(FT5 -> UPDATED) First images of the new Panasonic GF6!!!


UPDATE: Techradar leaked (and than removed) the content about their GF6 review. I have been requested to remove the images and I did it. But Google still shows them if you search for the GF6. And Also Dpreview forum posted the Techradar images.

Let me know what you think about the new camera style. I think it’s gorgeus!


  • It looks excellent.
    (BTW, as I understand there will be no G6 by 6th april…)

    • I’m really hoping they change the G6 to a RF style….doubt it though!

      • No!!! Please leave the G series as is: EVF hump, large, ergonomical grip and tilting-swiveling LCD.

        • David


          In all likelihood, the GF6 changes seal the deal that this is what we’ll get for the G6 — thank god.

          DonTom, I think you are waiting for what may be the GX2?

    • stickytape

      I think it’s a significant improvement on the GF5, but then I hated the look of that camera with its rounded off edges. IMO, it would look better without the diminutive hump above the lens (I doubt it would make much difference to the flash or whatever is hiding under there), but it seems like Panasonic designers like their curves lol

      Still awaiting the GX2……

      • Anonymous

        That swelling on the top looks ridiculous, ruins the lines completely.

        • Is it a lump or is it a hump?

    • beautemps

      Mode dial and thicker. I now understand what a hybrid of GF + GX means. There is no more room for a traditional GX-Line. I suppose GX might get the new rangefinder style.

  • Spitzy

    Looks like what we’ve come to expect from the GF series. Uproar in the comments section begins in 3…2…1

  • Mr. Reeee

    Wow. Very nice so far!
    I like that sexy metal top plate.

    How about some shots of the back?

    • +1, looks like a very nice update. Not for me, but looks good.

    • David

      I managed to find 14 different images of the camera, including 2-3 you might consider of the back (there are also ones from top right side, top left, zoomed in, etc) via “URL guessing” based on the one DonTom gave me. But then it looked like techradar spotted me doing it and deleted (or renamed) them all from their webserver :)

      But I did save the 14 off from my browser cache, so I still have them. I don’t think there would be much of a point posting them here though, given 43R already deleted the post that DonTom gave the link to the one photo here, they would probably delete whatever link I post here too.

      If you have an email address you can risk posting, I will send you all the pictures if you want.

    • The back has the same layout as the GF5, but has an additional function button below the control wheel.

      • David

        yes, Fn2 is to the right of the Q.menu button, lower right corner. But I think there is one more button, just above that, and smaller, labeled “Wifi.” At least I think there is a small button next to that label. the lighting and focus of the pictures I have make it hard to see, they are all at an angle with little lighting from the rear & a narrow DOF. I suspect there is a better, clearer picture of the entire back, but I did not find it before they took them all down :(

    • wls

      That whole shiny top is one piece. I’m kinda doubtful that it is all metal especially when you see the back side and how it slopes down. Not thrilled about the mode dial as it sticks up a bit and detracts from the smoothness of the top. The screen is tilt not articulated and goes up and down. Otherwise it looks good

      • wls

        PS: the Zoom control appears to be a control ring around the shutter button. The flash top looks larger and may have been beefed up or at least I hope so.

    • If it had two humps, it might turn me on.

  • David

    Is that the new 14-42 kit lens too? Think so.

    Did they lose the sliding power switch & replace it with a button? Hope not, I really like feature of the lumix cameras.

    Did they make it mono sound again, a la GF3, vs. stero of GF5?

    The “styling” though, looks semi-classic

    • Anonymous

      I can see a sliding power switch and two microphones, what are you talking about?

      • David

        Oh yeah. Just slightly different placement (probably better). Cool.

        Pictures easier to see on the site 43R stole them from, there are higher res versions.

        This is a GF camera that actually has my serious attention …

  • What the hell! Mmanual video?

  • jimmy

    no evf? no hotshoe? this toy camera should be no more than $299 retail.

