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(FT5) New E-PM3 and E-PL5 with same Olympus E-M5 16 Megapixel Sony sensor!


The current E-M5 with Gariz.

A couple of sources confirmed that both new PEN cameras will be equipped with the same Sony 16 Megapixel sensor of the Olympus E-M5! This is very likely the one major improvement on the new PEN cameras and a highly welcome one :)

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E-M5 preorder links:
Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.

  • Tomtom

    Also 5-axis IBIS?

    • Andy

      That would be a killer feature! IMO the IS on my epm1 is useless, in fact it’s worse than useless as it can have a negative effect at fast shutter speeds.
      I’m thinking they should at least put it on the ep5.

      • onlyme

        It is unlikely that the 5 axis IBIS will fit inside the small PEN bodies. I don’t really mind how many axis the IBIS compensates for as long as it works so I’d be happy if Oly just improved the current PEN IBIS for the new models. A built in flash would be nice too ;)
        Great news about the sensor. I can’t wait to see the specifications of the new models and to see what they look like.

        • matt jones

          small PEN bodies? the E-P3 is wider, taller (excluding view finder) and the same width as the OMD. The IBIS will definitely fit if they continue this body shape.

      • For something useless, I remember how it was praised not so long ago..

        • mpgxsvcd

          Over not having it at all, maybe?

          • With all the OIS vs IBIS over the roof verbose all over the forum, I seriously don’t get it. Now that there is this revolutionary 5-axis thing, previous IBIS implementation is all of the sudden useless?

            …does it brew espresso?

            • ulli

              i guess thats normal in digital photography, the moment when there is an advance, the previous becomes expendable

            • Ganec

              > Now that there is this revolutionary 5-axis thing, previous IBIS implementation is all of the sudden useless?

              new stabilization works also for video, therefore it is so much better
              (previous digital video stabilization cause jello problems)

      • Oh, I have also problems with the stabi in my E-M5 from 120mm and above, still waiting that they repair it or give me a new cam :( Stabilizer seems to be a problem of Olympus, my E-620 and E-PL2 also have some problems between 1/100 and 1/200 s.

      • Don

        ANDY – Why would you be using IS when you are using high shutter speeds? Doesn’t make sense.

  • matt

    ok oly fanboys you have what you wanted (just kidding), and now some gh3 news please! :D

    • Ross

      I think a lot of people are going to be happy this year with offerings from both Olympus & Panasonic.

    • uyuy

      Now , Matt you know this is really just Olympus rumours with a few bones thrown our way lol

  • .

    I’m sure all the APS-C manufacturers will be thrilled to hear about this.

  • eMile

    This is enough….

  • Mara


  • Pavlo

    Nice push for Panasonic

    • Miroslav

      Maybe GH3 has Sony sensor as well?

      • Yes think we will look on image from GH3 that have Sony sensor too. ;-)

        • Anonymous

          If GH3 has the Sony sensor I think that means they have given up on their own sensors and will mean the end for Panasonic as a sensor manufacturer.

  • they need to put the Sony sensor into the E-PM3 and E-PL5 to achieve scales of economy ie achieve the best prices as well as sticking to any agreement they have with Sony regarding agreed volume….

    • Avispartner

      Well, this is quite probably so, but as the sensor is quite darn good, I nevertheless consider this good news

  • Ross

    That is good news. It just wouldn’t be prudent to not use the Sony sensor.

    • jake

      actually it is not good news because as long as Oly uses Sony sensor ,Oly cannot make better cameras than Sony’s own in regards to DR , noise and highISO and all general aspects of IQ(because Sony NEX has similar but bigger sensor with the same Sony tech) and eventually like Nikon, it will always be micro controlled(its relsease and announcement schedules ,etc) by Sony.

      this is really bad news , they need to find a new completely neutral sensor supplier(maybe Toshiba or Aptina?).

      • io

        Better Sony than Panasonic.

      • Ross

        In the ideal world, this might be good, but in reality the Sony sensor performs well. I’m not so sure the others could match the performance of the Sony at the price they are supplying it at. It’s a darn sight better than been stuck with Panasonic sensors.

      • uyuy

        Jake that is not correct as Nikon user every Sony sensor used in the Nikon outperforms the same sensor when used by Sony. Olympus are very good at squeezing the best from a sensor.

