize not fonttype is too small. Needs to go up a few points (height and width). On the new Pen it covers a quarter of the width of the body while on the vintage Pen it about 2/5 the width. That’s roughly 15% bigger.

          About diferentation: I think Oly needs a rangefinderesque camera to compete with Fuji/Sony. The difference between an OM-D and the Pen+ would be the 5-axis IBIS. Like the Pen-mini didn’t have the ibis as in the E-P3.

          The Pen series was cute but then Fuji hit a homerun with the X-100. It did struck a chord with the consumer be it hipster or gearfreak.

          EVF in the Pen series would be welcome. If Sony can fit one inside a Nex-6 so can Oly.
          When people cried there was no onboard flash in the E-P1/2, Oly did ad it in the P3. The body grew a bit, though. Now ditch the flash and put in a decent EVF.
          Oly didn’t play out the true retro card and lost there hand.

          Now if Oly needs to open up a new category like a R/S (35RC/RD 35 SP) line so be it if they wish to keep the Pen line simple. Even a fixed 17,5/1.4 would be nice.

          There’s no canabalizing. The money stays with the same company. Now it might go elswhere. It’s good to have choice.

    • ColinH

      I like the retro designs Olympus have come out with, and judging by the number they sell I’m not alone.21st Century tech coupled with classic styling, what’s not to like?

    • michael

      Does it take pictures? Yes? Okay, then STFU.

      The amount of whining that goes an about what a camera (or a cell phone, or a car) is retarded. It’s like crying over the fact that my hammer is the wrong color; as long as it effectively drives a nail, why would I give a crap?

      We’ve reached a ridiculous level of faggotry.

      • Mumbly

        Of course, the design is important too! Maybe it doesn’t contribute directly to make better pictures, but design is definitely an important aspect in the buying decision process!! If design was irrelevant, you could live in a wooden hut resp. shanty too! Hey, you’ve got a roof and some windows – what else do you want/need!?! Same story when it comes to buy a car. If it was only for driving, there wouldn’t be so many different types of cars (sedans, limos, pick-ups, station wagons etc.).

        So design may not be the decisive factor when choosing a new camera and if everything else (image quality, feature set, handling etc.) is fine, one will certainly not refrain from buying the camera just because of its design, but functionality isn’t everything and one is certainly not a retard when putting some importance in the design of the things you’re buying…

      • viewfinder memories

        Ah, But if they changed the shape of your hammer handle or cut it in half you would complain.

    • “Could the camera manufacturers please stop feeding that retrolook-hype once and for all!?! It’s getting pretty boring!”


      It’s fine to put some design elements that remind of those old cameras, but to sacrifice ergonomics because of that is stupid.

      Where does the retro stop, anyway? 1970s? 1930s? 1890s? Are cameras that look like the ones from 1990s retro as well? I’d personally like to have more of 1980s and onwards looking cameras.

      And don’t tell me to go to Sony or Panasonic, the reasons why people hang onto Olympus ILCs, in spite of their styling are well known.

  • c.d.embrey

    Maybe they should drop the Fugley OMD-E-M5 design, and go with the ORIGINAL Pen F design, complete with ORIGINAL style view-finder that is centered on the lens (just like the ORIGINAL). Maybe even go to the ORIGINAL Portrait (verticle) orientation of the sensor. I mainly shoot vertical compositions, so i’d really like that!! also

  • Tim

    Or perhaps the Pentax K01 in yellow. Fit you perfectly.

  • safaridon

    Have you really compared this picture of the EP5 closely with that of the EP3? To my eyes it is essentially the same body in size with only cosmetic changes other than adding the control wheel on the front? Everyone knew it would have the EM5 sensor six months ago and I seriously doubt given the size shown it will have the much better 5 axis IS of the EM5?

    • WT21

      AFAIK, the 5 axis IBIS needs the hump on the OMD for the sensors, so not likely here.

      IF the 17mm 1.8 is included at $999 and IF the AF is much improved (doubting that one) and IF there’s a new EVF that is as good or better than the VF2, but is more compact and locking, then it might be of interest.

      • Frye

        Previous rumor said $1000 price was for body only. Who knows but I doubt they’ll bundle that lens for that price.

      • aqasem

        and if support AVCHD v2.0 them maybe … not for sure just maybe I’ll somehow might be considering it :D

  • ISO 1638400

    Awesome design. Even better than the X-E1. IMO of course. It’s just such a disappointment without the i-EVF. But we knew this ages ago… oh, well. Bundled with the 17/1.8 and after some discounting, it could still be a good purchase.

    A missed opportunity again for Olympus, not finding a way (or a will) to integrate the EVF into the PEN bodies. This would have kept a lot more users in m4/3 and brought a few more in with it. Instead, it’s little improved over an E-PL5, just much better designed, more expensive, but with at least a better standard lens in the form of the 17/1.8, which I hope will get a decent discount as a kit with the body.

