(FT3) New Panasonic GF camera coming soon?


While I am still not sure if the GH3 is going to be announced soon or not I am getting more reliable rumors about another Panasonic camera. According to two new sources the GF3 has now been discontinued and the new GF7(?) could be announced in February-March. The GF3 has been announced in June 2011 so it’s not even 8 months old! You will argue that this is not possible but the GF3 has been announced exactly eight months only after the GF2 release.

If the rumor is true than this will be a new chapter of the “miniaturization” war. But honestly, don’t know how much smaller you can get! What would you cut from the GF3? :) What’s true is that the GF2 is selling much better than the GF3 at Amazon (Click here to see the ranking). Maybe Panasonic cam up with a new idea to appeal the GF series.

Here is the current GF3: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • uiti

    I like GF series,so we need a new sensor for GF4.

    • Steve

      I agree it needs a new sensor – G3 ? and I think they need to redesign the controls – but more than anything else, Panasonic need to work on their colours and jpeg engine.

  • 123

    another m43 camera that is worth nothing after only 8 month…

    you have to be retarded to buy a m43 camera short after it is released…

    • I resemble that remark.

      • Mice

        I concourse!

      • fgl42

        HaHa! Good one Mike.

    • amvr

      If you knew anything about digital photography (film was somewhat different in this regard) you would understand that the value of a system is not about the camera bodies (technology advances too fast) but actually the lenses, and in this regard M4/3 is king. Invest in lenses not bodies.

      Also, why is it assumed they’ll actually go for an even smaller form factor, maybe they’ll go back to GF-2 but with better ergonomics (slim but with better grip+ basic control)

      • 123

        well i know much more then you.. be certain of that.
        and i prefer to buy 35mm glas over overprized lenses for small sensors.

        now i go and enjoy my M9…. :)

        • amvr

          People like you give Leica users a bad reputation. I wonder which lenses are more overpriced, Leica or M4/3 (Leica glass knows no equal and are worth it,but they are certainly aren’t worth their price tag, at least with m4/3 you get what you pay for, from decent to superb).

          If your trying to use your Leica badge as a symbol of prowess and photographic knowledge and tout it in the internet then it means your precious Leica is just wasted on you. If you’re so happy with your current system and don’t like mirrorless or m4/3 I sincerely don’t understand why you’re here (and many others like you).

          *BTW, I have an M3 but I don’t promote myself as the next Cartier-Bresson on forums.

          • I agree. I love Leica, but some people seem to be too busy using their Leica purchase to compensate. Luckily perceptive people won’t hold that against Leica.

          • Leiya

            I genuinely believe the m43 format is more “Leica” than the actual Leica. It’s small, discreet, high quality images, and is with you everyday. The lenses quality are as good as the best of M-mount lenses – especially when their performance are already high at widest apertures, look at the12mm, the 25mm and the45mm.

            People who genuinely appreciate the Leica M should automatically appreciate the m43 too, simply because they have the same ethos. Pride Leica m owners that brags on forums don’t really appreciate the true value of their cameras. They might as well get a DSLR with some 300mm+ lenses and shoot in the city and small towns and on the streets -they should join that ridiculous “photography fans” club.

            • L.Coen

              m43 better take notice cause the Canon g1x is here to say one thing..and that is the future will have ps cameras that will do the same thing if not better then m43.If by then the only argument of having a m43 camera is the interchangeable lens capability, then m43 will go the way of the aps cameras way back when. aps was the m43 of film. The gap that allows m43 to exist will be filled in once large sensors find its way into ps cameras like the g1x, and once the price drops, he end will come for m43.The Leica is discreet compared to dslrs, but a brick compared to ps digital cameras.Leica is going backwards as apposed to when they first started. Anyone who thinks otherwise is still dreary from the Leica pipe dreams.
              not to say one can not take photos with Leicas, but even disposable cameras can take photos…so what’s the point? I bet there’s a kid out there in the 3rd world taking better photos with his cheapo 2nd hand ps film camera better then 99.99 % of all Leica users.It’s not the camera, it’s the person..photo quality [ ones own work] is a lot different from photo quality of resolution.

        • why are you here again? Oh, to make you and your M9 seem relevant.

          Congratulations, you spet a lot of money to brag about it to people online. Good Job!

