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(FT5) HOT!!!! First pictures of the GX1!!!!


Jut woke up and there is the leak of the new Panasonic-GX1 at Mobile01 (Update: Pictures have been removed!). Or click on the thumbnails below to see more full size GX1 images.
It looks more like the Panasonic GF1 than the Panasonic LC1. Actually only the grip reminds me a bit the LC1. I hope sooner or later Panasonic or Olympus will also take a look at the competition, like the Fuji X100 or Sony NEX-7. I mean, after almost three years you can try to do something else or not? :)
Anyway, for now we know that the camera will be announced on November 8 in Japan. It will come along a new 1.44k dot external viewfinder (tiltable). It has a 16 Megapixel sensor, 12.800 ISO and a 460k LCD screen (non tiltable). It will have a new processing engine no more JPEG motion recording and be slightly smaller than the GF1. Be sure to be here on on November 8! I will follow the announcement live and give you all updates you need. And don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook (new fanpage!).

Do you like the GX1 design???

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P.S: Thanks to the 32 people sending me the link to mobile01 from 2am to 6am i the night here at Berlin time. I was sleeping and what woke me up was not a sixth sense for a coming rumor but a REAL earthquake here in the middle of the alps!

  • JY

    It’s just a tweaked GF2 and shouldn’t cost much more than that.

    • Exactly. And I cant believe the extreme prices for the GF3 either.. its like a joke..

  • Willy

    I think GX1 makes a lot of sense

    1. GF3 is going to battle against NEX3, EPM1. Primarily for users who wants upgraded point and shoot
    2. GX1 will be competing against EP3/EPL3/NEX5N. Primarily for users who wants compact camera with manual controls
    3. G3 will be for people in 2nd group who needs EVF
    4. GH3 will be for people who needs powerful video recording that G3 can’t accommodate.

    Compared to Olympus/Sony/Samsung, Panasonic has 4 models while the other 3 vendor has 3 models. GF3/GX1/G3 should be able to compete well with EP3/EPL3/EPM1 and NEX3/5/7.

    Why don’t people just get a G3 if they want built-in EVF?

    • Forbes

      Because the G3 is too much like a DSLR. Compare the NEX7 with a G3. I think it has most to do with the looks. At least, that’s it for me. I like rangefinder style bodies and would sooner buy a Leica M2 than a G3, but I would like to stay with digital.

      • dsaf

        this is another stupid answer, just because it LOOKS LIKE a DSLR. G3 has everything you want, but just because it looks like DSLR, this is a bad camrea. Another idiot.

        • Sorry dsaf, the look of the camera can be important for street shooting, where you don’t want to pointing a big SLR at strangers on a city street. Forbes is not alone.

          There are a lot of Leica fans who want SLR performance *hidden* in a rangefinder style body. It’s not unreasonable to want an EVF as part of the package.

          • > a big SLR
            > SLR performance *hidden* in a rangefinder style body

            I was at an expo and held in my hands Leica M8.

            It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s not something you can easily hide on a street. And lenses are not precisely pancakes either.

            GH2 is diminutive in size/weight comparison to the M8. And G3 is even smaller than GH2.

            You just confirmed that you do not have even slightest clue what you are talking about.

            • popeye

              maybe is bigger but m8 has an classic design and cannot be compared with g3 witch is very common and bit ugly .

              • Chris C.

                True dat! I was just walking down the street today and noticed someone was taking my picture. When I turned around and caught glimpse of her classically styled rangefinder camera, I made sure to quickly get back to what I was doing so as to not ruin her shot.

                Later, some dude had what looked like a DSLR and I was all like what?! Naw, bro. Can’t take my picture because A) You’re not stealthy and B) DSLR styling? Ew, holmes.

          • mahler

            I don’t get why a NEX-7 is less “hidden” than small cameras like a G3 or GH2 with their small lenses vs. NEX cameras with large lenses.

            To me these people who think they need the EVF at the left side (calling that “rangefinder”) are just preoccupied.

            People, who need cameras with a build-in viewfinder should be well enough served with the currently available solutions.

