(FT5) HOT! Full E-P3 leak with specs (from non english website)!


One of our readers found a non english website that had the E-P3 pictures and specs online for a couple of minutes. He copied the images and text you can see here (Thanks P.J.!)

The following press release has been translated from a non english website via google translation tool. So be aware that there will be some weird translation :) And be sure to be online at 43rumors.com at 6am London time! I will keep you updated with all first news, reviews and image samples we can find on the world wide web!
Press Release:
Olympus PEN system by introducing a new Micro Four Thirds, has created an entirely new category of cameras. Now presented a new flagship model PEN, which increases the standards in this category. Camera PEN E-P3, or just PEN, has the fastest autofocus among all cameras with interchangeable lenses. Along with excellent AF FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology – Sensor Technology Acceleration Frequency), and OLED touch screen provides an ideal alternative to the much bigger and more expensive SLRs. Standing at the forefront of the next generation of PEN, the E-P3 owes its incredible speed in focusing the new powerful processor. TruePic VI was developed specifically for not using the mirror cameras. In addition to the new system FAST AF, TruePic VI also controls ten artistic effects filters and a large touchscreen OLED. In combination with a faster and more sensitive 12.3 megapixel sensor, TruePic VI provides exceptional image quality, which is also visible in low light conditions. For experienced users, PEN has a special windfall – two knobs on the back, which facilitate quick adjustment of exposure time and aperture. Add to that the integrated image stabilization system that compensates for blur irrespective of the lens. Camera PEN E-P3 will be available from August 2011.

Just pick up a new camera PEN and immediately we see that the masters of design and production of Olympus have not already creating quite a feat 50 years ago, the construction of the camera, which today attracts. Their vision can be described as timeless classics that never ceases to fascinate succeeding generations.

Instant AF
With its compact design, convenient features, and image quality, award-winning Olympus PEN system has already become a favorite among both hobbyists and professionals.
At the head of the flagship of the E-P3, a new generation of GH enhances the reputation of this class of equipment. One of the most important aspects – and the most useful – is the incredible speed and versatility autofocus system. Driven by new, powerful processor Olympus TruePic VI, FAST AF system focuses faster * than any other camera with interchangeable lenses. What’s more, it offers 35 focus points, spread across almost the entire surface of the sensor, so you can set the focus on small objects, regardless of where in the image appear. In low light, built-in backlight AF compensates for the potential drop in precision focus, and a new AF Tracking technology makes the object remains sharp, even if occasionally out of the frame. Another facility that provides a successful picture is constantly running AF – which means that the focus is still active, so that focus is maintained continuously.

Full Control
Unique solution in the flagship model of the PEN is the OLED touch screen. He is not only intuitive and practical in use, but also provides excellent image quality regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Compared with similar LCD screens OLED screen provides a higher level of contrast, intense black reproduction and a wider spectrum of colors. OLED screen provides a higher brightness, wider viewing angles and is characterized by lower levels of energy consumption. Display PEN’a also offers touch-screen scrolling content, enlarging photos, as well as control of the shutter button, AF point selection, and activating the pop-up Guide Live Guide – help appreciated PEN, which helps less experienced users to set key parameters relevant images, such as aperture and depth of field.

Even professionals will now be satisfied, because the Guide Live Guide is now available in P, S, M and A and if need be to reach it. Unlike some competitors PEN Guide Live Guide is available for both movies and photos.

However, for most serious photographers to experiment with the settings is half the fun – and that they are not especially interested in scrolling long lists of menus to get to the parameters that need adjustment. Therefore, the Olympus on the back PEN’a applied two additional knobs. The thumb, one minute you can tune the aperture and exposure time – without having to switch between different sections of the menu. The selected settings appear in a distinctive form of the OLED screen or in the optional electronic viewfinder. Fans of practical solutions will appreciate also three programmable buttons, which can be attributed to a favorite, frequently used functions. The buttons, knobs, and a new AF system allows FAST to react more quickly to spontaneous situations to capture a fleeting scenes or fast moving subjects before a chance to miss a unique picture forever.

Art at your fingertips
A wide range of Art Filters is an interesting addition for both ambitious amateurs and professionals. PEN offers ten different artistic filters, which allow the enrichment of the image special effects without all the confusion associated with the operation of computer programs. Some of the filters can be combined with additional effects, such as a new effect called Starlight and White Edges (White Edge). Users are waiting for such filters as Pop Art, Soft Focus, bright tone, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, delicate and dramatic sepia tone. Each of these filters can be used for both pictures and movies.

PEN record movies with stereo soundtrack and the quality of 1080i HD at 60 frames per second – the same record can be implemented in various formats. In order to play movies on your TV screen, users can select the AVCHD format, which generates files of smaller size. Those who want first to edit their films should reach for the 720p HD format Motion JPEG. Although it generates larger files, but they are easier to handle by computer software.

The potential of the processor
The heart of every new camera PEN is an extremely powerful TruePic VI. Just as computer processors TruePic VI is in fact a complex with each other two units, one of which is solely responsible for the reproduction of the image. The result is exceptional quality color reproduction and detail and greater light sensitivity up to ISO 12800th TruePic VI also shortens the startup time and greatly reduces the noise level when shooting.

