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(FT5) GX1 will cost around 600 Euro body only, 999 Euro with 14-42mm X lens.


And here are the next “rumors” about the Panasonic GX1. We have been told by tops sources that the camera body will officially be priced at 600 Euro. That’s 200 Euro more than the price of the current Panasonic GF3 and 50 Euro more than the Sony NEX-5n. But it’s likely that the street price will be a little less than 600 Euro. The GX1 + 14-42mm X lens kit will be priced at 999 Euro. The lens alone costs around 430 Euro and getting the kit would save you 30 Euro. Not that much.

Your thoughts about the price:

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Be sure to be here on on November 8! I will follow the announcement live and give you all updates you need. And don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook (new fanpage!).

Links to the new X lenses:
Panasonic 14-42mm X lens Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Panasonic 45-175mm X lens Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Duarte Bruno

    : There is a “with kit lens” which takes sense away from the sentence in the title.
    Oh wait, the kit lens is the 14-42… then you should mention it, it’s a bit confusing, even though I’m sleep deprived it’s still confusing!

  • G3 seems to be more bang for the buck….

    • kesztió

      Veritable photographers always use rangefinder-style bodies => G3 is not for veritable photographers. :P

      • Mr. Reeee

        A rangefinder has a viewfinder.
        The GX1 is basically a point and shoot.

        • Bob B.

          Not so…most point and shoot cameras (other than high-end ones like the LX-5) do not accept thru-the-lens viewfinders. The GX1 will most assuredly accept and auxiliary viewfinder, (note, I am not a fan of the GX1…but fair is fair).

          • Mr. Reeee

            Just to counter the hairsplitting… ;-)
            A true rangefinder has a BUILT-IN viewfinder. (I owned two before getting an SLR.)

            Some more exotic rangefinders had a work-around for interchangeable lenses where an auxiliary viewfinder tuned to the specific lens could be used. Voigtländer even sells an add-on viewfinder that zooms to different focal lengths.

            Still, a camera lacking a built-in viewfinder is basically a point and shoot.

            • > A true rangefinder has a BUILT-IN viewfinder.

              … and no AF. AND you had to rewind the film manually.

              > Still, a camera lacking a built-in viewfinder is basically a point and shoot.

              What about the P&S equipped VF?

              > Just to counter the hairsplitting…

              Well, I’m not sure it went too well ;)

              P.S. Yeah, I’m too not interested in camera w/o a decent built-in VF. But if I were on market for a new camera, G3 probably would have been my first pick. I do not care about external design as long as the camera handles well. (And this is were Panny has little credibility in my eyes. But I heard that G3 has actually usable controls and handles better than previous Pannys.)

              • MikeS

                Just wish the G3 had more external controls and eye-detection for the VF (like the G2/GH2 etc). Otherwise, it seems pretty solid.

                • Yeah, that was kind of WTF? omissions in G3 on the Panasonic’s part.

                  That is what I actually as the problem with the high profile manufacturers: they always try to split market in parts. They are afraid of competing with themselves, ending up with product line filled with holes, aggravating customers and giving competition more chances. That wouldn’t have been much of a problem if switching camera system wasn’t that pricy…

                  • Mr. Reeee

                    I’m happy with my GH2!

              • jeff

                You do realise that some rangefinders didn’t have a built in viewfinder don’t you. Check out Leica and Voigtlander for some examples.

            • Jim

              just to split hairs again… An LCD is a view finder… you find your view with it… all be it not looking down a bog roll!

              • nerk

                Absolutely! I think all this beard-stroking condescension about ‘real’ cameras having a traditional peep-hole VF and anything else being ‘point and shoot’ shows more about those commenters’ narrow-mindedness than anything else. It’s a preference, and nothing more. Nothing wrong with composing photos using an LCD screen. Where we do agree is that it seems like a pretty easy thing to incorporate an EVF for the (very vocal) folks who see one as indispensable. I can’t see why it should materially increase the size or cost of the body. As other posters have noted, it’s probably just the usual market segmentation games the manufacturers all play.

            • Bob B.

              Well its ok for people to disagree ..I just think the GX1 is not a point and shoot if you can add an electronic viewfinder. I know what a rangefinder is ..I had a whole Contax G2 kit. The camera we all want isn’t actually a true rangefinder camera, anyway… It is a rangefinder-like camera as the viewfinder would actually be an electronic viewfinder (as far as I know it would not be possible to make a viewfinder that is both a true rangefinder AND an electronic viewfinder like the Fuji X100 because that is technically impossible with and interchangeable lens camera.
              Again, I am not a fan of this GX camera..but if it will take on a decent (new higher resolution) viewfinder as an accessory it puts the camera heads above a Point and Shoot. I would NEVER have bought my GF1 if it did not have the ability to add the LVF1. I cannot work off of an LCD screen. When I am shooting …I need the camera at my eye and that way I can truly interact with what I am shooting in a fluid way and become one with what is in front of me.. I just don’t get the whole monkeying an LCD around …I feel completely disconnected orone-step-removed from being a photographer. …but hey..different strokes for different folks.

              • RW

                I agree with what you are saying here, but I don’t agree that it would be impossible to have a hybrid viewfinder that could accept interchangeable lenses – just expensive.

                Once a camera manufacturer accepts that this is something that they want to bring to market, it is just an engineering problem that might have any number of technical solutions. Can it be done cheaply? Probably not – but the camera buying public is not all looking for the cheapest possible solution – a lot of enthusiasts will buy the camera that they want even if it is more expensive.

                I’ll bet that if the *perfect* m43 camera body was announced tomorrow, a lot of the readers here would find a way to afford it – even if it were 100% more expensive than the garden variety bodies.

                • Chez Wimpy

                  >Can it be done cheaply? Probably not – but the camera buying public is not all looking for the cheapest possible solution

                  Until now the only cameras with “zooming” viewfinders have had severe tunnel vision, and questionable framing. RF’s have had large optical viewfinders, parallax at close distances, and “frame lines” for the sake of reduced complexity – even Leica forces you to use external viewfinders to frame outside the norm.

