(FT5) No Olympus XZ-1 successor yet (coming mid 2012). Fuji X PRO 1 specs.


Despite all current XZ-1 rebates there will be no new XZ-1 successor yet! A couple of sources told us that the replacement of the XZ-1 will arrive in mid-2012 only. That’s no really a bad news. The XZ-1 is still an amazing camera and there is not a lot you can do better. So grab one if you can. The white XZ-1 sells for $349 at Amazon US (Click here). And there is a 40 pound cashback action inn Great Britain (Click here).

An if you want to know the real Fuji X PRO 1 specs jump over to MirrorlessRumors.com!

  • Joe

    What the hell do either of these cameras have to do with M4/3?

    Please don’t say that “people who are interested in M4/3 may also be interested in these”. That makes no sense. You may as well start posting updates about cars or refrigerators.

    Also, you need an editor, real bad. If English is not your native language then find someone who can help. At least use a word processor to check your spelling. AWFUL

    • @Joe
      The correct English term you are looking for is “very badly” not “real bad” it’s a bit too casual English.


      content/composition will always trump spelling errors/pixels.

      • Nick


        Hey smartass, I have a bunch of m43 equipment and I’ve been looking at the XZ-1 as a backup camera. If I am not mistaken it can also use some of the accessories from the latest PEN series. Therefore this post is important to me. Also many m43 users have been waiting for the Fuji camera and want to have an update without having to look at the mirrorless website.

        When comes to the spelling mistakes, I don’t give a toss about it. The rumors is what matters to me.

        Take it or help yourself to some other website dude…

        • MJr

          Exactly, well spoken.

          • Joe

            Blah blah blah. Just because you are interested in a camera that has nothing to do with M4/3 doesn’t mean it should be on here. Your mention of compatible accessories is a stretch at best. Tripods are compatible with all camera’s… should that be reason to start posting other cameras as well?

            And as for you “waiting for the Fuji camera” and being too lazy to check the appropriate RSS feed. Well… bravo! I guess it makes perfect sense for the Fuji to be on here now! What was I thinking!!?

            Anyway, as I said before, the comments are here for me to do just that. Comment. If you don’t like my comments, why don’t YOU go to some other website. :)

            • James70094

              Blah, Blah Blah. Joe, you are an idiot. That’s my comment about you, and that is what comments are for, right? Some of us are not about only one camera type, we are about variety and capability as well as new technology. Go back to your bridge troll. And your English isn’t much better.

            • spam

              I’m here because I like the site and the mix of mFT-content and related info. Switching site to avoid your comments don’t make much sense.

            • correction

              – “Tripods are compatible with all camera’s”

              Misuse of apostrophe.

            • 007

              Joe is having a “bad day”(it’s a menstrual thing).

              • stickytape


                Joe’s comments would have been fine if they had not been phrased so rudely.

    • sola

      What kind of a comment is this? If you have nothing nice to say or ask or share, then find something else to do. No one is forcing you to read this site, and who cares if the English is not perfect? Do you think you can dictate what people want to read about. I thinkt this post is interesting.

    • gavinip

      Maybe you could help admin to do the translation? (though not necessarily better than now)

      • Joe

        If the admin doesn’t like my criticism he can keep writing in an amateur fashion about unrelated topics. Whatever. He’ll just lose readers.

        Also, read your own english if you are going to critique mine. I don’t care if my english is casual, or even perfectly spelled. These are comments, not posts.

        • English, in the sense in which you use it, should have a capital letter. You would think, given that it’s your native language, you would know that. Perhaps you should find someone to help check your comments. What sort of person only cares how other people use language, but excuses himself his many mistakes? An ignorant one, that’s who.

          Don’t grow stones in glass houses.

        • James70094

          What the admin should do is delete your idiocy from his website. How about admin writing in his native language and we just translate? Then Joe wouldn’t have anything.

          • TheEye

            Uh, don’t you mean “throw”? :-P

    • Sören

      If you can not stand the wording, don’t visit this site. Simple as that. I am fine with that.
      And concerning the non-43 products, I remember there was a poll once and the 43rumors visitors like to get updated with “foreign” products.

      • Joe


        I can visit the site and critique the posts in the comments? Obviously I’m interested in M4/3 since I’m on this site. What, I’m not allowed to have an opinion?

        You wouldn’t happen to be from 1933 Germany would you Adolf?

        • Sören

          Of course you can have your opinion, but the admin does this website completely for free. Who should edit his posts? Of course you can offer your help for free.
          And further your tone was very unfriendly. Remember that you don’t pay a single cent for this page.

        • James70094

          No, it’s not 1933 Germany, you redneck reject. Admin is doing a fine job considering english is not his first language.

