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about “no-rumors” on the Olympus E-7 and something about viewfinders…


It’s late here and I am a bit tired. It’s rumor time and I am working every minute I can on the details for the next cameras and lenses. Just wanted to post two weird rumors (or no rumors) I have to understand:

First: There is no reliable info about an upcoming E-5 successor. Makes me think there is no E-7 at all coming any time soon!
Second: I keep getting hints about a “sort of viewfinder solution” coming from Olympus. I have been told that it is not a viewfinder like the VF-2 and VF-3, it’s also not a built-in viewfinder solution and also not really a Leica Visoflex adapter solution. Sounds pretty much crazy :)

Hope sources can soon send me some info regarding these two points.

P.S.: I am getting more and more info about the PEN and GH3 cameras. I am double and triple checking everything and I hope to be ready soon to unveil you more!

  • matt

    admin , take your time and relax, you know we love you
    (p.s. can´t wait for the gh3 info! how will I go to sleep now?)

    • my thinking…
      The Olympus E-7 probably was built , developed and went into the wild for testing but DSLR’s are at a major cross roads driven by changing consumer demand…

      Comsumers of all kinds now realise:
      1. you don’t need a big body camera for quality
      2. you dont have to use viewfinders
      3. they demand connectivity
      4. they want aspirational design to fit in with their lifestyle
      5. they want value from their cameras
      6. they want just one lens system for all their needs
      7. they want connectivity
      8. they want apps (preferably android)
      9. they want easy to use video
      10. they want bigger LCD screens if possible
      11. they want to be able to use their cameras anywhere ie weatherproofing

      the move away from DSLR’s is picking up , I’m pretty sure they’re won’t be a profitable place for the E-7, the Nikon D5,the Canon EOS 8D etc

      Samsung’s thoughts on the future of DSLRs

      • Esa Tuunanen

        At least Canon and Nikon can surely make those profitably. Users of such cameras aren’t slaves of fashion unlike most buyers of entry level DSLRs who’ll sooner jump the ship when fashion changes.
        If you want users of those cameras to start moving away from SLR there needs to be same controls and ergonomics Digital Single Lens Mirrorless bodies. Against which you keep working:

        1&10: Both deacrease ergonomics, when combined destroy it.
        2: Futher ergonomics decrease.
        3&7: Little if any use for other than those who shoot events for press. (tethered shooting different thing)
        4: More mental images – less functional products.
        5: And hence every camera must be dumbed down to same level.
        8: For adding problems of computers and smartphones.

        • @Esa Tuunanen
          Canon and Nikon’s biggest problem and undoing is how conservative it’s users are!

          Samsung have found a way to increase LCD screen size in their new Galaxy camera and over the last 5-6 years Oly and Panny have done so too (the Olympus E-1 LCD was a mere 1.8 inches) and the general trend on mobile phones is for bigger screens.
          I get along fine with not using a viewfinder for the last 4 years (apart from 2 occasions).
          Every type of photographer would benefit from connectivity, we live in a faster world and want to be social…
          Aspirational design works…FACT
          Technology is getting cheaper…
          Android Jellybean has worked absolutely fine on my phone for the last 10 months…

          • bart

            A platform designed for mobile communications devices that works great on a mobile phone says totaaly nothing about how it would work on a camera.

            Lagby responses are a daily experience on every android device, which doesn’t matter at all on your phone, matters somewhat on a p&s camera and is a major issue on a professionally used camera. This ‘lagged response’ is inherent to the application vm technology and resource management of Android, and the only solutions are:
            – different platform that is more tightly integrated
            – lots of cpu cycles znd memory, with all consequences for battery life.

  • sergey

    You know to entertain me, thank you. :)

  • Nerd

    Why not just stick a FT2 tag and publish what you’ve got right away? It’s a rumor site, not a fact site. ;)

  • Jesper

    Get the rest you need admin. You don’t need to be the first among the rumor sites to post any news. All we need is your FT5 confirmations!

  • Victor


    Sept 5 is labor day in the usa. You need to take monday off, you deserve it. Let the rumors pile up, they may proof into a intellgent mass of knowledge. Or turn up to be like yeasty flat bread ;). Have a great monday vacation

    • Steve

      Canada too.

  • Keep up the good work – but take a breather now :)

  • efwee

    Yeah, just take your time. We’ll survive without rumors every hour ;-).

    Could this new viewfinder be a separate unit that would look as one with the body when attached? Like the XA flash?

  • olympique

    Quick question guys: I’m from Europe, but I’m going to USA next week and thought I would do some shopping there.

    I currently have the Panasonic G2 camera (but it’s been through some rough times), and will most likely upgrade my camera when I’m in the US. The Olympus OM-D is my first-choice, but I’m thinking about getting an ultra-compact combo too with a Panasonic GF-5 and either the Oly 12mm or Pana 20mm pancake-lens. Or go all in for the new Olympus 75mm instead? (that is, if i can find it).

