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(FT5) Olympus OM-D has the fastest AF of all mirrorless cameras.


I got many rumors in the last 24 hours and it’s looks like the new Olympus OM-D will break many “records”. I have been told that it has the fastest AF (autofocus) of all current mirrorless cameras. Even faster than the already amazing Olympus E-P3. What I don’t know yet is how Olympus managed to achieve that increased performance. Could be a new faster readout circuitry or also a result of the new sensor with integrated phase detection pixels like the Fuji F300 (compact camera).

Meanwhile Wellsfargo (Click here) confirmed the OM arrival: “The new OM-D model will be offered in the United States, Europe and some Asian countries as the top model of the company’s digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera series, selling for above 100,000 yen in Japan.The new model resembles the OM-1 film camera and is equipped with high-speed autofocus and image stabilization functionality as well as 16 megapixel resolution.

  • achiinto

    Wow, be the first to comment about this good news!


      fast….mhm….. well fast under f16 sunshine i guess……

      • Pete

        take your D3s and go…………if you can carry it.

  • Will

    Sounds good, want pic!

  • james

    no touch screen?

    • Traciatim

      Good products don’t use touch screens. They’re gimicky, not as responsive, and more expensive. I guess that’s why the general population likes them (See Apple Products).

      • Berneck

        Well, touch is great on the iPhone or iPad. It’s far from a gimmick. However, I agree it’s not really needed on a camera. While I don’t mind it on my GF2 as far as changing modes or ISO, etc, it drives me crazy that the slightest touch moves my focus point. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn it off on the GF2. I could easily do without it, and not miss it one bit on my camera, especially if the new OM-D has programmable dials.

        Sent from my iPad ;-)

        • Michael

          “Well, touch is great on the iPhone or iPad.”

          And a keyboard is great on a computer, and a steering wheel is great on a car.

          Maybe the new OM should come with a steering wheel?

          • peter

            Michael, cool off,
            he just pointed out that some good products indeed use touch screens, and they are not “gimmicky”.

            But no one is saying cameras need them.

        • Robbyadam

          I really like the touch screen on my ep3. It’s great for picking a focal point. It is also great for tripod work as the lightest touch will trigger the shutter.

      • Not responsive? I have no idea what you’re going on about, my iPhone is the most responsive phone I’ve ever owned. Also, here’s the thing about touch screens on cameras, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want too. Feel free to use a 4-way control pad to select your AF point if you like. I’m sure that is much quicker than simply touching the screen.

        • ProShooter

          Go back to playing with your iphone and don’t bother the people who want to do something serious with their gear.

          • Hurrr, iPhones r 4 babies. Anyone without a 5dmkII isnt worth my tyme. PRO SHOOTAAAA

        • peter

          People just to like to bash apple, without even trying their products. let them stay in the past…

          I do agree that cameras just suffer from touch screens though…

      • luke

        touch phone works great! love my iPhone. :-)

      • dvdyeo

        I agree that touch screens are gimmicky. I find focus & recompose more comfortable than touch focus, especially since I prefer using the viewfinder. I’d be glad to do without the touch function with a hundred dollars off the price tag.

        • focus & recompose AND COMPENSATE THE EXPOSURE (as the metering has been calculated for the previous composition).

          Still so fast?

          • DaStar

            Yeah right, changing the scene by a meter or two really changes the whole lightning.

          • T-L

            Ever heard about AE-Lock?

            • Anentropic

              sounds complicated, why not keep everything the same while focusing on the thing you actually want to focus on… take full advantage of the fact CDAF is free of that particular limitation (no. of focus points)

          • do you really do that?

        • > I find focus & recompose more comfortable than touch focus

          Focus & recompose doesn’t work with anything but large DOF. With 43, I had problems even at f/2.8. At f/1.4 focus & recompose is useless.

      • Not sure if you are talking about TS’s in cameras only…Cause I do agree that I rarely use the TS on my E-P3 BUT when I do (for viewing pics) I really like it.

        I don’t see me missing it on the OM-D… but if it was there I don’t think it is a gimmick, just an addition.

        • Robbie Pacheco

          Funny how touch screen feature divides so many ? Up until buying my ep-3 I had never used it on a camera, now I can safely say I’ve managed to grab some nice pics thanks to the speed of touch screen AF. It may not be every ones cup of tea but I find it a very useful feature

      • Bob B.

        I am not a fan of touch screens. ..I bought a GX1 w/LVF2 and was happy the reports said I could turn off the TS. Now that I have the camera and have it set up..I have to admit…the way the camera is set up is amazing. I get two extra custom function buttons hidden on the TS and the TS makes it MUCH faster and easier to review images that I have shot. Waaaaaaaaaay faster than buttons..BUT….
        I do however, not use the touch screen for focusing or clicking the shutter…that part IS turned OFF! That is not taking a picture to me..I need a viewfinder and a shutter release or I will take the picture with my phone. (not a smartphone or iphone…just my phone..LOL.). ….

      • Anonymous

        I’m not asking if it’s gimmicky or for real men, I’m asking if it’s going to be a touch screen.

      • acahaya

        the touchscreen rather helpful when i want to avoid others realizing that i just took a picture. if i do not want to use it, i can simply turn it off, so where is the problem?

      • Mal

        Agree. Touch screens are useless, unless they are fast (like on the EP3). So I assume the OMD will have a fantastic touch screen. :)

    • Fuente

      The tilting 3-inch OLED display is a touchscreen.

    • Anonymous

      Come on, touch screens are for noobs and totally stupid.

    • Rosalinda

      Come on dude, who needs a touch screen? Only noobs and losers I guess. If a camera has good physical controls, we don’t need a stupid touch screen. Just give us a high resolution tilting OLED screen and save the touch thingies for the cheaper toy range.

  • Damn! Faster than the E-P3? Will I even be able to utilize that effectively?

  • bilgy_no1

    Heheh reading the WellsFargo article, is now an ‘industry source’…

    Still hoping for a PDAF solution for 43 lenses…

  • And what about 4/3 lenses?
    That will be the best news…

    • BLI

      Increased DR (any numbers?), being able to use 43 lenses, and fast continuous tracking/shooting (min 6fps) would be ok (in addition to the rumors so far)… Fancy things like GPS and wireless support?

    • Agree…waiting to find out about the old 4/3 lenses….

  • Peter

    If it really hast phase detect and as good a sensor as the rumors make us believe, it will be time for me to switch to m43. If it offers a decent way to focus manual lenses, some of my canon slr’s might have to pack up their mirrors and retire…

    Thanks for all the work you put in this site.