    Even with the E-M5 sensor, an E-P5 with 17/1.8 will be more than a match for the current crop of APS-C street/docu/travel/candid photography friendly cameras on the market with 28-35mm equivalent effective focal lengths. What it gives up in small percentages through sensor size, it makes up for with Fast AF, superb image processing and colour rendition, good shadow detail recovery, packaged in a non-intimidating and compact, classic design.

    I have little reason to doubt at this late stage that the image mockup represents the genuine article. It may be photoshopped, but even official product images are. Again, for the ten thousandth time, a real shame and disappointment without the i-EVF. Will be interesting to see how the E-P5 does, even without it. Whether the strength of the PEN RF design and legacy combined with the modern tech and features is enough to carry it as the PEN flagship amidst some increasingly strong competition.

  • Wen

    Probably the most expensive mirror-less body w/o a viewfinder, way to go Oly. Now let’s launch EM7 @ $1200

  • Frye

    Would people really pay that much more for styling? I’d take the EPL5 over that.

    • ISO 1638400

      Depends how much you value it (styling). If not much or not at all, get the less expensive camera with the same or similar internals. It’ll do just fine.

      • Frye

        I value it to a point – but in this case, in light of other products in similar or lesser price range, couldn’t justify it.

  • thephil

    Electronic Viewfinders are OVERRATED and unnecessary.
    Why squint with 1 eye and if you can see 3 inches of screen detail with 2 eyes?
    in fact, framing flexibility/angles is advantage with a screen arm length, instead of the camera glued to your head.

    • Martin

      Due to the exclusion of ambient light, an EVF provides a clearer picture with considerably higher effective contrast than a display on the back can offer. Which makes framing easier, in particular when detail in the shadows matters to the composition. It is as simple as that…

    • Because of a rear display not being very easy to use in bright sunlight (to say the least)

      Because 2 hands + forehead give a lot more stability then 2 hands

      Because it does not disturb the people around me when shooting concert pictures in an otherwise darkish area

      Thats just 3 examples of the many reasons why a VF (electronic or otherwise) can be highly desirable.

    • Photowang

      Legacy glass and M43 adapters.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy composing with my eye to the viewfinder, with the camera plastered to my face, than at arms length, which is a fidgety exercise that is much less precise in my experience. It doesn’t work as well nor feel as good to guerrilla arm a camera.

    • shep

      An EVF is essential to me for proper composition. Not only is it impossible to see a 3″ screen in sunlight, one can’t make a beautiful and careful composition, nor see the contrast, the fine details, whether it’s level, observe the depth of field, see whether a lamppost is growing out of the subject’s head…
      I’ve grown to actually prefer an EVF to a fine pentaprism (OM’s were super) as it shows color balance and under/overexposure effects directly in a way that an optical VF cannot do.
      Go ahead, hold your camera out at arm’s length–there are lots of people who like to do it that way! Not for me, though.

    • viewfinder memories

      Your in fairy land and must look like a dork taking pictures.

  • milkiwei

    I like the frontal control wheel. Hopefully they have not gotten rid of the rear wheel. The wheel around the four-way control on the old EP1 was not that easy to operate.

    I just hope it’s built solid like EP1 as well. Beautiful thing!

    No EVF is not a problem. You can always get an external one if it’s really necessary. I prefer keeping it simple and compact. I just hope that it also has the 5-axis IBIS like EM5. The words are the gyroscope is inside the “pentaprism hump”, and without it, can we still get that 5aIBIS?

    • Pixel-peeping killed me

      There’s no gyroscope in the hump. Since the sensor is floating in an electromagnetic field instead of being moved mechanically as in other sensor-shift IBIS systems, more space is required around the sensor assembly. To make room for this, the electronics associated with the EVF had to be placed above the EVF – hence the hump. Because the E-P5 presumably doesn’t have an EVF, 5-axis IBIS could be implemented without a hump being necessary.

      • viewfinder memories

        The electronics can go anywhere. Even outside if required.

  • ulfjoensson

    Space enough for a VF. This is what Panasonic should have done. Regards Ulf.

  • aqasem

    till now nothing could beat Fuji x100s in overall from oly or Pany :(

    • ISO 1638400

      Fuji X100s is a great camera. I’m also considering it. But an E-P5 with integrated EVF would have made the choice a lot tougher, and probably would sway me to stick with Olympus for the 35mm equivalent focal length. Being able to change the focal length by changing lens should not be underestimated. With the smaller m4/3 cameras and lenses, the extra burden of carrying additional lenses is not much at all. The E-P5 with 17/1.8 plus 45/1.8 would make a great combination for street/travel/docu/candid photography. That would cover most of what I would do, and at a lesser cost than starting afresh with a new system or buying 2-3 fixed prime APS-C cameras. As always, YMMV.

