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(FT5) First picture of the new Panasonic GF5


And here it is the first clear picture of the new Panasonic GF5. As you see it has pretty much the same shape of the current Panasonic GF3. The grip looks like the one used for the new Panasonic GX1. As I already told you last week the new GF5 has a 12 Megapixel sensor with an improved SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). THE SNR is as good as the one on the Panasonic G3. It goes up to ISO 12.800, super fast AF of 0,09seconds and a new 920k dots touch screen LCD. The touch screen interface has been revised. Don’t know if you should wait for this GF5 or go for the now very cheap and hackeable GF2!

One more thing: Also the Panasonic G5 will be announced soon and use the same G3 16 Megapixel sensor…

  • Mr.Tritium

    Lack of a decent handgrip was a major drawback on the GF5 imho, I’m glad they added one. Hope they will do the same on the G5!

  • mark

    12Mpix back light ilumination sensor, 460k LCD, much faster AF than previous model GF3
    it will be interesting entry level camera.

  • Narretz

    Wake me up when you have pictures of the GH3! ;)
    I am still curious if Pana will split the line in two.

    Lack of grip has been weird since ever, because even with a pancake lens you have a protrusion. So a good grip does not really hurt the profile.

    Compared to the GF3, this seems to be the exact same body case; could possibly be that the grip is only glued to the grip of the case!

    • matt

      “Wake me up when you have pictures of the GH3! ”


  • LOT


    • Thomas

      I agree.

  • Nice grip.

    “12Mpix back light illumination sensor, 460k LCD” what do you mean?

    If the sensor is new, kudos to Panasonic for keeping it low to 12MP and break the megapixel race! Actually, for an entry-level even 10MP is enough, like in the Nikon 1 system.

    • x

      +1 (to the comment and to Panasonic, if the rumor is correct)

    • safaridon

      If this is a new 12 mp sensor and if Oly is using a Pany sensor in the OM-D then maybe the next Pens will also have this same new 12 mp sensor to differentiate from the OM-D series? I haven’t seen any reference before to this being a back illuminated sensor?

  • ggweci

    960k screen…better than the one in the GX1. Seems odd.


      Can’t wrap my head around their decision to use a low res in the GX1.

      • Narretz

        GX1 was in the works earlier, and Panasonic probably buys displays in bulk (or is contractually obliged to buy so and so many (keeps cost lower)). I don’t remember exactly what reason they gave for the low res screen in the GX1, but it was something about technical reservations that was absolutely ridiculous in light of the higher res screens in other cameras released around the saem time.

        • Chez Wimpy

          …same time? My 5D2 is almost four years old and it is 640×480. 550D two years, $600, and 720×480. My (non-smart) flipper cell phone is two years old, came free with the basic plan, and 854×480 3″ screen. It seems like Panasonic is sticking with that pathetic display until their 2006 back-stock is completely exhausted.

          • REVENGE

            Stupidity hurts sales, not everyone gets the memo.

          • my nexus has a 1280*720 screen. i would expect my camera to be at least VGA/WVGA depending on aspect ratio

  • Sean Nelson

    Still waiting for 1080p60. It seems like most of Sony’s recent offerings have it…

    • x

      Go for the GH line if you care about video

      • Sean Nelson

        The GH line doesn’t have anything capable of 1080p60 either.

        I expect to buy the GH3 when it comes out – I’m pretty sure IT will have 1080p60. But for me the attraction of M43 is that I can ALSO buy a compact, take-everywhere camera that will accept the same lenses. I’d like that camera to have 1080p60 as well so that I can use it as a “B” camera when the need arises.

        I expected the GX1 to have 1080P60, and if it had then I’d already be an M43 owner. But it didn’t, and I’m guessing that’s because the sensor it’s using doesn’t support a readout fast enough. That bodes poorly for the GF5, but one can still hope…

        It irks me that Panasonic has had a 1080p60 superzoom for the better part of a year now, and STILL nothing in M43.

        • ght

          Why is 1080p 60 so important to you? Do you want to do a lot in slow mo- is that the main reason? Or is it something else?