    • David

      jimmy, what planet have you been living on last few years, that you have never seen the GF2, GF3, or GF5, so this comes as some kind of shock? If they added those, it would not be a GFx camera anymore. Duh.

      • Dan

        My gf2 has a hotshoe and I do use it. even though I also have a g3 and a gh2 sometimes I just like the size of the gf2 and flash. its lot easier to carry when all you have is a back pack that has to carry other supplies as well.

  • David

    thanks for the link. It looks like 43R actually took the pictures from there, without even crediting it?

    *NOT* cool, 43R, if so. Everyone credits your site, be equally conscientious and considerate.

    • David

      Glad you added the credit. I think I perhaps saw your post only partly completed, there were no commetns yet & there were only three pcitures.

      The TR site has (had) a 4th picture which shows the camera from the side, with screen straight up in “selfie” mode.

      I know the rashers will be out in force, but … I think this may be a winner. I can see having this a 2nd MFT camera. hopefully it is not too much larger than G5.

      Unfortunately I only got to see the first page of the 3 page review at techradar before they took it down :(

      • At the moment they can still be found with a google image search of “Panasonic GF6”, including a fourth pic of the screen in the “selfie” position.

        • David

          DonTom – see my post above, I actually found 14 photos of the GF6 on techradar dot com, there might have been more, using the link you gave as a pattern, but they were all suddenly deleted from their webserver as I was walking through them. 43R has also deleted your link posted here now. If you want me to email you the 14 give me a email address you can risk posting …

          • David

            And now my quotes from the review are also removed. I’m taking that as indication that you don’t want me sharing anything I saved from their review here (1 page of text and 14 pictures) and respect that.

            May I at least say that — based on what I saw — this may be the best GF camera model upgrade since the original GF1?

            • admin

              Hi! I have been asked to remove all links to their page.

            • Your quotes are not removed, they are a few posts above this one.

              • David

                A couple were. And some of the ones I replied to were removed, so mine fell down to the bottom.

                Just by way of explanation. no biggie. Both the rumor post & the comments changed numerous times in the first hour.

            • kiki

              Of course yes, it’s the best upgrade since 4 years… It’s the first one with new sensor but can’t compete with sony sensor on NEX and Olympus bodies.

              No hotshoe so no external flash/EVF, not enough Fn button because of touchscreen, no grip, no little dial wheel.

              Tilt screen is for girls (gays also), wifi (useless), bigger.

              Best thing is control zoom for X zooms, that’s all.

              • Try Harder to Hate

                “Of course yes, it’s the best upgrade since 4 years… It’s the first one with new sensor but can’t compete with sony sensor on NEX and Olympus bodies.”

                -Don’t know what cameras you expect the GF6 to compete with, but even still, SENSORS will be the last thing the customer for this camera will be thinking about.

                “No hotshoe so no external flash/EVF, not enough Fn button because of touchscreen, no grip, no little dial wheel.”

                -Again, the customer would care less about a hotshoe, PLUS it has a built-in Flash. If you read the review:

                “The front of the camera has a grip attached to it, which is moulded to the shape of a finger gripping it. This makes it feel very comfortable and secure in the hand, especially when shooting one-handed.”

                It also has the Quick Menu, which works excellent.

                “Tilt screen is for girls (gays also), wifi (useless), bigger.”

                -Really? Tilt screen for Olympus cameras are good, Panasonic cameras Bad, GAY? Wow. WiFi is great for transferring files to phones, computers… I use it all the time on my 6D.

                “Best thing is control zoom for X zooms, that’s all.”

                -Try Harder… Your hate Ain’t strong enough. I’d bet if this was a Olympus camera, you’d be dancing in the street right now. But it isn’t and you mad.

                • kiki

                  “Of course yes, it’s the best upgrade since 4 years… It’s the first one with new sensor but can’t compete with sony sensor on NEX and Olympus bodies.”

