(FT5) First images of the new Olympus lenses!


Here are the images of the three new lenses coming from Olympus (one is a lens cap more than a real lens). ON top you see the 25mm f/1.8. The next one is the amazing tiny 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens:

And here is the 9mm f/8.0 fisheye lens cap:


  • M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
  • – 37mm filter diameter
    – Comes in black and silver
    – Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (250 Euro or around $335)
    – Has a lens cap (correction, it’s not built in. You can remove it!)

  • M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8
  • – 46mm filter diameter
    – Minimum focusing distance is 0.25m
    – Comes in black and silver
    – Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (250 Euro or around $335)

  • BCL-0980
  • – Fish-eye lens of 9mm f/8.0
    – Minimum focusing distance 0.2m

via Digicameinfo.

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  • ED


    • AustrianGeek

      +1 ^^

      • Froggy

        +2 :)

        • Fomo

          These are complete fakes, photoshopped from the 45mm and the 17mm.. Get your facts straight, this is a disgrace!

          • bongbong

            Why get so emotional you asshat?

          • Guillaume

            I agree, seems totally fake. Good photoshoping though, but when you go through a noise analysis you see where the image has been altered – here the mm numbers, surprisingly :)
            (where it’s too black is the issue)

            + obviously you can’t have such a short and wide zoom !

            • MJr

              Every official product photo is done by professional photoshopping ..

              All you can rely on is if the content makes sense and it does. A pancake 14-42 with such small aperture is plenty possible just like the 12-32 and sony’s 16-50 due to heavy use of software correction. Question is though if they managed to maintain enough performance.

              • Guillaume

                Right, haven’t thaught about professional rendering.
                AS peur the zoom size, if its real (we’ll know soon) we should then worry about IQ…

                • Guillaume

                  * thought !

                • Peur sur la ville!

            • Just because an image has been manipulated doesn’t make it fake. A company rendering of a product pre-launch will often have such work done.

              • TAZ

                Yes, as a previous 3D designer, advertisements often use 3D renders.
                I really hope this is what the real lens look like! Since it looks similar to the 45/1.8, hopefully the image quality will be amazing like the 45/1.8 as well!

            • An analysis of an official Olympus image of the black 45/1.8 ( from here http://www.olympus-global.com/en/news/2013a/nr130510zuikoe.jsp ), looks just the same as the one you assert is fake:


              Not sure what your comment about having such a short and wide zoom means. You do realise it is a collapsing lens, don’t you?

              • Cerys

                Yet to my eyes the shoulder looks different (check the angle), where the lens tapers.

                • ckb

                  I agree. The barrel diameter(larger) and silver ring(smaller) are different from the 45. I think it is also shorter. If fake the change is barrel diameter was a cool photoshop trick.

              • Guillaume

                Right, I may have been overreacting on this one, but 1/ they looked so much like existing lens (25 & 45) and 2/ I know the zoom is collapsable, but when they are so they tend to be like the existing 14-42 kit (I have the old EPL1 kit one), or the Lumix power zoom, or the GM1 zoom, and usually not so wide ; to work it would mean a lot of software, and a lot of extensions.

                Waiting for the official pic, and will surely check the “extended” zoom rendering.

            • Eddy43

              The first clue wasn’t in the picture. I knew it was fake when I saw I saw 250 EU. Olympus and Panasonic think all m43 users will pay 500EU for their stuff

          • AMVR

            You wanna get emotional about it, ok lets get our blood boiling:

            Everytime a new leaked image is published you clowns come over here and start shouting ¨It’s fake ! It`s fake¨ and 24hrs later you get your asses handed to you, EVERY SINGLE TIME, when the fck are you gonna learn that product images are MADE in 3D software and photoshop, companies no longer do product photography (ironic in this case), I’ve even linked to those programs in the past, this is like the 8th time you ignorant moronic baboons come up to this place to troll, OF COURSE IT LOOKS FAKE IT’s A FCKING RENDERING YOU IMBECILES!

            Back on topic, the new 14-42mm looks really nice and brings back the size advantage to m43 once again, there’s simply no way any other system could compete for compactness now, it’s time Oly and Pany start advertising heavily outside Asia. On the 25mm, I just knew it wouldn’t be a pancake, how come with all the know how Oly has developed over the year they still cannot come up with a couple of good pancake primes and Pany, with no historical background, does ? I suppose I’ll just have to stick with my 20mm for now (thanks pany for making a completely useless MK II)

            And lastly, if only that body cap lens was a straight 9mm instead of just a fish eye, I guess that’s just impossible no matter how much you dilute the optical quality.

            • cuius

              Forget advertising in Europe –

              1) set some realistic prices – current E-M1/12-40 kit in UK = $3185 – Hong Kong ebayers = $1913 free shipping (even with 20% tax that would be $2296)

              2) get some supplies distributed – 12-40 lens is still not readily available at Amazon Europe websites

            • Guillaume

              This is as emotional as it gets. Glad to have given you that little satisfaction of professoral rant.

              • OldAlaskan

                Thanks for manning up and responding calmly.

              • AMVR


                Sorry if this felt directed towards you, I was replying to Fomo.

                • Guillaume

                  No problem – didn’t know there was quite a history here :)

    • LeGO

      Does it come with a hood?

      • Ross

        Yeah, you gotta BluTack it on! ;)

    • Sunny

      Hm, such a lens only makes sense for a camera like the E-PL5 or E-PM2. So are we going to see a M10 with evf and the size of an E-PL?

      • Ross

        No the size of a Stylus 1. ;)

        • CaverDave

          The Stylus One and the E-PL5 are basically the same size, except the hump makes the Stylus One a little taller. I had them side by side a few days ago.

          • Ross

            Well, sort of! ;)
            E-PL5 – 110.5mm (W) x 63.7mm (H) x 38.2mm (D)
            Stylus 1 – 116.2mm (W) x 87mm (H) x 56.5mm (D)

          • Ross

            And while we are at it;
            E-M5 – 121 mm (W) x 89.6mm (H) x 41.9mm (D) (CIPA guideline compliant, excluding protrusions)

          • Ross

            And of course, the E-M1 is even bigger! :D
            130.4 × 93.5 × 63.1 mm (CIPA guideline compliant, excluding protrusions)

      • Peter Cratchit

        Pany and Oly still competing among themselves. See the lenses (the “micro”m43 line, if you want to call them like that) Panasonic released for the GM1. Could it be that? I wonder if they are cooperatively launching a “subsystem” in the system for (even more) diminuitive bodies and lenses??

  • The E-M10 must be really affordable then. $650?

    • I would expect it to list at $750 inc the kit lens, which is the list price of the Panasonic G6 kit. They sound similarly specced, inc the same resolution EVF (same as the E-M5).

      • Indeed. Maybe $50 more due to the pancake frenzy.

  • WOW! I like the 25/1.8, a lot. And that is a sweet little kit lens as well. Very cool, Olympus. Well done.