    • Mike

      Do they self destruct or are you just unable to figure out how to press the button that takes pictures on them?

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Well, in order to retain it’s value over longer time, is to fix the lens to the camera, and to make it a Canon G1X competitor.

      Canon just killed their long line of 1/1.7″ sensor cameras and jumped to a 1.5″ sensor (1/4 EV stop ahead of MFT, maintaining the same 4:3 aspect ratio from earlier G models) in the new G1X.

      What if the new GF camera actually isn’t MFT at all, but a 16 Mpix fixed lens camera, a beefed up LX5?

      • Digifan

        With the G1X Canon should have joined the m43 consortium. Canon’s sensor has no, and I mean absolutely no advantage over m43. Not ev not DOF etc.
        The only reason it is currently a bit better is because the sensor in the Canon is not a Panasonic sensor.
        When they will make versions with exchangeable lenses then they have a very strange cropfactor too.

        • reverse stream swimmer

          Well, Canon could still ride on the fact that on the spec. sheet their sensor is bigger than MFT, even with this pointless margin and with the same aspect ratio 4:3.

          I think Canon has already a plan for introducing a mirrorless system, and their G1X is launched for testing the water with such a sensor. In their ‘skunkworks’ I think already a new lens mount exists.

          But the final word is not said yet, Canon could still join the MFT club, it would become a strong counterforce against Sony APS-C.

    • Andrew Howes

      The more expensive ones seem to hold their value okay, such as the GH2.

  • P

    This time they will take away the LCD screen.

    • Vivek

      They will need that- touch screen. Just the shutter release will be optional just like the EVF! LOL!

  • Tom B

    How about a rear-lens cap with a sensor in it? ;^D

    • AdriZ

      Love this idea !
      Perhaps it’s the future…

  • Aegis

    just cut the hand grip and hold it like lytro camera. shutter is done by touchscreen already.

  • nobody

    Why would no.3 be followed by no.7 ???

    • That’s where it helps to know math. The number sequence 1, 2, 3, 7 is quite easy to model.

      1st => GF1.

      1*1 + 1 = 2 => GF2.

      1*2 + 1 = 3 => GF3.

      2*3 + 1 = 7 => GF7.

      After GF7: 3*7+1 = 22 => GF22.
      After GF22: 7*22+1 = 155 => GF155.
      After GF155: 22*155+1 = 3411 => GF3411.

      Trivial, if you ask me.

      P.S. No, I will not take you to my dealer. ;)

      • Dummy00002

        I like

        • bli

          They will need an LCD with scrolling text to show the model name!

      • Miroslav

        Where’s like button when you need one?

  • ausserirdischegesund

    To me the main problem with the GF3 is the design, the looks. To me it looks cheap.

    It is small but not elegant (unlike e.g. the Nikon 1 J1 that looks very stylish
    and classy). Basically it looks like your run of the mill plastic compact camera for $60.

    It is still too expensive to look that cheap. When mirrorless cameras cost $120,
    they probably will look like the GF3. Right now, this is a bad idea, in my opinion.

    • kesztió

      As opposite, I consider GF3 the most beautiful and stylist camera of all mirrorless ones. The Nikon J1 looks cumbersome and unimaginative, despite of its all-metal case. Exactly like a Nissan Primera versus an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

      • Fish

        I agree. I ended up going with the E-PM1 last time I was deciding between a mini body, but I looked at the GF3 and was quite impressed.

        In white, it looked and felt very classy and better than the Olympus options.

        • stickytape

          Really? Personally, I find both the J1 and GF3 unappealing in their own ways. The GF3 looks deformed with its round protruding lens mount at the top. The curves they have chosen make it look alien and a design of the 90s. The J1, too, is a simple block, but not in a nice minimalist way. It simply looks like an undefined block of plastic, with over-emphasised curves juxtaposed against sharp curves. They successfully made the V1 silly by adding a knob at the top that is undistinguished from the rest of the body.

      • Jed

        If you have every used one, it actually is quite nice, and feels much more solid than it looks. I bought one from Panasonic with the X pancake zoom. I quite liked the camera, but the lens was bad so I returned the package.

        – jed –

      • Lily

        Agreed. I am constantly getting compliments on my GF3 (pink). I think it’s beautiful.

