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(FT5) Lots of pictures of everything you need to see from the new products!


Found here: Four Thirds Cina. For the first time you see the 45mm f/1.8 lens! SO many lenses and so many cameras! Looks like Olympus will deliver the new stuff soon ;)

  • A2

    Looks good:D

  • The 45mm looks a lot nicer than I thought it would. Can’t wait to find out if all these lenses are metal or just silver plastic. I see a new 40-150mm as well.

    • KL32

      I agree, if one of those in the back is the 45mm it’s a very good looking lens indeed.

  • y2bd

    Oh god those look beautiful.

  • Nat

    colour choices?

  • Befürworter

    Look like the lenses for the NEX.

    • 43RC

      Definitely responding to NEX challenge.

  • Gorgeous!

    I see the 45, 12 and 40-150. Looks like your rumours were right admin! :D

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Looks almost perfect to me. I’m surely be getting one of those =)

  • mpgxsvcd


  • marcram

    Best rumor day since the EP1.

    Which is the 45mm? I guess back left. Hope they are all metal. Black or silver E-P3 will be a tough call. I might base it on how the lenses look. Black kit lens looks really nice in the source links. Good design moves by Olympus.

    • admin

      You were here 2 years ago? Cool!

      • marcram

        Yes, FT5 Sundays and all. I had never had an ILC until the EP1. Was counting down the days until something non-SLR looking (G1) came out. Look at how far the system has come.

        Looking forward to actually getting an autofocus portrait. Have only been using manual pentax lenses for that.

      • Marq

        And I!

        Heck I got the EP-1 after salivating on the news you spread out.

    • Anonymous

      Same with me. I am not sure about black or silver E-P3. I would probably prefer silver E-P3 body with black lenses. At least then I could get one silver lens and it would match ok. I dont like having a black body and then silver lenses. Did the silver E-P1 come with a black kit lens option? I was sure it did. I hope that the E-P3 silver body doesnt only come with silver lenses.

      • Anonymous

        yes, my silver EP1 came with the black 14-42…
        body has black grip so it matches very well.

  • indranet
  • Sim

    Wow, it’s looking better and better, Olympus!! I’m certainly getting an E-P3 and those two silver lenses in the back. ;)

  • JessyP

    The lenses sure look like metal. Would love it if it was so. So sexy. Also, it looks like either the 12mm or 45mm has a silver square lens hood. That is friggin hot looking.

  • jimmython

    nex sensors are better but their lenses aren’t. u4/3 lenses are better but their sensors aren’t. i guess it comes down to styling.

    • Fish

      Nope. It comes down to a lot more than just a matter of styling. But let’s not ruin the excitement of the evening with the same tired old debate. Let’s just enjoy the good news.

      • jimmython

        sorry, i didn’t know you were the final word on that.

  • flipinus


    i have not really been posting here these past few months but, this is usually the site i start my day with!!! i too was here over 2 years ago when the e-p1 was being leaked. i must say this is more exciting than the e-p1 announcement!! it has been a good 2 years!! keep up the great work!!

  • Boke-Aji

    Wow… i luv the EPL3 design…..

    Hmm time to trade EP2 for more modern design of EPL3 ??

    However, i found out that the Grip in EP3 is kinda out of place? or is it just me?

    • KL32

      I agree. I really don’t like the grip on the EP3 but I’m not sure why. For some reason it just doesn’t look right. I loved the way the EP2 looked and this is not that different so not sure why.

      • Four by Six

        There appears to be a large finger (coin) screw on the side of the grip, so perhaps it is removable/changable.

      • Infinity Jr.

        Yes the grip looks tacked on, luckily I’m not a fashionista.
        I guess they had to throw a bone to Booooo! and the other 4/3 clingers.

  • I’ll take the white ep3 with 45mm. ;)

  • D

    Damn, I think I’m gonna be handing over some money to Olympus.

  • lozvo

    Awesome! oh my…:

  • Infinity Jr.

    For the year 2011, Christmas day has been moved to June 30. :)

  • Marc

    Is the E-P3 a metal body ? And I can’t tell if the 12mm comes in black, looks like silver only

  • I looked at the grip from the top, in fact it is designed pretty well, a bit like the 620.

    You must understand that you grip the camera with your whole palm, not only with the fingers, therefore the new grip is designed to provide some girth.

    The E-P3 should be more comfortable to hold than my PL1 despite the front part is more shallow. Heavier lenses should feel more comfortable.

  • I looked at the grip from the top, in fact it is designed pretty well, a bit like in the 620.

    You must understand that you grip the camera with your whole palm, not only with the fingers, therefore the new grip is designed to provide some girth, improving on the thickness of the camera, where you hold it.

    The E-P3 should be more comfortable to hold than my PL1 despite the front part is more shallow. Heavier lenses should feel more comfortable.

    • TR

      Yes, I agree the grip does look a little better from this angle, rather than from the other side which we saw it from before.

  • richard dela rosa

    olympus america now has the e-p3 on their website!!!

  • TR

    No sign of a 12mm in black – that’s a shame, maybe I can get used to metalic finish – maybe even get the metalic ep3 rather than black. Hmmm, either way Olympus will be getting a good look at the inside of my wallet.
    I wonder if Olympus will anounce a new lens roadmad today. I would love a 17mm about the size and shape of the 12mm.

  • There is a full review of the E-P3 at !

    It seems that the sensor is the same of GF3, with some noise reduction artefacts otherwise IQ very good. There are many test images.

    AF speed is excellent, except in low light (but did he use the illuminator?), camera very reactive. Reviewer says he might consider upgrading to it.

    • Disraeli

      no it is not the same sensor, 12.3 mp versus 12.1 mp
      sorry :(

  • Christian

    Does anybody know already if the 12/2.0 is dust and splash water protected? Would be glad to know, as cameras that are not sealed are not acceptable for me.

  • Joh.K

    Why do the German websites say the EP-3+14-42mm kit will be available for 949€, whereas all the others (including you, admin) say it will cost 849€?
    I believe the Germans are mistaking. I live in Germany, but if its gonna cost 100€ more in Germany, I’ll just order it in Luxembourg or France.^^

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