Like any PEN, PEN model of the E-P3 is the camera system. At the time of purchase you get instant access to over 500 lenses Micro Four Thirds Four Thirds and other systems (via adapter), including the legendary optics Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL M. acclaimed for its high quality. Particularly noteworthy are two new clear lenses. Wide-angle lens ZUIKO DIGITAL 12mm M 1:2.0 (24mm equivalent) (also known as “Master of street photography” – ‘Street Photography’) is ideal for capturing large themes such as landscapes, especially in low light. Its contrast and complement both the portrait M. ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8 (90mm equivalent) to facilitate getting softly blurred backgrounds, a significant aspect of portrait photography. Another superior option is refreshed M. ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R (equivalent to 28-84mm). All these lenses have been specially developed for almost silent operation, so you can record HD video with stereo sound track uninterrupted noise mechanisms. Metallic tubes of new optical systems and their compact and lightweight design ideally suited to the style of the body PEN. Apart from the specifications of the lens attached, with the integration of body image stabilization, photographers can rest assured that get blur-free images. In addition, the camera is equipped with Accessory Port 2, so that users can benefit from a growing family of dedicated accessories for the PEN model, including a compatible Bluetooth ® communication module which automatically Penpal resizes images and transmits them wirelessly to other compatible devices and social networking sites .

The camera body PEN E-P3 is available in classic shades of black, white and silver, and is slated to be available in mid-June 2011. The camera will also be available in kits with different lenses.

PEN E-P3 – main features:

Image Quality
Powerful image processor TruePic VI, a faster response time and excellent picture quality
Extremely effective, integrated in the body image stabilization for both video and sharp, blur-free images – works with any lens
12.3 effective megapixel sensor, High Speed ​​Live MOS sensor for the perfect operation in low light and when shooting HD
To ISO 12800
Record 1080i HD video with stereo audio, AVCHD recording format or the Motion JPEG
Compatibility with the new generation of dedicated lenses PEN

Ease of use
World’s fastest autofocus system – FAST AF – the camera with interchangeable lenses, from 35 AF points, highlighting the AF for pictures in low light and AF tracking the subject even outside the frame
Super light, providing wide viewing angles, touch screen 3.0 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 610.000 points – provides photo-quality color reproduction
Separate knobs for setting shutter speed and exposure
Touch Guide Live Guide available for filming and shooting HD, also in P / S / M / A
Live View mode and HD movie photos
3 programmable buttons
The scale level to facilitate the setting position in relation to the horizon
Easy to use menu function in the form of wheel settings – Live Wheel

Creativity and versatility
Ten creative artistic filters for HD movie mode and photo
Five effects that can be combined with artistic filters: Pinhole photography, Soft Focus, The effect of the frame, and new stars, and White Light Beam
Accessory Port 2 for compatibility with the ever-growing range of accessories PEN, for example, an electronic viewfinder VF-2 or the communication module penpal
Compatible with a range of 20 lenses Micro Four Thirds Four Thirds lenses 27 and over 500 other lenses (via adapter)
Shutter speeds to 1 / 4000 sec. and the shooting done at speeds up to 3 frames per second
Multiple exposure mode – 2 RAW
Li-ion battery BLS-5 long-life

Other interesting features
The timeless design of PEN, the ability to use interchangeable lenses, and attached the handle in two different sizes
The possibility of shooting 3D
Compatible with SDXC cards and Eye-Fi
Wireless flash control

That’s it! ;)

  • Good job, admin :-)

    • admin

      You should thank P.J. for finding that! :)

      • JeremyT

        Thanks P.J. :)

        I love that machine translation. Admin I know the name of your next site:



        • admin

          LOL :)

      • Marq

        I made a guess on dpreview that the grip can be the second port; and from the above I think that is true!!

        Great idea! One can use the evf and Bluetooth together- not so bad an idea afterall

        • Ross

          I don’t read it like that. I don’t think it is any different to the levels in USB with most things now using USB 2.0 but now there is another level again. I believe the accessories port is now a level 2 port to be compatable with such accessories as the Blue Tooth unit etc. whereas the older PENs (before E-PL2) only have a level 1 accessories port which isn’t compatible with some of these later devices. I’d be happy to be corrected.

          • Marq

            I hear you; I didn’t realize the ports were different. Lets see what happens.

    • MJr

      Looking good, looking good. :D

      If i had one thing to complaint tho is that the button layout on the back looks even more messy than before.

    • Alice

      I want to see more of the 12/2 lens. The would be nice if they didn’t bran OLYMPUS all over it in large CAPS.

      • MJr

        The OLYMPUS caps look good to me on the front of the 12/2 that we saw attached on the e-p3 in that first leaked product shot. Why wouldn’t you want it there ? It’s how it has always been. Zuiko is Olympus and they have made it a great name for themselves ever since the OM series. Plus it looks way bigger on a monitor than it is in real life. It’s a tiny lens really.

  • Great!! :)

  • The lens position and angle on both photos make me think of a possible photoshop disaster, but that’s probably just me. The texts seem accurate enough though. Let’s confirm all of the good things tomorrow.

    As a side note, I’m happy they kept the scale level meter from the e-p2 — if all of this is true.