      • AdriZ

        I think there’s a simple thing Panasonic should do to improve the stylish: reduce, fade or even remove almost all the writings (especially on lens).

    • fgl42

      I agree. The GF3 is not going to win any style points. The GF1 was a stylish camera. And made for a nice package with the 20mm. It’s a pity Panasonic stopped including that as a kit lens. It’d be awesome if you could get the next GF with both the 14 and 20. Then a person might only have to add the Olympus 45mm. Wish Panasonic would come out with a 50mm 1.4 or 1.2 portrait lens.

    • Digifan

      +1, now with this reasoning I concur.

  • Barugg owb ama

    Lololololololol GF cameras….

  • twoomy

    Hmmm… Let me guess here… a GF3 replacement with the 16mp sensor instead of the 12mp. No other improvements over the GF3 except that it weighs 1oz less and is 2mm shorter. BORING!

    • Narretz

      well, you don’t get the newest technology in the entry level cameras. Your suggestion sounds about right, though. Unlikely it will introduce a new sensor. The 12 Mp sensor could have been the weak point in marketing though. By now everyone knows that Panas is using a 3 year old sensor in the third iteration.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Panasonic is pulling an Olympus?!?!?!?! ;-)

  • Vivek

    No one got it so far, it seems.

    New battery opportunity for Panasonic!:) Camera will cost (eventually) 300 Euros and a spare battery at ~90-100 Euros.

    No 3rd party batteries will be possible, of course! ;)

  • ADMIN, you are being pathetic.

    Just recognize that you screwed up with the OM-D. And give us the facts for a change.

    Minor news are just that.

    • admin

      ??? some people lacks of education :)
      What did I screw up???

      • Vivek

        Beats me as well.

        • leu

          maybe this guy knows all the secrets.

      • Miroslav

        You know what ;) …

        We want all the OM-D specs, product images and full review with detailed explanations of improvements in DR, AF and high ISO. We want to know the exact release date and when the first price drop will happen.

        Besides, we want details of other upcoming OM digital models, Panasonic GH3 and GF5 specs AND full Panasonic/Olympus/Cosina/SLR Magic/Samyang/Sigma/Tokina/Tamron 2012/2013/2014 m4/3 lens roadmap.

        And OM-D vs GH3 comparison review.

        Or else…

        … we won’t visit the website in the next hour :).

        • leu

          yeah, some entrepreneurial commenter on dpreview made a brilliant thread about GH3 vs OM-D already. They are already comparing them both to Alexa.

      • Fish

        Fortunately for amalric, wearing sunglasses makes up for a lack of manners.

        • Bob B.

          …and lack of hair?

          • Vivek

            Hey, I thought of that as well (but did not post fearing repercussions)!! LOL!

            • Bob B.

              I know it was wrong Vivek..but he deserved it!

          • sparedog


      • Mikey

        Pay no attention to him. This guy is a troll on the DPReview forums and it seems he’s come to invade us here. I recognize his ugly face and incoherent posts.

        • TheEye

          amalric is drunk again. :-P

      • Admin, let the dogs bark, is signal that we are riding


      • Boooo!

        Please ignore him. He has three kit lenses and nothing else.

    • Bob B.

      amalric, you are RUDE.

    • twoomy

      amalric–Being angry at a rumors site is pathetic. Go back to dpreview if the posts here are too much for you. :) It’s all fun and good and I’m glad admin is posting OM-D excitement. It beats sitting around waiting for those Pany 2.8 zooms and another disappointing GF announcement.

    • fgl42

      amalric, this is a rumor site. If you’re gonna get upset because not every rumor turns out to be true you should probably not check out this site. And your comment is extremely rude. Why the hostility? And what has the admin got wrong about the OM-D that is deserving of that kind of post? What do you know?

    • AJW

      Amalric, chill and don’t be rude and disrespecful (words I FREQUENTLY say to my 4-year old). Admin’s rumor is an FT3. That’s all you should care about.

      Admin: You’re doing a great job as usual! :)

    • Give you facts for a change? The site is 43rumors.com not 43facts.com

    • Grengo

      Your face looks like a bra on a butt!

