(FT5) First images of the new Olympus E-M10!


These are the first images of the upcoming new Olympus E-M10! On top you see the silver version and below the Black camera:

Price in YEN should be as follows: ¥ 80,000 for the body only. With 14-42mm (new compact zoom) 95,000 yen. Double zoom kit is around 110,000 yen (via Digicameinfo). By using the current converter the prices in Euro and Dollars are:
– 560 Euro or 760 Dollar
– 670 Euro or 910 Dollar for the kit
– 775 Euro or 1,050 Dollar for the double lens kit

But I am pretty sure that as usual price in Dollar will be lower than the converted YEN price. For reference: The E-M5 body currently sells for $799 at Amazon US (Click here) and 700 Euro in eBay EU stores (Click here).

As I told you in my previous post the camera will be announced on January 29 at 6am London time. Be sure to be online at 43rumors on that hour to follow the event live!

Olympus OMD E-M10
– 16MP sensor (same as E-M5 and with no PDAF)
– True Pic VII processor (same as E-M1)
– Very small body
– integrated flash
– 3 axis stabilization
– comes with new compact zoom as kit lens

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
– 37mm filter diameter
– Comes in black and silver
– Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (250 Euro or around $335)
– Has a lens cap (correction, it’s not built in. You can remove it!)

– 46mm filter diameter
– Minimum focusing distance is 0.25m
– Comes in black and silver
– Estimated retail price of around 35,000 yen (250 Euro or around $335)

– Fish-eye lens of 9mm f/8.0
– Minimum focusing distance 0.2m


And now let us know…

What are you considering to buy?

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P.S.: A Panasonic announcement is scheduled for weeks after the Olympus announcement.

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  • The hump has been squashed down :-)

    • Farrukh

      Almost as if someone sat on it ;)

    • Henke

      And I was hoping for it to be gone completely… Still protrudes to much.

      • Ross

        Get a PEN or GX7 then.

        • Atle

          What if he likes the other features of the cameras from oly better than the pana alternatives? I am tired of the “Oh, you don’t like this one feature of a product, don’t buy it, or buy something else”, these products are complex things with a lot of different features that must be weighed against each other.

          • m43happy

            The hump sounds like the 1 deal breaker for this person so Ross is making the correct suggestions. This is a new camera Olympus announced for the OM-D line, so of course there will be a hump. If there wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be an OM-D. Seriously though, you can get a similarly spec’d camera in an E-P5 w/ no hump. Plain and simple.

            • Atle

              Really? It sounds like a dealbraker? Because he was hoping it wasn’t there? I would have wished the EM-5 to have no hump, but still I own it….

              • Ross

                If he doesn’t like the OM-D style with a ‘hump’, then he can either ‘lump it’ & put up with it or get something else. Duh! How simple is that?

                • Why are you guys even discussing this? The OP didn’t ask for advice, but merely stated his opinion.

                  • Ross

                    I dunno. Maybe ’cause I’m feeling hot & grumpy. ;)

          • david

            Well, the alternatives seem to be:
            1) Buy a PEN or a GX7
            2) Buy nothing at all
            3) Buy this camera and take a hacksaw to it

            So it would seem that, if one is committed to buying a new camera, choice #1 would be the sensible option.

          • The Real Stig

            The ‘hump’ on the E-M5 contains the viewfinder components, as you can see from this cuataway. http://www.personal-view.com/talks/uploads/FileUpload/4c/f03c5d5ee5d3637be626ff7c8a61f4.jpg

      • omar

        The hump is kind of what you get with an OM-D, maybe buy one of the myriad of other humpless options rather than squeal about it?

        • Atle

          Yeah, god forbid that people says anything negative a product in a civil matter, we must all only focus on the positives and pretend that every product is perfect….

          • Ross

            It’s got nothing to do with his likes & dislikes & him being able to make comments, it’s his senseless wish for a design that Olympus has had in their film cameras that have continued in the digital realm & the OM series has the centre view finder with a ‘hump’ & if he doesn’t like the hump then that’s ‘tuff titties’ because that is what the OM & OM-D design is.

          • m43happy

            God forbid Ross just replied initially with a simple suggestion “Get a PEN or GX7 then.” Then you had to blow it out of proportion. The PEN cameras do not have the hump he is hoping for, which is why Ross suggested it (and it’s almost evently spec’d with the OM-D line of cameras).

          • No matter where the EVF may be positioned on top, it has to protrude back for proper ergonomics. Not doing so, you would have to reinvent human face morphology to accommodate the design. Plastic surgery, maybe.
            Furthermore, is the EVF is to be located center top, it has to protrude up to leave space for the LCD.

            Despite the retro look, no film heritage needs to be involved in the decision to keep the LCD positioned that way. The design just happens not to be broken.

            Point being: anyone not happy with the EVF protruding: stop crying and suck it up, it won’t change.

            • lee

              Thank you. Why is it considered retro anyway? other cameras without humps also look retro, maybe because ‘retro’ means something ain’t broke and don’t need fixing. I like the hump.

      • C. C.

        Stop complaining.

      • Berneck

        Well. I believe this camera has a flash, so I see no issue with the hump. Again, the hump doesn’t protrude like the photos suggest. Remember when everybody was freaking out over the E-M5? The camera is so small, I bet it looks just fine when held in the hand.

      • Bob B.

        I have to laugh….everyone wants their own personally designed camera. Sooo funny. We have so many GREAT choices:
        M1 Pro still camera all the best of everything the format can offer
        GH3 Best for video
        G series most economical with great features
        Pen series…well-built..small and smaller…with incredible opt. VF
        GX7 Rangefinder with well rounded features…
        And there are more cameras to fill in many of the gaps here..and MORE on the way…
        This is an incredibly diverse selection of camera bodies (not to mention lenses)…I can see nothing to complain about!!!!!!!

        • Apps would let make the Camera individual!

          • yaa

            Hmm, yes, apps will remove that hump…

            But oh well, at least my cameras don’t crash or just decide to not respond for a second or 2, unlike any ios or android device I’ve ever used. See, there is a reason why about every serious digital camera uses a real-time OS.

      • balthier bunansa

        cue music…Black Eyed Peas “My Humps”

        • Bob B.

          I think that I like the squashed hump…it is kind of growing on me!

      • Terada-san

        OM-D line always hump. Don’t want hump look at Pen.

        • “Maybe, maybe not.”

        • Ross

          Or from the opposition Panasonic, the GX7, since it also has sensor shift IBIS. :)

        • bousozoku

          You know that we don’t refer to ourselves with “-san”?

          • You are also an impostor? :-P

            • Ross

              You are a stirrer! ;)

              • You are stirrable. :-P

    • Ross

      I would say there is no accessories port (like the Stylus 1) & the flash also sits up a little higher in front of the hot shoe.

      • Ross

        Maybe there is a port but the ‘hump’ is broader & rounded which looks less like it sticks up more.

    • mike

      It’s possible the hump could just be a little smaller, shrunk down enough to now make the eyecup visible from front and center

    • CaverDave

      Actually the hump got wider to add in the built-in flash.

    • Matt

      Still looks OK, though not as pretty as the other OM cameras. The disappointment for me is a grip (if you can even call it a grip) that is also the same as in the E-M5.

    • Em5

      I’m so distracted by the new upcoming Fuji XT-1…might just be the perfect upgrade for me em5..hopefully the new em10 is not too costly..

  • BLI

    Am I first? Ah, well: I’m curious as to how the size compares to that of the Stylus 1. The kit lens: size/length, compared to that of the Pana 12-32?

  • sepo

    Hump is shorter. Camera looks much nicer, in my opinion.Hump is much shorter, camera looks nicer, in my opinion.

    • Stu

      Yeah, but what about the hump?

      • C. C.

        Duh…that’s why it’s called an OM-D. Get it?

        • Fish

          I dont think you got Stu’s joke. Read the comments over.

  • Erik

    Been waiting for this!

    Any word on how the EVF will compare to the one in the EM-1?

  • Hypnotic Love

    hot shoe?

    • Ross

      It’s there, hiding behind the bulkier front section which is the pop-up flash.

  • Photon

    For me, one of the most important info is about battery pack. Will it use PEN and Stylus 1 batteries (BLS-5) or rounded form factor batteries from rest of OM-D and E-P5.

    • Tim F

      Interesting question- As long they dont get a new battery type its ok, both would be good ;-)
      I prefere the old square ones, because i allready got 7 of them-but if they hope that people get it as second body with the e-m1 as Main Body the new Batterys would be needed.

  • El Caballero que dice Ní

    The rear dial is wider than the front dial.
    It might be a mode dial of some sort.
    I love that it has a built-in flash.

  • So the claim about Ibis parts located in the hump is true. The camera looks good. Is it really that smaller then an E-M5? Would it be compatible with the HLD6?

    • Ross

      It would be sensible if it did take the HLD-6 grip.

      • carpandean

        The more that I look at it, the more I worry that the OM-D product line will only have two levels (currently, E-M1 and E-M10.) The E-M10 body just looks too much like an E-M5. If the HLD-6 fits the E-M10, then I will be convinced that the E-M5 level is going away. They’ll keep selling it, of course, but there would be no E-M6 coming. Hope that I’m wrong.

        • Matt

          No need to worry. That is fact. Just like the XZ-1 and the XS-10, or the OM-1 and OM-10 years ago, Olympus use the double digit model number on cheaper lower-level models. Expect some cutting down in the features, build etc.

    • Robbie

      Doesn’t the E-P5 have 5-axis stabilization too?

      • Oly Fan

        Yes, but the E-P5 does not have the integrated EVF and flash.

        • Oly Fan

          Oops…Type too fast. I meant E-P5 does not have the integrated EVF…..

          • Ross

            Nor weather sealing.

