(FT5) Next small OM-D image leak! Name of the camera is E-…(?)


This is the next small piece of image leak I got from the famous anonymous source that already sent me the other two pics. For the first time you see the built-in viewfinder from the front which has exactly the same design of the (optical) OM-4 viewfinder. You can also see that the name of the camera starts with “E-…”. The source masked the name :)

About these leaks: Believe it or not, it’s not me making those small leaks, and I don’t think it’s an official Olympus strategy to send me this. All I know is that the source definitely reads your comments and I hope he cans end me more pics soon (like for example from the back of the camera).

Reminder: You can follow the February 8th Olympus announcement on this website! And we are on facebook and twitter too!

To help you to compare the OM camera design with the leaked images here is the full list of OM film cameras:
M-1 OM-1 OM-1 MD OM-1N OM-2 OM-2N OM-2S/SP OM-3 OM-3Ti OM-4 OM-4T/Ti black and chrome OM-10 OM-20 (OM-G) OM-30(OM-F) OM-40 (OM-PC) OM-77AF (OM-707) OM-88 (OM-101) OM-2000

And here is a collage with the two other (already posted) image leaks:

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • cem

    i wonder, where is the on/off button/lever/switch? it’s a bit strange.

    • MJr

      i hope it’s a switch ! buttons don’t feel real.

      • MJr

        Hey guys, here is a better collage with the pyramid mirrored for a better picture of the final look.


        Still something is fishy about the curve next to OM-D.

        • It’s fairly good but it’s too wide next to the VF pyramid. You were fooled by the fact that the pyramid is seen slightly from the side in picture nr 2.
          If you cut the distance between the curve on the top of the mount and the side of the pyramid (on both sides), it will be much better. That will make the lens round too…

          • MJr

            No it isn’t, the camera is seem from exactly the front in all images. You were fooled by the fact that nothing is straight about this camera. Both the left and right top plate are angled down. The pyramid is wider on the VF side than it is on the front, hence the view onto both sides even from the front. Obviously the mount is oval because we’re looking at it from above at an angle.

            • MJr
              • Both image 2 and 3 are taken slightly from each side. That’s what cause the error. The pyramid sticks out a fair bit in front of the mount base (to house the flash). That’s why it looks narrower.
                The bright triangular area below the mirrored “.com” is a part of the pyramid side, which you now have two views of in the same picture. If you cut out the width of this area on both sides, it will be more correct. Then the rearmost wheel will end next to the pyramid and the PASM wheel dot will be close to the pyramid, as it should.

                • MJr

                  If you look at the lines above and below OLYMPUS they’re exactly horizontal. When taken at a sideway angle these lines would rotate with it. They’re not ..

                  The crop with OM-D on it is from a different photo, because the perspective does not match the crop with the shutter. It is taken straight from the front as they all are, but from a slightly lower angle.

                  I know the side of the pyramid is behind the mirrored .com as well, but it is in the right place. The thing that’s confusing is that the OM-D crop is probably taken from an image with maybe the flash popped up. Possibly something like this:


                  • Well, with a fairly long focal length, they will remain roughly parallel.
                    The problem with your mosaic is that it makes the camera too wide. And it’s the mount base that’s unnaturally wide. If you try to change the image according to my instructions, I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks more natural and plausible.

                    • MJr

                      Yes it’s certainly not an exact science, but it gives a nice overview. I agree that it looks wide, but whatever i change some other part gets worse by it. We’ll just have to wait a while for the exact measurements. It can only get better from here ;)

              • Reza

                Thanks MJr. Can you try to add the flash from E-P3 here too and see if it will fit? My guess is that the flash is placed on the right side of the mode dial (left of the mode dial when you look from the behind of the camera).

                • The flash is in the pyramid, like on the E-3. You can see the grooves on top of the pyramid, where the pop-up part meets the fixed part. There must be a fixed part in front of the hot shoe to make the pop-up clear the hot shoe when opening. Unlike the E-3, the area with the text “OLYMPUS” is part of the pop-up.

                  • Reza

                    I doubt it. If the area with “OLYMPUS” is part of it then the flash has to hinge at least 90 degrees, which would be unlikely.

                    • Well, the E-3 pops up over 60 degrees. That should be enough.
                      Look no further than the SP-810UZ for an example of this solution.
                      Besides, there is no other place to put it. Either it’s this or the flash is external (but included).

              • Riley

                hope you dont mind man, but I posted your collage on dpr
                good job ..