    • Jens

      +1 That is what we need! An affordable, fast focussing, small 25mm!! And the zoom is very interesting too!! I’m lovin’ it! :-)

      • peevee

        Except it is not going to be affordable. Have you seen Oly prices lately? They’ve gone completely crazy.
        At $500, Pana f/1.4 looks a strong competitor. At $300, the Oly would have a chance, but they even priced 17/1.8 at $500.

        • The 17/1.8 is another level up as far as build quality goes, this 25/1.8 will be cheaper. The clutch mechanism and “metal” adds to the price of the 12 & 17mm primes.

  • Stupig

    All three are beautiful. However, I already have the Panasonic 25, and the 12-32 pancake is also more interesting because of the 12…

    • Surab

      The pancake zoom seems to be an electronic zoom. At least that is what EZ means, right? The body cap lens is also interesting.

      The GM1 with the 12-32, 25 1.8, 45 1.8 and 9mm 8.0 BCL should be an awesome and small kit!

      • Surab

        Sorry, wrong place….

        But I do think that the 12-32 is also more interesting than the Oly because of 12mm, OIS and being non EZ. Have to wait to see how they compare optically

        • Froggy

          Wasn’t the 12-50 EZ MSC too (power and manual zooming)?

          Leaving macro as an option is a nice way to keep the price of the new 14-42 lower than the 12-50. I wonder how much costs the new MCON-PO2 converter…

          Anyway this new E-M10 + kit zoom looks nice if prices are low… Add ~100€ for the 40-150 and you have a nice toy to play with (10,7x zoom total, like the Stylus 1 :) )

          • Surab

            Maybe you can change the zooming behaviour like on the 12-50, but I don’t think that one can fit the mechanism in this little pancake zoom. ;)

        • dav

          Agreed. And I was hoping for the 25mm being a pancake. I’m disappointed.
          Maybe I’ll buy the body cap though, much more interesting than the other body cap available.

          • Surab

            I have no problem with the 25mm 1.8 if it delivers like the 45mm 1.8.

            Totally, 9mm fisheye fits the idea of the BCL much better and should be a fun walk around lens.

            @ admin:
            You have to do something about the captchas, so that they are placed above the submit button. I always submit without the captcha (because my browser hides it and so I forget it) and then I have to write the post again…. This also happens when one fails the captcha. ;)

            • Uberzone

              I agree with this. Captcha should be above the submit button.

  • Robbie

    The 14-42 looks pretty neat, when contracted reminds me of my 25mm pancake

  • oluv

    unfortunately the 25 is not really small. i hoped it to be at least as small as the 20/1.7

  • Is this basically the Olympus version of the Panasonic 14-42?

    • Toe

      Pretty much, but it looks like it has actual ring controls, instead of the levers on the Panasonic. I’d call that a win.

  • chronocommando

    here some more details fabout the KODAK stuff:


    Lets see what this 400 mm F6.7 can do :-o

    • “Lets see what this 400 mm F6.7 can do ”

      I doubt it can do AF…….

      • chronocommando

        There are no doubts ;-)

        It is manual!

  • The 14-42mm filter size is the same as the Panny 12-32mm…..but it looks like the Olympus has an extending lens barrel inside the filter thread. This would make sense in order to open the lens cap …. but how will you use an actual filter? Interested to see how they make it work.

  • Chris

    Brilliant news. The system has lacked an affordable, normal 1.8 lens which every complete system really needs. It will list at $299 which will draw a whole lot of attention. Olympus hasn’t released any bad lenses along the way, so I’d expect the optical performance to be great. Good news for µ4/3 as it’ll be a lot more complete with this. The pancake isn’t much more than a slow kit zoom, but it will draw the cheaper kit customers and fill an Olympus void as well. *happy*

    • > “Brilliant news. The system has lacked an affordable, normal 1.8 lens which every complete system really needs. It will list at $299 which will draw a whole lot of attention.”

      $299 is still too high, and 43rumors says it will be even more expensive: ” Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (250 Euro or around $335)”

      The Canon 50mm f/1.8 sells for $125 RRP and the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 sells for $220 RRP (its 35mm DX goes for $199 RRP), with their street prices being even lower.

      I reckon we need a m4/3 affordable 50mm equivalent (so 25mm this means) which is about *HALF* of what 43rumors has quoted.

      • Tim F

        Well, actually you shouldnt compare old FF lenses with new Crop lenses.
        First of all, those old cheap nifty fiftys arent that great preformers on modern Cameras, if you own and carry a FF Camera it would be kind of wasted, to choose that cheap lenses (if you dont want that old look, and loots of reflections..). If you use them as short tele on the Crop sensor the lenses are Ok, but also not great preformer-especially if you compare them with the 45/1.8…

        If you want to compare the new 25mm to Lenses for Crop sensor Cameras, well Nikon got a really good 35/1.8 with a official price of 230€, Sigma got a fast 30/1.4 for about 450€, while Canon dosnt even build one for Crop Cameras, but if we count the FF 35f2- thats 550€.

        So even when the size isnt important for you, the starting price is really good. Mostlikly it will end up as 199€ streetprice in about a year, so just the same price then the Nikon…

        • I *did* mention that lens already…. “(its 35mm DX goes for $199 RRP)”

          So yes, even the modern lenses from Nikon go for significantly less than this offering from Olympus.

          I thought one of the attractions of m4/3 was it is going to be a little bit cheaper to make their smaller lenses.

          • Tim F

            well from my point its not about cheaper, but smaller & ligther while keeping good image quality.

            i dont know any modern electronics that got cheaper because they are smaller-mostly if you want something smaller, it will be more expensive ;-)

            • AMVR

              ¨well from my point its not about cheaper, but smaller & ligther while keeping good image quality.

              i dont know any modern electronics that got cheaper because they are smaller-mostly if you want something smaller, it will be more expensive ;-)¨

              If you had been here since the beginning you would remember how m43 was announced under the premise that it would be cheaper to manufacture than DSLRs, both in terms of bodies (less mechanical parts, no mirror, no prism,etc) and in terms of lenses (smaller image circle = less glass, shorter flange distance = less glass, SW corrected lenses = less glass), so yes, in the case of m43 smaller SHOULD be cheaper…and smaller and excellent.

              Of course that’s only the technical side of things, in terms of market, Pany and Oly do NOT have the marketing muscle that canikon or even Sony have, much less the economies of scale, and so, the fewer people adopt m43 the more expensive it gets, but the opposite should hold true, right ? well, not really, Pany and Oly have gradually moved up the market and so they have moved most prices accordingly, m43 use to be ¨somewhat¨ good value for money.

              It’s a vicious circle, on one hand they price m43 out of the hands of amateurs and smartphone upgraders so less people adopt the system and so it doesn’t get any cheaper, on the other hand the consumer perception of m43 (and mirrorless in general) is non existent or lower-than-DSLR-tier at best, because of poor marketing, so no one adopts it, so who’s left ? who is genuinely attracted to m43 (or mirrorless) ? enthusiasts! So Pany and Oly cater to them exclusively (leaving out the entry level market, hence, the vicious cycle).

