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(FT4) New Panasonic GF6 replaces both, the GF5 and GX1? With 16 megapixel GX1 sensor.


According to one of the sources that saw the new Panasonic GF6 the camera uses the same 16 Megapixel sensor from the GX1. He also told me that he had the impression the camera may replaces both, the Panasonic GF5 and the GX1 compact models. That because the size and body quality has been improved and sits right in between the GF5 and GX1.

It may be that Panasonic decided to change the GX line dramatically…or even drop it?

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • Pixnat

    Until now, the GX is not yet a “line”, there’s only one GX made by Panasonic. If a GX2 ever come, then it would be a “line”.

    • Agreed. Hopefully, Panasonic are planning to bring out an RF styled body soon, and keeping the GX style will mean too many bodies. Personally, I hope the new G* will be RF styled, giving a clearer differentiation from the GF and GH series. 3 camera bodies are enough, surely?

    • Mike

      Its a dot ;-)

      • spam


    • GX should be a line of GF with in-built rangefinder-style EVF.

      There is obviously an overlap when G line. I think they should alternate the releases of G and GX so there is always a stills-focused camera, with each released every two years, but staggered so that there is a new one every year.

      Kind of like what call of duty franchise do with their games, with two development teams working simultaneously crossed with what car manufacturers do by sharing chassis and mechanical architecture platforms.

  • Jollie
  • Boris

    If that is the case, the end result will be a mildly disappointing camera that is one generation behind Olympus’ effort. Maybe I should keep my GF1…

    • Definitely keep the GF-1! I’d never let go of mine! Great backup – image quality is awesome at ISO 100!

  • Me

    > It may be that Panasonic decided to change the GX line dramatically…or even drop it?

    GX line? One camera doesn’t make a line. Who cares anyway, Panasonic would be wise to drop some of the lines they have.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The Panasonic M4/3 line-up is quite clear. 2 low-end, 2 high-end… 1 model each with and without built-in EVF.

      A true rangefinder style body would be welcome from both Panasonic and Olympus.

      • Milt

        Yep. For me, preferably Panasonic.

  • Interesting. Maybe this rumour should be GX1 to become a collector’s item. Glad I have mine. :-)

  • beautemps

    Unbelievable. The GF and GX adress total different clients. The GF Line is for the upgrade from compact cameras. GX line is for advanced fotographers, the small travel oder street camera. Impossible to combine both requirements in one body.

    • Al

      Let’s see what Panasonic does with the G6. If they retain the integrated VF, but do it rangefinder style and slap in the GH3 sensor, that will definitely be the street camera people have been asking for.

      • beautemps

        May be. That would be a change of the G-Line! :-)
        Wasn’t there a quotation of a panasonic manager in 43 rumors, which said they wanted to redefine the G-Line?!

  • Name

    Panasonic needs seriously rethink their marketing strategy

    • Pot, meet Kettle

      Wait, And Olympus DOESN’T?

      Hahaha!! Comment of the Day!!

      First one to purchase the next overpriced Lens Hood or a Limited Edition Black Lens, but really, it’s only a Black Lens, is a Rotten Egg!

      • Quang

        His comment has nothing to do with whether Pana is doing something worse than Oly. Any company has its fair share of mistakes and must improve, the only thing that will never improve is fanboy’s attitude.

        • Carpet Muncher

          Goddam right! And Oly fanbois are insufferable!

          • true homer

            its quite something…panasonic is doing everything wrong while a 1000$ viewfinderless plastic pen is “worth the money”

            • Quang

              Lol some people on this forum are so pathetic and retarded. Do I need to explain my post explicitly?

              1, Did I criticize Pana only? No I did not even use a word about Oly and Pana.

              2, I blamed fanboyism for making the irrational post above and that include both Pana and Oly camps. The main thing is that the original poster did not even pull Oly into the discussion, he just said Pana needs to improve. What’s so “Olypums doesn’t” about that? People can’t even read and articulate correctly what they are reading.

              3, I said all have mistakes to improve. I am well aware of that $1000 without VF. Did I say that it is a good thing? Not even once.

              • Quack

                “Lol some people on this forum are so pathetic and retarded.”

                Wow… Fanboy much? Are you a tool? C’mon, keep entertaining us with your heated replies.