    • caver3d


      I usually agree with you, but you went too far this time. There is no reason to say it in that way to Admin. Not very nice. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Very rude.

  • Leiya

    I don’t know if it’s just me or are there any more people who think like me: I reckon the GF3 is an excellent camera, apart from a few left out features.

    I am an enthusiast photographer and I appreciate lots of buttons to change the settings. So on paper the GF3 should be the opposite of what I need. But one of the biggest reasons for having an M43 camera is the small size, and as far as I’m concerned only the GF3 has got that. Maybe I’ve got small hands, but that little grip is really ergonomically shaped – kind of like the NEX-5n grip which if you hold it right it’s the best grip ever. Also, I suspect a lot of people who go for the cheap discontinued GF2 have overlooked the focus speed. The GF3’s quick. If you’re using the Panny 20mm f/1.7 primarily, it easily beats the E-P3 (for some reason, the 20mm lens focuses at exactly the same speed as my old E-PL1 and subsequently E-P2).

    For me, the GF3 is more than good enough to be the camera you always bring with you – just bring along the 14mm f/2.5 and the 20mm f/1.7 and you’ve got yourself a tiny kit full of potential. If I can improve on the GF3, to make it close to perfect, I would retain the accessory port for the 1.44m dot EVF whilst getting rid of the built-in flash (to save space), and the excellent thumb button/dial a la GF1/2. These are just minor changes. The GF3 is perfectly fine on its own.

    • arrow

      I agree with most of what you say, Leiya. I think the GF3’s shape and grip are excellent, it feels great in my hand. I would have bought one if it had kept the accessory port and hot shoe of the previous GF cameras. I am not a fan of the thumb wheel and I like the extra space on the back of the camera that the wheel’s absence leaves.

    • Brod1er

      Absolutely agree with that. I like to use my 7-14 and 100-300 with my GH1, but I prefer to use the 14 and 20 mm with my GF3. It is a great match and actually very solid – with the exception of the on/off switch! Disagree about had flash though- i would never carry an external flash so it really helps in low light or as a fill flash. Having a built in flash whilst remaining small is what really marks this camera out from the NEXs, Nikon 1 and EPs.

  • -plastic body
    -“rangefinder” style
    -16MP sensor
    -the new acc. port (for LVF2)

  • Miroslav

    I don’t think it should be replaced ( it’s perfectly OK for an entry level model ), but we already know what will be in the successor: G3/GX1 16 Mpx sensor and 2011/2 must have :) feature: tilt screen. Whatever happens, I hope the built-in flash stays…

  • matt

    noooooooooooooooooooooo! I´m waiting day to day to see some rumor about the gh3 and what I see? another GF body with minimal improvements?

    I know this is not the best time to announce GH3.. it would be better to wait for oly and canon 5D and see what all imrovements should the gh3 have .. maybe you are laughting..but the video on the gh2 is at pro level and panasonic is a lot video oriented company when it comes to cameras.. year 2012 is about 4k and other things so they are problably thinking what will be next improvements.. but panny! I don´t want to wait till photokina! YOU CAN´T DO THIS TO ME :D IT´S F****G 1 YEAR!

    announce the gf7.. something similar to OM-D at february.. work for 1month and I want see in april the gh3 with x lenses.. no photokina waiting please.. It can´t be true that those silly gf series are replaced twice a year and the lovely gh series once a two years! :(

  • om-4

    Maybe Pana will come up with a new Lumix m43 phone and apps you can buy.
    Like the 101p http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/29/android-phone-lumix-camera-panasonics-lumix-phone-101p-for-japan/ but a little bigger and bolder.

    It’s even weathersealed. Less pink please and more rugged looks will do.

  • fgl42

    I’m gonna guess the GF3 has been a poor seller. IMO it’s an ugly camera. I don’t mind when a camera forgoes a flash but at least make the body somewhat stylish. Those rounded edges and that hump- don’t like.

    • Dummy00002

      The GF3 has a flash

  • Bob B.

    Wait..Wait…admin…when you were posting rumors about a possible pro camera…(at the time before the GX1 was announced) ..weren’t you listing a possible name for that camera as a GF7? Perhaps it could be a Pany PRo camera to compete with the OM? It makes no sense that Pany would continue this minimal P&S GF dead-end line, does it?
    Also, considering there is sketchy “in-stock” situations at the big online retailers for G3 and GH2…could this info you are getting be for a Pro Body????????????? That makes more sense doesn’t it? Plus I am sick of all of this OM news…I want a Panasonic EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!!! LOL!