    • Tom

      Those are real. Compare the different shots, it should be easy enough to see that this isn’t a PS job.

    • MJr

      Official product photos are regularly ‘professionally’ photoshopped this way. Lens and camera shot separately from a exact angle to match ’em up later. That’s why camera’s always look exactly the same to the pixel no matter what lens is on it. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others. Especially when shadows and reflections are at work, or the lack of it.

  • Jan Francois

    I like it. I like it a lot. The grip that unscrews is a good thing. Like the new layout. Should be great with the viewfinder and 12mm!

    • MJr

      Speaking of viewfinders. Now that olympus has its own high quality 12mm prime they might make a new optical viewfinder to match, like they did with the 17mil. That’d be cool. And even cooler if they were to include it with the lens, it’s expensive enough ;).

      • Ross

        I think that would be a retrograde step as we all need to rethink the use & functions of future cameras. If they had a translucent EVF with interchangeable lens to go in front of it (or behind), that might be one way of providing it for the primes plus adding in the new tech stuff with some extravagance.

  • CRB

    Great…how about the DR improving…..lets hope it has…

  • CRB

    24mm “also known as “Master of street photography” – ‘Street Photography’” makes no sense…

    • MJr

      Indeed it doesn’t. Would be 50mm or 35, and i’d pick 35, but that’s quite wide already. 24mm can do architecture tho, and urban landscape.

      • Jeffrey D

        Perhaps it depends where you live and what the streets are like. I find 35mm too narrow, 28mm is my preference. 24mm is maybe slightly wide, but certainly better than 50mm, which is ridiculously useless for street photography – I’d have to shoot from the middle of the road.

  • > FAST AF system focuses faster than any other camera with interchangeable lenses

    Faster than flagship Canikon? Wow, what a claim! Hope it’s true :-D

  • Duarte Bruno

    3fps? WTF !!!!???
    Don’t they still give a shot about HDR? Or is the “Multiple exposure mode – 2 RAW” reference something new? Or is it just the old multi-exposure feature?

    I’m also a bit puzzled what is the E-PL3 missing from the E-P3? If it keeps the OLED and it swivels, I won’t give a shot about extra controls wheels…

    • Multiple exposure mode is presumably the mode added with the E-30 that allows you to overlay two shots, much like you could do on film cameras without advancing the film.

      I didn’t see anything in the announcement about the number of brackets or the exposure step variation between the brackets. Current Pens it is 3 shots in the bracket and exposure steps up to +/- 1EV. The E-5 had 2, 3, 5, or 7 brackets with exposure steps up to +/- 1EV.

      • toto

        Feature that exists on e-p1.

  • im really really loving what olympus has done with the features of this little gem.

    but i wish the body had
    1. shutter dial
    2. aperture ring
    3. integrated evf

    • Shutter dial: agree
      Aperture ring: nah, the command dial is okay for that
      EVF: maybe

      But what’s really missing is dedicated AE-L and AF buttons that are configurable. I suspect the Fn buttons and touchscreen are supposed to suffice for that, but we’ll see.

      • I would rather have an aperture ring than an AE-L button. In-fact I think AE-L buttons should just be unlabeled programmable buttons (similar to what Sony does on their NEX bodies). I don’t know what the percentage of photographers actually use an AE-L button, but I do know that no one in the small group of photographers I know does (and there are some really good photographers in that group). However, a customizeable aperture ring like the XZ1 has is most handy on small camera bodies like this.

        Either way, I’m pretty happy with the E-P3. The grip looks really funky, but I’ll hold off judgment on that until I see the other grip options.

        Edit: EVF is a definite, not a maybe. External will have to do for now I guess :-/

        • Boooo!

          My AEL button is swapped with the Fn button and temporarily switches me into “My Mode 2” :D

          Oh, how I love my E-3…

        • cL

          Well, try to use it next time. It’s the key to proper exposure and you’ll avoid a lot of DR problem.

          • Boooo!

            What’s wrong with manual mode and spot metering?

      • Ross

        It has 3 programmable function buttons, so I guess they took the dedicated designated functions away to allow a more customisable setup with these 3 buttons. I wonder if they will supply function stickers for those that can’t remember what each one is. ;)

  • Bu

    Nicely done :)

  • I also wondered about the fastes AF of cameras with interchangable lenses, because this would include also DSLRs. Must be a google translate mistake. If not – holy s**t.

    Now the only thing that can prevent my buy is the new VF. I won’t by the ugly VF-2 for this beautiful camera…
    Also looking forward for the additional grips. Only did many things right, please don’t make the mistake and charge more than 50$ for a simple plastic grip.

    The only, very minor flaw ist that the grip protrudes from the cameras side, I simply don’t like it from style point of view :D

    edit: Just see that the +-EV button has gone. Hopefully I can set this to the Fn1 button so that everything is like it was…

    • David Bateman

      I see the =-EV button on the top of the 4 way control. But with two control dials hopefully we can just assign it to the other. I use A-mode most, and setting it to the main dial would be nice.

      I also like the fn 2 button on the top. For me this would be set to ISO. The Fn 1 button would have white balance. Then every thing for me is covered.

