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GF6 pictures roundup. And do you like it?


As you know Techradar accidentally posted the full GF6 preview. I have been requested by them to remove the images and links to their site. But apparently they only asked me to do that because right now you can see the images at Google, Dpreview forum, PetaPixel, Cnet and Photorumors. And the full review is on google cache. Until they are there everyone will post them!

So, I guess now that you saw the images we can talk about the specs:
– 16 megapixel sensor
– New VENUS Engine
– WIFI and NFC
– tilting 180-degree touchscreen
– Price £449 (around $670) with the normal 14-42mm kit zoom.


Do you like the new GF6?

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  • tomas

    i dont like the …more curios to see gx2

    • Narretz

      Panasonic will surely deliver … not! Actually, the Techradar review said they had talked to Panasonic managers, and there will be no GX2 in the near future. It also said the GX1 will continue to be sold, but I cannot imagine it’ll be produced anymore. So far the only thing it has on the GF6 is the hotshoe, lol.

      • tomas

        ok…was just curious to see as the mockup the one guy did with VF …and appears here on blog several times … was very good.

        …anyway…I just bought Oly Trip to get feeling of RF style camera …know it is very limited camera …but I have very limited knowledges/experience :-)

      • Bob B.

        Yeah.. The GX1 has a hot shoe…which means it will accept a viewfinder, making it a far more useful and versatile camera. :-)

        • Mr. Reeee

          Agreed, but the target user probably cares little about a hotshoe or viewfinder option. The integrated pop-up flash will get far more use.

          I like my GX1, but will never get an external flash. The EVF is pretty nice! My GH2 is still the workhorse camera.

          • Bob B.

            You are probably correct on all counts!

        • it would be great if the little in-built flash could trigger a flash unit whilst the wifi controlled it. Sort of like OM-D with accessory flash + FL-600R. No need for a hot shoe! You could even fit a little bracket to the tripod bush and have a better flash approach.

          The only issue i have with TTL flash in this regard is there must be two flash discharges, one for metering and another for the actual exposure.

          I prefer flash photography with my OM-2N to wireless flash with my OM-D! So I use the flash cord FL-CB05.

        • Are you sure the grey top is not a flash shoe cover, a bit like the em5?

    • Hello to all,
      This is my first post ever and let me introduce myself.
      I’m a professional photo reporter and photographer for about 18 years now.
      I’ve started with film, developing in hotel bathrooms and such, and did all the transition to digital working in sports, portrait and general reportage.
      My first experience with digital was the primitive 2MP Canon/Kodak EOS DCS 520 and my last DSLR is a Canon EOS 5D MkII.
      I’ve started using the M43 system since the now classic Lumix GF1 and recently the GX1. Tried the Fuji X-Pro1 but still prefer the compromise between the size vs image quality of the M43. I’ve been using it on assignment and just love the everybody’s surprise when they see the results after seeing me working with a “compact”.
      As for the GF6… well I’d rather se a GX2 or GX pro, (whatever the name) with an upgraded continuous focus/tracking and about 1EV to 2EV improvement on high ISO.
      Olympus has plenty of fashionable cameras for the regular user and the Lumix GX line could have a similar pro upgrade as the Lumix GH line. It could even be just a little bit bigger. Just a bit, please. LOL!
      Love the Lumix lenses 8mm f3.5, 14mm f2.5 (a 12mm f1.4 would be a dream), the 45mm f2.8 and the venerable 20mm f.17.
      In doubt about the 12-35mm f2.8… any thoughts from a regular user?

      Thanks for your attention…
      (is there anyone from Panasonic watching???)


  • Benny Blanco

    It has a big ass.

    • Bob B.


  • @Admin, are you sure tomorrow will be announced a G6 as well? :D

    • David

      The announcement is next Tuesday, not tomorrow.