        • Olympus, Pentax and Nikon all outperform Sony I guess :)

      • Jake

        The E-M5 is a better all-around capturing system than any of the NEX systems that are out.

        Sensor technology is only one of the building blocks of a good system—that Olympus has finally got a sensor that is worthy of their system is a cause for celebration!

      • MichaelKJ

        Nikon has had Sony sensors tweaked to their specifications. Oly can do the same.

      • Anonymous

        Why can’t Oly make better cameras than Sony when using a Sony sensor?
        Nikon does. The D3 has a “Sony” sensor and had better ISO than anything around.
        The D7000 was said to have better DR than anything in it’s class including Sony models, all with Sony sensors.

        It really depends on what exactly “a Sony sensor” means (i.e. designed and manufactured by Sony to Oly specs? designed by Oly manufactured by Sony? designed and manufactured by Sony and sold all comers? etc etc).

        Also I suspect a reasonable amount of the IQ comes from signal processing.
        I.e. interpreting and manipulating the data that the sensor sends the rest of the image pipeline.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Sensor decides only DR and SNR.
        Colours, contrast etc of images are affected by processing.

        And you think Nikon and Pentax would keep using Sony sensors if someone else had as good sensor tech?

  • nicwalmsley

    Bring it home

  • _Katira_

    The Same sensor for the next 3 years! And Sony and Panasonic will update every year, the same shit

    • Ross

      The only same sh*t is the comments like yours.

      • simon

        Stop moaning and take some pictures you idiot

        • Ross

          I assume you’re replying to _Katira_?

    • E-1

      No longer! At last Olympus is no longer at the mercy of Panasonic for their sensors and will get state of the art sensors instead of the bread crumbs Panasonic threw them.

      + In contrast to Panasonic Olympus put their best available sensors in all models, not only the expensive ones.

      • Pat R

        Yes, the expensive G5 is just over half the price of the E-M5 here .The GX1 is a full £600 less than the E-M5. You can pick up a G3 with a built in EVF and better sensor compared to the E-P3 for £200 less. The only reason Olympus put the same sensor in all their models is because it was the only one they had

        • Anonymous

          Even more so, it being the one Panasonic were giving them, they must have been pig sick the way Oly continualy got better results than they could achieve themselves, makes me wonder if they actually provided Oly with the best sensors…..

      • Elf

        “No longer! At last Olympus is no longer at the mercy of Panasonic for their sensors and will get state of the art sensors instead of the bread crumbs Panasonic threw them.”

        If you will recall the President of Olympus announced with conviction that 12 mgp was enough for Olympus. I see no evidence of Panny holding Olympus back they made a deal to buy 12mgp sensors from Panasonic… Full stop. Your notion that Panasonic was able to manipulate and control Olympus with holding back sensors is ridiculous fanboy nonsense. If Oly cameras sucked it was Oly’s doing

        “+ In contrast to Panasonic Olympus put their best available sensors in all models, not only the expensive ones.”

        Further correction it isn’t Olympus’s best sensor. It’s Sony’s….Olympus doesn’t make sensors.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > I see no evidence of Panny holding Olympus back
          Couple years ago there was one interview of Panasonic representative from Photokina or some other event and in that interview he clearly stated that GH-series sensor was exclusive to them.
          And those sensors were only Panasonic sensors improving dynamic range which was biggest drawback compared to competition. Overhyped G3/GX1 sensor did nothing to improve that.

          • Elf

            Look within the Panasonic line up and you will see that the multi aspect sensors are for GH series cameras only. Had Panasonic made multi aspect G3,G5,GX1 there may have been some possible validity to your post. But as you see the differentiation is uniform within Panasonic cameras as well. They did Olympus a big favour by not utilising their own best sensors in their lower models………ö. I still see absolutely no evidence Panasonic was holding Olympus back.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              No wonder because it’s obvious that you would see no difference regardless if I hit you to head with snowball or snowshovel what with your head being inside Panasonic’s buttocks.

              If Panasonic wasn’t willing to give Olympus sensor with GH-serie’s tech they were limiting Olympus to old limited dynamic range analog sensor.
              Unlike Sony’s semiconductor division who’s been selling top performing sensors to Nikon and Pentax for years.