                • MJr

                  Thanks, and feel free to post anywhere, it’s only good for a few more days anyway ;)

              • Justin

                MJr. What would happen if you overlapped image 3’s (cloned prism pyramid, the one on the left of your collage) with the curved part to the upper right of the little 43rumors.com logo of image 2. Think of the curved part as being underneath the pyramid. In this scenario the pyramid houses the flash and pops up. When it pops up you wouldn’t see the triangular angled bottom of the pyramid anymore, but would see a more rounded molding underneath.
                Basically what I’m saying is it may be possible pic #2 is actually taken with the flash up and Pic 3 (cloned left side of the pyramid in your collage) actually belongs superimposed onto some of pic 2, not perfectly adject to it.
                This would fix the width issue too.

        • Miroslav

          Good job, thanks. Hopefully the grip develops into something more substantial, but there’s a slim chance for it…

          • MJr

            IMO surface like this is grippy enough, especially at a slight angle like this here. And don’t forget about the Thumbs Up grip. Now believe me that does make a substantial difference :)

        • bilgy_no1

          What about the more rounded onset of the VF hump on the left side of the body (front view)? It’s a bit hidden in the new picture, but it looks like a different styling than the new photo (right hand side).

          What’s your opinion on that?

        • Hi MJr,

        • safaridon

          If this is what it is going to be I expect that many may be disappointed after all the anticipation. It certainly does not look like the clean lines and looks of the original OM1/2 more clutered and the prism appears to be higher & bulkier than that on the G3? What are those strange flaps on either end on back of the viewfinder? Early rumors were that the new viewfinder would be the novel feature of this camera? Looks like a superwide viewer? I think the second piece of the puzzle was the most deceptive and false to add confusion and the scales of enlargement differ hence the mismatch. I don’t see any sign of a flash onboard and if true would be a dissapointment to many.

          If it turns out there isn’t a new sensor than the G3 and no PDAF (and I hope this is not the case), I am wondering what advantage this really has over the existing G3 at half the price? If it doesn’t I would wait in hopes that Pany produces the previously rumored GF7 rangefinder model with EVF much like the NEX7?

        • Berneck1

          How funny would it be if this were all fake!

          • loon

            Why do people see something they don’t like and conclude that everybody else won’t like it?

        • Mal

          Excellent work on the image MJr!

  • Keith

    Meh, this weill be a a black E-p3 with a G3 sensor and vf-2 built in.

    Hope I’m wrong…

    • MJr

      That would be great already … Plus the controls that i’m seeing they have me sold.

    • Anonymous

      No , its a digital OM camera with a NEW SENSOR and IT’s NOT PANASONIC SENSOR,.. With built in view finder and A new engine image processor ,.. IT WILL MAKE THE CURRENT PANASONIC – SONY CAMERA LOOKS LIKE A COMPUTER TOY WITH A LENS RATHER THAN PHOTOGRAPHY TOOL

      • That’s the spirit!

        • Anonymous

          +10 ,.. I believe not just you who understand the spirit , passion , and , soul of the photography ,..
          I’m sure both Panasonic and Sony can make a Great photography tool, but i don’t know somehow those kind energy and aura is lost when I hold GX1 or NEX5N ,. Believe me GF1 makes me want to shoot more rather when I using GX1,.. Speak of GX1 ,. Is a dull color JPeG ,Unnatural AWB ,. More softer than GF1,.. Just say ,” every time I bring both GF1 & GX1 together ,.the result from from GF1 is better and more pleasing on my taste,.. Forget about G3 – first time I purchased for my niece ,. I thought I had. Bad copy ,. And two months ago I bought the second one for my Girlfriend ,. Damn , do iget another bad copy or just the camera,..? I dont know . And 3 weeks ago I bought Silver GX1 from Adorama ,. The same result as I see on my Macbook screen ,. Know i think I had Enough with panasonic,. And have to try something new / Like the OM D or maybe FUJI .
          Something that makes me wanted to shoot more like my D700, FM3A, or M3.
          ,. Something which PANASONIC doesn”t have on their GF2-3, G3,.. Even on GX1

      • Charlie

        Wind up toy. ;)

    • krugorg

      Sounds good to me! Latest m4/3 sensor, some tweaking, VF, and IBIS. Yumm.

      My hope is that the overall size is similar (assuming a hump for the vf, of course)…. if it gets too chunky, I will stick with my E-P3.

