(FT5) New PEN lineup revolution coming in September!

Image on top. The Black E-P3.

According to a couple of our sources Olympus will introduce new PEN cameras in September. And according to them the line up will be “revolutionized“. Currently there are three categories, the E-PM, the E-PL and the E-P series. I have been told the line up will be simplified and the differences will be more “obvious“. Olympus evaluated the PEN sales and user satisfaction. All I can share with you now is that Olympus were surprised by the huge Olympus E-PL3 (Click here) sales. I am double checking the rumors I am getting about the new Olympus cameras to avoid posting wrong rumors. During the last weeks I got some very intriguing rumor about the next Olympus and Panasonic announcements. Stay tuned guys! I am doing my best to share with you all I know as soon as I can!

UPDATE: The term “revolution” has been used to say that Olympus will change the PEN strategy…not that the camera itslef will have some revolutionary features (at least not that I know of).

To all sources: As usual I try to double check carefully the rumors I get to avoid bigger mistakes. I ask my sources and you reader to share me some info if you have some by contacting me anonymously at 43rumors@gmail.com or via contact form on the right sidebar. If you can use some kind of fake name so that I can recognize you in future. Better if you create a fake gmail account so that we can chat directly. Sources should know that it may pass some time before I post something and that I will rewrite the text in order to hide your style.

P.S.: Links to the current three PEN cameras:
Olympus E-P3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Olympus E-PL3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Olympus E-PM1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Patrik

    Built-in EVF? Hopefully.

    • Hopefully.
      -One with everything the E-M5 has, but the EVF in the corner and no weathersealing
      -One like the PL3, tilt screen, scroll wheels etc.
      -One like the PM1, simple and light
      All with the new IBIS, and a better, faster 17mm pancake to be a kit option with all of them!

      Still, half of us will go “Nah”, and buy the E-M5 anyway…..I’m one of them!

      • Agent00soul

        That would hardly be revolutionary…

        • True. So they drop the middle model…fine with me.

      • I don’t like EVF in the corner, it’s better to hold the cam with EVF in the middle. So I would never buy a PEN with EVF in the corner. Ok, I don’t need one, I would never give away me E-M5 ;-)

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > it’s better to hold the cam with EVF in the middle.
          You mean easier to support camera from display by nose…

          • Matthias

            Never had a problem like that, and I have a big nose ;-)

        • ras

          i’d never buy a mirrorless with a pseudo-slr evf. panasonic gh2, g3, oly em-5…yuck.

          micro 4/3 needs a sony nex-7 competitor, and the em-5 is not it!

        • ras

          i’d never buy a mirrorless camera with a pseudo-slr evf. panasonic gh2, g3, oly e-m5…eww.

          micro 4/3 needs a sony nex-7 competitor, and the e-m5 is not it!

      • Spunjji

        I don’t think the new IBIS will fit into the body of anything smaller than the E-M5; maybe the larger Pen at a push, but definitely not the E-PM1.

        • the PENs already have IBIS, there was a previous rumor a couple of months ago featured an interview with a senior Olympus guy who said “sure, why not” to putting the 5-axis IBIS in a future PEN

          I doubt they would include a built-in EVF though, presumably the PEN has to stay smaller and less ‘pro’ than the OM-D

          • E-1

            Looking at photos the M5 IBIS is to large for PENs currently, they need to shrink it to fit, I would not bet for this to happen in 2012.

      • Pierre

        Yes! A built in EVF in the corner!!

        • Mapleflot

          How about an EVF that attaches on the side the way the flash used to attach to the old XA compacts? This would allow a hotshoe (and Pen accessories) to remain useable.

    • avds


    • Berbu

      Why you don’t buy OMD?

  • N!co

    A pen with built-in EVF exists. It’s called OM-D EM5.

    • Not only that, but in the simplification process of their line-up, I see the OM-D as the high end model: No EP-5.

    • Luke

      it IS an Olympus, but it’s NOT a PEN

      • babbit

        According to the new Olympus ads that they’ve put out, the E-M5 is part of the Pen series. Probably a goof on Olympus’s part though.

        • stickytape

          Probably, as how can a camera be a PEN and an OM at the same time? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Bimbo

    I’m sure we’ve all been reading rumors about something ‘revolutionary’ before the GX1 and the E-P3 but it always ends up in disappointment.

    Then again it’s really hard to be disappointed when we have the E-M5.