    • Narretz

      dead-end? It’s both an entry drug for p&s upgraders and maybe the only mirrorless camera soccer moms and japanese fashion girls will ever buy.

      • Bob B.

        ..but it is not selling well, right?

    • Panasonic did say they were splitting the GF line in two, but I doubt the GX1 will become the ‘entry level’ body. I would certainly love if it would happen. I just don’t think it will. At least not as a replacement of the GF3. I could see a replacement of the G3 that would be a GX1 with built in, left side, tilting viewfinder. (I seem to remember seeing a patent like that a while back.) But that is just my wishlist camera. ;)

  • SteB

    Let’s hope they learn their lesson and stick a hotshoe on it. I think it should be illegal to sell a camera without a hotshoe, at least a system camera.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I’ve had MANY cameras with hotshoes over the years, going back to 35mm rangefinder and SLRs, and I can’t remember ever using the hotshoe.

      A viewfinder is MUCH more useful.

      As far as the GF3 goes, it’s really kind of cute! Sure, it’s not for everyone’s taste, but neither are the EPx or GH bodies.

      • pdc

        So where do you put the high output flash, high sensitivity microphone for video, etc?

        • Bob B.

          on a different, more expensive camera. :-)

          • stickytape

            Yes, since the GF series is targeting prosumer users anyway

        • Dummy00002

          Nobody uses them. I mean, 5% maybe. (I’m replying to pdc)

        • Mr. Reeee

          Flash? I use fast lenses in available light. Why do you think I constantly rant about my Voigtländer Nokton 25mm and 35mm? ;-)

          For how and how much I use a flash, the pop-up flash is good enough. I actually have a couple of external flashes people have given me, but can’t remember ever using one.

          I don’t shoot much video with my GH2 and haven’t bothered to buy a an external mic yet. The Røde Video Mic Pro is too big. So, Audio Technica or Sennheiser? I can’t decide.

          • pdc

            I also use the Nokton, but I also use bounce flash quite often.
            I always use the external microphone when shooting video.

      • caver3d

        Maybe you don’t use a hot shoe, but I do. I also shoot a lot inside caves with strobes, hence I need it. My cameras all have the hot shoe – LC1, LX5, GF1, GH2, E-P2, E-5, Sigma DP1. Believe it or not a lot of photographers actually use it. I won’t consider a camera without one.

        • Mr. Reeee

          For that kind of shooting a good flash setup makes perfect sense.
          I’m just too damn lazy. ;-)

          Just because I don’t use an external flash doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. That would be like the hump-haters who say everyone should use an LCD ONLY. Me, I love a good hump! ;-)

  • man

    I think the new GF will have a second lcd in the front so you can take better pics of your self… good for the facebook crowd.. .

  • Cary

    If I had to guess, I would say the main reason the GF2 has been outselling the GF3 is the heavily discounted price the GF2 has been going for lately. The recently released sales figures for mirrorless cameras in Japan tell the same story: Olympus has been gaining market share because it is selling old models at a heavy discount.

    People still aren’t fully comfortable paying SLR prices for non-SLR cameras. They might get there eventually, but price is still a significant factor holding this segment of the market back.

    • Cary

      I’d also point out that the GF2 was itself the unloved, poorly-selling ugly duckling when it was occupying the GF3’s place in the line-up. Now it gets a big price drop and suddenly it’s selling like crazy. Price is the main factor holding these cameras back.

    • SteB

      I think this is a fair point. However, I think the problem is the manufacturers charging DSLR prices for electronic products, who’s only moving parts are the shutters. And even they can eventually be got rid of, when the technology is there. Mirrorless cameras are popular with manufacturers because the production costs can be more easily brought down by the economy of scale thing. This is why the manufactuers can afford to offload the old stock at lower prices, and bring out new products in short cycles.