    • You forgot the main thing: weather sealing. Very important in a small, take-everywhere camera.

      • 43shot

        Small. This doe snot seem small to me. With the 20mm on a GF1 I can pocket the camera in any coat, not this. I just don’t get the point of these large 43 cameras! A GF-1 is a big as they should get and I could care less about a useless on-camera flash. If it is going to have a tilt screen, flash, then make it small and sell to the mass market.

        • JimD

          I want it slightly bigger than the ep2/3. I also want a flash and I want a tilt screen. If you want something smaller may I suggest a pm1 for your pocket. My E30 is not a pocket camera, my ep2 gets closer, but this new omd with a pm1 looks like a good “suit anything” pair with shareable accessories, BUT that is yet to be seen.

  • flash

    The faux pentaprism is not symmetrical? Can’t believe that. Even the base line does not line up.

    I am not sure if these leaked photos are real, or maybe they are of two different prototype cameras. Will wait for more pictures.

    Name maybe E-50 . Based on size of text ect. but not sure if it is real.

    • MJr

      At least the first two images matched up, this new one doesn’t. Something is fishy here.

    • dumbo

      Well spotted! Something is wrong, right?

      • olyfan

        Of course! I think all pictures are fake. But I love this game ;)

        • Me too! I just wish I could see the faces of Olympus insiders when they read the comments. :P

      • Narretz

        Olympus should be interested in correcting this then. Never undererstimate the power of upset rumor website readers!

    • The images don’t match up because they have been taken from opposite angles. It’s not part of the same image, they are two different images. If you look closely you’ll see that it is in fact simmetric.

      • Exactly.

      • flash

        It is the curve at the base that first lets me have some doubts. I still have an open mind, maybe two different prototypes, one with a faux e-5 styled pentaprism and the other with an OM-4 styled one. I also think that it or a big chunk of it maybe be is removable. I hope it does not have a built in flash. One like the pm-1 would be better. I also believe the round piece on the front of the latest picture is a cover for “ttl” flash connector.

  • Paulo Moreira

    Fantastic fake! One day the command dial is on the left, the other on the right! Also, I quite don’t understand why there is the OM4 film rewind button…lol. Sorry, just can’t help to laugh at all these “leaks, so must Olympus!

    • Digifan

      Never heard of a thumb rest? (Leica RF et all have optional ones).
      The command dial is on one, the mode dial on the other side. They never changed sides!!!

      • TheEye

        What happened to the “E”?

    • flash

      It could be a cover for the ttl flash out similar to the OM-4 and OM-3.

  • The is maybe three difference image, i need not say more.

  • achiinto

    I think how it looks doesn’t matter now. We can see that it will look like an OM, which I have 4 of it already at home. I think what we need next is how 43 lens are gonna work with this camera. How the evf will work? I do hope it is a hybrid.

    I also hope that this camera is capable to do what my E-3 can do.

    • I hope it can do more than the E-3, since I already have an E-3.

    • Digifan

      I hope it’s NOT a Hybrid. A Hybrid means compromise. You’ll lose % of light to the VF i.s.o. it going to the sensor.
      Very bad idea. It better be a full hires EVF at very fast refresh rates, so it will not stall when following action.

      Edit: I do hope however that there are pdaf sensors on the image sensor so we can use classic 43 lenses at full speed. Then the new weathersealed adapter is making more sense too!!

    • JimD

      How is it going to be a hybrid? There is no mirror and no hole in the front to see out of.

  • neeming

    Come on, Olympus, stop this striptease and become a bit more worthy.

  • Stravinsky

    Now we are talking

  • Quang Pham

    Pretty nice how they put the control dial to the other side. Make it possible for your left hand to do some work :D.

  • ep3zd50_ninja

    1) Is that the 12-50?
    2) E-50?! i smell 43!!!! (i know, admin.. u already said its m43 but..)

    • jim

      Yeh – Why is the name being covered – because it’s somthing very important!

      This is not a pen – this is the next E 4/3 camera – my guess is they cracked PDAF and so by having an adaptor and a m4/3 mount this is in effect both a 4/3 and m4/3 camera! So can quite easly be an E-50 or similar!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Retro 4/3 isn’t valid successor for E-30 or any proper controls and ergonomy DSLR.

        • jim

          maybe they have the controls & ergonomy ???