          • elflord

            Fair enough, but the G3 isn’t exactly a “big DSLR”. The G3 is 115x84x47 compared to 139x80x37 for the Leica M9.

            It seems that a lot of the whiners here want all the features that add size and weight (optical viewfinder, external dials, flip screens), but they want it in a body the size of the GF1.

            • Forbes

              Compare both the styling and the level of direct control between the M9 and G3. People often refer to the M9 for a reason and question why other manufacturers don’t make such an elegant camera.

              Even if you don’t agree, there is still a market of enthusiasts willing to pay for classic styling and controls. I guess those same people are wondering why Panasonic hasn’t built a GF1 with added EVF and control dials. It might be a bit bigger, but it will sell. Just look at the X100 and NEX7, neither of which has the combined advantages of the m43 system. The m43 system has interchangeable lenses (X100 not) and nice compact lenses (Sony doesn’t).

              • elflord

                The X100 has usability issues that to some extent stem from the fact that the mechanical controls are actually a facade built on top of a conventional digital camera. It is succesful and innovative, but has its limitations.

                The Leica doesn’t have most of the features that the whiners insist on but it’s a compelling product. This market of enthusiasts who are willing to pay for this do have the M9 (-;

                A mirrorless camera with a viewfinder could be a succesful product, but it would have its limitations. For example, how large would the camera be ? How ergonomic would it be with long tele lenses compared to a DSLR of about the same weight ? How would the mechanical controls play with the firmware ? I predict that this product would be very succesful, but it would still unleash the bitter rage of the whiners who would find a long list of complaints about this product that they had no intention of buying.

          • dj

            the Best way to shoot “hidden” from view is use the LCD not the VF…raising the camera to your eye draws attention.

        • Luke

          The head bulge – which contains the flash and EVF – pushes me away from G3.

          It’s not the look, but the portability. I think great portability + decent image is the reason for most of us adopting M43 cameras.

          Sony somehow make the 2.4megadots EVF into the NEX7 with a body only tad-higher than NEX5. I do not know why Pannasonic cannot minimize her 1.44megadots EVF.

          I mainly use pancake lenses with M4/3. With a big bulge head like GH and G has, I cannot tuck the G/GH into my day pack or gear bag, like I do with the GF2.

          For every-day-carry without a dedicated camera bag, I tuck my GF2 in wherever possible.

          For assignment or travel, I took my DSLR for pre-planned shooting; plus the GF for candid shots and occasions where I need to be discrete. DSLR system took most of the space. I tuck the GF in wherever possible.

          I think many people shares my situation and that’s why we are craving for a GF with minimized yet decent EVF.

          My only wish is now the Panasonic will release a plug-on EVF comparable to SONY’s, or at least reaching G3 EVF.

        • Forbes

          dsaf, just because I don’t like the look of a camera, does that make me an idiot?
          Never said the G3 was a bad camera, I simply own a DLSR already and want something more rangefinder-like as a compliment. This is exactly why many people skip the G3. Just because you don’t agree does not make that opinion less valid, or justify childish name calling.

        • Alyson

          That was really uncalled for. People want what they want and people vote with their wallets.

          I probably would have bought the G3 if it had different styling. To me it reminds me of one of those Kodak Easy Share cameras. That doesn’t make me an idiot; it just doesn’t appeal to me.

          Part of photography is having fun. And if you’re having more fun with a RF style camera, then that’s your prerogative.

          • elflord

            > That was really uncalled for. People want what they want and people vote with their wallets.

            Seems to me that a lot of people vote by whining in rumors forums.

            • MikeS

              While others simply troll those forums and call people whiners, instead of contributing something intelligent.

              • elflord

                A troll is one who seeks to provoke an angry discussion. This discussion got angry long before I had anything to do with it.

                I would think that the real “trolls” here are those who are flooding a micro 4/3 forum with negative comments about micro 4/3 products.

                I’ve posted a more lengthy response in the “new olympus/Panasonic/SLRMagic reviews” thread as to why I believe all this negativity is unwarranted.

                • Forbes

                  So was my comment negative according to you?
                  If you think that, you are dead wrong.

