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(FT5) Panasonic GH3 has Focus peaking!


Yesterday Sony announced the new NEX-5R (Click here) and one of the features of the Sony NEX cameras is the “Focus Peaking”. According to tops sources Panasonic is going to implement that feature on the new Panasonic GH3! The video I posted on top shows you how it works. Great news I would say!

P.S.: Some Panasonic camcorders like the 90-series has the Focus Assist feature (Here is the description page)

These are the FT5 info about the GH3 for now: New 16 megapixel sensor, 72Mbit/s ALL-I recording, new bigger and more rounded body, weather sealed, battery grip available, WiFI, application support and backup service, focus peaking.

  • Gekopaca

    That’s a great new!
    I hope it will work with alternative manual focus lenses, won’t it?

    • Doffer

      Yeah i’m sure it does since the camera only needs to show the user where it detects the greatest variation in contrast in the current scene.

    • mpgxsvcd

      We asked. They listened. Keep the great news coming. All that is left on my list is 1080p @ 120 fps. However, 720p @ 120 fps will probably do just fine. I am buying the GH3.

      • SteveO

        Price no object?

        • mpgxsvcd

          Essentially yes. I can make all of the money back with the videos I shoot with it.

        • I imagine 120fps will be possible but perhaps not for longer than 30 seconds or so (fine with me). As I said before, a couple of pro audio jacks and the rest of our greedy wish list and this camera is a go!

    • Duarte Bruno

      This will be the new benchmark for CSC video. IT HAD TO HAVE focus peaking to be a serious video camera.

      Now, why did they do it? Because Sony did it too. :P I suspect that if the NEX line hadn’t implemented it a while ago we would still be here asking for it. :(

      • MikeH

        Speculation and conjecture only, Duarte. Unless you have some facts to back it up, which you don’t.

        • Anonymous

          Do you have some facts to back up that statement?

        • Duarte Bruno

          Except for the benchmark part for which the GH2 is the running proof, of course it’s speculation, did you notice my use of the word “SUSPECT” ?

          • MikeH

            So if it doesn’t have focus peekaboo then the GH3 will be a comical video camera?

            • Duarte Bruno

              Exactly! ;)

              Joking aside this is something that is a boon not only for video (where it’s so fundamental that almost every backyard manufacturer of external external monitors implements it in some form) but also for photography and if it really makes it’s way into the GH3 then all of a sudden most of my new NEX envy is gone, even though I have to recognize the NEX 6 to be a monster camera that will do in the market what the NEX 7 didn’t…

              The problem is that manufacturers like to protect their businesses (auto focus lenses) and anything that promotes the use of legacy glass instead of their own products is not welcome by the commercial department… :(
              Which I believe is kind of stupid, because those with the money to buy AF lenses will buy them anyway…

              Now look at Sony… They needed to build a user base of NEX cameras in a mostly nonexistent new lens system. What better way to drag people into their bodies than promoting other glass those people already owned?

  • Bronica

    Woohoo! GH5 with IBIS and it is a perfect camera! Please Panny! Think of the MfT-System – most lenses are without OIS! Even some of your best lenses! I’m not married with my OMD… And: Peaking is an important stepp for me towards your cameras.

    • kesztio

      The Oly 75/1,8 is the only MFT lens which really would require IBIS in Panny bodies.

      • Bronica

        In dark conditions every lens requieres stabilization – or a tripod. Also the 1,7/20, 1,4/25, 1,8/45… and so on. Even the 0.95/25.

        The resolutions of this cameras and lenses are so high, that a form of stabilization is absolutely necessary.

        I don’t like tripods.

        • Bronchitis

          Stop drinking so much caffeine and smoking so many cigarettes and you will have IBIS. Also Tai chi or Yoga will help you. Thanks.

          • CuriousBenjamin

            Little ironic don’t you think? Considering your username?! ;)

          • IBIS enables night shooting at low ISO with fast lenses. I’ve done street shooting walking about with the OM-D and 12/2, 25/1.4, 45/1.8, 75/1.8 and Voigtlander 17/0.95. I can almost always keep the ISO at 800 and below, and in many cases (with the 17/0.95 and 12/2) can keep it between 200 and 400.

            I can shoot interiors with the 7-14 at base ISO..places such as churches or my state capitol building that don’t allow tripods. Before getting the OM-D, I needed to use ISO 1600. Having the ability to shoot at base gives me a much higher quality file to start from, which is great.

