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about “no-rumors” on the Olympus E-7 and something about viewfinders…


It’s late here and I am a bit tired. It’s rumor time and I am working every minute I can on the details for the next cameras and lenses. Just wanted to post two weird rumors (or no rumors) I have to understand:

First: There is no reliable info about an upcoming E-5 successor. Makes me think there is no E-7 at all coming any time soon!
Second: I keep getting hints about a “sort of viewfinder solution” coming from Olympus. I have been told that it is not a viewfinder like the VF-2 and VF-3, it’s also not a built-in viewfinder solution and also not really a [shoplink 31778 ebay]Leica Visoflex adapter solution[/shoplink]. Sounds pretty much crazy :)

Hope sources can soon send me some info regarding these two points.

P.S.: I am getting more and more info about the PEN and GH3 cameras. I am double and triple checking everything and I hope to be ready soon to unveil you more!

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