          • Esa Tuunanen

            My father has old manual focus era gripless brick style SLR and neither its controls or ergonomy have anything desirable over modern DSLR.
            And actually that DSLR design ended up too conservative because. Without film roll overall body shape should have been closer to E-1 for easier viewing of viewfinder without nose hitting to LCD/body.

            • jim

              Yes your farthers brick is not ergonmic compaired to modern cameras, but then this is not a retro brick… its bang up to date – and any styling will not nessaserily interfear with ergonomics (I like to think)…

  • acuberos

    ¿Where is the integrated flash?

    • Alexander

      if there is no flash- bye bye olympus!!!!

      • Here we go…

      • jim

        Yeh Flash comes right after…. has an LCD :)

        Flash is the last thing to worry about – if this camera is awsome then you need to use awsome flashes – not on camera…

        And if this camera is awsome then it will keep capturing images wayyy past the EP3 when it comes to low light and no flash… to be fair with a sub F2 lens and 2 stops over the EP3 then this beast will start to negate the need for a flash in 99% of situations!

        • Flash is less about compensating for low-light than it is for controlling the light you have in order to get the scene that your mind sees but no one else does.

    • CedricL

      I think the olympus logo will pop-up for a High built-in flash!

      • Exactly. Most of the pyramid will pop up. Only a small area in front of the hot shoe will stay stationary.

  • Alexander

    I wonder how it is possible for Sony to make it everything smaller except the lenses…(up to now)

    • This camera is not supposed to be as small as possible. Its size is the result of a century old evolution.

      • TheEye

        Are people’s hands getting smaller due to less manual labor?

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Brains sure have been doing that since requirement for enough logical thinking to find (or grow) food to stay alive disappeared completely with modern urban society.

          • Olaf

            So farmers are the far most intelligent people according to your theory! :-)

            • … hunter gatherers,, farmers are more conservative and risk averse

    • JimD

      That’s because they are Sony!!! Now if they were Rokkor or even Minolta?

  • Um, 281 comments for the letter E.. Really?? Look forward to seeing the real specs for the camera..

  • Alexander

    F L A S H ? ! ? ! ?

    • MJr

      R E M O V A B L E / T I L T A B L E – E V F ?

  • I think you have become somewhat naive with this statement: “…and I don’t think it’s an official Olympus strategy to send me this”

  • TheEye

    In anticipation of the 2012 arrival of the Anunnaki, the E designation has been written backwards on the camera. :-P

  • Vivek

    Forget about the new sensor, its origin or what it is capable of!

    The pressing question is would this have a Pentaprism or a Pentamirror? :-)

    • Come on, we might as well enjoy it while we can. Obviously, when all the details are out there will be enough whinging to please everybody.

      • Mauro

        Agree! Finally I am enjoying this forum at its best, without negative/aggressive comments and gratuitous hate.

        The comments + posts are being really enjoyable. One of the finest moments of the whole site history in my opinion, and I have been lurking here since the very early days.

        Bring it on admin! :)

    • T-L

      Pentagonal EVF… 8)

  • Carlos

    E-… Shutter? :-P

  • flash

    The select dial on the P3 picture above, shows the same designations and spacing as the OM-D picture. There is room for one more dial on the top of the OM-D maybe custom setting will be there.

    But the designations on the knob are in reverse order. Why would they change the order?

  • zumitz

    ¿The E is mirrored? Is not an E; I think is a 3.

  • Duarte Bruno

    I’m sorry but I won’t take this for another week. I’ll be back on the 8th. With a bit of luck, the camera will be half of what’s been told about it.

  • I dont understand why the “E-” is turned the wrong way?

    • flash

      It is for the shooter to see. A lot if not all OMs and other Cameras have this type of designation on the top. Still think it leads to E-50 name, by the spacing.

      • Ah.. it was an illusion.. I thought the text was on the front of the camera..

  • Pei

    Tell your sources to stop taking pictures with a 1200mm lens in a small room. We want to see the whole camera, not the texture pattern of the shell.

  • CRB

    Wow more than 300 posts on an “E”….

    • EEEEEh….to the laek, can i say the camera will really be like OM, so not only “E” :-D

  • Invitado

    This is like the game between the cat and the mouse.
    And we are not the cat¡¡¡
    So somebody is playing with us…. and it’s boring.

  • too much comments with same content, i wonder if everyone bothers to read the whole thread before posting a reply…lol

    • Vivek

      I have given up on the OMD rumors. It is the same old same old.

      Where is the beef?