    I already got the PanaLeica 25mm, Olympus 9-18, PanaLeica 45mm, Olympus 70-300, Voigtlander 35mm, Pana 14-140mm, Lensbaby + a few more lenses, so I should be well-covered in that area.

    The lens I want the most is the 75mm, as I feel I don’t have a good enough lens for that focal length. But the 12mm F2.0 is also very interesting, since it’s so bright, and probably much sharper than the 9-18mm one I already got.

    I love the compact design of it too, so it would be perfect together with a Panasonic GF5, which would mean it would almost be pocketable. For the same reason I like the 20mm lens, but I already got a better lens in the 25mm Panaleica.

    Is either the OM-D or the GF-5 worty buying now, or should I wait for the next models ( I’m sure my G2 will last atleast another 6 months if I treat it nice) that might even have integrated wi-fi etc?

    Any comments or help would be appreciated!

    • Based on what you’ve written I would easily recommend the, OM-D, Olympique.

      With the lenses you’ve got your camera is your bottleneck and getting the gf5 wouldn’t be much better in terms of IQ.

      The 9-18 has a exceptional reputation, so rather than spending the money on the 12mm I would get the breakthrough camera in terms of IQ, the OM-D, that will take care of you for the next few years.

      Re. the 75mm I would not proritize that unless you’re making a living off portait photography.

      If you can afford a second compact solution I would recommend the Gx1 with the w0mm. A Gf1 or Epm1 also offer good value. The 20mm is extremely sharp, very fast and has great close focus ability, making it a very versatile lens. I’ve also been very pleased with my 14-42 X-lens, which is very compact but cant compete with the 20mm in the IQ department.

      But the GX1 is definately a better camera than the GF5. On the other hand the OMD is not much bigger than either one..

      Good luck!

      • olympique

        Thank you! that’s a very informative answer=) I agree that most of the lenses I do probably outperforms my camera now, so if the GF-5 isn’t much of an upgrade from the G2 then it might be a waste of money to buy it.

        The only reason would be its portability though together with a pancake-lens. Because I’d like to have a high-quality camera-setup I can fit in my pocket as well, and I guess both the GX-1 and OM-D are too big for that.

        But I’m definitely leaning towards the OM-D anyway, especially considering its relatively low price in the US, and I’ll probably end up buying it.

        I might get an ultra-compact combo in addition to the OM-D, but I’ll guess I will skip any new lenses for now with the 9-18 being good enough and the 75mm too expensive.

        Anyway, thanks! Always good to hear someone else’s opinion!=)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Actually, 75mm is a pretty useful focal length and it’s fairly close to a classic 135mm telephoto lens. The Oly 75mm looks like an excellent lens and I’d be torn about spending that much one, especially with the 35-100mm about to be announced.

        I bought a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar (Leica screwmount) and use it all the time on my GH2 as part of my walkabout and streetshooting kit. 25mm and 7-14mm complete it.

    • Bob B.

      I bought I GX1 when they came out..(and yes…it is painful for me to see the prices for that camera body now…ouch!, but for you that means it is a GREAT buy)..I have the LVF-2 permanently mounted on it. LOVE the camera…so small with (IMHO) much better menu system and customizable buttons. Just more user friendly and intuitive. I thought I would never use a touch screen, (and I never will for shooting), but I use it all the time to review, and erase images after I have taken them. Slap the 20mm on that little boy and go out and have some carefree fun.
      I also purchased a OM-D when that camera hit the market. It is also an excellent camera. I love the IBIS, frame rate and it has the unidentifiable quality that it just feels so good in the hand. For me I have to use it with the top half of the battery grip, as once you have gone out shooting with that, the camera feels naked without it. The OM-D is larger and a LOT heavier than the GX-1. So if I was going backpacking the GX1 would be my choice. I think that the weight of the OM-D is an indication of the build quality. The OM-D’s menus are much more fiddly than the Gx-1, though. I find I can customize the GX-1 exactly the way I want …and I have two set-ups in the custom section…so that when I want to shoot HDR brackets I just turn a dial on the top of the camera and start bracketing, with the OM-D it is a menu fiddle-fest…just not as fluid in the field…but it makes up for that with with the IBIS,frame rate, etc. Both cameras complement each other very well. If you own both you have got a LOT of versatility.
      As for the 75mm I agree with Mr. Reee (hey that rhymes)….I gotta have that lens…but it is not really available in the US at this point. I had a chance to own one and decided I would wait a little while and see if the price drops. There is already a third party lens shade that is about $25 cheaper that the OLY shade and it looks identical (can anyone confirm this?).

  • BLI

    New clip-on EVF — perhaps with the same functionality as the built-in EVF of the E-M5?