      • Joe

        If you don’t see the difference between site posts and comments you are a fool. Good day to you sir!

    • James Pnym

      Don’t be an asshole. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that m43-users might be interested in other mirrorless cameras. Comparing it to writing about cars or refrigerators is just about the stupidest thing I’ve read all week.

      Go away, troll.

      • Joe

        Actually I clicked on the referral links before, so yes the admin gets something out of it. Whether the site is profitable for him or not is one thing, but I doubt he is running all of these sites for the joy of it. Nothing wrong with monetizing, but just saying.

        Unless you clicked on the referral links, I probably have contributed more than you… and it still doesn’t matter. I am entitled to my opinion.

        • Julian

          You are entitled to your opinion. What people are taking offense to is the way in which you are expressing it.

      • Joe

        Comparing it to those things was an exaggeration, but you get my point. If you don’t that’s your problem.

        Not being able to comprehend isn’t a reason to call someone a troll. Go back to school.

        • James Pnym

          Let me quote another comment from you:
          “You wouldn’t happen to be from 1933 Germany would you Adolf?”

          Which translates to: “I am a troll!”. (I realize that the proper procedure is to ignore trolls. Apologies.)

    • admin

      Corrected the errors. As I said I am the only one who can deal with rumors and writing about it. It’s a very sensible job I cannot give in the hands of others. Despite that I am having damn little time to keep an eye on my english text. Yes, I am sorry, I should find a solution. I know, and I will try to do that once I have more time.

      I do not agree with the XZ-1 critique. I think those kind of high end compact cameras are having an influence on potential m43 buyers. So it’s interesting to see what they can do.

    • Doctor Fedora

      How many useful free web sites do you run, exactly? I can’t seem to recall just how many there were, but it must be a whole lot if you’re making complaints about something like this without feeling like a hollow whiner.

  • Pete

    Go and have good sex instead of comment like this!

  • admin,
    i cannot login into mirrorless rumor site? wonder m43 rumor and mirrorless rumor just require either site registration?

  • kesztió

    Fuji X Pro 1 specifications are far below my expectations.

    No way organic sensor (though I wish Pana had such good quality sensor as X Pro 1 has), the hybrid viewfinder is suitable only for a couple of primes, etc.

    Cannot see the real enthusiasm for making a usable, comprehensive mirrorless system – the X Pro rather seems to be a high-spec boutique camera than a really good tool for everyday hard work.

    • camerageek

      It’s perfect for street and heavy duty reportage and documentary much like Leicas of old! You are just a an unimaginative cripple who uses a zoom as a crutch! I banish you to the land of Micro Four Turds! Begone peasant!

      • stickytape

        You, sir, are hilarious. You come to a website dedicated to Micro Four Thirds in order to banish someone to…wait, where was it that you wanted to banish them…?

        Edit: Pardon me, I mistook your “land of Micro Four Turds” for the “land of Micro Four Thirds”. Please accept my sincere apologies.

  • X Pro spec just like ‘that’? another compact camera?

    Joke of the day! :D lol…

    • Miroslav

      No, “another compact” is Canon G1X. Not to be confused with Panasonic GX1. Soon to come: Leica X1G, Fuji X-G1 and Nikon 1 XG ;).

  • matt

    well I´m not really interested in XZ-1 type cameras.. but good to know about fuji pro camera..
    and @Joe if you have problem with understanding what our lovely admin wrote you can translate his words in comments so all grammar freaks like you will be happy.

  • Vivek


    The post about “Fuji X-Pro”

    I strongly suspect the source page is a hoax. There is NOTHING official about it!!!

    “Released 10 January 2012″

    Since when bank advisors (of all the people) started camera rumors typing them as if they are “official”?.

  • Andrew

    I am very interested in news about MFT cameras and the XZ-1/XZ-2 so I very much appreciate his coverage of the topic. Also, Amazon sold out of their white XZ-1’s at $350 rather quickly so that price is no longer available. $409 through an Amazon partner is currently the best price they are offering.

  • Yun

    As long as X Pro capable to achieve full frame standard , it already full fill main requirement of my 2nd cameras . But I still prefer to wait for Pana & Oly before decide which to go .
    Sony’s new NEX Full Frame sounds good too .

  • Duarte Bruno

    Finally it looks like the Leica killer if the IQ holds.
    EXR + APS-C? What took them so long???

  • Mr. theReaze

    It will be on par with fullframe despite the dof penalty

  • Pete

    the only leica killer will be a leica – because only a leica is a leica

  • stickytape

    So are those photos of the real Fuji camera or a mock-up? It looks very nice if the final product indeed looks like that.

    Edit: ok, ignore me, I just read the other post lol

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