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(FT5) 25mm f/1.8 and 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ ED confirmed to be released soon!


Also Digicameinfo confirms that Olympus will launch two new MFT lenses along the E-M10. The 25mm f/1.8 and 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ ED.

1) The compact zoom will come in Black and Silver and cost 35,000 Yen ($335 or 250 Euro). And like I told you today it has a built-in lens cap.

2) Also the 25mm Olympus will come in Black and Silver and cost 35,000 Yen.

3) There will be also a new lens cap (BCL-0980) in Black or White (10,000 Yen= and a new macro converter (MCON-PO2).

Announcement in a couple of days….

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  • Peter Cratchit

    Very good Admin -keep up the good Work thanks!!!

  • sammykhalifa

    Woo, a new lens cap!

    • Doug

      And not JUST a new lens cap, but a $100 new lens cap. I might buy a half-dozen of them. NOT.

      • Tom

        well, sort of depends if they went up in quality somehow. If not, $100 is just stupid.

  • Seb

    Anyone have any idea if its weather sealed?

    • admin

      The E-M10 seems to be NOT weather sealed.

      • kiki

        Oh thank you for this scoop!

    • Tropical Yeti

      And the most important question – will the new lens cap be weather sealed?

  • I prefered 12-…

    • Rick


      • JohnR

        Then get the Panasonic

  • Another 14-42? I don’t get…

  • Jeroen

    Yes!! Another kit-zoom that starts with 14mm….. Version number 4 I think?
    Don’t get me wrong, I like that Olympus and Panasonic keep updating lenses but I don’t count it as a new lens release.

    • safaridon

      You seem to have forgotten about the latest Pany 12-32 lens?

      • Bob B.

        Well…if you ACTUALLY want to buy the lens in the US…it only is available when attached to a camera? :-)

    • Arend

      If it’s as small and as good as the Pany 12-32, and if the price is correct i will buy it!!

      • Rick

        If it’s as small and as good as the Pany 12-32, and if the price is correct i will buy the Panasonic.

  • AMVR

    ANOTHER 14-42 !? WTH Olympus! Well, looking at the bright side of this at least now I can discard this new kit lens and go for the 12-32mm with a calm state of mind, the built in lens cap is a good idea but not as important as a 12mm starting point.

    I guess this kills the theory that the Kodak kit lens was an Oly in disguise.

    I wonder if the 25mm 1.9 will be a pancake, so far Oly has only done 1 miserable pancake, for an optical company you would think they would kick Pany’s ass in that area but even Pany has come with more and better pancakes. Knowing Oly this will be more like the 45mm or 17mm 1.8 in size than a pancake.

    • Berneck

      Really? 12 vs 14 is your breaking point? Lolol. If this lens is the same size with that range, and same performance, you’d be crazy to buy the 12-32 instead.

      And as far as 12 vs 14, take one step backward… Lololol

      Sorry, I had to, your response was so dramatic…

      • El Caballero que dice Ní

        I also find 12 on the wide side more important than 42 on the long side.
        It is not always possible to take a few steps back.

        • Berneck

          Yeah, I get the point. I was joking more than anything. Easier to crop an image than to step back sometimes. However, for a general purpose lens, I find 12-32 a little weak vs 14-42.

      • Bob B.

        Berneck, stands in room and holds camera in hand…needs a wider field of view…and tries to walk backward but his back hits against a brick wall…..whoops..he should have bought the 12mm!!!!!
        Sorry to be so dramatic. :-)

      • Crazy? Anybody who buys a short standard zoom with f/5.6 at the long end is nuts in my book. Oh yeah, I know, now all the nutters will begin squealing. :-P

      • I know 2mm doesn’t sound much but at this wide, it’s a whole lot more than a step back…

        It’s just, no. A step back won’t fix it.

        • A step back will change the perspective. If perspective is important, and it usually is, “zooming with your legs” is not a good option.

  • Berneck

    Weather sealed?… That’s funny. Sounds like it could be interesting. I think the current 14-42 gets a bad rap, but that probably has more to do with this forum, than reality. The 14-42 is a nice knock around lens if you are looking for small and lightweight with a workable range. Can’t say it’s pocketable, but it’s smaller than on any other ILC system. If Olympus manages to improve on the performance and make it that much smaller, it may be worth it. That price is a bit high, and it concerns me. I guess we’ll see.

  • NEW BODY CAP LENS?? That’s amazing news!! Already want one!

  • Also, it seems like the new Body Cap Lens is going to be a Wide-Angle 9mm, since the 15mm BCL is the BCL-1580 (15mm f/8) :)

    • Doug

      The rumor doesn’t say it’s a body cap lens. It says it’s a lens cap. Admittedly, $100 for a new lens cap is pretty absurd – although no more so than the current prices on Olympus lens hoods. But I believe that a 9mm Body Cap lens, even a slow f8 one, would probably cost more than that – there is a scarcity of 9mm primes in this system. It would certainly be interesting that Olympus might come out with a 9mm Body Cap lens, when people are actually clamoring for a high quality, much faster f-stop 9mm prime lens, and would surely be willing to pay several hundred dollars for such a lens.