  • GreyOwl

    How long before a camera is produced that has a speed of focus that exceeds the speed of light… :-)

    • ha

      Well, PDAF systems claim to do by predictive AF…

    • So fast, well we need light to sensor. :-D

  • OlympusFan

    The AF of the E-P3 is already quite good. I am more concerned about the tracking/ continuous auto focus.

    The other important improvement I hope to see will be the sensor performance. Improved dynamic range, and noise control at high ISO. This matters to me as I shoot indoor most of the time, of moving subjects.

  • nobody

    Admin, I suppose this is meant for single shot autofocus.

    The more interesting question, however, is how continuous AF will be working. Do you have any new info regarding the c (contrast detect) vs. p (phase detect) AF issue?

    Thanks a lot for all your work! Much appreciated!

    Ooops, sorry, I now see you already adressed that question. My bad!

  • alexander

    I am a bit afraid that they give all into the AF. It is nice to have, even the EP-3 AF is already fast enough . (?)
    Hope the forgot not other features which I would like tohe have even more, like :
    – Wireless Remote
    – Panorama (stiching)
    – ND-Filter

    • While an ND filter would be nice, no photo camera (except the fuji x100???) offers a built in ND filter…and, honestly, thats something you can address yourself with an ND filter. As for Panorama, in my opinion thats a gimmicky feature, although I understand people shooting landscapes might find that useful.

      What we really need, much more than all that or even faster AF, is better DR. Repeat with me: better DR, better DR, better DR :)

      I’m tired of blown out highlights on m43 sensors.

      • Gabi

        For me, Panaorma, if well implemented, is more than a “gimmicky feature”. A panorama feature can substitute for a lacking wide-angle view without using a wide-angle lens.

        • alexander

          correct! :-)

        • dvdyeo


          God knows how many beautiful panoramic shots I’ve missed with my ep1. Panoramic is great for those who don’t PP. Its just a software feature, so there’s no harm adding it in.

        • +1000

        • JF

          @Gabi: With some restrictions yes but it can’t completely substitute to wide angle. With hand held pano you can have parallax problems if you have a close foreground and a far background. In this case I think a pano function will give poor quality results. However, in some cases it can be useful

          • Gabi

            You are right. Therefore I wrote “can”. If you have moving objects, you may have problems. But for a lot of shots, it may be a decent substitute.

        • Tadeo

          just use the automate function in photoshop and you don´t even need a new camera to do this

          • rrr_hhh

            It is not the same I already had that function in the Canon G2 back in 2001 and you can adjust the next picture to take while seeing the preceding one on the LCD aka you can adjust for a seamless juncture in the VF before taking the next picture. It was really great because you got better stitches afterward.

      • @ Nico Foto
        you would need a ND filter for each lens you own and some lens don’t take them.

        Also a Panoramic feature is wanted by many users and comes as standard on most smart phones now.

        blown out highlights – use exposure compensation when shooting via LCD

        • Archer

          Step-up rings or Lee filter holders solve that problem, although I grant that they are a bit inconvenient. Better is to have a system where all of filter threads are the same diameter.

        • As for ND: do you really need an ND filter for all your lenses?
          I can’t think one reason why i would buy an ND filter for my 14mm for instance. You may need an ND filter if shooting a portrait wide open in bright sun…i’d say you may have one or two lenses for that use in your bag when out shooting. Lets say the 20mm and the 45mm. So, you may need an ND for those 2 lenses, and that’s it (that’s what I do in fact). I don’t think its such a big deal. Photographers have been shooting for ages without an ND in the camera.

          I’m not saying its not practical (IT IS), but if choosing between that and other most important features such as a better sensor, i’d go for the better sensor all the way.

          As for blown out highlights, i know how to use exposure compensation. But as i said on my original post, when street shooting you generally don’t have the luxury of time (to carefully adjust exposure), or when travel shooting there are scenes that just REQUIRE higher DR. And if you happily use exposure compensation to avoid blown out highlights, you may be losing bunches of data on the ever important midtones…No, its not as simple as exposure compensation…

      • BLI

        The Oly XZ-1 has built-in ND filter.

        • narutogrey

          That is a point and shoot. Many point and shoot cameras have ND filters built in because they do not have proper aperture control. The XZ-1 is one of those exceptions because it does have aperture control. Larger sensor cameras in general do not have nd filters. The x-100 had one because the leaf shutter could not give high enough shutter speeds at open apertures, so it is there to compensate for a flaw.

          • a leaf shutter is not a flaw, it has i ts limitations to be sure but it is not a flaw. (sigh)

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’d prefer a simpler camera, like an original OM or FM2, without all the superfluous garbage.
        Although in-camera panoramas do have some utility, why clutter up already cluttery interfaces with things that are better handled with Photoshop. Of course, having to buy and learn to use it is another issue.

        • +10000

          You got exactly what i was saying. Back to basics. There are a few key aspects that really impact your experience when out shooting and afterwards when in PP. Concentrate on those, and remove the superfluous.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Right on!

            One of my favorite quotes from Saint-Exupery…

            A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

            That’s it for me!

        • Rich

          Couldn’t agree more.

      • Xz1 has inbuilt nd filter…

      • why not considering another mirrorless system then? plenty of choice. The amount of blown out hilights with 4/3 has never bothered me in model photography. Though i use the GXR system now, I might consider this OM body.

        • You said it yourself: model photography. Meaning: controlled lighting. Out in the streets is an entirely different game.

          • Mr. Reeee

            That’s the whole point. Shooting where the only control you have over lighting is where you position yourself and where you aim your lens!

            Lower ISO allows for better IQ and or extended flexibility in extreme lighting conditions, like snow, or sand, or in southern and equatorial regions.

            Super-high ISO is nothing more than a salesman’s presentation bullet point.

            • just to make myself clear, i was talking about better DR, not high iso. :)

              When you cannot control lighting, things happen fast, and you need to get the shot from where you are, better DR is a real life saver.

          • lol, thats prejudice….not all model photography is with controlled lighting…I work only with natural light and outdoors so same rules apply to both of us.

            • Not exactly, 9 out of 10 times i can’t ask the subject “move over there, under that beautiful lighting” :)

              If i can choose where the person is, where I am, and have the luxury of time to nail the metering perfectly, then, yes, i agree, no blown out highlights

              • you’re right about the choice of position and timing, but street photography does not always mean you have extreme contrast situation, its not like you are shooting on the beach or other overly bright locations. My question was actually why stick to 4/3 if you cant deal with the problems you experience, why wait or demand for that ONE sensor that finally fullfills the needs? If that was my complaint i would have easily switched system as i am not loyal to system or brand(which has no logic to me anyway). I did switch because i had practical problems with other aspects in the PEN’s I used.