  • Slim

    I wonder, if it will take a grip, because it looks like the same old strap lug set up, right where you grip the camera.

  • Joli

    Hopefully this “very small body” doesn’t mean a 16:9 screen like PL5? If it does, count me out…

    • Arnaud

      мамка му изключване

      • Lion

        I know what you mean. I always visit here to read the articles but rarely comment on them. I do read people’s comments to see what they think about it. Over a short period of time (maybe 6 months now?), it seems like trolls have been mass-migrating to the website, and I’ve got to say: they are anything but pleasant.

        • I agree with you, but it’s not only since 6 months… But there are to much trolls everywhere in internet ;-) it seems there are to many frustrated people in this world…

          • Tron

            Lots of hump-hatuhs and FF freaks. Canikon customers of the world are obviously frustrated with the complete lack of innovation they’re seeing in the DSLR realm. Probably also feeling a little insecure about the fact that mirrorless offerings are being used by more and more pros. I will pray for their souls and peaceful resolution.

        • C. C.

          how about sensor size on this “new” old looking camera? Upgrade to FF or still the teeny weeny compact camera sensor?

        • redbull

          maybe because there hasn’t been any progress on this format since 2-3 years. Just some even more expensive bodies and lenses, but no real leap forward on picture quality. The world turns fast, other manufacturers have smaller cameras with bigger sensors and better and cheaper lenses for the same output. There’s no point anymore for M43, trolls know that already…

          • Justin

            Not since the em5 has there been improved IQ. The em1 pit it all in one package (except for the glaringly below average video spec) but we need sensor advamcemt for the platform to go the distance. I almost can pack up my FF nikon D800e but not just yet. I’d love to btw.

            One more generation of sensor tech. A bit more dynamic range so I can pull up the shadows more, another stop high ISO, and 25% more resolution and we’d be there! Of course I still want a strong super tele (300 f4 prime and/or 400 f4) and a tilt shift pair at 12 and 45 would do nicely.

          • Luckily you are taking the time to set us straight.

          • AMVR

            WTH are you talking about ? the EM5 isn’t even 2 years old yet (announced feb ’12), that’s clearly less than 3 years!

            I do agree that 2014 should’ve been THE year for a leap in IQ but organic sensors and global shutter tech seems to take a lot of time to develop, besides, the EM1 was just released so I doubt they’ll launch any sensor revolution so close after that, maybe end of 2014- beginning of 2015 when EM-5 successor comes out. It’s not Oly or Pany’s fault anyway, it’s all in Sony’s hands and I don’t see anything really new on their camp either…And when was the last time canon released a new sensor ? the 80s ? Better (organic?) sensors are a sure thing, we just have to be patient.

            Also, what are those supposedly ¨smaller¨ cameras ? Did sony release a GM1 killer by any chance ? What use is there in their larger sensor when I can get the same or better output with brighter lenses ? m43 should indeed get cheaper but it’s not like there’s only $1000 lenses, there’s a price range for everyone. Also, how many camera companies are behind the other systems apart from their original manufacturers ? I don’t see how m43 is dying when it’s the only mirrorless system with 4 companies doing bodies (and maybe more in the future)and even more doing lenses.

            • yaa


              Its funny how people tend to compare the very largest m4/3 bodies with the smallest ‘full frame’ body and then make claims about the larger of the 2 formats now having bodies as small as m4/3, technically correct for a very specific case, but nonsense in general.

              • Fred M

                because the EM-1 ist the only “complete” camera with a grip and a EVF? Ok the GX7 if you can live with a half grip, but that’s still as big as a Sony A7 and bigger and much more expensive than a NEX-6. Panasonics GH series are as big as APS-C DSLRs and more expensive. The GM-1 is a tiny bit smaller then as NEX-3 but doesn’t even have an articulated screen, but it’s more expensive.
                Overall I just see a slight missbalance between body-sensorsize-price in all models

                • AMVR


                  WTF are you talking about ? The EM1 the only ¨complete¨ camera ? WTH do you even mean by ¨complete¨ ? A grip and an EVF doesn’t make a camera ¨complete¨ at all. BTW, I didn’t know every other m43 camera came in a DIY kit, that sounds awesome.

                  The EM1 isn’t any more complete than other m43 cameras, it just has more unique features that respond to more unique needs (weather sealing, 4/3 compatibility, modularity), that’s why it’s priced like that, but that definition of ¨completeness¨ is skewed because the EM1 can’t fit in pocket like the GM1 can and that means it’s not as ¨complete¨, it doesn’t do video as well as a Pany either, so I don’t see how it’s more ¨complete¨ than others. If you haven’t noticed yet, no camera is a ¨complete¨ camera, EVER, it might fill your needs more than others but it doesn’t make it the end all be all of cameras for every person in every possible situation.

                  Also, your comparisons are laughable at best…The GX7 has only 1/2 a grip ? WHAT? Do you need a 1 foot long grip ? what kind of hands do you have, ET’s ?

                  The GX7 as big as a A7 ? Let’s have a look shall we ?


                  Oh, what is that ? a Hump ? Is it removable by any chance ? I thought they were the same size.

                  The GX7 BIGGER than the Nex 6 ? I’m guessing it must be a humongous difference to provoke this level of criticism…


                  let’s see, oh yeah, it is bigger…By 5% freaking percent! The nex must be a magical camera because I don’t see how that could translate as any real difference in use unless it doesn’t need any lenses at all. And BTW, how many months before the GX7 did the NEX6 come out ? of course it’s more expensive, it shouldn’t be, but it’s also unrealistic to ask Pany to price their camera the same as a discounted Sony that’s been out for ages.

                  The GH3 could be as small as a GM1 but it wouldn’t respond to the needs of most videographers out there. The difference between the GH2 to the GH3 is that the former was a strike of luck for pany with the videographer crowd whereas the GH3 was modeled piece by piece from feedback by those consumers, of which one of the most important points was usability with existing video rigs, which as you know are made for DSLRs, hence the GH3’s size. I personally hate the size of the Gh3 and find it a sacrilege to the mirrorless concept but I DO understand the need for it.

                  And saying the GM1 is a ¨tiny¨ bit smaller than the Nex is by far the biggest (no pun intended) understatement of this year so far.


                  Those are two digit differences, I recommend you actually hold a GM1 in person, it puts the micro on m43. The Nex3 is just small, but the GM1 IS FREAKING TINY. Specially when you actually use these cameras with lenses.

                • yaa

                  And what if you are one of the many thousands that can live totally fine with an E-M5’s handling?

                  Not to mention, what you do comes down on adding ‘hidden’ requirements to come to the desired outcome.

    • blohum

      I’m with you Joli, the 16:9 screen is a contributing factor to me not buying an EPL/EPM camera…

      • AMVR


        I see you have deleted the posts made by omar in reply to Joli and my own in reply to omar, I thank you for moderating omar’s racist comments but on the other hand I don’t see how hiding those comments will help in the long run. I love your site, I really admire your dedication to it and I feel at home with the community built here but I think it’s time you made some kind of announcement pertaining the moderating policies on the comments section. I’m sorry to sound so demanding, I don’t have any right for doing so but I think this site, the community and you yourself would benefit from some sort of self-regulated or automatic moderation system (rating, IP bans, forced log-ins, etc). I cannot imagine the time you have to waste moderating this site on your own, one comment at a time, there just has to be a better way, because, as things are right now, trolls are getting the best of this site.

        Sorry to waste your time once again.

        • Dave

          I am elated that the admin is taking care of these posts. Look at the full and colorful discussions that occur now with the trouble makers being banned.

  • Ulric

    It seems that there is some demand for a nifty-25.

  • zuiko

    Interpolated from the filter diameter (37mm) the width would be approx. 118mm, the height approx. 82mm.
    A bit smaller than e-m5: 122*89.
    It looks to be a very compact camera, including sensitive controls (at least 2 control wheels?) An image with the 25mm or from the top would be nice, but we just need some patience…

    • zuiko

      Just did an overlay from E-m5 over E-m10 and it appears to be just as wide.
      So maybe it is possible that both camera’s could share the grip/battery.
      That would mean the camera is just a bit less tall. A bit like the difference
      between the e-510 and the e-410…

      • dejavue55

        i did also an overlay between e-pl5 and e-m10 and for me it looks like the e-m10 is a little bit wider than the e-pl5. height is the same except the hump.

    • Ross

      That would make it similar to the Stylus 1 which has no accessories port, but measurements taken that way may not be correct.

    • Tim F

      I’m hoping for a picture of the back of the camera-thats the side i see the most time, and the side where we can start to guess about its ergomics. (And if they added the lil switch as well as the two dials…)

  • Robbie

    I actually think this image of EM10 looks pretty ugly but I think it will look great in real-life pic. It’s obvious that it takes shape after the Stylus 1, which is one good looking camera.

  • adorable, nicer than em5, love the black one :)

  • Pierre

    The bis question is: Does it have the same EVF than the EM1???

    • Lion

      I’m guessing that it’s going to be an E-M5 or VF-2 quality EVF. I could be wrong – it may be VF-3 or even VF-1 quality for all I know.

  • Eddy43

    Oh. I see. Same story again. “Milking the OMD m43 cash cow” as Kai Wong once said.

    – It looks very similar to the OMD
    -Same Sensor/IQ

    Will these guys ever learn?

    So Olympus now have E-PL5, EM-1, Em-5, EMP2, EP5 and now the E-M10

    So….that’s 6 cameras with almost identical IQ. Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.

    • Ross

      Duh! IT IS AN OM-D! OM-D E-M10.

    • carpandean

      “- It looks very similar to the OMD”

      Not to nitpick, but it is an OM-D. There is no “the OMD” anymore. That was fine when there was only the OM-D EM-5, but now there is the OM-D E-M1, the OM-D E-M5 and the OM-D E-M10. OM-D is the product line; E-M* is the model. Otherwise, it’s like saying that the E-P5 looks very similar to the Pen, or that 70D looks very similar to the Rebel.