    • admin

      No. This time I am 100% sure you want be disappointed. This time REALLY no.

      • admin

        P.S.: If the first “unconfirmed” rumro I got are correct. I ams till working on it….give me some time!

        • Bimbo

          Admin please don’t think that I’m being critical of your work!

          I’ve been visiting your site everyday for almost 2 years and have been nothing but grateful for these rumors.

          • admin

            No problem Bimbo! But you are right that I have to use words careful. Also because people tends to misinterpret the words I use. For example some reader already contact me to say why the PENS should be revolutionary while I wrote in the article that the revoltuion has to do with the change of the PEN strategy. So you see how misinterpretation can happen!

            • SteveO

              Ok, what the heck is a revolutionary “strategy”, 2 PEN’s instead of 3? Or a “Tough” E-P that’s weathersealed, can take a drop, work in freezing temps?

              It’s the hardware I’m interested in:
              -E-P5 (or whatever): E-M5 sensor, EVF in corner, new IBIS, tilt/touch OLED, better prime kit lens ofering
              -E-PL4/E-M2 (pick a name and just produce one): E-M5 sensor, new IBIS, tilt/touch OLED, scroll wheels, small and light in size and price

              That’s it, purely evolutionary, not revolutionary. My “revolutionary strategy” would be simply to underprice the competition with higher value/fuller featured products that produce Olympus JPEG quality.

              • reverse stream swimmer

                App Control

                Same sensor as E-M5, or with PDAF included.
                Full HD 60p/50p; HD 100p/120p

                • shin

                  with all the great spec that you guys want. it more like em-6 not ep-5,

              • JF

                “E-P5 (or whatever): E-M5 sensor, EVF in corner, new IBIS, tilt/touch OLED, better prime kit lens ofering”
                IMO it’s not realistic, what you describe is just a non weathersealed E-M5. I think olympus won’t put all the advantages of the E-M5 in an E-P5, it would kill the E-M5 appeal. I bet there is no EVF on E-P.

            • acfan

              It is cultural revolution, not technology revolution!

      • Anonymous

        Are the art filters that much better on the new models?

      • Ross

        Admin. You’re not teasing us with something like a successful implimentation of PD-AF for the 4/3’s lenses are you?

    • Digifan

      The products will not be revolutionary, only the new line up.
      In other words, the products will be evolution type of camera’s but the marketing will be more easy due to clear product line setup.
      For Olympus that is revolutionary with m43!

      43 had clear market line-up.

  • peter

    omg… more info please…. ;)

  • Sam

    GH3 with wifi tethering to android devices for 1280×720 live monitoring plus weather sealed, fastest AF to date, 1080 60p, 920k lcd, slightly larger form factor with better audio options (including headphone monitoring), increased s2n for higher ISOs with lower noise, faster buffer clearing for raw bursts – anything less than that, and I might be disappointed :)

    • Though I consider it a bit useless I rather bet on 2K/4K video.

  • Ernest.orf

    Woww cool i really love my epm1 & em5 , so if oly can make it better , would be damn good !!

  • onlyme

    I don’t want or need revolutionary new features. All I hope for is that Olympus have a built in flash, a 4:3 screen and reliable IBIS on the cheap PEN.

    • vadim

      Me neither. Just E-M5 sensor in E-P3 body

  • Just keep Panny’s grubby hands off the Pens and all will be well. Leave the circus performances to the GHx.

    Give us one basic Light and a Prosumer rangefinder with the new sensor.
    Built in EVF debatable, depending on price.

    • slomo

      “Just keep Panny’s grubby hands off the Pens”

      Too late, that’s not gonna happen now. With the 650 million leverage Panasonic has on Olympus, hard to imagine there is no Panasonic interests being represented behind the closed doors at Mt. Olympus.

      • tmrgrs

        Panny issued a statement today that the bailout rumor from earlier this week is not true.

        • slomo

          Typically when negotiations are still under way, no suitor would divulge to the others how much they would invest, because the others would simply bid more. There is a possibility that the number and the suitor was leaked because Olympus prefers Panasonic investment but it wants more money and leaking it would have the desired effect that Panasonic would increase the amount. It is also possible that in Panasonic interest it would leak a false but credible lower amount so that Sony and Fuji would bid lower than the actual Panasonic bid.