                • Well, i have already invested in the system – when i first started looking for a compact travel system to avoid carrying my dslr, the only viable solution was m43. So its not that easy to jump ship, not unless you have money burning in your pockets at least :)

                  Besides, in terms of overall size and weight, m43 keeps on being a good proposition…

                  In any case, i’m closely following NEX evolution. Sony has said they’ll work on smaller lenses. If they had a 24mm, 50mm and 90mm set of smallish primes, i would probably consider switching…

                  • So which lenses do you own for M43?
                    Sometimes I miss my E-P2, especially the IBIS and decent framebuffer, qualities which my current GXR both lacks. Other then that the Ricoh is a fine camera.
                    I only use 1 or 2 (MF)lenses since my jump into photography 1984, so I have not the problem of a real investment, hence the easy switching.
                    The Nex-7 was interesting for a while, but now waiting for the complete image of the OM camera….somehow its the looks thats also part of being convinced.

      • fgl42

        Panorama is awesome. I really hope this camera has it. Same for wireless remote. Seriously doubt it will have a built in ND filter though. But the wireless remote and panorama- it should have those.

  • If it is the fastest of all mirrorless cameras then it’s faster than the Nikon V1 and it is bloody fast. I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing this camera in the flesh.

  • In 6 years of using dslr I haven’t used predictive AF once, PDAF only caused me
    Front/back focus problems,
    My gh1 AF is much better for general use hen any dslr ever was, crossing fingers that there would be CDAF inside the OMD

    • The M4/3 system is built round CDAF so I think we can be sure it will have it. The question is will it have PDAF as well.

    • Ronbot

      The front/back focus is mainly caused by misalignment/miscallibration b/w pdaf sensor and image sensor.
      If the omd has pdaf, it’ll be on the image sensor so it wouldn’t be a problem. Also, cdaf is there as Ian said.

      • Archer

        There are still issues with lenses being out of spec, which does happen, even with Olympus.

    • Anonymous

      On-sensor PDAF doesn’t suffer from back/front focus issues.

      That said, I seriously doubt Olympus has the capabilities to finance development of a new sensor with onboard PDAF. The claim is most likely marketing hyperbole.

      Would I like to see a mirrorless camera with onboard PDAF? Hell yes. Would the lack of one stop me from buying a camera? Nope.

  • Miroslav

    Oh no, another camera with fastest AF :). If it’s fastest than Nikon V1, then it’s really something. Hopefully, it’s achieved via on sensor PDAF – and can therefore auto focus with all 4/3 lenses.

    • ange7

      and while we’re fantasizing…I hope it can auto focuses by shifting the sensor forward and backward so I can get auto focus with my manual lenses.

      • Me

        That’s not even possible. Focus is done inside the lens, you can’t focus by moving the sensor.

        • TheEye

          Please think: where is focus achieved? Focus occurs on the sensor (or film plane), where the in-focus image is recorded. Given the facility of moving the sensor for- and backward, focusing is absolutely possible within the range allowed by sensor (film) plane movement. See Contax RX, which did exactly that (moving the film plane). That said, I don’t see how this feature can possibly be implemented in a thin body, other than providing potentially final fine-focus, besides being a very complex and expensive approach in the first place.

        • dumbo

          also take a look at the bellows system, like the mamiya rb67.
          the lens does not have internal focusing, it is the distance between the lens and the film that is what focuses the image.

          • TheEye

            Or look at any large format camera. Focusing is done by changing the distance between the lens/lens board assembly and the film holder. Large format lenses do not provide any inbuilt focusing feature.

        • Dana

          Contax had “sensor” (film plane) shift for AF with MF lenses in the 1990s.

          • Yes and camera name is Contax AX.

      • Michael

        I doubt that it will allow true autofocus with a manual lens. But automatic finetuning after coarse manual focus should be entirely possible, if the sensor can move back- and forward!?

        Does anyone know, just how much a sensor really moves around during the IS process? How much would be needed for meaningful sensor-AF?

        Also, since the sensor actuators are probably much faster than any lens motor, this could be a much better way to keep the focus on a moving object (check, if the object is moving back- or forward with fast sensor movements, to prevent the slow lens AF from running in the wrong direction).

  • Maley

    Above 100k would be more than 1300$, seems more than the 1100$ you stated earlier.

    • admin

      Prices in Japan are always higher!

      • rrr_hhh

        You have to wonder why the Americans are always getting lower prices than elsewhere in the world. Once you could argue that it was due to the favorable changing rate of the dollar, but that is no more true : the dollar has been constantly sinking since 2001 or so. So why do we have to buy everything at a higher cost ? And the VAT doesn’t explain everything, because this often remains true even after substraction of the VAT !

        ( note for EU customers : in the EU, the VAT is aLways included in the prices, while it s not in the US because it is different in every state. Plus US customers buying online can avoid the VAT if they buy online in another state than where they live)

        • Diane B

          By law they are not supposed to bypass the sales tax from their state. They are to pay the tax to their state directly but no one does it. This is why Amazon is fighting with several states about this because quite large amounts of sales tax are not being collected by the state. As it is in my own state only online stores that also have brick and mortar stores or offices in the state now collect the tax directly as they charge your credit card. An example is Lands End whose headquarters are in Wisconsin I believe but they are part of the group to which Sears belongs so if your state has a Sears and/or KMart then you’ll be charged sales tax for your online purchase. However we are supposed to report our purchases to the state and pay that tax. Just that there is no way to enforce this individuao by individual.

          • Kyle

            Good point, Diane, but state/local sales tax only probably averages around 8%, depending where you are in the US. The price difference between EU pricing and US is higher than that from what I have seen. Maybe some other taxes at work, customs etc., behind the scenes.

  • Sandy

    Admin: good AF performance also with 43rds lenses? Danke :)

    • admin

      don’t knwo that.

    • Why Americans SOMETIMES get lower prices: It’s because we’re cheapskates. It’s part of our national character. Barring a few exceptions (e.g. Apple products and military hardware) we refuse to pay even a bit extra for something significantly better or nicer… we’re always willing to cut corners and put up with chintzy crap if it will save us a few cents on the dollar. You can see that in everything from our health care system to the way we’ve cut our own throats to make China the world’s leading industrial power. “Yeah, I’m endangering my own economic future, but I wanna get a cheeper TV at Wal-Mart…”

      The flip side to that is that in highly competitive product sectors (e.g. cameras) the manufacturers know that they need to lowball the US consumer to get us to buy, so they flash us a lower price and make up for it by giving us lousy dealer channels, poor availability, and crummy after-sale support.

      • Swejk

        I’ve even been understood … ; °)

      • pdc

        In Europe, VAT is often included in the ticketed price. Not so in North America.