                “People can’t even read and articulate correctly what they are reading.” -Hahahahaha!! -‘Scuse me?

                “Olypums doesn’t”

                The poster had every right to reply to such a fanboy comment. Olympus and Panasonic are MFT PARTNERS. what’s good for the goose…

                And talking about Fanboys? Please, everyone here knows this site is plagued by oLympus Fanboys, so for you to make that comment is Laughable.

                Thanks for the laughs.

    • David

      Hmm, LOTS of jumping to conclusions here.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if it is the GX1 sensor, that is the same one used in the G3 right, and if it’s true, the G5 -> G6 leap will be much larger than the G3->G5 one? So why are people acting like it’s such a disappointment?

      I for one don’t understand the point of both the GF and GX lines, so this actually makes sense to me. If the GF6 is getting the 16mp sensor — which seems like a good idea — exactly what SHOULD the “GX2” be? The GH3 sensor?

  • Al

    What’s Panasonic doing? I really want Panasonic to be competitive, but they seem like they have no set direction. Also what’s the deal with the sensors? Why aren’t they trickling down the GH3 sensor like Olympus does across the line?

    • digifan

      Correct. I think Panasonic is making a mistake if they use the GX1 sensor in the GF6.
      It’s also a mistake to merge both cams in one. The GF line has is its place due to being the smallest m43 system camera.
      BIG BIG mistake if rumors a true. Then they give Fuji, Sony and Olympus free pass, and they weaken the m43 position.

    • peevee

      I guess it is much cheaper for them to use their own, although inferior, sensors vs buying Sony’s even for their low-price cams. G3/GX1 sensor is not all that bad (and GH2/G5, if used to full multi-aspect glory, even better), and buyers in this (GF) market mostly see just megapixels anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Until the E-M5 Olympus used the exact same 2008 sensor in every model FT and mFT , short memory Olyboys

      • Ben

        Uhhh… how does that contradict their point, exactly? Olympus has always used the best sensor they have in all their cams, but Panasonic saves their best for the high-end.

        • MikeH

          Best sensor from Olympus… ROTFL… Is that the best sensor they could get or the best they wanted to put on their cameras for years?

          • Quang

            What’s the difference? They still use the same sensor for all models. Oly used to have a contract to use only Pana sensor.

  • A camera system should be evaluated by its low-end propositions rather than by its high end. Equipping the GF line with a capable sensor and better chassis is commendable. Hopefully this step indicates the future introduction of more weather sealed bodies, which may give Panasonic a true advantage in the mirrorless environment.

  • 16 megapixel GX1 sensor? Who do they want to compete with? Canon EOS M?

    • It would be silly not to use the GH3 sensor. It is better, and I doubt it’s any more expensive. They would shoot their own foot using an old and worse sensor.

      • I believe that Sony 16 Mpx sensor is quite pricey, because the prices of Oly cameras equipped with it haven’t yet gone down significantly. E-PM2 is still over 500 euros, which is too much for a simple entry level model. Nevertheless, Panasonic won’t achieve anything by putting a 2011 sensor in a new body.

        • Dim

          GX1 16MP sensor has nothing to do with E-M5 16MP (Sony) sensor!
          Take a look at DxOMark Camera Sensor Tests! We are talking about Overall Score 55 (GX1) vs 71 (E-M5). The Olympus has the same sensor with the GH3!

          • I know. I was talking about both: the pricey Sony and the 2011 Panasonic.

        • Probably an expensive sensor (compared to homegrown sensor) but it can also mean that the Oly EPM2 is selling at its current price that’s why it still doesn’t go down in price.

          Using its own sensor is also probably not a good move for Panasonic as it will be behind Olympus still. Canon still uses the 7D sensor for several cameras now but they still sell due to marketing, distribution and brand recognition, which Panasonic doesn’t seem to have.

          • peevee

            Most people in low-end market (and GF is low-end) don’t know much about sensors beyond megapixels anyway. 16 sounds good compared to 18, 12 is not. And if they can save $50 this way and pass the savings to the consumer, even better – the low end is defined by price, not by quality.
            I want Pana to be competitive, that means they should use their own sensors and continue their development, otherwise Sony will be a monopoly in 4/3 sensor market and will demand prices accordingly.

