(FT5) No Panasonic GH3 announcement yet. But new m43 stuff coming at the Tokyo show in February.


Like Olympus also Panasonic will announce the new Micro Four Thirds stuff right before the CP+ show in Yokohama. The event starts on February 9 so we really don’t have to wait a lot to see the new products for real. This means:

1) For the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas (start on January 10) Olympus and Panasonic will now announce compact cameras only.

2) Panasonic will display the new 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses at the CES show in Las Vegas but unveil final complete specs and price before the Tokyo show in early February. I have been told that it’s highly unlikely that those lenses will be as fast as the super Zuiko 14-35mm f/2.0 (here on ebay) and the 35-100mm f/2.0 (here on ebay) lenses.

3) There is no GH3 coming now. I am still not sure if it will be announced for the Tokyo show.

4) The Olympus m43 camera with integrated viewfinder is not an FT5 rumor….but FT6 or FT7 or whatever :)  I am getting first rumors about the camera form trusted sources. Will post them soon!

Maybe the reason why Olympus and Panasonic will focus their announcements on the CP+ show is because of Nikon and Fuji. Both will announce two super cameras within the next days. The Nikon D4 and D800 and Fuji will announce their Fuji LX10 (or Fuji X PRo 1) with super organic sensor. You can follow the Fuji news on MirrorlessRumors.


  • Gabi

    Well, I think I can wait until February… ;-)

    I am glad that the X lenses are not f 2.0. They would be by far too big and heavy. I hope, though, that they are f 2.8.

    • stickytape

      I can’t! =(

  • nobody

    “I am getting first rumors about the (Olympus) camera form trusted sources. Will post them soon!”

    Much appreciated :) The sooner, the better :)

  • Kund

    “Both will announce two super cameras within the next days”

    Within the next days from today?

    (first post here, long time reader though, nice to meet you, hehe :D)

    • nobody

      Nikon is supposed to show the D4 on Friday, see Nikonrumors.com.

    • Bob B.

      The Fuji camera should REALLY shake up the mix and get the other manufacturers attention…Although I would think that this camera and lenses are going to be way above MFT price range….but nothing CLOSE to Leica, who is the real target audience for this camera. Should put a hurtin on Sony if the IQ is there, the lenses are small and fast and there are a minimum of Fuji “quirks” with the camera.

  • James

    There appears to be a distinct lack of urgency within the m43 releases. The latest GX1 and X lenses are very pedestrian and have been overtaken in performance by NEX. If Panasonic are going to delay their announcements because of Nikon and Fuji it simply means the upcoming Panasonics products are less impressive. Panasonic and Olympus’ 2012 products need to be a significant upgrade from their current range of products if m43 is to remain a viable option.

    • spam

      Maybe pedestrian, but at least there are some lenses. Sony have two really interesting NEX-bodies, but no compact lenses except for one mediocre 16mm.

  • Rchard

    Don’t hype it to much, this time, so that there will be 400 posts about how disappointed people are.

    Personally I hope for an E-5 successor with a really, really good new sensor. The body can be the same, because for me it’s perfect size and ergonomics. I have an E-3 now and even if I like it, it doesn’t do my SHG-lenses justice. ( or what it’s called :-) )

    • Dan

      the GH2 is still very viable and will continue to be so for some time due to the firmware hack. the quality of its video is close to the F3 and C300, at a fraction of the price.

    • Ahem

      If there’s no new sensor, I think admin needs to hire a bodyguard no matter how great the camera is otherwise :P

  • vromopodarix

    Alas the time has come when the advantage of m43 is no more. When the G1 and a year after the EP1 were introduced we said that the Pana/Olympus will always have the 2 year advantage. Now they postpone announcements to not coincide with other manufacturers, it should be the other way around.

    In a years time even the atrocious Nikon 1 will have surpassed m43 I am afraid.

    • Frederic Hew

      There is no other mirrorless system with this wealth of lenses, in this sense m43 still has an edge.

      As for image quality, APS-C will always have an edge. It is true for DSLRs as well as for mirrorless cameras.