      • The is many so have problem by the fourth dimension. :-D

      • In the fridge? ;-)

      • Ross

        A couple of nips of whiskey on ice would be fine for me. ;)

    • FiatoPichan

      Agree with you!Oh, wait! I just add another comment.
      BTW I wish I had a time-machine. I really want to know more! LOL!

    • safaridon

      “I wonder if everyone bothers to read the whole thread before posting a reply”

      Not likely with 350 posts it may take an hour or more!

    • JimD

      I agree. What’s the thingame doodah on the front below the E.

  • Going to be one sexy camera. Has more of a sports car style than a retro camera.


  • lol


  • Charlie

    E-OMG-TBCE will be the name.

    Magic pixie dust sprinkled all over it,

    Guaranteed to make the Panboys poop their panties.

    Remember kids: Chicks don’t dig the brick, chicks dig OOOlympu$. :D

  • Good collage. I got whole body image.
    Is the right dial for rotary dial? (thumb dial)

    Olympus is really “serious” .

  • ep3zd50_ninja

    Oooh.. the lens on that one is NOT the 12-50. the 12-50s focusing distance is .98ft to infinity. Trying to check the other lenses now..

    • ep3zd50_ninja

      not the 14-42 IIR (.82ft)
      not the 45 1.8 (1.64ft)
      not the 12 2.0 (.67ft)

      • It is the 12-50mm. As discussed earlier on, the 12-50 pre-production lenses had “0.98ft” mistakenly printed on it. Production models have the correct “1.15ft”.

  • robert

    Admin, We can believe it’s not you, but don’t be too naive, it is clearly marketing from Olympus.
    These leaks are send by them to create a buzz and make it interesting…

    I personally am waiting for the GF4 or GF7 and hope it is the same size as GF3 with maybe tilted screen but most importantly better sensor (ether 16 MP or higher ISO or both)

  • 357 comments? Really crazy… ;-)

  • Riley

    yeah just out there isnt it
    well at least ‘A’ gets some return out of that

  • This is a “3”, not an “E”.

    • caver3d

      You are dyslexic. A 3?

      • Yes. Three. This pic is NOT mirrored.
        So who is dyslexic?

        • Peter

          Just like the P on the mode-dial is not a d, the E on the TOP PLATE (as mentioned multiple times before) is NOT a 3.

        • narutogrey

          This is an “E”. It looks exactly the same on the E-P1, E-P2. etc… It’s even the same font and the same size “-“. There’s nothing special about this “E”.

          To really make it clear, just take an Olympus PEN camera (if you have one), and orient it the same way as what you see in the picture. The “E” looks the same.

    • JimD

      Pretend you are behind the camera, a bit like a user would be. What would you see?

  • If this can make my 4/3 lenses focus faster than on any other m4/3 camera, I know where part of my tax return us going.

  • GL

    what if the hexagonal lens mount base from om is here instead a removable 43 adapter with a pd sensor? Otherwise the flange back would be too much. The purpose of the hexagon was ro increase flamge back in the original om too since the flat bodu was too shallow for the mirror.

    • GL

      And answering to myself, it looks as if that’s the M43 12-50 mm so probably it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Bob B.

    At the risk of being unpopular…does anyone know when the next PANASONIC camera is going to be released?
    OM so bored with these silly leaks from Olympus Corp. Headquarters…….. :-)

    • admin


      • Bob B.

        admin…as in quarter two…like sometime after March?

        • MJr

          Q1 j f m
          Q2 a m j
          Q3 j a s
          Q4 o n d

          • Bob B.

            LOL…wiseass!!!!! :-)

            • JimD

              Well why ask?

      • safaridon

        If there is going to be a m4/3 release by Pany in the second quarter why no rumor about same? Makes sense that Pany would release a camera prior to the June Olympics in London especially since that is a peak buying season and to accompany the fast weatherproofed X lenses. Is this rumored to be the GF7 or GH3?

      • safaridon

        Comment deleted as repeat

    • pdc

      CP+ (cpplus.jp) is February 9-12.
      Hopefully Panasonic will not let Fuji and Olympus steal the show.

      Photokina September 18-23.
      Canon MILC will be revealed (you read it here).

      • I prefer the term EVIL, especially when we’re talking about Canon ;-).

    • Charlie

      No worries.

      You were unpopular long before this. :D

      • Bob B.

        :-) oh you Olympus fanboys.