          • matt

            1080/60p is for someone very important.. for somebody that shoots interviews and knows he won´t use slowmotion it´s not important.. but when you are shooting events, commercials or anything else.. and you sometimes have to slow down something to fit the music and twixtor doesn´t work properly you have problem.. I shoot almost all the time 720@50p and it helped me a lot of times.. there are situations when you can really benefit shooting slowmo.. It´s like shooting 4k for 1080p output.. you have good latitude to play with.. not with resolution but with frames.. so 1080/50p means that I would shoot in 1080p and forget the 720p

            • ght

              Thanks Matt. What do you think about the video capabilities of the new Olympus? Have you looked at it?

              • matt

                you are welcome, well actually I have the hacked GH1 which I like.. but in low light situations.. it sucks.. so I was really hoping olympus will bring something with better video than gh2 (I was hoping for 1080/50p and peaking ) these two things would make me buy this camera..but they only gave EM-5 1080/50i which is wrapped in 25p stream (so it is capturing 25p and transcoding to 50i- I think (but I can be wrong) so this was deal breaker for me because interlaced format is dead for me. I don´t like the look and It throws out half of the vertical you must know what is more important to you..
                the gh2 has far better video than EM-5 , but the EM-5 has superior IBIS which works with all lenses and has better(I think a little bit better) stills and better iso performance ..
                So.. if you are EM-5 if you do stills and video you must consider pros and cons of the cameras , and if you are on video like me.. you know what to buy.. also the gh2 body can be bought for 600€ which is almost half of the price of EM-5! (I think the biggest surprise will be the GH3, a really big step forward)

                and one more thing.. also like Sean Nelson said.. you get smoother motion and also you get sharper frames in 60p mode than in 24p mode, also panasonic is talking about in on their website .. 1080/50 and 60p will be the new standards

                • ght

                  Thanks again Matt. That new Oly 5 axis IS is just too compelling for me. To get the kind smooth handheld footage with the GH2 I think you’d need something like a Glidecam. I like that it’s built in with the Oly. But I guess for serious videographers on a budget the GH series is still the way to go. Thanks to the hack you can shoot at high bit rates and you also have your choice of frame rates. In the US the Oly is 1080p 30 wrapped in a 60i container- does that suck big time?

                  • matt

                    yes, I like it too, but I think a better solution would be a glidecam hd1000 + warp stabilizer in after effects.. It´s better to manipulate with a glidecam than holding your EM-5 in your hands (better holding on well balanced tripod)but still not as good as proper steadicam

                    for serious work the GH2 is the right tool..
                    with hack you can get the sharpest video + color grading and denoising your footage will be far better on the GH2 thanks to the great work that vitaliy and his team are doing.. you can shoot 1080/30p that will give you 80% slowmo but the footage won´t be as sharp and won´t color grade that well on the EM-5

                • reverse stream swimmer

                  -Didn’t know that EM-5 comes with PAL: 1080/50i?
                  -Less interest for 1060/60i in EU!

                  • madmax

                    Oops, posted at the wrong place… Disregard pls.

                • madmax

                  Hey Matt.
                  Just letting you know.
                  When 50i is captured from 25p frames off the sensor like with EM-5, the footage is still progressive, but only stored in an interlaced container – this is called Progressive Segmented Framing, and is totally different from native interlaced footage. There is no loss of resolution whatsoever, and it can be converted back to progressive fully losslessly with any software that recognises the footage is not interlaced but PsF. I know Vegas does this. Premiere probably does too.
                  I too did not buy plenty of equipment because I was put off by the damned “i”, but it was a blessing to learn that the footage is actually not interlaced at all.

                  You can read more about it here:

                  • matt

                    hey, thanks, I was writing it at late night and I tottally forgot that when it´s in psf container it has full progressive resolution, I know the GH2´s 25p is also delivered in psf stream , but somethimes I don´t write everything I should.. thank you anyway

            • Matt

              Another Matt here.
              The downside of doing this is that everything you shoot at 60fps and use normally, will just look like utter shit.
              Have fun with that.

              • Esa Tuunanen

                Is that because your brain can’t process input faster than 30fps or why?

                50/60fps aren’t progressive only because WW2 era decision makers deemed transmission bandwidth too expensive resulting half-assed resolution as analog compression.
                If decision makers had actually known anything about technology interlacing would have been discarded in digital broadcast/video and you would be now screaming about Panasonic and other makers scamming consumers.