    • kk

      It wouldn’t make sense to introduce a new sensor in a model that sits lower in the line-up.

    • Tim F

      I dont see the problem in 6 Kameras with the same image quality, actually its a great feature from my point of view… The Sensor is just a tiny componant in the camera and not the real reason to buy it. The handling, and different features makes one camera great, and other cameras ok. It was that way in the analog days, and never was a problem to sell the better equiped body to the people who need/want them.

      With the difference in just features and handling, I can choose the camera that suits my needs the most. i can have a “big” E-M1 when im out for serious shooting, but can bring along the tiny e-m2 for vacation, without worrying about the quality, and using the same lenses. I even can put the e-m2 as a tiny backup inside my photobag, because its so samll and light.

      And from a production siede of view, its much cheaper to buy large amounts of the same sensor, and use it in every camera, then buying small amounts of diffrent sensor. The reason why panasonic isnt going that way is easy, because they produce theire own sensors.

    • Anonymous

      So tell us about this new improved m43 sensor and where they can source it from.
      I’m interested to know what technical break through enabled them to improve the IQ.

    • Hey, Yeah!

      E-PM2 as well.

    • Still less than the number of Canon bodies with the same 18MP sensor. Seems to work for them alright.

  • TAZ

    Pretty nice looking camera! I like the silver version!

  • carpandean

    Don’t think I’ll be replacing my E-M5 with the E-M10. I’ll wait to see if they make an E-M6 between the E-M1 and the E-M10.

    The 25/1.8, I’ll check against my PL25/1.4. If the performance for f/1.8 and smaller apertures is similar, it will be a tough call. It would depend a lot on the market price for selling the PL (i.e., would the net amount be worth it?) That extra 2/3 of a stop can be handy for low light.

    I’ll also check the new compact 14-42mm against my P14-42X for my super compact daytime (good light) kit. No real reason for switching other than I would like to have a full Olympus kit (except maybe the 25mm.)

  • ramcewan

    But is it weather sealed?!?!?

    • carpandean

      I would be money that it is not. Certainly, it won’t be E-M1 level, but I’d be surprised if it were even E-M5 level. In fact, if it is, it (like my comment above about the HLD-6 fitting) would be another clue that the OM-D is going to two levels, not three.

      • carpandean

        *bet* (I would bet money …)

      • CaverDave

        The kit lens with the camera appears not to be weather-sealed so my guess is that the E-M10 is not weather-sealed.

  • Stupig

    The pricing doesn’t make much sense. E-M5 is less than 80K Yen in Japan new.

    • Especially if the IBIS is not as good as the IBIS of the E-M5, and if the sensor of the E-M10 is really without PDAF. So I absolutely can’t see a reason to buy an E-M10 instead of an E-M5.

  • Lawrence

    Will the autofocus for 43rd lenses the same with the EM-1?
    Or still the same case with EM-5?

    • Stupig

      No luck based on current information. But seriously, Olympus should make PDAF usable for m4/3 lenses in Single AF, and design a few good zooms.

      • Lion

        I’m really aching for the day when Oly, Pana or even Kodak releases a m43 body with PDAF fully compatible with m43 glass. CDAF is already amazing, but PDAF for said glass could step up the m43 game big time.

        • For me, CDAF is not amazing, AF of my E-620 is still better especially for moving objects then the AF of my E-M5.

        • That has been done, the model is called E-M1…..

          • But I mis-read your comments:

            Stupig2 days ago | Reply
            No luck based on current information. But seriously, Olympus should make PDAF usable for m4/3 lenses in Single AF, and design a few good zooms.

            The problem with this is that CDAF is faster for still objects, so a user would still need to choose which focusing system to use. Usually, CAF is more appropriate for moving subjects, and they have chosen a combo of CDAF and PSAF for CAF. I imagine the engineers spent a lot of considered time on the issue.

            Lion2 days ago | Reply
            I’m really aching for the day when Oly, Pana or even Kodak releases a m43 body with PDAF fully compatible with m43 glass. CDAF is already amazing, but PDAF for said glass could step up the m43 game big time.

            As above, CDAF is faster than PDAF as a rule. But PDAF is more reliable for moving objects…..

            Matthias2 days ago | Reply
            For me, CDAF is not amazing, AF of my E-620 is still better especially for moving objects then the AF of my E-M5.

            Yes, because PDAF is better for moving objects, and the E-M5 doesn’t have PDAF. For moving objects, a good PDAF system will be better than CDAF. That’s just a fact, once you know it, you can work with it.

            It all comes down to choosing an appropriate tool for the job at hand. I’m happy with the CAF of my E-M1 for sports so far….I’ve never owned a DSLR, so have no basis of comparison to quantify how good it is. All I can say is it’s good enough for me!

    • mike

      Rumors all say no PDAF so focusing similar to E-M5 with 4/3 glass

      • CaverDave

        Most liley more like the E-P5 with the optional small focus points.

  • Milt

    Looks like a nice little camera.

  • SteB

    Ah, I get it now. It’s the OM-10 to the E-M10. The Olympus OM-10 was the polycarbonate bodied entry level model in the Olympus OM range. It was aperture priority only, but came with a manual apapter.

    • x

      you got it!

    • Ross

      Thankfully you won’t need to buy a manual adaptor for this one though. ;)

  • Eric de Redelijkheid

    You know how people react when they are shown an iPhone 4, but are told it is an iPhone 5?

    “It looks so much better than the previous model”

    They look exactly the same.

    • Ross

      Probably because it is a cheaper (in theory), lower level model to the E-M5.

      There are model levels from all makers generally, why is it difficult to see that here? And why should a lower model have to look better than the earlier but better level above it?

  • PRICE is very YUMMY, don’t you see. I feel vindicated after protesting for so long, Oly is behaving as a *market leader*.

    At last newbie in a shop comparing cameras will have a real chance to choose mirrorless instead of dSLR. This is bad news for C&N. New lenses’prices are in the same range – I was right in comparing to the E-410, delicious small and simpler camera with nothing wrong…

    Clearly Oly feels it can return to profit by numbers and not only by the top tier. Must reach 1,000,000 cameras for it.

    BTW this price is much lower than E-P5. What will happen to the Pens? Low hump is nice, but no hump would be even nicer…

    • Le frog

      Ideally, Oly would introduce a very compact, pocketable PEN, priced similarly to the EM10, but with with full manual controls and some extra features (5 axis IBIS, weather-sealed body, perhaps even hybrid autofocus) to compensate for the lack of EVF. Or, at, least I can dream and drool…

  • Eddy43

    The point is 2 years and m43 has stood still in terms of IQ. I am assuming there is a engineering/physics/manufacture issue here.

    Next year we will have FF compacts from Samsung, Pentax, Canon and probably a Sony update to the A7.

    Canon and Nikon still managed to gain a significant market share with dogs like the J1 and EOS-M. So sadly it seems m43 will be dead by next year.

    • I certainly said Sony A7 was to watch, but it is an entirely different price bracket. Even, I wondered if Oly was not already working with Sony on a FF for Photokina…

      However because of low price introduction m4/3 is now much safer. FF is no substitution.

    • Anonymous

      As have APSC and FF sensors.
      There is very little (minor tweaks) between the IQ of Nikon D5000, D5100 etc, Nikon D7000 and D7100, Pentax K5/K5ii and so on.
      And Canon haven’t moved on for 4 years
      Why do you think manufacturer’s are removing AA filters and upping megapixels?

      Until there is a major technological breakthrough there will be no improvements that you will really notice in daily usage (other than greater res though more mp).

      • Eddy43

        Canon and Nikon do not have to worry about IQ. Canon and Nikon are go to cameras for serious photographers anyway. They are in a monopoly position and consumers buy their products even if they are useless (e.g. J1 and EOS-M)

        Even when m43 offers a superior aesthetics in terms of size and some cases functionality it is still being spurned by the average consumer. The reason for this is due to the high starting price of the camera systems. Olympus and Panasonic price their cameras at mid-level/high level DSLR prices – this is a foolish move. They are then forced to lower them when the systems don’t sell well (e.g. GX7 UK started at £1000 in four months it is now 700 so 33% drop in a few months)

        The a7 is £1200, here same price as the OM-D Em-1. Sony is the only manufacturer with a FF compact. Will Olympus/Panasonic be able to keep up this charade when Pentax/Samsung/Canon have FF compacts at £800? – I don’t think so.

        If an OMD EM1 costs £800 to manufacture. Are Olympus going to have a good business model selling it at £800?

        How much will Sony charge for the sensors?

        Interesting to note last year Panasonic sold the majority stake in it’s sensor business last year, so it seems you have more faith in it than they do.

        In my opinion m43 missed a huge opportunity by pricing it’s products way too high.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, possibly. But that’s not going to get you a better sensor.
          The m43 sensor is as good as it gets.
          APSC will have a slight advantage and FF a significant advantage, both due to the larger size.
          But all these people calling for an improved sensor are not going to get one, other than minor tweaks to the processing.
          There needs to be a big technological leap similar to the one that Sony achieved four or five years ago.
          The much mentioned ‘organic sensor’ may achieve this or may prove to be a dead end.
          It’s not just developing the tech, it’s also being able to mass produce it at a competitive price point, eliminating any hidden drawbacks like (for example) temperature stability, colour response and longevity and developing algorithms and software to process the output.
          So, assuming the organic sensor overcomes these problems (and others) then we may see another leap forward by the time the Panasonic GX9 and Fuji XE-4 are released.