  • MacT

    Have You noticed that the lenses (14-42) here and on e-pm1 are different?

    • ginsbu

      What’s different? They look the same to me.

      • MacT

        grip on larger ring

        • ginsbu

          Nope, they’re the same. Both have the Olympus block pattern rather than plain ribbing.

    • zune

      That lens is the new 14-42mm!

  • james

    They didn’t emphasis on the sensor. It is still the old sensor?

    • zune

      Well maybe not old.
      GF3 sensor so read out 120 fram/s.

  • Thanks a lot, but I will keep my E-P2 :-)

    • MJr

      You needed this post to decide that ?

      • No, but I need to say that while seeing this post

  • agent00soul

    Wow, three programmable buttons! Let’s hope the button on top is programmable. It’s of no use at all on the E-P1;

    • MJr

      It says Fn2 (function 2), so yea i bet it is. Goodie! Not sure why you wouldn’t use the exposure compensation on the E-P1 tho, you should try it sometime ;).

      • agent00soul

        I use compensation all the time. But I have it assigned to the thumbwheel. So the button is redundant.

    • Exposure correction is one of the buttons I use most often. The if the Fn1 is fully programmable then both of us are happy ;)

      I see Fn1 and Fn2, where is the third programmable button?

      I don’t like the “new” buttons at the click wheel. I liked the E-P1 for having a dedicated iso, WB and Focus mode button. Don’t need an extra button for flash control. Going in the menu for iso setting would be a nogo for me, hope there is a solution.

      • Wt21

        I agree. I use the EV button on the top constantly. Shoot in av mode, and adjust with EV. Glad it’s still there.

      • agent00soul

        Excellent! I’ll use the button on top for activating focus assist.

  • Thomas

    Where is the built in EVF?!

    • There is none, there was never any indication or promise of one. Why the disappointment?

      • DaveH

        Because LCDs are useless in bright light

  • Stepper

    Excelent scoop!
    Looks like the blurry pics from the other day had fooled alot of us into thinking the LCD was gonna be a bit larger than it actually is.

    • MJr

      Dude obviously that image on the back doesn’t cover the full screen. (maybe there was something that admin quickly wanted to cover up), but it goes right up to the edge. Touchy screen needs as much room as possible to put your sticky fingers. :)

  • Yes, the E-P3 will be on my shopping list. However, it will have to wait until January, as I’m not willing to pay the overpriced European prices anymore and it won’t make it to the shelfs until July.

    Great camera though. They really claim fastest auto-focus on ANY interchangeable lens camera system?! Impressive.

    No weather-sealing though which was to be expected. No disappointment on my side about that…

  • “AF faster than any other camera with interchangeable lenses” I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man!

    Seriously, faster than *any other camera* !!!! Holy cow, that’s some crazy claim… Hope it’s true!



    • If you go back, you’ll find they claimed that before, too ;~).

      • agent00soul

        Yes, but not for a camera that fits in the pocket!

      • and they were right! 12-60SWd+E3/E5 IS the fastest focus alive, well, only in S-AF but hell, its damn fast :D

  • jimmython

    changing setting on these compact cameras quickly is one of my main concerns. i might have missed it – is there an auto ISO function where you can set the camera in aperture priority mode, set the lowest shutter speed you’ll allow,and the max ISO you’ll allow before shutter speed is allowed to drop? (a la nikon’s excellent auto ISO.)

    great to hear about the fast AF, but being able to quickly change AF points and settings at the same time is essential to making these little rigs truly versatile. not having to constantly tweak shutter speed, aperture and ISO in addition to simultaneous AF decisions would be great.

    • jimmython

      …that is, not have to constantly fiddle with smallish multiple-purpose buttons and go menu diving, WITHOUT being forced to put the camera in P mode. i want my control, but it would be nice to be able to tell the camera how i would prefer it to behave and let it handle (in accordance with my wishes) as many of the settings as possible.

      • Boooo!

        I don’t know about the PEN models, but the E-3/5 can have auto ISO in manual mode – set the aperture and the shutter, and the camera makes it work through ISO changes…

        In aperture mode, auto ISO will want to keep 1/focal length or 1/flash slow sync speed (yes, you read that right – weird setting), whichever is faster, and then start dropping when the highest ISO doesn’t cover it.

        I’d be quite surprised if the new PEN didn’t behave the same way

        • tmrgrs

          I almost had a heart attack reading this from you Boooo! Are you feeling better now? :)

          • Boooo!

            No, still unbelievably bitter about 4/3 seemingly being dead… If Olympus shows nothing new 4/3 by the end of the year, I think that’s really it. Just need to figure out what to do with my equipment… I love what I have, but if it’s a dead end, I just don’t want to end up having useless paperweights. Come on, Olympus, at least port this new sensor to the E-5…

            I should change my nickname. This is a funny one, actually – I got it when booing a basketball shooting free throws in what was otherwise an almost silent hall.

            • Ross

              We might be lucky & have this new sensor in an E30 replacement. Don’t forget the E30 came out with new features & sensor to that of the E3 so if they stick to their promise of another Exx, then that should be the case here too. I hope.