    • NFT

      What is G6?
      no news about G6,maybe G and GF will announce on same time ago that you think G6 will appear on this Tuesday.
      but i think all about GF6 on this Tuesday ,
      Ask to @admin ,what about G6 ? he say NOTHING!!!

  • What about hotshoe? No EVF at all?

    • Rafa

      It is now clear GHx is the High-End from Panasonic, Gx the entusiast level (with EVF and flash but no advanced controls nor sealed) and GFx the compact series with no EVF

    • digifan

      Mode dial totally superfluous. There’s no EVF port!
      IMO GF6 ~ E-PL5, but E-PL5 has much more going for it.

    • David

      All three of the other Panasonic lines have hotshoe, and 2 of 3 (G, GH) have EVF.

      There’s no need (in fact, it’s pointless) to have multiple camera lines if they all have the exact same features/configuration.

      Come on. This should not have to be explained over, and over, and over.

  • Rafa

    This silver top against the black plastic body reminds me somehow the Samsung NX100… what is not bad, but isnt good either. I’m happy to see they take back the control dial :-)

    • digifan

      Just look on top of a black E-PL5, and you know what is more similar the NX or the E-PL.

  • Agent00soul

    It looks nice but I question their priorities. I would much rather have a hotshoe than a PASM dial.
    The camera looks quite similar to the E-PL5.

    • digifan

      Very true, there’s absolutely no use for a mode dial, because there’s no possibility for an EVF. A mode dial only makes sense if you need to change modes without having to look at it, so when you use OVF/EVF. The mode could already be changed on the previous GF’s by tapping at the screen.

  • Christian Grevstad

    It is simply NOT TRUE that it is cheaper than the GF5. Why is this internet myth allowed to be perpetuated?

    GF5 price was: From DPReview: “With 14-42mm power zoom: US $749, With 14-42mm standard zoom: US $599”

    Despite the OIS-problems at certain shutter speeds on certain cameras, the PZ-lens was a miracle of engeneering. It completely broke new ground and made m43 -cameras with a zoom POCKETABLE.

    The new 14-42 seems like a nice little improvement over the 14-42 but it’s not the X-lens, because of the incredible size advantage it offers. My copy workes flawlessly, and I’ll take it any day over any other 14-42 zoom. In fact, testers accually found it to outperform the 14-45 at the wide end (although not at the tele end).

    The GF6 is $80 more expensive than the GF5. For that price you get a small upgrade in the kit lens.

    Stop saying it’s cheaper.

      • Christian Grevstad

        Great if it really is better. But that does not show all intents and puroses.

        The main intent and purpose of the X-lens was that it made the system pocketable with a zoom.

        • “The main intent and purpose of the X-lens was that it made the system pocketable with a zoom.”

          Exactly my thoughts: the X lens should be the default kit lens for these soap box shaped models. The bigger one should be for G6 and GH3. What’s the point of bundling GF6 with the new 14-42mm? Now every NEX-3n owner can say “mine is smaller than yours” :D.

          • David

            I’m sure you will have both options, to be able to buy the G6 with the new non-power kit zoom, and you will be able to buy the GF6 with the PZ model.

            You are reading WAY too much into the fact that TR happened to get access to the non PZ kit for review. It had to have some lens, and that just happened to be the one on that camera.

    • Anonymous

      “It is simply NOT TRUE that it is cheaper than the GF5. Why is this internet myth allowed to be perpetuated?”

      Hmmmm… perhaps freedom of speech?

    • David

      Well, it’s pretty universally acknowledged/accepted that this will include a much better kit zoom lens than the G5 did. For starters.

  • Brod1er

    Good update- competitive sensor, control dial, flip screen, good price.

    Hope they do produce the G6 too – it is a very different niche.

    • The sensor is not competitive compared to the direct competition.

    • digifan

      How can you say it has competitive sensor (shakes head).
      It’s no match to the E-PL5, also not feature wise.