                  -Don’t know what cameras you expect the GF6 to compete with, but even still, SENSORS will be the last thing the customer for this camera will be thinking about.

                  –i’m sorry, i don’t agree… human eye = 10bits. 12mpixels sensor, around 12bits. Many people love editing their pics by PT, so it need more mpixels. 24mpixels or more, is for advertisings pictures with big size, many PT, etc…
                  Olympus done the right job, putting sony sensor in all their new bodies epl5, epm2, omd and soon e5. Why not gh3 sensor (i dunno if sony or panasonic but thats not the point).

                  “No hotshoe so no external flash/EVF, not enough Fn button because of touchscreen, no grip, no little dial wheel.”

                  -Again, the customer would care less about a hotshoe, PLUS it has a built-in Flash. If you read the review:

                  –why care less? Look at all news olympus bodies, all have one hotshoe. Many like to have a EVF on a compact expert. Look NEX with EVF but unfortunally, too bigs lens. Look Fuji with EVF, but too expensive, not same range as GF6. Same for Leici. I have many bigs flashes externals alos and can’t use without hotshoe… i have GF1 and GF2, love both and my wife GF5. I was waiting for a new GF since GF2 with hotshoe. I dont like Olympus and Sony unfortunally…

                  “The front of the camera has a grip attached to it, which is moulded to the shape of a finger gripping it. This makes it feel very comfortable and secure in the hand, especially when shooting one-handed.”

                  -It also has the Quick Menu, which works excellent.

                  –why adding a PASM dial and not adding more button. that’s not difficult to make and not everybody like touchscreen with quick menu.

                  “Tilt screen is for girls (gays also), wifi (useless), bigger.”

                  -Really? Tilt screen for Olympus cameras are good, Panasonic cameras Bad, GAY? Wow. WiFi is great for transferring files to phones, computers… I use it all the time on my 6D.

                  –who said bad camera panasonic?

                  “Best thing is control zoom for X zooms, that’s all.”

                  -Try Harder… Your hate Ain’t strong enough. I’d bet if this was a Olympus camera, you’d be dancing in the street right now. But it isn’t and you mad.

                  –i repeat myself, i don’t like Olympus because of physics ergonomics so i don’t care. i’m not a fanboy of anything, i love Panasonic, so when a body is releasing, i must shut up?

                  Panasonic just released an epl5 bis on year after Olympus.

              • Anonymous

                …”is for girls (gays also)”
                You must be a very stupid person.

    • David

      Yep, that one. Can you figure out how to get back the 2nd & 3rd pages of the review?

      • No, missed out on the review. Just found the image via a Google image search. Thanks for the comments from the first page though.

  • Narretz

    Weird camera is weird. Looks like a cross between the GF and GX, with some additions (tilt screen) and some losses (no hotshoe). Looks sexy, though.

    • Bilbow

      Agreed, looks like a nice looking love child of the GX and GF lines.

    • Jørgen

      Yes seems like a hybrid to me. Not bad per se if we not ethat the GX line is continued too….

    • fine, have never used the hotshoe and doubt I ever will

      • InVan

        Loss of a hotshoe if this is a GX1 replacement means I’ll be going with an OM-D mk.II at some point; I was hoping for a viewfinder that would also allow use of a hotshoe for studio work.

        • true homer


  • Jeff

    Looks similar to Olympus E-PM series….

    • Jørgen

      Well, the EPM2 lets you add an EVF which is a plus in my book. Otoh this one has a tiltable screen which counts for something too. I think the GF6 is early and the GX2 is too late. Should have been vice versa. GX2, to be really somehting, should have been Sony 16 MP sensor with RF EVF and tiltable screen I think…

      • GX6 has built-in flash unlike EPM-2. The latter has IBIS, though.

  • wls

    Hmmm. thanks for the pics! You know it’s not that bad. I could grow to like it. Having WIFI builtin is a plus and they did not wreck it with a hotshoe so “yea it’s pretty cool”

  • sweln

    I’m not thrilled.