              • SteveO

                Yes, it would be nice if Olympus would now throw a bone to the FT faithful by dropping the new sensor and Truepic VI into a new E-xx reduced to the size of the K-5 and D7000 now that “Honey, I Shrunk the Camera” is all the vogue. Add some OM styling cues and they’d have a runaway winner.

                When the E-P1 was first introduced I assumed their strategy was to market it for compact upgraders, street photographers as well as to supplement FT users DSLR’s. Maybe this will yet come to pass; an E-P3 and E-xx could be the foundation for an ideal photographic system IMHOP.

                • Ross

                  I can imagine it won’t be much different to the E30 in design as the E5 was to the E3. I would hope the screen is upgraded to the same as the E5 but would have a smaller buffer etc to that of the E5 just as the E30 was from the E3.

            • M

              Oh just shut the hell up, troll.

  • Two things I gotta know before ditching my GH2 for this lovely piece of hardware:

    1) Have they made bracketing any better?
    2) Can the body finally trigger Olympus’s RF flashes (FL-36R and 50R)?

    Oh and my god the black version looks good!

    • Given it has the pop-up flash, it should be able to trigger the RF flashes, just like the E-PL1 and E-PL2 can. The E-PM1 and E-PL3 cannot do this since they don’t have a pop-up flash, unless the new FL-300R that they ship with can finally do the remote mode.

      • It does hook into the accessory port, so that is a possibility.

        • I would suspect the new flash will just be hot-shoe based, like all of the other flashes. It just blocks access to the accessory port, unless Olympus finally decided to add an extension cable so you can move the VF-2/VF-3/SEMA-1/macro lights/bluetooth elsewhere.

          Now, it may be that Olympus will enable the E-PM1 and E-PL3 to control the new flash so it acts as a controller. But I suspect that Olympus figures if people want the remote flash, they will pay for the E-P3.

          • ginsbu

            I’m really hoping the new flash unit allows wireless triggering, even if it does block the accessory port. It’s a feature Oly should have had long ago and, if it makes an appearance here, hopefully it will be standard from now on.

  • Thomas

    it’s the mother of all interchangable lens streetfotography cams.

    • jimmython

      that might still lie with the M9. especially for street photography.

  • ajk

    is it possible to shoot movies in manual mode?

  • Funny press release. The E-P3 is in many respects a semi-pro camera yet the press release emphasizes the art filters, live guide and touch screen.
    A few points I noticed:
    * no word about the new EVF.
    * no 40-150.
    * no word about interchangeable grips.
    * no word about improved DR.
    * no word about which lenses work with the new “AF FAST” (tacky name, isn’t it?).
    * all three new lenses have metal barrels?
    * the top “+/-” button is now titled “Fn2”. Excellent.
    * focus point selection and shutter actuation available through touch screen, like Panasonic’s cameras.

    Overall, a feature-rich camera with lots and lots of customization options. I want one, but the 12/2 will have to come first.

    • A lot of separate press releases and statements are coming in the next couple of days.

      • Amin

        That may be true, but how many press releases for the E-P3 itself? Not a word in this one to suggest anything new about the sensor except for the FAST AF system.

        • Stu5

          “a faster and more sensitive 12.3 megapixel sensor”

    • * no word about interchangeable grip – “and attached the handle in two different sizes”
      Well I guess we have seen the small one

    • Zaph

      ” “AF FAST” (tacky name, isn’t it?).”

      That may well be from the translation. :-)

  • am i the only one who’s exited about the introduction of AVCHD?

    • MacT

      not the only one :)

    • reverse stream swimmer

      I am positively surprised. Olympus is here a licensee of the AVCHD. I don’t know if any other s than Sony & Panasonic are using this video format? It puts alot of video expectations on the new Olympus cameras. Great news indeed.!

      • AVCHD is used by a number of manufacturers, just not in a completely interchangeable manner. Its part of the H.264 family of standards.

    • I only shoot movies a few times this year, but the size issue with Olympus’s movie mode makes it problematical. I just bought a Kodak ZX-1 fairly cheap for when I need to make movies, particularly if rain is forecast. Lets see, the Kodak can record 1 minute of VGA in about 20 megabytes, and 1 minute of HD in 81 megabytes, while my E-P2 uses 122 megabytes for VGA movies and 238 megabytes for HD.

    • Pablo

      I don’t like AVCHD. I like the low-compressed, high-bitrate “raw” AVI files from Oly’s EP1 much better than AVCHD I saw, heard for myself :< But that's just me not being somehow keen on longer videos than a few seconds to minutes. IMHO, a personal video of a minute is in most cases more than enough… So I rather have it as low compressed, as possible.

      • If you are trying to record live performances that can be up to 1/2 hour long (in my case), it is very annoying to start having to worry whether you are going to lose something while you are in between movies. Consider a wedding where the officiant starts talking, and talking, and talking. You might miss the kiss or other signature events if you stop and re-start.

        Yes, scripted films are often times filmed in short segments and combined later, but those of us that need to record real life are frustrated by the limit. Historically the short segments was due to the size of the reel of film (such as 3 minutes for many 8mm cameras).

        And even without AVHCD, Olympus could have used lossless compression in the AVI stream, except they probably don’t have enough computational power in the camera to do the compression.