        • Chez Wimpy

          “E-PM2 is still over 500 euros, which is too much for a simple entry level model. ”

          That’s Eurape pricing for you. In Japan, it is 34,000yen, aka $350, aka simple entry level model. The sensor isn’t driving the cost you see… demand, local economies, ???

          • “In Japan, it is 34,000yen, aka $350”

            Glad to hear that. Lower prices do eventually come to Europe :).

  • simon

    they really need to put in the gh3 sensor. everything else would be very very stupid if the cameras cost more than $200.

  • onlyme

    This rumour makes sense to me. It looks as though Panasonic are streamlining their products. From the price drops hear in the UK it appears that Panasonic are doing the same with kit lenses. Out with the 14-45, 14-42 and 14-42PZ which will leave them with only the new smaller 14-42 mk2 lens.

    • peevee

      14-42 PZ should be their only kit lens for GF/GX sized cameras, now that Sony 16-50 is out there and sold with the excellent NEX-6 for under $900 for the kit.

  • observer

    If gf6 takes the gx1 sensor then almost everything else must be better than gx1, else who’s going to buy it? It must also be cheaper than the discounted gx1?

    Then gx2 must gain the swivel screen or even the built-in evf with more buttons…etc.

    Every line will go upscale/upmarket.

  • Narretz

    I kinda called this some rumors earlier. Here’s what this might mean imo: Panasonic found that very few people who buy the GFx ever buy another lens for it. For those people, compactness and a good-ish zoom is the main deal. Now the new, still small big sensor compacts threaten the GFx, since Pana cannot make them much smaller. Option: drop the GFx line, and introduce a fixed lens m43 camera that can be made smaller. The “new” GF could cater to both upgraders and people who liked the GF1, but will be smaller than the GX1 with less controls. There are very few people who wnat exactly what the GX1 has, so it is no big loss to drop the line. For enthusiasts, Pana will bring the rangefinder model with corner EVF.

    • Yep. I’d buy a Panny version of the X100, even without a VF. My wife keeps borrowing my E-PL1 with the Panny 20/1.7, and takes off the VF2 (often leaving it “somewhere”). She’d be very happy with a smaller fast fixed lens camera, that allowed her some control over DOF. It would be even better if they made it with a collapsible lens, to minimise carrying size. She came very close to getting a Fuji XF-1 for this the other day. Believe it or not, the only reason it didn’t get purchased was because the store didn’t have it….in red!

  • Bob B.

    MAN OVERBOARD!…MAN OVERBOARD!…wait…he isn’t drowning….he is swimming enthusiastically toward the S.S. Olympus…….

    • Unbelievable!!!

      They want him to PAY in order to get on the Boat! Didnt see that one coming….

    • I’d go for the RV Olympus or the NS Olympus ^^

  • shade

    GX1 sensor? They better bring something competitive to the E-PL5 if they are addressing the same price range.

  • Andrew

    I think it is good Panasonic is slimming down, but as a GH2 owner, and soon-to-be GH3 owner, I still wanted the smallest, cheapest m43 camera available for street/travel/casual, as well. If the GF line is merged upwards (the only direction it could go) then it sounds like increased price which would be a shame.

    Personally, I always saw the G line as the most expendable. But hey, just my opinion.

    • jonathan

      Me too exactly. I have a gh2 and was looking for a gfX for street & pocket. Right now I’m switching between 20mm and 12-35x. The gf7 with the 20mm permanently installed will be sweet.

  • Anonymous

    “According to one of the sources that saw the new Panasonic GF6 the camera uses the same 16 Megapixel sensor from the GX1.”

    But the market has moved on now and not only Fuji and Sony but now Olympus offer CSC’s with better image quality. Of course not everyone cares or notices image quality so this camera will sell to them but I wonder how many people who care about image quality will buy a camera with a sensor that’s being rapidly left behind for dynamic range and overall limage quality when they can buy a similar Sony or even an Olympus with a better chip in it.

    • digifan

      Very true. A merge between GF and GX camera’s will be direct competition to the E-PL5.
      But as the latter will have a better sensor/IQ, I think the Panasonic will not do well against it.
      Remember the E-PL has accessory shoe, tiltable touchscreen LCD, small external flash.

