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(FT5) New Olympus Flash and new Olympus external EVF coming too!


[shoplink 23321 ebay][/shoplink] Image on top shows the current [shoplink 23321 ebay]VF-2 viewfinder (around $279.95)[/shoplink].

Olympus will not only announce three new cameras and two new lenses, there will be also two new accessories:

1) A new Flash that will be positioned a bit lower than the current [shoplink 23320 ebay]FL-36 flash[/shoplink]. UPDATE: The flash will be called FL-300R.

2) A new Olympus external electronic viewfinder which is cheaper than the current [shoplink 23321 ebay]VF-2 viewfinder (around $279.95)[/shoplink].

I have no specs about both products. That’s why I don’t knwo if the new viewfinder will have the same VF-2 quality or not. But a cheaper alternative is very welcome!

P.S.: Check the current Olympus VF-2 price at [shopcountry 23321].

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