    • Tim F

      Oh, your one of the “the end is Near people” ? i havent heard of them for a while->when i entered mFT, that was the main topic for trolls beside the yours is smaller then mine, but somehow it vanished since the first Om-d hit the market…

      And about better image quality, and the “need” to improve, do you actually use the latest tech at the border of its abillities? even the old 12mp Sensor was capable enought for most purposees and with the new 16mp sensor you got better quality, and higher iso. If you know how to use your gear, you now can take pictures almost in absolute darkness. do you really take that much pictures in the basement s with out the lights on? ;-)

      just to say it again, i dont see the need to improve the sensor quality, every year/2years, as long as the cameras & lenses getting better and better, there is no need to for a new sensor.

      • Eddy43

        You’re one of those “I love m43 people, anyone who criticizes m43 is a heathen type person”

        I own – GX1 and E-PL5. I’m talking about basic economics and market dynamics.

        Nobody “needs” the latest tech. That’s a fallacious straw man argument. The point was if the better tech is available at the same price or near enough (as it is now)…. then it makes sense for a consumer to buy the better tech. (not that complicated is it?)

        Many people could not see the difference between DVD but they bought Blu-rays none the less. People even bought old “remastered” films on blu-ray where the old DVD were exactly the same quality. They didn’t need it. Once a product gains a critical mass of users supply chain costs and unit costs become lower. Also, the items which do not have high consumer demand and economies of scale will incurr higher costs. Hence my point about m43 sensors. When FF gains critical mass m43 sensors will cost MORE that FF sensors to m43 companies. So will EVF’s, stabilizers etc. Get the point? Hence the m43 system as a whole won’t be able to compete with FF on price.

        So, why don’t you stick to arguing the point instead of setting up silly straw men.

        My point was that given that FF are likely to be available at around the same price or less m43 cameras, why on earth would anyone buy a m43? Simple. They won’t. Generally speaking all dying formats follow this exact cycle.

        • Tim F

          I dont think that mFt ever can compete against FF Image quality, but main the point why people buy mFT is the size & weight advantage, not the pure image quality. And thats also the reason why i dont think that better image quality will be necessary, because for 90% of the users the quality is more then enought. FF wont get much smaller than the A7, and the lenses are still much heavyer and bigger than the mFT alternativs (yes-i know there are big lenses for mFT as well but you can choose). I personally knew 3 guys who switched from Nikon D700/D800 to the first Om-d, and guess what, all 3 are more than happy with the image quality. Its not as good as it used to be, but now the complete set is the size of one 70-200/2.8 and they use it more than ever.

          If someone is new to the mirrorless market, he will compare quality, price, and size of the new camera system, and will choose the one that fits his needs and budget most. If size is a main point, he mostlikly will end up in the mFT universe. If imagequality is the main argument, well he is a fuji or A7 man. if its price, well, at least in germany he will buy a Samsung, and get a free tablet ;-)

          About the latest tech question, its a matter of GAS, i know. But if you talk to people outside the Internet, there are only few who always buy the latest camera generation. If you use a camera for a longer time, you get more familliar with its interface-thats the reason why canon only updates the pro series with small changes, so the old user can update very easyly.

          Your last point, even when FF would be cheaper than mFT, I would choose mFT, just for the size advantage. And i m sure there are a lot of other user as well. And about dying format, are you aware that medium Format and the now FF called 135 lived side by side for about 80 years? both with diffrent tasks. Photography never was a “there can only be one” market, because diffrent tasks need diffrent tools.

          • Eddy43

            Have a look at this:-


            The a7 is not THAT much bigger than the OM-D. It is a FF camera. The “size” argument doesn’t hold up any longer. The a7 is just a 1st generation.

            My prediction is, The other manufacturers (Canon/Samsung/Sony/Pentax) are going to come along and make RX1 style FF for the consumer at around £800. There will just just be a common mount or a cheap adapter so you will be able to use any lens from any manufacturer, just like m43.

            My point about IQ wasn’t that we need more progress/resolution. My point is progress has stopped for 2 years. This is strange in such a competitive market that sensor performance has stalled especially as Fuji and NEX have better performance.

            Notice the Gx7 sensor performance is only on a par with the EM-5. A camera which is some 18 months older. This suggests to me that for for m43 16 Mpixel seems to be the limit. Again this is fine for now. But what about the next Fuji Sensor? The next APC from Nikon/Canon/Pentax? The point is as naively APC-C is bigger there is more headroom for improvement.

            Now, with Olympus and Panasonic continually making losses and losing market share they will pull the plug on m43, because the market is too tough. We will all be left with bodies and no support. The point I’m making is it doesn’t matter if a few outliers such as you and I and those on this board prefer m43, we represent an insignificant share of the market to the companies and of course the money men.

            Finally the reason I bring this up is I think m43 is a good system, technologically it’s a very good idea. However, Olympus and Panasonic made excellent products but priced them wrongly. They should have gone for the price range of around $500 or “Advanced compact/Low end DSLR” market. Instead they went for $1000+ to (maximize profits in the short term), and I think this mistake has come back to haunt them.

            At $500-600 they would have a product which would kill compacts/advanced compacts/ and low end DSLR. At $500-600 it would be unbeatable in all areas. They would have achieved market share and a strong market penetration. They now would have a large customer base to sell lenses into. Over time they could increase lens prices and make consumers pay more for premium bodies. They could have sold higher priced “Pro bodies like the EM1 into the market because they would have a share of customers who were prepared to pay over $1000.

            Instead they are in a perverse situation. They are trying to push high priced products (cameras and lenses) into a very competitive market where they do not have market share. This is the reason m43 is losing market share and traction. I don’t think the system is dead yet, but if it does survive we will be stuck in a system where bodies and lenses will be expensive, we will be paying more for less IQ, because Panasonic/Oly have to charge high prices for what will essentially be “niche” products.

            • goofy

              Size is an argument…. Lens size…

              • Dandy Don

                A7? A7R?


                Need. Lenses.

                Do. Not. Plan. To. Attach. Bulky. Adapter. In. Order. To. Use. Lenses.

                Also. If. I Want. A Slow. Focusing. Lumbering. High. Image. Quality. Camera. I. Will. Just. Keep. Using. My. Sigma. DP.

            • El Caballero que dice Ní

              “The “size” argument doesn’t hold up any longer.”

              Oh, yes it does. The problem is not the body. It’s the lenses that are huge.
              The A7 is small with the 35mm lens, but even the 50mm is too large.

            • yaa

              “The a7 is not THAT much bigger than the OM-D. It is a FF camera. The “size” argument doesn’t hold up any longer. The a7 is just a 1st generation.”

              Too bad a camera body without lens won’t let you take very good pictures, and the smallest possible lens for a given field of view for a larger format, even at the same ‘absolute’ aperture is inherently bigger then the smallest possible lens with the same field of view and absolute aperture for a smaller format, given the same optical quality. Want to make that ‘ff’ lens as small as its m4/3 equivalent? You probably can but at the expense of optical performance, and you can always apply similar ‘optical trickery’ to make the m4/3 lens equivalently smaller.

              With all due respect, your post reminds me of the difference between full frame and fool frame. Full frame is a system for those who desire the specific properties of a 135 format sensor for taking pictures whereas fool frame is a system for those who desire numbers on spec sheets for improving their bragging rights.

              • Jankoff

                A side note on lens size. I have two FF manual lenses from the analogue era made in a communist country (the former DDR) decades ago, Carl Zeiss Flektogon 20mm 2.8 and Pentacon 135 2.8. Made of metal, both are considerably smaller and lighter than any of their digital counterparts today. And they do offer reasonable IQ on today’s cameras. I have no special knowledge of optics etc., but I cannot stop wondering why today’s high technology cannot offer similar smaller FF lenses. The person who sold me the Pentacon even said its design was for a format larger than FF. It is no wonder the first lens has a 400 euro asking price today and the second one <100. On FT/mFT they work well but they are longer than is to be desired. I've been wondering for several months now whether I should buy a Pentax K or a Sony a7 for them and to complement my 43/m43 gear. Especially the Flektogon is unique because, small and light as it is, on FF it offes 20mm at f2.8 – something that would cost really big cash today, if available at all. My point is, today's technology is great but obviously there are possibilities hampered by the greed for profit.

                • yaa


                  I own various such lenses myself, including an amazingly tiny Industar 50/3.5 (with m42/p-thread mount), which is smaller then the Panasonic/Lumix 14/2.5, or any other pancake lens for m4/3, its just a bit thicker then the bodycap lenses. Unsurprisingly, its design is also extremely similar to those bodycap lenses, through with a real focus helicoid and aperture.

                  This lens has some serious issues off-center until stopped down to around f/11, and even then it will suffer from quite a bit of vignetting and loss of resolution outside the approx center half of the ‘full frame’ image. Obviously just using the center of the image (due to 2x crop factor) makes this far less of a problem.

                  One thing to keep in mind is that film is less sensitive to huge variations in the angle of incidence, and hence lets you get away with designs that won’t work well in front of a digital sensor.

                  And as suggested earlier, such ‘tricks’ can be applied to m4/3 just as well, as is evident from the bodycap lenses for example. Often this is more a matter of if it is being done, and not so much of if it can be done.

                  Another thing to keep in mind with large formats, is that often you mount lenses on a lens board in front of bellows, this allows for making the lens much much smaller as the lens only has to contain the actual optics, and doesn’t have to worry about getting them at the right distance in front of the focal plane.

                  The bottomline is this: there is a direct relation between focal length and the optical distance between focal plane and optical center of the lens. In a ‘naive’ design, this optical distance is pretty much the same as the physical distance between the 2, which roughly means that a 50mm lens should be approx 50mm away from the focal plane. This physical distance is created by the flange distance and the physical size of the lens itself. As said, this is a ‘naive’ approach, there are 2 factors causing reality to be a fair bit more complex:
                  – telephoto design
                  – retrofocal design

                  The first makes lenses (+ flange distance) physically shorter then their focal length suggests, but with a rather strong relation between reduction factor and quality (more reduction results in less quality). The second has to do with focal lengths shorter then the flange distance, and tends to make lenses bigger then suggested by their focal length.