          In any case, I would prefer Panasonic investment rather than Fuji or Sony, because if the fifth column in Mt. Olympus is the other two, the possibility of them kill off or significantly reduce Olympus cameras division is greater than with Panasonic.

  • bananacam

    full frame pen? can it be? gasp!
    (surprised no one mentioned this till now :D)

    • What! New bodies and all new lenses? I don’t think so. Well, not called pen anyway.

  • Miroslav

    Revolutionizing + simplification of the PEN lineup? That can only mean that E-P5 will be a bit smaller than E-P3 and gain movable screen, while E-PL5 will have a fixed screen and take E-PM1 place, thus returning the PL series to entry level spot of Oly m4/3 bodies.

    Hopefully both will have E-M5 sensor, at least E-P5 will have that 5 axis IBIS and there’ll be an EVF on P5.

    Oh, and focus peaking and proper grips would be more than welcome.

    • +1

      and hopefully, they will be introduced along with a black 45mm / 1.8

      • JF

        Oh no, I’ve already bought the silver one which doesn’t fit very well my black E-M5…

    • Miroslav

      I was afraid we won’t see any new PENs in 2012. Great news as long as the sensor is updated.

    • if the E-P5 had the E-M5 sensor, IBIS and EVF, what does that leave to step up to the E-M5 for… just weather sealing?

      • Miroslav

        “what does that leave to step up to the E-M5”

        magnesium body, faster burst speed, bigger/better EVF, larger body – better for larger lenses, optional grips, …

        The differences between Oly m4/3 cameras were/are subtle. Compare E-P2 and E-PL1 or E-P3 and E-PL3 for example.

      • JF


  • CuriousBenjamin

    This rumour is in line with Oly’s strategy to consolidate their line-up. I think the following would be reasonable –

    1. XZ series – 1 inch sensor, high quality P&S (even better if they can incorporate TOUGH series with this)

    2. Drop EPM series

    3. Merge EPL and EP series – tiltable screen, built-in flash. Built-in viewfinder is debatable..it may increase the price and possibly the size to OMD levels. Max $800.

    4. OMD series – high end weather sealed body, built-in VF + all EM5 features. They can focus on releasing cutting edge innovations and sensor tech in this series and then trickle it down to lower series on subsequent releases. Around $1000-$1200.

    • Miroslav

      Great idea: a Tuff ;) model with 1″ sensor replaces XZ and E-PM series!

      I doubt E-PL and E-P will merge, considering “Olympus were surprised by the huge E-PL3 sales” and that E-P series has an established name after three years. A modern (PL) and retro (P) look will be enough to distinguish them.

      • spam

        I’m not sure E-P-models sell so well. They are kind of higher end, but with same IQ as the cheaper ones. Besides, E-PL1 focused (slightly) faster than E-P1 and had EVF support, E-PL3 has higher framerate than E-P3 and tiltable LCD. I’ve prefered two of three E-PLs to the equivalent E-P-models.

        Why Olympus is surprised that a better featured (in some areas), smaller, lighter and cheaper model sell well in a market where size is an important factor say a lot of the Olympus marketing department. And I know E-P3 has some strong points too like the built in flash, a better screen and more buttons, but it’s not a clear top of the line model compared to the E-PL3.

        • Rob

          The EP3 is awfully expensive for what it is though. The EM5 puts in enough features to justify the price, something I couldn’t do with the EP3 despite how nice it was. Add a EVF and its the same price as the EM5, which has better IQ, IBIS, weather sealing, etc.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they merged them somewhat, to just have a high end Pen (which will miss off bits to not harm EM5 sales) and a cheaper one to bring people in.

          I would be surprised if they didn’t have the EM5 sensor. The 5 axis IBIS I would be surprised if it made it into a PEN in this generation.

    • WT21

      Drop the EPL series, put the tilt screen in the EPx. Keep the cheap EPM. You can’t have your intro level MILC camera at $800!

      They said “surprised by EPL3 sales” — I know like 3 people who got the EPL3. Everyone else seemed to get the EP3 or EPM1. Maybe they meant surprised in a bad way (i.e. too low)

      • spam

        While I prefer the E-PL3 to the E-P3 I agree with your conclusion that they should keep the E-PM-line and merge E-P and E-PL. The two higher end models are too close and none of them have all the higher end features. E-PMs are needed because of price and size.

