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(FT5) Panasonic GF6 and Panasonic G6 coming on April 9th (6-7am London time).


Eidtor’s note: I know it’s April fools day but this is a real rumor :)

According to multiple sources Panasonic will have an announcement next week on Tuesday April 9th at around 6-7 am London time. Be sure to be on 43rumors by that hour to follow the announcement with all news and reviews.

Panasonic will launch two new MFT cameras, the Panasonic GF6 and the Panasonic G6. Both cameras will not use any new kind of sensor (they will use sensors already seen in other Panasonic models). But all the rest will be improved like AF speed and Image processor power. And both will have a more high end look and feeling.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Nawaf

    So GH3 sensor tech will be used then?

    • spam

      They might use the G5 sensor, the GX1 sensor or the GH3-sensor. Only Panasonic know for sure. My guess would be the GH3-sensor, at least for the G6. Olympus is using their best sensor in all models and Pansonic should do the same to stay competitive.

    • No G6 in April sorry.

      • Bob

        And you know this how?

        I’m hoping “no new sensor” for the G6 means the GH3 sensor, and not the same old G5 / GH2 sensor. If it is the same as the GH3, a G6 may be on my birthday list.

        • Numberwang

          Because he knows Will Crockett, who seems to be on the Panasonic payroll.

          I’d take his word over the rumors.

          • spam

            I wouldn’t

  • Anonymous

    I have a GX1,which held zero value in the course of one year. I use it as back-up for my OMD, which has retained 90% of its value over one year. I am sure that the new Olympus cameras will be very innovative…and most likely will be my next camera purchase. I would sell my GX1 to help finance the next Olympus, but I am guessing I may be able to get only $100 for it. :-(

    • Anonymous

      Just like you, I use my Pen E-P2 as back up to my OM-D, I have been offered as much as £200 Sterling for it but it’s worth more than that to me, so it will not be sold to anyone. The intrinsic value as a functioning camera is greater than it’s monetary value.

      • Anonymous

        I want an EPL-5 as back-up instead of my GX1!!! :-)…(think I will wait until the fall, tho to see the new Oly’s though before I buy anything…I feel for still photograpers at least, Pany has totally dropped the ball).

    • Yup. I’m the same way. I like my GX1 a lot, but I can’t believe how quickly it depreciated. Depressing.

      • captain_obvious

        If you want to make an investment, buy shares, artwork or property. If you insist on it then at least buy glass rather than bodies, they hold their value better in most cases.

        To complain about your camera body losing value is as ridiculous as complaining about your car losing value. As it goes out of warranty, and newer, better models come out, it will lose it’s value. Fact of life. Deal with it.

        • Anonymous

          We know this. I mentioned it ..because the Olympus held its value MUCH more than the panasonic. MUCH more. So if I buy an Olympus body…not only will it have more innovation, it will have higher resale value over a given period of time. That is the point. ….and NOBODY mention investment, hot shot…

          • The GH2 and GH3 are holding their values. In fact the GH2 is still selling quite well on ebay. Comparing the OMD to the lower end GX wouldn’t be a fair comparison of resale value.

            • captain_obvious

              Very good point.

              I guess these premium camera’s have qualities that people value even when they are not the “latest and greatest” unlike the cheapo epl, gx, etc cams.

          • iznit


          • Anonymous

            This might in part apply to the E-M5 it certainly doesn’t apply to any other Olympus camera. Here in the UK the EPM1 is sold new at half its launch price,the E-P3 sells new for under £300 it launched at £699. The epl5 has already dropped 15% on its launch price.The E-M5 is now selling for £819 when it was at £999 an 18% drop in one year . Even the stars like the 75mm have fallen from £799 to currently £629 a more than 20% drop . Fact is every single mFT product has made a significant fall within a year of launch

          • areg

            Unless you buy the GX1 later, in which case it represents excellent value and doesn’t depreciate much…

        • Resellers


          I picked up my GX1 after the first major price cut. Didn’t get to Amazon in time, but a few weeks later picked one up at B&H for around $500.00. Love it, and the further price drops didn’t phase me. The quality of the photos didnt reduce with the price drop, so why should I care?