  • Solar

    A viewfinder accessory port on the left hand side of the body where a VF can be fitted to widen the camera body, and still permit access to the hot shoe. This would still continue the modular concept and extra sales for Oly. A more substantial camera body with all the functionality, in a different format to the OMD style.

    Just a thought.

  • JS

    … to me it was quite obvious that there is no E-7 in Olympus plans. They will have a very hard time to admit it some day but it is inevitable.

    • Yes not in year, but to next year. ;-)

  • beautemps

    EVF?? – Sounds like a kids game: “I can see what you can’t see”.. “it is not red, it is not blue, it is quite different…” :-)))

    @Admin: care a bit more for goats and a bit less for rumors…

  • I just hope that the VF-2/3 can still be used on the new Pens.

    • Ross

      It (they) can be used on the E-M5 so there shouldn’t be any problem at all on the new PENs. The accessory port with the physical mount of the hot shoe will continue in some form or another (allowing use of all the accessories todate) even if they provide another way to use a flash at the same time.

  • Schweinchen Schlau

    Could it be possible that Olympus thinks about connecting a kind of MEG4.0 glasses with future cameras? I have thought about such a solution several times. It would make photographers more flexible concerning their choice of perspectives. Additionally pivoting displays wouldn’t be necessary anymore and annoying reflections on the display could be avoided…

    • Schweinchen Dick

      Olympus wants to turn us into Borg! The sad thing is that most people will happily got for it.

  • Olympius

    I got it! It will be a zoom optical finder! Much like what is on the Canon G12 camera, but this will be a modular unit that will have a 14-150mm range.

    – Olympius

    • The Master

      I think you got it Narretz, but I bet there will also be a 300.00$ focus conformation light that you have to buy separately. ;)

  • Narretz

    Maybe it is an evf that is attached so that it looks like a range finder? Anyway, good work admin! We appreciate it.

  • toto

    Maybe it’s a “wireless” viewfinder… like an iPhone or iPad.

  • Miroslav

    From the description of that EVF, it’s either something like this or a VF that looks like Penpal addon – short, but sticks out at the back. Anyway, it would be nice if it is much more compact than VF-2 or VF-3.

  • In my wishes, “no E-7 at all coming any time soon” means that an new OM-D will do the job. Maybe a “sort of viewfinder solution” coming from Olympus has also to do with this. They are finally quicker than we thing, but we don’t notice that because they let us wait always a little bit.

  • Tom Goode
  • st3v4nt

    Finally no rumors about the E-7….Olympus should focus on releasing the 60mm macro lens, updating the PEN, and fix the firmware fiasco…. also give us the added feature bonus through firmware please…..and cut the sales tactics of selling the lens hood separately :-(

  • dau

    My bet is the e7 and omd pro are one in the same

  • Jankoff

    Too bad for Oly still not to be clear about their intentions with respect to a camera/adapter for standard FT lenses! This has been going on for two years now!
    A couple of questions to users of standard FT lenses on PEN/EM5. I’ve just started using such lenses (12-60, 11-22, 70-300, Sigma 24, Sigma 30) on PEN – they do work. Yes, they tend to “think” longer and they hunt, changing directions, but they do not refuse to focus in difficult light conditions more often than on E-520 and E-600. The first question is whether people with longer experience with PEN/EM5 and standard FT lenses find the focusing speed acceptable for general purposes. I tend to think it is. But my experience is only about a month long – and I get confused about the difference. The second question is technical. Does the longer hunting and change of direction of standard FT lenses on PEN/EM5 bring damage to the lenses’ motors? That is, does it reduce the life of the lenses considerably?
    Thank you very much in advance for answers or guesses!

    • From what I have read in the past, the SWD drive motors may fail prematurely when used on a Pen. It also seems that SWD lenses have motors with a higher failure rate to begin with. I myself can’t confirm this, because my 12-60 has been working flawlessy for 3 years, and I am using this lens almost daily, although no a 4/3 and not on any m4/3 body.

    • bart

      It really depends on the lens and application. When subject motion isn’t a big concern, I find many regular 4/3 lenses useful with AF especially:
      – 14-54mk2
      – 14-42
      – 40-150 (2nd version, 1:4-5.6)
      The 11-22 is a bit slow in AF but I still find it quite useful as I typically don’t need fast AF for wide-angle work.
      The Zuiko Digital 18-180 and 70-300 I find usable most of the time after having updated them to the latest firmware.
      The 50-200 (swd and non swd alike) I find generally too slow with AF, I’m faster with MF without putting in any effort.

      This all assumes relatively static subjects, and only the 14-54mk2 apptoaches the AF speed of the slower m4/3 lenses (17 and 20mm primes). Also, no C-AF with regular 4/3 lenses.

