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(FT5) First picture of the new Panasonic GF5


And here it is the first clear picture of the new Panasonic GF5. As you see it has pretty much the same shape of the current [shoplink 23109 ebay]Panasonic GF3[/shoplink]. The grip looks like the one used for the new [shoplink 26836]Panasonic GX1[/shoplink]. As I already told you last week the new GF5 has a 12 Megapixel sensor with an improved SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). THE SNR is as good as the one on the [shoplink 22077 ebay]Panasonic G3[/shoplink]. It goes up to ISO 12.800, super fast AF of 0,09seconds and a new 920k dots touch screen LCD. The touch screen interface has been revised. Don’t know if you should wait for this GF5 or go for the now very cheap and hackeable GF2!

One more thing: Also the Panasonic G5 will be announced soon and use the same [shoplink 22077 ebay]G3[/shoplink] 16 Megapixel sensor…

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