                  I have nothing negative to say about the G3. I never did and never will do because it is a very nice camera. I’ve seen samples with the 25 summilux and those were simply amazing.

                  The thing is, I own a DSLR and want something with a different styling, rangefinder styling. I know I am not the only one, that is why the NEX7 is attracting so much attention. For me it has not so much to do with size, just styling and controls (like tri-navi on the NEX7).

                  I don’t get why saying I don’t care for the G3 styling is supposed to be negative. It’s just an opinion and I know there are others who feel the same.

                  • elflord

                    No, I wasnt specifically referring to your comment. It’s your prerogative if you don’t want a G3. My comment was directed more at the posts that insist that “any camera must have features (a), (b), (c) ” and posts that express the “want” that all the best features of all cameras be “combined” (which is often kind of like trying to “combine” a 40x super zoom with a full frame sensor, or “combine” the Nokton f/.95 aperture with panasonic’s 14-140mmm zoom)

                    I’m in a similar boat to you — 5D Mark II owner, looking for something that offers good IQ in a compact package. So far I’m probably going with a GF2 (and it’s definitely going to be one of the rangefinder style bodies) — really needs to be pocketable. I completely get the need for a body that is substantially different to a large DSLR.

                    I’d love a built in viewfinder, but I’m not going to get up and slam Panasonic and Olympus because they dont deliver every item on my wishlist. Ultimately, I’ll look at the available products and pick the one that offers the best trade offs. There is already an affordable RF style body with a built in viewfinder (the X100) but at least for me, the m43 options are better packages overall.

                    • Forbes

                      True, a lot of people are unrealistic with their wishes.

                      I held the GF2 a few weeks ago, but thought it was too small. I’ve also thought about an X100 or even M2, but agree that m43 has very good options. This GX1 with the 20mm could be a very nice combo at less cost than an X100. So far, however, nothing has really convinced me and I’m probably going to wait for Fuji and Leica.

        • Fish

          haha, thank goodness this community is populated people like dsaf who helpfully point out which answers are stupid, which people are idiots, and which cameras people should want… instead of what they think they want.

    • El Aura

      Why don’t we get a G3? Because of this:
      Without a lens, the G3 is almost twice as thick as the GF-2 and also 1.5 cm higher. Two-third of that extra thickness come from the viewfinder protrusion but looking at a X100 which has a thickness (excluding the lens) of 37 mm, just a few millimetres more than the GF-2, shows that you can create a decent viewfinder without the G3 thickness. And the G3 handgrip might be useful for larger lenses but for small lenses we do very fine without it.

      All we want is the G3 sensor + GF-2 chassis + X-100 electronic viewfinder.

      • unkabin

        That picture shows a G2, not a G3.

      • Anentropic

        That picture is misleading – the two cameras are not aligned – look at the back of the lenses. They have aligned the front of the grip of the G2 with the front of the GF1.

        This picture actually confirms that they are more or less the same size, but the G2 has a grip and an EVF.

        • Mr. Reeee

          +100 That photo is rigged. Misaligned and a pancake vs. a zoom that’s fully extended. Right. Put the SAME lens on both!

        • El Aura

          Well, and to compare body size, you align the bodies not the body+lenses. My point clearly was that the G3 body is significantly thicker than the GF2 body (and higher) and that it is possible to create a much smaller viewfinder as demonstrated by the X100 (with the viewfinder contributing most to the size difference between the G3 and GF2).

          “This picture actually confirms that they are more or less the same size, but the G2 has a grip and an EVF.”
          Sure, and all I and a lot of others have been saying is that what we want is a m43 camera with a viewfinder that (a) does not have such a large grip and (b) has a much smaller viewfinder (ie, something like the X100 viewfinder).

          (I apologize for using a G2, I just googled for a comparison picture of the G3 and GF2 and this came up.)

      • elflord

        If you want a Fuji X100, just get the fuji X100 and stop whining.

        Designing a viewfinder for an interchangeable lens camera is not the same as designing one for a camera with a single prime lens.

        • MikeS

          He doesn’t want an X100, he wants an X100-style body with interchangeable lenses.

          Reading helps. Try it sometime.