                  Embarking down the optical path to create a 7-300mm workable hybrid viewfinder at this point is akin to Ford investing in R&D for a new style of horse and buggy reins… in 1950. Fixed viewfinder ok… but what you have in mind is steam-punk folly on a multi-million dollar budget.

                  • RW

                    @Chez Wimpy

                    Don’t assume “what I have in mind”. Nobody ever said anything about a 7-300 hybrid viewfinder except you.

                    I’m suggesting that there may be technical solutions to this problem that are not based on what has gone before if a manufacturer has the will to pursue them. Are you an optical/mechanical engineer that has explored this challenge in depth, and come to an informed opinion?

                    Its patronizing to diminish my post by saying things like “what you have in mind is steam-punk folly on a million dollar budget”.

                    Its like me suggesting that what you are saying is: “anything that hasn’t been done successfully in the past is impossible”.

                    • I completely agree! Camera design is about making compromises.

                      Having an RF style finder that covers 28-90mm equivalent (14-45 on MFT) would probably cover 90% of situations where you would want an optical finder anyway. Below 28mm a RF-type finder becomes increasingly problematic for most types of photo, simply because it is hard to hold the camera straight. And above 90mm focusing is really hard, so you want to use a live anyway.

                      Asking for a finder that covers more is throwing out the baby with the bath water. Leica M had 28-90 as a workable compromise for decades. It is proven. It works, for taking actual pictures. *And* MFT has a display for the remaining situtations.

                  • mas

                    Are you lot sure this is not just a prototype? Or a wind up?

      • CarolStee

        The GX1 doesn’t have a rangefinder; all it has is an LCD screen to focus held at a shaky arm’s length. The G3 has a LCD and an EVF. An EVF is for more serious photography because the camera is held next to the eye to frame a composition precisely and reduce vibration.

        • Karovan

          All those years I wasted in the 70s & 80s making a living (sort of!) in studio photography looking down on a Hasselblad focusing screen and I never realized I had to hold the camera to my eye to be a serious photographer!!!

    • mpgxsvcd

      Too High. Next!

  • 400 Euros for a kit lens?? Seems pricey to me…

    • Anonymous

      All Panasonic “Kit” lenses are pricey (14-140 costs here around 700€). They are also much better than the 50$ kit lenses you find with Canon and Nikon DSLRs

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Mechanical construction of this lens is no doubt more complex than in usual kit lenses.

  • Your headline is strange: GX1 with kit lens will cost around 600 Euro body only.

    Remove “with kit lens” ;)

  • Steve

    Better get a g3. A much better bang for the buck: built in viewfinder, tilt screen, Same RAW image quality.

  • ypocaramel

    The body price is okay, the lens and lens kit is a little pricey. That coating inside the X lens had better be pretty decent!

  • Guest

    I hope they release it with the 20mm f1.7 as an option. I’d buy that for sure!

  • Catalin

    Does this mean it will ship for at least $1300 with lens ? Or it will cost $999 in the US and EUR999 in Europe ?

    In either case, I will simply buy the Sony NEX-5n when it will be shipping without the video sound clicking…bye bye Panasonic with your outrageous prices at lower quality than others.

    • bright wide angle

      /edit/ this is reply to come on pana

      It is new 14-42X zoom , not new X pancake fixed lens.

      Admin, any news on new EVF pricing, does it work with GF1, any news on new roadmap/concept lenses?


      • This is the key question for me. Keep the GF-1 owners happy with a decent EVF while waiting for the 3rd generation GF-1

      • come on pana

        to bright and wide:go see to the translated page they say 20mm will come in x lense admin can you confirm ?

    • Anonymous

      You haven’t even seen the quality yet of the new GX1 and the new pancake zoom. How can you put a remark like that.

    • Bob B.

      My Yahoo Euro converter says $1399 in the USA.

  • Panasonic always has had some steep launch prices. The kit with the GF-1 and zoom was about 800 Euros at launch, and with the more expensive 20/1.7 it was about 950 Euros. So if you consider the X lens a bit more expensive than the previous kit lens, in the ball park of the 20/1.7, it comes down to more or less the same price as the GF-1. Of course the market has moved down a bit in the meantime, but this does not scare me. Prices will probably come down 200 Euros within half a year or so.

    • Frederic Hew

      If I recall correctly I bought the GF-1 and 20mm combo for 800 Euros in December 2009. It was priced 700 Euros with the 14-45 zoom

      In fact… I’m not sure, but the prices you mention seem too steep.

      • Philip

        I bought my Gf1/20mm for €600 incl 25% VAT. So if I could get the Gfx/14-42x for that I’d go for it. Still hoping for a version with built in EVF though.


        Shows the price history, with the price of about 950 in September 2009 (probably still preorder price?). Prices went down fast. That’s more or less what I said, prices at announcement are very high, and they fall quickly.

  • I don’t see how this camera can compete with the E-P3 on these specs and this price.

    They should have put a variable aspect ratio sensor in the GX1 and it would have been unique and add something that sets it apart from the PENs. Like this, the PENs are more attractive.

    • mahler

      The feature set and specs are probably similar as the EP-3, but the control layout of the GX1 is way better. Add to that the better kit zoom, why should the GX1 not be able to compete against the EP-3? Their price will be about the same.

      • Miroslav

        Don’t see much difference between the two in button layout. Which layout you prefer is subjective IMO. But with E-P3 having IBIS, one control wheel more and exchangeable grips it seems to me a better deal.

        Besides, I guess Oly kit zoom is much less optically compromised, so I think the only thing in favor of GX1 over E-P3 is smaller size of body and kit lens.

        • mahler

          Control layout is not only subjective. The GX1 has often used functions (AE-Lock, MF/AF) as dedicated buttons, and no double functional controls, such as the EP-3 multicontroller, which is simply to flimy for comfortable use (and this is testified my most reviewers).

        • Brod1er

          Wait for full reviews of the X lens…. The clubsnap results looked pretty good especially in the corners where a lens like this could be expected to be weak. I am much more interested in this lens than the GX1 (I agree the EP3 may have the edge). Let’s wait for the reviews.