    • Tom

      I think that EP as the high end is obsoleted by EM-5, I would guess that you will see

      New Oly Series Panasonic competitor
      EPM GF
      EP/EPL merge GX
      EM GH
      ??? G

      I am not sure a Pen with a evf in the corner would fit as a G competitor. Technically, I would think EM + external EVF would be fine as a G competitor, but for marketing reasons maybe they want something that sort of looks like an entry level slr…

      • Tom

        That should have been “EPM + external EVF”.

  • HoiHoi

    EPM (small, simple)
    EP (with swivel screen, external electronic viewfinder)
    OMD (pro, weathersealed, with built-in evf)

    • That’s what I’m thinking. Three Pens are too many.

    • Ditto

  • Mal

    I think Oly should make the next Pen even smaller than the EPM1 but retaining the tilt touch screen from the EM5 and bundle it with a super micro pancake of 17mm f1.8, or a super micro 3x zoom that collapses into the body. Get the size down to almost the new Sony size, and include the new IBIS and twin dials on the top plate like the EM5, only smaller.

    Optional EVF is still Ok and can even put the accessory port in the corner so the “built in” flash can be swapped out for a new EVF that fits like it is part of the camera. :)

  • Keith

    Great news Admin.
    You really have the best suite of rumor sites… Funny how other rumor sites (like CSCrumors) just either make stuff up or quote you!

    Been waiting to see if there would be a 16mp+ Pen. Wanted the improved IQ of the OMD, but didn’t want the EVF hump.

    Looks like I’ll keep my E-P3 until September then!
    Exciting times for m43 and NEX !

  • Lars

    revolutionized… hey great MORE ART FILTERS….!!!

    and build-in INTAGRAMM… but a sensor that still sucks…..

    • WT21

      art filters joke is past it’s expiration. It was a funny a year ago, irrelevant now.

      • MK

        its still funny… almost as funny as a camera company which supports organized crime selling prime lenses for $750+ & creating premium cameras with no body flash

        • napalm

          you joking right? leica M8/9’s dont have in-body flash, their primes are way way more expensive.

          anyway, just dont buy it. end of story.

  • Keith


    – Olympus Jpg Engine
    – NEX7 level low ISO resoultion
    – NEX5N level high ISO cleaness
    – No AA filter like X-Pro1
    – Inbuilt EVF like NEX7 with hybrid OVF like X-Pro1
    – IBIS like EM5
    – Controls like E-P3 and EM5 (EM5 plus E-P3’s rear bottom dial)
    – AF as fast as EM5/E-P3
    – Flippy turny touch screen

    I can dream…

    • Cedric Leveille

      … and price it at free.99…
      My dream to!!

    • Ant

      Unimaginable new form factor

      But that would betray the “Pen” name just like putting 35mm sensor is betraying the 4/3 sensor specification

  • Agent00soul

    The question is where they want to take the Pen series.
    Do they want:
    – Highest quality
    – Smallest size
    – Enthousiast level features
    – Competitive entry level price point

    Currently they have a bit of all the above, but it’s probably not a good idea to fit all of that in the same series. It confuses the customer. For example, the customer buying the expensive high quality model don’t want a cheap model with the same series name.
    So the question is if Olympus is going to drop any of the above or maybe diversify into more than one series.

  • Elf

    Just give me the new sensor in existing pen design built in flash and tiltable lcd……. Pens will and should remain without built in EVF…… I and many others have VF2 keep this line as is.

  • It is long overdue that Olympus makes an overhaul of its PEN concept. While running well on some markets, many retailers in Germany telling that it isn’t selling so well.

    First of all the user interface needs a big change. At least the top model should get rid of the multicontoller thing and add analog dedicated controls akin to Fuji’s X100 or the GH2. It should have a build-in VF and a tiltable screen. Olympus should add decent grip, either through a more hand-friendly shape or less slippery body finish. Preferably, they should get rid of PEN nostalgia and make more user friendly, intelligent body concepts instead of sleek, but slippery, unergonomic bricks.

    • Agent00soul

      What you’re describing is the E-M5, more or less…

      • mahler

        Not really. The EM-5 does not have the a lot of dedicated controls as the GH2. For example controls like the X100 in a PEN shaped m4/3 body is a lot different than an EM-5.

        • Agent00soul

          You mean like a dedicated shutter speed knob? That’s a total waste of space in this day and age. The multi-purpose knobs on the E-M5 are so much more useful. Remember, the camera will probably be smaller than the E-M5 so how would you fit more controls?