              Until Pany and Oly come up with a strong marketing strategy for the West, where m43 is advertised as a true replacement for the DSLR with a strong emphasis in size advantage and connectivity, we’ll be stuck with enthusiast price tags. No regular consumer wants to lug around a brick of a DSLR just like they wouldn’t like to carry 80s suitcase cell phones, they’re just brainwahsed from years of canikon advertisements, they need to have their eyes opened and realise that if they need a real camera to improve upon their phones they don’t need to jump to a 2Kg DSLR, there’s a smaller and more versatile alternative.

          • Chatokun

            That’s an assumption people make that smaller and less material means less cost, which isn’t always true. Miniaturizing technology while keeping quality generally is most expensive at first, at least until better building processes are done. Why does a cell phone cost more than a laptop with much higher processing, ram, storage, larger screen etc? Because making that technology hand held and pocketable costs both research and tighter tolerances.

            Smaller generally isn’t cheaper with technology, and that’s generally the standard, even if people tend not to realize it.

            • AMVR

              But it’s not a matter of miniaturization anymore, m43 is the oldest mirrorless system out there and yet is one of the most expensive, its R&D cost has been paid a long time ago and most components (16MP sensor, IBIS, processor, etc) are common between models, so where’s the added cost ?

              I think it’s just a matter of economies of scale, a bad economic environment and poor marketing strategies. Of course tolerances are a big factor, I give you that, but then again, what generation of m43 are we now ? 4th ? manufacturing processes should’ve been streamlined a long time ago, it’s not like every new model integrates newly developed, groundbreaking technology from the last one.

              • AMVR

                I forgot:

                There’s also the fact that unless pany and Oly reduce their pricing strategy there’s no way they’re ever going to attract new consumers (smartphone/P&S upgraders)and thus won’t take a piece of western ILC (ie canikon DSLR) markets, much less dominate them. I think mirrorless will eventually take over the ILC market, but it will take longer than expected and the very nature and size of said market is still unclear. In that scenario m43 needs to become the de facto mirrorless system and the only good strategy that works in favor of both companies and consumers is to reduce entry level prices and force their way into the west by sheer marketing power, they can expand upwards all they like but no one knows how long they can last that way. They should put all their chips into advertising and product placement and chance consumer perception, make people WANT a m43 camera INSTEAD of a P/S, bridge or entry DSLR.

                • quangzizi

                  yes, many bodies have been much much cheaper, but not the lens. M43 lens are two or three years old at most with not that much sale. Crappy canon 50 1.8 has been around forever with new iterations being literally the same old thing. That’s why they are cheap. Two or three years are nothing for a sophisticated and new product cycle.

        • overthefence

          This 25mm will be more expensive than the Nikon/ Canon lenses now and in a year! It will also not be as good optically ever. It will always be a little smaller…

        • dav

          Not to mention the Nikon 58mm f/1.4G LOL

      • broody

        The Canon 50mm 1.8 shouldn’t be used as a benchmark for anything. It’s built to fall apart, and AF is slow and horribly noisy.
        This lens, either refurbished or on sale will go for around $200, and is likely to come down in price eventually. Sounds good to me.

    • Jack

      what about the 17mm f2.8. that was a real good performer…

      • oluv


      • MJr

        Really useful lens with nice bokeh and awesome MF feature, but not exactly the benchmark for high performance.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually a little disappointed at the 25/1.8. Was kind of hoping it would be a pancake. But that 14-42mm, dang. It looks thinner than the 12-32!

    • Tim F

      I assume that the size is about the same as the 17/1.8-then its much smaller than it looks on that picture. Here is a comparison of the 20mm and the 17mm: http://www.mu-43.com/showthread.php?t=38390

      its really not an issue, when you use the original Panasonic backside lenscap on the 20mm its the same hight then the 17mm. ;-)

      • Ross

        Except this 25mm lens is probably 1cm longer.

        • Tim F

          then it would be exactly the size of the 45mm lens, and the picture above looks like its thicker and shorter then the 45mm…

        • Tim F

          i m at work rigth now, and dont got a proper photoshop or upload service on this computer-but here is a simole size comparison of the 17mm and the 45 mm

          • Tim F

            And you were half right- it looks like the 25mm is longer then the 17mm. But only 5mm.

            Still small enough for me, but I get your point.

    • dav

      Yes, I am disappointed to. I was hoping something like the panny 14mm f/2.5 or at least the 20mm which is already too big for the GM1.
      Well, at least we’ve got the body cap which sounds cool (and is indeed small)

  • Kowabanga

    Year i wischend for that toto. But it. Sems to be a Little smalller than the 45, so i guesss its something about3,5-4cm

    • Matt

      That kit zoom looks great! M43 users now have a choice in tiny zoom lenses depending on what zoom range you need, 12-32mm and 14-42mm. This is again reinforcing the advantage of M43 compared to other mirrorless systems, from tiny and cheap lenses to pro level lenses. You can have 80 lenses to choose from, if you count the 43 lenses and the independent lenses. 80 !!!!!!!

  • Pixnat

    Thanks admin, amazing work!

    The 25mm looks great, and the price is right.
    If it’s optically as good as the 45mm f/1.8, it will be a “must have” for every m4/3 photographer! (provided they don’t own the 25mm f/1.4, of course)

    • dav

      And provided AF is fast enough, also.

      And provided they don’t also have the 20mm f/1.7 already (which I was hoping to replace — unfortunately this 25mm is too large for me)

  • pizza4D

    Hmm, no focal length markings on the 14-42? Could it be a pure power zoom lens?

    • Ross

      It has the (front) focus ring, zoom ring & rear grip points to remove & fit the lens.

      It looks like a manual zoom.

      • pizza4D

        And why would manual zoom have no markings to indicate focal lengths in between the extremes of the lens’s zoom range?
        I checked the digicame-info post from yesterday again, it actually says that it will be an electrical zoom, so that must be what the “EZ” indicates in the product name:
        Either admin didn’t notice it or he’s saving up some info to make another post about it later.

  • Ton

    Whoa! I think I’ll be buying all of them sometime this year! They are all priced just right :)

  • that 9mm looks really interesting, would love to see some good sample images.

    • mrc4nl

      Based on the other bodycap lens, it will have disappointing sharpness. I don’t expect much out of it.

      More like a fun lens , takes funny pictures and is cheap.

      • i will try to adjust my expectations according to the price then i guess, cant imagine it looks bad for screensize or halfpage prints

    • tomas

      same for me…interesting

  • Matts

    25mm/f1.8 $335

    What a joke? The price doesn’t make sense. In several Asain market, you can get Pana 25/1.4 at this price.