      • David

        Because GF is the bottom of Panasonic’s 4 MFT lines: GH > G >= GX > GF. With debate about placement of middle two — they are more “alternatives” than part of a hierarchy, the G is in part a more affordable GH, and the GF is in part a more affordable GX.

        People who expect the entry level of a 4 line camera offering to have the cutting edge, best hardware & specs — AND be cheap — need to take their heads out of their —.

        • Christian G

          It should have a better sensor to compete against the competition. Don’t expect you to get it.

          • David

            What concept is it that you expect me to “get?” That every consumer will always demand to buy the most technologically advanced and better-on-paper product, regardless of costs or individual preferences.

            Guilty as charged. I don’t “get” the idea that everyone on the planet is looking for the same, super-de-duper camera.

            • I never said every person would want that.

              I’m voicing my OPINION. I’m sorry I didn’t put IMO at the end of every sentence. I’ll start doing that now so that you get it.

              IMO this camera is not competitive with the EMP2, EPL5 and offering from Sony and others that make small mirrorless cameras bacause it has a way I-N-F-E-R-I-O-R sensor compared to vitually all other cameras it competes against. IMO.

              I would not get it for that reason. Some other might. I will not. This is only in my O-P-I-N-I-O-N. I do not speak for all people.

              Point-and-shoot upgraders may prefer it over the EPL5 if they don’t get info from the shop assistant that the EPL5 has superior IQ. But it is my personal view that it is not competitive from the reason I have stated about ten times. This is my perspective and what I will tell anyone that would want my opinion on the matter.

              Truth is, even the GX1 offers better build, a hotshoe, control wheel, better looks (in my O-P-I-N-I-O-N) and similar IQ for a third of the price used, or less than half the price new.


  • Brod1er

    To complement this, I hope this means the GX2 will be a very different camera. Eg. super slim with EVF viewfinder only (no LCD), GH3 sensor. Ie a very compact, top quality camera which is ideal as a second camera for those with GH3/OMD.

    • David

      No LCD at all? All the other Panny MFT lines have gone touchscreen. Maybe it will happen, but it would seem to require so radically different and interface, that I’m not sure the equation for development effort is there for what will probably be a niche camera. My hunch.

  • Agent00soul

    I think the E-PL5 offers a better value proposition with it’s hotshoe, AP2 port, IBIS and possibly better sensor. It doesn’t offer a built-in flash but at least the flash is included.

    • Bob B.

      +++++100. (Definitely a better sensor. Also…the EPL5 will accept a viewfinder). If EPL5 comes down in price I would pick one up as a second body to my OMD.

      • Agent00soul

        Here in Sweden it just came down significantly. You can now have it for SEK 4990. It originally was 6490. The E-PM2 originally was 5490 and can now be had for just 3990. These prices are including the kit lens, of course.

    • David

      I understand why you would fee that way, and I get it. But I think for Panasonic’s target market, most will care more about that flash than all the stuff you list, combined.

      I also suspect the GF6 will trump the E-PL5 in the departments of video quality & maybe the included kit lens, and (by default) will trump it on the WiFi and NFC capabilities. And, finally, street price.

      I think Panasonic will have no problems attracting the big part of the lower end camera market to this camera over the E-PL5 because they focused a little more on non-image sensor features and value than Olympus did. No, you won’t buy it, but there are plenty others that will. I wouldn’t even buy it myself, probably, but I’m starting to think this may be just the thing for my teenage daughter’s birthday later this year.

  • Carabas

    What a weird choice…

    The return of the mode dial, without a control dial ?
    What’s the point of having ASM modes if you have to awkwardly fiddle to set aperture or speed ?

