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(FT5) Next small OM-D image leak! Name of the camera is E-…(?)


This is the next small piece of image leak I got from the famous anonymous source that already sent me the other two pics. For the first time you see the built-in viewfinder from the front which has exactly the same design of the (optical) [shoplink 28230 ebay]OM-4[/shoplink] viewfinder. You can also see that the name of the camera starts with “E-…”. The source masked the name :)

About these leaks: Believe it or not, it’s not me making those small leaks, and I don’t think it’s an official Olympus strategy to send me this. All I know is that the source definitely reads your comments and I hope he cans end me more pics soon (like for example from the back of the camera).

Reminder: You can follow the February 8th Olympus announcement on this website! And we are on facebook and twitter too!

To help you to compare the OM camera design with the leaked images here is the full list of OM film cameras:
[shoplink 28221 ebay]M-1[/shoplink] [shoplink 28222 ebay]OM-1[/shoplink] [shoplink 28223 ebay]OM-1 MD[/shoplink] [shoplink 28224 ebay]OM-1N[/shoplink] [shoplink 28225 ebay]OM-2[/shoplink] [shoplink 28226 ebay]OM-2N[/shoplink] [shoplink 28227 ebay]OM-2S/SP[/shoplink] [shoplink 28228 ebay]OM-3[/shoplink] [shoplink 28229 ebay]OM-3Ti[/shoplink] [shoplink 28230 ebay]OM-4[/shoplink] [shoplink 28231 ebay]OM-4T/Ti black and chrome[/shoplink] [shoplink 28232 ebay]OM-10[/shoplink] [shoplink 28233 ebay]OM-20 (OM-G)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28234 ebay]OM-30(OM-F)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28235 ebay]OM-40 (OM-PC)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28236 ebay]OM-77AF (OM-707)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28237 ebay]OM-88 (OM-101)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28238 ebay]OM-2000[/shoplink]

And here is a collage with the two other (already posted) image leaks:

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

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