      So the prices are still way too high. They are still selling mirrorless cameras at early adopter prices. This is because there’s not yet any real competition in this market. All the manufacturers are still pushing the envelope to see how much they can get away with. Mirrorless cameras are still being sold as high end products, when in reality they are a lower level product than DSLRs. Not lower in performance, but lower in manufacturing costs for the same image quality. Mirror box assemblies are not merely high manufacturing cost items, but it seems only a few manufacturers can successfully make them. Even Panasonic had to buy their 4/3 camera mirror box assemblies from Olympus. You can see they wanted a mirrorless camera, because for an electronics manufacturer like them, they can produce all the technology themselves and maximize profits.

      You can see the problem for the manufacturers though. If they cut the prices of mirrorless cameras much more, they will be cheaper than the better compacts. But that is only probably because the compacts themselves are too expensive. It’s a bit of a paradox. If the manufacturers really want mirrorless cameras to be the mass market products their sales projections envisaged, they will have to greatly reduce the costs of entry level cameras. However, not only will this likely kill digicam and camcorder sales, but it will also be the death warrant for lower end DSLRs. At some point though they will have to let go of the old camera market paradigms.

      The essential problem is that mirrorless cameras have made high quality photography much cheaper.

      • Cary

        I think you’re right on the money. Mirrorless cameras, at their current prices, are much higher margin than an equivalently priced SLRs. As Panasonic and Olympus have demonstrated with their older models, the lower cost of manufacture allows them to drop prices substantially and still turn a profit.

        But once you start driving down the margins on them to the same point as SLRs, you’re cannibalizing not only the SLR market, but everything below that as well.

        In any case, given the quick model turn-over, constantly improving capabilities and significant discounts on the outgoing model, it seems crazy to ever pay full price for one of these cameras. Better to wait for the next model to come out and pick up the previous one once it’s marked down.

  • Hoping this new Gf is a “pro” model
    better sensor
    and not too small please !!

    • Cary

      I would expect what you’re describing to be either the next G model or the GX-2, rather than something in the GF line-up.

  • Franky S

    Well if it’s No. 7 on that list and it’s being discontinued, what does it mean for the EP3 at No. 35?!

  • Pete

    I would cut the ugly design!
    The GF1 was the best GF ever, if they make a good design with the aktuell technic it will be good for more then 8 month!

  • Nic Walmsley

    Would it be technically feasible to design the camera so that you can remove the sensor and processor? So that you can upgrade the internals and keep the body. Loyal customers spend more in the long run.

    • Vivek

      The Leica digital back was based on that. But the whole line was discontinued.

      The current Ricoh GXR A12 is of a similar concept. I personally believe that it will also be history soon.

  • Bob

    Oh, puleeeze!

    Just a few months ago you had an FT5 rumor that the GF7 was going to be the super duper replacement for the GF1, complete with a built-in EVF. Now the GF7 is the replacement for the GF3, and is going to be an even tinier camera (which would preclude the EVF.

    Why anyone takes this stuff seriously I just don’t understand.

  • jam

    Think i’ll wait another eight months and see what happens :)

  • Steve-O

    Unfortunately reinforces the impression that mFT’s have become throw-away cameras. My guess, the consumer mFT’s (E-PL&M’s, GF series)cost little if anything more to manufacture than higher grade P&S’s, and the plasticky kit lenses are uber-cheap to manufacture as well.

    But hey, they work, and the prices are constantly being driven down. Had someone told me 3 years ago I could buy an IL camera (E-PM1) the size of my TZ-5 for $400 (and dropping) that takes better pictures than my 2 year old E-620, I would have said they were crazy.

    My plan, wait 6 months after the OM-D is released and pick one up for a serious discount, since by then they’ll have come out with an OM-D2.

    • Lily

      That is my plan as well.

  • flash

    I thought the GF7 was released as the GX1.

  • safaridon

    Thanks Admin for giving Pany fans some rumors of new products even if FT3 and among all the OM-D rumors. I seriously doubt that Pany has any immediate plans to go smaller than the GF3 and have said so in interviews. If in fact Pany has discontinued production of the GF3 that can only mean a change in sensor to 16mp used in the G3 and GX1. However in this same rumor you mention the GF7 which was supposed to be the rangefinder model with inbody EVF? I would be happy even if the GF7 turns out to be a GX2 with higher resolution swivel screen. Since the GH3 is more likely to be Panys answer to the OM-D expect that will remain with a EVF bump in the middle butwith a new body and specs. Why would Pany produce a GF4 or GF7 before a GH3? Because of potential volume market share increase, increased lens sales, and price.