    • Whiners

      Wow, the 16 megapixel sensor from Panasonic is THAT bad?

      Please. Whiners and nitpickers make it seem like Panasonic needs to recall all GX1’s because of the IQ. I shoot with it almost everyday, not once have I complained NOR has anyone I’ve shot for complained.

      If Panasonic doesn’t go forward with the GX2, then I’ve got a collectors item, still in use and that also means Panasonic has something much better up their sleeve. So all in all, it’s a good thing.

      • Anonymous

        “Wow, the 16 megapixel sensor from Panasonic is THAT bad?

        Please. Whiners and nitpickers make it seem like Panasonic needs to recall all GX1′s because of the IQ. I shoot with it almost everyday, not once have I complained NOR has anyone I’ve shot for complained.”

        Oh dear oh dear, caused you to spit your dummy out have I?

        I have a G1 and in good light I like it but if I set off to the shops to buy a new camera why would I buy a Panasonic with a last generation chip in it when I can get a current generation Sony or Olympus that’ll give me better ultimate DR and IQ?

        The problem isn’t that the Panny 16mp chip is bad it’s that better cameras are available from other manufacturers and for that reason I personally can’t see myself buying a previous generation tech Panasonic rather than a current generation tech Sony or Olympus.

        If you’d rather buy a previous generation tech Panasonic then I’m happy for you. Choice is a good thing though and others are free to buy the current tech Sony or Olympus.

        • Anonymous

          When the GX1 first came out, it was around $1200.00. I picked mine up last summer for half that with the EVF. Better price than anything Sony or Olympus had in that range. I don’t let a sensor better than another sensor dictate how well my photos look. I shoot great pics with my Lumix L-1 with its 7 megapixel Sensor.
          Plenty of Pros/Non Pros picked up a GX1 for a secondary/lighter option. If I want better DR or IQ, I’d step out with my DSLR, I want to pack light, I go with the GX1.
          It’s nice to have options and a great camera for a nice price.

          • Quang

            The problem is that the competitors are offering more in term of sensor (don’t know about other stuffs) for the same money (again don’t know yet). If the rumor is true then a normally reasonable man without any prejudice for Pana will pick up an Oly because it is better. Your argument about making great pics with low-specs camera has nothing to do here because we are talking about about the rationality in buying new cam.

  • peevee

    Dropping GX1 would be a good strategy. Too many similar models take a lot of development, support and marketing resources and just confuse customers. Of course the GF6 should inherit hotshoe/accessory port, as it costs almost nothing and sells accessories.

    Also G line should be better differentiated from GH, maybe by switching to rangefinder form factor and having just tilting screen vs fully articulated (a la NEX-6)? Then Pana would have 3 clearly different lines catering to different tastes and wallets.

    Also, the 12 mpix sensor should have died long ago, GF5 should not have had it already.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever they do they still need a body with built in Stabilisation.

    • peevee

      That would be very useful, but would require a lot of R&D expenses to do right. And it would have to be better than Oly 2-axis IBIS at least, preferably working in concert with Pana OIS lenses for extra stabilization, otherwise people would just buy lighter cheaper and often better Oly lenses (like 40-150).

      • Anonymous

        To my knowledge IBIS and OIS will not work in tandem, so any lenses with OIS built in will have to switch one or the other off, which is commonly accepted as lens is best switched off and IBIS left on.

        • Anonymous

          Commonly accepted? By Oly fanboys, maybe. If you actually do a little research, and look for examples where people have made reasonable controlled comparisons, it looks like 5-way IBIS is marginally superior at shorter focal lengths, Panasonic’s latest OIS is marginally superior at longer focal lengths, and the older IBIS (which is still used in the latest Pens) is inferior to both 5-way IBIS and OIS, especially at longer focal lengths where you need it most.

        • peevee

          “To my knowledge IBIS and OIS will not work in tandem”

          What knowledge? Does Pana prepares IBIS and you work for the development team? I doubt it.
          Sure, making the dual stabilization work is a hard engineering task, but I don’t see anything impossible. OIS (if available) could still stabilize for yaw and pitch, and IBIS could take residual translational and rotational movements, or stabilize higher-order vibrations, making such a hybrid as good as Oly’s 5-axis IBIS, or even better for long tele lenses.