    • Ton

      I live in southeast asia, but I don’t see any. Maybe you’re refering to used market on ebay. But then, I still dont see any…. Wait for this lens within 2 years, you might see $150-200 used and abused :)

    • bongbong

      You live in some sort of reality distortion field my friend

      • lightcatch

        take a look here:
        http://www.mydigitaland.com/lens/panasonic/h-x025e.html (PanaLeica 25 1.4 at €407)
        http://www.mydigitaland.com/lens/nikon/nikon-50-1-8g.html (Nikon 50 1.8G at €188)
        http://www.mydigitaland.com/lens/canon/canon-50-f1-8-ii.html (Canon 50 1.8 II at €108)
        http://www.mydigitaland.com/lens/fuji-filmfilm/fujifilm35mm.html (Fujifilm FUJINON XF 35mm F1.4 R at € 389)

        micro 4/3 price are crazy and will drive the system out of business sooner than later, smartphones camera and tought action camera will rule the consumer world, while full-frame will be the way to go for tha small niche of prosumer and professionals crowd…

        • This seller does grey imports. If you wanted to register your lenses with Olympus or Panasonic… You better take out a good third party warranty.
          If you trust the product’s reliability: you can get the EM5 with 12-50 zoom for <£600 at simplyelectronics. But lenses are often more expensive than with recognized dealers.

          • Neonart

            I always find it hilarious when people compare a new, unreleased products’ list price to some bootleg, used, grey market product sold by some shady dude on craigslist or eBay. Everything is a ripoff to these guys!

            “Your new Camry for $16,995 is a ripoff! I can get an 91 Civic hatchback for $1500 from Jose on Craigslist!”

            • jaydubstar

              hahaha! exactly!

            • bongbong

              Very well said, summarises their logic perfectly!

        • Anonymous

          The Canon and Nikon are 75 and 80mm equivalent and have far inferior build quality. Not comparable.

          • According to Olympus’s plastic crap built quality….yes of course.

        • Tom

          Comparison makes little sense. The 25 1.4 will probably be sharper than any of these other ones would be on FF cameras, even at f1.4. (and of course half a stop faster). My guess is even the Oly 25 1.8 will be sharper than the other at f1.8. The Fuji is pretty similar in price(?).

    • Ethan

      25/1.8 at this price won’t work surely. The price is too close. I for one will get Pana any day. This 25/1.8 will poorly be a dessert for the great Leica 25/1.4.

      • 250 euro is the same as the 45mm 1.8 here in the Netherlands, so I support the minor club of non complainers. And the PL 25 f/1.4 is double the price here. So..all Dutchies…make your reputation true and buy the lens.

        • Arend

          Let’s just hope that these prices are correct for europe, but i am afraid it will be more…..

      • El Caballero que dice Ní

        At that price I’ll buy it.

    • Pixnat

      The cheapest discounted price you can get from a RELIABLE dealer is 529$. So it makes nearly 200$ difference.
      And if this 25mm can force Panasonic to discount the 25mm f/1.4, great for us!!!

    • We have yet to know anything about the overall quality of the 1.8/25, how can you tell that the price is unreasonable?

  • x

    This BCL-0980 is the most intriguing of them all, at least for me..
    Very well done Olympus! Let’s see the tests now.

  • Anonymous

    Just a heads up, don’t expect expect to much from the 9mm/8 or you’re going to be disaapointed… Think of it as a toy lens

  • Ricks

    At $335, if correct, I will get Pana 25/1.4 any day. Both lens’ price is too close.

    • Matt

      Wait a minute, all those who assumed the Panasonic 25mm must be worth more. We do not know how well this new 25mm lens performs yet. Wait for the reviews. Also, for the Olympus camera users, this new 25mm f/1.8 may be worth more because it is very likely to be better in AF. It is almost certainly not going to rattlesnake. It should be silent and also smaller and lighter. All those advantages are easily worth more than 1/2 stop of max aperture.

      • Peter_K


        No need to waste time waiting to see the result. Oly 25/1.8 cannot be superior and even close to 25/1.4 which was made to meet the Leica class. This is impossible!

        • Pixnat

          Why not? The Olympus 45mm is as sharp as the Panaleica 45mm.

          • Bob B.

            …but let’s see the Oly do 1:1 macro with optical IS……:-)

            • Pixnat

              Of course! Same FL, but two different lenses for different puroposes.
              But the Olympus and the Panasonic 25mm are made for the same purpose. The Panasonic is better built and is 3/4 of a stop faster, which makes de price difference.
              Apart of this, there’s no reason the Olympus can’t be optically as good as the Panasonic. Let’s wait for the tests.

              • Bob B.


            • yaa

              OIS will be a problem, but there are m4/3 macro extension tubes which will get you that 1:1… through not at the quality of the Leica 45/2.8 of course.

        • PixelpeepingPaul

          Impossible? A Woman and a donkey having a child is impossible too and here you are!

          • kevin

            LOL !!!!!!

        • I could try to gamble saying the Zuiko will be more clinical in rendering then the Summilux, assuming its in the same league as the 45mm f/1.8, using the same signature of that lens(except for the FL dependent stats ofcourse)? If so, it would give you 2 choices in types of capturing styles with similar resolving power. that would be more interesting then just one being sharper then the other. Just guessing here ofcourse.I use both the pl 25 and zd 45 lenses btw.

    • A $200 margin for 2/3 of a stop is quite considerable. I suspect many will interpret the situation the other way and opt for Oly’s version. This lens has the potential of becoming another “must-have” (like the 20/1.7 used to be a few years ago).

      • dav

        Too bad this is larger than the 20mm :-(
        At this price I’d have bought it immediately, if it improved on the 20mm in any even marginal way compared to the 20mm in size (smaller) or AF speed. I guess I’ll stick with the 20mm for the time being.

        • Uberzone

          It is pretty much guaranteed to focus faster than the 20mm. So there is your more than marginal upgrade.

      • MrALLCAPS


        “Used to be”??

        obviously, once again, fanboyism takes precedent over actual facts…

        The 20mm is number one in mirroless lenses.
        The P/L 25mm is number two.
        The 20mm MkI is number six.

        Nobody in M43 can deny the strength of these three lenses. The Panasonic 20mm is THE lens of this system, PERIOD.
        Stop living in denial.

  • Fiacre

    I’m a bit disappointed by the 25mm size, compared to the 20mm Panasonic.
    Hope the quality will be good, with an affordable price.
    Anyway, i already have the 25mm Panaleica and the 200mm, i’m waiting for the 15mm f/1.7 Panasonic, if the price is not too hight.
    For the small zoom, the diameter seems to be higher than the 12-32 (61mm ?). And i prefer starting at 12mm than ending at 42mm.

  • That 25 looks quite utilitarian. Nothing fancy, no clutch mechanism, no distance markings, lots of polycarbonate. I hope it is as good as the similarly humble 45mm.

  • sonyfanboy

    Any attempt from oly or panny to introduce more lens is useless because of the pathetic sensor size. All you get is the deep dof and poor iso performance.