          Take pics, stop crying.

    • MikeH

      Remind me not to have you ‘invest’ my 401K money. No one in their right mind would buy a camera for an ‘investment’ rather they buy them to take pictures. Talk with your financial advisors about your very poor investing choices, I think you need help.

      Does the GX1 fail to take good pictures when your investment value drops? What exchange are cameras sold in bulk?

      • Jack

        Nowhere in his post did he say that his GX1 was an “investment.” Investment implies an expected appreciation in value, while he’s talking about selling depreciated equipment to fund new purchases.

        The early lower-end m4/3 cameras have horrible resale value because Panasonic/Olympus replaced them every 6 months or so and made too many of them.

    • David

      If you think it has held 0% of value, does that mean you will sell it to me just for the cost of shipping? Let me know how to send you my address & paymnet!

      p.s. wait now I see you think it is worth $100. So, this is more advanced math than I am familiar with. $100 is 0% of what dollar amount that you paid?

      Not to beat this to death, but I just decided to check camelcamelcamel for amazon price history. The OMD cost $1000 new three years ago & is offered for $700 by used sellers now. the G5 body sold for $600 a year and and is offered for $280 used by sellers now. So, roughly, your G5 has lost $20 more value than your OMD — even if we ignore the fact that half the reason the G5 has lost value is likely because everyone and their mother know it is being superseded by a new model in 8 days.

      • David

        Oops I meant Gx1 not G5 in last post! Too early on a Monday! Or rather I conflated G5 with Gx1 a little — price history is for GX1, but the new model in 8 days (now being called G6? not G7?) is direct replacement for G5 of course. But still same general point holds, everyone has been expecting replacement for GX1 since last July if I am correct?

      • Dave

        The OMD didn’t exist three years ago.

    • tomas

      when i will bought new m43 over epl3 i plan give the old one to somebody within family so they dont use those crapy compacts…its not worth to sell for $ but its worth to educate the family :-)

    • Bob

      “my OMD, which has retained 90% of its value over one year”

      I think you haven’t checked resale prices of the OMD lately, or you got a heck of a deal originally. In the US, at least, used resale value is no where close to 90% of original purchase price.

      • ISO 1638400

        To be fair to the anonymous poster you refer to, I think he meant retailer pricing for new OM-D E-M5 bodies. If you look at current pricing in the US, new E-M5 bodies list for US$999 at places like B&H and Adorama. Launch price in 2012 was US$1099. That’s about 90% of its original value. Other markets differ, however. In Australia, new E-M5 bodies have fallen to AU$840-899 (tax inclusive), converting to approximately US$876-937. The used market is another matter altogether. More than a year after launch, I think the OM-D E-M5 has held its value very well compared to many other makes and models.

        • Anonymous

          Your facts are sound, but I’m only commenting to say that when one discusses retaining value, it is usually a reference to depreciation, not a change in retail MSRP. Anyone who thinks that he or she can get 90% of the original retail cost of an OM-D (or any other) for a used unit is dreaming. Unless it’s an unusual situation, as when something is almost impossible to find and units are picked up by scalpers or flippers, a camera, like a car, is going to lose more than 10% of its purchase price when the buyer walks out of the store door, or when the UPS package is opened.

          • ISO 1638400

            Your explanation is equally sound and I agree with what you say. That’s why I also said, “The used market is another matter altogether.”

            We have a situation at times where used goods are listed at new prices, while retailers discount new goods to used prices. The market tends to even itself out, however.

  • Moolon

    Admin – please can you be a little more specific when you keep saying ‘no new sensor will be used’ – does this mean, nothing newer than the GH3 sensor or do you mean it will not use the new GH3 sensor? (If you don’t know, it would be fabulous if you could just come out and say so in the news stories).

    Thanks for all the great rumour collecting!