              • matt

                Hi another Matt.. I will just tell you this:
                there is something about that cinematic 24/25p motion.. yes . 50p and 60p looks different.. but did you tried to shoot 50p and render your final video as 25p? I think no.. because shooting 50p and then exporting in 25p only gives you advantages:
                1.sharper image (when there is a lot of motion)
                2. more space to play with

                there was also a scientific test.. where was footage shoot at 24p/60p/120p and then they were all rendered to 24p and compared to each other.. and the result? it was a ninja fight or karate or something similar.. the result was that 60p and 120p footage was sharper because there was a lot of quick fight motion..and they all had cinematic look.. so dear matt , If you don´t have fun with 50p.. we do ;) look at the epic.. it´s shooting 5k at 96fps.. do you thing that holywood professionals shoot in 5k 24p because of cinematic look? no.. they shoot 96fps/120fps/300fps and it looks cinematic all the way because the final video is played at 24p not in 60p.. only if the footage would be rendered as final output with 60p then it would look wierd

          • Sean Nelson

            Slow motion is certainly one advantage. But for rapid motion, 60fps is far superior to 24 or 30fps. Whenever you’re shooting something where the subject is moving quickly, you get much smoother results from 60fps.

            I hear a lot of talk about the “cinematic” feel of 24fps, and it seems really dumb to me. To me it’s code that means “to eliminate stroboscopic flickering I have to use shutter speeds so slow that anything moving quickly on the screen looks really blurry”. Yes, it does look like the movies you used to see in theatres. But movies looked that way because film was too expensive to use a higher frame rate. It was a compromise, and AFAIK using modern technology to emulate an old compromise doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It would be like adding noise to a still photograph to emulate the look of film grain. Yes, there are certain times when you might want to do that for effect, but it’s not something you’d want to be restricted to.

            60i does help to smooth rapid motion, but interlaced video is also a relic – of the bandwidth restrictions of ancient transmission standards. IMHO it really has no place in the modern world. If I’m going to invest my hard-earned money and even more precious time in video projects I want to use the best formats that are available to me – and in this day and age for consumer equipment 1080p60 is where it’s at.

            • Atle


            • ght

              Thanks Sean. I’m interested in the video capabilities of the E-M5. My understanding is it is essentially 1080p 30 wrapped in a 60i container. 1080p 30 is not that bad is it? Unfortunately that’s the only frame rate the Olympus provides. But that new image stabilization- that’s the main reason I’m interested in Olympus. I’m amazed how smooth the handheld footage is. And you have full manual control over video. Anyway, put any lens on it and you have stabilization- that’s pretty sweet. Other than the bit rate compared to the hacked GH2 and the lack of frame rates, does there seem to be anything wrong with E-M5 video capabilities? The Olympus also allows you to shoot 4:3, 16:9, and some other aspect ratios. I suppose 16:9 is most common now?

              • Anonymous

                I can’t speak for the quality of the E-M5 video, but yes – it shoots 30p and puts it into a 60i container (that’s because the AVCHD statndards don’t include a 30p format, so consumer equipment isn’t guaranteed to be able to play it). 30p is certainly better than 24p, but (of course) lacking compared to 60p. However unless you’re shooting a lot of stuff with fast motion in it 30p will probably work very nicely for you.

                If the EM-5 had 60p, I’d be buying it as soon as it was available. It looks to be a very nice package and having stabilization on all lenses is a terrific advantage, IMHO. Perhaps their next high-end body…

              • Sean Nelson

                I can’t speak for the quality of the E-M5 video, but yes – as I understand it it does shoot 30p. That’s better than 24p but (of course) not as good as 60p.

                The camera puts the 30p video into a 60i container because 30p isn’t one of the standard consumer video formats (yet) and so consumer equipment isn’t guaranteed to be be able to play it. The 60i container makes it playable on anything, but a computer can combine alternate “60i” frames into an original “30p” frames fore editing or playback with no loss of resolution.

                If the E-M5 had 60p video then I’d be buying one. It looks like a very attractive package and I think the in-body stabilization is a terrific feature. I currently use a Pentax DSLR and I take advantage of it’s in-body stabilization with my old manual lenses all the time.