    Sorry to say but my Sony a7 put all m43 cameras to shame. If you are offended, you are jealous

    • bongbong

      Actually I feel sorry for you, if you feel the need to troll like this you are some sort of social retard, it must be hard for you being so lonely and not having anyone love you.

    • If you really used both m4/3 and E-FF your view would be more balanced. In my experience there is more the A7 can’t do than m4/3.

      • Ton

        We already know that your A7 can beat the hell all our m43 cams in terms of thin dof, IQ. But can your cam slip into your pocket like the GM1, or can it burst shoot like an EM1, can it attach a lens cap like BCL0980, attach a lens as small as 20mm pana & able to attach big af lens like 4/3 oly 300f2.8. But we can assure you that we don’t buy cams to compete its specs against yours. We buy cams to take pics! :)

      • Ton

        Somehow, my reply got to the wrong person. It was addressed to the person above. Sorry

        • Well I should hope so ;)

        • MJr

          I know how, you pressed the wrong button. ;)

    • Bobafett

      You seriously spend $1600.- so you can write those lines and troll around!?! Man, you really got some mental issues!

    • Anonymous

      “Sorry to say but my Sony a7 put all m43 cameras to shame. If you are offended, you are jealous”

      Nope, I am not offended or jealous my friend. I hope you enjoy your a7 as much as my GX7. I’m sure the a7 is a very capable camera, I’ve heard great things about it!

    • AMVR


      [I don’t even know why I’m responding to this obvious troll, I guess I like to see them ridiculed]

      If m43 is such an irrelevant thing, why did you waste irrecoverable minutes of your precious life into a troll post on a m43 site ? Why didn’t you go out and shoot your precious A7 ? I guess you’re either a 12 year old and don’t have one or it’s too good a camera for your monkey brain to understand.

      Just how many lenses does your sony have ? Oh right, sorry.

      Maybe there are hordes of manufactures backing your system like with m43, right ? NOPE

      And how many types and ranges of bodies does your system have ? yeah didn’t think so

      Guess who makes m43 sensors you assfck ? SONY! So I guess we have access to all of that glorious sensor performance technology, all that sony goodness you are so fond of. As for sensor size, I couldn’t give a rat ass because we can have the same performance thanks to both 0.95 lenses and the speedbooster AND keep the ISO low + better lens IQ (no need to close aperture like you will), meanwhile you’re stuck with a biggass camera with humongous lenses.

      You must be a waste of oxygen if you cant see past sensor size competition, nobody stops us from complementing m4/3 with FF and vice versa, or even better: Medium Format. You’re deluded into believing FF is the end all of camera gear, well I’m sorry to tell you but your FF ass is a sorry excuse of gear compared to Medium format. Anything between m43 (real compactness) and MF (REAL performance) is a waste of time and money.

      I responded to your trolling, so good job, but now you don’t have any arguments left, so GTFO.

  • Viezevure


  • Ren Kockwell

    Can’t hardly wait to see the EM-10

  • Oly 25mm vs PanLeica 25 mm –
    I am most interested to see the first real life based comparisons.
    Any links will be most welcome.

    As for the pancake zoom, it looks interesting, in particular for E-PM2 and alike, but I fear it might have mediocre optical quality.

  • Tim F

    wow, i´m really impressed by the size and look of the new kit-zoom. Maybe i wont give it to my girlfriend permantly-but keep it as a small backup in my bag… ;-)

    The 25mm looks just like i hoped, same size as the 17mm/1.8, and build like the 45mm. this is the first lens i´ll buy in 2014. :-) All the people who hoped for a real pancake lens, if you compare the 20/1.7 and the 17/1.8, the size different is only about 7mm in length, so this is more a problem on paper then on the camera.

    Just to mention it, i really love that most mFT lenses got 37mm or 46mm filter thread! this is really a plus, so i only need one set of filters and a 37-46mm stepup ring. Its maybe not to important, but it fits to the general size advantage.

    That fisheye lens-cap came by surprise-but im really interested, as a fisheye is a nice effect to play with. if you just want one for some fun, this will do it, for a good price and no space in the bag.

    • dav

      This is real problem, not a paper one. My EPM1 with 20mm is already too tick for most of the pockets where I’d like to slip it. I will be soon “shaving” some mm with GM1 and was very eager to shave more on the lens size with the 25mm. Heck, if was at least the same size, I would still have considered it for better AF performance. But no, this lens is not for me (hope it’ll be good for others).

      For filter size, I have mixed feelings. I appreciate they are only 3 sizes (including the 58mm for the 75mmf/1.8) and not 723, but all of the lenses I’ve seen with the 46mm thread would have worked fine with the 37mm one. So they could have made a better job! In fact, in my film day, all my lenses I had a 52mm thread (so much so that in my youth I thought that 52mm was the only “filter thread” in existence)

  • Jack Le Boul

    I am really impressed with Olympus lenses.

    The 12mm/f2. the 45mm/f1.8 and 75mm/f1.8 are amazing, well built, expensive, good size and sharp.
    The new 25mm/f1.8 looks like a great addition.

    Let us hope that the new EM-10s has PAL video.

  • 335 $ is probably the mere translation of 250 €. By the old agreement it should be 250 $, thus Economy Class :)

    Keep in mind that pancakes, with the exception with the distance to flange focal, are not telecentric and therefore require FW correction.

    The 25/1.8 will therefore be a good lens for chips. I suspect that come of you would have preferred it more expensive, but Olympus is keeping the pledge with its more normal customers.

    The pancake and the WA if sold in kit with the E-M10 have an element of humour. Olympus is saying that it can go as small as desired. Isn’t it sweet? We are spoiled… No format is so versatile.

    • kood

      At that price though, can they match the excellent optical qualities of the 45mm f1.8?
      I remember when it was first released, the Olympus 45mm sold for $350 to $400 in the States.

  • janneman

    Oooh, this looks good to me! Just hoping the 25mm will be on the shelves soon! In my case it will fit in perfectly between the 12mm and the 45 mm! From now on the search is on for the perfect small bag with 2 lenses and a body with lens!

    The mini standard-zoom will be great on a PM2, if I can find that one without the obligatory big standard zoom. But I might have to wait for a PM3 I’m afraid.

    Nonetheless, well done Oly! Now they can start on on the more specialised high end zooms and more specialised primes, although those are not for me.

    • jaydubstar

      My Think Tank retrospective 5 fits the description… I recommend

      • Patrick

        Tooo big. A TT Mover 20 would fit this kit much better.

  • Milt

    Olympus lenses seem to be a mixed bag. Most are not at the level of the top Panasonic lenses. So if I want only to have the few best m4/3rds lenses, the only one that I would covet personally is the 75mm – but the Sigma 60mm is about as good, although a bit slower.

    The 25mm may be a very good lens. If it is only as good as the 17mm 1.8, it will not be good enough to unseat the Panasonic 25mm. The Olympus 45mm appeals to a lot of people (although not all). If the 25m is as good as the 45 optically, it might have a chance. It looks like the 25mm will be less expensive. But I am skeptical that it will be an A level m4/3rds lens and that I will need to spend the extra money for the Panasonic.