  • Jankoff

    Thank you, TheEye, this ought to mean that the contrast-detect enabled 70-300 should be OK on a PEN, and, furthermore, it is not a SWD lens. By the way, you can really feel that 70-300 is contrast-detect enabled, it works fine on a PEN, especially after the software update on body and lens, and in a manner similar to the one with E-520/600. At least mine does. However, 70-300 does not focus faster than 12-60, which is not contrast-detect enabled. When hunting, 70-300 on PEN does it slowly and calmly, like on E-520/600. Whereas, e.g., 11-22 is nervous, quickly changing directions in short intervals, making you think this will not be good for its “health”. :-)
    The “bad news” here is that actually 70-300 on a PEN is the least happy choice of a standard FT on a PEN, as one needs greater stability for longer focus lengths – …. but you have already lost your third point of stability (contact of head with viewfinder). Furthermore, this lens being slow, stability is essential. An EVF can solve the problem, I suppose. On an EM5, problem resolved – has an inbuilt viewfinder. But who would want to use 70-300 on EM5? I would immediately attach 12-60 to it.
    I know the world is very rarely perfect :-) , but could be better than now …
    Come on, Oly, when will this standard FT uncertainty end?

    • Contrast AF-enabled lenses should not suffer increased wear and tear on a Pen. You say the 12-60 does focus fairly smoothly on a Pen? Then I would not expect (much) extra wear and tear on the SWD motor.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > However, 70-300 does not focus faster than 12-60
      70-300’s focusing speed is limited by slow speed of traditional micromotor+gear train which also causes focusing noise of those lenses.
      SWD is similar to Canon’s USM and very fast.
      PDAF told it directly where to move and with very little corrections needed but CDAF’s trial and error nature forces it to do lots of short jumps with also changes in direction.

  • dg

    I thjnk it would be cool if Olympus added a pop up evf

  • The Olympus need do, is only up grade firmware in lens like them do on FT 14-42mm so i buy by my E-510 kit, them need not PDAF in camera for more fast focus on FT 12-60mm, FT 50-200mm and FT 14-35mm. After i up grade firmware to my FT 14-42mm lens, so is this better on my E-P2 and not only fast and also more safe and i can use C-AF(TR) and face focus by this lens too, after i up grade firmware, so is the better so before on E-P2.

  • Pei

    Tell your Olympus handler that you cannot handle that many fake rumors. Either they give you more concrete rumors or hire more staff.

    It is quite annoying reading BS straight from the marketing department.

    “A source told me that is is not really an external viewfinder, nor an internal, but something completely “new”.”

    “GH3 has fastest AF of the world. It is like a pro DSLR. Best hybrid cam ever”

    Those two and the yes/no-E7 “rumor” are straight from the marketing department.

    Anyone remember the E-M5 striptease? D600 & NEX-5R’s full pictures are leaked way before release but we have those high res clips “leak” from Olympus.

    • E-7 come not in year, i think them first realy rumors come around summer next year ca. three year after E-5.

    • who


  • Jankoff

    TheEye: “You say the 12-60 does focus fairly smoothly on a Pen? Then I would not expect (much) extra wear and tear on the SWD motor.”
    Hopefully! My impression is that 11-22 is rather more nervous than 12-60 on the PEN. I bought the 11-22 to use it mainly with the PEN – in the open, at parties, etc., in order not to have the aberrations on faces that the 12-60 produces. The 12-60 is great for general purposes, for quick shots at different distances in the open, very convenient to handle on a standard FT body. But it distorts human faces and I often give up sending pictures to relatives and friends …. In actual truth, the 11-22 also does this, but less so. So far so good, but the nervousness of the 11-22 compromises the idea of using it on the PEN. Why risk its health? When otherwise it gives IMO somewhat better images (e.g. color) than the 12-60! I need (and would be grateful for) other people’s experiences of 12-60 on EM5. These are very rare in the Internet, and are often contradictory.
    A note on the rumors and their spreader :-) These sometimes may not be too nice, as in this case, but, on the other hand, it is always fun to read them. I’ve been following this site for some months now, fascinating … :-)

  • Kyle

    I’ve saw 2 month ago a news info about Olympus showing a transparency
    glasses with a small video screen on it. A google like glasses but only with the screen without camera or
    Computer. Maybe it s that connected with the accessory port with a cable or wireless.
    My 2 cents.

  • If no E-7 will materialise the next few months it saves me a lot of money. I just have to keep using my E-5 with all the lenses I got, until I can get hold of a cheap used m43 camera with the new sensor and a adapter….

  • The new viewfinder!? Im picturing a hybrid VF like the Fuji X100 / X-Pro-1, but completely self contained! I’m a huge VF fan: DSLR, rangefinder, or evf, which is why i would buy this add-on in a second. as far as the E7 goes, it’s going to end up being to big for everyday carry (like my XTi) so I’m still looking forward to getting an E-M5, so I can add the big grip and vertical as needed, and still have a EVF and flash!

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