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UPDATED: Olympus invitation image for February 8th (but with old OM on it)


UPDATE_3: I now got 100% sure info about that rumor:

The administrator of (Thanks!) said that this is an image of the Olympus invitation for the OM-D announcement on February 8th! The invitation text has been removed to protect the source. While the teaser is 100% real (believe me!) this piece of image is from the [shoplink 28231 ebay]OM-4T/Ti black and chrome (Click here to see that cam on ebay)[/shoplink] and not from the new OM-D! I saw the tetx and it says that a new product will be announced on Feb 8th. In summary: Olympus is sending invitation with an old OM image on it :)  At Olympus Global (Click here) you can see the source of that image.

P.S.: Thanks anonymous source for your help on this ;)

P.P.S.: Sorry for the multiple updates but I am currently in a meeting with lawyers and updating the post via iPhone (yep not so funny!).


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