      • Let’s confabulate :)

        Product codes for Olympus Lens Caps are LC-X (Ex.: Olympus LC-58C)
        Product codes for Olympus Rear Lens Caps are LR-X (Ex.: Olympus LR-2)

        The only product to bear the BCL-X Product code is the 15mm f/8 (BCL-1580)

        So that’s it, I think the BCL-0980 is going to be a 9mm f/8 wide angle, maybe even a fisheye (optically less complicated to make)

        In the meantime, have y’all checked the Body Cap Lens tumblr lately? So many amazing shots!

        • Bob B.

          Thiago …you are obviously correct…thanks for the sharp observation!!!!!

          • I exist only to serve ;)

            …and to shoot the BCL!


            • Michael Devitt

              Nice photos, Thiago. You have a creative vision with your lens cap :).

              • Hey thanks! Not all photos are mine, though. I curate the blog! Mine are marked as “By yours truly” ;) Anyone can send me their BCL pics!


                • Thank you, sir, for leading me to this link.

                  • Bobafett

                    Very nice pictures, some of them are even gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration Thiago and also for the link. I bought the cap lens some time ago but used it only once or twice. Your contribution makes me wanna use that lens more often for spontaneous shooting.

      • Juan Schmidt
        • Anoying Mouse

          The original Japanese text in DigicamInfo says;
          A new body cap lens BCL-0980.
          – The colors are black and white.
          – Estimated retail price is around 10,000 yen.

    • disso

      Good point. UWA/fisheye body cap would be quite fun to shoot, I think.

      But Oly srsly! Why don’t you just make an UWA prime for us. We have plenty of kit zooms and primes with f/1.8.

      I would be perfectly happy with ~7mm f/4 with reasonable price, and I bet many people would pay quite money for fast UWA prime also.

      MFT system weakest point at the moment is UWA glass.

      • No, in fact the telephoto range is also really weak.

        • dav

          True, but in telephoto you can band-aid with adapted lenses (sure it’s a band-aid, but at the wide end you don’t have even that – well you have the Panasonic 7-14mm zooms, but they are bulky and expensive)

      • That wide and that bright, it’ll be a pricey body cap lens. Well, more pricey than 15mm f/8 which isn’t really the purpose of the body cap lens.

  • Tim F

    Good news, i dont care about the new kit lens, but my girlfriend will like it, if its smaler than the one she has now.
    And i will get the 25mm the day my photo dealer gets it- although mostlikly the price in germany will be morelikly 300-350€ then 250€-for some “stange” reason, they dont use the yen/Euro exchange rate when it comes to pricing lenses in Germany ;-)

  • kiki

    nice price of 25/1.8

    • Berneck

      Please let it be like the 17 1.8. I really like that lens. The “pull back to manual focus” is great! I hope they do this on all of their prime/premium lenses going forward.

      • Nah, if its only 250 euros at release it will be same build quality as 45/1.8

        • Tom

          Agreed. I love the foreskin design. But Olympus charges a premium for its uncircumcised equipment.

          • Berneck

            Damn, I’ll never look at my lenses the same way again…

          • Thank you, dear sir, for making me feel weird when using the snap focus feature, LOL

      • El Caballero que dice Ní


      • kiki

        I understand you, i have the 12/2 (not 17/1.8 because i dont like the 35mm format) and the pull back ring is great but i don’t think the 25/1.8 will get one because of plastic build as announced before.

    • Yep, the price of the 25/1.8 has me interested, it sounds like a sister to the 45/1.8. I might replace the 20/1.7 if it’s the same size as the 45.

      • dav

        Do you mean the same size of the 20mm? That it’s what I’m hoping (and of course for a much better focus performance which panasonic disappointed us all with their stupid mk2)

  • Hopefully the 25/1.8 will be the same optical quality as the 45/1.8….

    Its got to be REALLY good for me to give up the panny 25/1.4….

    • kiki


      Actually i have 25/1.4 and 45/1.8 grey..

      If 25/1.8 performance are confirmed, i will sell my 25/1.4 for more compacity for to buy a 25/1.8 and i will sell my 45/1.8 grey for a new black one.

  • roberto

    another 14-42.
    what an imagination these guys at olympus have.

    • CaverDave

      Let’s see what this new 12-42 is all about and how it performs before complaining too much. Hopefully the new 14-42 is more compact and has better image quality. ow I am hoping the 25/1.8 will be a kit option for the E-M10.

  • ANOTHER slow 14-4x??????? And then Oly cries that it is loosing market share……… Come on guys, we need a long GOOD +300mm tele!!

    • Bob B.