  • Mr Monkey

    The camera is going to be called the E-OM1

    • Jonathan

      +1 !

      It seems to be E-OM1 or maybe E-VM1 ;)

      With the collage the throat diameter of the mount, looks big … bigger than the m43, or it is the lens mounted on it that is big…
      I think this is a new prime.
      0.35m/1.15ft mfd, sounds like a new normal prime (panasonic 25mm 1.4 mfd is 0.30m).

      An olympus 25mm F/1.2 or even an 28mm f/1.2 would be great !

      Big mount ???
      Could it be The Original FT line converted into a new OM-D line ?
      I mean Compact REFLEX with the form, robustness and compactness of OM, using a huge pentaprism OVF (1,8x magnification to achieve the same experience of OM VF) and the FT mount ???
      After All, they claimed that they won’t let the FT mount die…

  • I “see” 3 control dials + 1 mode dial, all flush mount.

    On the right side of the camera (where right hand goes with shutter button), the curvy look to the front and back of the body indicate index finger (front) and thumb (back) dials. These dials are not visible in the pix. Then (thumb again), the visible unmarked dial on top. So, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO? I don’t know.

    The mode dial on the top of the left side of the camera is in plain view.

    I also note that the two dials on top appear to be inset into the body (flush-mount) so they catch less on clothing, etc., — a very nice touch for pocketability (e.g., coat pocket). I suggest the inset because of the location of the white selector dots right where the apex of the dial is — without any visual shift as from a protruding dial. Also, the “E-” on the right side seems in the same plane as the top of the dial. Also, frankly, the “E-” would be invisible to the shooter, if the dial were protruding, so in that case, the “E-” location would be ill-conceived unless the dial is flush. I suppose the flush mounting is also good for dust and water sealing — a form of protection for the weather-sealed body. I also like the ergonomics of the flush mount controls. So I think this camera may have some tight, well thought out design features for the serious shooter.

    Now I wish we could get some real specifications, i.e., how does this body fare with 43 lenses? Do 43 lenses get full speed autofocus?

    Fingers crossed.

    • JimD

      A single speed + iso dial would be ideal. They were used in the past and why not again. But it would need to be on top to allow the lift and rotate for the iso change.

  • Admin any news on a vertical grip? :)

    • a big grip as option like Fuji offers for their new camera would be great

  • David

    The name of the camera (acording to the foto) can’t be “E-…”. What I see is “…-3”! Anything finished with 3. Don’t you think?
    Anyway, what do the 4/3 users must do with their excelent and expensive lenses? Oly=nonsense.
    Best wishes!

    • JimD

      Try pretending you are the user and look down at the marking. I have never seen markings on the top of a camera set for viewing from the front. Have you?

  • claude

    now all we need is a 17mm (35mm eu.) FAST (1.4 or more, ideally 0.95) lens and I’m jumping on it, I don’t care if it is manual focus and cost as much as the 25mm nokton that is what I want.

    X-Pro1 will have such a lens next year, f2 is FF f3 for aps-c, F1.4 is FF f2.8 for M43, gimme f0.95 (f2 FF eq) and it’s a full win.

    17mm f2.8 with enormous amount of CAs won’t cut it.

  • TheEye

    Not counting the weekend, there’s only six days left until the official announcement of the wunder camera. Unlike our resident Visigoth king, I still have hair left to rip out in frustration. Where’s the next puzzle picture? :-P

    • Yeah only jump over. ;-)

  • dj

    hope it has a removable grip like this:


    and remember this OM-D will come in chrome too–hmmm classy!

    • i hope not, a real grip like the motordrive or winder ala OM system would be more useful, wether or not havin extended power included

  • Anonymous

    If you lighten the collage, you can see, the square viewfinder is not out there.
    Of 3 Picture is only the original right side but the left side is replaced (PS) that is a fake.
    The viewfinder is still secret. Only a small corner, bottom left, is original from the viewfinder.
    He is also not so angular, because the overall design is slightly rounded and modern, not like the OM-4.
    Perhaps a cruel game, probably a disappointment …

  • bli

    Am I no 400?

  • zephyr

    400! fullframe, and i’m in

    • Fan

      What does 400 mean?

      It will be MFT, not full frame.

      • BLI

        Comment no 400… Nothing deeper…

        • Barugg owb ama

          You re wrong 400 is connected to some tantric zuiko mantra, surrounding the 5 pyles of wisdom

  • Shanti

    the leather whatever has a different pattern on the new pic????something wrong here

  • nicwalmsley

    Really looking forward to the E-PM2. New sensor, small size, maybe weather sealed. No chunky viewfinder/flash unit welded to the top of the camera.