          • Miroslav

            Laws of physics are against 14-42mm X or everybody else would be making pancake zooms. But if it turns out to be on par with other couple of times larger lenses, I’ll be the first to congratulate them.

      • Mr. Reeee

        We don’t know what the actual specs are at this point. There are doubts about which sensor is being used, etc.. There are too many variables and too much conjecture at play to make a real judgement. As more info trickles out, when we see actual images produced by a GX1 AND when I get a chance to actually handle one… that’s when I’ll be able to make an informed judgement.

        Still, the price seems awfully high, given what it seems to be.

        • Bob B.


        • > Still, the price seems awfully high, given what it seems to be.

          NEX-5N is 600€. And judging just by looks, NEX-5N is much much less than the GX1. :-p

    • safaridon

      ” don’t see how this camera can compete with the EP3″ – Really? My opinion it may be the other way around.

      As another poster has noted the body only GX1 is 150 Euros cheaper than EP3 price in Europe and only 50 Euros more than the NEX5N. Probably the price is very close to EP3 with revolutionary smaller and better Xlens. The good news is sounds like it may be available body only from the start so one can combine with any lens or existing lens they want. Not surprising to see the markup for the Xlens model as otherwise this lens would soon be in short supply. Looks like some are already getting the GF3X just to get that lens!

      Everyone seems to have forgotten the FT5 part of the rumors that said the GX1 has the best IQ properties of any m4/3 product to date ie the improvements made to the sensor/processor. Only time will tell.

      The EP3 does have a higher resolution OLED LCD screen but I would take the solid metal GX1 body build, better high ISO, and less problematic image stabilization, less hunting AF in bad light, and extra tele ETC and higher resolution EVF (assuming that the Oly EVF3 has replaced the EVF2 one?)of the GX1. The EP3 to me seems more like a glorified EPL2 with EP2 skin? However I will probably stick with my GF1 + 20mm till the next GX model with EVF comes or untill the prices come down.

  • brudney

    omg, that’s not even funny :) 1000 euro for that? LOL

    • Luke

      +1. It appears to me to be LESS of a camera than the G3. Not sure why it costs more. Can ANYONE explain that to me? Seriously.

  • As long as the kit has a special, unique selling feature, the very compact zoom lens, I think it makes sense to sell it at a premium price initially. I think the price will come down quite soon after the launch.

  • Scarka

    What the deadly price!?
    bay bay m4/3?

  • spong

    As mentioned above, Panasonic have a record of launching cameras with a high price and then letting them descend to more affordable levels within 12 months or so. My initial feeling is that the starting price for the GX1 is excessively high and the Sony NEX-5n will look a much better deal for many people, so Panasonic will lose many potential customers until the price drops. The GX1 can only justify a high price if it really stands out as an excellent camera. However, we don’t have a clue yet about the image quality it can produce. Looking forward to seeing some photo and video examples.

    • lorenzino

      Well, my (potential) Sony Nex7 or, alternatively, my Sony Nex5n are, at the moment, under 5 meters of water, in Thailand. Panasonic should thank God for this. Here in Tokyo there are plenty of Panasonic cameras around, and a shortage of Sony’s. Add to this that Olympus cameras sold here do not have an English menu, and you see why so many non-Japanese people who are buying this kind of cameras in Japan (hint: many) have only Panasonic as a serious choice, at the moment…

      • Kusuke

        I think you got it mixed up…The E-p3 I played with yesterday at Yamada had an English language option. None of the Panasonics do (until hacked; GH1/2, GF1, G2). The current Sony models have only Japanese as well…

  • Matsuoka

    good bye m43

    • Brod1er

      Really helpful comment. Thanks for joining in.

    • Anonymous

      Farewell Matsouka! You will be missed by the whole m43 community! We shall commemorate you..

  • Donax

    Not sexy..Only G3 in GF1body

  • katy

    Admin, can you confirm if the sensor in GX1 will be 16mp or as said elsewhere it will be an 12mp one?

    Strange these conflicting specs!

  • Msrp should have been 900 euro for the kit. The body only is an ok price though if I were Panny, I would cut into my margin a little in order to get more of these on to the market.

  • fa

    no thank you.. i will wait for Fuji.

  • Amanda

    I like the GX1 and X-lens!, price is ok

  • Price doesn’t matter much: since the camera is going to hit the shelves later than scheduled, as usual with Panasonic, you’ll have plenty of time to save money for it.
    (Still, I find 600 euros for the body-only price ridiculously high.)

  • Alexander

    I guess the people are angry with Panasonic & not about the price…

    • Elf

      seems a general, and to me irrational amount of angst about this camera that we have yet to know much about. This site is becoming more and more unpleasant.
      I think the body only price appeals to me as an upgrader I don’t need or want the power zoom. And the price will as pointed out by others come down.

  • Yun

    Where is the 25mm F1.4 ?
    I prefer to wait for IQ review before going for it .
    Best G series image quality up to date , I remenber that words . Let’s wait & see .

  • Ive been waiting for m43 to make something worth buying for several years.. But no no.. Hello Sony Nex 5n!

    • Gianluca

      I really love this kind of post….you are so funny!!! goodbye troll…;)

  • Bob B.

    Ha..Ha…Ha…pardon me for laughing, but the prices are ridiculous for basically a rework of existing cameras.
    I would pay that price or much higher for a version of the camera we have all been asking for (a GF1 sucessor), but not this camera. Again..I do not see why Panasonic is even making this camera. It’s kind of funny.
    I know all the specs are not in on this camera, but from what I can see you would be getting more bang for the buck if you bought the GH2.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yeah, no kidding. Panasonic is pulling an Olympus with this one…
      or so it appears.
      Incrementalism lives in M4/3-land. ;-)

      • Miroslav


        Incrementalism is not bad if it is done in the right way – see NEX-5 => NEX-5N. But if the only difference compared to previous model is accessory port, higher res screen, higher max ISO, grip* or a button moved somewhere else, then it makes little sense.