                Maybe Olympus’s next high-end body will get there for me…

                • ght

                  Thank you Sean and Matt for sharing your insights and answering my questions. Much appreciated. :)

            • Tom

              There certainly is a lot of legacy “look” of slower 24p as it relates to the “cinematic” look…. certainly it’s not all about the frame rate. Shutter angle and a lot of DP / “camera” stuff goes into making a shot look cinematic, but the reality is that material that is 30p or higher has a certain “soap opera” look to it that is distracting for many people. I also notice a similar effect when the frame is “pan and scanned” like you see in movies that were adapted for 4:3 playback. It will be interesting to see the new Peter Jackson Hobbit film, as he is eschewing the legacy methodology. I’ll certainly reserve judgement on higher frame rates as we may see someone push the envelope and improve the art – maybe P.J. maybe not. I wish for 50p and 60p for the slow motion abilities. Even higher rates and variable rates would be welcome too.

              • Sean Nelson

                “Shutter angle” is just a fancy way of saying that at 24fps you have to use a long enough exposure (i.e., 1/48th of a second with a shutter angle of 180 degrees) so that each frame has enough motion blur so as to minimize the “stroboscopic” look of moving objects.

                If you increase the frame rate and maintain the 180 degree shutter angle (ie, 1/60 at 30fps or 1/120 at 60fps), then you do the same thing, but you end up with a result that’s a lot sharper and the frame rate artifacts are much, much less visible.

                If you want to say that moving objects retaining their sharpness makes the result look like a soap opera that’s fine by me. I interpret that as saying that since soap operas have always been broadcast with a 60Hz field rate the appearance of motion has always looked a lot than cinema. Production values and other issues aside, AFAIK in no way does that mean “soap opera” is a poorer image.

        • Leu

          The gh2 is capable of 720p60 res that can be upscaled to 1080 and still retain more resolution than either the om-d or nex 7. It is also capable of 2k (if you know how to use your post applications), and has 1:1 crop mode that none of these cams have. It can also shoot almost entirely unprocessed footage that completely trumps any other dslrs out there with the hack and has a fantastic community to learn from on personalview, where that hack can be found.

          • Sean Nelson

            …and imagine what a 1080p60 GH3 will be capable of! I don’t want to buy a GH2 or other M43 camera now when I know that I’ll soon have to replace it with the model that has the capabilities I really want. I don’t switch camera systems often – the last time I did it was over 30 years ago. I can wait for the right system.

            But I still reserve the right to gripe about the wait! ;-)

            • Hazst Zsluckauf

              All true but don t forget that 99.5 percent of the buyers of all those small sensor caMeras are mainly shooting their kids baseball games. True pros have access to real professional gear hence budgets

  • x

    Assuming the rumor is correct (especially AF speed, and *new* 12Mpix sensor, bonus points for the 960k screen), this is a very interesting camera.

    Assuming the rumor is correct, if price body-only is right and/or if they bundle it with the 20mm I’ll buy it!

    • safaridon

      The GF3 already has a very fast AF close to GX1 and slightly faster than the latest Pens so 0.09 sec AF very believable.

  • Mike C

    Boring. Zzzzzzzzz.

  • El Duderino

    Pretty ugly camera, but looks aren’t everything.

    • awaler

      “pretty ugly”
      (but logic isn’t everything)

      • Andrew Howes

        If you aren’t a native speaker you might not know this, but ‘pretty ugly’ can be translated as something like ‘rather ugly’.

        • Agent00soul

          But it’s still pretty funny…

      • TheEye

        You don’t ever use oxymorons?

    • As opposite, one of the most beautiful MILCs, including E-M5(!)

      • Manuel

        Is that a joke?

  • MikeH

    If the G5 will use the same sensor as the G3, what improvements are on tap?

    • Anonymous

      Different shape, the previous rumor said. Which is bad, because there wasn’t much wrong with G3 shape.


      • Narretz

        Why would it have a different shape? They have the GX line for that.

      • MikeH

        What shape? They have the GF shape, the GX shape, the G1 shape, and the GH shape. What other major camera shapes are there other than traditional dslr look and rangefinder look? Is this going to be a big square wooden box?

      • safaridon

        I too am curious about the previous rumor which said G5 would look different and have different shape? Perhaps this will only be the changed grip? My hopes were the G5 would have less protrusion of the EVF in the back or like the GX1 only with EVF in the middle? I hope somebody will leak a picture of the G5 soon and the specs as the official announcement is probably only a few weeks away.

