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(FT5) How the Panasonic GH5 6K photo mode works….


Yesterday I posted the Panasonic GH5 specs. There was one unclear point regarding the “6K photo mode” as we didn’t understand how exactly this works. Well three sources were so kind to send me their explanations:

Source 1: The camera has 4k 60p in video (10bit 4:2:2) and 4K photo mode. The 6K30p is a Photo Mode feature only! It does not 6K at 16:9 because the sensor isn’t width enough. It works just like the current 4K mode on the GH4. ON the GH5 the 6K Photo mode will do 18MP in 4:3 ratio at 30fps.

Source 2: they are not doing 6k video… only still from video in 6k photo mode.. this will give you an 18mp still image.

Source 3: The 6K photo mode would extract a 6K photo from the video stream

So just to be 100% clear: The 6K Photo mode is something different from 6K video. And there are a lot of open question how this really works (as pointed out by EosHD).

These are the confirmed GH5 specs:

4k 4:2:2 10bit
Dual SD slots
no crop 4k
4K 60fps

4k photo stills 60fps,
6k photo mode at 30fps
ISO 1 stop better

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