      • Ross

        I thought they always had to have the biggest & the best. ;) :D

  • Lez

    “selling for above 100,000 yen in Japan” It’s 1000 EUR in Japan, so the price will be even higher than 1000 EUR in Europe :(

  • Yun

    Fastest auto focus again ! What is the point keep increasing the speed but minor improvement in image quality ?
    Is this camera capable to outclass NEX’s IQ ?
    Or beat all the entry level DSLR ?

    • That’s exactly what i’m thinking. Although faster AF would be nice, as it helps the system compete with DSLRs for instance, the achilles heel has always been the lack of DR the system has. Your exposure is just a bit off??? Boom! Say your highlights goodbye. Or, if you expose conservatively to preserve highlights, then you lose info on the shadows. This system needs some fresh sensor badly to compete with the likes of NEX or Fuji X-Pro 1.

    • spam

      If it don’t focus fast enough then the world’s best IQ wont help much. What would you prefer – an in focus shot from OM-D or an out of focus shot from NEX-7?

      Btw, Olympus focus fast with a small selection of lenses and barely faster than the best Panasonic models even with these. Actually Panasonic focus faster than Olympus on the rest of mFT-lenses.

      So, Olympus has a lot to improve to be class leader in AF for mirrorless. They often make completely unrealistic claims, based on performance with a single or a few lenses in special conditions.

      Right now Nikon 1 is a clear class leader for mirroreless, also with quite a few restrictions, but Nikon 1 is the only mirrorless system with decent focus tracking. You might want to read Thom Hogan’s test:

      And why shouldn’t they improve AF if they can? I don’t know anything about either IQ or AF on OM-D, but it certainly makes sense to me to improve what they can do something about.

      • @spam
        so funny “Right now Nikon 1 is a clear class leader for mirrorless” that’s why only moderate sales in North America and Switzerland, camera consumers are no longer stupid ( well most).

        • spam

          You quote only part of the sentence, it should be fairly clear that it was about AF-performance if you read the whole paragraph.

      • It all depends on ones needs. I find that the latest gen of m43 cams have a reasonably fast AF, as long as you’re not shooting sports or something like that – and anyone who’s shooting sports or fast moving action with m43 picked the wrong system, honestly.

        But DR is definitely lacking, and it determines how much you can work with your images in PP, the amount of tones that can be represented, the subtle gradations of a scene…i don’t know about you, but, to me, that is a key aspect of image quality. I want smooth images.

        Even more, DR is probably the only real drawback of the system at this point if you use it properly. And there’s where the battle is with NEX and such.

        If they can improve AF, good for them, I applaud them, all i’m saying is that I believe most users would agree that current speed is good enough. We should begin concentrating on core IQ aspects if the system is to survive competing with APS-C offerings…

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > but Nikon 1 is the only mirrorless system with decent focus tracking. You might want to read Thom Hogan’s test:

        That’s PDAF in work in there.
        Unlike contrast AF it knows immediately and precisely how much and to which direction target moves allowing proper tracking of target and ability to predict linear movement.

        I would expect every compact camera maker to be researching focal plane PDAF because contrast AF will always stay as trial and error focusing no matter how fast lens’ focusing mechanisms work.

        • AtlDave

          As soon as PDAF is available on DX size sensors I would expect low end SLRs will get replaced with mirrorless designs just for the cost savings. The pentamirror, PDAF system, mirror and possibly the shutter could all get eliminated. Such a camera could use the existing SLR lenses. While cameras like the NEX that uses a new mount would be much thinner with a pancake attached by the time you add the kit zoom that is usually sold with low end cameras the one using an existing SLR mount would not be that much larger. And it could use all the existing SLR lenses without an adaptor.

      • Spam

        Give me image quality—not all photography requires fast focus.

        • spam

          I don’t argue against good IQ, I argue that fast AF is important. All photos require fast enough AF (provided you use AF of course).

          How fast fast enough is depends on the situation, but I assume most people want the camera to handle as many situations as possible. I’m also pretty sure Olympus would like to sell cameras to people doing all kinds of shots and that makes AF speed a really important issue.

    • Are you suggesting that the GX-1’s image quality isn’t good enough for you? If so, then that is impressive. I can’t think of a single image I’d like to take that couldn’t be done with a GX-1 sensor. Is it as good as Sony’s APS-C sensors? No, of course not, but there’s no breaking the laws of physics. A smaller sensor is always going to be a step behind.

      The sensor doesn’t have to beat the NEX-5n, it just has to be good enough, and it surely will be.

      As far as competing with the X-Pro, image quality is but one aspect of a camera. If that’s all that mattered we’d all be rushing out to buy Nikon D4’s. The OM-D will compete just fine even if the sensor is no better than the PAnasonic G3’s. Do any other mirrorless cameras have weather seals? That alone is more important to me than an extra stop or two of ISO.

      • Anonymous

        I believe that Olympus/Panasonic wants to compete with the other MILC producers out there; and Sony with their NEX ist the major rival of the µFT-system. So, if Olympus and Panasonic want to stay competitive, the have to make a leap in IQ – regardless of the real need for it.
        Then again, looking at samples of this new Canon G1X or at those from the Nikon’s CX sensor I couldn’t say that sensor size matters that much; it rather seems to me that technology has a lot more to do with it.
        And yes, IQ ist one aspect of the camera, handling and other features are other apects and the sum of them makes the deal, so a producer should try to stay on the top of as many as possible features compared to his rivals.
        Nevetheless, quite an exciting rumour bunch ;)

      • Eric, i don’t know about what you shoot, or your background experience. I mainly use m43 for travel and streets – a perfect use for this system. And, in travel and streets is where you will probably find the most demanding lighting conditions for a sensor. Wide variety of tones, high contrasts, etc. Sometimes you just can’t choose a better time of day or change light if you want to get the picture.

        I’m not asking for ultra high iq at ISO3200, all i’m asking for is good DR at base iso, you know, performance that would match APS-C sensors of…2, 3 years ago? That’s what i’m asking for.

        We all know m43 will have a tough competition from NEX and Fuji offerings, and soon Pentax and even Leica, all sporting big sensors. All those offerings will eventually offer comparable AF (if they already don’t). So you really think its not important that sensor quality on this side of the fence is key for the success of the system? At least for discerning photographers and prosumers I bet it is!

        “I can’t think of a single image I’d like to take that couldn’t be done with a GX-1 sensor.”

        The question is not wether the image can be done. The question is what happens in the real world where mistakes are made, exposure might be a bit off, and situations don’t repeat, or the range of tones in a scene is too wide. There is where a good sensor might make a difference. And anyone who understands AND practices photography would agree on that.

