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E-PM1 versus E-PL1 size comparison (Plenty of refurbished E-PL1 at Olympusmarket)


A reader just sent us that size comparison between the upcoming new mini PEN (E-PM1) and the [shoplink 14832]Olympus E-PL1[/shoplink]. The new E-PM1 is just a bit less thick and a bit less wide than the E-PL1. The real difference is made by the absence of the grip.

By the way, there are eleven of refurbished E-PL1 on [shoplink 22691 ebay]Olympusmarket[/shoplink]. Click on the numbers to see the E-PL1 auction (ordered form first to last ending auction): [shoplink 23350 ebay]one[/shoplink], [shoplink 23351 ebay]two[/shoplink], [shoplink 23352 ebay]three[/shoplink], [shoplink 23353 ebay]four[/shoplink], [shoplink 23354 ebay]five[/shoplink], [shoplink 23355 ebay]six[/shoplink], [shoplink 23356 ebay]seven[/shoplink], [shoplink 23357 ebay]eight[/shoplink], [shoplink 23358 ebay]nine[/shoplink], [shoplink 23359 ebay]ten[/shoplink], [shoplink 23360 ebay]eleven[/shoplink].


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