            I shoot with both the OM-D and the Panny GX1, but I miss the IBIS when I’m out shooting in dim light with the GX1. Of course, for dedicated landscape shooting and such, I always have my tripod.

            • Bronica

              + 1.000!

        • erere

          The IS only helps in dark conditions if your subject is static or dead , the mFT cameras are much smaller and lighter { maybe you noticed}than DSLR cameras. So you do not need a huge tripod to get support. There are plenty of small flexible supports such as the gorilla pod or bean bags which weigh very little. I use the Gorilla Pod Hybrid for my mFT gear it weighs in at 270g easily fits in a pocket and can be attached to nearly anything, even for my D800 I have the Gorilla Pod Focus which works very well even when I have my 14-24 or 24-70 mounted on it.

          I am not discounting the fact that IS can be helpful in some conditions , just pointing out that the circumstances are much narrower than some would have us believe. As ISO performance is slowly improving on mFT the advantages of IS are actually becoming less useful. With a bit of careful NR I am happy to use my latest mFT gear at 3200 ISO. I am comfortable using my 25mm handheld at 1/15th .3200 ISO at f1.4 and 1/15th goes pretty deep into the murk. However as my main interest in low light shooting is indoor social situations where I typically shoot living people who are apt to move the benefit of IS is of little importance.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Plenty of situations where you can’t attach camera to some object or put it near ground level because that would cause change content of image or put some obstructions in front of camera.
            Though for some plant close ups/macros Gorillapod should work very well.

        • roger48

          So turn up the ISO or get a flash.

          • Bart

            Turning up the ISO will cause more noise, which might not be acceptable. You might also already be at the limit of the usable range and not be able to up the ISO.

            A flash changes the lighting conditions, which at times is desirable, at other times completely spoils the image.

            Sorry but neither is a good alternative for image stabilization (just like image stabilization isn’t a good alternative for higher iso+faster shutter or flash usage)

        • Bronica

          @bronchitis: thanks for the suggestions! ;-) Yoga seems tob be a good solution, I’ll try it. But I don’t want to miss the alcohol…

          @erere: I’m not holding the 25mm at 1/15th safely. And I compared the resolution of lenses with and without IBIS: in my every day-photography ( often streetphotgraphy) there is a significant difference. Alos between PEN and OMD with IBIS on. I think a good IBIS expands the possibilities of a camera very much.

          In the film era a friend of mine complained about the weakness of his Telezoom. We put the Camera on my huge Manfrotto/ UNILOC tripod and the Lens was two classes better… In fact there more “good” lenses than most people think.

          Thanks for the Gorilla-Pod-hint, I’ll try it.

    • James

      Panasonic will NEVER EVER have IBIS but that doesn’t seem to stop people asking for it on every Panasonic thread for every new camera. It’s getting a little tired.

      • Bronica

        Yes, I’m also tired. But I like the Lumix-Cameras. And: They hold a patent for IBIS. They just have to use it.

        I left Canon because of the missing IBIS.

        But – your right: we discuss here about focus peaking. Let’s wait, how accurate the new focus peaking really is.

        • roger48

          Oh dreary me, yet more bollocks about IBIS. Why are people so obsessed that IBIS will be the answer to all their photograpic problems. Of the major DSLR and mirrorless m43 systems, three use IBIS and three do not. I just cannot see why one can be significantly better than the other.

          I use both, Sony Alpha and Panasonic and to be honest if I had no stabilisation at all, I would not care. I know when the camera need some support.

          • Mr. Reeee

            IBIS, schmibis, learn to handle a camera, fer cryin’ out loud. It’s basic technique, people. ;-)
            I have 2 lenses with OIS and it causes as many problems as it “solves”.

            With focus peaking, a wider dynamic range sensor and higher resolution EVF and LCD, so it seems the GH3 may have the biggest feature upgrades I was looking for.

            • Being able to focus a manual lens quickly and accurately is more important than whether it’s stabilized or not. If you could have both, all the better but I’ll take any features that improve manual focusing over stabilization.

              • Bart

                No doubt it is more important for you, but that doesn’t make it a general truth for photography, rather not actually, since the very large majority of photographers use auto-focus most of the time.

                • Bart, of course you’re right in that it’s a personal preference. Focus peaking, high resolution viewfinders and IBIS can all be useful features for those of us using legacy glass. Usually we can’t have it all though, so we have to make choices based on our own, personal shooting style.

