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(FT5) Panasonic showed us incorrect specs! + message from trusted sources for you :)


The specs everybody is talking about are partially INCORRECT!
We from 43rumors can confirm you trough our trusted sources that some specs are completely wrong. Panasonic leaked us a non correct List of G2 and G10 specifications. I am sure that the leaked Panasonic page was just a work in progress page!

And one of my best sources has a message for you: “PS: And tell your visitors the Touchscreen is cool ;-)

  • Well, I for one am hoping that that means the G2 is the true GH1 successor with a proper video mode and improvements over the GH1.

    Also…what’s up with the wheel being moved to the back?! I’ve always perfered the front but most cameras with only one put it on the back and I love that the GH1 didn’t….but now look!

  • pmv

    Thank god, there’s hope.

  • John

    Well I would be realisticly happy with 12MP as long as exillent DR, clean ISO 1600 & great pixel quality. Though Hopeing for MF type quality at low ISOs, & clean 3200.

  • DonTom

    It’s all a logical upgrade, at low cost (to them), about 1 year out from the original. Panasonic need to make some money from the existing investment before they invest in a radical new body I guess. All the ergonomic changes look like modular ones, so we should not expect the body to feel any different from the earlier models.
    Personally, I would spend a bit extra to get the G2 over the G10, because I think the higher resolution video and dedicated movie button is worth it. And there are plenty of “stills only” photographers who will be happy to be paying less on a G10 because they are not interested in video (going by the comments on various forums).
    These are evolutionary, not revolutionary, which is normal, and expected. And obviously their market researchers know that a touch screen will bring some new buyers over to the format. I would expect the pricing gap will be less than that of the G1 and GH1, and the G2 will be cheaper than the GH1. I’ll probably end up with the G2 (moving on from an FZ18 which got stolen), and perhaps add a smaller body later (EPL-1?), if the LX3 isn’t upgraded.
    I don’t think it’s accidental that Panasonic and Olympus are making complementary cameras and lenses, they are deliberately dividing and sharing the 4/3’s market between them. And overall doing a bloody good job. There will be lots more to come over the next 18months!

  • kesztió

    As I can see nobody has noticed a “criminal” issue. The 202K pixels, 1.04× magnification so-called LVF from G10 specs would be a serious step – backward! Even EP–2 has a better one!

    Hope this is one of the “incorrect” parameters…

  • “PS: And tell your visitors the Touchscreen is cool”

    I wonder who ur ‘source’ is….

  • kesztió

    One more thing.

    If somebody wanted a such low-grade EVF would buy the GF-1 – at fraction of price!
    G and GH series target exactly the customers who even accept heavier and bulkier camera for having a really good LVF!

  • jerryk

    AVCHD lite? 12mp? Did I read that right? It’ll be a good camera, I’m sure, but going up against the Canon T2i, with full HD and 18 MP, it had better be around $650. The Canon with lens is around $900. Why would anyone spend an equal amount for what appears to be so much less? Is Canon’s quality so bad that an inferior spec camera by Pana is a better buy? Am I missing something? Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic; is there something that would make the g2 and g10 better buys? I’m so confused.

  • Agent00soul

    Kesztió, how do you know the GF-1 is a fraction of the G10’s price. I’m fully expecting the G10 will be cheaper than the GF-1 plus you don’t have to pay extra for the EVF.

  • kesztió

    202K dots and 1.04× magnification is almost useless. Better have no (or optional external) EVF and smaller body.

  • Agent00soul

    I reckon the G10 is intended as a Samsung NX10-killer and will compete with the Samsung on price. Note the similarity in name and that they now have a cheaper lens (the 14-42) to compete on price. Also note that the Samsung too has a lower spec EVF.

  • kesztió

    Anyway, if the G10 had a good LVF it would fit for my needs. But I prefer not to pay even one single eurocent for such a garbage LVF with 202K dots and 1,04× magnification. Better pay a bit more for G2 or wait for GF-2…

  • BornBad

    Usable live view with articulated screen is very nice + view finder still there.
    Smaller and lighter than 5xxD but nicer to handle (my opinion).
    18mp sensor with that canon kit lens=useless.

    By the way. the new Pana cams have same amount of physical buttons.
    So why not just wait what the touch-thingy brings.
    Could be nice to tip on “ISO” for example and change the value by rotating the wheel.

    Better DR and a video mode (720p is OK for me) is all i wanted from G1. So whats so terribly wrong with G2 if price is OK?

  • Boris

    Have you noticed “SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 3.1 SE”

    not 3.0 and not 4.0 (no version for Mac yet :-( )

  • fuujin

    720p is fine for me, but 30fps and/or weak code isn’t.

    550D is looking nicer to me…

  • AT

    Although some specifications may be incorrect, I believe its appearance will somehow repeat the failure of G1, especially when comparing its sales volume with the design of GF1. If it is just a G1 with the addition of video capability and touchscreen, it is definitely sure that it gives more rooms for Olympus and other brands in grabbing the market share.

    I dislike the plastic finishing of G1 so much (the back of my LCD screen gets many scratches and the residual of sweat from my face already).