      • Pablo, those AVI’s are Motion-Jpeg, they are as compressed as AVCHD if not more,
        Give the same bitrate to AVCHD it will trump most of the AVI codecs, the question is what bitrate would the olympus support?

        • MJr

          Yeees, bitrate, yum yum yum. 25Mbit/s please.

        • mjpg is less compressed, needs less computing power to decode, so you can use a simple/older pc to do the editing.

  • Wt21

    There’s my next camera. In silver please. Wonder if the old batteries will still work? But it says available in August. I hope the mZD45 might come out before then! I also hope my preordered PL25 gets here before Christmas, lol.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The silver body is quite elegant. Very nice, Oly!
      The tacky chrome strips on the black body are just dreadful! That was a big turn-off when considering an EP2 and now there are TWO!?! YUCK.

      It’s a real shame that it lacks an articulated LCD. You could almost live without an EVF with one.

      AVCHD is LONG overdue!

      I look forward to seeing and trying out a real one!

    • It says BLS-5 batteries, which the E-PL2 used. The BLS-1 batteries used in the E-P1, E-P2, and E-PL1 can also be used, though IIRC, you have to use the charger made for the battery. This is due to some new regulations that went into effect in Japan last year.

      Now, it is an open question that we will see tomorrow, whether the E-PM1 and E-PL3 use the same batteries or switch to thinner batteries, like the LI-50B used in the XZ-1.

      • Ross

        The XZ-1 only has to drive its known small lens (& some accessories) & I doubt the smaller battery can be enough to drive the larger lenses that can be put on the PENs.

        • Presumably the thinking is you are going to use the E-P3 for the larger devices. Besides product differentiation, the reason the E-P3 has the OLED screen and the E-PM1/E-PL3 have the plain LCD screen might be due to power issues.

          • Ross

            People have still attached larger lenses to the E4oo series of cameras & it worked & the PENs still need to work even if it is a bit ridiculous in appearance & lifting is done by the lens & not the body.

  • JohK.

    I cannot wait to get my E-P3. :) It just seems to be so incredibly well geared to my photograph- and videoshooting needs, using that camera will be amazing (:.

    But there’s one contradiction.. @admin , it once says the Ep-3 will be available in August, and another time it says it will be available from mid-june.. actually that is no contradiction at all, the mid-june date seems to be a formerly planned release date and august is probably the current one… but im trying to keep my hopes alive that the Ep-3 will be available before august =D

    gosh, im talking like a damn oly-fanboy (which i’m not), but i have to admit that i am quite amazed at the features of the upcoming PENs.

  • slomo

    Hmmm, let’s see what features are taken off from the E-PL3 and the price difference.

    Built in flash is not a biggie for me, I already have an FL-20. I think FL-20 would not be useful if VF-2 needs to be used because the external viewfinder would be mostly useful for long range subjects with long lenses to help stabilize the camera.

  • jimmython

    note the distinct difference between the general reactions to the PEN release and the Q release…

    • Ross

      I think there is a good reason behind that. ;) :)

  • Jan Francois

    If one kit is with the 12mm, I think I will go for it. That, a viewfinder, the 45mm f/1.8 and the 20mm f/1.7 would suit me just fine!

  • Mar

    Me likey :)

    I’m interested in seeing ORF samples and OOC ones in the days to follow.

  • agent00soul

    It says the ibis is for video too…

    • reverse stream swimmer

      -IBIS is normally NOT used for video, rather it may be EIS !

  • StephenC

    Thanks Admin. and P.J.
    Now who wants my E-PL2 and 40-150mm?

    • Ross

      Did you say you would take $100 for it? ;)

  • everythings exciting but:

    NO word on the new sensor and its IQ.
    They say, new TruePic for best IQ, but not new sensor for best IQ…

    it seems, that we will see the same old 12.3 MPIx sensor, but with a different AF system… what a pity :/

    • JohK.

      ” In combination with a faster and more sensitive 12.3 megapixel sensor, […] ”

      Seems like a new sensor to me. A sensor’s specific technological details are just something you rarely find in a press release.

      Also, trustable sources told admin that there is a remarkable improvement in dynamic range and image quality. And I don’t think that this is only caused by the new Truepic VI engine.^^

    • ssl

      ya, not much mention of IQ improvement over the older models. I REALLY hope the IQ is vastly improved here.

      • Ross

        “Vastly” might be a bit too much expectation, but a significant improvement would probably be good.

  • Olympius

    Well, the E-P3 pretty much meets my expectations – an E-P1 with faster focus, a pop-up flash, and improved True-Pic VI engine, with a few other doo-dads sprinkled on.

    So, it’s getting closer to the now discontinued E-620 is operation, but still lacks phase detect focus, a viewfinder (which I do not expect the E-Px series will ever have), a tilt-swivel LCD screen, longer battery life, and so on…

    For my needs, I’m still much better of with the Olympus 600 series DSLR’s, which are probably gone forever. Oh well. At least Nikon and Canon still make good, small DSLR’s, and Sony has those cool new SLT’s.