            • @MrReee if you’re as stable as you think without IBIS, imagine how astonishing you would be WITH. The Oly IBIS is fantastic. I havent heard anyone who has used it at length disagree and I don’t know of anyone who would prefer the camera without. Even you, the self-proclaimed Man of Stone would benefit. Just because you don’t think YOU need it, doesnt make it pointless for everyone.

            • Anonymous

              No kidding. My battery on my GF-1 lasts and lasts but the IBIS sucks the battery in no time in the EM-5. I could care less about IBIS because it is not needed and it adds volume to the camera as well. I suppose some people also must have spell checking because they can’t spell.

              • pdc

                Good point.
                Tripods are really essential in macro, long telephoto, and video.
                Hand-held shake can be offset by being conscious of it, using wider apertures and higher ISO, but there is no denying that IBIS can make up for poor technique. However, tripod shots are often better with OIS or IBIS turned off.

                • Duarte Bruno

                  Unless you are using a 300mm below 1/200s which more often than I wished is happening to me.

            • bart

              I see, so you are able to handhold 0.5sec without any kind of vibration?
              It also never occured to you that people might have a disability preventing ultra-stable handholding?

              Learn the basic courtesy of looking a little bit beyond your own situation:-)I

          • Esa Tuunanen

            That’s because Canon, Nikon and Panasonic are using tech which is result of film era, just like you Roger.
            Minolta (now Sony), Olympus and Pentax lacked legacy tech so they went path allowed by digital tech.

            > I just cannot see why one can be significantly better than the other.
            Isn’t there some kind of saying that the best camera is the one you have with you when you need to take that one time only situation photo?
            Same for stabilization. Stabilization not in the lens you’re using at the moment is no use of.
            IBIS doesn’t even prevent using In Lens IS if it works better in some situation.
            And sensor rotation can be used for compensating rotation of earth for allowing many times longer exposures without stars blurring to trails. (feature Pentax has with their GPS+compass module)

            Sure stabilization for every lens you might put in front of the camera isn’t so needed for that street shooting at mid day or with that excessive street lightning damned by every astronomer.
            But not every one is interested in those virtual realities called as cities and in nature you can’t often select lightning and even less control it.
            Many of you are so obsessed with small size and hyping convenience of it but then when there’s technology which would allow you to get away without tripod in more situations you’re suddenly against it. Now where’s the logic in that?

            • I don’t think there are that many that are against IBIS. I certainly need convincing explanations to become anti-IBIS and so far my opinion has not flinched. Therefore, IBIS is a welcome addition.


              On the field I, like many others, don’t miss it all that much. Of course, there are always those niche photographers that allegedly always shoot with non-stabilized lens in specific conditions where IBIS is badly needed. yeah, ok. Fine. I’m not that sensible after all I guess, because I still I just don’t think its a game changer at all. This is not to say that it cannot be useful. I just would not immolate myself, no matter if GH5 comes with or without.

              I know my opinion is far from universal, because on every Panasonic rumors, there is always one genius that will open a thread on IBIS. can’t we just move on?

              • ozymandias

                Watch in two weeks the gh3 is announced with ibis and oly fanboys proceed to immolate themselves.

                As I actually don’t know many budget photojournalists prowling the lamplit streets of Istanbul snapping tack sharp photos of drug and sex trafficking with their EM5s, I have yet to witness it’s usefulness.

                • I’m not worried, fan boys of any allegiance will always weasel out to conveniently diss out whatever others does.

                  Speaking of Turkey, being a Pastis lover, I got to try Raki one day!

                • The Real Stig

                  I doubt that. All the Panasonic fanbois didn’t commit seppuku when it turned out the E-M5 really didn’t have a Panasonic sensor, and that it was made by Sony.

            • Bart

              Sony/Minolta actually has a very substantial film legacy. They introduced the first successful AF capable film SLR (which I have, and yes, I can still buy new Sony branded lenses and use them on this camera), and a rather significant series of film SLRs ranging from beginner to pro models, all film and all very relevant at their time.

              One could even argue that Minolta is primary responsible for the broad acceptance of SLRs for amateur use due to their X700.

              Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to say, because suggesting that Minolta (and by extension Sony) has no film legacy is totally absurd.

            • Well said, the ignorance flowing around on these rumour sites is incredible. Such a hostile community.

            • +1 Well said.