    • David

      Yes we were all worried about if you would be.

    • Bob B.

      I am not thrilled either. I am more hopeful, as a still photographer with the future Olympus cameras. I think Panasonic is pushing me away…ie I am a serious photographer and use the MFT system as lighter, faster, SMALLER, quality kit to compliment my extensive full-frame kit. I am way into MFT…(10 lenses)….right now for me the OMD is the best camera with the sensor quality I need for this system and the IBIS. I do not see Pany doing anything to whoo me back. (Still use my GX-1 all the time for quick stuff)…but what I would like to see in a camera body is a seriously improved sensor….not cosmetics. …and since Pany will never have IBIS…they really need a kick-ass sensor to intrest me over Oly. (even though I do prefer the Pany menues and touch screen interface. Seems that other than the GH3 (too big and too video for me…but a great camera)…they will just be coming up with mediocre consumer fare that doesn’t cost them much in R&D and innovation…..
      I would love to be proven wrong..but I bet I am not.

      • beautemps

        I have the same problem with my pana. Like menue and touch overall. But no IBIS and old only nice sensor in GF6. The only exclusive feature is the electronic shutter in some models.

  • Yip

    Reminds me of a Ford with that chrome top …just waitin for the good comments to come

  • David

    Why did all the comments that were here (and third picture) just disappear?

    • David

      OK a glitch, back.

  • Tom

    I think the addition of metal to make it “look classic” looks cheap instead, versus some other cameras that have satin finish metal that looks done right. I personally don’t like my LCD screens to articulate, fine where they are fixed on the back to review shots. If I need LCD for shooting, I’ll add my own. No EVF. Not my type of camera.

    • David

      No, it’s not. Not every camera is my type of camera, either. Or anyone’s. Not sure yet if this one is mine either. But it sure is a lot closer than the last three GF!

  • wls

    It’s gone now.. Must have been a early posting mistake and they pulled it. anything you remember and can share?

  • David

    I’ll quote some goodies at it looks like they might have taken it down? (maybe a glithch, maybe it was released early):

    “The GX1 is scheduled to carry on for the foreseeable future, which may be a disappointment to those who expected to see a replacement by now.”

    “Along with the sensor is a brand new Venus engine”

    “It is also the very first interchangeable lens camera to include Near Field Communications (NFC)” (yay!)

    “The Panasonic GF6 also includes inbuilt Wi-Fi” (confirmation)

    “new retouch function enables you to do some editing-in camera, with the ability to remove distracting elements such as branches or strangers in the background. ”

    “All of these improvements don’t come at a price premium, launching at £449 (around US$680 / AU$652) with the new 14-42mm kit lens. This is significantly cheaper than the £579 / US$749 / AU$849 asking price that the Panasonic GF5 launched with” – yep, thought that was a new kit zoom. supposed to be noticably better, based on one review so far.

    • David

      the two other pages though “build quality and handling” and “performance and early verdict”) I cannot seem to retrieve by any means, however. Bummer.

  • neon123

    That actually looks really nice. Liking the mode dial, the price and the smaller & sharper kit lens a lot!

  • uiti

    GF6 looks better than any GF series. Looking forward improved the censor IQ.

  • Jens

    What about IS integration? Haven’t there been some rumors?

    • “What about IS integration?”

      That’ll happen when Oly buys Panny :).

  • Benjamin

    The GF6 looks really good.

  • superruan

    looks evey well, especially the new grip and articulated screen (likes 5R).

  • Justin

    I think I’ll pass this iteration. I’m fine with more physical controls but a mode dial is a waste. I don’t change out of A that often and the touchscreen is fine for that. And the tilting screen seems to just add width I don’t want. Lets see what sensor is in it.

    So about the GX2 … ?

  • Photowang

    It looks like the love-child of a three-way between the GF5, GX1, and E-PL5. Kinky.