        • bibi

          Agree Nico. That is what i want too : DR. I’m not shooting at ISO3200. Don,t care about ISO too much, but i want that swan to be perfect in my pictures.

      • BLI

        I just took a nice (amateur) picture (E-P3) of a light grey cat with black spots among rubble, in a mixed shadowy and strong sun light setting. To my surprise, a part of the picture (part of the cat’s fur) is totally burnt-out (jpg — haven’t checked the raw file); yet the remaining of the picture seems to have perfect exposure. Improved DR would be *most* welcome!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > but there’s no breaking the laws of physics. A smaller sensor is always going to be a step behind.

        World’s largest sensor isn’t going to help quality if pixels are so small that they output only pee and shit quality data.
        It’s the photosite/pixel size which defines performance limit for sensors of equal quality/tech design by limiting amount of light gathered by single pixel.

        Sony’s 24MP sensor has only slightly larger pixels/photosites (3.9 vs 3.75 microns) and still those have over quadrupled dynamic range at base ISO.
        Even compact sensor Canon Powershot G12 (2 micron pixels) can give more dynamic range than G3/GX1 despite of lower dynamic range having been always called as one of the major disadvantages of compacts compared to system cameras.
        So considering differences (or lack of it) in light gathering ability of pixels Panasonic sits firmly in the seat of sensor tech fail boat captain.

        • reverse stream swimmer

          “The smaller the sensors are, the sharper they seem.”

          QE is the parameter to optimize. However, while the photosite/pixel size is a key parameter, other parameters (circuit topology, process geometries) influence the Quantum Efficiency as well. Shrinking pixel sizes doesn’t necessarily lowering the sensors performance (IQ).

          Like the best APS-C can rival FF (Fujifilm X-Pro1), the best 1/1.7″ CCDs can rival MFT with kit lenses as well.

    • tobiasNEX7n

      all the image quality doesn’t help if AF is too slow and your subject is out of the frame by the time you go click, my first hand experience with the Fuji X100 (which I returned after 4 days), incredible files but forget about moving subjects….if this OM really focuses much faster then….hmmmm, might just have to change my name ;)

    • Jorginho

      COuldn’t agree more. I don’t mind if it focusses in 0,05 or 0,07 s. I want it to focus like a nikon when it comes to BIF etc.

    • Tadeo

      The problem with NEX cameras is they have great sensors with horrible glass. m4/3 is quite the oposite: great native lenses but not so great sensors. but think where are the real limitations of the system. why do you need uber high clean ISOs if you can have fast gorgeous lenses and/or flash?

  • juanko

    waiting always better help light focus that e-p3

    • Martin


      Why do you expect miracles?

    • I completely agree with Nico, and I wish that admin concentrated more on what Oly means by increased DR.

      Fuji, it seems did a terrific job, by altering the matrix of the photosites.

      Oly so far went ahead by better denoisers. There is a relationship between noise and DR, which is SNR. You cannot increase DR if there is too much noise.

      So they improved Shadow Recovery and kept the camera underexposing. If they have better in camera denoisers yet, they could earn some DR. But what people mean by better DR is really no blown highlights.

      The 620 achieved that but people didn’t like it because it was too dark and too noisy: perhaps now there is a better chance.

      The other way would be to do in camera limited HDR – but shadow recovery is very similar. Or simply allow for a ND split filter for sunny days.

      In fact I find the tonal gradation of the Olys one of the best. It’s only the last bit on the right which is worrysome. A more effective tone control than in the PL3 could go towards that. On the OM-D there seems to be a dedicated button.

  • ArtP

    Suspect it will be fastest only w the new 12-50 lens. Olympus ‘fastest AF’ claims always seem to require the latest lens.

    • Mike

      Or maybe with SWD lenses ;-)

      • Ross

        We wish! I’m still hoping anyhow, because I’d like to get the SWD 50-200 for my E30 but I’m not keen to buy something like that until I’m sure of it’s future use (plus I need to find the money).

  • soldar

    honestly, i’d rather have slow AF like in the x100 but better image quality in DR especially and high iso.
    and no i’m not going to fall for the market pr of a new “tweaked” high DR sensor.
    if such a sensor existed it would have been used in panasonic’s cameras first.

    • GH1/2 Sensor tweaked by Oly gets my vote

    • spam

      Provided it was a Panasonic sensor and that it was ready for the latest Panasonic model.

    • Gunt

      I’m so much with you on this one.

  • om-4

    +1 Wait for the RIII version of the kitlens in champagne/black.

  • om-4

    New line of product. Limited editions full metal lenshood and retro T32 flash.

  • teh young sun

    i hope a global shutter that will allow high speed flash sync without resorting to hss

    • metalaryeh

      High speed flash sync of 1/250. Especially if base ISO is 200…

    • Berneck

      Now that would be a nice touch. Virtually no shutter lag would be great. I assume these companies are working on a global shutter, but I’m surprised that it hasn’t moved up to more of the higher end cameras. The NEX-7 has it, right?

      • No global shutter on NEX. Otherwise video files would show no jello effect.

  • Paul

    Sounds like an awesome camera, but is the sensor going to be worth a damn? Looking at what has come out in the last few months, the bar has been set pretty high. Is M4/3 falling behind?

  • Berneck

    I love how so many people assume that highlighting faster autofocus somehow means they are trying to create a diversion from the same old image quality. Is it just me or aren’t the rumors saying that this is a new sensor? I haven’t seen a single reliable source say that this is simply a tweaked G3/GX1 sensor. Yes, we have been very disappointed in the past, and we don’t want to get our hopes up again, but so many are talking as if it is fact that this will be “the same old crappy sensor”

    • Chris

      I agree. I think people should bear in mind that we have a couple of weeks to go to the announcement and this is the first proper rumour. If Oly do not have a strategy to whip up into a frenzy the world’s most hyperactive group of m43-addicted gearheads just in time for the announcement then their marketing people are just not doing their job.

      So they start with a rumour that gets people saying ‘well, that’s always nice, but is it really needed? Admin, your sources are clearly leaking lots. Tell me about *this*, tell me about *that*. Tell us *MORE*! *I need to know!!!*’

      They’ll release the juiciest leak shortly before the launch, I’m sure. Just relax and enjoy the ride, everyone. Oh, and ‘hello, Oly people!’

    • Raist

      Hold on- you have not seen a single reliable source say this is simply a tweaked Panny sensor, yet have you seen *any single reliable rumor* that this is a new sensor? It’s an Occam’s razor logic. It’s most likely a tweak.

    • Raist



    Admin Please ask the IQ for us. Thailand user need improvement at IQ for the majority. Also cont. speed which > 7 FPS.