          • Mr. Reeee

            More like dedicated ISO, WB, Exposure Compensation, QMenu or SuperMenu (or whatever it’s called), Focus Assist, Focus Mode, etc.

            I’d much rather have hard buttons and learn to use them than try to remember what I programmed. Or worse, festoon the thing with little tape labels. Yes, I’ve seen it.

            When I’m out shooting I think of WHAT I’m shooting, not HOW to do it. Thinking of HOW gets me out of the NOW and the WHAT it is I’m shooting. ;-)

    • As I have commented many times here, a pro version of the e-m5 will need to be bigger to accommodate all the discreet function buttons that are needed for single push functionality. That means a body between the e-m5 and the 620 at the smallest. For the pen series that defeats its purpose and market position.

  • Yun

    What an aggression approach by Olympus ?
    Where is Pana’s respond ? I’m not talking about G5 , I want that very “highend camera” to be launched within 2012 or I might consider to join Olympus .

  • JamesL

    I would prefer them to merge the pen-series, and keep it a small and affordable alternative to the OMD line.
    Keep the IBIS and fast AF of their latest PEN-releases, but at an introductory price so the lesser-enthusiast can still buy into the oly/pana lens-ecosystem without paying a fortune. (also, would love an extra control dial and redesign)

    The EVF, tiltable screen, weather sealing, and 5-axis can remain premium features of the OMD line.

    If they release another PEN camera at ~800 though.. there won’t be enough differentiation between the $999 tag of the OMD to really make it a compelling product.

    I hope if they do merge the pen line.. they don’t push the pl3/pm1 styling.

  • Papa J

    Just put the E-M5 sensor & a nice little grip on the E-PL3 for $599 and call it a day.

  • Ben Kadi

    Kets!Mitsue Kets!

  • adriaantie

    APSC sensor.

    • spam

      Why would you want a larger sensor than the lenses are designed for? To keep the size and price higher than necessary?

    • BLI

      @adriaantie: APS-C sensor??? Not FF?? :-)

  • st3v4nt

    “Olympus were surprised by the huge Olympus E-PL3 (Click here) sales.”

    Admin do you have accurate data about EPL-3 huge sales? The link only directed to amazon.com EPL-3 list. AFAIK EPL-3 is the least sold 3rd generation PEN compare to EP-3 and EPM-1. Even in the most dedicated m4/3 camera forum there’s only a handfull owner. People choose either the complete EP-3 model or cheaper simple EPM-1 seldom choose EPL-3 which a bit downgrade in the term of ergonomic compare to EPL-1 and EPL-2.

    • admin

      No I don’t have the data, but trusted soruces told me so.

  • napalm

    lineup will be simplified, E-PL3 surprising sales… that only means they will drop the E-PM1 or combine the E-PL and E-PM into one. then make the E-P5 more advanced.

    we’ll have 2 PEN bodies then, one for beginners and one for enthusiasts/pros.

    we wont be disappointed? does it mean a rangefinder-style body (with evf) for the ‘pen pro’?

  • I had the E-PL1 which broke down in warranty and was replaced by the P3. Despite I liked it, I preferred to buy a discounted E-P2, better suited for my legacy lenses, and for sturdiness.

    Were it not for the hump, I’d wait for an E-M5k, but I don’t need all the stuff it has. A simpler, sturdy camera with the same sensor would do for me.

    You must realise also that the true cost of these cameras, made inside of plastic components must be between 50 and 100 $, so one is really paying for tech advancement.

    OTH we are probably reaching some limits to growth, so the pace of introducing gizmos must slow down.

    A basic Pen with a new 12 Mpx sensor, low priced, would do well. Merging the PL3 and P3, with 16 Mpx, makes also sense. Bigger question for me is what size. Too small is handy, but an ergonomics nightmare.

    Dreaming away, my ideal would be the NEX-7 , at 30% less.Choosing the right size for the Pens is paramount. Think that they must be IQ better than an iPhone, and yet not much bigger.

    Finally E-P3 is too expensive compared to E-M5.

    To see what is coming one should have insider knowledge in what the other brands are preparing too. What is nice is that now we have perhaps the best sensor.

    • I meant that I replaced the PL3 with the E-P2.