      • Darko

        Ok, Panasonic never use IBIS in G/GH/GX series, but they use it in camcorders

    • CobyD

      Someone should run a scorecard for how many posts into each GH3 we can get before some idiot asks for IBIS.

      It’s Not Going To Happen … get over it.

      • roger48

        Quite, see below for the new In Bottom Image Stabilisation and Open Mouth Bull Shit shutter!

      • If you don’t ask, how can we expect to get.

        • Bronica

          +1. And Panasonic has not the strongest position in the camera business. They should listen to the markets wishes.

          The LX7 for example is a good camera. But we hoped for a bigger sensor. Now: Sony rules with the RX100.

          Next year. I’ll replaxe my LX3. And it’s will be not the LX7 unless it costs less than 300 Euros.

          Praise: I think the FZ200 is te best Superzoom on the market. But Panasonic has to communicate theyr customers, why this package ist the best: 2,8, Zoomrange, 12 MP… They have to do a little bit more than Canikon who sell Cameras very easy with their famous brands.

          • Bart

            Listening to the market wishes sounds good, but on average, the market wishes come down to including every possible feature (and ensure they don’t interfer with anything) and making it free of cost.. The market wishes are often not realistic at all, especially not on sites like this, but, those wishes are of course an indication of what people might find important.

            Coming up with a good concept that creates a market desire is usually much much more effective then following ‘market wishes’.

  • kesztio

    And presumable all new G5 features (touchpad, lever function, orientation sensor etc.) as well.

    • io

      Don’t forget the electronic shutter! :D

  • Great news. I just hope to see this feature in all of the future cameras, not only on the pro-ish m43’s

    • Pavlo

      legacy lenses are often for tough budget guys. Those need affordable bodies (whole range: GF, GX & G)

    • jim


      Hope this becomes de-facto in m43!

  • Mal

    That’s it. I’m sellin’ my bloody EM5. Olympus you can rot in hell…

    • erere

      My friend you are dicing with death lol , if you offend the Olympus fans your life could be in serious peril

      • Fish

        Argh Mal, I am so mad at you right now! How dare some stranger on the Internet have a different opinion on a product (that I don’t own any stock in) than I do. Your impotent rage against Olympus has now sparked my impotent rage against you! Perilous indeed!

        Is that what you were hoping for? I can understand the criticisms directed at the camera companies, but what do you gain by making fun of other enthusiasts?

      • Mal

        erere, I *am* an Olympus fan just wishing / hoping that Olympus would put focus peaking into the EM5. I wont be selling my EM5 but I am annoyed that it has not already been done.

  • just got a NEX for that feature, and thought about dropping m4/3 for good. Now if the GX-2 gets focus peaking, I might maintain both systems…

  • ulli

    no experienxe with Sony’s focus peaking, but after intensive testing the peaking on my Ricoh GXR my opinion is that the value of it depends on the kind of shooting, and for my style(I always shoot wide open with fast lenses for model photography) its not accurate enough. I used the CV Nokton 50 1.1 alot where normal magnified focusing gave far better results then peaking. So for me its useless.

    • kesztio

      It depends on implementation. Not a bad thing anyway.

    • KinoZig

      Magnified focus work well with manual lens for still or at the begining of a video shot. But not during the video shot : so focus peaking will be a great help when shooting moving subject in video

      • ulli

        i forgot about video totally… are right, it should be most usefull there.

  • Yun

    I rather prefer global shutter then focus peaking although both are important in this new generation of cameras .
    IBIS is a must for Pana in order to occupy Zuiko lenses .
    A Sony / revolutionary sensor will be winning formula if Pana can acheive what is mentioned above .

    • Narretz

      Two different beasts … one is a simple software implementation, the other one is a complicated hardware and software change.

  • kokkok972

    Do you think that previous cameras can get this function with a software update? This would great as I own some legacy lenses and often get some missed shot

    • Esa Tuunanen

      When they can try to sell you new camera?
      No chance.

  • RS

    Enjoy focus peaking while Apple doesn’t patent it. ;-)

  • I didn’t actually think it we’d see it on m4/3. One of my favourite features from the NEX range. It’s especially useful for macro or any other close up work with a shallow depth of field in the photo.

    • SteveO

      It’s amazing how stubborn comapnies can be about implementing something as apparently inexpensive and simple as focus peaking. That it took Panny this long is surprising, Olympus still holding out simply amazing.