    I would say AF speed is need less than IQ since E-P3 is very fast AF both normal light and low light.

    I am very concern that the IQ is not improved significant difference from E-P3. If yes I will not pay or upgade my E-PL2 to OM-D even it is look very nice with retro design as OM.

    I will be disappointed if IQ is not good as NEX-7 even better as NEX-5N if Olympus can do that for the best, no need for Fuji-X1-pro. It is enought for me.

  • Marck

    Those are good news. But what I would really want to know is how this new AF performs with “non micro” 4/3 lenses.
    I have a lot of them (7-14, Sigma 30 1.4, 12-60SWD, 40-150 I, 35-100 and Sigma 50-500).

    Will I be able to achieve good AF performance with them? They focus very bad at this stage with E-PL1 + MMF-1, and I can use them only with the E-5 (which is wonderful right now, but will soon be “old” and Oly won’t replace it with another 4/3 mirror body).

  • Narretz

    It seems like the OM-D will not address at least one major point:

    1) Better compability with 43 lenses

    I think this is mainly because the sources don’t say something about it. That in turn must mean it is not a hot topic – since it does not exist.

    And I think at this point we can also befriend with the possiblity that the sensor performance is a small rather than a large upgrade from the EP-3. Oh, and the EVF will probably be average.

  • Fedeskier

    Any news for the E- System???

  • Fedeskier

    Any news for the E- System???:(

  • Will

    Time to sell the newly bought GX1 and go for the OM-D?! I must be too greedy..

    • Bob B.

      If you want a bigger, heavier camera with the same sensor, (maybe) and a slow kit zoom. I like my GX1 too much right now to off-load it.

      • Will

        I love my GX1 but if I ever really sell it for the OM-D, it’s mainly because the EVF and the OLED tilting screen.

        It also depends on how much bigger and heavier than a GX1 body.

        • Bob B.

          ah…yes..good point. I like the stripped down form factor of the GX1 with LVF. Sleek and fluid. I bought an open-box G3 camera (CHEAP) and sold off the kit lens to save money as a back-up body with same sensor… so that has the articulating screen when I need it. They are both great in their own right for different reasons. …but I get it ..wanting it ALL in one camera.
          This OM is shaping up to be a very exciting offering, no doubt!!!!

  • Bob B.

    GX1 vs EP3…was it ever determined which one had the fastest autofocus? If it was the GX1 (which I think it might be) couldn’t this just be that sensor (G3 sensor, which is “new” to OLY), tweaked with new electronic processing giving the OM an untestable nanosecond of faster focusing and this is just marketing hype…and then this is still just the G3 sensor wrapped in the Emperor’s New Clothes?
    Not that it isn’t an exciting camera…but this explanation seems the most plausible….especially considering Olympus’ economic situation.

    • k

      “…especially considering Olympus’ economic situation.”

      Maybe desperation will spur their best efforts. Who knows?

  • Zo

    I believe the way Olympus develops its products is incremental. Instead of giving you everything good up front, they make incremental improvement and sell you a new camera. Over time, they build up and attach all the improvements to one good camera and this what I see them doing with the PEN line and the OM line will benefit which means the next E series camera will have many benefits of all the past cameras.

    • P

      Imagine Olympus suprises us with an E-7 along with the OM-D5!! Some people might crazy deciding which one to buy!!

      • Riley

        I think they will only have this one shot at this, so ‘incremental developments’ wont be an issue

      • SLO

        It’s likely they update the E5 to use the new sensor and processing engine and warm over a few more specs (like 1080p).

        Fastest AF — All they have to do is match or do slightly better than the latest Panny or EP3, and that claim is true. The issue is if they have made some other breakthrough.

        G3 sensor. A bit faster AF than Ep3. Weather sealing. Maybe a surprise PDAF on sensor and ability to use 43 lenses. This is just evolution.

        Would be nice if they made a modular camera, App store, wireless, 3G, etc.

  • Amateur

    The fastest AF means nothing nowadays. In simple AF mode, 2011 mirrorless camara are as fast if not faster than DSLR. A gap is still there anyway, and it’s only about C-AF where pro and semi-pro DSLR rules and mirrorless disapoint.

    • Neither the NEXes nor the Q or the Fuji offerings are fast focusers.

      • Raist

        Actually not quite right- in daylight the Q focuses pretty fast. A lot of the initial reviews didn’t catch this because they tested the first firmware but the firmware patch made the AF much faster (and bootup too).

  • OM-4ever

    I care alot more about the layout, handling, responsiveness and high grade specifications of the camera. Sensor obsession is for kids. This camera may have weather sealing!!!! Can I get a “HELL, YEAH!”?

    • Archer

      HELL YEAH!

  • A. Non

    I wish everyone would accept the truth about Olympus camera sensors. Olympus doesn’t have the ability to design or manufacture their own camera sensors. They only ever use old Panasonic sensors. So with near certainty the OM-D will have the same sensor that the G3 and GX1 have.

    • I have read several times in different forums and from different sources that Oly are the owners of the N-Mos/Live-Mos patents – what means that they are more than able to design sensors. So, what we are used to call Panny sensors would be Oly sensors, in reality, wouldn’t they?

      • Raist

        I would like to know where is the evidence that Olympus owns such patents when Panasonic does and designed the sensors. They may own the trademark to them. That’s as fas as that goes.

  • Archer

    Faster AF probably comes from increasing the sensor readout speed. This would also promote a more responsive EVF. C-AF could be improved without resorting to PD by constructing motion vectors on selected regions of the frame and combining them with focus distances in sort of a 3D MPEG p-frame. Just random speculation.

    Regardless, this sounds like the system for me, something optimized for foul weather, which is my favorite kind.

  • Sergey
    • I think the is fake, but the image is made after the last leak.

    • Bob B.

      Look closely…if the admin’s pic post of the top corner of the new OM is genuine..these are just fake mock-ups….
      rounded part on the front of these new images of the OM camera under the shutter release…it is not there in the “real” photo. Plus they just look like photoshopped images of existing OM cameras from the past combined with some artwork/photoshopping.

    • admin

      fake :)

      • Riley

        yes the dial should be recessed, most certainly a fake

      • safaridon

        I think it is the partial top view that is the fake and not the other way around? First the very large dial would place the center EVF way too far to the left given the 121mm width but could be from another prototype using the rectangular shape like the NEX7 but the rumor definitely says OM EVF hump in the middle? Also I think the odd thumb rest with protrusion in the back is very unlikely.