              And G5 uses possibly tweaked GH2 sensor forced into 4:3 mode instead of derivates of that old 12MP sensor’s analog tech. Total and pixels in use counts of specification page are exactly same as in GH2 and Techradar’s dynamic range results are more comparable to GH-series results in DxO site.
              Panasonic even advertised it having new digital sensor.

              • Elf

                Esa … You have provided absolutely zero evidence of Panasonic withholding sensors from Olympus. Which tells me you have none and are merely talking out your buttocks. for the record I own a OMD and epl-2. See how totally wrong you can be about everything when you don’t know what your talking about Cheers

        • stickytape

          “”In contrast to Panasonic Olympus put their best available sensors in all models, not only the expensive ones.”

          Further correction it isn’t Olympus’s best sensor. It’s Sony’s….Olympus doesn’t make sensors.”

          Are you serious? The intention of the original sentence was clearly referring to the best sensors available to Olympus and it was in no way implying that Olympus makes its own sensors.

      • It’s worse than that — Olympus (and perhaps a big chunk of the industry) are at mercy of Sony instead of panasonic. It’s great that there are micro 4/3 cameras available with the best sensor technology (because these do have the best system of lenses… really, the only serious mirrorless system) However, I don’t think it’s good for the industry for one company to get too dominant, and not good for m43 that the maker of a rival proprietary system are making better sensors than any micro 4/3 players.

        At the moment, it seems whoever has the Sony sensor has a big advantage. I don’t think that’s something Olympus fans should be crowing about.

  • Smarikoe


  • So what’s left to know? Not much. Leaving the 5-axis stabilization for larger, more expensive models seems appropriate for this model release.
    Will the e-pl model retain the tilt screen? Will it become a touch screen?

    • nicwalmsley

      Silent shutter. More buttons on the E-PM. Better video. Battery grip. GPS. Wi Fi. Orientation Sensor. External mic. Weather sealing. In-built phone. Replaceable sensor for future upgrades. Voice control. List goes on really.

      • stickytape

        er…yeah…”what’s left to know”, not “what’s left now”

        • nicwalmsley

          Ah.. I had thought that a typo

          • Cedric Leveille

            Haha! Voice control on a camera! Not that usefull compare to a touch screen but pretty cool if you take pictures while you drive your car!! ;-)

      • I second the silent shutter or electronic shutter notion….!!

        Everything seems great now.

      • stickytape

        haha, replaceable sensor…good one

        • Too bad this innovation wasn’t thought of earlier. Just think this way I could keep my e-pl1 for a lifetime. The legacy low-resolution lcd, slow auto-focus, the lack of a remote control, the slow shutter would become features that no doubt would gain value over time.

  • Yun

    Yes , this is what it suppose to be . No build in viewfinder is fine , new sensor is the most important .
    Wonder what is Pana’s reaction on this matter . Pana need to hurry otherwise it will find it hard to compete even in it’s m4/3 territory .

  • Agent00soul

    I would expect that the new Pens use the same IBIS technology as the E-M5 but in a miniaturized version that might be a little less effective.
    That’s OK by me. I might get the E-PM3 as a truly pocketable alternative to my E-M5, if the price is low enough.

    • Ross

      That sounds a bit optimistic to hope for a miniaturised version of the 5 axis IS.

  • SWWT

    So this means it will only be widely available 6-8 months after announcement?

    Anyway, I was hoping for a E-P5 with an updated sensor so I will take a ‘wait and see’ approach on this.

    • stickytape

      Not happening any time soon, if ever, if admin’s sources are correct. Considering what the E-PL line offers, nothing less than an internal viewfinder would make an E-P5 worthwhile, I think. Someone correct me please; I’m hoping that I’m wrong on this.

    • I think reason for E-Px is stop, is maybe a E-M50 coming.

  • Che

    Good thing that Olympus made this jump for the rest of the m43 line, I have been truly amazed by the IQ out of the OM-D. Having this sensor trickle down to the medium and low end of the range should be great for those just joining the system.

  • SteveO

    On a whim I checked your latest before heading out for my Sunday morning shoot, Admin, and glad I did! Hope this is correct (and if not, whoa boy, you’ll need a place to hide :).

