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(FT5) New Olympus Close Up Spotlight!


It looks like there is a lot of new Olympus stuff coming at CES. We just received that picture. It shows the new Olympus E-PL2 in “Medusa” version with the Close Up Spotlight attached on the hot-shoe. It’s a LED light witch adjustable light intensity! It doesn’t require any extra battery. I think it’s quite a nice accessory!!!

P.S.: Contact me at if you want to share new Olympus and Panasonic rumors. I am continually receiving new rumor I have to compare and evaluate. Your help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Dre

    Considering that they are showing the E-PL2 with this light and the 14-42 lens, I’d say the Admin is 100% they’ll offer a Macro filter for this lens.

  • Dre

    Looks like the silver bit towards the back of the lens, perhaps.

  • Max

    OMG This silver body seems AMAZING! Hope the real model is as good as it seems in this pic!

    • Chris

      Agreed. This is one handsome camera! Looks much better than the white/beige!

  • Dre

    I like the silver, would imagine the black will be even better… just SO disappointed that Olympus wouldn’t throw in a few extra dollars to add an AF assist light. Something that we at this site, and I’m sure MANY others have been complaining about. Looks like even the new P&S has it, so I’ll be holding out for reviews on this one. If it had the AF light, I’d jump on and evaluate myself… but I’m sure the focus speed and accuracy in low light still won’t add up to Panasonic’s capabilities. Come on Olympus… I’m giving you EVERY opportunity to convince me NOT to get the Fuji X100, but you’re just not trying hard enough! (>.<)

    • Ganec

      There is no problem with AF in low light. I tried it with my E-P1 in the night and I was surprised – it can focus for everything I see on my eyes, focusing has the same speed as under normal light!

      PEN is not small P&S – assist light is useless for him.

      • Do

        In my experience that’s true for the Panasonic 20mm, but not for the kit zomm.

    • CML

      I’ve been looking at the original posting of the white E-PL2… and there is a small LED (?) or something, on the upper front moulding, just below the top dial/shutter…

      Its there on the silver/black model too… is this an AF light?

      • vam

        i think it’s a self-timer indicator led only.

      • It doesn’t look big enough to be an AF assist lamp. Maybe it’s just a tiny LED that lets you know when the time on the self-timer is running out.

  • wayne

    I just hope it won’t cost €200 or more… Could be nice accessory along with the macro filter, or for shooting macro in general.

  • Bu

    If this comes with a macro lens, fab! Was struggling to focus on a pendant behind a window which was about 4cm away yesterday. A good macro lens/filter would make this so much more interesting!

  • leendert

    Olympus is going well!
    In 2011 they need to get a lot of new users for m43!
    (before Canon + Nikon introduce a system camera)
    I think this ‘cheap’ options are interesting for a lot of beginners.

  • CML

    Interesting option.
    The E-PL2 appears to be a far more resolved design than the E-PL1… and judging by the XZ-1, Olympus’ industrial design direction is clean/simplicity.

  • shutterwill

    The more I look at the design of this EPL 2 the more I feel that they are discontinuing the EP series.

    The EP series is overpriced when compared with the GF series and Oly knows it. My guess is that they will introduce a Pro model positioned at/above the GH series very soon(along with pro glasses), and let the EPL series takes care of the entry level.

    • interesting idea
      … keep the E-PL1/2/3 line as the entry
      … beef the E-P1/2 design to be something more ‘pro’like (okay, so its a compact with a big chip and changeable lenses, but you know what I mean)

      Oly really don’t have anything up against the G2/GH2 design idea, and there is so much they could improve, like making the viewfinder not stick out a quarter the thickness of the body like an afterthought, a usable rear control dial not made as thin as possible. Make a E-H1 with those two things addressed, forget the video rubbish and call it a camera!

    • safaridon

      I agree that unfortunately it looks like they are discontinuing the EP series at least present design and I only hope their replacement retains the better stainless steel body build.