          • true homer

            this is the longest that has gone by without a moron asking for IBIS. So close…

  • Anonymous

    maybe a GX2 with buildinEVF coming?

  • Smalk

    Not bad. maybe a GX2 with buidinEVF coming later?

    • Yes, please!

      • spam

        GX1 with built in viewfinder, that’s the G3/G5, GX2 with built in viewfinder – that’s the G6.

  • Justin

    I think it would make more sense to give the GF6 the GX1s sensor and then when the GX2 comes out, give it the GH3s sensor. That would also be possible within the rumors we’ve heard.

    The GX1 sensor is an upgrade for the GF line. My concern is who would buy a GF6 if you could get a GX1 for less?

    • “My concern is who would buy a GF6 if you could get a GX1 for less?”

      Very good point.

      But I think the differentiation between GFn and GXn lines wasn’t only the sensor – it was also the controls. GFn is relying on touch screen – GXn has dials and buttons.

      But then, since GX1 has both – touch screen and buttons (and hot shoe) – GF6 might be really in trouble. And I can’t imagine how a new cam can beat the old one on price.

  • Yun

    Assume the rumor is right , what will happen to GX2 ?
    I’m tired in this guessing game , give me the L style camera & with MCS sensor inside it , then I’ll seal the deal .
    GF6 as GF1 alike is a good idea but is unlikely to beat the great GX1 . The most is equivalent to GX1 .

    • true homer


  • ISO 1638400

    If they drop the GX1 type design of camera, it would be disappointing. I’m an Olympus user mainly, but I always liked the GF1 and GX1. Despite not having an integrated EVF, the GX1 is one of the best camera bodies of any system, IMO. It fulfils the m4/3 standard’s aims in a compact but not overly small package. People complain about the GX1 sensor and whatever else, but it still outputs good quality images from what I’ve seen, especially with good primes like the Panasonic Leica Summilux 25/1.4. It might be a good time to get a cheap discounted GX1 body while you can. Hopefully the GF1/GX1 concept lives on. We need cameras of the GX1 and E-P3 mold to offset the mini-me’s and monstrous madness of the m4/3 and mirrorless world.

  • Still keep fingers crossed for GX2 with EVF. Panny, don’t blow it.

  • Incessant Troll

    i speculate that panasonic is using sony sensor for gh3 to match competition, but is not willing to give up on their own sensor division. the other models will have upgraded/new gx1 sensor made in house. perhaps they think that sony is done investing in improving their sensor tech for the time being and that they can match the output. gonna be interesting to see how it performs and sells against epl5/epm2

  • wls

    If this means they are adding a hotshoe and EVF port to the GF line then I’m out. At least there will be GF5 bodies to pick from.

  • Why?

    Why use GX1 sensor ?. It’s relic. If they do it’s DOA. Game over.

  • JF

    “GF6 the camera uses the same 16 Megapixel sensor from the GX1”
    Epic fail…olympus products all use the better E-M5 sensor

    • And yet

      Panasonic always lead MFT sales charts, whether on sale or full price. I mean as much as fanboys here brag about the “better” cameras and Lenses from Olympus, why is the 20mm solidified on the top of the MFT charts? The GX1 even beats the EM5 in sales in Japan.

      I just don’t get it…

      • Quang

        And yet some people always brings up economic debate in a photography forum. Hell tell me about it, any Canon cam will have higher sales than any MFT, is that the sole reason why Canon is better?

        OMG it even has a bigger sensor!!!
        OMG but it is so 2008!!!
        OMG I don’t care it is a Canon!!!
        OMG check this out, Panasonic is a great electronics company!!!

        WTH is Olympus???

        See. Don’t throw economic debate into spec debate, they never go well. If the poster cares only about image quality only then he is right. He may sounds harsh but his comparison is correct.

  • Anonymous

    The angst over the GX1 sensor is laughable. You guys (and ladies) need to realize that the people who hang out at sites like this one are not the target market for the GF series bodies. The typical GF buyer will see 16 MP on all the bodies he (or she) is comparing, and see them as “equal.” And except in dim light, without flash, they’ll never be able to tell the difference between the images from an EPL5 and a GX1 anyway. How large a percentage of a GFn buyer’s pics are likely to suffer from that “obsolete” sensor? Not many, I think. And if using that sensor allows Panasonic to sell the body a bit cheaper than the competition, or make a bit more profit, that’s a good thing for the consumer or the company. Or both.