    Let us know on IBIS, any improvement over my E-PM1’s is good. And anything new on how the E-PL5 will differ from the E-PM2 now that they’ve said no more E-P’s. I could see the E-PL5 being a bit larger/having a grip for better handling, maybe a built-in flash and a tilt/touch screen. That would line it up as possible upgrade for me, unless I hold out for an E-M5 discounted for the holidays.

    Happy thoughts!

  • Kevin Chu

    I hope OM will upgrade their 460K LCD and have a grip.

    After playing GF5,my EPM1 460K LCD looks too horribe.

  • CuriousBenjamin

    Oh dear, If this were true, I wonder why would anyone be willing to pay significantly more for the OMD now?

    • Ross

      If you want two thumbwheels, weather sealing & maybe (we shall find out) the only body with 5 axis IS, an optional grip, built in EVF & …… I think there will be enough reason to pay the extra.

  • ulli

    i pray for mechanical ibis for video on those new pens, making them more interesting for me as 2nd body for videographing.

  • io

    Maybe then DxO will tell us something about that sensor, since O-MD is still being ignored by them.

  • This is fantastic news. Without a new quality sensor those two cameras would have been a joke. Now, instead, they’re pushing competition and prices. With improved eegonomics these could be a real challenger.


  • Boooe

    now the question. Will Sony get Olympus lenses? ;-)

  • Miroslav

    Good enough for me, but I hope there are some other changes as well. Let’s see how that EVF looks like and what are those ergonomic enhancements. Thanks admin, thanks Olympus.

  • nik

    hope there will be a swivel lcd

  • Jon

    Who cares who makes the sensor, it’s Olympus processing that counts.

  • there are many things can be put on it. for me, the most important three for this series are:
    1. orientation sensor (it is always annoying to select-rotate 1000-s pix – even in batch).
    2. swivel screen
    3. full remote control (desirably from smartphones via WiFi) – gives a lot of opportunities for creativity.

    as more pro-sume (but abs. feasible form the price point) features:
    4. ISO 100
    5. full manual video control
    6. decent frame rates for video: 1080p24p/25p/30p(50p/60p)
    7. external audio-in (+out would be a dream).

    and for the dream:
    8. IBIS (if not compromises the compactness – can be put on the top pen model).

  • PS swivel OLED screen – OLED it is very important for a non-EVF model as well as against eyes fatigue (due to the blinking on normal LCDs)

  • PPS And of course focus peaking (I’d put it on the 2-nd place is the above list).

  • sickasaids

    Lol so many people hoping for specs better than the OM-D. Well I guess its fine if youre willing to pony up the cash for it though.

  • André

    What about weather sealing in these two bodies?

  • This means GH3’s “image quality improvement” is far behind E-M5, and coming PEN series, because Olympus abandoned Panasonic sensor for all models.

    Pana must say “something” at Photokina for future improvement. or die.
    To die Panasonic is not so good, because m4/3 alliance will decay and 4/3 size sensor maker reduces
    (counint “2 company” use 4/3 sensor is very important sale point than “only 1” for non-inteligent customer mass target, like CANON chose APS-C for “Bokhe attack to m4/3 alliance team”)

    BTW, wny there is no “full frame” mirrorless maker? why APS-C…

    • sickasaids

      Lol Panasonic dying.

      -The GH3 looks promising
      -The GH2 is still very highly regarded among videographers
      -Their lenses are excellent and news ones (12-35, 35-100) are what pros and enthusiasts are looking for

      Coming from an Olympus user BTW

    • MikeH

      What this means is that Olympus finally is using a new sensor instead of rehashing the same 12mp sensor in countless models and that is a good thing because the EM5 sensor is a good one. This means absolutely nothing with regards to Panasonic.

      Mike http:/fauxofftopicwebaddresssignaturelinesothaticanbecoollikechristian

    • Mr. Reeee

      Even omitting reference to video capabilities and the multi-aspect ratio sensor, the GH2 and OMD sensors performance levels are pretty close. The OMD is slightly better at high ISO.

      To imagine that Panasonic wouldn’t have made great strides in terms of sensor performance in the upcoming GH3 after 2 years is silly. Take a look at the solid, if incremental performance enhancements present in all the standard Panasonic sensors since that time in 2010.The GH-series sensors have always stood apart from the rest.