    Let’s sum it up :

    GF1 : Fixed screen, mode dial, control dial, 12Mp gen 1 sensor, flash, hotshoe, small grip
    GF2 : Fixed screen, resistive touch screen, control dial, 12Mp gen 1 sensor, flash, hotshoe, no grip
    GF3 : Fixed screen, resistive touch screen, 12Mp gen 1 sensor, flash, small grip
    GF5 : Fixed screen, resistive touch screen, 12Mp gen 1 sensor, flash, comfortable grip
    GX1 : Fixed screen, resistive touch screen, mode dial, control dial, 16Mp gen 2 sensor, flash, hotshoe, comfortable grip
    GF6 : Tilting screen, capacitive touch screen, mode dial, zoom lever, 16Mp gen 2 sensor, flash, small grip, WiFi

    So, basically, it will be too large and complex for P&S upgraders (the target of the GF3/5) and not ergonomically capable enough for serious amateurs (the market of the GF1/GX1), it’s even more awkwardly positioned than the GF2.

    Just when you thought that Panasonic regained some senses with the GX1, G5 and GH3, they lose the plot again.

    • vdaffyduck

      Is the “gen2-Sensor” the one used in the G3 or the same of the G5?? Because G5-Sensor is very good!!

      • NFT

        GH2 sensor is older than G3/GX1 sensor ,but it had higher level with Multi-Aspect tech and export in video,
        G3 sensor with 16mpx is second generation.
        G3 is better than GH2 in ISO association,but it had bad DR,

        who is better tech camera,

        Sony begin NEX with 14mpx is good ISO and DR,it’s called Exmor sensor,
        GEN2 they develop new sensor by major change in NEX-5N 16mpx ,
        current NEX-5R,NEX-6 (except NEX-7 is top level) they do not develop new tech for image quality ,
        they add new AF feature because NEX-Auto Focus slower than M43,

        Who is better,Who is loser ,NEX is better because of sensor size only.but it not mean they is good developer

        (Sorry about my bad English,it hard to read)

    • “Just when you thought that Panasonic regained some senses with the GX1, G5 and GH3, they lose the plot again.”


      What was needed was a GX1 with a new sensor or a GF5 with a new sensor.

  • GF6: so far so good AFAIC. The asking price will determine if it’s truly good or not, because the market is crowded with similar spec’d models. NEX-3n is around 480 euros, E-PM2 500, that’s the region where GF6 should be…

    • safaridon

      Not really the same specs as GF6 has Wi-Fi, NFC, and touch screen. According to tests the new kit lens better IQ than either NEX3N or EPM2 kit lenses. Even the NEX5R and EPL5 do not have NFC or inbody flash? Yes these other cameras have better sensors but you will not realize that difference with the kit lenses? As for IBIS that in EPL5 is older less capable generation and no comparison with what is in the EM5.

      I personally would have liked the GF6 to have been same size & shape as NEX3N but with m4/3 mount and sensor.

  • Is it so hard for Panasonic/Olympus to make a Leica/Xpro1/X20 looking style camera???

  • BLT

    Unlike others voting here . .(I guess) . . I think it is a great update on the previous GF3/5 – REGARDLESS of it not being a camera I want.

    Just because you don’t want one doesn’t mean it’s not a great update over it’s predecessor.

    • WOW, there are intelligent beings in the Universe! :D

      • Yes, intelligent people who use a mode dial but not a control dial…

        • There is a control dial around the navigation keys.

          • Not quite the same thing, but I see your point. Still pretty rude to call the people unintelligent.

            The main issue for me is the sensor. I loved the GX1, but found the DR to be poor.

            • digifan

              Yeah and here I go again…. why on earth would the GF6 benefit from a mode dial ….NOT.
              There’s no EVF possibility like the GF6 or the E-P type camera’s, so NO USE FOR A MODE DIAL.
              It’s stupid to change the GF3/5 to what it is now. It was the smallest (no nonsense) camera for upgraders to m43, but that advantage has now gone.
              Pana should change the GX1 in to the real advanced “rangefinder style” camera, adding EVF a slightly better ergonomic grip and WiFi while not making it bigger.

              • digifan

                ….like the GX1…. it should say!