    • Jørgen

      Agreed, I think this is the best looking camera in its class based on these pictures. Stylish, serious and well rounded. Now wait and see how it performs. The price is quite low too, so that is a plus. With that sensor I won’t trrade my EPL5, thaat is for sure!

    • Ant

      Would like it more if the screen is like the G or GH

  • Photowang

    We need to start calling these flipover LCDs “vanity hinges”.

    • You should copyright that term pronto!

  • Sören

    So now Panasonic has an E-PL5 clone.
    Curious to see which feature makes up for the lack of IBIS, better video probably.

    • true homer

      Its called OIS, found it on google

  • Anonymous

    Other than the fact that it’s a little chunky it’s a very good looking camera. Very sleek. Hopefully the top piece is actually metal.
    Let’s also hope that panasonic improved their jpeg quality. This is why I have preferred Olympus over them.

  • The camera looks nice. photorumors.com still shows the images.

  • Pierre

    It looks sexy, BUT if the GF6 does not have the same sensor as the GH3, that means the same as the Olympus OM-D, E-PL5 an E-PM2, then the GF6 is worth nothing!! It does not even feature an IBIS…

    • NFT

      if you want IBIS go to olympus ,and i sure some people don’t have IBIS can shot better than you 5555.
      old sensor ? yes older omd/gh3-sensor but not much,
      it had bad DR but ISO still better than GH2 sensor,sad both can not mix.

      olympus use same sensor is good and the different think they have no image sensor factory,
      they don’t have other sensor level,that good for current cam tech,but future i’m not sure they can provide new
      sensor as good as OM-D sensor.

  • GF6 doesn’t look much larger than GF5, that’s good! Maybe it’s a bit thicker because of the screen. The (first) major disappointment is the kit lens. I hope they haven’t discontinued the small 14-42mm X, but it seems they did :(.

    • BTW, it very much retains the GF5 shape and features. I don’t see how it could replace the GX1 – there’s no grip and no hotshoe.

      • David

        The grip is a bit more GF5-like, yes, but to me the rest of it looks more like the GX1 — the top, the rectangularish (not rounded) back and corners. Yes, the top plate curves/bulges around the lens mount, but it is a lot less pronounced than the G5 — call that halfway between G5 and GX1.

        Some of this is a little more visible in the other pictures not posted here.

    • Jørgen

      Seems to be a very good kitlens though, exceptional based on the one review I saw actually.

      GF6..would be really oke if GX2 qas also introduced especially with the Sony sensor and a viewfinder. A nice combo, if you want to spend 450 dollar it has somewhat less IQ probably than the EPM2, but a toiltable display and a built in flash. Also Wifi etc is much better which counts in this segment I think. On its own, it seems a bit lost to me. You have a felling like “that’s it?”
      But most people are not aware of our critical knowledge on the sensor difference. I can see it sell well. Even GF5 sold well if I remember correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Looks just like a Sony NEX-3n clone. Even has the same style grip.

    • “Sony NEX-3n clone. Even has the same style grip.”

      Sony copied GF5 grip on the 3n.

      • NFT

        and zoom level too,
        G5 is first zoom control from cam :joy stick ,sony copy it.

  • mistertwister
  • Adamant

    So 43rumors will do Panasonic’s bidding when asked? What use is a rumors site if you’re not willing to spill the beans, stand up to the manufacturer, etc? Doesn’t this just make you a press-release-regurgitation site?

    • Anonymous

      I think Admin had to take them down at the request of techradar. Technically he was hosting copy-written images. That is a no-no.

  • safaridon

    Thanks to Techradar for their inadvertent leak of pictures and preview of GF7. You saved a lot of us a lot of time between now the April 9th guessing just what it would be. Looks like the GF6 is much closer to the GX1 in size as wider than the GF5 and deeper and may be sharing many components with the GX1. Since Pany apparently plans to continue production of the GX1 for awhile that explains why use the GX1 sensor in the GF7 as they probably share a lot of common parts.