      I’m just happy that we M4/3 users have so many different cameras and lenses to choose from.

      • E-M5’s sensor has much better DR. Putting it into lesser models means that m4/3 alliance has got cracks caused by Panna – I am not happy to say that. I have never understood why Panna didn’t offer such promising GH2 sensor to Oly. Maybe i am too naive but m4/3 should lead to scale economics (sensors from Pana for all m4/3 bodies and more later. But what if Panna demanded Oly postprocessing know-how… for GH2 sensors? Who knows. Now Panna and Oly are independent players in CSC. Fortunately you can use good Panna lenses on Oly’s bodies and vice versa.

        • All sensor Panasonic have made for Olympus is special solid for evident shack from IBIS, so this is anyway difference from sensor so Panasonic use self.

      • Agree, i think the is right that two step better DR on GH3, why not.

  • Great news on the new sensor. I was planning on purchasing my first micro fourthirds camera this year. I had my sights on the g3 due to its sensor, built in evf and affordability but after seeing this news i think i’ll wait a few more days on what other specs oly has to offer on their new pens. Then only thing holding me back from getting the g3 is the ibis. It has saved a lot of my shots and i really think it is a deal breaker for me. I could live with a detachable evf but i think th ibis is too valuable for me. I hope the new pens have the same 5 axis ibis as the omd. Can’t wait for the official news from oly.

  • Milan

    This is just normal, look Canon and Nikon using the same sensor for their top of the line APS-C cameras and for the entry to mid level ones. It doesn’t really make sense to use a worse sensor on the lower end cameras if you have a better one.

    I hope that Panasonic will take note and use the sensor from the GH3 in all their new line of cameras. Many people want that IQ but don’t want the pro body or features. Using a bad sensor can never be a good idea if you have a good one.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      I’m not sure Panasonic would use GH’s multiaspect sensor in all bodies even if they can limit it to 4:3 image because its larger size makes it more expensive to manufacture.

      In Techradar’s test G5 sensor’s dynamic range is roughly similar to GH-series results in DxO site. And G5’s specs page gives exactly same pixel counts as for GH2.
      Again GF5’s sensor gives dynamic range hinting it being derivate of that five years old 12MP sensor tech. (and not different from G3/GX1)

  • I wonder how the colours ooc are, I like the colours of the E-PL2 much more then the colours of the E-M5…

    • napalm

      on jpegs, i found that the E-M5 is one notch lower in Saturation than the Pens. So I just adjust to +1 for Saturation and it’s about the same as default in Pen.

      • I will try it out ;) But somehow I don’t like the green tones of the E-M5…

        • Ash

          Try Natural instead of Vivid. Vivid turns my blue skies a bit green.

          As far as the topic goes, this is very good news for the Pen line!
          I don’t really think the PENs need all the extras such as battery grips, etc. They are meant to be small and sleek.

          I assume that all of the new PENs will have an up-to-date touch screen interface.

  • Ab

    Of course they will. Many people here have been saying this through the commotion.

    The 5 axis IBIS will stay out, it is one of the key components of the OMD and High end line, not to mention sizing problems in the smaller cams.

    I am curious about the GH3, I have been holding out for a Pro m43rds or 43rds body with some push into better video (headphone jack and a couple of other features would be nice).

    But the Pens will remain a size featured camera, smaller size, good image quality, overall good performance… But dont as for an OMD in a EPL4 with EPL4 pricing.


    • It is possible that E-PM line inherits E-PL3 control dial, on the other hand E-PLx line should inherit better E-Px body build, extra dial and Fn button(s) and what about grip? That would be great. No one said E-PLx have to be thin as E-PL3 was, it could resemble to E-PL2 – maybe the best shape ever for (E)lite pen :-)

      • Ab

        It may be a bit bigger then the EPL3, but not by much. I still dont see them bringing all the functionality from the EP3 to the EPL5, it will keep one control wheel, tilt screen (maybe touch), and smart port. It will have the new video MOV format and maybe the 9fps.

        It will lack a level of ergonomics the OMD is showing, but this chatter of a viewfinder has me curious. Maybe there is a removable section of the body making the VF2 and VF3 sit inside the body dimensions (give or take).