            • David

              Love it. The guy who attacks me ad hominem by saying he “doesn’t expect me ti get it” that some sensors are more capable of others, in the very next exchange gets all holier-than-though & makes a HUGE inferentional leap in this post to describe it as being rud!


  • I like it. A good looking, small, modern camera. The problem is it’s strictly a ‘me too’ offering which is very similar to other cameras in its category, give or take a minor feature or two. It is designed and priced in view of the typical needs of a casual photographer, which is a good thing. But then, why would such a shooter prefer it over a basic NEX or PEN? At the least it should be sold with the 14-42X as the standard kit.

  • Uncle_Pix

    For me a big step forward in design. But a big lens still makes the whole construction look shitty. With a pancake lens it will look nice for certain.

  • don’t flame us, admin.
    we don’t yet know detailed spec.
    Can it have “remote control”?
    what really image quality, that means “little a bit better because of new power engine”?

  • Rinaldo

    Oh man, this is thick. They merged the GF5 into the GX1. Time for the GX2 to show something really new… EVF? Sensor?

  • NFT

    yeah it is gadget (camera),
    no hotshoe ,but wifi / NFC i think wifi can run wireless flash by ios / android.
    wifi if can set direct wifi can use HMD EVF in the future.

  • its ok i think, for me i would see it as a backup or everyday-with-me camera(although i already use my omd like that)

  • Ross

    It doesn’t matter to me ’cause I like my Olympus cameras instead, especially my E-M5. ;) :D

  • if droppriced nicely

    within 10 months and it has 25/50p@28Mbps 1080 with option to turn that ****ng sharpening off I will buy it.

    Please Panny, for GF7 make 10mm f/2.8 pancake and make LCD fully articulated.
    As for GX2 or 3 just give us GF1 with GH3 guts.

    • kiki

      “just give us GF1 with GH3 guts”

      Wow, i was thinking same ! it’s my dream!

    • One of the best parts of the GF-1 was the little drive-mode lever around the mode-dial. Instantly you could switch from single to burst to exposure bracketing to timer. I miss that on my OM-D! Still have the GF-1 though ;)

  • Camaman

    “apparently they only asked me to do that because right now you can see the images at”

    That makes no sense…
    Unless those sites made a donation to Techradar…

  • Yun

    Nice design but not for me .
    Prefer to hang on with my GX1 while waiting for Pana’s next premier camera .
    But i still eager to know if this GF6 with the 16 megapixels sensor capable to bring back the missing ISO 100 or even 80 .

  • gear

    The GX1 is great because you can strip it down (with pancake lens) and stick it in you pocket. Or you can add on stuff (EVF) and build it up. This GF6 can’t do that, so for me it’s just not the right camera. I might get a bigger body MF3 someday for a bigger feature set, but it will be in addition to my GX1.

    • David

      Yeah, I can see that, if you want to have just one camera. Makes some sense. But I think most people though, at the point they are carrying around hotshoe stuff, EVF, all that, probalby have another body that they would just grab instead, with better ergonomics because it’s all built in, and not trying to be tiny.

  • JWhite

    Looking at these pics the first thing that occurred to me was: Wouldn’t it be cool if that hump was a pop up viewfinder instead of a pop up flash? The more I think about it, the more I think it would be an awesome feature. Pop up the viewfinder and it shuts down the back screen. anybody can switch between both modes. Anyway, it looks decent, but it should have the best possible sensor, instead of a sensor surpassed by all of the current offerings of Olympus.

  • Narretz

    I wonder what plans Panasonic has for the G6. Especially if they don’t update the sensor, what can they change? from what I hear, the G5 was a very well thought out camera. Maybe they’ll just add WIFI, NFC, filters etc

    • beautemps

      Bring back multiformat sensor to G6?! :-)

    • David

      NO ONE has said that they won’t update the sensor between the G5 and G6.

      If you think you read the admin at this site said that, then you were not reading their words carefully.