          • elflord

            > he wants an X100-style body with interchangeable lenses.

            As I wrote,

            Designing a viewfinder for an interchangeable lens camera is not the same as designing one for a camera with a single prime lens.

            Reading helps. Try it sometime.

            • MikeS

              > If you want a Fuji X100, just get the fuji X100 and stop whining.

              That’s pretty much an instruction to buy an X100.

              He doesn’t want one.

              Reading your own posts also helps.

              • elflord

                I wasn’t “instructing anyone to do anything.

                My point is that a manufacturer can’t orthogonally “combine” features. It’s like trying to “combine”Noktons f/.95 aperture with Panasonic’s f/.95 aperture, or “combine” a 40x superzoom with an m43 sensor.

                The X100 is designed from the bottom up to have a single fixed lens. In particular, when they build the viewfinder, they know what lens it’s going to be used with.

        • dzv

          > Designing a viewfinder for an interchangeable lens camera is not the same as designing one for a camera with a single prime lens.

          Of course it’s different, but what are you implying? That it’s impossible or more complicated to do so in our MILCs? In fact, from what I’ve read about the X100’s viewfinder, it’s supposedly a pretty sophisticated system (a hybrid system). Probably even more difficult to implement than the EVFs in current MILCs.

          • elflord

            I’m just pointing out that you can’t arbitrarily mix and match features.

            There already are mirrorless cameras with viewfinders, so it’s clearly not impossible. More complicated ? It almost certainly would be more complicated, because it has to work well with a range of focal lengths including teles (“work well” doesn’t just imply compatibility, it means the whole package has to be ergonomic)

            • dzv

              > It almost certainly would be more complicated, because it has to work well with a range of focal lengths including teles

              I don’t see how that adds any complication at all. An EVF is nothing more than a small screen displaying a video signal coming from the sensor/processor, and since the video signal is an exact copy of what is already being displayed on the rear LCD, there’s hardly any extra work for the camera to do. The EVF itself doesn’t have to ‘handle a range of focal lengths.’ At least that’s how I see it.

            • dzv

              elflord, after reading some of your other comments about the viewfinder, it occurs to me that perhaps there’s been a misunderstanding about what we’re actually talking about. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you might actually be referring to an optical viewfinder (OVF)? That would indeed be much more complicated, bulky, and downright unpractical to try to implement in our MILCs. But an electronic viewfinder (EVF) should not be at all complicated, nor should it require much space in a camera body. Sony proves this with the EVF in their NEX 7, and that is part of why so many of us are so annoyed that PanOly have yet to do this in an m43 body.

  • Thomas

    Well photorumors says the GX1 hat 12 (!!) MPixel! No word, if its the old sensor or a new one. But 12 MPix, and not the G3 sensor. And the autor is pretty sure about this, because the GX1 was already kind of “announced”, thats why we have such good photos now.

    • Luke

      If the 12MP is true, I got to say eurrrrrrrrrrk panny. The 12MP live MOS maybe a good fast-reading chip when it was born. But wake-up! Now there are tons of competitor on the market. The DR of that 12MP sensor is really really bad. I have my GF2 but the dead-white highlight is driving me away from it.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        Panasonic has fabrication technology to make good sensors, just look at the GH1 & GH2 for video, which has digital output, similar to the Sony for APS-C.

        But also like Canon does with their latest 1DX, analog output from the sensors, but with clever noise suppression techniques, which Panasonic uses with the G3 sensor.

        We know that Olympus is conservative and seems not want to leave the 12 Megapixel plateau for their sensors, so one could speculate that the new volume seller of the Panasonic sensors are using the G3 sensor technology, but implemented at the 12 Megapixel level instead of the originally 16 Megapixel.

        This would result in combining the Olympus FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor) Autofocus with Panasonics low-noise achievements from the G3 sensor, making that combo enough competitive.

        • Luke

          GH2 hacked version gains advantage from high bit-rate output of the video, not necessarily from sensor superiority. The NEX-5n sensor is the heart of Sony’s FS100 and F3. And those two beast are in a total different league.

          From my experience with Panasonic’s AG-AF100 (same sensor as GH2) and Sony’s FS100 camcoder, I’d admit the latter wins the IQ department.