        That is my take on this evf business, a section of the body is removable to fit the VF2 or VF3 (maybe a new VF4 as well) into the dimensions of the body itself.


        • That’s be brilliant. or maybe to put in a flash.

  • c.d.embrey

    Please, please. please make the E-PM3 available without a lens. I don’t need another, Useless-to-Me, effing kit-zoom!! Kit-Zoom = Deal Breaker.

    • peevee

      Don’t worry. it will come without a zoom. 15 mm f/8 without aperture control or AF. How does that sound?

      • c.d.embrey

        If I’m forced to buy this lens, I will shoot a video (and post it on YouTube) of it being Crushed by a Sledge Hammer. I’ll shot it in SloMo, it should be spectacular!!

  • Tinta

    Oh, yes, they have read our discussions here about it, I think:))

  • Some Other Guy Named Bob

    Wait, were we expecting anything but the E-M5 sensor? The question is not “will it be in their new cameras?.. the question is “how many generations of cameras will still be using it??” My guess is 3.

    • Ab

      That is a fair question, one could also add how much can Olympus squeeze of of this sensor for 3 generations. I think a fair bit.

      To be honest, the EM5 is basically as good a performer for DR and noise as the original D3/D700 and is about 1.3 stops behind the D4/D3s.

      Couple that sensor with the Zuiko Zooms from the 43rds lineup and you have a real contender on your hands. The SHG lineup basically put the noise performance within half a stop of the Nikon flagship… No mean feat that.

      The HG lenses leave 1.3-2 stops difference in noise for significant size and weight savings (1.3-2 because of the 2.8-3.5 nature of the HG lineup).

      I am really hoping for a body that can use both lens families without compromise. If not, then I hope for a killer 43rds body, something that takes the movie potential of the body to a new level while keeping the 9fps etc.

      Well, lets see :)

      • Ross

        The only disadvantage with the 4/3’s lenses is that they are not optimised for video but an updated E5 would still be appreciated by many people.

        • Ab

          True, they are not technically optimized for AF during video, however I would imagine they would operate perfectly well with MF… Which I believe is more common with experienced video/film makers.

          The actual plus of the Zuikos is their optical performance, which would serve video very well.


  • peevee

    Why E-PM3? Where is E-PM2 then?

  • BSH

    The new sensor isn’t coming out until the EPM3??? What the heck is the EPM2 going to have?

  • nicwalmsley

    Look at what Fuji are doing with the X Pro series. The Pro 1 was a bit hit and miss, but what it did well it did _really_ well, and already they are releasing a slim downed version, with in-built view finder.

    2 cameras into the series and they have done what PEN could never do.

    And their lenses sound pretty good. Their first (and only) zoom is a 2.8-4. It’s all quality with the X Pro series.

    I’d like to say that hopefully the competition will spur Olympus to focus on quality and innovation. But I don’t think that what is really foremost in the minds of Olympus senior managers.


    • stickytape


      Fuji cameras may have issues and cost a lot more, but the company is designing cameras not only for photographers but camera enthusiasts, while Olympus is designing cameras for the general public. Olympus seems to have poured all their ambitions into the E-M5 and lost any long term vision for their PENs.

    • Ab

      Cmon, you have got to be kidding right? It could do what the pens never could? Take pictures?? Take video??

      Fuji has 3 nice lenses, primes, they have the Xpro 1 which is nowhere in the same price category as any of the m43rds cams… (1700 vs 1000 body only)

      Now we have a leaked camera with no info for a fraction of the price of the Xpro1, does it AF properly, does it do video properly? Is it supported by the major software vendors? Fuji has some serious catchup to play it certainly isnt leading anything except the retro all the way.

      Good IQ sure, but we are splitting hairs here, the Xpro1 looks good, maybe a stop ahead of the OMD (as the sensors would suggest), but according to many reviewers it has some major flaws. It has a limited lens set, and while you may say “it is perfect” that would be for you.