        The bar has been raised significantly by Sony and Nikon over the last 16 months and Panasonic HAS to pack some serious software improvements in a body like that in order to justify charging 1000 euros.

        *an E-PL3 with proper grip would be a killer camera

        • Bob B.

          Again…our discussion is based on a conversation without knowing all the facts…but we do have a pretty good understanding as to what the camera is about. We will know for sure in one week.

          • Miroslav

            I was mostly referring to differences between E-P1 and E-P2 / E-PL1 and E-PL2 if Panasonic indeed “pulled an Olympus with this one”. They have to include some of the new things others introduced for the amount of money they’re asking. And frankly, I doubt they will if their P&S strategy is an indicator – for example responding with a camera with GPS to Sony’s model with panorama (?!).

            • Bob B.

              Well…we still don’t know All the facts….but it ain’t lookin good! :-)

  • D

    Seems like a lot for the X lens. The non X 14-42mm seems like a much better deal.

    As for the body, looks like I’ll be sticking to my GF1 and GH1 a little longer. The G3 and even the GF3 are more attractive to me than the GX.

    • Brod1er

      Same here except I have the GF3 instead of GF1. Waiting for the GH3 which I think could be a game changer…maybe. I don’t think there is any sense paying so much for the incremental improvements of the GX if you already own one of the GFs (or an EP). I might have been tempted if I didn’t have the GF3.

      • D

        It’s pretty crazy how much 1st and 2nd gen M4/3 cameras sell for second hand. And I can’t imagine the sensor being so much better to justify the extra cost of something like this. I’m happy with the sensor performance as it is but what about some cool new features? They have to give us something that’ll make us really want to upgrade.

      • Bob B.

        Brod1er….I am not tempted and I have a GF1. ..ever since I bought it I have one simple question to Panasonic:
        Where’s the beef?

  • i dont understand how it can cost soo much more than the G3!!! i mean, its the same sensor and plus the TOOK AWAY the EFV and articulating screen!!! (G3= 450 euro)…. vs 600 euros??? no.

    it should at the most be the same. at MOST.

    you have got to be kidding me. stick with the G3 kids.

    • ggweci


    • Yep, getting one in a week…

    • Luke

      Add me for +100000.
      I never upgraded to the G3 because I was waiting for a sexy upgrade to the gf1. If this is it (and I firmly believe it’s ugly), I’ll go for the homely G3 and save some money AND get a viewfinder and tilty screen!

      • How much is the GH2 in Europe?

        The brighter EVF stood as the biggest difference maker to me. The sum of it all made the extra $400 worth the consideration, even if I am not that much into video.
        I can understand why one would save and buy the G3 instead. But I do not regret having bought the GH2.

  • Bimbo

    Host you should put out an option for “[ ] I’ll wait till I see the image quality.”

  • bilgy_no1

    €600 for body only seems OK: That would imply €699 including the standard kit lens, which is the same price as the NEX-5N. It is €150 less than the E-P3 with kit zoom.

    So, the question is: will it also ship with the kitzoom? €999 seems very expensive for a combi with a standard range kitzoom. Even if that kitzoom is of outstanding quality, it lacks the brightness for which I’d pay a premium.

    In this light, the G3 seems like an even more attractive option.

  • Stravinsky

    I think now that there must be a big upgrade body from panasonic coming in January.
    It could be that panasonic lost a lot of manufacture facilities after the fukushima disaster and they are relocating? In the meantime, the are hitting us with this smoke screen to keep us interested? We never know what happened that made this company move backwards… by the same token, making a DMC-L1 look alike seems like a backwards move in the eyes of panasonic, as much as some of us may want one

  • Nick

    Without tilt/swivel screen and evf this price is a JOKE.

  • QuantM


    Dear Admin,

    would it be possible to organize a poll where you ask 43rumors audience lines 1) whether they want to have articulated screen on the GX (and GF) lines; 2) whether they are ready to pay few dozens more € for this feature.

    A short comment to 2) it would be cool if Panasonic used the same strategy as Dell: to give customers some choice withing each line.
    For example to offer GX/GF cameras in two variants – with and without articulated screens.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Martin

      No poll needed, the answer is clear: Give us articulated screen free of charge!
      You’re welcome! ;-)

  • EASY

    The price seems to be too high, even considering only Panasonic offering.
    I am not too interested in kit X lens, please more pancakes and primes.
    I will keep on using GF2, until the price will drop to acceptable level.
    I cannot imagine that it will stay high for too long with the competition around.
    Panasonic after leading mirrorless pack for 3 years likes to be behind.
    No more choices than to wait for next camera…

    • QuantM

      “Give us articulated screen free of charge!”

      I do see that with articulated screen it will sell much better. This extra profits will certainly cover ~20$ expenses in production.
      But even without it I’d be glad to pay within ~50$ extra for the art-d screen – and I am sure the majority would too.

  • The price is fine. This will compare with the NEX7 and most likely have lower noise and without doubt better video IF the chip is based on the GH2.

    Then again no matter what Panasonic can’t please everybody and there are those that like to talk more about gear and complain about the shortcomings of a camera rather then admitting the shortcomings of their photographic skills.

    • Forbes

      I readily admit my shortcomings in photography skills, that’s the whole reason for me to look for a ‘take everywhere’ camera. So I can practice more. I still like it to be a camera that suits my taste and which I enjoy using.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’m a bit of a gearhead and love tools of all sorts.
        I found that I was happier working when I had tools that I liked and have always been willing to search for and buy something special… whether I was drawing, carving wood or stone, doing carpentry, ice or rock climbing, riding one of my bicycles, cooking utensils, audio equipment, all my Macs OR my cameras.

        I had gotten a pile of hand-me-down photo gear over the years, but never really liked any of it. One day, I took everything… 2 cameras and 4 or 5 lenses… traded them in and bought a camera and 2 lenses I wanted. It made a difference in how I felt about it. Did it make me any better? I think maybe a little, but it sure felt better.

        • Elf

          You should have got their monogramed hat and shiny silk jacket. That would have made you a master…..Why only go half way.