                  Both approaches are used, regardless of the actual format, and do in no way depend on the actual format.

                  Hope this explains a bit why such lenses can exist for 135 or larger formats, but not without compromises that you wouldn’t have to make (or at least not to the same extent) for getting that same field of view in the same physical size for a smaller format.

                  • Jankoff

                    Thank you for the explanation. What I understand is I should not expect any modern lenses so small and light. On the other hand, I wonder how some people manage to take pictures with the two analogue lenses mentioned above, in spite of their shortcomings, especially with the Flektogon. There is a very large gallery of pictures taken with the Flektogon, many of them unbelievably beautiful:
                    I would like to be able to produce something similar – but it does not happen, at least not with the 43/m43 gear, in spite of the fact that I managed to make my E-PM2 do focus peaking. Many people say there is very large sample variation with Carl Zeiss Jena glass. Or maybe I should try harder. In particular, my Flektogon is good at taking pictures from short distances but landscapes refuse to come out well. Pity, because on FF it would be 20mm f2.8 and great for traveling.

                    • Jankoff, if your landscapes are not “coming out well”, your adapter may need adapting or changing…possibly your lens is not focusing to infinity. Plenty of websites telling you how to test and sort this.

                      That said, if the lens is worth over EUR400….why not sell it and replace it with the smaller, lighter, faster, better Panasonic 20/1.7? Very few old MF lenses will perform as well on a modern digital camera with the combination of modern design, software correction and …. newness. Lenses get old, dirty, scarred. Optics do degrade with time and use.

                      Remember, there are three main reasons to go full frame…..resolution, lower noise at higher ISO settings, and shallower DOF. “Better IQ” is not a “thing”, it’s a set of variables (both subjective and objective), a set that varies depending on the needs/ wants of the person deciding on a purchase, that will contribute to the “IQ” of the type of image they desire to take.

                      For example, I wanted “better IQ” for outdoor sports than I could get with my E-PL1 and an adapted 200/3.0 lens. I now have an E-M1 with the Olympus 75-300 lens. Could I get “better IQ ” handheld with a FF DSLR? I would need a 600mm lens to get the shots I am now taking! How am I going to hold this, even if I could bring myself to spend the money? I would need a tripod. I would be less mobile, and my shots would no longer be as spontaneous……I would miss a lot of opportunities. To me, this means I would be missing some great images……and to me, taking images of kids playing sports, the facial expressions and composition is much more important to “IQ” than noise in the shadows.

            • C. C.

              Eddy43 – It is all about the lenses (and even the bodies). You will see that comparable FF lenses for the Sony will be much LARGER than the m43 counterparts. And while we are at, when will we see a FF camera that has a body as SMALL as the GM1 and a comparable lens as SMALL as the Pany 12-32mm? Well, I’m waiting…I thought so.

              • Basti

                Maybe some bigger lenses for longer focal lenths above 150mm, yes. For comparable pictures (look, DOF), which is the most important thing for me, the lenses are around the same size or at least weight (more important for me than size). But then APS-C NEX lenses could be used in crop mode, they are smaller than the FF but the image circle is still bigger than M43 and pixel count on the A7r comparable (15MP).

                The a5000 body is not far away from the GM-1. The FF sensor is a bit wider than the APS-C but not much deeper. So yes, they could make a body that small with FF sensor if they really wanted to.

                Learn yourself about E-mount a bit. It’s very comparable to M43, just the sensor is bigger.

                • yaa

                  With all respect, there are a number of errors in what you say.

                  1. As soon as you get to focal lengths significantly longer then the flange distance, you’ll end up with lenses that are either more compromised optically or need to be physically larger then a lens with equivalent field of view and the same ABSOLUTE aperture for a smaller format. That is basic optics, and unavoidable. For equal optical performance, a 90/2.8 will always have to sit further away from the sensor then a 45/1.4. This issue will be evident at focal lengths way shorter then the 150mm you suggest, it will already be blatantly obvious at 50mm. The 35/2.8 is a special case, because of being close to the flange distance, but funny enough it just serves to make problem 2 rather blatantly evident.

                  2. E mount being similar to the m4/3 mount but with a larger sensor behind it is actually a problem, as the mount is not wide enough to allow for proper peripheral illumination at many focal lengths.

                  To overcome this, you’ll have to use NEX lenses indeed, but why then buy a ‘full frame’ system? Through certainly interesting for certain uses, the A7 really is more of a fool frame then a full frame system, as it lures with its large sensor, but has a pretty much impossible to solve issue, and hence seems to serve bragging rights more then photography.

                  With regards to weight you have a point, as reduction in medium size won’t reduce weight much for the same absolute aperture. I happen to disagree that this is THE most important factor, nor do I agree that DOF is the most important factor for deciding on lenses, but each to his own. However, if size is not very important to you, but ultimate DOF control is, you really should strive for the largest possible format you can afford. For me, and presumably for the very large majority of m4/3 users however, it is about finding an ideal compromise between portability (in which size really is a very very very very very major factor next to weight, quality and control over the pictures one takes (for which DOF is a relevant factor, but not any more relevant then say ergonomics or tools for composition).

            • AMVR


              You’re making two arguments, one based on technological merits and a second one based on marketing and economics issues. Of these two I can only agree with the later. Here’s why:

              –Marketing Issues–

              M43 does indeed have a pricing problem; Like you said, Oly and Pany are cornering this system into a niche when it should do the opposite. why ? I suspect this has more to do with the market than Oly an Pany themselves. I’m not sure but I would guess that most of canikon DSLR profits don’t come as much from entry level nowadays as it did in the pas,t but rather the high end. The common consumer is not buying entry level DSLRs like they did a few years ago, most of them have realized they’re satisfied with their iphones and tablets. The P&S market hasn’t been the only one affected by smartphones, very few people choose to upgrade to a ¨real camera¨ and that’s the REAL problem: people’s perception. M43 SHOULD, by all intents and purposes, be THE consumer choice for a ¨real camera¨ for anyone jumping from a phone, this system is without a doubt the most portable, versatile and customizable camera system out there (GM1> Pens/GFX > GH/OMD as well as pancakes > bright zooms), but NO ONE knows about it.

              M43 problems is not limited to price, that’s a secondary effect, the primary reason behind m43 troubles is MARKETING/ADVERTISING. What’s the point of reducing m43 prices if no one is going to notice ? If so few people are actually buying this system then it’s best to scale down production to that market and charge accordingly, at least that’s what Panoly are thinking. Of course this is idiotic from any angle you wish to analyze it because that leads you straight into oblivion. You have to first temp people into the system by advertising EVERYWHERE, do a massive US/EU campaign, constant TV ads, product placement, whatever, even if it costs them half their profits, it’ll be worth it. Then, you finally convince them with low prices.

              i.e. m43 = great features + smaller than DSLR + connectivity + accessible prices

              –Technological merits–

              Here’s where you lost me.

              No matter how cheap FF is becoming, it will never reach consumer level, it’s not in canikon best interest either, FF price will come down somewhat and then plateau, after that m43 only needs to get cheaper still. If anything FF is becoming even more of a niche than m43. FF is becoming the new MF (exclusively for Pro use/status, studio work, big productions, etc) while m43 has the potential to become the new 135mm (convenient, portable, casual and flexible enough for almost anything, even pro use).

              As everyone said you have omitted a big factor: Lens size. There’s just no way around it, no one is gonna jump from smartphone straight into 1 1/2 Kg FF kit

              In synthesis:

              a) m43 DOES need to get cheaper
              b) PanOly need to move their asses and flood the market with advertisements
              c) FF will never reach consumer level
              d) Even if it does FF lenses will never reach m43 size
              e) m43 sensor CAN become better (organic) and has access to 0.95 lenses negating any need to jump FF

      • 80,000 yen is 560 € by my book, and by Oly’s book $ 560. Can’t you even understand how big the change is?

        You are comparing FF mirrorless to OLD m4/3 prices, while they have just changed. LOL

        How many people must be coming here bitching, clueless about how m4/3 is evolving?

        New customers instead will take due note. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oly is preparing new ad campaings.

        • Berneck

          If the price does come in around $600, this would be huge!!! Coupled with a great marketing campaign, this could start to get m43 on the map. Although, if it is $760 like is suggested, this camera will have lackluster sales like all the others.

          • Well that’s the camera exchange rate for the yen in Europe. And since you get a 20-30% discount in the US it should still be 560 $.

            Admin simply forgot about how the camera dollar works, with no VAT added.

            In any case 80,000 yen is v. little compared to old prices that started at 100,000. Probably the same price of a PLx, while here you get an EVF, and true controls.

            If true, quite revolutionary: can compete with the prices of entry level C&N dSLR, and kick their ass.

            ADMIN, I think you should clarify prices by geographical regions ASAP.

    • IQ stands still since about 2 years, that’s right, but not only at Olympus ;-) With current sensor technology there will be no real improvements in future…

      • ColinH

        “IQ stands still since about 2 years, that’s right, but not only at Olympus ;-)

        You say that, but I’m very happy with the image quality. I can print 20″x30” very nicely (I did it once to see how it looked), so not sure how much more quality I need. You may have to regularly print billboard size, so a modern FF or medium format camera is what you need. Use what you need to get the job done.

        “With current sensor technology there will be no real improvements in future…”
        That’s because it’s ‘current’ technology.