    What I really expect this model to be is replacement of the GF2 model with a hotshoe with G3 sensor, the GX1 adaptor for high rez VF2, and higher resolution either tilting or swivel LCD screen. It is quite possible it would be based on GF3 body size with new flash/hotshoe configuration.

    For those claiming the GF3 is being discontinued because unpopular think again. In Japan a GF3 model is the #3 best seller amoung all ILS including DSLRs and even in US the GF3 ranks #7 and GF2 #6 and if you discount fire sale discontinued models the GF3 is only behind the NEX5N among the mirrorless crowd and ahead of the J1. Under the circumstances why would you think Pany would discontinue their most popular model of all? This strongly points to putting in the new 16mp sensor which may for all we know be same as that going into the new OM-D?

    • flash

      Maybe it was just sold out and Panasonic did not want to build a new batch of them, when they have a better design ready.

  • Invest in lenses not bodies.

  • GenoGibson

    The E-PM1 owns the GF3 as a small camera. The GF3 is garbage.

  • I bought the GF2 even when the GF3 was available. I wanted a hotshoe which provides more options. I’m not a big fan of everything-in-one-is-all-you-need. I’m happy with the GF2. I won’t keep it forever, but if Vitaly comes up with that hack maybe it’ll stay part of my kit longer.

    • elflord

      I picked the GF2 over the GF3 for the same reason. I wanted the option of attaching an external flash and an EVF. It didn’t hurt that the GF2 is a genuine bargain right now — used copies sell for the price of a midrange point and shoot.

      • Boris

        Me too.

        But I liked mostly how GF2 feels in my hands, much better than GF3. And better than GF1!

        And I like to use the clickable wheel at a thumb (GF3 does not have it).

  • All m43 readers,
    Please do not come here intended to give RUDE comment to admin. Please kindly turn on your brain think before post the rude comment. We like peace, peace in everthing we. If you persist to do so, you will be awarded a permanent ban IP to this site.

    Thank you!

    m43 admin assistant :D lol

    • come on pana

      Hi are you Ichiro Kitao or working for pana?

  • The Master

    Well, I don’t know about the Asian market, but I suspect around here, sales are flat and have been flat for the GF3 and the GX1, probably due to the Sony Nex 7 and people – myself included – not wanting to blow any more money, till it all comes together in a compact body, with a built in viewfinder and not a G or GH simile. I sort of liked the GF3, but the lack of control dial put me off, that and an old 12 meg sensor. After having the low light capability of the GH2, its pretty hard to go backwards, so I’ll just wait.

    • Pedro del Río

      Master, where is “around here”? You are “here” but the readers are “there” and may not know where your “here” is.

  • come on pana

    LX5 body for GF4

    • caver3d

      You mean the GF5.

  • Yun

    This is because Sony is going release it’s new low end NEX , nothing to do with Olympus . If you observe closely , the GF series have been used by Pana to counter NEX since the release of GF2 . All the GF products less than a year will be updated with another .

  • min

    I hope they bring back the hot shoe and add a mic jack.

  • Anonymous

    soon as the OM-D release ,I don’t think there will be people WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT IMAGE QUALITY ,will consider to purchase another PANASONIC CAMERA especially on GF line with downgrading the IMO, and lack of DR and ISO.
    The SENSOR on OM-D his so different and IT IS NOT Panasonic sensor ,plus the new Image processor,..just deliver A beautyfull image quality .
    had Enough with panasonic,..just wait for a new set of standard of M4/3

  • moomin

    For those who tink it will be a more pro GF…The GX1 has only just come out and do you really think Panasonic will step on its own toes? They had reservations already in giving the GX1 a inbuilt evf as they felt it will loose sales of G3s.
    This’ll just be another disposable toy from Panasonic

    • Bob B.

      Moomin, you are probably right, that is pretty sound reasoning.