  • Justin

    It seems like an expensive regression from the GX1. Ugly, fat, and no power zoom lens. I don’t get it vs the GX1 or E-PM2. It’s list price is twice what I can get a GX1 for. More than a NEX-3N. Or e-pl5. I don’t think it’s competitive at that price point.

    • David

      What is the point of comparing list price of GF6 to street price of GX1? I bet the list price of the GX1 is probably twice the street price, and you are back to square one.

  • kiki

    for same price, you get GX1 + PZ + LVF2…

    What else?

  • kiki
  • Dannecus

    I don’t think we are the target audience for this camera. I voted no, but only because the form factor (no EVF option) doesn’t suit my needs.

    M43 needs cameras that appeal to snap shooters too, their cash helps support the development of the higher spec cameras that sell in smaller numbers to enthusiasts.

    • Panasonic is go go go

      Yo! Who cares what the target audience is? The interweb can discuss and diss any camera it wants to. You go with that, go go? GF might be for “girlfriend” but its the hordes of semi-retired engineers and midlife crisis middle aged metroqueers that seem to take to these cams more than anyone. LOL. You don’t think so, go go? Look at the responses to this GF here and around the interweb. You see the target market responding on facebook and twitter? No, it’s middle aged and old western white men who ga ga over go go. LOL. Same with E-PM and NEX 3. Designed to go in handbags of eastern urbanite women, ends up being the goto of the go go crowd. LOL. You go, grandpa! What says the laws of physics, today? LOL.

      • Qu

        Oh boy

      • David


  • wls

    It looks like they tried to throw too much into it. I agree that the mode dial is a weird choice for the group this camera is supposed to be aimed at. It’s just confusing.
    Why is there a mode dial for Movie when there is a button for that??
    Why is there a mode dial for Program when there is a button for that:
    Why is there a Zoom focus lever when the standard lens is manual??
    It just seems they added levels of complexity just for the pro users but at the expense of the entry users.

    • digifan

      +1000 very true. They forgot the ones that step up from P&S. A mode dial has no place on a camera without EVF/OVF, you’ll always be looking at the camera’s back from a distance anyway. In Live View just press the screen on the left upper corner on the mode icon and change to a new option.
      Or are there actually people stupid enough to hold this kind of camera’s to their eyes ;-).

      • Nelson

        The Movie Mode is manual movie mode, it is different than recording from standard PSAM dial, and it will pair with the 14-42x so zoom dial placement is not weird

      • David

        My wife has a DMC-ZS& that has this same set up. It works well. I think you guys just don’t understand how it works because you’ve never had a camera like it.

  • Lucasz

    Meet the GF6. Same as the the GF5. Same as the GF3. Jeez, what a yawn.

    • digifan

      Worse than GF3/5 even!!!

    • David

      lol, I love how you complain it’s too much the SAME as GF5, and previous poster complains it is too DIFFERENT.

      Well, Panny marketing, if you ever had any doubts you could satisfy the readers here, you can put them to rest now! lol

  • Eureka

    Do I like it? Sure, it looks like a fine camera for it’s target market. I’m not in that market.

    I’m always puzzled when manufacturers go for tilt-only screens these days. It seems like the worst of both worlds- you lose the slim profile of a fixed screen but don’t gain the full flexibility of tilt/swivel. That was one of the small differences that made me go for a GH3 over an EM5.

    • David

      This articulation form factor is the best for taking selfies.

      Am I really the only one who remembers that a Panny rep once joked that “GF” stands for “girlfriend?”

      • beautemps

        :-) In that sense it was much courage to call it “GF6”.

        • David

          lol. point taken.

          63 model iterations later will be a hot seller methinks.

  • twoomy

    I just bought a used GX1 on eBay for dirt cheap. I LOVE IT! The hotshoe is important to me. I love the feel of it. Looks like the GF6 is bit of a yawner. Panasonic always skirts around greatness, but they can never nail it.

