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(FT5) OM-D shots nine(!) frames per second!


Blog.Livedoor stitched together the three leaked images to create the OM-D alike image (it’s NOT a real image of the real camera. Also the camera name is just their guess!).

Olympus OM-D, between hype and reality.
While some good sources tell me that the camera has a high dynamic range, superb video quality, much faster AF than the [shoplink 23568]Olympus E-P3[/shoplink] and and a possible two stop JPEG noise performance issue we still have to remain with our feet o earth. I haven’t seen any image sample yet and I have no info about who made the Olympus sensor and how the supposed image quality increase has been achieved. But finally I got at least one new “fact”. I have been told the the OM-D can shoot 9fps! The current best m43 camera of the class, the [shoplink 16254]Panasonic GH2[/shoplink] shoots 5fps. A trusted source also told me that it has a buffer of “max. 11 or 17 frames on sequential shooting depending on the mode (H/L, both in RAW).” And considering that this is a 16 megapixel sensor that’s quite a good performance!

The camera will be announced next week on February 8th. Only than we can be 100% sure if the Olympus sensor has some new major technology or if it’s just a “tweaked” Panasonic sensor. All sources and rumors lead us to believe that this will not be a remake of the [shoplink 23568]Olympus E-P3[/shoplink] marketing hype, when Olympus said that this is a “tweaked” sensor and in reality the image quality improvement turned out be very minimal. Let’s hope the best guys!

Personal notice: I am very busy until late Thursday night. I have to work on a frozen lake for two days and the terrible Burian will bring temperatures down at -15/20 grad Celsius. So expect some delay in comment moderation and email response.

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