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(FT4) Panasonic GH5s price will be around $2,499


The same source who first sent me the GH5s info now told me this:

“I got some more info about the GH5s price: I was told it should be in the 2499$ range. Availability by End February early March”

This info also matches what Max Yuryev reported in this GH5s focused video:

We know this about the GH5s:

– This is a low light version of the GH5. It probably has a new low resolution sensor.
– This will be a more advanced version of the GH5 with improved video quality, stunning low light performance
– Price around $2,500
– Same GH5 body with red ring on the drive mode dial and new big red record button
– UPDATE:  December 15 press event for journalists but announcement may be in early January?
– Shipment start in February/March

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