      • stickytape

        Perhaps for the meantime. The lack of advertising, vision, and technological progress will ultimately result in their failure to grow market share though.

  • Lily

    Ohhhhh I am so excited to go to CP+ this year!!!

  • kesztió

    I’m even happier finding out that GH3 won’t be announced even by CP+. I have the strong feeling that the new Panasonic sensor (global shutter, organic layer, etc.) is far to be completed right now.

    • nobody


      Add on sensor PD AF, and we can be very happy if it will be announced at Photokina and available in stores for christmas.

    • Frederic Hew


      I’d prefer they wait until they have a product that offers substantial improvements rather than releasing iterations of the same products every few months (e.g. E-P1/2 and in fact the entire Pen lineup, G1/2+10, GF2/3).

      • Brod1er


        * if not more so.

  • Wow! Olympus IVF body is FT6/7! Wow! F* you Olympus! I’ve just upgraded to EP3! I hope it is good…it beats fuji new camera and I’ll wait until your 3rd gen IVF body and I buy the body! hahahaha

  • Duarte Bruno

    Ok, back to the cave for another month…

    • Narretz

      I wish I could refrain from coming to m43rumors for even a day or two :D

    • matt


  • EvoltPEN

    Let’s hope that they will include new 12-50mm lens as kit with new Olympus Body with reasonable price. I don’t think many will buy that lens separately since it’s slow lens. It would be great start for many new users to have weather sealed gear. Even now I had stay home because of heavy winds and rain in scandinavia. E-5 is no longer option for me because I can’t trust that they will continue classic four thirds. Of course I could use some plastic over my camera and lens, but I don’t want that:)

    • TomR

      Let’s hope they release a new 17mm with it.

  • This is going to be a landmark year for Olympus and Panasonic. They either innovate or its curtains for them in the next few years.

    Even IF the Olympus was the same camera as the Fuji the Fuji would win out simply due to sensor size.

    The image quality has to be close to the Fuji while have an edge in other areas (speed of operation perhaps) to succeed with more then just those wanting to upgrade.

    Panasonic will have to do something drastic with the GH3 and not rehash old tech like they did with the GX1.

    • spam

      Quote: “Panasonic will have to do something drastic with the GH3 and not rehash old tech like they did with the GX1.”

      GX1 get good reviews, looks like a pretty good camera and use a half year old sensor. GH2 is still an excellent camera and class leading on video.

      I’m not sure when GH3 comes out, but they don’t have to do much too make it competitive for another year. AVCHD V2(?) with 1080p at 60Hz and higher bitrate would be nice. The sensor will probably be upgraded to even faster readout and better AF. Other improvements like improved LCD and EVF would be nice, but are not necessary.

      Global electronic shutter sounds nice, but the extra circuitry would take quite a bit of sensor area and would likely mean lower DR and poorer high Iso perforamance unless they employ some “backlit” technology. It could still be worth it though to get rid of yello-effect and get a more reliable and completely silent camera.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Even though you are right about Global shutter challenging even more on the sensor performance, it could open new doors to in-camera image stacking and that could bring back a LOT of DR.

  • Yun

    What , 35-100mm lens not in F2 ? Then what is the different compare with it’s previous lenses . Come on , already few years on the line , still can’t acheive 4/3 standard .
    Anything above F2.5 , I’ll skip it .
    Better invest the $$$$ in new system .

    • Anonymous

      You want a big/heavy zoom for your small m43 cam?

    • Anonymous

      How many camera systems can you name that have a 70-200 (35mm equivalent) lens with a constant F2 aperture? I’m curious to know which new system you plan to buy into.

      • Mike

        There are same 70-200mm/2.8 in APS – and the FT argument is: faster lenses with the same size. As for the 70-200 equivalent there is the 50-150/2.8 from Sigma with HSM and a weight of 770g.
        I would be fine with an 770g 35-100mm/2.0 in mFT…

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure that the FT argument applies to mFT. Nor do I like the idea of sticking a 770g lens on my GF1.

    • Agent00soul

      A constant 2.5 or 2.8 would be a quite useful step up from previous m4/3 zooms.