      • Yea, the highlight problem is the worst thing with m43.. If they could just put a good sensor in them with around 12-13 steps of DR.. Then I would have gotten all models in the program.. Why do they refuse to do something good?!

    • dsaf

      G3 is already small enough for street shooting isn’t it? now you’re talking about the look, not the size. why can’t you point a small camera on the street? G3 is no way bigger than NEX-7. having an extra EVF gives even more flexibiliy than making the camera bigger. what you talk about is no longer someone who shoots, but how someone shoots at you.

    • Narretz

      Some weeks ago, most sources assumed it had an EVF, but this turned out to be wrong.
      Release it with the old 12 MP sensor is suicide – simply for marketing. If it’s new, I would assume it gets leaked easier, since it would be a major selling point. Especially after the press release and the leak, this should be imminent.

  • wonderer

    FAKE !!!

    someone is really having fun, glued program-mode wheel and some lame-looking grip to GF2 and here we are…can’t be serious to believe this shots

    totaly fake

    • spam

      And they also, moved the mics, redesigned them, moved the hotshoe a bit back, moved the iA-button, redesigned the front, added a button on the back, changed another and did it consistently on 11 images. It’s just got to be fake.

      • joeblow

        I have to Agree with you on this one..It looks to Fake…Ill wait until Nov 8 to see what is actually announced before I say anything

  • asasino

    This is just how the GF2 should have been, with two years late!

    • Miroslav

      Exactly. Let’s hope it’s 2011 level on the inside…

  • FrankieT

    Meh. Not for me. It also looks desperate. GF1/2 body with an after-thought grip tacked on. They got caught off gaurd. Either the EP3 is selling really well, or the NEXs are selling better than though. But a grip won’t offset the NEX 7 advantages. I’ll stick with my Pens for now.

  • Johnny b

    Pretty amusing to compare the lousy pana sonsors in their strongest discipline, noise battles. Get real even 24 mp sony sensors run circles around anything put in a olympus or panasonic camera

  • Boring is all I can say, Panasonic have lost it. After having the best mirrorless camera out there with the GF1 they have not released anything of interest and unless their sensor has been massively improved it will still not hold up well against APS sensors.

    For me 4/3 has only one thing over the much better designed and looking NEX7 or especially GXR and this is the selection of good and small AF lenses. If you want to use legacy lenses the GXR is the first choice followed by the NEX7.

    Looking at this shows why it was a good decision to sell off almost all my m4/3 gear and only keeping the GF1 for use with the Nokton f0.95 and the 7-14mm zoom.

  • I am really disappointed by the look of this and I do really hope it is a fake. I don’t think it is though. I really don’t want to sell my GF1 and lenses for a Nex-7 but I might just have to!!

    I don’t want to wait indefinitely for Panasonic to produce a genuine contender.

    • spam

      A Nex-7 without lenses wont do you much good though.

  • Dean Clark

    Sad. Panasonic just don’t get it. They have stopped thinking creatively. Panasonic need a change of management in the design department (as do Olympus…). Sony is finally getting back on track (as well as Fuji). The NEX7 is what a lot of serious photographers with a sense of good design want (this cam is what the evolution of the F707 should have been). They need to work on their lens lineup though. Pana still got an edge there. My M43 collection of lenses will still be used occasionally with my GF1 and GH1, but it certainly looks like I will have to buy into the Sony NEX system. Well lets hope for some more fast NEX primes and a well designed Fuji small size interchangable system (pretty sure the view finder will be there).

  • I just thought of something… What if this isn’t the semi-pro level camera everyone’s been hoping for but just another point & shoot toy! Maybe they have a camera in the works that people might actually give a crap about! Well, one could hope. I just hope the big heads down at Panasonic don’t think the difference between a point & shoot and a semi-pro camera is the addition of a grip.

    • MikeS

      Hopefully both Panny and Oly are waiting until Photokina to announce their “Pro” μ4/3 cameras (as Fuji are with their upcoming system). That, however, begs the question of the purpose of the GX1.