  • Tobias Giesen

    Of course they will have a new sensor, when compared to their predecessors. They will have the E-M5 / GH3 sensor. That IS the new sensor. No need for newer than new, because we have a new sensor already.

  • tulio

    The G anf GF series are pretty irrelevant now.
    The GF1 was a great camera, they should just upgraded it carefully. Not creating a new GF every 6 months. The GX2 is what the GF2 should have been.

    • aha


    • David

      The cameras you call “irrelevant” are probably outselling all the ones you think relevant.

  • wls

    so now we are calling it the GF6? That continues the run since 2011 of predicting a GF7 and getting a smaller number. And still saying no new sensor – but really? I can’t see them improving the outside without upping the MP’s and the 16MP sensor seems like an obvious move for now. Here’s hoping for a substantial leak by Monday.

  • Incessant Troll

    same sensor as in GF5/G5/GH2/and the rest below = dead on arrival.

    where is compact with m43 / 1″ sensor & 24-50mm f2.8 or lower equiv?

    • David

      Who said it’s the same sensor as the G5?

      My bet is same sensor as GH3.

      • David

        (for the G6 that is. Have no idea about GF6.

        Although if I had to guess, 1) it will not be same sensor as GH3, 2) even if it’s much worse, it will not be DOA. I don’t think you understand the GF market if you believe that. GF5 and GF3 did not have the greatest sensors, and sales numbers in Japan show they are selling like gangbusters there.

        • Incessant Troll

          i think that you have a point, but for the fact that olympus low-end models have the same high-end sensor as em5. epm2 sensor is actually a little better based upon dxomark results. statistics showing that heavily discounted cameras like gf5 and gf3 are selling well now is an indication that inventory remains because customers chose not to purchase at full price – most likely because they thought it was not worth it given other alternatives in the market.

      • safaridon

        The GF3 and GF5 may have been selling like gangbusters in Japan up to end of last year but sales have dropped dramatically since maybe because Oly put the higher IQ sensor in all their line so are faring a little better. I guessed this might be due to run out of GF5s to sell but slowdown in mirrorless sales by most manufactures in Japan and to lessor extent US seems to indicate the effect of cell phone competition instead?

        If Oly found it economically feasible to put EM5 sensor in even their lowest models no reason Pany could not do the same as we for all we know Pany may be manufacturing this sensor under licence from Sony? In any case sensor production costs are reduced with greater volume. Pany said in past the low volume multi-aspect GH2 sensor was expensive to produce hence one reason for using smaller m4/3 dimensioned sensor in the GH3. I think the G5 sensor may have been similar to GH2 sensor in most respects but smaller dimensions deleting wider multi-aspect design?

        • areg

          To be fair, Oly didn’t find it that economically feasible by the look of their balance sheet…

          • bousozoku

            Camera companies don’t really make a lot of money on the camera bodies anyway. They don’t make much money on the majority of lenses, either. Olympus should be making a fortune on their accessories, though, given the price of the FL-50R and their ring flash and twin flash.

            • safaridon

              Yes, lens sales is where many manufacturers make their money. This is one area where Pany is doing surprisingly well indeed in US if figures given by Amazon are any indication and are selling much better than the Pany m4/3 bodies. If I remember right when lens sales are compared to camera body m4/3 sales the 20mm/1.7 is a top seller followed by the 45-200mm with three Pany lenses in the top 10 sellers. Virtually every Pany lens is selling reasonably well with exception of the fisheye.

          • 45y54y

            That is for sure Olympus have used the 12mp sensor in every model from the E-30 in 2008 till the E-M5 came along.Now the have finished with overpricing for old sensor tech, the latest tricks are overpriced hoods and super overpriced “limited editions lol , thank god for Olympus fanboy dummies or Olympus would already be sunk instead of just bailing water

          • safaridon

            I think that Oly’s cameras negative profit balance sheet has more to do with trying to offer too many models at same time when fewer would have sufficed rather than the cost of the sensors used.