  • This has me both excited and kind of uh, sad :P I just recently got a few more lenses for my old and trusty GF1, the 45 macro and the 14 pancake… and now all I want to do is to get a taste of the instant AF! I was very set on getting a G3, but now I’m not sure anymore! Urgh! I do wonder if any Panasonic lens will work with the IR sensor…

    • man, i hope we get a rundown of performance differences (if any) with all mFT lenses. that would be great!!

  • Camera to be available mid June?

  • The press release (was it in french originally?) doesn’t mention anything related to DR. Even worse, it reads “TruePic VI […] greatly reduces the noise level when shooting”. Noise should not be removed by an algorithm (which is not really possible neither), but should be minimized at the sensor level itself…

    Hope it’s not the old sensor (+the IR focussing feature).

    No substantially improved DR (on raw) = NOGO!

    • I was thinking the same – no new sensor, no sale. However, I’m looking at this camera, and my defenses are weakening.

  • Maley

    Am I the only one who wonders why the screen is so small ? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Yes. And that is definitely not the real screen. That is photoshopped on there.

  • Gundam

    Hmm, get the E-P3 or G3? Decisions!

  • Al

    Hold on there!
    Are these images real?
    1. look carefully at the line below “OLYMPUS”, it has this very odd curve.
    2. the menu button on the back, the “menu” lettering is out of position.

    Anyway, I just hope the real one is not far from these. I do like the 2 function buttons, and at different locations. Hope the new POP-UP flash design is not a dust pan, dirt collecter…

  • #2

    Wish I could see the pictures,… :-(

  • Until now I have been dismissing most of the enthusiasm here as mere Olympus fanboy excess… but now I’m getting interested.

    Key point: based on this post’s mention of AF being confined to “zones” plus the previous post about the patent, it may be that Olympus is NOT using contrast-based AF! If true, that would be a definite point of difference and a possible technical breakthrough.

    I still won’t be buying this particular camera because I use an eye-level finder 95% of the time, so want something more than an add-on. But I’m suddenly a lot more interested in Olympus than I was…

    • SteveD

      You say fanboy excess like it’s a bad thing.;-)

      I’m waiting to see the IQ, especially as a function of iso. If this holds up, it seems that Oly has given this a serious performance upgrade and not just a move the buttons around facelift. That’s what has my interest.

      • Ross

        The higher ISO ability has got to be an indication that it is going to be better.

  • Narretz

    Good, it looks really good.
    Why can’t Olympus just copy Pana’s button layout and menus? That would be awesome.

  • this is what the e-p2 should have been, and this should have been the m43 version of the fuji x100. regardless, they’re going in the right direction. baby steps, baby steps….i’ll hold off for the pro version and stick with my e-p2 for now though

  • leendert

    This looks like a good upgrade for my e520.
    EP3 + EVF + 14-42mm (Or 14-150mm, don’t know yet) + Panasonic 20mm F1.7 + Panasonic Leica 45mm macro.

    I hope the ep3 can autofocus the Sigma 50-500mm (FT mount).
    I use it to shoot birds, and it would be nice if it works a bit with the AP3. Its a bit strange combination ;-)
    Any thoughts obout this?

  • jimmython

    Re: eye-fi…

    i know there’s supposed to be some ‘eye-fi support’ in this camera, and i applaud any effort to make cameras more connected to your home network/social media, but what does that actually mean? eye-fi cards are compatible with just about any SD-card-carrying camera already; there are apps and software for the connecting computers/ipads/etc… what does this extra support entail?

    • Jimmython:
      I would imagine it means they didn’t enclose the camera in a Faraday cage to prevent any excess radio waves from escaping :-)

    • Based on other cameras that are advertised as being Eye-Fi compatible, it probably means:

      — Menu item to switch the transmitter on/off, so you can save a tiny bit of battery power when not using the transmitter.

      — Firmware set to keep supplying power to the card even when not writing (many cameras power off card if no writes for a few minutes, which saves power but causes Eye-Fi to drop connections.)

      — (Probably) a “window” in the metal cladding on the body so the signal can get out.

  • Jason

    admin, Is that an infrared light on the front? It is not mentioned is press release, and it looks more like one of their white balance sensors?

  • Seems I may end up getting an Olympus after all :D

  • Mar

    Will admin get up at 6 AM to deliver news? :)))))

    • SteveD

      I assume that he will be just too excited to sleep.

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait for the 45 1.8 !!!!! Olympus always does bokeh justice and all that 45 needs is nice bokeh to sell me !!!!!

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait for the 45 1.8 Olympus always does bokeh justice and all that 45 needs is nice bokeh to sell me

  • isaac ali

    The grip do not flow with the body at all. I hope the other grips stick out less from the side. It’s too bad the E-P1 didn’t have the same specs cause this camera is damn near perfect.

  • EyeAmLegend

    I wish there were photos of the extra grips. I really don’t like the idea of a no swivel lcd but could live without it if there was a nice grip/vertical grip/battery holder.

    I can accept the fact that Olympus has to make money first to improve new models but the vertical grip should be been there from the begining.

  • I want black one!
    Is London time use summer daylight? or just UTC?

  • MikeS

    Not sold on the grip, purely for cosmetic reasons. Might just go without one, provided it doesn’t look too strange. Used a D-Lux 4 enough to be accustomed to gripping flat, bare metal.