    Given the significant upgrades such as hinged LCD, Wi-Fi and NFC, added control wheel and programable button and same sensor in the GF6 one can understand why the confusion of whether or not Pany was replacing the GX1. Those who want the modern technology of sharing will want the GF6 while those who prefer the greater controls and posibiity of optional EVF will side with the bargain GX1 until the GX2 with EVF and upgraded sensor appears.

    If continuing the GX1 is correct then the 3rd camera model to be announced at end of month must be the advanced compact with fast fixed lens.

  • superruan
    • David

      cool – yep those are some of the additional pictures I found earlier & posted about. presumably the rest are on p3 “performance and Early verdict.” You seem to have cache retrieval better figured out than me though, I was only able to find p.1, I could not get p.2 Can you find page three cached version link & post it? thanks!

      • superruan

        I think, just 1 and 2 page exist on earlier & posted, it’s very regretful

      • David

        Thanks! A bit of a letdown, though. they basically just say that they were not able to test it yet, and then speculate.

        I don’t know if I’ll get this for myself, but it may be the perfect camera for my teenage daughter with a budding interest in photography.

        • It depends on the sensor GH6 uses. If it indeed turns out to be the GX1 sensor (as techradar states), then I believe E-PL5 is better value with its Sony sensor, IBIS, hotshoe and removable grip, despite not having built-in flash, WiFi and NFC.

    • andrew

      I want to replace by GX1, because of the shutter induced image quality issues. I was hoping for a new, updated sensor.
      But clearly, the GF6 is not the camera for me.

      With the GX2 (whenever they decide to release it), Panasonic probably still won’t have IBIS. Image quality will be about the same as the GH3. They are basically just playing catch-up with Olympus in the IQ department.

  • NFT
  • Theeky

    Everyone can find the pics on google!

  • tohoku

    all the review and photos are shown in the links of superruan’s comment

    • David

      No he doesn’t have page 3, “performance and early verdict.” likley the most interesting page, IMO. I want to hear about the sensor & AF speed, etc.

      • Ulli

        Miroslav posted the 3rd page link

  • frank

    Ugly little thing!

  • Alexander

    It took them a Long time but finnaly they integrated the PANORAMA function :-D

    Nobody has to use it but it is very usefull to me! Hello Olympus wake up ;-)

  • frank

    Ugly little thing with a OUTDATED sensor lol. Good move panasonic

  • Andrew

    Not sure why anybody would want this camera more than an E-PL5.

    • WiFi, NFC, flash, panorama, stop motion animation, probably HDR – GF6 is much closer to what a smartphone user wants than E-PL5. I would choose Oly, though…

      • Jørgen

        Almost exactly my thoughts: a good cam for smartphone photographers who wnat something more. My EPL5 lacks that, but I don’t want it. As said: I think the GF6 looks a lot more serious and well rounded than my EPL5. Love my EPL5 though, especially the IQ. It just is clearly better than my GH2 sensor and GX1 is slightly worse than that. Besides: I don’t believe it is the GX1 sensor but more the G5 sensor and that one is a tad better than the GH2..With some new electronics it could even be a little better than that.

    • NFT

      only wifi built-in is better than epl5
      because it’s can install many apps but wifi card is only share picture,
      wifi card can’t control camera by apps

  • So… a mode dial, a tilt screen and a 16mp sensor

    This looks very nice but it’s going to be too expensive at first… unless the sensor is at least on par with the current Oly ones then it’s still competing with the older G3 (which has the above plus EVF), which is getting quite cheap on ebay now :)

    the metal trim looks nice, looks a lot better than the GF3

  • I think the metal top plate looks cheesey. But that’s probabl what the market wants at this time.

    Looks like a good compromise between size and usability otherwise.

  • It has stop motion animation mode. Interesting…

  • Good Job!
    it must be “bingo”.