  • Samshootsall

    The shutter has a commander wheel and to the right is the mode dial…the design made me think there’s a evf but then again that’s where the flash is :(
    If the sensors are getting better why use flash?

    • To fill in/soften shadows for example in a backlit scene?

      To get some control over direction of light?

      To get those nice sparkles in the eyes of a model?

      Keep in mind that the popup flash of those cameras can be used to remotely control larger much more capable flashes.

      • samshootsall

        Yes thank you.
        But I was being sarcastic :)

  • Yes, wheel around the four-way control is a problem on all Pen to now, I hope Olympus look to OM-D by this slak wheel thing so is not low-end style on button.

  • ISO 1638400

    If Olympus can offer an external viewfinder as a bonus accessory either as a standard package or through a promotion, it would go some way to lessening the pain of not having an i-EVF. They have offered 4/3 adapters, 15/8 BCL, 45/1.8 as bonuses; I don’t see why they couldn’t offer either an OVF (for those buying the 17/1.8 kit) or an EVF as a bonus too. For those who already have an accessory viewfinder, they could just sell it or keep it as a spare/backup or use it on another compatible camera. C’mon Olympus! Bonus OVF or EVF with E-P5!

  • Alexander

    Hi Oly, we want EVF !


  • Tim F

    simple: i just love the design.
    since the first PEN i was a customer of the “big” Pens, never got warm with the P-Ls and P-Ms. And again this is what i want, a not to small, classic looking Camera with a lot of external controls. i think this will replace my E-P3.

    I know its starts to get boring-but i really would appreciated an internal VF – i dont need one, just would like on in that body-shape… Well maybe i ll get a O-MD when the price drops a bit later as a back up for the E-P5 ;)

    I m kind of curious how the new external VF will look like, if its low profile, and fits to the design i dont need the extra O-MD XD

  • AC

    I personally would love to see a tiltable touchscreen on this E-P5 – it is such a great feature for candid street photography. EVF is great and loved by many but a good tiltable touchscreen like on OM-D is very useful and underrated.

  • AC

    By the way, if this leaked image is real, the silver primes will looks much better on this than on a black E-P3 or black OM-D… I know I know, looks don’t matter etc but isn’t it nice to have a great functioning camera that’s also adorable-looking :-)

    All else being equal, wouldn’t you want a good-looking watch or car instead of ugly ones that “does” the job? :-)

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      Anyone who says looks don’t matter in a camera is a no good. :P By that logic then looks wouldn’t matter in a car, because all it has to do is run well, be reliable. We all know that’s crap. Looks matter in most everything. Having a car whose looks please is very nice; same with a camera (or a toaster or a pair of shoes or a neutered companion animal). There is not often an excuse for a poorly-designed anything. Saying looks don’t matter, it’s just a tool is silly.

  • mark

    That is beautiful. I’d replace my EPL1 with one of those.

  • dents

    is this new EVF the same one that was rumored a quite a while ago? the one that was suppose to be made my epson?

  • Photowang

    Oh man, I have a bad feeling that the VF-5 will be a remake of the VF-1 with a $400+ price tag. That would put it right in line with the VF offerings for the Nikon Coolpix A and Sony RX1.

  • cprevost

    Notice the scroll wheel on the front of the body? If it has that and the thumbwheel on the back it’ll be an ergonomics improvement for sure. Packaged with the new 17 and maybe a new VF this could be a real winner and a good alternative to the OMD.

  • matt jones

    Love the style, like many I hope for tilting screen and 5 axis IBIS, if they can squeeze it in.

    • O


      • MJr

        You’re saying it has the 5-axis IBIS ? That would make it a reasonable choice over the E-PL, if along with better built and controls that is.

  • ctk

    This is so sexy!

  • fishtanks

    This is much much much better looking than E-P1~3!

    • MJr

      It does look much better, but even so the E-P1~3 didn’t look bad at all either, from the front that is. But it was the top and back where it really went wrong.

  • Thats absolute beauty. Nice work Olympus. But its not worth the price when you get the same sensor in the E-pm2.

  • no EVF, no party. You say, there is the OM-D, i say it costs too much. apart Panasonic G5/G6 that are dslr styled, there is no mid level m43 camera with an evf….bah.

    • MJr

      Yeah this would have been their chance to make the E-P line into something more than just slightly improved built quality compared to the E-PL line.

  • ReadingZ

    I will do this for all of us again, it’s been 3 years.



  • xanax

    I’d buy if it has a built-in flash and uses the same batteries as previous Pen cameras. I rarely use an EVF. Hopefully the old VF2 works on this one too.

  • David

    I will buy it. F**k the architect.

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