        – Colin

        • I didn’t wrote that image quality is bad ;-)

          • If I have a wish for sensors in future, then it would be the same image quality at high iso as with base iso, and – much more DR, but with the possibility to adjust the level of DR :-)

            • jackknill

              I would suggest that DR improvements are more important than Res or IQ. Both are more than adequate. IMO 16Mp is more than enough even for large prints unless you are making seriously selective crops. People often forget the importance of viewing distance. I don’t know many people who get up close and personal to a large print to see if the finest of fine detail is present!

          • ColinH

            Apologies, that’s how I interpreted it. My fault.

            – Colin

  • Jack Le Boul

    Any info on video specs?

    • x

      Lower your expectations..

      • Hey, Yeah!

        How low can you go?

      • Jack LeBoul

        PAL compatibility would be a start.

    • coaguloso

      it makes 640×480 GIFs

    • yvess

      Olympus said they will be more serious with video, hope this is the first product to show it :-) 1080p60 please!
      Only 12 days to wait to know it… or less ;-)

    • Berneck

      My guess is no improvement in video. High-end video is not a must at the entry level. If anything, this camera will have “more video” than the target market would ever need. I’ll bet they improve the video when the E-M5 or E-P5 successor comes out,

      • Jack LeBoul

        What we are looking for here is 25p (maybe 24p) instead of 30p.
        Is that to much to ask?

      • Bobo

        Although I agree with you that any video improvement from Oly will appear in higher-end models, I disagree that decent video is desired by entry-level buyers. Increasingly more people demand 1080/60 in whatever camera they buy and several manufacturers recognize that – look at the hot-selling Sony RX100 II, for example. The GoPro series has had it for awhile. You also have another market for a lower-priced camera in people who are looking for backup cameras – they also don’t want to lose video ability in their second body (which is why I have 2 GH2s to backup my GH3, and just purchased a Sony RX10. Granted, the non-hacked GH2 doesn’t quite qualify here, but its video is still better than just about anything out there.

        Like others, I’ve been puzzled about why Oly stumbles with their video implementation in spite of the growing awareness of its importance; could it be a limitation that is related to how they tweak the sensors they use? I doubt if it’s just a matter of developing a suitable codec, although Sony has had some trouble with developing the codec for their new RX10, but that’s for different reasons- vastly different sensor capabilities.

        • yaa

          Much of the world would first of all like to see 25p way before 60p, and would like 50p as well.

          25p isn’t anywhere about advanced video features, rather, this is about getting the basics right for more then a tiny minority of the world.

  • If the image in the post is real, then the size of the EM10 will be about:
    117 mm x 82 mm (H x W)

    And this is how it would compare to the EM5:

    • oluv

      i hope your measurements are right. the E-M10 looks much more adorable. classic but still modern, very nice!
      IMO this is what the E-M5 should have looked like.

      • I used the ø37mm filter ring (on the lens) as a base for the EM-10’s size.
        The dimensions are probably not exact, but “close enough”.

    • safaridon

      Thanks for making this comparison. If your dimensions are correct then this is very similar to the Stylus 1 body with m4/3 lens mount and innards. If so the same size rear LCD likely retained.

    • Ross

      I was superimposing the E-M5 on this E-M10 (on a word page) with the two bodies at the same width & my guess is it may be the same width as the E-M5 so that the HLD-6 is usable with it, but the hot-shoe is much lower which could mean they have removed the accessories port with little need for use of it, as they did on the Stylus 1, since both now/would have WiFi & neither need an add on EVF & the only two other uses would be mic connection & macro LED lights (which aren’t powerful enough for most macro uses anyhow)). The other thing could be (with an accessories port) the lower height 16:9 display instead, which is what is used on the E-PL5 or they’ve done both things.

      It’s all a guess until we see the real specs.

  • Jack

    Looks OK but I think now there’s too much crowding at the $750-900 price range for Olympus now…E-M5, E-P5 and E-M10. For my money, I’d probably hold off until the E-M5 is discontinued and pick one up, seeing as it will probably be selling around the same price (or even lower) as the E-M10, but may have better IBIS and weather sealing, possibly.

    Personally I think it would’ve been smarter to update the E-M5 with a true successor and just make the E-M5 the entry level camera.

    • sam

      At least in japan, the M10 is more expensive body only than any of the M5 kits. For uninformed buyers only…
      It’s gotta drop it’s price in record time (below M5) to get any sales.

  • Mal

    To be honest, I think these early partial releases are doing more harm than good.

    Right now this looks like a very poor replacement of the EM5. It appears the same size as the EM5 with a lowered hotshoe. Without knowing for sure it makes me think they have removed the accessory port.

    I am struggling to find anything good about this. They should have just given us (EM5 owners) a firmware upgrade and waited until they had something better.

    • Tim F

      not everybody got a e-m5…
      I think its a good idea to offer a cheaper Om-D for “the Masses” even when the “old” e-m5 is still on the market and gets lower prices, the new model will have different features, which could be interesting, especially if you dont own a e-m5, and think about buying one. This Camera is mainly aimed at upgraders, not at people who already have an e-m5 oder e-m1.

      And the best about that, if the e-m5 sells longer because it offers some features that the new camera dosnt have, olympus will earn more money from the e-m5, because the production facilitys & development costs are already written off.

      • Mal

        Ok that is fair enough. For people that don’t already have an EM5 then they now have a choice of an $800 EM10 or an $800 EM5. Brilliant.

        But for current EM5 owners looking for an upgrade path for compact/pockeable weather proof m43 camera with a built in EVF, we are falling short of options. And its just going 2 years since the EM5 was announced…

        • “But for current EM5 owners looking for an upgrade path…”

          Have you gone crazy, havent you? Not everyone EM5 owner needs to upgrade or buy new model every two years! Only few gearheads here on forum. Take your EM5 and go shooting or invest in lenses, thats what you should do.

          • Mal

            Ordinarily I would agree. I actually really like my EM5 and dont want to exchange it. But there are a few features I need and the focus peaking in particular should have been included in the EM5 (believe me we asked for it at the time). But they didn’t, making some bullshit excuse about zooming to focus being better.

            Now two year later we are still waiting. Focus peaking, my main issue, is now available in quite a few different models but not in a logical replacement for the EM5. So I, and I’m sure many other EM5 owners feel stranded. I am concerned that we will end up like the D300 Nikon owners still waiting for their D300S replacement, 4 and a half years later.

            My EM5 will continue to work beautifully for years to come but I could really do with the new round of features like focus peaking, silent shutter, remote control and better WIFI integration. I would be happy for now if they just gave us a firmware update with focus peaking, but they are not even doing that.

            This EM10 is not such a bad thing in its own right. But it means another 6 months or a year at best before any EM5 replacement is likely to happen. And to be honest I don’t think one is coming. Current EM5 owners are being fucked over and we just dont know it yet.

            • yaa

              Sorry but when you bought your E-M5, you KNEW it did not have focus peaking, and NOONE ever promised to add focus peaking. Why are you acting as if you are entitled to get it somehow?

              And while nice and useful, focus peaking is indeed not as accurate as magnification, and tell you what, it wasn’t Olympus telling you that, but USERS, you know, like people actually USING cameras?

              • Mal

                You just dont get it yet. There will be no replacement of the EM5. If you want something like it then start looking elsewhere (I am not sure there is such a camera in any system). Many of us embraced the m43 format because the EM5 is a pocket rocket. Small and packed with the best features.

                I am just pissed that there is no “next version” to follow it.

                • yaa

                  “You just dont get it yet. There will be no replacement of the EM5.”

                  Says who?

                  Oh, some random clueless person on a forum.

                  I do not exactly take Olympus’ suggestions as gospel, but when it comes to Olympus products I’ll still take their suggestions a lot more serious then the ones you post until such time you at least start providing some kind of argument that actually substantiates what you say.

                  “If you want something like it then start looking elsewhere (I am not sure there is such a camera in any system). Many of us embraced the m43 format because the EM5 is a pocket rocket. Small and packed with the best features.”

                  Ah I see, one of those ‘those times will never return’ kind of people. Never again will you have such a device, noone will ever make one, especially not Olympus!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Mal

                    Or how about “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.

    • Cerys

      You’re point being, seeing as this is not an E-M5 replacement.

      • Mal

        Then let me know when the EM5 replacement arrives. Thanks.

        • BdV

          I doubt even Olympus employees would know the answer at this point. All we know is this is not the e-m5 replacement.

          • Mal

            See my note above. I dont believe an EM5 replacement is coming. But Olympus dont have the balls to tell us, or the commitment to their customers to give us a firmware update with features that could be provided.

            • yaa

              See my reply above, you are not even remotely trying to make an argument in support of your opinion and are misrepresenting arguments you disagree with. Both clear indications of you not even remotely trying to have a reasonable discussion.

              • Mal

                Yaa, here are clues I thought you would pick up on:

                1. The EM5 will continue being sold alongside the EM10. Well, why did they need to say that if they are two different model lines? Oh, we are bringing out a GM1 but the GH3 will continue to be sold alongside it. Makes no sense at all if they are truly different lines of camera.
                2. EM10 and EM5 are virtually the same size and form. The difference is in the quality fitout, the EM5 having all metal body, weather proofing and 5 axis IBIS. EM10 may be missing other features that we dont know about yet too (like the accessory port and connections for the grip).
                3. EM10 -> EM1. Hmmm. If there was going to be three lines of camera (and there still might be) then wouldn’t it be EM100 -> EM10 -> EM1?

                It seems a pretty good bet that the EM10 and EM1 are the replacements of the EM5. If we want the quality fittings then we have to go EM1, and good luck fitting that in your pocket on a regular basis. The EM10, well that will be a cheaply make camera.

                Feel free to post your own view on this and then we will come back in a week or two when the EM10 is released to discuss it.