        I would think the full frontal views shown are the genuine ones or closer to the real thing. If so it will be some very handsome camera which OM1/2 owners will love and if the specs are true I would be very tempted. I think this new model will be just as important to Oly’s success and future as the Pens have been.

    • Fish

      fake., But looking forward to the next photo from admin : )

      • Bob B.


    • juanko

      Big Fake, not have lamp light focus help

    • Raist


  • Not sure Oly develops “incrementally”. I think the strong side of Oly is presenting new conepts; OM-1, E-concept and E-P1. The weakness of Oly is it cannot really follow up with marketing and further development. I know the E-P3 is better than E-P1, but the major difference is auto-focus in good light.
    By professional damage I ended up with an excelsheet comparing the alternatives. (Was in IT before retirement and has evaluated “a few” systems, learning among other things never to trust marketing and sales). Conclusion on development side: Sony has the lead in the industry when it comes to sensors and developing user interfaces. The later from a low level though :-). Conceptual Fuji probably has the lead, but may be too small in the long run. As SYSTEM, m43 has the lead – but that is very much about lenses offer.
    From my personal view and needs, both Fuji and Pentax have/will have the lenses I happen to need. Sony gets a red box on the lens side – they need quality lenses or at least a roadmap a.s.a.p. Sony developed lenses have, so far, low to just decent quality compared to m43.
    On the camera side m43 is hampered by slow development of sensors compared to the best. However it is in a unique position because it offers cameras with different price, weight and size. Strangely enough Oly and Pana are slow to offer high end cameras. Strange because they do not like Nikon, Canon, Sony have a DSLR offering to protect.
    Can the OM-D be the camera that fills that gap?
    I know some now will talk about GH2, E-P3 and E-5 – but they are simply not there!
    I need a camera with better DR and quality exposure. I want solid build and good ergonomics. The G3 I have is, for its price, very good but lacks the above. For me Fuji X Pro1 is currently on top of my list. Looking forward to Feb 8 to see if I can stay in m43!

  • safaridon

    Most of the discussion is about the sensor in this new OM-D and most leaning towards it being the same 16MP sensor used in the GX1. The increases in AF speed in the Panys and latest Pens is not necessarily because of the sensor but rather the processing with two processors used and resultant faster thruoughput and operational speed. The same is true for the Nikon I.

    This G3/GX1 16mp sensor was equal to the best Sony APS-C sensors in resolution detail and high ISO of only 2-3 years ago but the Sony APS-C new 16mp sensor used in the NEX5N and other cameras was a definite step up in comparison for IQ. Now we have the smaller Nikon 1″ and slightly larger 1.5″ Canon sensors to compare with and we see that potential improvements to IQ to match those are definitely feasible if not likely in the next 4/3 sensors. Oly has been able with their digital processors to get a little more out of these sensors than Panny has for JPEGs using analog processing reportedly. I believe that high an IQ is all that most really will ever need and much better DR will be obtained by incorporating high speed HDR modes.

    As others have pointed out there is no such thing as a perfect camera that suits everyone and most have compromises but the OMD as specified and rumored seems very good to me.

    While there is no question the NEX5N and latest Fuji ProX have the best sensor and IQ to date one has to take into consideration the slower and less accurate AF on the former and reportedly poorer WB not to mention significantly larger lens size and less choice. Based on the Fuji X100 nobody is expecting fast AF for the ProX.

    On the other hand you have the lightning fast on sensor phase and predictive focus on the Nikon Is but plagued by very slow contrast AF for low light situations and a very problematic auto ISO settings.

    Taken in this light the latest m4/3 offerings from Oly and Pany look attractive when all these factors are taken into consideration.

    • Bob B.

      +100 (not to mention the MFT ever-growing, lens selection!). Keeps me coming back.

    • It actually depends on what you need to do YOUR photography if the different offerings are attractive to YOU.
      Different photography puts emphasis on different features. m43 offers several different cameras for different user needs.
      We have to wait until we know more about the Fuji X Pro 1, the OM-D the probable next Panasonic – and the rumored Pentax. It is to early for conclusions!
      Trying to project where the different mirrorless systems are in five years, probably Sony are among the best. Not sure about the rest o9f the crowd. Some will be there too, some not.

      • Bob B.

        True. It is individual needs and wants. I use MFT as a companion system to my FF DSLR. None of the other systems beat it for that, IMO. I want small, versatile (many lenses), fast with good image quality.
        MFT is the only thing right now that truly fits my need as a companion. No mirrorless system is capable (at this point in time) to replace my FF DSLR and a complete lens, flash, and accessory system. None.

  • I always admire people who use excel to determine rationally their choices :)

    To me Oly has among the only few cameras that excite the artist in me.

    If I was the only one to own one I wouldn’t care. Unfortunately Oly itself knows how seductive it can be and won’t have me as her only admirer.

    So it provided some of the best Jpeg, crazy artfilters, and the more streamlined bodies for easy and unobtrusive use.

    I consider my E-P2 one of the best crafted cameras I ever had, and the PL3 is not far behind.

    But I understand that boffins are impervious to its charms. Perhaps it’s better like this.

    What matters for me is the fun I have, the number of keepers and the clicks they get. They are all great, even without the latest and the greatest.

    Back to your excel tables! :)

    • Before my decision it will, too, listen to my heart as well! :-)

  • L.S.

    Good evening Admin
    the lack of info / rumors concerning 4\3 compatibility means there are no rumors or the OM -D5 has no compatibility ?

    Whatever the reason is I am more than curious on your take to this issue .
    Thanks …

    • admin

      It is compatible. Don’t worry. I think there is a new adpater too…

      • reverse stream swimmer

        -A dust-/ and splash-proof FT -> MFT adapter, I guess?

      • BLI

        Slightly cryptic? Does this imply an adapter is *required*? But what about the focus speed?

        • TheEye

          An adaptor is surely required for 4/3 lenses. I have no idea if such an adaptor could possibly contain hard- and software that facilitates optimized AF performance of 4/3 lenses on possibly any Pen body. It sure would be useful!

          • Maybe a new for OM lens also.

            • Vivek

              If there is, I hope it won’t be a dumb adapter and will offer movements.

          • Funny how Admin is reticent sometimes :)

            If the OM-D introduces a mixed PDAF-CDAF system, then it would make sense to have a new adapter that makes use of it, perhaps even a mirrored one. Or *not mirrored* if the VF is hybrid.

            Feshten? Capish? :)

            Can we have 4/3 lenses focussing at their native speed, dear Admin?

            Doesn’t cost you much to say it… :)

  • Iovis80

    can’t wait to see the real camera!! i’m curious!!!!

  • O

    OM-D is like PEN, a E-System m4/3 product line. The model is not call OM-D. It’s something else.

