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(FT5) Three new converters to be launched with the E-PL2


According to rumors we received form our sources there will be also three new converters you can use on the 14-42mm kit lens. There should be a Fish-eye, a Wide-angle and a macro converter. That means no new Micro Four Thirds lenses will be announced with the E-PL2 launch. But according to our sources you will not have to wait a lot of time to see the new Olympus High-Pro lenses. They will be announced in February-March 2011!

We have quite a few Olympus and Panasonic rumors we are working on. So stay tuned!

If you have rumors to share feel free to contact me at or use the contact form on the right sidebar. You can avoid to send me your name or email address but it would be nice if you could use some kind of nickname. it will make me easy to recognize you in future. thanks!

P.S.: Our partnerwebsite X-rumors (leaded by our friedn Andrea) leaked the Samsung 85mm f/1.4 lens. Nice, butI hope Olympus can do better ;)

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