          • Forbes

            You can mock, but I love using my 7D much more than I ever did my D80. I found both the D300 and 7D to be much more fun to use as the build quality was so much better than the plastic of the D80. Is that so strange?

            • I can understand.

              I once handled a Leica M8 with a 2/50. Did not even get to use it, let alont to turn it on. Just there at a store. It felt so solid, smooth, accurate no none-sense. There is a feeling to it.

              Then for a while, my (back then) G1 felt so crappy.

              Bottom line to what Mr. Reese, you and I are saying : beyond specs and performance, build quality is an intangible that comes with a price.

              • Forbes

                Indeed. I’m now starting to lean towards the X100. I would have liked to have a body with both 35 and 50mm equivalent lenses, but the optical viewfinder, the controls and the build of the X100 will make up for the loss of the 50mm perspective. If the price drops a bit more between now and Februari, I might not wait until Fuji shows its interchangeable lens camera.

        • Bill oriani

          I did almost the same thing….sold my heavy four thirds gear and got a GH2 and a Nikon D7000 as an after thought. I prefer the smaller camera and will eventually trade my D7000 for a pocketable micro four thirds camera… But this new tx is not it by a long shot.

        • MikeS


          While a good photographer/workman/etc should never blame the tools for any shortcomings in skill, he/she should recognize when a tool is more accommodating to a particular shooting style, which varies from person to person. All of us could just as easily be told to just be satisfied with DSLRs.


          It’s never as fun to use hand-me-downs.


          Why only go half way when you can be a complete asshole?

    • QuantM

      Without articulated screens a camera is not a camera – “das ist eine Unterkamera :)”

      Keine Unterkameras!

  • Maley

    Is the 14-42 X zoom the only Kitoption ? What about the standard 14-42 or maybe the 25 1.4 or 20 1.7 or the 14 2.5?

  • safaridon

    Reportedly the GX1 body only will cost about 600 Euros while the NEX7 goes for 1200 Euros (?) at introduction and people are complaining it is way to high even if only half the price of NEX7 body and just 50 Euros higher than the NEX5N.

    The expectations on this forum are way too high, we want the moon on what the camera has ie inbody EVF, etc. etc. and still be priced below $500? Yes the G3 by comparison of its features may represent better value at this stage but many want small compact packable size, style with a metal body. Sure entry DSLRs are cheap but many will pay more for midrange DSLRs with stronger magnesium bodies and better specs.

    I expect if and rather when Pany delivers on the real rangefinder ala small L1 rangefinder with EVF that many on this forum will still be complaining about the price which certainly will be higher. I predict Pany will also do very well with the GX1 model and Xlens in the meantime and then will reduce its price which they can afford to do as is essentially the GF1 body with improvements to sensor IQ and EVF, when the GF7 or GX1 arrives on the scene.

    • Forbes

      Well the NEX7 is a whole different camera, the GX1 goes up against the NEX5 and EP3. I’m looking forward to seeing a head-to-head with the GX1 and X lens, and the EP3 with its kit lens. In terms of price the two will be pretty close.

    • dj

      safaridon: WELL SAID!!!

      I think the price seems normal for me. –i think there is too many spoiled children that whine and complain. Panasonic will be releasing their pro zooms soon and ill go over to the Sony forum and see them all complain

  • jekechoo

    definitely a suicide plan for panasonic. X lens? what so special? don’t ever compare X with L. both are from different level. with that price. I rather go for canon L lens!

    • With that price, you will never get a Canon L

  • Narretz

    Gosh, I love how every new rumor results in a regular hatefest in the comments.

    • Forbes

      What did you expect? Panasonic did not provide the expected full frame, built-in EVF, bulletproof, kick ass, sub-$500 camera.

    • Miroslav

      We haven’t had any new m4/3 camera lately. Which one was announced last? E-P3/PL3/PM1 ? And since then the competition has come out with NEX-7, NEX-5n, V1 and J1, all of which have something m4/3 should have. That’s why there are so many comments about GX1 here.

      • lorenzino

        I am just curious: what feature future Panasonic m43 cameras should borrow from the V1 and K1? The sensor? The compactness?
        In all honesty, I can understand the comparison with the two new Nex cameras (which, in my opinion, are better), but not really with the Nikons…

        • Voldenuit

          On-sensor PDAF.

          • avds

            PDAF for MFT? What’s the use? The lenses are designed for CFAF already. It ain’t Nikon to need legacy compatibility due to poor native lens lineup.

            • Voldenuit

              For tracking moving subjects and focusing mid-video without cross-focusing.

            • EASY

              What about 4/3 lenses?
              They do not focus very well.

              • avds

                True. But unless Olympus makes a good deal with Panasonic for hardware support of the legacy glass (mostly produced by Olympus), Panasonic has no business case for this. Even Panasonic’s software support for 4/3 lenses is lackluster. Meanwhile, the selection of native lenses that are much better suited to MFT bodies, already almost exceeds expectations. The fate of 4/3 still depends on Olympus.

        • Miroslav

          Electronic shutter => 1/4000 flash sync + 60 fps burst and PDAF on sensor for full speed AF with 4/3 lenses.

          • avds

            You must be owning a lot of Panasonic’s original 4/3 lenses to demand this seemingly minor but expensive feature.

            • Miroslav

              There’s absolutely no need for Panasonic and Olympus to rework 4/3 long tele lenses for m4/3. They won’t get any smaller. That’s why PDAF for m4/3 on sensor or via adapter is needed. Besides, if they show the people who invested money in 4/3 lenses they can use them without restrictions on m4/3, we who bought into m4/3 do not have to fear we’ll be abandoned one day.

      • ArKersaint


      • dj

        Miroslav: ” We haven’t had any new m4/3 camera lately” hmm what are talking about??? We got the the 3 Olympus cameras this year and the Panasonic G3 as well. We also got the 25f1.4, 45f1.8 and 12mm f2 also new X zooms. I guess you expect a new camera every other week or something. – So M4/3 is on firm ground: if I was a Sony or Nikon user id be jealous of the M4/3 lenses and all the body choices.