    • safaridon

      Part of the reason for a more pro GF is because the GX1 left out certain upgrade improvements like external mic jack, higher resolution swivel or tilting LCD screen and more video capabilities. As another poster noted Pany seems to be responding to the latest NEX models and in this case it is the NEX7 with inbody EVF. So not unreasonable for Pany to produce a similar GF7 which was rumored at time the GX1 was released to come early in 2012? If Pany is doing this it would likely be based on the GX1 body? As for the GX1 eating into G3 sales it has already exceeded it and G3 sales are also expanding.

  • Charlie

    Does it come in white???

  • JLW518

    I can’t quite figure this rumor out….I bought a GF3 for an amazingly cheap price on a one day sale this Christmas, to use as a pocket camera when my GH2 would be too conspicuous. It’s a great little camera! I have not been impressed with the 12MP sensor on any of the M43 cameras before this one, but whatever Panasonic has done on the GF3, they really have tweaked it well.

    Yes, I wish it had an EVF port, and yes, I tried the GX1 but did not like how the grip felt in my hands (GF3 fits perfectly for me)….However, since the GF3 including lens was considerably less than half the price of the GX1 without lens, I thought it was a much better way to go, lack of hotshoe and EVF port notwithstanding.

    The GF3 is great to hold, has super speedy AF, has a very well tweaked version of the old sensor, and surprise, surprise, REALLY good color rendition. It also has a nice, bright, large LCD (in 4:3 mode, its useable area is about 30% larger than the EPM1 or EPL3), which is visible in daylight….making the lack of EVF not critical.

    I just can’t quite figure out why Panasonic would replace it at this point; I mean, the GX1 is the logical upgrade to the GF3; if they introduce a cheaper model with an EVF port and the 16MP sensor, then why even come out with the GX1 at all? If they aren’t going to use the 16MP sensor, why change the camera? It would have to be larger or go with an external flash if they chose to put a hotshoe/EVF port on it, but keep the 12MP sensor…It just makes no sense.

    Oh well, time will tell, I suppose. I don’t plan on upgrading mine, though. It’s not my primary M43 camera and it does what I need it to very well. I will look at the OM-D and the GH3, however, when they come out…if the GH3 is like the GH2 in most ways but has better color rendition, THAT will be the next upgrade I do.

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t quite figure out why Panasonic would replace it at this point; I mean, the GX1 is the logical upgrade to the GF3; if they introduce a cheaper model with an EVF port and the 16MP sensor, then why even come out with the GX1 at all? If they aren’t going to use the 16MP sensor, why change the camera? It would have to be larger or go with an external flash if they chose to put a hotshoe/EVF port on it, but keep the 12MP sensor…It just makes no sense.

    ,.. Thats a good line you pointed,.. It seems like panasonic had no clue what kind of camera they should produce,.. They just produced what they think the consumer might wanted,.. But turned out to be disappointed for most customer,.. Just see the example how they bring GX1 to the market ,.. After 2 times attempted had failed (GF2- GF3) to satisfied the GF1 Costumer + pressure from the Sony NEX 7 ,.. This is ridiculous.

    I really hope Panasonic will do better in the future learn from their mistake and,…See the example from OM- D Olympus and FUJI X pro 1

  • Kasteel

    Good news!!!!!!!!!!
    Fujifilm to propose alliance with Olympus!!!!!!

  • inis44

    Excellent! … I came from P&S to GF3 and I’m very satisfied with it, so I don’t understand so much criticism.
    From next GF4/GF7 I expect same body with new sensor, bulb mode, wireless support for remote shutter release with intervalometer, better organized menu and microphone on better place. I don’t need anything else :)

  • Smaller incremental steps seems top be an efficient tactics.
    Remember that You can’t award same model twice :)
    More models, more reviews and publicity.

    • safaridon

      Olympus has certainly used this strategy to good effect with the Pens so Pany trying to do the same. Result new GF3 model with G3 sensor and Xlens at higher price and existing GF3 at lowered price level for more volume.

  • Ok, when after the GF3 the GF7 comes, and the Gh3 will come after GF7….
    And the GH3 will be 2 Years on the market..

    Then i think, the GH3 should be called GH7 or GH8.

    Every Year 1 GF was comming. But 1.5 Years for the GH.

    2009: G1, GF1, G10, GH1
    2010: G2, GF2, GH2
    2011: G3, GF3
    2012: G7, GF7, GH8
    2013: G8, GF8 (, GH8 still the top-model)

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