      As for Panny’s refusal to implement Ibis, plain ridiculous. Why would any manufacture not implement a feature when this results in driving buyers to their competition?

      • roger48

        Exactly what competion can people go to? Well, let us see, there is Sony Alpha, Olympus and Pentax. Err that’s it. Canikon both use in lens IS. Steveo, where are you going to go?

      • CuriousBenjamin

        I agree but I suspect now that Panasonic has included it in its pro’ish camera, Olympus will follow suit. My guess anyway…

      • Olly

        “Inexpensive and simple” it may seem, patented it may have been too. It’s amazing what picking a competitor’s ideas, however “inexpensive and simple”, can cost a company.

        As for Panasonic’s not implementing IBIS, that’s quite simply been their strategy for years: it allows them to charge a bit less for the bodies, and more for the tele lenses that their customers will not buy from Olympus. The customer may loose out a bit in their choice of lenses, they won’t.
        Not to mention that they have built up extensive experience with optical stabilisation with their whole line of digicams over the years and can easily capitalise on that.

        • roger48

          There has been a new press release from Panasonic as follows:-

          “Senior management at the Panasonic Camera Division have been monitoring the 43rumours website and are shocked to realise that the entire existing range of Panasonic G cameras and lenses are effectively hobbled by the fact that we have not been using IBIS. We have decided, therefore, to scrap the entire G series range of cameras and lenses and introduce the revolutionary GHIBIS camera with a new 10-500mm f2.8 lens with full weather sealing (note: it is fixed to the camera so it cannot leak)

          The new camera is coupled with a built in tripod and the new OMBS automatic shutter.

          The new camera is simple to operate, stick it up your arse for stabilisation, you are the tripod, open mouth bull shit appears.”

          It is rumoured that the new camera will sell for only £100!

          • Duarte Bruno

            No WiTFi? I won’t buy it… it’s useless.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yeah, I do a lot of macro shooting, so it will be interesting to see how focus peaking compares to magnified focus assist in those situations.

      • AJW

        Why not have both? It is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities. You’d have the best of both worlds then.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Both magnified focusing assist and focus peaking are pure software so should be trivial to have setting for changing between them.

      • Jeesh people, learn how to focus a camera without assist. It’s a basic technique for cryin’ out loud. I’m commenting on a rumour website so you know I’m a legit photographer!

  • Finally. Focus peaking and a high resolution EVF are both very useful for increasing the percentage of accurately focused shots with legacy glass. I’m hoping that the EVF is good enough to be able to focus some of the time without using peaking or having to enlarge a portion of the frame. Then you could resort to focus peaking and/or focus assist only in tricky conditions (lower contrast, shallow depth of field,…).

    • Mr. Reeee


      Since the majority of the lenses I prefer to use are manual, both will be a boon for me! Focus peaking should be great for street shooting, when zone focusing won’t work well.

  • nicwalmsley

    Keep breathing people

    • @Bjorn
      Exactly in these conditions the focus peaking may have problems. But anyways, it is always a must since the camera monitors are small (hi res does not help).

      • Actually, Sony’s peaking feature is quite good at picking out in focus areas of low contrast scenes. It’s often the high contrast scenes that are the most problematic, overwhelming the framed image with shimmering outlines making it difficult to see the area you’ve focused on.

  • Second great news for two days: sure they are listening us :).

    • @ Bjorn
      Didn’t have a NEX – good to learn about the high-contrast issues, sanx.

  • Jorginho

    Does it do this when filming. When it becomes murkier it is difficult to manual focus while filming so I wonder.

    Does the cam have incamera HDR? G5 has it, or am I mistaken?

  • that is great! does the peak also perform while filming?

  • Incessant Troll

    i wonder if the gh3 will cost the same as the d600. rumor is it could be as low as $1500. that would be a bigger fu to high end m43 than the 1 series ever was

    • +1

      • @Troll
        For the same price D600 will have a fraction of features of GH3.

    • roger48

      Which will cost $1,600? And how do you know since neither camera has yet been announced, only rumoured.

  • Wow, this is great news – I have the feature on my AF101 and its really useful. Seems like the GH3 has some features we really missed on the OMD. Might get this eventually.


    • roger48

      Nice to see your pictures, worthy but very dull. Better than mine though, mine are worthy but crap.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Roger. I don’t mind the criticism, I want to get better so I appreciate an honest view. It would be nice if you would elaborate a little.