      I think the ring people are seeing at the back of the lens is a protrusion for the lens mount so they could make the main camera body slightly thinner similar in lessor way to the NEX design. I only hope they switched back to stainless steel for the mount rather than cheaper less durable cast metal.

      I couldn’t imagine buying the contraption shown, looks like an octopus and how are you suppoed to hold it after I do not have 4 arms! Guess it does serve a valid function for macro photo as other posters have noted.

      • safaridon

        Sorry for all the typos. I was rushing to avoid a CAPTCHA wipeout and no provision to edit

    • WT21

      I think you are right, and I think that stinks. I love the EP1 design, but the LCD and a few other niggling things make it a flawed camera. I guess getting my “perfect” camera (EP1 body + some very do-able improvements) was too much for me to hope for.

  • RickeyG

    A very nice option, but like all Olympus accessory’s will be outragously overpriced. IE Olympus MMF-2 Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter, Olympus VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder , OUCH…. just 2 examples of where the Panasonic line has the advantage. Especially in Canada

    • Andyoz

      Dcap – good points

      It will be very interesting to see what happens to the E-P1/2 line. This new E-PL2 almost looks like a cross between an E-P1 and an E-PL1. I can see two possibilities:

      1. A new E-P3 which is just an upgrade of the E-P2 with improved focus, processor etc and the new lens or a higher grade zoom. But then the only features of note compared to an E-PL2 would possibly be metal mount/better controls on the E-P3 versus the E-PL2. Hmm not sure about this.

      2. An E-P3 which includes an electronic viewfinder in rangefinder style in a body slightly bigger than an E-P2. This would be my vote. and I would accept a slightly smaller EVF in this form factor. Maybe Oly could still allow for the use of the hot shoe EVF as well for those who want a bigger EVF.

      Both options could still leave the way for another model to compete against GH2 with a large EVF in DSLR shape body (maybe E-PS1 or E-PH1).
      It will be interesting to see what happens. That would cover all bases.

      Admin – does the E-PL2 have a metal or plastic lens mount?


  • why not a round ring attach to the lens?…

  • Ganec

    Just a question: what is the WB of the LED light?
    Is it similar to the flash or daylight, or there is possibility to set better WB in the camera?

  • Gw

    The silver bit at the back of the lens is part of the lens. Part of the design aesthetics. If you mean the metallic part, I am guessing that is just part of the mount.

  • cutegel007

    Hope this will also be usable to panasonic Micro system cameras.

  • how cool :)

    and the E-P2 looks cute in chrome too!

  • Michael Meissner

    cutegel007: Assuming the macro light plugs into the accessory port of the E-P2/E-PL1, it won’t be compatible with Panasonic which has a different accessory port.

  • This is an innovatice design, and surely makes macro lightning much easier to handle. Kudos to Olympus for this product!

  • Four by Six

    I am a bit concerned that the epl2 might be a bit larger than the epl1. The epl1 has flattened bottom to the mount, while this looks like a complete circle. Sitting here with my epl1, the epl2 pic looks like they have sized it to sit flush when a large lens is mounted to front.

    Even in this pic, you can see some sort of led on top if right side of body, perhaps the focus assist light.

    LED color balance is horrible, with one blue and one yellow spike, that the eye integrates to see white.

    I hope the video capability of the epl2 is better than epl1, though I seem to be the one person in the universe using their epl1 for video production.

  • napalm

    EVIL + tentacles = Dr. Octopus!

  • Heiko

    It’s from Olmypus, so expect a pricerange of 129-159 US$ for this gimmick

    • Ben

      Have you ever done macro-photography? If so you’d know that this is hardly a gimmick.

  • Is this not the microphone?

  • Michael Meissner

    owczi: No, the microphone is the SEMA-1. Here is a picture of the components:

    The square thing (EMA-1) plugs into the accessory port and fits on the hot-shoe is the microphone adapter. It has a standard 3.5mm microphone port that you can attach either the microphone that comes with the set or your own.

    The T-shaped thing is the Olympus ME-51S stereo microphone that is an omni-directional microphone. For photographing events, I need to find a directional microphone so I don’t pick up crowd noises behind me.