        • Anonymous

          Even in Japan there is not one current mFT model in the top 20 selling cameras , in the 20rd -30th range you have 2 X E-EPL5 kits along with 1 X GF5 .Even the E-M5 only appears in 79th spot 56 places behind the D800 which came out at the same time the E-M5 is even behind the niche D800e

          The hellish EOS-M is even in the top 10

          • I see #7 for E-PL3 double-zoom kit (silver) and #16 for the same in white alternation.

            But #22 and #24 belongs to the E-PL5 (silver and white versions again) at full retail price which is good for Oly. Thats where money comes – the E-PL5 is a cash cows for Oly.

    • Anonymous

      actually there are three sensor:

      G5 – GH2 multi crop sensor
      GF5/GX1- “old” panny sensor
      GH3 – Sony sensor

      • Bob

        Anonymous wrote:
        actually there are three sensor:

        G5 – GH2 multi crop sensor
        GF5/GX1- “old” panny sensor
        GH3 – Sony sensor
        [end quote]

        Well, just for the sake of accuracy:

        The G5 uses the same basic sensor tech as the GH2, but it is NOT multi-aspect.
        There’s no solid proof the GH3 sensor is from Sony. I agree it most likely is, but let’s not let supposition be taken as fact.

    • You ask the right question.

  • Yun

    I agreed with Jordan & the other guy , the value of GX1 depreciate too fast . So no point to sell it , keep it .
    This really a great camera especially shooting in RAW .
    Seeing such crazy depreciation in Pana cameras make me rethink if Pana’s next cameras worth to invest .
    I believe G6 & GF6 will have sensors similiar with GH3 cause Pana can’t afford to miss out such good opportunity to make some bucks otherwise I don’t see the reason for people to upgrade .

    • true homer

      What store value did the gh2 retain for 2 years? 95%? Generalizations are stupid.

  • “Both cameras will not use any new sensor.”

    I gather that comes directly from the sources. But to me it sounds that the cameras would use the old Panny sensors, not the new one in GH3/EM5. Would be also in line with the Panny’s baby step innovation rate. :(

  • Anonymous

    Well, if they use the G5 sensor, all is not lost, as I’ve found that it’s really a good sensor. The past shows that the GH sensors don’t get to the other bodies, until the GH gets a new one, but seeing Olympus putting the OMD sensor in their lower end bodies, makes me wonder if Pany is under pressure to do the same, or face the wraith of this site. :)

  • safaridon

    “Pany will not be using a new kind of sensors in these new GF6 or G6 models but will be using sensors that are already in use in other Pany models”

    I think this is Admins was of telling us there will be an upgrade, ie the G6 model may have the GH3 sensor while the GF6 may have either the sensor presently used in either the G5 or GH3?

    • wls

      I think it makes some sense to upgrade the GF6 to the G5 sensor and the G6 gets the GH3 sensor. For the GF6 that’s a good enough upgrade to 16MP for me. I’m suspecting it to get a tilt display also. If you do that though it’s gonna look like the G3 so what’s the point.

      • safaridon

        I would welcome the addition of a tilting screen to the GF6 because it does not have a hot shoe so that an EVF can be added. The GF6 still would be substantially smaller than either G3 or G6 and I doubt Pany is continuing to build the G3.

    • Bob

      “I think this is Admins was of telling us there will be an upgrade, ie the G6 model may have the GH3 sensor while the GF6 may have either the sensor presently used in either the G5 or GH3?”

      I think this is the Admin’s way of telling us he doesn’t know what sensor(s) will appear in these new bodies. He’s just quoting a source, who was not specific. And let’s not forget, at this point it’s still rumor. The admins doesn’t “know” any more than we do.

    • digifan

      It would be a very stupid move NOT to put the GH3 sensor in the G(F)6.

  • jevfp

    Panasonic has to make a revolutionary move to sell their cameras this day,.without EVF on GF/GX line it would be to difficult for them to convince the market,.

    we dont want to add extra hundred dollars just for external EVF,.while the camera itself will be so obsolete and lost 75% of its value for less than one year

    • 45y54y

      If they at least kept support for the EVF when the new model came along , the EVF wouldn’t seem such a waste of cash.

