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(FT5) First Olympus OM-D leaked image!


As you all know on February 8th Olympus will announce a new line of Micro Four Thirds cameras with the name “OM-D“.The image above is actually the very first image that shows a detail of the camera. This looks super well built with high quality finishes. I hope to get more details/pictures of the rest soon.

Summary of all rumors:
This will be the first digital camera of the prestigious OM series that this year will become 40 years old. The first film camera was the [shoplink 28221 ebay]M-1[/shoplink] (launched in 1972) that was than renamed [shoplink 28222 ebay]OM-1[/shoplink] because Leica put some pressure on Olympus to change the name (to not confuse it with the Leica M-series). A couple of days ago Olympus launched an advertising campaign on Amateur Photographer last page (Click here to see it: As you see the letter “O” and “M” are in bold! After that we discovered that Olympus registered the “OM-D” name at trademark.markify and the german patent institution (Click here). A Hong Kong invitiation from Olympus said the camera will be announced on February 8th. There is also a “coming soon” message on Olympus website.

I am pretty confident that those will be the specs (expect minor changes only):
– Camera has a classic OM design
– It has a magnesium body
– It is weathers sealed
– weight 373 g (body only).
– 16 megapixel sensor optimized for High Dynamic Range
– 200 up to 25.600 ISO
– Built-in electronic viewfinder 1.44 million dots (positioned in the center of the body like the old OM optical viewfinders and same resolution as the external VF-2 viewfinder (Click here to see on Amazon).
– 610.000 pixel OLED tilting 3 inch screen.
– Five-axis image stabilizer in body.
– FAST AF and 3D tracking
– Comes in Black or Silver.
– Price: Around $1.100 in USA or 1.000 Euro in Europe.

As usual follow 43rumors to not miss any OM related news and rumor. You can follow the February 8th Olympus announcement on this website!

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Here are all the past Olympus OM film cameras:
[shoplink 28221 ebay]M-1[/shoplink] [shoplink 28222 ebay]OM-1[/shoplink] [shoplink 28223 ebay]OM-1 MD[/shoplink] [shoplink 28224 ebay]OM-1N[/shoplink] [shoplink 28225 ebay]OM-2[/shoplink] [shoplink 28226 ebay]OM-2N[/shoplink] [shoplink 28227 ebay]OM-2S/SP[/shoplink] [shoplink 28228 ebay]OM-3[/shoplink] [shoplink 28229 ebay]OM-3Ti[/shoplink] [shoplink 28230 ebay]OM-4[/shoplink] [shoplink 28231 ebay]OM-4T/Ti black and chrome[/shoplink] [shoplink 28232 ebay]OM-10[/shoplink] [shoplink 28233 ebay]OM-20 (OM-G)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28234 ebay]OM-30(OM-F)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28235 ebay]OM-40 (OM-PC)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28236 ebay]OM-77AF (OM-707)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28237 ebay]OM-88 (OM-101)[/shoplink] [shoplink 28238 ebay]OM-2000[/shoplink]


Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

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