  • Wt21

    It’s a nice looking camera. I checked “I like it” which is different from “I’ll buy it”

    I think I will be happy with my EPL5 until Oly or Panny release an RF-like body with built in EVF, more the size of the NEX6.

    • Milt


    • duke

      It´s the same to me. I´ll wait until end (november) of this year. If then still no mFT in RF style n the market I´ll sell my complete mFT equipment and buy a NEX-6 (or its successor).

      • Frye

        I think that until they can sell a RF style camera with EVF for about $600 or so, they won’t offer one. If the cost of EVF comes down over time, then maybe all MFT cameras would have them. What a wonderful world that would be. :)

  • David

    Doesn’t seem bad, but I think it will be hard to push units.
    From the comments do people only use WiFi to transfer photos? Really! What a waste of that feature, just plug it into a computer the time would be much faster.
    WiFi in a camera interests me for full control. You can set up the camera in a corner of room, pull out your phone and fully control it. Take candid shots when people are being natural. Or place is somewhere hard to access and control it remotely. You can’t do that with a junky SD WiFi card!
    So this feature interests me, but not including an EVF is silly. Panasonic charges a lot for the one used in the GX1. They should have made it an option. They would sell more!

    • David

      Sigh. Another Rumplestilskin SHOCKED that the new GF camera does not have an EVF.

      You may (or may not) get the camera you are looking for next Tuesday, in the form of the G6. Stay tuned. If not, maybe late this year, in the GX2.

  • Frye

    Possible manual movie mode – if true would be huge plus in its favor.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the silver top and I didn’t see that it had silent shutter mode. If it was black on top and had silent shutter, I would consider it, specially if it had the G5 sensor. If not, then I will will pass.

  • Zoid

    If it had silent shutter, a black top and the G5 sensor I would buy it. If not, then I’ll pass.

  • ISO 1638400

    Designed and Approved by Committee.

  • Coastr

    I just bought a G5 last week. I was close to buying a GX1 but I wanted the EVF and swivel screen like my G3. I like the fact that I can turn the screen around to protect it. Don’t know what Panasonic was thinking with a tilt screen. Are they trying to appeal to Olympus buyers?
    I bought a GF3 in Nov. 2011 to have as a smaller carry-around camera, but I never use it because every time I want to change a setting I have to fiddle on the touch screen. I’m now going to sell it along with the G3.

    • David

      They are trying to appeal to people who take selfies.

    • David

      p.s. Let me see if I have this straight. you bought botha G3 and a GF3 18 months ago. And then you bought a G5 a week ago. But now you are going to sell all of those, not because you don’t like the G5, but because Panasonic is announcing a camera that you don’t own, but just don’t like?

      And one reason you want to sell the GF3 is because you don’t like having to use the touch screen so much — but you still don’t like the GF6, which has a LOT more physical controls on it?

      • Coastr

        I don’t like the GF6 because of the tilt screen rather than the swivel screen. Also much prefer the availability of EVF on the G3/G5. Nowhere did I say that I bought the G3 18 months ago. Nowhere did I say I was going to sell the G5 – I just bought it and I like it a lot.

        • David

          OK, reread and understand now. Sorry for misunderstanding!

  • Mistral75

    The Techradar’s review has been reproduced there in full:,180889.msg3808575.html#msg3808575 sqq.

  • Funny…

    Posters here, talk about OMD, have pics of them using cameras in a “Pro/Semi-Pro” look, talk about Bayer layers, ibis, DR and what not, yet Whine and Complain about a camera that ISN’T EVEN BUT FOR THEM. HELLO?? IT’S FOR ENTRY LEVEL, POINT & SHOOT UPGRADERS!!! It’s for your girlfriend that can care less about DR, IQ and IBIS. Its for that youngster that wants to post directly to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. If you shoot with a OMD, why are you complaining about THIS camera?? Heck, it has WiFi.. Does the OMD have that? You can share pics with a touch… HM, OMD doesn’t have that either.. But it doesn’t matter. IT’S NOT FOR YOU. You know, some people complain just to complain, but here at 43Rumors, Olympus Fanboys complain Just because its PANASONIC.