    And comments like “if they’re adding a hotshoe and EVF port…I’m out” just made me shake my head. No one will force you to make use of those ports. They’ll cause no one any harm. Why would having extra options be such a problem you wouldn’t buy one?

    “Why buy a GF6 if you can get a GX1 for less?” Because you won’t be able to buy a GX1 at all, soon. Given the fire sale going on, that body has clearly been discontinued and Panasonic is clearing out old stock.

    • Quang

      Haha captain obvious, don’t you see this is a photography forum for the enthusiastic buyers? They want whatever they want. No one gonna cares about the market because they are not here to buy a container of GF6, they are here for their only next upgrade. Please, if you can’t take the heat just get out of the kitchen.

      • true homer

        wrong again. people here arent here to buy anything, theyre just here to say they want something, yell out ridiculous specs, and then never buy anything because “they will hold out for the next iteration”. Some people dont even care if the thing takes photos or not, just as long as it has that “one” feature. And they will “never” buy a camera without that feature again.

        • Quang

          1, The majority of us are not like so. The majority of us here have MFT and we go here to see if MFT is dead or not. We actually do want the next MFT cameras.

          2, For the minority: So what? Let face it, people say whatever they want to say. Who are you to tell them to shut up? It has been this way and it will be this way forever for most photography forums. If you go here don’t expect otherwise. Talks are cheap and people can say tons of crap. It is our problem to take things personally.

  • Irencus

    Panasonic had a terrible decade, with a cumulative loss of approx ±$13 Billion !! (As all Japanese Companies such as Sony, Olympus) Loosing ground against the South Koreans and China/Taiwan.

    Now you have the other side that is that the consumer is not spending as much as he did before because of credit impairment. (Using Assets to convert it int cash (Just like they did in the U.S, using the overvalue of their house, Or buying appliances in the present and forwarding the costs into the future e.g Creditcards)

    Panasonic as a whole is suffering and I think they are perhaps taking precautions in a lot of their electronical departments to cut costs.

    The ‘ordinary’ citizen does not buy every year a new DSLR/ILC Camera, maybe a new lens or some accessory but that is it. It is the same with TV’s people only buy a new one when the improvements really are worth getting.

  • safaridon

    How could someone who has only seen the GF6 say with any certainty that it uses the same 16mp sensor that is in the GX1? After all a year latter and thousands of owners and we still do not know if the EM5 or GH3 16mp sensor is one from Pany or from Sony? I would take this same sensor as GX1 rumor with a lot of skepticism.

    If the rumor is correct about its size between between the Gf5 and GX1 then this could be a smaller GX1 using a 16:9 screen like Oly & Sony and this would shave 0.2″ off the height and likely some off the width making it more pocketable. An earlier rumor suggested $600 as the price so maybe a plastic body rather than GX1 metal but still rumors all say a higher grade body.

    My first reaction to this rumor was hope this is an April 1st joke, but maybe we will be surprised and more pleased with what comes?

    • true homer

      my reaction exactly.
      How in the hell did he know it was the GX1 sensor? even if he knew exactly how the gx1 sensor looks like, I find it hard to believe that they let him grab an unannounced product and take the lens off and examine it to his whim.

  • Yip

    Since when is three lines with a more video oriented line too much?

    GF – smallest possible and good IQ
    GX – Small pro type
    G – Bigger pro type
    GH – video

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

    I don’t see the problem.

    • true homer

      the problem, as many here will tell you, is that they have no IBIS.

      • Bob

        Not everyone needs that crutch.

      • Yip

        Thats a feature of Panny m43 bodies …no IBIS. To some its bad to some its good …can talk about what PAnny has and doesn’t all day …I was commenting on all the posters who are confused about so many lines.

  • Thurin GX1 (and GF1 before it) was my favorite body of the system!

  • If the next GF6 will have the same sensor as the GX1, then by all means but the GX1 while it is available at the close-out price. If there is no substantial improvement, then why buy the newer (and more expensive) body?