      The m43rds system as it stands today (and we can only live in the present) has so much going for it it blows my mind. Panasonic is releasing small constant zooms, Olympus and Panasonic have produced some pretty good optics and combined with 3rd party manufacturers:

      12mm 2
      14mm 2.5
      17mm 2.8 and 0.95
      19mm 2.8
      20mm 1.7
      25mm 1.4 and 0.95
      30mm f2.8
      45mm f1.8 and macro f2.8
      50mm f0.95
      60mm macro (announced)
      75mm f1.8
      300mm mirror

      Throw in:
      14-150 x2

      and announced 35-100

      You can use any of the HG lenses from Olympus with almost the same AF as the Fuji (an exaggeration, but not by much)

      And you seem to suggect that a few primes and some direct controls are revolutionary? Class leading? The OMD has 2 control wheels, so does my EP2… I have had a good evf since I bought the VF2, and have it built in now with my OMD.

      I have a system of wireless flash support with my 2 FL50rs and my FL36r, a host of primes at my disposal, and some solid zoooms.

      God I get tired sometimes of the hyperbole I read here. Now I am not knocking the fuji, but what have they got again?

      1 ILC, 1 fixed large sensor mirrorless, 1 leaked body and a few lenses (4 for now is it?).

      I would just like to add, the foresight of Olympus and Panasonic to keep an open system, we have two vendors for bodies, one focused heavily on video, the other stills. We have semi pro video cameras to use our lenses on. As someone who works professionally with his equipment I appreciate the opportunities these companies are giving me.


      • nicwalmsley

        “what PEN never did”… a small quality camera with an inbuilt vf

        (based on rumours at this stage… but this is rumour site, hey)

        • “What Pen never did”, do OM-D. ;-)

        • Ash

          PEN cameras do not need built-in viewfinders. They have external EVFs available.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      How about next time reading less excrements of marketroids?

      X-Pro 1 may be fashionable retro but that thing is big for its World War II era as comfortable as piece of wooden plank shape. What a great innovation!
      At least m4/3 bodies are smaller for their lack of ergonomical shape.

      And those lenses are so good only in excrements of marketroids.
      60mm is only one whose resolution characteristics can be called as good, and already that has telephoto design’s pincushion distortion covered up in software.
      18mm and 35mm are entirely at level of usual APS-C/35mm system lenses: Sharpness high only in center, rest is so and so.
      18mm is retrofocus/reverse telephoto design with hefty barrel distortion, higher than average vignetting and borders never reach center’s high sharpness while corners just aren’t there until stopped down to f/4.
      35mm is without geometric distortion but this one needs stopping down to f/5.6 until edges start reaching high sharpness.

      • Photozone

        Have you actually tried the Fuji and the OM-D? Are you any good at photography? Can you tell us about your direct experience with those cameras?
        No? No surprise. People who know stuff rarely write in these forums.
        Quoting Photozone or DXO won’t prove any points because these sites have nothing to do with photography or videography. They are nerd sites and a waste of web space.
        Get away from that sad keyboard, go out and take great pictures, get involved with art, it’s great dude.

        • Ab

          LOL, everything you wrote there can be applied to you as you have also written in these forums. :)

          Gear discussion can be fun, the IQ of all cameras is really at a level where you can’t blame the equipment anymore (especially with what software can do after the fact).

          I have played with the Xpro1 at my local store, and I own the OMD and a host of lenses. The Xpro1 is very large compared to the OMD, built in EVF or not.

          AF seems reasonable, but not as reliable as the OMD, lenses seemed nice enough, but not as small as m43rds… I wasnt used to the interface, but it had a few quirks that threw me off.

          So… it is what it is.

  • 100th!

  • aqasem

    While the sensor is from sony and same technology found in NEX then it should support video 1080@60 right?

  • Drazick

    What’s really needed is connectivity – WiFi, Applications, Tethering.
    We need that (Since Olympus can’t deliver Bracketing, Tethering and Intervalometer).

    • Bart

      And it should come with a special backpack for carrying all the extra batteries.

      On average, going from simple voice+text communications device to ‘mobile application platform’ reduced battery life by at least a factor of 2 for phones, this despite a decade of improvements in batteries.

      Tethering is a must-have, wifi is a nice to have but relatively power-hungry (so it must be possible to turn this off, to witness, using wifi instead of a 3G connection from a tablet will easily reduce the available battery life by 30%+) and applets are totally power-hungry if you want a powerfull enough device to ensure some kind of useful responsiveness. Try to understand the consequences of what you are asking for.

  • agachart

    see more about Pany sensor.

    => find product -> Image Sensor

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