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(FT5) Panasonic G80 has 4:2:2 8bit recording (GH5 has 4:2:2 10bit)


Image above shows the current Panasonic G7


On September 19 Panasonic will announce a new G camera. The final name is still unclear but it’s likely to be named G80 (or G85 or something like that). According to a trusted source the camera will record 4K at has 4:2:2 8bit on internal SD cards! By comparison the new GH5 will record 4K at 4:2:2 10bit on SD cards (The GH5 has dual SD card slot).

Also very important: The G80 is a market ready camera while the GH5 will be “pre-announced” which means it’s more of a prototype and specs could slighty change till the final version.

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