        • Miroslav

          3 Oly cameras + 2 Pana cameras in 1 month period. And then nothing for 5 months. That’s some way to always be in the headlines…

        • Miroslav

          I agree on lenses, that’s why I’m in m4/3. But that’s not the topic here. It’s time to work on camera features at the moment.

      • avds

        5 out 6 of the current MFT bodies were ANNOUNCED less than 6 months ago. They’re as fresh as it gets. In fact, MFT bodies lifecycles are ridiculously small, which hurts their resale value. 17 models in just 3 full years.

        • Boooo!

          Okay, 6 bodies – but how many cameras? Move a button here, move a button there, have a tilty screen on this one, but not on the other… Same camera, different packaging.

          Just wait for E-P4 or E-P5 in several months. It will be exactly the same as the E-P3, but with a tilt screen. Then the E-P6 will add swivel to it, while again being the exact same thing with the same old sensor.

          Overall, we’ve had three m4/3 cameras:

          1) The E-P(L) series
          2) The GH series
          3) The G(F) series

          And none of them were/are “complete”. Be it poor control layout, no EVF, issues with video, the flash/EVF dilemma or something else, like no focus peaking, doesn’t matter – for all intents and purposes, m4/3 still hasn’t produced a “good” camera after so many years and it still doesn’t have a proper lens lineup.

          • RW

            I dunno that I agree with that. The GH2 is very close to a complete solution and the lens lineup is significantly more well rounded and mature than it was even a year ago.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              GH2’s ergonomy looses even to lowest end 4/3 bodies like E-420 and controls are also lacking.
              So calling it as complete solution is same as calling Canon 600D as pro camera.

              And lens lineup has very little to celebrate in segment of quality optics with most of the claimed high quality lenses having half assed optics and relying on to software corrections for covering some deficiencies which would shame even Sigma and Tamron.
              Getting lens lineup to cover also high quality segment would basically require proper ergonomy body with in sensor PDAF for full compatibility with 4/3 lenses.

              • RW

                Well, I can understand how current 4/3 owners would hope to be able to get full compatibility with their existing lenses, but that is hardly the only path to a “complete” solution.

                I don’t own a GH2 myself, so can’t really comment on its ergonomics – but I haven’t heard a lot of complaints from GH2 owners on this forum.

                GH2 owners? What do you think?

            • Boooo!

              I though the GH2 was great until I tried using it. Ugh. It has basically all the controls in the wrong place, and it’s hard to hold (although still easier than all the E-P(L) and the G(F) models, due to actually having a little bit of size and weight).

              As for the lenses – there are four Panoly wide-normal primes worth using, and no zooms or telephoto lenses whatsoever.

              m4/3 is eons away from being a serious system. It’s okay as a casual “I’m too lazy to carry my DSLR around” half-system, but that’s it.

              If a camera the size, bulk and weight of an E-5 (with lenses to match) doesn’t materialize in m4/3 form, the system has no real future. It has a couple of nice toys for now, but it’s going to get destroyed by Fuji catering to the rangefinder crowd, and Sony having an actual system with real plans for it.

              • Perty

                Couldn’t disagree more. Ergomics kick NEX 5n to the curb, did you know 5n relys on a touch screen? The NEX 7 looks more hopeful but then you have to deal with the ergonomics of NEX lenses.

                • Boooo!

                  I wasn’t talking about the NEX cameras, but the SLT ones, which do, in fact, create a good mirrorless system. Sony will likely also be the first with a mirrorless full-frame system. They made their transition well, haven’t obsoleted their lenses, and they are going to capitalize on the development, while Panolympus produces cute little thingies that sell only because they are more affordable than the Fuji offering(s) :D

                  I used the NEX-7 and it sucks (although the viewfinder and focus peaking are great). No difference, sucking-wise, to m4/3 cameras – they’re all just small snapshot toys that just happen to have more shallow depth of field than compact cameras.

                • andy

                  Nex does NOT rely on touch screen! you can switch it off…if your gonna slag something off get your facts right.

              • Hamish

                So m43 needs a camera the size, bulk and weight of an E-5 and bulky lenses to match if the system is to have a real future? Personally I would rather have the advantages of a DX SLR system if I were carrying all that.
                To me the advantages of m43 are small, unobtrusive, quiet cameras, compact primes, a sort of AF Digital Leica CL, Minolta CLE, Contax G equivalent but with the advantages of smaller format. There is also, importantly, the mass market side to the format, but we’re seeing there can be both areas existing side by side. M43 may not be a complete system yet, but it will be a few years before there is a mirrorless SYSTEM to better it.

          • avds

            If the GH2 is not good for you, then you probably won’t be well served by MFT at all.

          • Voldenuit

            I agree with you on most points except the lenses. m43 has one of the more attractive lens lineups around.

            Fast normal prime? Check: 20/1.7, 25/0.95, 25/1.4

            Fast portrait lens? Check. 45/1.8

            Fast wide angle? Check. 12/2, 12/1.6, 14/2.5

            1:1 macro lens? Check. 45/2.8

            Constant aperture wideangle zoom? Check. 7-14/4

            The only real lenses it is missing are a fast short zoom and a fast telephoto zoom. Both of which are rumored to come out, but in the grand scheme of things don’t fit the philosophy of the system (compact lenses and system) all that well.

            It’s also missing extreme telephotos, but you’re probably better off using a DSLR or SLT for those applications.

            What m43 needs now is bodies with significantly better sensors, not incremental and/or inconsequential baby steps of improvement.

            • Boooo!

              Do keep in mind that the 25 f/0.95 is expensive as hell, the 25 f/1.4 is new and not available in most of the world, the 45 f/1.8 is also new, and so is the 12 f/2. The other lenses aren’t worth mentioning.

              The Elmarit 45mm is a great macro lens, but it’s quite short, which means lighting issues and no insect macros.

