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Roundup of the competition rumors (NEX-5R announced, Fuji X-E1, Nikon V2)


Olympus will announce two PEN cameras and Panasonic the new GH3. But there is a lot more to come from the competition and it’s time to sum them up in one post:

Sony just announced the Sony NEX-5R (more info here). And the NEX-6 is coming on September 12th (pictures here).

Fuji is going to announce a “cheap” X-E1 camera (more at MirrorlessRumors). Specs:

  • Same 16MP sensor as in the X-Pro1 (with max ISO of 25,600)
  • 6 fps
  • Light magnesium body
  • Improved AF speed
  • Price: bellow $1000
  • To be released before Christmas
  • Same video recording capabilities as the X-Pro1
  • Mic input
  • EVF only (not hybrid as the X-Pro1)
  • Two colors: black and silver
  • Pull 25 ISO to simulate Velvia in JPEG mode

Also the Nikon V2 will be announced soon (more at MirrorlessRumors).

A new Leica ME should be also announced in two weeks (More at MirrorlessRumors).


Is there something you like from the list? And there is still no rumor about future Canon EOS-M cameras.


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