    Otherwise, this is all very exciting. Goodbye, bank account.

    • I generally hate grips. I bought one on my E-1, didn’t like it, and sold it. I didn’t use one on my E-3, until I started doing a lot more live view with the camera in a wooden shell, and then I bought the grip so I could get double the power and easier to change the batteries.

      It depends on the design, but maybe one of the grips will have bigger batteries for the times when you really need to crank through the power options. We’ll see shortly.

      • Ross

        I don’t think this camera has a battery grip, although it would be nice if they did one for it, but just the replacable (unscrewable from the side) grip to replace with a different shaped one.

      • EyeAmLegend

        If you shoot mosty landscape then the grip is not nessesary but if you do lots of architecture or city scapes then you’ll appreciate the grip. I full on hate how the small cameras feel when flipped vertically. Uncomfortable and awkward access to the buttons whicjh for me makes th EPL-1 not very enjoyable even though I do like the images I get out of it.

  • I am thoroughly impressed.

    Anybody want to buy a used e-pl2? (just kidding)

  • Beautiful looking camera, and a great set of features…. already on my wish list… like the three programmable buttons… am looking forward to seeing what the grips look like…

  • KL32

    I really hate the grip on this camera. It might end up feeling great, I’m sure it will at least feel fine, but it just looks wrong to me for some reason.

    • Ross

      You could always glue on some cork covered with leather (with the edges feathered down to paper thin) instead. ;)

      • TR

        I hope some 3rd party eBay sellers are going to have some fun with these grips.

  • KL32

    In terms of video, am I right in assuming this will not be a competitor to the GH2?

    • Anonymous

      I am questioning how strong a competitor it will be to the g3. EVF an extra option, and you need to choose between a tiltable screen and a built in flash? My other concern is how much the fast focusing is marketing talk. The g3 does 0.1 seconds. Does this do 0.09 or 0.001? Either is faster, but the first is not, in my opinion, worth the other trade-offs.

  • Ab

    I want this camera :)

    But i will probably get the 25mm f1.4 first, then pick this up later… or maybe just get the EPM1 and enjoy a bit more portability…

    I dont know, i just need to make more money so i can buy it all!

    • tmrgrs

      That’s my problem too, not enough money and too many wants. I have the 25/1.4 pre-ordered but actually want the 45/1.8 even more and the wife doesn’t suspect anything just yet – [g]

      I may just have to cancel the pre-order on the 25/1.4 and buy the 45/1.8 for now and also keep using my E-P2 until I finally decide to sell off the DSLR equipment. Maybe by then the PEN-pro will finally be a reality (or at least an FT5 rumor!)

      • Ab

        You are right! I am torn between the 25 1.4 and the 45 1.8!!!

        I love the idea of a fast prime, just 1, then my perfect kit goes:
        9-18mm (need to get)
        14-42mm (have)
        40-150mm (have)
        17mm (have)
        and either
        25mm or 45mm!! (need to choose)

        I also have my Sony alpha to M43rds for my 100mm macro and 50mm macro (manual focus in live view is great for macro).

        What is great is they all fit in my small shoulder satchel with a small padded insert i bought off ebay and weigh next to nothing on top of my paperwork. Plus i love my EP2, argh!

        Well, things are going well, maybe i will just get the 25mm and the 9-18 and leave the body for next year :)


    • Yes KL32

  • shep

    It’s so wonderful that the E-P3 has major improvements. I must buy it.
    It’s so terrible that the E-P3 has major improvements. What shall I do with my “new but ancient” E-P2, 14-42, 40-150, and 14-42II ?

    We must brace ourselves. There’ll be even more good/bad news over the next few years. Better sensors, elimination of the mechanical shutter, still better EVF, lots of enticing lenses…

    What great problems to have in an exciting, fast-developing technology.

  • Pat

    admin, if you found these in another website, I think you should credit the website, not put your watermarks on them.

    Just my 5c.

    • Nic

      You mean, like in the days of the OM1 and OM2, when nothing changed for 10 years????

    • I have no issue with the watermarks to show that the admin was the one who found these images. However, the credit should be given, and the admin’s excuses for not giving credit are just that – excuses. That makes 10c between us :). Bye!

  • x

    150 minutes to go :-)

    • SteveO

      I give Olympus credit for really building anticipation thru their daily leaks. They’ve certainly got me hooked. Now I’m trying to decide which will be more fun, staying up until 1 AM to see the announcement fresh on the scene, or waking up to it like a kid on Christmas morning ;).

      And thanks Admin for a fun ride. Your taking part in the forum is also much appreciated, great information and makes it nice and personal too. Good job!

      • Ross

        Never mind. It will be 3pm in the afternoon for me & not much work will get done today. :)

  • Noobydoo

    I can’t wait for Panasonic GH3 respond to this. :D

  • jimmython

    no way i’d buy into a u4/3 system until it’s been out for a year or so and the price has come down into the area of sanity, but i must admit, this announcement has me excited.

    1:55 to go….

  • Ace

    “slated to be available in mid-June 2011”

    Something is wrong with this announcement for sure!

  • Sophilobro


  • GinSon

    Press conference start in HK
    Updating at http://www.facebook.com/omuser

  • Arboreologia

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