    • Pixnat

      The Olympus 25mm f/1.8 is not there to “outseat” the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4.

      It’s a cheaper, slower alternative.

      Like the Nikon/Canon 50mm f/1.8 is to the Nikon/Canon f/1.4

      Some people seems to have really hard times to realize this…

      • Anonymous

        This. Why would you assume the Oly is trying to dethrone the 25/1.4? The 25 is premium/enthusiast, this is the more affordable alternative. Neither better or worse.

        • Pixnat

          It is exactly what I said…

      • 50/1.8g from Nikon or canon is much cheaper than this Oly 25/1.8 and they are highly praised too, espectially Nikon’s.

      • No way this plastic junk can outseat the 25/1.4. Keep in mind that you’re trying to compare a plastic joke with the Leica standard!

        Sorry but…..I cannot stop laughing!

        • Amateur Shooter

          I have a Pany 25mm F1.4 and it’s not better than my Oly 45mm F1.8, both are sharp and great lenses. The only difference is FOV and price, the Olys cost me half of the Pany price. If this Oly 25mm F1.8 is as good optically as the 45mm, I will sell the Pany 25mm F1.4 because is BIG and heavy compared to this. I mostly use the 17mm F1.8 glued to camera instead of the 25mm due to size! So, no need to laugh about it, because it’s not the metal or the plastic that matters, but the glass!

          • +100

          • Des

            I’ll take your words any day because you have actual experience with the lens, unlike leica wannabes :)

            The funnier thing is leica wannabe’s favorite lens isn’t even made by Leica.

          • kood

            I also own the Olympus 45, 17 f1.8, and the Panasonic 25. I prefer the Panasonic to the two Olympus lenses by a mile. I don’t know if it’s the focal length or the way it renders but the Panasonic is worth its price. I don’t mind the size at all and I use the lens on a Olympus PEN and a GF1.

            Given that, I find this new Olympus interesting and I’m glad that people who don’t want or can’t afford the Panasonic 25 finally get an alternative.

          • MrALLCAPS

            A.S., stop with the Lies.

            There is no way the 45mm beats the 25mm in any category. I owned both, and the P/L 25mm is Clearly a better lens, image quality, build, more useable focal length and it’s worth every penny.

            Check the DxO charts.. check the reviews. Stop the lies.

            The Olympus fanatic fan base will be the end of M43… Watch.. The constant dislike for a partner in this format is unwarranted and will only push photographers to other systems. This website is the SOLE REASON I would Never buy an Olympus product ever again.

            • Does the word ‘projection’ mean anything to you? Really, the 45 doesn’t beat it in ANY category? Not even the ‘telephoto’ category? For someone who accuses everyone of fanboyism, you seem to be drowning in your own hypocrisy.

              • The 25mm can’t do 44mm and vice-versa, so why bother judge the two? It’s not possible. HOWEVER, the 50mm focal length is a more popular focal length. There’s a difference between Opinion and Fact.

                A simple phrase of “In my opinion” can go far and wouldn’t even get a response because it would have been respected.

                Now…. Spin that.

                • GAS therapist

                  > A simple phrase of “In my opinion” can go far and wouldn’t even get a response because it would have been respected.

                  It’s a pity you never take your own advice, isn’t it?

                • yaa

                  You seem to be one of those ‘do as say not as I do’ people.

                  I suggest taking some of your own medicine.

        • Pixnat

          Did you actually read before replying???

  • Rock Kenwell

    Finally an affordable 25mm. Any ideas when it might be in stores?

  • fuSi0n

    When it is as sharp as the Pana 20 i will welcome this 25 to my lineup, hoping for same AF speed as the 45/1.8. 20er AF is killing my nerves.

  • Surab

    The pancake zoom seems to be an electronic zoom. At least that is what EZ means, right? The body cap lens is also interesting.

    The GM1 with the 12-32, 25 1.8, 45 1.8 and 9mm 8.0 BCL should be an awesome and small kit!

    • Ross

      That’s probably correct seeing as it’s a collapsing lens, but still looks like its controlled by the ring like a mechanical zoom.

      • Surab

        Definitely, it also seems to have a focus ring, still personally, I would prefer the 12-32.

  • Camaman

    PEN just git a whole lot more interesting to many with that new kit lens.

    9mm lens cap also sounds cool!
    0.2m minmum focus distance will make cool looking photos.

  • JF

    Olympus, are you kidding ? I’m waiting (and I’m not the only one) for two years for a high quality UWA prime (already available for Fuji) and what do we get ? a fu***** expensive crapy body cap ! no thanks…I’m still waiting for a real lens…

    • dav

      I understand your feeling, but I feel the body cap more interesting and not that expensive. I myself am frustrated to not having something better (=smaller and faster AF) than the Panny 20mm.

      What I want to say is, each of us wants something that’s missing. However the system is growing and that’s a good thing: the bigger it becomes, the more interesting, the less likely to be abandoned. Therefore, eventually we’ll all get what we want.

      By comparison, think of those poor Nikon DX’ers. They are still waiting for a medium wide angle after more than a decade!

      • Justin

        Good points. Although these lenses do not excite me–an 18mm equivalent fish eye isn’t very wide, the pancake zoom isn’t wide either, and the 25 1.8 is slower than my 1.4 pany–choice is good and these certainly represent more choices within the ever expanding pantheon of u43 lenses. Bravo Olympus. Now get back to work on the pro lenses. Finish the 40-150 f2.8. And get cracking on the Utra-wide f2.8 zoom and super-tele zoom 150-300 f4.0

    • TAZ

      @ JF

      Isn’t the Olympus 12/2.0 a high quality UWA prime??

      • Toerag

        No, it’s only a wide. If you want ultrawide today get the samyang 7.5mm fisheye and de-fish it with Hugin if necessary.

  • Atom

    Of the three, the only one that interested me was the 25/1.8. However, I was hoping for a companion to the 17 rather than to the 45, i.e., with the nice MF function.

    I’ll wait before getting excited on this.

    • jaydubstar

      I agree! Amazed it took this long in the thread to hear someone say they wanted a little more premium feel to the 25… The snap focus ring would be sweet.

  • Jack

    I probably would’ve bought the pancake zoom if it was a 12-32mm like the Panasonic. The extra width is more important to me and the tele end on these kit zooms are usually soft and only usable in daylight anyway.

    • dav

      However this pancake zoom is much better than what they had before, especially on the future EPM3 which would otherwise had a hard time against the GM1

  • Tulio

    Real lenses for real people. Love the 25mm f1.8 at the right price.

  • tomas

    shame that the 25 F1.8 rumor came so late!

    …I already bought begining of DEC2013 Pana 25mm f1.4 …its very nice lens…but saving 250e would be nice for me.