    As I and others have said since September 2011: a NEX7 body with m43 internals, lens mount and lenses…. yes please.

    • alexander

      sony will produce smaller lenses soon…

      • nicwalmsley

        we will see. some people say it’s impossible because the NEX has the wrong design in terms of distance to the sensor and the aspect ratio of the NEX sensor (image circle). But we will see

      • flash

        But will they work even half way? Probably not. The NEX mount is somewhat crippled, and requires a lot of optics to compensate. That is the real reason why the Glass is so big.

    • Milt

      The NEX7 body doesn’t do anything for me at all. Perhaps it is because I am left handed, although that shouldn’t make a difference.

      I want a body that I can put into my jacket pocket as I can my GF1 with the 20mm lens – but one that has a built in EVF of useable quality. I want it to have good manual controls like the GF1 and decent IQ. This seems a tall order in today’s marketplace, but I don’t know why.

      Hopefully the OM-E or whatever the camera is called is the one that I am looking for. THAT is what I am waiting to find out. If not, maybe Panasonic will make it. In the meantime, the GF1 does the job.

      Enjoy the anticipation!

    • JimD

      I hope its not a nex body, who wants one of those? No balance, no style, no aesthetics.

  • Jon

    Whether the leaks were real or not, you gotta admit, following this camera is pretty exciting! It’s been a while since I’ve joined the thrill of the launch of a highly anticipated product.

  • I can’t sleep because of this camera, how much longer till we get to see whole package

  • Are you sure there aren’t two new cameras? The OM-D lettering along with either an E-something or a something-3 doesn’t make sense on a single camera.


    • Charlie

      Two cameras mated — OMD is their progeny.

      We’re just trying to figure out which two models it was. :P

  • popeye

    :) handsome

    • GOD

      Only one camera will be announced, along with two new Micro Four Thirds lenses.
      OM-D is the new camera range, model no. is E-“?”5.
      I will let you lot have a guess at that…

      • Übergod

        that is certainly not an E.. it is obviously a 3

        • Obviously the camera name will be E-3, making it irrelevant which way you look. Problem solved… ;)

        • GOD

          Look at the PEN cameras. E-P1/E-P2/E-P3 all have the model no. written facing the photographer, not the subject in from of camera!!

      • noone

        primes or zooms ?

      • nicwalmsley

        What about the lenses? Primes?

        • GOD

          Primes! one is a Macro for sure.

      • nicwalmsley

        And E-M5 is the guess

        • +1 I guess E-M5 too. Unless Leica starts complaining, then my guess will be E-OM5. ;)

          As for the lenses. Please be one new standard prime. Built like the 45, either 17 or 25mm and sold as a ‘prime kit’. I promise I will buy the 45 too!

          (Oh dear! I’m getting all fanboyish. *calm blue ocean* … *calm blue ocean*)

          • nicwalmsley

            LOL… so true.

            a high quality 17mm would be very tempting.

  • Jo

    The prism font is just too flat for a supposed downward angled shot. I want to beleive this is real but something isnt right.

    • nicwalmsley

      posted to wrong spot

  • Anonymous

    Any comments about the Toshiba sensor rumours?

    “…I can only repeat what I have written before in these (and other) pages. The new sensor is developed by Olympus and will be manufactured by Toshiba…”

    “…Well, telling how I know is the same as telling which is my source, so I will skip that part. The only thing that I would like to establish is that it should be already given as a fact that it is NOT made by Panasonic, thats all…”

  • konikonaku

    Dear Mr. Famous Anonymous Source,
    Please just give us the detail pictures, tech specks & lens compatibility…and we’ll give Oly our Mastercard

    I’ll take anything better then E-P3 coz already sold my mirror system… 8-D

  • Barugg owb ama

    17 1.2 and 25 1.2 are coming OMFG hyyyyyypeeeeeee!

    • Barugg owb ama

      OMG dedicated iso button on the back and GLOBAL SHUTTER!!

  • Since the first camera of PEN series is E-P1, so I think the first camera of OM-D series is E-M1 …

    • Yes Absolute logical.

  • Olaf

    It all just became clear, its the new animal E-666……

  • Миле

    Will this work with E lenses without adapters ?

  • kleijn
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