              There are no telephoto primes (not that you could use telephoto while composing on the LCD) and there are no good zooms, wide-mid or tele. The 7-14 is a constant f/4, unlike the 4/3 version, which was f/2.8-4 but crippled in software (lens release button FTW).

              The upcoming Panasonic bright zooms will be too big for existing cameras (and even for the GH2) and I’m betting my left nutsack on them being vastly optically inferior to bright zooms for any DSLR. Also, as with other Panasonic lenses, there will be supply and distribution issues, so they will be limited to certain countries only.

              m4/3 just isn’t a system, and I don’t see any plans to make it one.

        • Miroslav

          “5 out 6 of the current MFT bodies were ANNOUNCED less than 6 months ago”

          3 of those 5 bodies (E-PL3, E-PM1, GF3) were a response to Sony only by shape, but not in features. Now it’s time to add a little substance to the style. Or else, there is no sense in making GX1.

          • avds

            They were not and could not be “responses” to anything. These things’ development times are longer than their lifecycles. Panasonic could care less about any Sony announcements because they have an R&D pipeline which is impossible to change without significant negative impact on release schedules for the models being concurrently designed. There’s much more innovation and gambling in competitive R&D than “responding”. If Panasonic were “responding” the MFT would be dead by now – simply because they would lag months or years behind competition; it is only alive because they are leading, unless you failed to notice.

            • Miroslav

              Do you really think it’s a coincidence that E-PL3 has protruding mount, addon flash and tilt screen just like NEX-3 does? Do you really think that Panasonic stripped GF3 of many external buttons, mode dial and hot shoe just because they thought GF1 is too complicated to use? Do you really think that 13 months is short time in R&D terms to adjust your new product to look more like competitor’s successful product? Do you really think Panasonic does not have to “respond” to anything Sony or Samsung or Nikon does? You must have been on GX1 R&D team then :).

              And yeah, I suppose (and hope) GF2 / E-PL2 development was longer than their four / five month life cycle.

  • Joop

    The kit price is wrong.
    The lens is at preorder now 349 euro’s.

    • Well, does the 349 euros include VAT or does that Dutch shop add it at checkout?

      Edit: Nevermind, I found out after clicking ‘more info’. It really seems to be including VAT.

      • Joop

        In Europe (EC-euro area) prices for end-consumers are always including VAT. If ex Vat, they deliver also B to B, it has te be clear in the announcement. (If not clear, consumers do not have to pay it afterwards)

    • safaridon

      I agree – If these prices are correct of 350 Euros for the Xlens then with GX1 body going for reported 600 Euros then the combo with X1lens would be about 850 Euros ? The difference from kit zoom to Xlens on just released GF3X is $250 in US at current prices.

  • TVJ

    This has to be a joke. $840 for a body only? Guess I’ll keep my E-PM1.

  • Joey

    wtf at that price. It better be a new sensor.

  • Greg Hall

    hope it has IS

    • Boot


    • Miroslav

      Me too, but there’s no hope :( .

    Why does it say 800 in the article URL? Is that a ‘typo’?

    I think saving only 30 euros on the 14-42 PZ lens with the kit is not enough. :<

  • Justin

    Looking forward to a GF7, with 18 mpx sensor, 4:2:2 video, articulating LCD, hotshoe, built in flash, manual controls, and built in 2k viewfinder, magnesium body, weather seals. I will pay up to $1500 for that camera no lens. Paired with a few nice primes, 20 f1.7, 12 f/2, 45 f/1.8 and the new x-zooms 12-35 and 35-100 and pancake zoom 14-42 and you pretty well have a complete fast small enthusisast system for micro 4/3.

    • Expect such features from a GH or GX camera, but not from a GF o.o

      • Justin

        Whatever they call it, it will replace my GH2 (really don’t need the faux slr style unless you are using huge lenses and the 100-300 is the only example of such a lens in the panasonic lens lineup). And I will gladly pay for it.

    • andy

      dream on never gonna happen

  • David

    I am not impressed with this camera. I haven’t seen the samples yet but that doesn’t matter to me because picture-quality wise I was/am satisfied with the E-p2. It gives me great photos in nearly all light conditions. What I don’t like, and what I think a lot of people on here are griping about, is that we want a camera with a nice body. Nice is subjective, but for me that means metal with rubber gaskets and a solid handgrip. I want to know I can take the camera out in the rain without worry (that means solid lenses too). I want a built in viewfinder because I don’t want to have to attach a chincy piece of plastic to the top of the camera. I want all this in something the size of a Fujifilm X100. I recognize that might be expensive, but I will pay 1300 for a real camera. Plastic is great, and has it’s place, but not in a supposed premium camera going for 1000.

    • ArKersaint

      Agreed, except for weather resistance which would be nice but lacking coherence with present lens …

  • Wick

    If it turns out to be a good cam then I’d think about it but if body-only-price is about 600,- then I would never pay a stupid price of about 999,- for it! (with 14-42x-lens-kit which I certainly want)

  • safaridon

    Take a closer look at the GX1 camera body in the above picture and it looks different from that indicated on the earlier pictures?

    Specifically in the earlier pictures the top was rounded just like the GF1 while this picture shows the top edge sharp with flat top and flash and hot shoe indented. This makes the camera style makes the camera look smaller in height and thinner. If this is the case Pany may follow up with the EVF on the far left and there is just enough space to include the swing up flash to the front and sides of the hotshoe ala the patent model. Pany at that time would add a higher resolution swing rear LCD. Note the present one is recessed a little. Such a camera might greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of such a NEX7 like model using more of the existing parts from other GF and GX1 models.

    What do you think?

    • safaridon

      Look a little closer and one can see that this model could easily be transformed into or resemble a mini L1 with sharp edges and vertical stepup raise for hotshoe/flash and EVF in far corner and maybe that is what Pany has in mind.

      Thus we have the GX1 with 3″ fixed screen and hotshoe optional EVF or GX? with built in EVF with swinging screen possibly smaller or rather less height with 16:9 view to reduce height and for those wanting the swivel screen there is still the G3 and GH3 options.