  • Another plastic-crap lens for Olympus…….no thanks. I prefer my Pana/Leica 25/1.4-made-in-Japan!

    • Anonymous

      Well someone feels threatened. Buyers remorse?

    • @Smiths

      Agree. This lens is overpriced, comparing to Nikon’s highly-praised 50/1.8G. Plus, it’s 25/1.8 built quality cannot come close to Pana. In several countries, both 25/1.8 and 25/1.4 have very close prince. Why on earth will you buy this lens since at his budget you just add a bit more and can get LEICA quality?

      • Froggy

        Why would you get the 25/1.4 if you could get “the higly praised Nikon 50/1.8G” for less than the 25/1.8?

        Sorry, just trying to higkight your argument: you’re comparing Oly m43 lens to a FF one to prove conclude that the Pana m43 is a better deal… I don’t get your point.

        Could ppl stop trying to prove they made (or will make) the right choice? What is the aim to convince others? Feeling insecure? Some will prefer the 25/1.4, others the 25/1.8.

        Can we agree that if Oly and Panny offer those 2 versions it’s because they *believe* there’s a market for both?

      • mike

        Remember these are rumors, prices may or may not be correct. I too have wanted a 25/1.4 Panasonic/Leica for some time but true Leica Quality? It’s another plastic bodied lens and has very good optical performance but carries a brand tax.

      • Bob B.

        Cathey…the Panny 25mm f/1.4 is the best normal prime with AF for MFT. I doubt that this new Olympus 25mm lens will surpass that…but ya never know, Olympus is less than consistent in the IQ of their lenses (I do own both brands so I am not a fanboy here).
        ….but make no mistake the Panny 25mm is not a “LEICA” lens. It is made by Panasonic in Japan and branded Leica. Nothing more. This is not an all-metal lens, handmade in Germany with Leica optics, costing $3000-$10,000. Do not be fooled by a name. That does not make it a bad lens, though. Stand back and look at the playing field. As someone mentions on this page somewhere…the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 is just as sharp (and at some f/stops sharper) as the Panny Leica 45mm f/2.8 macro at half the price. That is not the whole story with the pricing, as the lenses are both used for different purposes, having different build quality (even though they are both basically plastic). They both have different advantages and disadvantages.

        • MrALLCAPS

          You’re wrong.
          The P/L 25mm was made by Panasonic, with Leica supervision and approval. Leica is not that stupid and greedy as a company to simply just let another company pay to have their lenses slapped with Leica branding.

          Leica is developing a new system, with Panasonic building lenses… so you’re saying that those lenses are just Panasonic lenses with Leica branding as well?


          • Beduin

            O yes, and also I believe that Leica has developed all those P&Ss that they put the brand on, together with Pana. And Zeiss developed all those lenses for Nokia phones. And Schneider for Samsung P&Ss

      • Jörg

        The Nikon lens might be highly praised, but because it is only for FF cameras it does not have to fulfill the same optical quality standards that a m43 lens has to fulfill. If you ask why, simple: there is no FF camera with the same pixel density as found on m43 sensors(e.g. 64 megapixel). Thus the Nikon lens is probably cheaper made(otherwise Nikon would be stupid).

        Oh, and now a word about LEICA quality: Fuck it. As long as Olympus produces optics that are good enough for m43 sensors @16 megapixel I’m happy. And more than 16 mp are not needed due to light ?refraction? at small aperatures(f/11 and smaller).

    • dav

      Che palle!! When this myth of metal vs plastic will stop?
      Read this and shut up: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/12/assumptions-expectations-and-plastic-mounts

      • Bob B.

        “Good” plastics are not a bad thing. …but there are build differences,

        • How are you so sure? I always thought they were very bad…no?

    • erik

      Has anyone heard of a 45/1.8 breaking because of the plastic?

      • jaydubstar

        I’ve dropped mine 3 times! It bounces like a rubber ball! hahhaa. (knock on wood; i’ve gotten lucky!)

        • erik

          Hahaa you sound like a quite careless photographer. Anyway nice to know it doesn’t break easily.. Although I don’t think it would bounce now here in Finland, -16C outside…

  • R

    ohhh looks very nice, finaly we got our “fast” UWA Pancake =/

    just sad the zoom isn’t 12mm..

    looking foreward to see the e-m10, bring it on admin!

  • The lenscap fisheye is a pleasant surprise!

  • Eric S

    Yes, the lenscap could be funny. For instance, to make spherical pano when climbing mountains. Aperture is enough. But I’m waiting to see image quality. And as for previous lens cap, there will be no chip to store lens details in EXIF.

  • plooifiets

    The 25mm seems fairly priced for the duchies. But what about the price for a lenshood? Maybe together they are more expensive or just as expensive than the Leica. And a LEICA is a LEICA! (lens hood included)

  • Another Guy Named Bob

    I was just thinking, “Olympus does not have enough 14-42 lenses… ” It is about time!

  • Renato S.

    This body cap seems pretty interesting, even if it doens’t have the best of optical quality, if it’s cheap, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

  • Berneck

    I have mixed feelings, if these are actual promo images.

    The 25 looks like the 45. The 45 is my favorite lens, even over the 25PL. However, the look of it bugs me. It almost looks like a toy lens. Not that it is all that important. Like I said, it is my favorite, but the looks of the 12, 17 and 75 are stunning. Just wished they’d follow more along those aesthetics. It’s always hard to to tell from the photos until you hold it, but I hope it doesn’t protrude as much as the 45.

    As for the 14-42, it seems like it could be a nice relatively pocketable lens.

    Looking forward to how they perform.

  • Tim

    It’s so sad to see people trying to compare this 1.8 version against the world-best Leica-standard 25/1.4
    Anyone who even dare to compare these two must spend more time studying the greatest history of Summilux, Elmarit, and latest Nocticron
    Although it is not made by Leica, but Leica is Leica no matter who and where it is made.

    • Martin

      I will put a Leica sticker on my 5 year old point and shoot and I will sell it to you at a very good discount price of $400 if you are interested.

      • plooifiets

        you should aks yourself why a even a Leica sticker has value! Try that with an Olympus sticker!

        • Beduin

          Let me guess? Because people are like zombies? Continue to believe in brand names even after they are over.

        • Des

          No sane person is going to pay for an Olympus sticker or any other sticker because… we pay for products that satisfy our need, not the brand. However, Leica fanboys are dumbasses and will pay $400 more for a junk camera.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Tim, it’s easy to be the world best 25mm f1.4 when you are the only one available. ;)

      I think many people here want to put the Oly 25mm against PanaLeica25mm.
      They are competitors, but this does not mean quality must be the same.
      Those interested in a 50mm FOV own already the PanaLeica version. It’s indeed a great lens.
      Olympus is simply trying to sell its own version, trying to gain some money from it.
      And a cheaper version sounds logic to me, since nobody would spend the same money for a “slower” lens.