    “It doesn’t matter to me ’cause I like my Olympus cameras instead, especially my E-M5.”

    DURRR… Why even POST? This is the kind of nonsense you read here. I sure hope Someone from Panasonic reads these post. I so hope Panasonic distances itself away from Olympus.

    “I prefer flash photography with my OM-2N to wireless flash with my OM-D! So I use the flash cord FL-CB05.”

    Nice… Only thing he left out was the links to Amazon!

    “Come on. This should not have to be explained over, and over, and over.”

    I swear, fanboys here act like they don’t know what a G/GH/GF series is… It’s a joke how all of a sudden it’s new to them. A bunch of Haters, really. Haters.

    Can’t wait for this camera to hit retail.

    • Ross

      ‘Funny’ doesn’t seem to describe you as my comment was meant to be taken with some humour (that is, not too seriously).

      I’m glad that you like this model Panasonic camera & are looking forward to it, but I love my Olympus cameras for the features they have & this one (GF6) wouldn’t suit me & the other ones wouldn’t either as I prefer to have inbuilt IS (& that’s why I didn’t vote at all).

      It is OK to have a little laugh over things too. ;)

      • Juan

        Be careful, Ross. Panasonic fanusers don’t have much sense of humour. Nor are they very self critical. Just mention that GH3 EVF is not so good at DPR and you will get 150 post thread with critical comments deleted. Look also how the Panasonic lynch mob dealt with Ming Thein honest personal user review at his own blog.

        BTW I think Olympus cameras and lenses are garbage, lowest quality, overpriced, only worthy of the flea markets. And IBIS is useless. You have been conned by Olympus. You better sell all your gear now and jump ship before it’s too late. Time is running out. Act fast or suffer pain. Good day.

        • anonytrackball

          He could jump into Canon mirrorless Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Or even go to Nikon mirorless He He He He HA.
          Ross, you need to listen this flippant foolish flop.

          • Juan

            I think Ross understands what I meant.

  • wls

    well I decided it’s not for me. The mode dial wart kills it as an entry P&S. I thought I was exactly in the target group for the GF series but my group wants the smallest, easiest to use 4/3’s camera possible. I have a GF3 and was hoping to upgrade to the GF6 but making it larger, heavier and adding too many “Pro” features kills it for me.
    My next camera will be a closeout deal on a GF5. Panasonic just walked away from the small travel camera user in my opinion.

    • David

      The mode dial looks very similar to the one on the DMC-ZS&, and frankly most of Panasonic’s existing P&S lineup. It makes a much easier bridge for users of those than the previous GFs, IMO.

  • Joto
  • well, I like it – it seems appealing at least to amateurs but I’d not buy it because of the (still) missing hotshoe and finder port.

  • Mech for i

    OK, so each and every one with a mirrorless consumer ( as vs Amatuer/hobbyist ) model put in Wi-fi, and NFC. OK so they figure for those who are more keen on their photo and video to not to use a common fixed lens DC or the smartphone, they would want these mirrorless.

    Well in part they are right, but then hey, can they just take a look at what good mobile device have ( Tablets, smartphones ). They have all forget the one thing that would made thecamera truly very usable as an integrated part of being mobile. Where’s the GPS. Don’t tell me you can harmonize those photo afterward with a GPS log, or using the smartphone to Wi0Fi hot connect to write that into the files on the fly ( most of them can’t anyway )

    Well Canon had always been accused of being conservative, but for their part, they did the EOS-6D well to put in both GPS and Wi-fi knowing that this will be a travel camera for their intended more up market DSLR users ( as vs their typical EOS-Kiss users ). THis will be the camera they bring to National park for that great landscape shoot or their dream trip to some remote island in southern Pacific.

    In a way if they want to build these for the mobile generation for their style of living, then by god they should study what they need and want.

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