  • Marcel

    It took my a couple of days to give my final verdict. It is an ugly camera. I own a L1. That camera has the shape of a brick. A beautiful brick. Yes, I’m biassed. This camera is less bricky. And being less bricky is not always a good thing.

  • DonSantos

    I’m going to wait for the pro gf7 which will obviously be releases with the 12-35mm f2

    • come on pana

      How are you sure a GF is comming???

  • DonSantos

    I’m going to wait for the pro gf7 which will obviously be released with the 12-35mm f2

  • DonSantos

    I’m going to wait for the pro gf7 which will obviously be released with the 12-35mm f2.

  • MJr

    Is that grip removable/replaceable for a less ugly one ? Complete mismatch to the body design.

  • Narretz

    BTW; is this now finally the m43 article with the most comments?

    • andy

      goes to show how many were looking forward to the gx1 and are dissapointed…Wonder if Panasonic realise?

    • bobw

      There are certainly a lot of posts, but to be fair about half of them are basically to the same effect:

      WAAAAAAAHHH! I am SO DISAPPOINTED and FEEL BETRAYED and MY LIFE IS LIKE OVER. Even though I don’t really know anything about PANYSONIC’s manufacturing capabilities/market research/sales figures/anything of relevance, PANACONIC is clearly doing something COMPLETELY WRONG because this camera isn’t what I want! Why doesn’t PANSONIC know ANYTHING about the camera business???!! Why didn’t they listen to ME? MEMEMEME. MEEEEEEEEE! I am PROSUMER/SEMIPRO/ARTIST. SERIOUSLY I AM THE PEOPLE YOU GUYS!!! Sure I don’t know the specs or the price, and am basing my opinion entirely on some heavily distorted pics of the body, but these are MINOR DETAILS – this GX1 is OBVIOUSLY a PIECE OF JUNK/TOY/P&S/POS/CAM FOR ORANGUTANS! Why couldn’t it have been more like the NEX7/D3s/M9P/LEICA S??! Why couldn’t the GRIP have been bigger/smaller/fuchsia/made of edible marshmallow? PANSONIC is CLUELESS. If I ran PANNASONC all other camera makers would be out of business TOMORROW because I would make the PERFECT CAMERA STRAIGHT AWAY for ONLY $99. I am pretty sure that PNASONIC is withholding the PERFECT CAMERA just to spite me. WHY doesn’t PANSAONIC care about me?!? If only PANASONICC would give me the cam I want I would DEFINITELY be the new HCB surrounded by lots of HOT BABES! SERIOUSLY the only thing that is holding me back right now is the GF1’s ANTIQUATED 12MP SENSOR/lack of integrated EVF/lack of integrated NESPRESSO MACHINE. GAH. Why must I work with such SUBSTANDARD tools? Now I know how VAN GOGH must have felt when he CUT OFF HIS OWN EAR. Why does PANNASONIC hate me so much?! Why didn’t my father HUG me when I was a child? GIMME MY CONSUMER GOODS. OMG PAONASONIC is DEFINITELY DEAD NOW and I am DEFINITELY jumping ship to NEX/SAMSUNG/PENTAX Q/LEGO CAM.


      • MikeS

        tl; dr.

        You should use more caps to get your point across, moving forward.

        • bobw

          > tl; dr.

          To quote, er… you, “Reading helps. Try it sometime.”

          In any event, are you sure you didn’t mean tl; dr-bnmtftttr. wh?*

          As to your second “point”, you are absolutely right – if sheer force of repetition will not move PAONSONIC to address our white whine… I mean, LEGITIMATE CONSUMER GRIEVANCES, then the power of CAPSLOCK must be unleashed. iN fACT, pERHAPS aLL oF tHOSE dISSATISFIED wITH tHE gX1 sHOULD vENTILATE tHEIR cONCERNS iN tOGGLE cASE fOR aDDED eMPHASIS. mOVING FORWARD tHAT iS.

          * Too long; didn’t read – but nevertheless managed to find the time to reply. Weird huh?

          • spam


          • MikeS

            The caps made your point pretty obvious, so reading the rest wasn’t necessary.

            Also, if complaining in forums is pointless, what does that say about complaining about people complaining in forums?