      LOL!…or even a 200 or 250mm….don’t worry ….they are going to make some, but first Olympus and Panasonic have to make 2 more kit zooms (14-14mm….that don’t perform as well as the last ones and also have plastic lens mounts) first!!!!!!!

  • jf

    oh my god ! A 14-42 ! I was waiting for it for soooo long ! :D and fortunately it comes in silver ! This is amazing !

  • murmur

    why so upset?
    It’s a kit lens of the new OMD
    I repeat this : it is a kit lens, it is a kit lens
    If you want better zoom, get the 12-40 instead.

    • aliasfox

      So my options are:
      – Any of three $100-200 lens that feel cheap, have slow aperture, and generally unimpressive results (Oly 14-42 I, Oly 14-42 II, Pana 14-42 I)
      – Either of two $150-300 lenses that feel cheap, have slow aperture, but decent results (Pana 14-42 II, Pana 14-45)
      – A power zoom that I hear is unreliable
      – Or a $1k beauty?

      There’s definitely room for a ~$500 enthusiast zoom. Something like 12-54mm f/2.8-4 that’s sharp and not too heavy. Right now the only option for people who want something better than a good kit but can’t step up to the thousand dollar table is the 4/3 Oly 14-54 mkII, but it’s big and heavy and slow to focus… and even then, it’s $599 new + ~$100 for an adapter, which isn’t too far off of the native offerings.

      Come on, a fastish midrange normal zoom that starts at 12mm and $500 will have my attention, and likely my money.

      • dav

        Panasonic 12-35 is what you should buy today. It is probably shortish at the tele, but you can always crop a little bit if you need to. Or better, use the Oly 45/1.8 when the need arises.

  • Great, more lenses in that I’m not interested. Thanks for saving me some money, Olympus!

    Give me a 9 or 10 mm prime. I know it won’t happen. I have been asking for 5 years.

    • kiki

      Did you read this new? new lens 9mm prime like bodylens 15mm.

      At least you want more open ;)

  • goofy

    E-m10 + 14-42 + 45/1.8 + 25/1.8 sounds like a nice and affordable entry level setup for a p&s upgrader.

  • BryanB

    Damn you Olympus.

    You are you going to make me sell my Sigma 30mm 2.8 and buy the new 25mm 1.8.

  • Toe

    Any word on what kind of controls will be on the compact zoom? Hoping for a ring like Sony’s 16-50, and not the multispeed levers like Panasonic’s PZ 14-42.

  • > and 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ ED.

    Again starts at 14mm?! Oh, Admin, you killed my hopes so fast.

    Built-in lens cap is highly desirable, but protector filter is also passable solution. Esp if that gives me 12mm of the 12-32.

  • sam

    No UWA prime (12mm is WA, not UWA), no tele prime… come on!

  • Camaman

    Damn 14mm again…
    Was hoping for 12-40mm a bit larger than Panasonic new version…

  • Anonymous

    Olympus zoom: built in lens cap, fantastic. As small as 12-32, fantastic. Starts at 14mm, are you kidding me?

  • Interesting that now we know the 25/1.8 is only 250€ nobody is interested, but 2!

    Everybody else would rather have a slow kit lens :)

    Dogs, what photogs. are thou?

    • Does the 250 EUR lens come with a break-away bayonet? Crumple zones?

      • LOL. No such problems with my Sigmas. You know one can have tanks made of plastic :)

  • Ash

    Definitely going to buy the 25mm 1.8 if the size is right.

    I’ve been craving this focal length for pictures of my family, but don’t like the size of the Pan 1.4.

    This kit lens sounds good with the built in lens cap, etc, but is not one I will buy due to the lack of 12mm. Hopefully it sells well with the EM10 kits.

  • I want 12mm Too

    Not 12mm but 14mm? Forget it then.
    (The 25mm looks good though.)

  • Anonymous

    If the 25/1.8 is a pancake, then we have a winner and a serious alternative to the Panasonic 20/1.7.

    • Ash

      Its not a pancake.

  • More wide angle lenses and telephoto lenses please.
    Although I welcome the 25mm as it gives for options for prime shooters I would love to see more lenses in the wide and telephoto area.

  • Pixnat

    Very nice price for the 25mm f/1.8. It’s great to have at least an affordable but fast 50mm equivalent for the system. M4/3 is nearly a complete system now. The only thing missing is one or two great telephoto fast prime.
    Anyway, the 25 mm is likely to be my next lens :-)

  • MVW

    The reason why they didn’t do a 12-X mm is to not cut into their sales of their 12mm prime.
    Sure, that prime is very good and quite fast, but considering the price i’ll take the panny 12-32mm thankyouverymuch.
    It’s a bit slower, but a hellofalot cheaper, sharp, smaller & it’s a zoom!

    Guess it’s going to be body-only purchase for me :-) along with the 14-140,12-32,45mm & 25mm.

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