    • Well I think from a sales the camera needs to grow the current base of users. To do that they can’t have “good enough” they need some true innovation, to have tech that is a year or two ahead of the competition not a year or two old.

      Good marketing always helps but at the end of the day the system has to be good and in enough outlets to push sales.

  • nobody

    Admin wrote, “For the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas (start on January 10) Olympus and Panasonic will now announce compact cameras only.”

    Admin, do you have any rumours regarding a Lumix LX6?

  • Mumbly

    This has always been like that: Compact cameras were announced at the CES, while more serious stuff had to wait the PMA to get announced. Now that the PMA/CliQ takes places at the same time as the CES, the CP+ show “replaces” the PMA on the camera-announcement-timetable! And don’t forget that this year is a Photokina-year, so that the announcement of the real serious stuff may have to wait until September…

  • Akhenaten

    I like how the two cameras on the right are slightly genericized versions of the Lumix L1 and the E-PL1

  • tetzu

    Now that a new cam from olympus is coming out, im wondering if it’s gona affect the prices of the prev line ep3,epl3,epm1. Thinking about getting an epm1 size for the main reason but now that a body with an evf will be out soon im holding back then again epm1 is on sale for $450 on b & h till jan 14. urggggh tough call.

    • Michael Meissner

      Assuming Olympus is just offering one new body, and it is high end, I imagine there will be very little movement of the E-PM1. It will continue to be the low price, feature reduced body. Note, in terms of weather sealed bodies in the past, Olympus announced the E-1 with a MSRP of $2,400 or so (though I think it was reduced to $1,700 shortly after the announce), and the E-3/E-5 at $1,700. So, I would assume the E-W1 (or whatever Olympus calls it), will be over $1,000. That would allow the E-PM1, E-PL3, and E-P3 to be in different price niches.

      • tetzu

        you’re assessment seem right. The new body would probably be bundled with the 12-50 that makes it’s price around $1-1.2k. Olympus should really consider lowering the prices specially in the situation that they are in today and all these competition. imo e-5 is overpriced as well as ep3. oh well guess i’d take the plunge for the epm1 $450.00 as I recently sold my e620 and have nothing to play with.

        • Richard

          They should also lowering their EU prices for their SHG-lenses. Why are, for example the 300/2.8 twice as expensive in the EU compared to the price in the USA?

    • Mr. Reeee

      You never have long to wait for Oly’s refurbished camera deals. ;-)

      I have friends in Europe who send things I buy online here to the States and I do the same for them.

      • Duarte Bruno

        How is your Customs stop experience in that matter?

        • Mr. Reeee

          Usually we send things back and forth as “gifts”.

          We also carry things back and forth when traveling, so coming into the US, I don’t declare and don’t pay. The same going the other way. I pack things with the rest of my stuff, toss boxes and packing. manuals and receipts go elsewhere. No one checks to see if I have more or less gear on either side.

          Coming into or leaving the US, all Customs seems to care about is carrying large sums of cash. The automatic weapons, ammunition and rocket launchers I usually ship separately. ;-)

          • IRS

            … velly interesting … !

          • lnqe-M

            Yepp, good advise. ;-)

          • Richard

            Good idea. I have a few cousins in the US. I could ask them to send me a couple of gifts :-)

            • Nick

              The gift option doesn’t really work any more at least in the UK. The best you can do is declare the value of your items for no more than $20, avoid including receipts/invoices that mention the real value and also avoid insurance otherwise they will charge tax based on the insurance amount. My 2 c

  • Bob B.

    Maybe Panasonic is going to announce the G4? The G3 is running out of stock everywhere and showing up as “Discontinued” on B&H and others websites. Since the a new GH model or the current GX1 does not replace this line of camera perhaps Pany has a new one coming? I know that the camera has not been out that long but something must be up?

    • spam

      I’d say GF4 would be more likely, it’s the last model with the old 12MP sensor. Maybe not that important for the GF-series, but it’s probably cheaper for Panasonic to make just two mFT-sensors in stead of three (but they need to get Olympus to convert too).

  • Antilles

    If you have trusted source from Olympus side, please let us know what kind of sensor would be used in pro m43!!

  • smo

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