                • yaa

                  “1. The EM5 will continue being sold alongside the EM10. Well, why did they need to say that if they are two different model lines? Oh, we are bringing out a GM1 but the GH3 will continue to be sold alongside it. Makes no sense at all if they are truly different lines of camera.”

                  Uh, they said that? The camera isn’t announced yet, so no, they didn’t say that. But obviously they have to explicitly say this in order to get clueless people like you to pay attention.

                  However, what Olympus has said at various times is that there will be 3 (three) OM-D models, a low, medium and high end.

                  “2. EM10 and EM5 are virtually the same size and form. The difference is in the quality fitout, the EM5 having all metal body, weather proofing and 5 axis IBIS. EM10 may be missing other features that we dont know about yet too (like the accessory port and connections for the grip).”

                  So, despite the indications from Olympus, and contrary to decades and decades of history of product placement, how that is done, how differentiation is done etc, you decide to present your own interpretation of things as gospel. Sorry but I’ll again call you clueless.

                  “3. EM10 -> EM1. Hmmm. If there was going to be three lines of camera (and there still might be) then wouldn’t it be EM100 -> EM10 -> EM1?”

                  And if we follow your logic, the E-M1 replaces the E-M5 and the E-M10 is a new, different model. While Olympus indeed used a numbering scheme along the lines of your suggestion in the past, there is about half a decade of proof that shows they do NOT follow that scheme for m4/3 cameras. You could have noted it after a few years…

                  “It seems a pretty good bet that the EM10 and EM1 are the replacements of the EM5.”

                  This is indeed possible, but contradicts everything Olympus has said publicly regarding the OM-D line of cameras, hence it isn’t such a ‘good bet’, let alone a near truth as you like to present it.

                  “If we want the quality fittings then we have to go EM1, and good luck fitting that in your pocket on a regular basis. The EM10, well that will be a cheaply make camera.”

                  And at the rumored introduction price and specs, there is a lot of room between the 2 for an intermediate model. Olympus has more then a few times indicated the OM-D line will have 3 (THREE) models, and the E-M5 is due for a replacement soonish.

                  • Mal

                    Yaa, you are a true believer.

                    • yaa

                      Making a logical argument to support your opinion is clearly totally beyond your capabilities.

  • OlymPan

    I’d rather have an E-620 body with the above new specs of the EM10. Just my opinion but the 25mm f1.8 would be a good seller.

    • Iso-5-Million

      43rds is dead and nobody wants that old stuff anymore…

      • C. C.

        You never owned any 43 cameras or lenses. So, your opinion is absolutely irrelevant. Go back in your hole.

  • Charles

    Must confess that I like the price, looks and features. 560EUR for the body would be sweet and 3axis ibis would be ok for that price.

  • Mermoz

    It looks like me old OM-1 !

    • C. C.

      Hey, the light bulb just went on in your brain? That’s the point – it’s an OM-D. Get it?

  • Charles

    Some dumb questions:

    – is it weather sealed?
    – what kind of evf does it have?

    Please I wanna see it from behind, bc that´s where I like to take my cameras from…

  • Hm

    Optimum balance, sensor-processor-vf-lens-price. Perfect!

  • oluv

    and it will still have shutter-shock issues! no sharp photos between 1/100-1/200

    • goofy

      How do you jnow?

  • destani


  • Froggy

    The moderately priced 2 zoom kit (probably the new 14-42 and the known 40-150) is a great idea for a “beginner kit”. It may bring P&S upgrader to m43 world…

  • Peter Del

    If it retains Mysets and spot metering and has a fuuly articulated screen I’ll buy one.

  • Alex

    I’m hoping they finally implement electronic shutter which will eliminate shutter shock like panasonic has. And as usual hope video is better but just about gave up hoping for it =p.

  • kiki

    this em10 is sweet.

  • Joe

    Can’t wait to see the back of this thing. Maybe I will buy it, when it has the 2×2-dial-lever and better buttons than the E-M5. The Design looks quite nice.

    • Tim F

      2×2 dial could be a main reason to buy that insted of the e-m5 ;-)

  • zumz

    80.000yen for body only? This hardly better than original e-m5, which now cost less than 80.000yen new. Too bad, i really wanted e-m5, but with vf-4. em1 is really good, but a bit too expensive. Don’t have any use for pdaf and actually slightly inferior to e-m5 for long bulb exposures.

  • Joe

    When I see the current yen prices compared to the euro prices, the kit version will cost at least 799 EUR.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Wow! It looks like a camera! An Olympus camera to be exact. What a surprise! What a shock.(shame its price tag will be too high and its sensor way too small)(and Olympus’s only decent feature – 5 axis ibis – removed)

    • Berneck

      LOL. Yes, such a horrible camera.

      I agree if the price is too high ($750) this thing is dead in the water. However, if you look at past currency translations it could come in around $600. If that happens this thing could be a great value.

      I also agree about 5-axis. Of course if cost is really the problem, then I understand, but if they did it just to differentiate the low end from the high end, it’s a mistake. They don’t have the luxury that Canon and Nikon do. They need to have some higher end features at the low end. 5-axis is one of those features.

      This has been the problem at the m43 entry level. They are priced too high, and handle like point and shoots. If this is priced right, we could start to see a shift.

      • Ross

        They have the same sensor across models, except the PDAF one in the E-M1. At least there is no diminishing IQ in the lower models, unlike other major camera manufacturers.

  • if admin is sure that $ price will be lower ….I am totaly sure the EUR price will be higher then converted YEN price

  • i’m really curious about the user interface/button on the back and top of the camera,.is it better than the EM-5 or almost the same as the EM-1,.?

  • 560 € is the camera exchange rate for the yen in Europe. And since you get a 20-30% discount in the US it should still be 560 $.

    Admin simply forgot about how the camera dollar works, with no VAT added.

    In any case 80,000 yen is v. little compared to old prices that started at 100,000. Probably the same price of a PLx, while here you get an EVF, and true controls.

    If true, quite *revolutionary*: can compete with the prices of entry level C&N dSLR, and kick their ass.

    ADMIN, I think you should clarify prices by geographical regions ASAP.

    • Berneck

      Agreed. If you are right on the price, and I think you are, this could FINALLY be the camera that can compete with the Rebels and D3000/5000’s. Not that the others couldn’t compete, but they were lacking in some basic features that the low end dSLRs had. This will change that. I hope they continue this trend with the Pens, and get a viewfinder and flash in all of them.

    • C. C.

      am – you are right. Usually, whatever a camera is listed as in Euros, it will be sold for the same number of dollars.

      • Yes that sums up the winter of our discontent: we get less of a camera for the same money in the EU.

        At any rate if we got an OM-D for 560 credits it would be terrific news, other things becoming irrelevant.

        In fact as consumers we would have reached the breakeven point were a mirrorless camera is expected to cost LESS than a dSLR, without having less features or IQ, as it SHOULD.

        Price is what is holding down mirrorless. But with these introductions we might be close to liftoff.

        If true, the 25/1.8 at 250 EU (250 $) is great great news. I hope the E-M10 body follows suit.

  • The shutter shock problem is interesting.. it makes my Epm2 useless under 1/250 -BUT only when i use native kitzoom and the 40-150. When adapting say my tamron 90mm macro, or my nikkor 50 af-d or nikkor 24mm af-d -I can shoot handheld at normal speeds without any shutter shock problem, even as low as 1/60. I really hope the new 25mm/1.8 wont give shutter-shock problems..

    • levimax

      I have emp-2 and have had issues with “shutter shock” on some lens combinations. Try setting “anti-shock” to 1/2 seconds … slightly less responsive but works for me.

      • 1/2 second? also for static objects it’s to much waiting time, and for moving objects, even for slow swimming ducks, 1/8 is to much. If I had known this before, I’d nevery bought an E-M5.

  • AG

    E-M10 has 3-axis IBIS, but E-M5 has 5-axis. I like the idea built-in flash and I like the wider, less tall penta-prism, so is it worth selling an E-M5 for the E-M10 or just wait?

    • And no pdaf at the sensor of the E-M10, no weather sealing, so in my opinion it’s not worth to buy an E-M10 if you have an E-M5 only becaus of a little bit cosmetics… wait until a new sensor generation will be available, or until there is a camera with useful global shutter.

  • tokugawa

    The E-M5 costs 78800 Yen right now at Yodobashi-Akiba (even less if you’re eligible for tax-free purchase), so I guess street prices will have to be lower…

  • Raist

    If this is small enough and olympus could (please) provide an electronic shutter option I may be interested.

  • grey0135

    I don’t think these are real pictures of the EM-10. As soon as I click on one of them, I’m immediately directed to the Amazon page for the EM-5.

  • Andy

    I want a ‘very small body’ and 5 axis stabilisation

  • Victor

    It’s ugly. Why not to make just decent modern body like E-620?

    • Iso-5-Million

      Because the E-620 is dead.

      • Victor

        But Rebels and Nikons using this approach are alive more than anyone else.

      • I actually had my E-620 just repaired. It’s maybe undead, but it’s not dead.

  • jim

    Could not care less how it looks – how good is the IBIS and what are the supported video modes!

  • Justin

    $699 with kit and they may have a rebel killer.

  • “Very small body”

    Maybe compared to Nikon D4 :). It won’t be as small as E-PL5. But so far looks good IMO. Prettier than the two previous OM-Ds.

    • And again the grip looks small :(.

  • RE-TRO?

    yet another retro “DSLR” monster *yawn*

    Can’t they make something rangefinder like with EVF on upper left corner like Sony, Fuji or Panasonic? I’m missing something between the PEN and the OMD, even if the EVF would be slightly worse than the one of the EM-1.

    • Altaic

      There’s plenty of boring rangefinder style bodies on the market – Fuji, Panasonic, Leica etc.,

      • RE-TRO?