      ‘Revolutionary’ might be marketing lingo for ‘the connected camera’. Connected to social networks, and or with app expansion.

  • Patrick

    I am still hoping for better manual focus support.
    Either the image inside the green focus rectangle gets magnified while you can still see the rest of the image, or they implement focus peaking.
    The first solution is better, i think… or Oly does both.

    I did not buy the OM-D because it does not have improved manual focus support.
    Let’s see how well Oly listens to their customers this time…

    • bli

      The OM-D actually has improved MF support. It was *amazing* to see how MF worked on the 45/1.8 with and without the exposure button half pressed — with, the stabilization of the EVF literally *froze* the image (I used 5x magnification)..

  • L.S

    Dear Admin

    Any of the rumors mention 4/3 adapter ? or some other way to use 4/3 lenses on current or future Micro 4/3 ?

  • napalm

    Let’s make it clear. The rumor is the “lineup will be revolutionized”. It didnt say there will be something revolutionary.

  • LovinTheEP2

    If they upgrade the ZX-1 to a 1″ sensor. Might as well drop the EPm model.

    That leaves Olympus in a bit of strategic issue with the OM-D & PEN series. m43 was always about compact design. So I would image they’ll merge the EPL and EPx into 1 cam. Pop up flash, tilt screen and hopefully the 16mp sensor RF body. If they continue with financial issues, supporting 3 PENs doesn’t make sense. A 2 cam offering with a single OM-D and a single PEN makes way more sensor sharing the same sensor.. with potentially a new E-X cam as their flagship. That would be a much better 3 cam offering then 3 PENS, OMD, E-X etc.

    I’d get the EP-4/5 if RF, 16mp, tilt screen and pop flash to replace my EP-2.

  • I think about two things.

    just 2 line ups, with the OM-D there is no need for more than that.

    one being very basic, the E-PM e something between the E-PL and E-P, but more like the E-PL, at least cost wise.


    they can only use one line up and put a “bigger sensor” on a non-interchangeable lens camera for the entry-level people.

  • BLT

    From the beginign I was always surprised by by the similarity in spec between the EP and EPL series. And further surprised by the addition of another model in the line (EPM)

    It would make sense that one of them should go. Dropping the iconic and beautiful EP series doesn’t seem likely.

    So I reckon we will see 2 Pen models from here on out. The EP and and more budget compact variation somewhere between the EPL & EPM.

    Whilst I would like to see the new IBIS and an inbuilt viewfinder in the EP I don’t see it happening so soon after the EM5 launch. Just the better sensor for now I guess.

  • reggieandtfe

    I’m honestly surprised that the E-PL3 sold “well”. That has to be Japanese sales because it was priced about $100 too much in the West.

    I really doubt they are going to eliminate the E-PM1. They need a low-end base model that takes interchangeable lenses; the XZ-2 appeals to a different market.

  • I was expecting lots of hair splitting on this thread right from the beginning. Quite frankly, it could have been much worse!

    Seriously, I suspect Olympus will keep their portfolio down to three m43 produced models overall, E-M5 being one of them. Therefore, of the EP serie (EP, EP-L, EP-M) one of them should go. Which one is borderline irrelevant for all I care. Its what model they introduce that matter most, not how they name it.

    Those that want built in EVF or bigger sensor size : it won’t happen.

    One of my pet peeve : that retro look trend that started with EP-1 is not funny anymore. Lets politely say that not exactly everything m43 related produced by Olympus is quite to my aesthetic taste.

  • MichaelKJ

    “All I can share with you now is that Olympus were surprised by the huge Olympus E-PL3 (Click here) sales.”
    I follow camera sales each week and have seen no evidence that the E-PL3 has been a big success. Your link goes to Amazon US where the best selling E-PL3 is currently ranked 62nd among CSCs.

    The current BCN rankings of Japanese ILC sales show the best selling E-PL3 configuration in 24th place, which is behind the E-PM1 (20th).

    Do you have any data to support your claim that the E-PL3 has had “huge” sales? Or is this just an unsupported claim by Oly marketing?

  • Gabriel


    This is a rumor site… why not share the rumors?

    I understand you want to give correct information, but verified insider information is different from a rumor.

    Personally I check this site to hear the 43 rumors.

    • Gabriel

      I do love the site and appreciate your hard work.