  • safaridon

    GF or GX models without inbody EVF certainly have their place as Oly, Sony, Nikon, and Canon also have more mirrorless models without inbody EVFs than those with built in EVF.

    • true homer

      Yes but people here seem to think a camera with a corner vf is a “revolutionary” move.

  • Bob

    I have to laugh, just a little bit, at all the people complaining about how much value the GX1 has lost. These are probably the same people who complained that Panasonic had dumbed down the GF line after the GF1, and they really needed to make a high-quality, “rangefinder style” body with more manual controls. Well, Panasonic listened, produced the GX1, and it apparently sold like…. well, not hotcakes.

    The GX1 has lost value because not nearly as many people wanted that sort of camera as expected. Or, at least, they didn’t want it from Panasonic.

    • Incessant Troll

      i think they do, but that they want it with a better sensor

    • Justin

      Actually it would appear it did sell like hotcakes given that there seem to be several folks who wanted the camera to retain more value. I don’t that makes much sense though. Panasonic churns through bodies like there’s no tomorrow so you know the body is going to depreciate to next to nothing very quickly. The value is in having a great mini camera (and the lenses if you’re monetarily focused).

      I’m waiting for a GX2. Depending on whats in that it might be enough to warrant more of an investment in m43 land.

    • ISO 1638400

      The GX1 is a better camera in almost every way over the GF1. The GF1 has great nostalgic and historic value in the digicam world because there was nothing like it at the time. The 20/1.7 kit prime helped a lot with that perception and reception too.

      GX1 added a better sensor (from the G3), better screen, touch functions, support for better external viewfinder, more Fn buttons, better grip, HD video… I guess those are the main ones. The Panasonic Leica 25/1.4 was on the market at around the same time, making it a great combination with the GX1 (if one could afford it).

      The problem with the GX1 is that it was released at a time (late 2011) when the Sony NEX-7 hype was dominating mirrorless (the Thailand floods and subsequent production delays further added a sense of mystique and excitement over that camera) and rumours of a high end Olympus m4/3 camera started to circulate, which of course turned out to be the OM-D E-M5. Then at CES 2012, Fuji announced the X-Pro1 and their X mount prime lenses, which attracted the interest of a subsection of enthusiasts and pro users to mirrorless. So the GX1 was overshadowed by what the photoforumblogosphere and camera world deemed more interesting and worthy of their hard earned money.

      When the numbers are assessed, however, I think the GX1 turned out to be a more successful camera for Panasonic than the GF1. The heavy discounting no doubt helped with that. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that many users, both enthusiast and pro/consumer, like the concept and practicality of a GX1 type camera. Whether it continues in its current form or goes more advanced and with an integrated EVF is something that we’ll find out later this year.

  • Jacquesass

    I bought a GX1 shortly after it became available in the US. It was expensive, but I was ready to make the jump to m43 and I really liked the form factor. A little over a year later and the price for a new GX1 has plummeted – but I’ve taken a year’s worth of pics (limited more by the photographer than the camera), started to invest in some better glass, and still really like the form factor.

    I can’t wait for the GX2 to come out; I’ll just be buying it right after the GX3 is announced…

  • beavis

    I hoped for GH-X with the new supersensor, 2,5K RAW video, at least when it´s April 1…:(

  • dau

    i never understood the point of the gx line. its just a pricier version of the g line without viewfinder and articulated lcd..

  • Physica

    well , I will wait until the new sensor tech in use…I will still using my little S100 and wait

  • NFT

    last month rumor post GF7/G7 name of new lumix MFT,
    and now they call GF6/G6 !!!
    only serial number still unconfirmed ,then specs is unbelievably.

  • burstfilm77


    AND it will be the nice price in 3 mONTHS.
    499$ and then maybee i will buy it.
    no cent more
    399 would be much more fine.

  • It’s amazing designed for me to have a site, which is good in favor of my knowledge. thanks admin

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