        • roger48

          Just jesting. Everybody’s pictures are better than mine.

  • Focus Peaking means great things for the GH3,
    – cheap lower resolution monitors could be used for nailing absolute focus for applications such as Crane, overhead shots etc.
    – ENG operators don’t have to use the viewfinder to get fast focus confirmation
    – If it can be adjusted, it could really aid in accurate follow focus, eliminating focus markers.

  • well, GH3 sounds great so far!

  • I haven’t seen anyone asking for zebra in cameras. Video guys, is zebra just a gimmick?

    • Sean Nelson

      My Panasonic HC-X900M camcorder has zebra striping and I find it to be very useful. It’s a lot less obtrusive when setting manual exposure than a histogram which covers part of the image.

  • Tinta

    Just asking: is there anybody out there using wifi on their cameras? Isn’t it slow?

  • st3v4nt

    Olympus watch and learn, hopefully using firmware upgrade, if you want Us to upgrade EM-5 to EM-6 just to have this function you sure are too greedy…but seeing you make Us buy those expensive lens hood…I’m not holding my hope too high….:-)

    • Miroslav


      But judging from the next post, it seems they’re not listening.

  • awaler

    Please consider what technological masterpiece a proper lens hood is.
    IBIS and focus peaking are childs play compared to such a feat.

  • safaridon

    Thanks for all the news of specs like focus peaking etc but what about some pictures or leaked renditions? Remember the excitement about the buildup to the EM5 was more about what it would really look like than its actual specs outside of new IBIS & sensor? This rumor says larger body? Is this larger than GH2 or G5 reference? Also is the new weatherproofed body all metal or plastic with seals? I really think the body may be a weathersealed G5 one with more features or why an all new G5 body after only 1 year when G3 was doing fine and the reference to more rounded DSLR body fits the G5 description.

    • That’s an interesting speculation; that the GH3 body is derived from the G5. Certainly Panasonic used this tactic with the original G1/2 and GH1/2 while the G3 was a departure from that strategy.

      Still, given that Panasonic has stated that they will “aim for a high end camera” and will “define more clearly what GH and GX means,” I think they will seek to differentiate the GH3 more from the mid-range G5. Having the same basic body shape would make product differentiation more difficult.

      We shall see.

  • Panasonic would be foolish NOT to include three zebra settings. They are indispensable for monitoring highlight clipping in situations where you do not have an external light meter and or the time to use it, or have to control exposure in other than Matrix setting.I use focus peaking all the time when using continuous lights for video to avoid clipped important highlights.I have my cam set at 100%zebra to monitor the top to values (zones IX & X) Obviously, the wider a system’s DR the less need for zebras.

    • roger48

      Err what?

  • Max

    Very cool. A real necessity. How many times you thought you were tack sharp from the mini display, only to find out later in PS you are soft. Any easy and cheap feature to implement in software.

    • bart

      Too bad focus peaking isn’t overly accurate either.

      • ulli

        its great if you need to manual focus quickly in situations where critical focus is not a priority, especially when stopping down the lens.

        • Bart

          Absolutely, but when people start talking about tack sharp, they tend to be in the territory of ‘critical focus’, and not just at the level of ‘within the available DOF’.

  • pn

    It’s funny how such a trivial little software feature like “Focus Peaking” can become a headline news… just because it’s not implemented in many cameras for no obvious reason.

  • Excellent. Focus peaking will help my bad eyes see things straight. I’ve been stymied so many times by my eyeglasses thinking things were in focus when they weren’t.

  • Miroslav

    Great news. Pana’s on the right track. Hopefully all those features will trickle down in next generation lower end models.

  • Did we get a price yet on this reportedly fantastic camera? Presumably Admin will be in Köln (seems to be his territory) and will report to us directly within three weeks. I’m interested in the body only. Will it be available in January? (Panny is slo-mo, can’t rush it).

    • S

      I’m guessing $1500 body only for this camera.

  • Hasan

    Focus peaking is one of my first priorities in any camera.
    I work as a focus puller on big cameras. DSLRs made my life harder since the Canon 5dmII hdmi out(for my monitor) goes into a very bad resolution while recording which makes it completely rubbish to pull focus especially with that extreme narrow depth of field.

    So if and only if the GH3 came with a nice peaking function (blue/red with color% like the big cameras)…. I think I might change my whole kit to m4/3s.

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