      I am considering my future purchases and I think I will wait for the new Pens to get a better deal on the current EP3

  • avds

    If Olympus doesn’t revolutionize E-P5, I wonder who is going to buy it now over the E-M5 (for features) or E-PL5 (for size), especially since it’s no cheap toy. But put a decent EVF in the corner, update the sensor, and implement focus peaking, and I’m buying the thing immediately. Besides, it’s really a shame Olympus didn’t put GPS and Wifi in E-M5 because I’m afraid it means the “lesser” models will hardly get them now due to marketing reasons, so as not to hurt E-M5’s high-endness until it’s well into its mature age.

  • simon

    As the revolution isnt about fancy features it leads you to think about positioning and packaging.

    1) EPL dropped so Pen becomes a 2 line up, this spreads the offering so it covers $350 to $1200 price VF (or stabilised when optional added) or weather sealing. Targets NEX5 and also budget SLR markets & aims at people wanting more control
    2) EPM gains tilt and a RRP of $350 to try and really go after the High end compact market. Possibly integrate flash and get rid of hotshoe so as sleek as possible. Retain 12mp sensor to differentiate and perhaps even consider if this becomes an XZ2 replacement (not interchangable lens but with 4/3 sensor)
    3) Pitch EPM in western markets as for women with either celeb endorsements or advertised as family friendly (as opposed to just coloured shell).

    • spam

      Everything is revolutionary for the Olympus marketing department. Could be a new color.

    • Packaging is a total waste of space. All packaging should be posted back to the manufacturer as a return to sender.
      It’s a one off thing that has a high cost and then costs a fortune to dispose of it. It can take hundreds of years to break down, if at all.
      The world does not need packaging.

      • CedricL

        But we still want our brand new products to be brand new when we get it. At least recycle card board and no freaking oil base plastic bastrd baggies or styrofoam polypropylene made with… oil.

        • Something like a water soluble (eco friendly that is ) styro foam. In a minimal size cardboard (recyclable) box. Box decoration (colours) all bio degradable.

  • Juan Caliente

    How about shrinking the pens and using the 1″ sensor with interchangeable lenses. Use M4/3 and 4/3 via adapter. Come out with the toy lenses as well as mid to high grade lenses.

  • VictorY

    What I’d like to see them do is go back to 2 models:

    E-PM2 – keeps with the streamlined, compact design with screen and typical processor upgrades

    E-PL5/P5 (whatever you want to call the big brother of PENs) – focus on improving ergonomics and control as the differentiating factor from the mini (and from the IMO rather unbalanced NEXs)
    – dual dial design of EM5 (won’t have space for built-in flash unfortunately)
    – tilt screen with touch 610k OLED of EM5 (merge the confusing decision to be made from last gen PENs into one), if cost remain reasonable, to 920k
    – improved grip design, akin to the EP3 swappables (…or maybe even secretly compatible with EM5 battery grips? =O)
    – bring the EM5 sensor to PEN (or some variant/lower bin of it)
    – perhaps some integration with Toshiba FlashAir or Eye-Fi? (example: push through wi-fi card)
    – pricepoint: <$700USD /w kit to compete with NEX-5N (the EP3 was always overpriced)

    The other key distinguishing features will remain unique to the EM5 to justify its higher cost, namely:
    – built-in EVF
    – 5-axis IBIS (at least unique in the 5 series)
    – weathersealing

    other quips:
    – for goodness sakes, have the battery/SD card door accessible with a tripod plate on!

  • Might as well combine PM and PL series. The E-pm1 and E-pl3 were basically identical. E-pl3 had dial on top and swivel/tilt touch screen and an extra button or two… for $200 more?
    Just combine the two, keep the ‘entry-level’ price of E-pm1 and boom! You’ve got three distinct cameras. E-pm2, E-p5 and E-m5 @ $599, $799 & $999 respectively. Make sense?

  • caver3d

    There must be a typo in that rumor. I think Olympus was surprised with the E-PM1 sales, not the E-PL3. My impression has been that the E-PL3 has not sold well. So they keep the E-PM and E-P lines and drop the E-PL. You need to keep the small entry level E-PM line.

  • caver3d

    Or how about this? Olympus was surprised with sales of the E-PL3 because it has sold so poorly – far below Oly expectations. Thus, they eliminate the E-PL line.

  • IBIS v2.0

    Please, no IBIS – or at least another variant.






  • Jens

    Come on admin, give us some Ft2, FT4s :-)

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