  • Spitzy

    Y’know, a lot of people spent most of last year convinced that the EM5 was using a mildly tweaked Panasonic 16mp sensor, so it can’t be THAT bad. I’m not losing sleep over the GF6 continuing its tradition of having an old sensor. Isn’t the GF5 still using a 12mp part? That didn’t ruin my marriage, steal my car or flood my basement, either.

    • Quang

      Yep, all about individuality. Some people here just want to be part of a “superior” group by some sorts.

  • Charles

    Will the new GF6 look more like a G or like the GX? Has it a evf and handgrip like the G?

    And does that mean that panasonic will announce only one thing?

  • Blah Blah Blah. We’ll take what we’re given. Or not, which is what I’ve been choosing to do for three years now.
    Plenty of prints gone up on walls in that time. Amazing what old sensors can produce.

  • Andrew

    Panasonic is starting to fall behind Olympus. Their biggest problem is no IBIS in any of their cameras which mean I will probably never buy one. Now they don’t even use their best sensor in all their cameras.

    • true homer


  • Frank

    EPIC FAIL !!! panasonic sucks

  • You can argue to kingdom come that new technology is unnecessary, however IBIS has completely changed my style of shooting, without it I couldn’t shoot with an LCD.

    So I agree it’s a major mistake that Panny never asked Oly for a license. After all it has a number of unstabilised primes.

    IBIS is a great advantage in comparison to other mirrorless systems. For zooms it’s different, but m4/3, at least for me, is very much about small primes – the way Leica is.

    • true homer

      leica has IBIS?

      • Olympus has always had engineers whose aim was to show that they were better than Leica’s. I think they are very close to the goal, since with a half frame they have achieved the same IQ of FF Leica.

      • X1 has Electronic IS

    • Bob

      I never want to be limited to shooting with an LCD. IBIS or no, holding the camera out in front of you so you can squint at a little LCD display is absolutely the wrong way to hold a camera steady.

      • Sorry but you have been made obsolete by camera evolution. Might it be that you rednecks in a forgotten land have lost touch with it.

        Just buy your stuff and be happy with it. After all simians like peanuts :)

        And everybody enjoyed the Planet of the Apes…

    • NFT

      so many cam has no IBIS,IBIS is Necessary or Unnecessary ,
      people who has camera with has no IBIS can shot image better YOU,
      what your problem?

      • true homer

        panasonic, canon, nikon, sigma, fuji , nex, samsung, tamron and tokina are just plain wrong. Only olympus and pentax are doing it right

        • NFT

          OHO,olympus and pentax are GOD,
          if we shooting with olympus or pentax ,it was excellent pictures,
          but we shooting with others, it was Garbages,
          Ha ha ha

        • Anonymous

          Canon and Nikon have optical stabilization because of legacy reasons. Tolina, tamron etc cater to a market dominated by C+N so obviously need to have optically stabilized lenses to compete. The one from your list that did have a choice without pissing off existing customers was Samsung, and they indeed made the wrong choice, as did Panasonic.

          You are confusing legacy and availability with being better, and fail to provide any reasoned argument.

          Theres nothing wrong with deciding for yourself that stabilization isn’t important TO YOU, but everything wrong with being dishonest about the usability of stabilization and the advantages of allways having it available as an optional tool.

      • Not sure what language you speak on your planet. And yes a good photog. will shoot interesting stuff regardless of IBIS, but the same with IBIS will explore new avenues of creativity which were precluded before, because of handshake and low light.

        • Deshi

          You guys are forgetting one thing about IBIS, it increases your lens selection exponentially. With OIS, you are limited to the lenses that have it built in. With IBIS, you can use any lenses, especially with older legacy ones with appropriate adapters, and get professional quality results at a fraction of the cost of buying the similar panny one with OIS. For this reason alone, and because I now own a relatively large collection of legacy lenses, I will probably purchase an OMD-EM5 as my next camera. I currently own the EPL1 and the GX1. The GX1 takes excellent pictures, but is limited in longer focal ranges to excellent lighting conditions on my legacy lenses due to no IS.

  • tomas

    some rumours should be published …as they only disapoints

  • kiki

    according rumors, New GF is really useless. Same sensor as GX1, and size improved like GX1. What else? Hotshoe or not? If not, better to buy an GX1 even a GF1.