    I do wonder why Panasonic not working harder to compete in the mid-end market, as the picture quality is quite impressive, please have a more solid design on the body material, and better dynamic range with its new sensor? In addition, why can’t it help manual focusing by magnifying the center portion of the image, instead of the whole picture?

    Panasonic, please think more about what users need, and how your products can compete with other brands.

  • Nobody has mentioned the most important difference to the G1: We have seen only one colour, black and only black.

    To me that somewhat implies that the G2/G10 will move downmarket, towards people caring more about price and less about colours (who wants them colourful has to pay more for a GF or GH or whatever).

  • neil mann

    I have a blue G1 which I am very happy with but like another poster here I do miss the video all in one option. Therefore the G2 maybe the answer. Does anyone know the main differencies between the G2 and G10?

    Also is there any news on colours? I love the Blue of the G1 and hope they still offer this with the G2?

    Also is that a new 14-42 video lens on the G2? Or ?

    I am hoping to go to the Focus Imaging show at the NEC on Tuesday so hope to see the G2 in the flesh as it were.

  • Boris

    neil man, since we don’t know all specs yet I can only guess, and one of the differences between the cameras might be the resolution of EVF.

  • Luke

    Disappointing. Another ugly giant plastic camera. And who exactly wants these touchscreens? When that fails, I’m sure the repair will cost more than the camera.

    Next design, please.

  • kesztió

    @AT: “In addition, why can’t it help manual focusing by magnifying the center portion of the image, instead of the whole picture?”

    As far as I know, any recent, manual focusing capable Lumix camera can be set to magnify the center portion of the image.
    Just try to find it in settings.

  • AT


    I know the centre portion can be magnified to 10x, occupying the whole LCD screen. What I really need is, only the centre portion of the screen is being magnified, with a square in the middle of the screen, while having the 1x full frame picture in the background. This is exactly the way Sony EFP video camera operates.

  • Carlos

    ADMIN….seems that your sources are very hard to squeeze…they only give minor details…touchscreen…then….wrong spces….why not give us some accurate specs at least about the sensor?….

  • Boris

    Something about the sensor?
    Not too encouraging I am afraid.
    I compared the sensor sizes (in pixels) of G2 with G1 and GH1 at different aspect ratios, and found that the sensor of G2 (according to provided specs) looks as if the same as the one in G1 but not in GH1!
    We still do not know if they are the same or the one in G2 is a brand new (I kind of doubt it), but we do know that it is not as the one in GH1.

  • Eric

    The specs I was ok with…the product designs, not so much :-/

  • Duarte Bruno

    Seing ISO 6400 is in the specs there are two possibilities:

    1 – A new sensor.

    2 – Panasonic went back to a conservative ISO rating.

    I hope it’s 1 and not 2.

    About these leaked specs: THEY ARE A MESS!
    Right now it’s too confusing to reach any conclusion or even figure out the segments they intend.
    If your sources do know the real specs then SPIT THEM OUT (even as if only a delta between the G2 and G10K) otherwise the confusion around these half baked leaks adds more noise to the discussion than ISO 10000.

  • Ole

    Whats with the LX3 successor? Aren’t there any rumors about it? I’m very disappointed. I don’t want a dslr looking non dslr. Whats the advantage of this G2/G10 according to a much better and not very bigger Canon Eos.

  • marcram

    I too wish that Panasonic would change their look of the slr-type of cameras. I think they could use some robust rubber grip on metal. I do like the ergonomic changes they have made and think that touch screen, when given as an option, is a step in the right direction. I like others think that the T2i is a great camera, but still don’t want the mirror or the bulkier design. In fact, many venues will be hesitant to let you take an slr-looking camera into their establishment. That is why I think Olympus designs so far and the GF1 are so slick. Something of a hybrid between those and the slr-looking cameras (G1, GH1, G2, G10). Something like a micro 4/3 version of the the DMC-L10K perhapse. I was dissapointed that the E-P2 was the E-P1 shell, but I can only imagine GH2 users getting the fifth generation (or implementation) of the same body. Here is to hoping the E-P3 is a new design as well. All that being said, I bet the GH2 will be an awesome camera even with the current body design. To be a game changer, it will have to have the video capability of the T2i with the articulating touchscreen LCD offered in the G2. Throw in global shutter and 1080 60p and it will be the best hybrid camera to date.

  • jt

    Canon introduces the equivalent of a baby 7D with the T2i. Olympus introduces a camera very similar to the EP2 and adds a pop up flash and only charges $599 for the kit. The T2i in particular is a game changer. If a consumer goes into a store and sees a T2i next to one of these and looks at a chart with the specs listed do you honestly think they’ll pick up one of these instead? The price on these is going to have to be very favorable to sway the consumer, because unlike the GF1 these don’t have a stylish look working in their favor- and favorable pricing is something that Panasonic has often been loathe to do. And for the longest time they could get away with it because they built game changing cameras, cameras like the FZ50 or LX3. Same goes for the GF1 20mm f1.7 kit. But these two cameras- I don’t see how Panasonic is going to get away with charging more than $599 and $699 for these. I could be wrong and these could sell like hotcakes- though I wouldn’t be interested in these, even at that price.

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