  • Okay, a question for Admin, our much appreciated reader-of-rumour-tea-leaves:

    I don’t really care about all the hair-splitting about IQ and AF speed — my current M43 camera (GH2) is fine for me on both counts.

    What I want to know about the OM-D is:

    — Will it fully support Olympus’ wireless TTL flash system?

    — Will it allow tethered shooting?

    All Olympus needs to do is build a camera that matches my GH2’s overall still-photo performance, has a decent built-in EVF, and has these two features (which Panasonic doesn’t offer) and I’ll want it.

    How are the chances of that, do you think?

    • flash

      50 50,

      I think it will have the ttl flash, tethering not so sure (I want tethering).

      Did the E-30 have tethering? or any of the e-???s? I have used e-5 tethering, in fact Olympus released a software tool kit for it so it can be made for highly custom operations (and not be tied down to anyone’s software). It would be great if it worked with the same software tools as the E-5.

    • Vivek

      1. Unlikely for the tethered shooting.

      2. Are there wireless TTL (radio or optical) triggers available?

    • TheEye

      I’m sure it will have wireless TTL flash. Probably still the optical slave system, which, while not ideal, works okay.

      I’m also crossing my fingers for a shorter highest sync speed. For Pete’s sake, an OM-3/4 could sync at 1/2000 sec. Since I frequently use fill flash in daylight, a short sync speed would be much more useful than FP strobe.

      • The Real Stig

        The OM4/3 flash sync speed was 1/60 using a conventional flash. With the F280 flash they could sync at all speeds but that was because the flash was not conventional.

        • TheEye

          Oh, I see. It was an early version of FP? Didn’t know that!

  • Camajan

    I hope it gets a touchscreen. I agree it is not needed, but it can be very useful when using tilt screen, point focus an viewing pictures.
    I hope they wont forget that.

    • Dez

      I dont think that at a tilt-shift shot you would use any kind of autofocus. Not to mention touchscreen point focus.

  • Raist

    Admin- if the AF speedup is true, I am betting it’s faster readout, not phase detection.

    • admin

      No, I have beent told it’s a mix of tehcnology.

  • Charlie

    Fast autofocus is good, but consistency in accuracy is the new goal.

    For smaller body cameras, I think the Nikon 1 may be the benchmark for consistent accuracy?

  • Macdeg

    Any clue about the video performance (avchd 2.0? 24/25p?) anyone?

    • admin

      I have no specs, just marketing blabla :)

      • Sure only best ever. :-D

  • people will never be happy thats for sure…..good luck Olympus, I salute you.

  • beavis

    Well, I hope it will work well in video mode. Speed is not everything… Sony translucent mirror cameras have fast phase detection autofocus, but unusable for serious video capture – very sensitive for changes – keeps refocusing all the time. For example Panasonic GH2 autofocus is very well balanced between sufficient speed and clever stability, when focused. For video I prefer slower refocusing – more like manual focusing… Reliability is more important.

  • Don’t pressure the Admin, he has to modulate the rumors. If he tells us everything, then February 8th will be so boring.

  • jiamflash

    Isn’t this like the 829374982 times Olympus claim the fastest AF ever? It’s getting old

  • fgl42

    Based on that tiny pic it didn’t look like an OM-1 to me. I wish it did.

  • Best AF but poor sensor…

  • Jonathan

    It’s a Aptina sensor…

    • safaridon

      Aptina Sensor? May be possible? If you look up Aptina on Google you will find that in Sept 2010 Aptina announced they were manufacturing a 16MP APS-C size sensor and intented to go after the DSLR market. There was no prior announcement concerning the 1″ size BSI sensor made for the Nikon I series so not improbable that they have proceeded on other larger sized sensors so maybe a scaled down one for Olympus from the 16MP APS-C size one? We see what wonders Aptina managed with their 1″ 10 MP sensor for the Nikon I and that one had phase AF on the sensor so this may become very interesting indeed.

    • Charlie

      Hmmmmm ……….. ;)

  • Pei

    Ha ha, isn’t this word for word E-P3’s rumor? No wait, E-P3 claimed to have the fastest AF of any camera ever made, this is just fastest among EVIL/mirrorless.

    I guess Olympus realized there is no way OM-D5’s AF can match 1D X, D4 and A77’s speed.

    • James70094

      when it came out, the E-p3 had the fastest AF. There were several tests done. Now that is no longer true, Olympus may be ready to reclaim that.

  • ginsbu
    • Charlie

      what it’s worth, when I was at B&H looking at the Pen line on Tuesday, the Olympus rep was there holding court. He said that the camera division has been wholly insulated from the financial woes and has been carrying on as though nothing was different. He said that in February we’d see the new line of Micro43 cameras from Olympus. He said that the viewfinder technology was really something special, and unlike anything in competitor’s products. Finally, he said that Olympus will be pushing hard with this camera to get the FourThirds shooters to come over, offering a free FourThirds to Micro43 adapter to existing E-series owners that purchase the new camera. Olympus clearly sees the digital OM line as the replacement for the E-series.

      All to be taken with a shaker of salt, but that’s what he was telling the folks at the Olympus booth at B&H, trying to speak so that customers couldn’t hear.

  • compositor20

    After comparing DXO data and dpreview images panasonic fz150 with panasonic gh-2 the panasonic fz150 is more efficient…

    If they resized that sensor to a m43 one it should have 12.5 stops of DR at base ISO and that supposed new sensor could be at iso 3200 as good as panasonic g3 and gh-2 at iso 1600… so that would mean usable iso 6400 (like olympus e-p3 at 1600) and outstanding iso 3200!

    Is the panasonic fz150 a backlit sensor and so not resizeable to m43 with that advatange?

  • Barugg owb ama

    Free adapter, thats one approach, but it better be weathersealed, and Af fast like on e system (or faster lol). Otherwise u see tons of esystem photographers jumping….

  • Wally in Texas

    Leave all the fluff in a menu, yes give me the ability to customize that menu too, and leave iso, shutter, aperture on the body. Oh yea and I AM SHOUTING THIS A FLASH SYNC PORT or better yet TALK TO POCKET WIZZARD OR PHOTTIX. Oh Fuji just did all of this except the Pocket Wizzard radio frequency trigger.

  • We’r waiting

  • Ricardo

    An olympus OM-D makes only sense with a full frame sensor, otherwise it will be no compentition with the Fuji X camera with his twice so big as 3/4 sensor.
    Bringing mirorless to the prosumer and pro platform the only choice is a bigger sensor with a Olympus OM 1/2/3/4 size camera.
    A mirorless system with fast AF , low noise and a resolution from 16 till 24 MP will be a blast for a lot of DSLR.

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