    • Relax. GF6 is not out yet, specs are hardly leaked, if at all.

  • safaridon

    If Pany is combining the GF and GX series into one this may be because recent market sales trends indicate Pany can no longer obtain high prices & profit margins on the GF models with little prospect of selling optional EVF or larger expensive lenses. Hence they will concentrate on the better featured GX model even if it means sacrificing on overall m43 sales volume to save on costs and improve profit margins overall.

  • jlw518

    I think this makes perfect sense for Panasonic in terms of its target market for this camera. Remember, it is their entry level M43, so it needs basic features and s sensor that is reasonably competitive. It does not need the “bestest-with-the-mostest” sensor or features and needs to be relatively inexpensive. By improving the body (and hopefully adding the EVF port), it captures a market for that accessory upgrade, while using a sensor that costs them very little at this point.
    I personally hoped it would have the G5 sensor, but that seems to not be the case….

    Now the big question is what the G6 is going to look like. Is it going to be a G5 with the GH3 sensor, or are they going to go for a rangefinder style camera with the GH3 sensor? Will the GX2 in rangefinder ever exist? Personally, I think it makes sense from an inventory reduction standpoint to have a G6 as a rangefinder style and GH3 sensor. This would be a good differentiation between products, whereas if they introduced a G6 with the GH3 sensor, I think they would hurt their GH3 sales a bit.

    However who knows? Next week we will all be here either disappointed or happy….or both ;)


  • Milt

    The GX1 sensor is the G3 sensor. I would have expected the lower end line the GFn.. to have at least the G5 sensor. But then I do not run Panasonic marketing.

  • Anonymous

    Irrefutable proof that not only will there be a GF6, but also a GF7, GX2, GX3, and a G6:

    Note references to compatible Panasonic models:

    Compatible With:
    Panasonic Lumix
    GF7 GF6 GF5 GF3 GF2 GF1 with Twin Lens
    GX3 GX2 GX1 with Twin Lens
    G6 G5 G3 G2 G1
    GH3 GH2 GH1

    • Milt

      And it only costs nine bucks!

  • beyondpluto

    If the next iteration of the GX1 uses the same sensor and has no EVF, what value does offer at all over the current line that now sells for $300? The GF6, or whatever, will need to sell at $300 or less to even compete against its previous product lines.

  • Ceryx

    I think this is what Panasonic is trying to do
    G and GF=>16MP Panasonic sensor…low end camera with/without viewfinders
    GH and GX=>16MP Sony sensor…high end camera with video /rangefinder style

    This will place their camera in between of Olympus product line and not compete directly

    I personally own GF1/2 and will get EPM2 next year when they start dumping the inventory.

    • NFT

      this rumor has detail that unconfirmed about New GF only,
      don’t worry about others Lumix MFT camera ,wait detail from panny .

  • jose_e

    GF6 – for Girl Friends. Kawaii, cute, small. Easy, simple, no problem. Affordable.
    GX2 – for Gentlemen Xtreme. Inheritor of the GF1 legacy. now with NEX-6/7 style EVF. Xcellent for street-shooting and travel, not so much on the wallet.
    G6 – what G6?
    GH3 – for the Gargantuan-Handed. Mega DSLR type cam with everything, especially in its emphasis on motion pictures.

    • kiki

      SO true, excellent comment.

  • Richard

    Panasonic still treating their lower cameras as “lower class” by saddling them with lesser sensors than its GH3, whereas Olympus has put the OM-D sensor in their whole line?

  • Streamlining would do a world of good both to O&P.

    Look at Fuji by comparison. they have a perfectly ordered lineup of bodies, that they upgrade regularly.

    As a result people know v. well what they’ll have in their hands and are reassured about the quality.

    By comparison O & P act like drama queens always pretending that they have a secret trump card, smeared with lipstick.

    As a result people take them less seriously, even if they have the best technologies.

    • Anonymous

      Talking about drama queen…

  • Ben

    Same GX1 sensor?!?!?!

    OMG, then why do I want to upgrade to GF6?…. well unless it comes with EVF

  • MS

    Ahh yes, 28-56mm f10.2, 1200mm f16 medium format, nothing pro about this at all

    /sarcasm FF

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