  • caver3d

    No hot shoe. Don’t want it. Got my GF1, and just picked up the inexpensive and hackable GF2. Life is good. Waiting on my preordered E-M5.

    • safaridon

      The earlier rumor had a picture of the top of the GF5 which clearly shows it has added a hotshoe on the the left side.

      • inis44

        Are you sure? It looked to me that it is speaker/stereo mic part.

  • Mar

    New word for boring, bland and generally uninteresting things – Panasonic :D

    • Thomas

      Getting to be that way. Sigh.

    • avds

      Oh sure the world would turn into an eternal festive carnival if not for that sinister pancake kit zoom – the Master of boring, bland and generally uninteresting that still goes unchallenged :)

    • I accepted long ago that those announcements -from virtually any brand- are not always exciting.

      For that matter, whenever Olympus releases a sub-slow kit zoom, I refrain from expressing boring, bland and generally uninteresting mismanagement of my own bias.


    Stereo mics?

  • Anonymous

    The grip looks nice, should be better than GF3 one. Hopefully G5 will get better grip as well.

  • Napilopez

    If it has the same SNR as the G3 and less pixels(aka larger photosites), doesn’t this also mean it will possibly have better dynamic range than the G3, or perhaps any Lumix cam for that matter?

  • Ah well… Kinda just looks like a GF3 in all sense.


  • flamingjune1967

    I keep wondering what is wrong with the number 4??

    • Narretz

      Nothing is wrong, it is superstition.

      • Cork

        So is religion, but we must deal with it.

        • ABCs

          If you must know…

          “4” = “death” “die” “dead”
          “04” = “definite death”
          “14” = “one dead” “one death”
          “24” = “easy or likely death”
          “64” = “way or road/route to death”
          “46” = “death route/road”
          “94” = “long lasting death”

          Some inauspicious numbers you might want to avoid…

          Don’t mess with death and death will not mess with you! Haha!

    • avds

      I’ve been told Asian people generally don’t like that number due to the fact that there’s no 4th floor in their hotels :)

      (hmm or was it the other way around? :))

    • Cork

      Get out and travel more; “four” is the linguistic equivalent of “death” in Chinese, and has similar connotations in other Asian countries. Kinda like the number 13 on steroids. Ever see a phone number for a major business in Asia with multiple 4s…doubtful. Remember when GM exported the “Nova” to Latin America…duh…

      • I heard a about “Body Mist” deodorant that failed to sell in Germany :D

        • madmax

          What about the Mitsubishi Pajero (wanker) in spanish countries?

    • in Japanese “4” reads the same as death.

      It’s something similar some people have with “13”, US people have it, “13” superstition, don’t they?

      • avds

        Can’t wait for the GF666, Friday 13th Edition :)

      • flamingjune1967

        Thanks for the info guys. I get it now!

      • MikeH

        So four and death look and sound nearly the same in Chinese. Why don’t they change the word (or at least pronounciation of their word for four)? Why persist on spelling and sounding the two words similarly if it is so paralyzing for the general public there? Is chinese an unchanging language (like Latin) or is it a living one like English where words and spellings change over time?

    • Sean Nelson

      I’m sure that Asian folks who visit the west are similarly mystified at the fact that there are almost no buildings with a 13th floor, or 13th Streets or Avenues in our cities.

  • Daemonius

    For me, Panasonic GF series started and ended with GF1. GX1 is interesting, but sorry.. not built-in EVF is no go. Rather go with OM-D or NEX-7.

    Panasonic should do something bit different and interesting..

    • What does OM-D and NEX-7 have so exceptional that GH2 won’t even make the short list?

      • Leu

        Yeah seriously, not even a nod to the little caboose that could.

  • ght

    Any word on when we can expect to see new Pens? I wanna get that new five axis image stabilization.

  • 43pr0n

    So, if the sensor is the same, I’ll wait for the G3 to hit G2 areas – around 300 EUR right now … ;-)

  • The Master

    Unless they put a thumb dial back on it, to change shutter speed/aperture, then I’ll pass again.

  • It gets a better grip, that is good news.

  • nxp3

    Why do they keep putting out the same fugly camera. Nothing new like the em5. It’s just not significant enough to justify a new camera.

    • Narretz

      Olympus did it with the 3 PENs last year. Everybody does it, but you don’t have to buy it.