        I already mentioned them, thank you. Don’t know why you call them boring as I’m not exited with this big EVF hump. I could live with a little GM-1 with an EVF, but without and EVF I could also buy a compact Sony RX100.

      • How much did it cost you? My dead e30 needs some work.

    • Some of us prefer having the eye in line with the lens when shooting. A finder near the center of the camera works for right and left-eyed photogs.

      • RE-TRO?

        sure, but some of us prefer a smaller package, especially for use with small primes. The OM-1 makes perfect sense for me with bigger zoom lenses but I’d find it too big and heavy for a little 100g prime lens. A PEN-like body with EVF would attract me much more.

      • AMVR


        Actually, it’s quite the contrary, a centered EVF forces your right eye further to the right and it only gets worse if you’re left-eyed, your whole head is in the right side of the camera, where all the controls are located, it’s an ergonomic nightmare. In the case of RF-styled cameras, the left-hand side EVF places your face’s right side and thus your nose out of the way of the controls and screen, and in case you’re left-eyed, your head is centered like a a right-eyed person on a centered EVF camera, so it’s the best of both worlds…PLUS you don’t have an ugly, unjustified and obtrusive hump on top of the camera, how about that?

        Also, why would you need the EVF to be in line with the lens, mirrorless are fully electronic, there’s no need for that other than being an old annoying habit.

        • RE-TRO?

          correct, that’s what I want.

          I have a Sony NEX-7 and really love to use it. Now I own a A7r (basically the same layout as this OMDs) and it’s also okay, but I still miss the NEX-7 for it’s better handling and compactness. Sony engineers say because of the FF sensor it was impossible to place the A7 EVF like the one in the NEX-7.
          mFT sensor however should be small enough to make it easily possible. I would love a little PEN or a GM1 with integrated EVF!

          • Ross

            Is the Panasonic GX7 too big? It appears to be a reasonably nice package of a camera.

            • Basti

              It’s not too big, just too expensive for what I want from M43. The NEX-6 costs much less an is even smaller in all dimensions an lighter. GX7 competes more with the NEX-7 in price, there should be a smaller GX6 with non tiltable EVF for at least 1/3 less money. Or the same from Olympus or others, I would not care.

              • Tim F

                just wait for 6 month and the GX7 will be right priced –
                In that time neither Panasonic nor Olympus will design your dream camera for your dream price ;-)

                If you need a camera for that time, try the G6/G5, they are really good priced, and you learn the controls for your future Gx7…

                Problem solved, that was easy B-)

        • Terada-san pecifically pointed out in one interview about the E-M5 a couple years back why they kept the finder above the lens. It’s called line of sight. That’s why aiming devices like scopes are top-mounted – unless you count Han Solo’s blaster. ;-)

          • Toerag

            That doesn’t apply if your view is taken through the lens. Optical VFs needed to be above the lens to allow a sensible mirror system, but EVFs can be anywhere….wifi to Googleglass anyone?

  • Range Finder

    I hate humps.
    At least they’re getting smaller. :)

  • dunsun

    Well that’s just how business works now (Olympus and Sony). There is no crippled-less one camera. Every model has its intended falts.

    Examples ?
    1) E-PL5, E-PM2 – too small, buttons could be better, no direct controll for an aperture + exposure compensation, stupid 16:9 screen, shutter shock (am owning E-PL5 so I know what I’m talking about) -> stopper
    2) E-P3 – good camera but sadly sensor is just way too old -> stopper
    3) E-P5 – very nice camera with all neccessary features, ergonomically quite nice (excluding a grip) BUT an with excessive shutter shock -> stopper
    4) E-M5 – excellent camera with a good sensor and ibis BUT its totaly crippled washy buttons and bad ergonomics with almost no grip -> stopper
    5) E-M1 – the only 1 ergonomically excellent camera with lot of nice features. BUT it’s totaly overpriced -> stopper (plus many guys were reported a shutter shock or whatever bluriness problems)

    My conclusion – am more and more preparing for a switch (fujifilm) – they have its falts too but they are really improving their cameras with an every camera + firmware release.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Tim F

      We “talked” about your possible switch before, do yourself a favour, buy/lent a fuji, try it, and see if this is the solution for you. I bet its not. they just got different problems then the one you have with mFT.

      Every camera has some weak spots, and if you know them you can easily work around them. for example that shuttershock “problem” its bigger on the internet than in real life. If you know that shuttershock problems are a problem at 1/125sec with the lens you are using, you can ajust either ISO, or arperture to avoid that speed, or if its not a moving subject activate anti shock.

      just let my say, that there is not one camera on the market without issues. If the issues are in your way everyday, they can be a showstopper, but most of the problems dont show often in real life. If you know about them before, great, now you can avoid them… Photography is always a compromise! the better you know you camera, the better you can work with it. (a good reason to keep a camera longer than a year ;-) )

      by the way, why are you only look at the Olympus Cameras? Panasonic offers great cameras, with just hit the spots that you miss in Oly setup.
      1.5 ;-)Panasonic Gm1
      2.5 Panasonic GX1
      3.5 Panasonic G6
      4.5 Panasonic Gx7

      • dunsun

        Well the day is comming since my college is going to purchase Fuji x-e2. So hopefully I can test drive it.

        Moreover you are not right. I have owned Oly e-pl2 which is fames for its excesive shutter shock with some specific lenses. And yes it is a real problem ! Why they do not fix it by a software way atleast ? Use Pentax’s Tv mode or something similar then we could use safe shutter speeds easily. I bet that E-P5 has even more troubles here …

        My third camera was Panasonic GH2 – great camera but for me too much video oriented. Anyway this camera did not show any shutter shock with any of my lens !

        Every camera was more then a year with me. Why am I still looking for a new one ? Because I need a camera which feels good to me. Sadly I have not found any yet.

        In a shop I have tested every new Olympus camera so generaly I would say that I know how they feel.
        I’m not looking for a better sensor performance.

        You might be right that I should look at G6 or GX7 Panasonic models before leaving 4/3 cameras. Sadly it’s almost impossible to testdrive any of these at least here where I live.

  • Where is Panasonic ?
    It’s all Olympus now !

  • arthur

    not having pdaf, is a bad move, for all former customers of medium priced 43 systems. they get abandoned by oly by not supporting there gear, with a reasonable priced body.

  • Gravy

    This to me looks like the right direction for csc to go. The compact point shoot replacement is dead end. No one will pay extra cash for something they don’t need just because compacts are going the way of the dodo. And they have alternative now in phones. The entry level dslr is or should be the target now. Problem is that dslr are cheaper and a little bit better other than size. The performance edge of dslr af and iq are getting smaller with every new 4/3 release. This cam is more appealing to me than em-5 or ep5 because it might hit the sweet spot for feature price performance that larger dslr are at now. I have gh2 and love it. This is a camera that has me thinking about replacement. By the way, I struggle with decision about viewfinder or not on a csc. Starting to come to conclusion in favor of VF.

  • Cara e chimba

    I do not see an upgrade or a downgrade here, very little improved and if you are an EM-5 owner, there is no reason to “upgrade?” or “downgrade?” to a camera that is basically the same.

    -No improvement in Auto focus
    -No improvement in IQ (same sensor)
    -Little improvement in Image processing (EM-1 processor)
    -I cannot call [smaller size] an improvement, the EM-5’s size seemed perfect to me
    -Little improvement on the flash (integrated)
    -Downgrade in stabilization (3 axis vs EM-5’s 5 axis)

    +Battery life improved?

    Who is this product for? As an EM-5 owner, I do not see this as an upgrade, or even an version improvement. Seems like Olympus did not want to cannibalize it’s EM-1 sales so they re-packaged the EM-5 for the same price? LAME!

    This was the camera I was waiting for to decide whether to stay with M43 or sell my gear and go FF with an a7… thanks for helping me with the decision Oly!

    • jackknill

      I wouldn’t be too hasty. As many have commented this isn’t a replacement for the EM5. That may well come later in the year. Don’t forget that Oly have always said that the OM-D line up would consist of three cameras EM1; EM5/6; EM10

  • I insisted on price, because m4/3 was known for best IQ/size performance, but now should also be known for best price/size/performance, since E-M10 body only price seems so accessible (in Japan).

    Now Sony A7 has IQ/size performance v.good, but price is in another category, when factoring in the lenses. So does your favourite genre or job deserve it? To me the advantage is more legroom for cropping, but not more per pixel sharpness, since m4/3 with good lenses is about optimal.

    Everybody should decide then. We know that pros work with m4/3 in Fashion, PJ and other realms, while they were using FF before. So far I know only of a Stock photog, using the A7 and the motive is 36 Mpx. He doesn’t need anymore to uprez 16 Mpx for his customers. One step less in the execution of the final image.

    This for him warrants the price difference, but it doesn’t for me, as an enthusiast, the system price can only be so much, while I don’t need 16 Mpx.

    I suspect that many coming here are newbies. They desperately try to gather information, and in so doing forget politeness. For each of us there is a best solution, but it must be reached by trial and error, there is no shortcut, and the process might be expensive. Therefore I welcome the fact that the entry level price of a dSLR like camera like the E-M10 – and the 25/1.8 – is lower than usual: there is more breathing space in the system. You can do the calculations.

    Please however don’t forget that P/phy is always about content, and that always comes before and after choice of camera. Do you have good content? If not take courses, or better plan your sessions. Cameras are a separate argument. As TOP remarked yrs, ago one could even shoot remarkable content with 3 or 5 Mpx. It still holds.

    Cropping is usually a bad idea, as Spay & Pray is. In FF35 you’ll usually end up in shooting at 5.6 is you want resolution and normal depth of field. Better rent a FF35 camera and lenses before buying . You might end preferring a m4/3, and saving a lot of money. Showing off is not the same of mastering the Art.

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