    GF6 seems to return to the original GF1.

    so, I’m looking for GX2.

  • Kevin
  • Staton

    Well if this is indeed what the new GF6 is going to look like, Panasonic just lost a customer. No hot-shoe, no viewfinder, nothing like standing like an idiot with my arms stretched out! Done and dusted…I can only hope that the Olympus E-P5 is better looking more practical, and moving forward not backwards in styling…What is Panasonic thinking? Clearly NOT.

  • Fafhrd

    Who are these ultra-powerful mysterians that can compell a RUMORS site to remove links? Sounds like you must be a shill.

  • Ash

    No hotshoe? no flash units, hotshoe accessories or viewfinders?

    Very questionable design imo.

    • Trolling?

      GF series hasn’t had a Hotshoe SINCE the GF2.

      Where you’ve been, Bro?

  • Final thoughts

    “One of the plus points of Panasonic cameras, when compared to some of the other brands, such as Sony and Nikon, is that creative filters can be shot while shooting in raw format, should you decide you don’t want the filter at a later date.”

    “Overall, we’re confident that the Panasonic GF6 will be a good performer, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the market. With a new lower price point but the added benefits of a tilting screen, Wi-Fi and NFC, we can see this appealing to the beginner user who wants to have a lot of fun.
    With quirky features such as creative filters and stop motion animation mode, this is a camera that will be appreciated by those looking for something more optically advanced than their compact or smartphone, but still featuring some of the things that make other devices so convenient.
    Stay tuned for updates to this review when we get a full production sample in for testing.”

    WiFi, dedicated Auto button, NFC connectivity… My GF has to get this camera, day one. And she has a GIII and I’m sure it’ll have a dedicated WiFi app like the GH3. And that price can’t be beat!!

    Take a pic, NFC it to your Galaxy 3, post it on your favorite social app like instagram and you have a HIT!

  • silva
  • I wish it had GPS instead of WiFi. The tilty screen is a vital addition for a VF-less camera. I’ll pass though since I need a VF proper, preferrably in RF styled case.

  • Anonymous

    That top plate, looks real cheap and nasty to me, complete lack of style and very plasticky looking. Not in the least bit impressed with it.

  • “Let me know what you think about the new camera style. I think it’s gorgeus!”

    I find the GF6 not so much gorgeus but rather morpheus. ;-)

  • Panasonic to the rescue

    You go girlfriend! Don’t forget your handbags ladybois. Start saving up for the Polka Dot Metro Pink and Lime Green Stripe Midlife Crisis Limited Edition. Go go go! Just what the Panasonic metroqueers asked for.

    • true homer

      yes, the epm/epl/ep series is much more manly

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone but this at twice the price of the GX1??? Same sensor.

  • Lucasz

    Did you just steal the images without permission or credit? If so, you deserve the lawyers who told you to remove them.

    • Maybe he wanted to protect Techradar from Panasonic.

  • true homer

    ITS A GF! its like making a fuss over a rebel. The fact is that they went from 12mp to 16 and added a butt load of features. But no, it has no ibis and the performance of a nikon d3 so its crap.

    This place is officially worse than dpreview

  • what a joke

    Other rumor sites have at least some balls..

    Another toy camera without viewfinder. There is GX1 already and tons of others.
    Only Sony and Fuji have understood how to make a decent mirrorless camera.

  • Plankton
  • kiki

    i forgot, the quick menu in GF1 was perfect. i think many people will agree with me.

  • kiki

    And i want to say, the quick menu in GF1 was so perfect and no need touchscreen.

  • Just hope they copy the electronic shutter from the G5 for absolutely silent shooting.. Else, this camera is useless for me.

  • ken

    hm, I do not care about the jpg engine doing raw. this would give the same results
    and the body of the gx looks better to me. Or is there any advantage over the gx?
    If not, its time to get a gx1 for 299$ imstead of paying 600$ for the new gf-kit.

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