    The cord and alligator clip allow you to put the microphone on a coat lapel. I did have some problems with the cord coming out of the alligator clip at one point.

  • Chris K

    I wonder how much light this will put out? Enough to fully light a subject with one of the lights at ISO100 f/8?

    What kind of power can the accessory shoe put out, anyway?

  • Perfect for taking pictures of those documents in the archive room without having to turn on the light.

  • Jonathan

    I think this is all good! Olympus is building a low end system that should appeal to mass market consumers, complete with macro, fisheye bluetooth and what not. This system is probably meant to replace their E-XXX 4/3 lineup.

    On top of that it is developing micro 4/3 versions of two HG lenses and, according to rumors, designing a higher end body. This would amount to a higher end system targeted at enthusiasts, most likely to become the E-XX replacement. We should expect higher build quality and weather sealing.

    This is both good news and bad news for existing 4/3 users as this system will probably not offer full integration of the current 4/3 lens lineup. Olympus’ decision to develop new lenses instead makes a lot of sense as these will support CDAF and will probably be smaller – resulting in a more compact, better performing system.

    It will be interesting to see whether their high end system is discontinued, integrated with micro 4/3 in the form of a modular system or kept as is. I doubt Olympus will ever develop micro 4/3 SHG lenses – it does not make any sense. For the price of those lenses, you can be sure current SHG lens owners will be VERY unhappy to have to purchase micro 4/3 substitutes. I think Olympus is yet undecided.

    • Chris

      Seems like they’ll go the Canon route: make equivalents to their old line of lenses, and have an adapter (in the form of the modular camera unit) to ease the transition for pros who have very expensive glass.

      They’ll make SHG equivalents, but not before making it possible for 4/3 users to use SHG lenses on their m43 cameras.

      • Jonathan

        as much as i’d like to see this happen, i don’t expect this to happen any time soon. i don’t have any SHG lenses but i do have the 50 macro and 11-22.

        i might be tempted to purchase the micro version of the 50 macro if it’s anywhere as good (i doubt it but we should know soon). a focus limiter would be great addition to the lens.

        a micro 11-22, should olympus come out with one, could be stunning! the shorter registration distance works in favor of wide angle lenses. a small, fast focusing and relatively bright (for a zoom) super-wide to normal would probably stay on the camera most of the time.

  • Don Pope

    Looks like Doctor Otto Octavius (a.k.a. Doctor Octopus) has been hired by Olympus.

  • Ok this seems interesting. Especially for macro work and close-ups. But I have 2 questions:

    1. Is this going to fit panasonic bodies as well? (GFs)
    2. Is this kind of light going to pose difficulties when adjusting white balance?

    Thank you

  • mapleflot

    If it plugs into the accessory port under the hotshoe like the VF-2, then it won’t work on the E-P1, let alone any Panny bodies.

  • to_markus

    So a little firmware work on that, and we will get working low light focus help lights, as Olympus didn´t add it to the E-PL2 again ;)

  • Ben

    Here’s hoping it doesn’t use the accessory port…it probably does but who knows, LEDs don’t draw much power. I want to use this on my Panasonic body…

  • Simon

    The text says “it doesn’t need any extra battery”. So it will most probably use the accessory port connector to draw its energy. Would be a stupid decision as it wouldn’t allow the use off-camera, and also the use with Panasonic bodies (=more upcoming incompatible accessories)

    • Zaph

      Maybe they’ll put out a mini-stand, that has a hotshoe and accessory port, so you can connect them off camera too. Likely not, but I know that’s what I’d do.

  • well… if you need a spot light addon i’d like to recommend the gorillatorch blaze. i’ve got one as when they had holiday bundle offers even though i had to order from us to europe.

    this little tool is kinda doing the same only difference you can use it everywhere and it’s much more versatile. however the price is also much lower than the olympus addon.

    obviously i haven’t tried out the olympus one so i can’t comment on how great it works. thus i am completely satisfied with my blaze and can recommend it to anyone – which i somewhat just did.

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