    • Lunar

      World-Best? hardly. Try Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens. Leica 25mm is good but not in the same legend with Nokton 25mm. ;)

  • I don’t like fish eyes, I already own PanaLeica 25mm and I’m happy about it. That zoom is perfect as a kit lens for those looking for the smallest combination.

    Admin, any rumor concerning the fixed lens camera from Olympus?

  • You people forget that the PL25/1.4 has very low resolution ar 1.4, according to lensrentals and CIPA.
    It has half the resolution it has at 2.8, about the same of my cheap Sigma 19mm at 2.8-

    In fact the less fast a lens is the more it has resolution. And that is exactly the rationale for getting the 25/1.8. If you don’t strictly need the aperture, you’ll do exactly as well with the slower lens, and spare a lot of money.

    These are things a photog. should know, and that geeks happily ignore, because after all they are in only to impress the Joneses. They dress funnily just as they buy funny lenses.

    Oly instead knows it’s trade, and proposes a ‘nifty fifty’ which is the basic fare of any system for a honest price. Scr*ew your exotic lenses that can’t stand full aperture…

    • TAZ

      When the Panasonic Nocticron 42,5mm f/1.2 lens was announced, people were saying they could justify the $1600 price because it would be like the 25/1.4, built to the same standards as Leica??

      Didn’t know the 25/1.4 has very low resolution at 1.4

    • Pixnat

      Agree, but it’s a “nifty twenty-five” ;-)

      • So in a way more expensive to make, since it needs more miniaturization. In a way thing balance out, between the cost of lenses and that of the mechanism.

        One must also keep in mind the progress of sensors, that was completely absent in film times. So lens snobbishness is even more ridicule.

        They had to invent the short DOF pecking order to think they mastered photography, there in the vast plains where the Neanderthal still roams :)

    • +10,.yup ,I agree the PL 1.4/25 DG it has low resolution @F1.4,.actually the old 43 version PL 1.4/25 D Summilux has much more resolution @F1.4 and also more micro contrast,.and @ F2,.it really stunning and left behind the M43 version

    • Cupid Stunt

      Yet again, you just make shit up to justify how clever you are with buying the Sigma. The MTF at f/2.8, for your lens is 850/745 (Max/Avg). The Pana 25mm is 960/820. In fact every prime except the Sigma 30mm was better than your 19mm. Even the lowly 14mm from Pana whips it (1010/850) as does the 20mm (1050/875). Way to go..

      The results are here:

      • LOL you can’t tell a difference of 100 llpmm, or almost, and Cicala calls the two Sigma lenses v. good anyway. For the two I paid 200 against the 500 of the 25/1.4.

        So who is the wiser, lamer? So, let’s wait and see, as a native lens the 25/1.8 might be as good at 1.8 size being much smaller than the PL.

        • Cupid Stunt

          Maybe you cannot tell the difference but the facts stand as presented. I have nothing against Sigma as I own one of their fine macros. My standard for m43 is the Pana 20/1.7 for $300. Great set with the 14/2.5 & 45/1.8.

          • The 20mm with slow AF is no help in the Street while the Sigmas are blazing fast. So horses for courses. You could have spared your breath…

            • yaa

              Oh my, how’d people have managed with manual focus only lenses for so many decades…

  • Jón

    I actually want that 9mm fisheye! Perfect for those panoramas and ‘photosphers’.

  • OldAlaskan

    Another 14-42??
    I thought I was not interested but the small size has changed my mind.
    If center MTF50>50, and$≤300, I’m in.

  • Swejk

    Nette Objektive für meine E-PL2 ! ;°)

  • Camaman

    LOL just saw 9mm is a fisheye… pfffft… no use to me other than taking pictures of my cats showing the bubble nose to the camera!

    :-P :-P :-P

    OT irritating captcha is case sensitive!!
    Admin please fix or make it so it generates all lowercaps t+not all upper caps
    Super irritating on the Android

  • peevee

    14-42 again!! 8-(E)

    Die stupid product managers, die! Where is my 11-110?!

    • yaa

      And actually a 14-42 I might be interested in buying because it is actually quite different from the already existing ones.

      Now, its not that 11-110 that you are asking for, so its not the exact thing you might want, but I wonder, is it really that impossible for you to understand the advantage of this specific ‘pancake’ 14-42 over the already existing ones? If not, then why your complaining? Because it isn’t the exact thing you want being given to you for free?

      On another note, ever bothered to look how many 18-55 or very similar EF-S lenses Canon has released over the last decade? Any idea why they do that? Try to figure it out as it also will explain why Olympus and Panasonic alike keep releasing updated kit lenses.

  • peevee

    Does BCL-0980 have electronic contacts for automatic FL setting (so stabilization would work properly – at f/8 you are going to need it)?

    • yaa

      *NEED* is a rather silly and big word here, like… over the top exaggeration. IS certainly is a very very useful tool, but you can take pictures with a 9mm f/8 without it quite fine.

      Seeing how it has no aperture that the camera can control, nor any AF, its unlikely it will have electronic contacts.

      But in case you do ‘need’ IS, you can simply set the focal length properly in the IS panel, and IS will work quite fine, regardless of those electronic contacts.

  • interesting new images and specs, but since the legitimacy of the images is seemingly in question, I wonder about the specs?

    I’ll take it at face value and wait till the real official announcement to make final judgement.

    But, I do want to comment on one of the 3 lenses… namely the 25mm f1.8

    I imagine the IQ to be pretty good on par with the 45mm f1.8 in performance.. at below $400, it’s still a reasonably priced lens if it can deliver the same IQ like the 45mm (but in 25mm focal length equivalent, of course).

    With that said, I am honestly a bit disappointed in the design of the 25mm f1.8 (if it is real photo). Granted it looks relatively small and compact like the 45mm, but I was REALLY HOPING for the design to be more like the 17mm f1.8… with nice all metal construction and a cool MF clutch for quick snap back action to engage MF on the fly. Too bad… :(

    If it is truly priced in the low to mid $300 range, then it makes sense it follows in the lesser build quality of the 45mm.. again, if info is credible, then I do welcome a “bargain” & “affordable” high performing standard lens from Olympus.

    BUT, at the same time, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more (up to $500) for something like the 17mm or 12mm lenses from Oly with nice all metal construction and the MF clutch.

    Oh, well.. will see what is actual in a couple weeks.

  • A 9 mm fish lens cap lens. Yikes! How about a rectilinear 9 mm f2/8 for $400? No can do, Oly?

    • yaa

      How does releasing a 9mm fisheye bodycap lens imply they can’t also release a 9mm rectlinear prime at some other time?

      Its certainly important to see how well something matches YOUR needs for deciding on buying it, but acting as if anything that doesn’t directly match your needs is just total crap is well, very short-sighted at the very least.

  • jt

    I so hope they release the black from the start.
    I want one and I don’t want to wait. I didnt wait for the 45 or the 17 in black and as a result have silver primes on my black OMD.
    But really would prefer black.
    Its just looks, but photographers think visuals are important.

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