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(FT5) Panasonic will launch new DFD2 with Artificial Intelligence….likely with the new Panasonic Full Frame camera!


This is how the current DFD works

A trusted source gave us some insights on the new generation of DFD2 autofocus technology with artifical intelligence:

“Panasonic will not use PDAF pixel on their sensors in the near future. Instead they are working on DFD2 with AI – it may also be possible to “train” your camera. Will come in next year.”

I am 100% sure this info is correct. I am yet not 100% sure this feature will be on the new Panasonic Full Frame camera but a source told me that it’s highly likely as he heard the camera has a new “AI” feature!

You can join the new Panasonic Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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