  • MP Burke

    Panasonic in the UK have had a tendency to launch cameras with a gift pack or cash-back offer (e.g. they bundled Adobe lightroom 3 with the G3). So I suspect the GX1 will launch at a high-ish initial price, but with some extras included. In the case of the G3, the price dropped a few months after launch, but LR3 was no longer included.
    I think the key aim for Panasonic will be to get the camera in the shops with the 14-42mm X zoom on it. The size of that lens is likely to be an important selling feature, when people are comparing the camera to the likes of the Pens and the NEX cameras in shops. I would expect that, even at launch, the price of the GX1 and 14-42mm X lens, will be lower than that of the E-P3.

  • Mike

    We don’t even know the full feature set, performance, or IQ of this camera. I think a survey of a rumored price point is a bit premature.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I think people were hoping for Olympus to finally release a camera with an integrated EVF and got bent out of shape when they did the same old routine. The next hope was for Panasonic to release a true compact rangefinder with an integrated EVF, so when the GX1 photo leaks appeared, some of the folks who’ve been salivating for that sort of body went ballistic. The existence of the NEX-7 doesn’t help, either.

      Hopefully, both Panasonic AND Olympus will release that sort of body.

  • RW

    I don’t think that the GX1 is overpriced – seems in line with what I paid for my GF1/20 originally. Frankly the GX1 and kit zoom looks like a really compelling package.

    I was prepared to dislike this camera because it lacks an internal EVF, and I still stand by that – but other than this deficiency, I really like what I am seeing. In every other way, it is the *real* update to the GF1 that the GF2 should have been. The kit zoom also looks sweet to me (provided its IQ checks out).

    Well done Panasonic! Now let’s get that viewfinder thing solved – and don’t just point me at the G3/GH2 because I don’t really like the ergonomics of the G3 and the GH2 is too big for my tastes. Your mileage may vary.

  • Pile

    We must understand US$ has fallen about 30% since GF1 launch.

  • David

    Can I expect a port for a remote cable on this camera? The GF1 got it, but it’s removed on GF2 and GF3.

  • Rob

    Form factor wise, we have a slightly refreshed GF1. But with that premium price, it makes me wonder if they are doing something special with the sensor. Hey admin – do you have any updates on this? Are we going to be pleasantly surprised with the sensor? Or are they bundling in an EVF? How are they justifying the high price…?


  • Joe

    How much is the external vf?

  • Renato S.

    stupid people only knows to complain

    • spam

      And you’re complaining about the stupid people…

      • Rob


  • RobertoDiez

    I really hope that thoose “leaked” pictures and price will be a bad taste joke at the end. Horrible design, fixed LCD, no in-body EVF. I don´t want it. I want a pocket GH2! And at a reasonable price! If Sony can do it with the Nex7, why Panasonic can´t do it with a smaller sensor?

  • fgl42

    Who are the dumbos who would even consider paying this price with kit lens? I don’t believe it.

  • ref

    So far, I like the GX1 and pricing is okay. I’m looking for something smaller to compliment my GH2. I’ve avoided the G3 and GF series because they have limited video control. The lack of a movie mode on the GX1 dial makes me wonder if it only supports video when in Auto mode. If so, I’ll keep waiting patiently (sigh). NEX 7 looks nice, but I love the GH2 too much to dump the investment in m43.

  • Dee

    Pass. Still waiting for a evf panny.

  • avds

    It has to enormously exceed the E-P3’s and G3’s performance to sell at this GH2-level price (add-on EVF included).

  • RW

    It feels to me that the GX1 will do a good job competing head to head with the EP3, but isn’t really answering the double threat presented by the Sony and Fuji roadmaps.

    I hate to see the battle for consumer dollars focus exclusively on other m43 models and ignore the much larger threat posed by other formats in the mirrorless marketplace. Feels a bit cannibalistic to me.

  • Chazola

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Panasonic- they have a track record of bringing out some unique enthusiast cameras that are excellent but slightly flawed (LC1, GF1) then when it’s time to make the next, improved camera that addresses the flaws in the first generation model, they step backwards and make an inferior product.
    The big companies seem so obsessed with constantly bringing out new high-volume models and outdoing each other on specs they forget about making cameras for photographers- I was always slightly worried about a company that was mainly known for making TV and video teaming up with Leica, but then I thought maybe it would be a good partnership: Leica (i.e photographers) designing them, and Panasonic doing reliable electronics, but since the excellent LC1 their enthusiast cameras have been patchy.
    I’m actually not bothered about the ‘x’ lenses, if the IQ of the camera is significantly improved on the GF1 and the price comes down to a reasonable amount I’ll probably get the body and use my GF1 kit lens 14-45, but still be annoyed there’s no internal EVF. If Sony can do it in something as small as the NEX7 they should’ve been able to do it with the GX1. Panasonic are a really frustrating camera company, they make great cameras but could make even better ones instead of having a zillion different models in their line up.

  • st3v4nt

    Either way the body only offer seems for European or US only here in my place it’s quite rare to find camera shop that have any panasonic Lumix G series in their stock (some shop even still offer discontinued GF-1 for US$700).

  • Sokar

    Maybe it has some new art filters…

  • drj

    @admin : sorry but you are just dreaming about a lc-1 (L-1) lumix design : both of these cameras had a top notch quality design and fabric – the lc-1 being still superior- but were extremely pricey and then happened to be very unsuccessful. With almost nine out of ten of deep m43 users that don’t want to spend more than 600 euros on a camera (needless to say that Panasonic is perfectly aware about this), don’t expect a high range quality product. Hope I am wrong but I think it will be nowhere near the sony Nex 7, not to speak about the forthcoming Fuji. A better comparison ought to emerge with the recent Nikon V1.

  • AG

    Now I know this sounds simplistic, but why doesn’t Panasonic make a G3 minus the viewfinder and swivel screen for less cost than the G3 and call it GF-whatever instead of the horrid GF2 and ugly as sin GF3.

  • Erik E

    Body price could be reasonable if it’s a good body. But €399 for a dark 3x zoom that goes no wider than 28 mm equiv. seems far too much.

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