  • Roger B1

    Note to Cork: Psalm 46 vs.10 “Be Still and know that I am God”

  • Brian

    If the GF3 had 1080P (not interlaced), a stereo-mic, and the GX1 sensor, I probably would have kept it. Based off of looks and online images alone, I thought I would hate the GF3. But after buying one to play around with, I found that the size makes it a lot of fun to carry around. The thing is really tiny! The new grip looks like a nice addition. I found the GF2 so slippery that I wanted to slam it against a brick wall on even the best of days. I don’t know what other features we’ll get in the new GF5, but I hope they take some steps forward this time in regards to performance.

  • With all these rumours abound of the GF5 and G5, can we please have some news on a GH3?

  • Duke

    Fugly camera. Panasonic are going backwards with their camera designs tbh.

  • Mojojones

    I don’t know, there seemed to be so much criticism of the GF3 that I’m surprised by this, but perhaps that was just from the enthusiast types that hang out here. They must have sold enough to justify this. I use a Canon S95 as my pocketable camera and find it quite adequate for what I use that type of camera for. The GX1 or OM-D seems to be garnering a lot of attention because this community is looking for a step up in usability and IQ, not a dumb down/scale down. It seems that m43s is getting a split personality. (And maybe that’s a good thing.)

    • Chez Wimpy

      They probably sold a ton. No camera store where I live, but I got to see them first hand thanks to (female) tourists showing up with the GF3 within a week of its release last season.

    • Narretz

      Since this is the entry model, they need to refresh it yearly to draw in new customers. This is not for upgraders. When they have the competition, such as Canon, put out a new entry model each year, they think they must follow.

  • Yun

    GF not my type , I still wondering the very highend camera above GH , if it will be unveiled within this year as I getting tempting & tempting on X Pro .
    Oh , almost forgot , the Leica factor . If really Leica offering reasonable prices on it’s mirrorless , this certainly overwrite all of them in my book .

  • reverse stream swimmer

    It makes sense to retain the pixel level from the inception of the GF3. Not only for model consistency or marketing differentiation, but also since a lower pixel count reduces the burdon on the image processor, buffer handling and image storage. Low heat dissipation and low power consumption are important parameters, given the product placement of this model to be minimally small! It’s fighting for the spot of being the smallert CSC camera on the market, in a fierce battle with Olympus PEN Mini, Sony NEX-C3, and of course the Nikon 1 CX cameras.

    The obvious right thing to do, is to use the new generation silicon, which Panasonic first introduced in the G3 and later in GX1, but this time with the mentioned reduced pixel amount to 12 Mpix.

    I suppose, the same requirement comes from Olympus as well, so expect to see this lower noise 12 Mpix sensor also reused in the upcoming PEN MINI (E-PM2) & PEN LIGHT (E-PL4) models. The bigger E-P4 model might rather get the G3/GX1 sensor, the 16 Mpix as the PEN flagship. Look out for those Olympus models, at latest by the time for Photokina in autumn.

    Panasonic low noise sensor:

  • inis44

    I still have fingers crossed for remote shutter port and stereo mic. If it is there I buy it.

    • Narretz

      not on the entry model

      • inis44

        At least remote shutter port. All DSLR na CSC cameras should have it.

  • max

    waste of time and marketing resources imao. next thanx_

    • spam

      Really? They’re upgrading their bestselling camera and with the X14-42 it’s the smallest EVIL combo you can find today. It would be my reccommended camera + lens for almost anyone who want good IQ in a pocketable camera.

      • safaridon

        Agree – On the Japanese market and most of the world outside of the US the GF3 is neck and neck with the Nikon IJ in sales for the top ILS camera, ahead of NEX7, NEX5N, and far ahead of any Oly Pen offering.

        Improvements seem to be a much more substantial grip then in most m4/3 products, possibly return of a hotshoe seen in earlier picture and rumored better IQ new sensor. I wonder what will be added with the hotshoe, maybe a port so can add the EVF? I really expect Pany to keep the very popular GF3 in production at a reduced price to grow the m4/3 market along with the GF5 with more advanced features replacing the GF2.

  • pdc

    Got an offer from Panasonic to-day for a GF3C + 14mm + 45-200mm for $699. Indicates that they are overstocked on these lenses, so perhaps helps explain the continuing delays in producing the new X-zooms. Now $399 and they will move ……

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