            • elflord

              It’s not terribly useful, because the complaints are generally uninformed (in this case none of the complainers have used the product) and amount to lists of features as opposed to a coherent vision and well thought out design for a product. Panasonic and Olympus are already aware of these features. But feature lists don’t make or break a product. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, the Leica M9 lacks what have been held up as “essential” features by the complainers.

        • jeremey

          @ bobw… that was the funniest thing i’ve read in quite a while. Thanks for that.

      • Anonymous

        Best post in the thread. Even more funny were some of the replies, like the one criticizing you for using too many caps.

        I guess some people can’t handle satire.

  • kevin

    as far as body goes I have to say that NEX’s approach beats panasonic hands down. NEX-5N/3C for the ultimate compact-simplicity, NEX-7 for the ones who wants that rangefinder brick. making four lines doesn’t matter. lack of lens selection is its downside but hey, a good sensor matters just as much as a good lens (& a good sensor is MUCH cheaper than a good lens)

  • Matt

    Well, this is all fine, and if the sensor is in fact a new one, on par with the G3 sensor, but with less pixel density, then that’s fantastic. I’m dying for better low light and DR from Panasonic’s cameras. But WHY does the grip need to be so damn ugly!? The grip is the worst looking part of the EP3, and they choose to mimic that? It looks like it is glued on as an afterthought. No one really criticized the GF1 or even GF2 grip, I don’t know why they needed to make something that is bulkier and protrudes off the side of the body.

    Glad to see they’ve ditched the short height of the GF3, and to a lesser extent GF2. I don’t see the point of making a body shorter than the lens barrel. It just looks plain weird, is unbalanced, makes the lenses look huge (which is exactly the opposite of what we want), and I don’t see what it accomplishes. Keep the height greater than the lens mount diameter, and make the body thinner instead. Or put a bigger battery in :)

    But anyway, looks good, I just pray that grip is removable.

    And yes I’m the market for a rangefinder-esque mirrorless camera.

  • Young

    I just wish the remote port would return, so that I can shoot some timelapses! Now I have to take my obsolete cameras (GF1 and G2) to my video trips because they have remote ports.

  • JMF

    This is how GF2 should looked like…not GX1

    • lnqe-M

      Maybe GX1 is a rank up over GF line to Panasonic

  • Fish

    I realize that I am a geek for actually counting, but there are well over 100 characters of text on this camera/lens combo… not counting the legitimate labels on the dials and control buttons (because you would expect those to be labeled) and not counting the lens cap (because you can remove that at least).

    This makes my E-PL2 look positively stately and tasteful by comparison.

    “GX1 – the Nascar of cameras”

    Any chance they will offer a version that has the features and advertising written in the manual instead of on the body?

    • Fish

      Here is what I am talking about. As you see, I am not counting the button descriptions or printed lens focal lengths and apertures or the printed filter diameter.

      Markings on the “GX1 Nascar”:

      Nano Surface Coating
      Lumix G
      Power O.I.S.
      Power Zoom
      Full HD
      L (Leica symbol)

      • Steve

        L (Leica Symbol) = wrong

        “L” is for “Lumix”

        • andy

          nah’ “L” is for looser :)

        • Zune

          Right :-D

  • Jon junk

    Consumer junk

  • CW


  • dj

    CW: ugly eh?—have you seen the Nex3 or the pentax or the Nikon lately?–compared to them this is miss universe!

  • Rongopony

    No built in viewfinder??? Epic fail!

    • dj

      Rongopony: epic fail: i think not. the Sony nex3 and 5 and the all the oly cameras dont have built VF…and they all sell well

  • You mean it has taken them all this time playing with what they imagine the consumer wants and they still have an external viewfinder on this GF1 update – sad! How is it that Sony can get a remarkable EVF in their NEX-7 and Panasonic can’t? This is just return to the proper serious GF line with tweaked sensor and screen resolution – what a shame. I wonder why we have Sony with the bodies and Panasonic with the lens and never my perfect camera!! :0)

  • Pingback: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 Erste Bilder? [Hörensagen]d-pixx | d-pixx()

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